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Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 66 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 66 By JJ [ ail ] NIFTY IS SUCH A GREAT SITE THAT HAS BEEN BROUGHT US ALL HOURS OF PLEASURE FOR THE PAST TWELVE MONTHS. DONATE WHAT YOU CAN TO KEEP THIS A FREE ENTERTAINING SITE!!! Chapter 66 The alarm went off at 3am I got out of bed got dressed and on my way downstairs woke Zachary. He mumbled something but was up. I packed our lunch totes and went out to warm up my truck. As usual Zachary was down when got back in I asked if he was fine and said same as usual the time change didn’t seem different. We grabbed our gym bags and left. Our workout was good and we were eating our breakfast for 5:30 with no rushing. I’m hoping that the Pup will be able keep up with this schedule. Jake called in was taking a vacation day, no one seemed to mind. It wasn’t because of him but whenever there is a missing body it is like the air is more relaxed but that is only because we all spend so much time together. With overtime or not let us face it we spend more time with each other than our own family and friends. No matter who we are we all need a break from one another at times, it is human nature. One exception to the rule of course is Zachary and I. By 6:20 Stanley and I had a game plan in place to take up Jake’s absence. First I had Zachary go into the shop to get what prints Jake had ordered plus whatever else any of us had ordered. Stanley was going to finish any of the inspections of Jake’s hot and pending jobs. Hector had his own work to take care of and to help Zachary with his. Zachary came back with the prints and I went over to his bench to help him sort them out. There were like 50 prints that were ordered the majority by us individually. As we were going through them and Zachary was handing them out he says ‘You never guess who I ran into on my way back from the blueprint crib?’ I shrugged I was at a loss. Zachary says ‘Scott is working here now.’ It must have looked like a light went on in my head because Zachary said ‘You knew?’ I answered ‘Kind of, I will tell you once we get settled.’ I asked who had Priority One jobs and how many. Stanley said ‘None’ and both Hector and Zachary had one each. Stanley says ‘Jake has two and he can handle them that they were small. We were set for the day and if anyone needed to stay over they could. The guys got settled and I grabbed a coffee and went to my desk, put in Scott’s name. He actually started February 9 and was working in the Hydraulics’ dept. Scott is kind of mechanically inclined and he will make good money but it is a dirty grimy job but he can move around a lot if he wants. At the same time I had gotten an email from Jim telling me Scott had started in Hydraulic’s last Wednesday. Stanley was going to deliver one of Jake’s jobs and Hector had to run outside to check something. Once they left I looked to see where Zachary was with his job and he was almost finished and I called to him and told him when he was finished to come over to my desk and patted my lap laughing. Zachary smiled and said ‘Okay Daddy’ and gave me the finger. Then we both laughed hard. About 20 minutes later Zachary wandered over to my desk and looked like he wanted to punch me and asked ‘What’s up?’ I motioned for him to sit and he laughed and got a chair and whispered ‘I rather sit on your lap.’ I kept my head down and whispered back ‘I know.’ I said ‘Jim emailed me this morning that Scott started work last Wednesday, that is how I knew.’ Zachary looks at me and says ‘There are really no secrets in this shop.’ I just nodded and smiled. Zachary went back to his bench and I wanted to bite that ass, we were still alone and I went over and asked ‘What did Scott have to say?’ Zachary told me when he walked into the blueprint crib there was a guy standing there talking with Muff and how she was gushing but stopped enough to give him the blinking eyes and to say ‘Hi Zachary’ he just nodded and went to the shelves to get our prints, then someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned and saw Scott and was shocked. Scott realized he was surprised and said he figured I knew he was working there. Zachary said he kind of snapped back and said how would I know. Zachary went back to looking for the rest of our prints on by that time Muff came out and gave Scott his prints and told me to wait they had a few more almost ready that were dropped this morning. Muff was in her glory having two young guys to herself and asked how did we know each other. I answered fast we went to the same high school and told her I would be back that Stanley needed these ASAP and I left. I looked at him and didn’t say anything he knew me and said ‘What?’ I smiled and said ‘Nothing and have I told you today I love you.’ Zachary looked up at me sheepishly and replies ‘I love you more’ and went back to work then says ‘Shit let me go back for those prints.’ I watched him walk out of the department and he turned and looked at me and smiled he knew I was watching him. Too much drama and it was only 9:30am. While Zachary was gone Stanley and Hector came back they had finished all of Jake’s work and were catching up on their own. Hector started ‘You know we really don’t need Jake we can get by with just the four of us right Stan?’ Stanley looked up and said ‘It could be done but he would have to leave on his own.’ Hector goes ‘Why?’ Stanley answers ‘Duh for the same reason we are protected ‘the union’ if Jim decided to trim down Zachary would have to go first, last in first out.’ Hector looked at me I spoke up ‘Listen with our contract the last person to leave this department would be Stanley he has the most seniority. Hector says we have to do something. I told them listen Jake is young and an outsider and new to everyone here, he has only been here eight months then all of a sudden this young kid comes in works a couple of months in the summer now is here full time. Plus the fact you guys have a history with him, how would you feel in his place?’ Hector getting agitated says ‘We have known Zachary for ten years and I don’t like the way he interrogates our boy.’ Stanley to lighten things up says ‘Hector you know the word interrogates?’ Hector laughs ‘My kids got me a word a day calendar you forget I was born in this country.’ Then Hector says ‘Okay I will try to be nicer to him.’ Just then Zachary walks in and looks at us and says ‘Okay what’s going on?’ Hector taking the lead says ‘We were wondering if Muff molested you, I saw you walking to prints a while ago.’ Zachary says ‘I think she does it on purpose she makes me wait so she can talk to me.’ The guy’s laughed and both said ‘Duh Studly you think.’ The rest of the day was uneventful and only Stanley wanted to work overtime. I never took anything out for supper so I had Zachary order a pizza. I also wanted to stop at the Berrios’ house the floor guy Bruno was supposed to start today and I wanted to see how far he got. We stopped home undid the lunch and gym bags, started wash ad I went to the fridge downstairs to get one of the meals I was thawing for the next three days. I decided on the ham it was thawed completely and it would only take a couple of hours in the oven. We were walking over to Berrios’ when Dan was just coming home Zachary hadn’t seen his Dad in a couple of weeks and hugged him. You could tell Dan loved his son, he said Hell-o to me and asked where we were going and Zachary told him. Dan says ‘That is going to make what I have to say even harder. I have been offered a two year stint at this company in Canada to do research on a Covid vaccine that would be the ultimate one dose deal.’ I spoke up and said ‘I would leave you to discuss it.’ Dan stopped me ‘You are part of my son’s life and probably will become my son-in-law at some point stay.’ Zachary says ‘Dad this is a chance of a lifetime you have to do it, I am fine with it and there will be a reason to visit Canada.’ Dan goes on ‘I know I don’t have to tell you but take care of your grandparents while I’m gone.’ Zachary asked ‘When are you leaving?’ Dan answered ankara escort ‘Feb.22 next Tuesday.’ They hugged again and Dan went in and we continued around the corner. Zachary started laughing as we were walking and I asked ‘What is funny?’ Zachary says ‘My dad look after your grandparents, what does he think I have been doing along with you. Don’t get me wrong my dad means well but he is like the absented minded professor when it comes to his job. I know he loves us all very much.’ I just smiled and nodded my Pup is growing up and was mature enough not to harbor any resentment towards Dan. We got to Berrios’ and Bruno and his guys were packing up. I introduced Zachary to Bruno and we went in the house he was happy that he got a lot done today he completed sanding and varnishing the complete second floor and the two rooms on the third floor that were used as bedrooms and they already started sanding the living room on the first floor. Barring any problems he should be finished tomorrow and allowing the floors to dry for 5-6 days the weather was supposed to be dry no dampness he saw no reason the painter couldn’t start next Tuesday. Then Bruno turned to Zachary and asked if he was Mario and Maria’s grandson and Zachary proudly nodded he told them to say Hell-o from him. We walked back to the house and he threw the clothes in the dryer. I asked what he wanted for breakfast and lunch. Of course oatmeal and he surprised me that he got a meatball sub and chicken parm. Sub and we would split them. He was thinking ahead that there wasn’t going too much if any pizza left over. Zachary left for the food and I got the ham in an oven bag got a pan out so I just had to put it in the oven when we got home from work and made oatmeal for our breakfast We sat and ate, the pizza really hit the spot. When we were finished I straightened up Zachary got our work clothes ready. The lunches and breakfast were set. All that needed to be done was our workout clothes. Zachary said he was going to run across the street for a bit to see how his grandparents were taking the news and would be back for dessert. That was good timing for me to see what we could do in the city Saturday. As I was looking to make reservations for the Museum of Sex the 5:30 news was on and they were saying snow was expected for Saturday. I know if it was around the holidays neither of us would mind walking in the snow but as much as I love it wandering around the city wouldn’t be pleasant with heavy snow coming down. Right now they were calling 10-12 inches from the Jersey shore to Boston. It was only Tuesday and a lot could change but we haven’t had any snow since the blizzard last month and with the warm temps most of that was almost melted. But I thought about what I normally bought on a Sunday morning as far as staples went and if I should do it Friday after work or can it wait till Monday. The snow is supposed to start late Saturday morning and continue into till Sunday morning. As I surveyed the fridges the only thing that might not last is milk and fresh veggies we were fine with everything else. I would do that Friday after work or maybe Saturday morning. But that also means that hitting the store again Monday for regular shopping. Uggh I am not in the mood for this. Worse case I could have the grandparents get the milk and veggies Thursday or Friday morning they know what the boy likes. As I finish my list Zachary comes bouncing in with more cookies. He is as bad as Stephen as far as Maria’s sugar cookies go. Zachary announces his grandparents are taking it better than I thought, but as my Poppa told my dad you are not here even when you are here as a joke. My dad looked hurt but Poppa explained it wasn’t a slam it is just that his work consumes him. Both the grandparents agreed this was an opportunity he can’t let go by. The only thing my Noni asked of him was to at least try to socialize and get out while you are there. ‘Did you know my parents lived in Colorado when they were first married?’ he asked me. I said ‘Yes you were almost born there.’ Zachary looked surprised but then I realized they had come back home because his mother was having a hard time and he had no clue; I just fluffed it off as they came back later than they were supposed to. I asked him if anyone mentioned the weather while he was there. He laughed and said ‘Noni told Poppa that they were going shopping early Friday or Saturday morning he was to decide there will be no shopping Sunday morning.’ I told them that they didn’t have to worry I would do it Friday after work or Saturday morning and they laughed at me. Even I started to chuckle at that, he looked at me in disbelief. I patted my lap which of course he hopped on and whispered in his ear ‘Pup everyone knows the weekend you sleep in, it’s no big deal and you are not like us that want to go first thing to get in and out. You don’t mind the crowds where I get aggravated with the assholes around me. Plus at that time the selection isn’t that great that everyone still thinks we are going to be snowed in for a week.’ He looked at me and said ‘Really that is why you guys laughed?’ I answered ‘Duh we know if you had to you would get up with us, maybe miserable for a little bit but you would do it.’ I rubbed his stomach and nuzzled his neck and he sighed. Then I got evil and said ‘If you really want to I will let you go to BJ’s when you wake up at whatever time and get milk and veggies that is the only things I will need and you can get whatever Noni wants. But heaven help you if they are out of anything then you are going to have to go to Shoprite or Big Y or maybe both.’ As he started another cookie he said ‘Maybe I will get up early and take my Noni and you can stay home.’ I said ‘Okay maybe I will wait in bed for your return.’ Zachary laughed and said ‘I have never known you to stay in bed unless we were together and even then you would get up early then come back to bed.’ I answered ‘Maybe this weekend will be different, but if you want to do the shopping I have no problem with it. In fact you should call Maria now and tell her if the snow isn’t coming till late Saturday you will take her shopping early Saturday morning this way Mario doesn’t have to worry.’ Zachary made the call and Maria was happy to spend some time with her grandson but she cautioned it depended on the forecast Mario would still take her on the Friday morning and they would get what we needed also. I reminded Zachary to check Mario’s gas for his snow blower I was all set I had a few gallons stashed outside in the shed. He stayed on my lap while I told him ‘Sorry about our trip to the city on Saturday. I wanted to you to the Museum of Sex.’ He was deep in thought and didn’t comment. I nudged him and said ‘Hell-o.’ Zachary giggled and said ‘Sorry I was thinking about my Dad being gone for two years. I know I don’t see him see him much but I always know where he is.’ I came up with an idea ‘Why don’t you ask him to out for pizza or his favorite meal tomorrow or Thursday night call him now.’ Zachary took his phone out and called Dan. Zachary told him he wanted to take him out to dinner tomorrow or Thursday night. Zachary got quiet and said ‘Of course why wouldn’t I.’ I started talking to myself ‘Come on Dan don’t freeze your son out now he needs this.’ I heard Zachary told him to decide where he wants to go and yes going at 4:30 would be perfect. Inside I felt relieved that Dan didn’t hurt him and asked why he got quiet. Zachary goes ‘My dad was shocked he wanted to ask me also but didn’t want to pressure me he will decide where we are to go but only if he gets to pay.’ I hugged him and he turned and kissed me and told me ‘Thanks for the idea.’ It was 7:30 and I was ready for bed. I told him I was going up to shower and get ready for bed. He said he would join me. We showered and fooled around and actually he got off twice. (ah youth) He got our work out clothes ready for tomorrow and I went down locked up and grabbed a couple of waters and got into bed. Zachary came in a few minutes later and climbed into escort ankara bed next to me. Zachary says ‘You know I don’t need to be taken places on the weekend. I am not bored with our life are you?’ I’m fine being with you doing nothing that is what the winter is all about. When the spring comes we have the garden and the pool and Ok it would be nice ot go away for a long weekend every once in a while but I am very content with my life.’ I kissed his neck and answered ‘I’m not bored at all I just want to make sure you weren’t.’ Zachary turned around to face me, looks at me and says ‘Jared I have been content sitting on your lap and you holding me for the past 14 years why would that change now.’ He rubbed my forearm that was holding him and kissed me turned over and snuggled into me still rubbing my arm and said ‘I love you.’ My eyes filled up and I choked out ‘I love you.’ Zachary turned fast to look at me and seeing the tears in my eyes his eyes started to get wet and he whispered ‘I know you do.’ We kissed and he said ‘I don’t deserve to be this happy’ and he turned back over so I could spoon him and we fell asleep. The alarm went off at 3am I got up and Zachary burrowed himself under the blankets. I got washed and dressed and wacked him on the butt to get up as I went downstairs. I grabbed my keys to go warm up the truck. As usual when I came back Zachary was down and had our gym bags. I filled our lunch totes and he came and rested his head on my shoulder and had my ass in his hand and whispered ‘Morning.’ I kissed him fast and said ‘Let’s get going.’ We had a good workout and was finished and showered just at 5:30. Stanley was just grabbing his coffee when we walked in and was shocked. I explained that both Zachary and I weren’t comfortable still eating breakfast after starting time and he understood. The day went smooth and the few times Zachary had to go outside the department he never ran into Scott but he did see Corey. On the way home from work Zachary relayed the conversation he had with her. Evidently she said wasn’t too happy with Scott that he had said in so many words that with her Dad’s and my name as references he would have thought he would have a better job. Corey had no clue what he was talking about and asked Scott if he ever asked her dad or me if it was alright to use our names. She then told him her dad had no clue and had nothing to do with the job and she was sure that Jared didn’t either. Then Corey looked at him and called him a ‘dumb ass’ you have no one to blame but yourself and how the shop was doing a lot of hiring in the next few months so basically he got the job on his own. Corey then told Zachary you think he would have taken some pride in the fact he got the job himself instead of looking for a favor and she was kind of disappointed in him. She added he really has turned into a whiner, its like get over it you weren’t the first person ever dumped. I asked Zachary ‘Do you think maybe you can help him get it together?’ Zachary thought about it and answered ‘If he asks for help I have no problem with it but I will not seek him out. I can’t see telling him about you and I and I’m glad I never did and probably never will. Jared I know you always look for the good in people but maybe this is the way Scott has always been and we just never had the opportunity to see it.’ I agreed about the true confession thing there is no one on the outside who should or will know and Zachary realizes that and he could be right about Scott maybe we never noticed it. Just then Dan called and they made plans to go for dinner that night I was happy. Dan had decided on pizza who knew when he would have a good pie again. They were going into New Haven to either Sally’s or Pepe’s on Wooster Street. Zachary had enough time to get our clothes packed for the next day tell me what he wanted for lunch and breakfast shower and shave before Dan picked him up at 4pm. I baked off the ham and got our gym clothes ready for the next morning. While the ham was cooking I made baked beans and got sweet potatoes ready to cook in the microwave to make a casserole. Tomorrow on our way home I will run into Bjs and get coleslaw while Zachary fills up the truck with gas. That reminded me to check with Mario about gas for his snow blower. Just then Bruno the floor guy called and told me they were finishing up could I run over to get the key from him. It didn’t take me long to get ready and go over there. From what I could see the floors came out good and he left some tile cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom floors. Bruno figured that by Monday Tuesday the latest the painter could come in and start. Bruno also left rolls of brown paper to put on the floors, he taught me how to check if the floors were cured enough. He was honest and said in the real world he would wait till next Wednesday or later before he had anyone walk on them. I thanked him and he gave me the bill which I was about to pay and told me he got strict orders form my daughter not to let that happen. We both laughed at that and said how he already received a good down payment from her. We shook hands and everyone left. On my way back I stopped at Mario’s and went in I checked my watch the ham still had a good 24 minutes by my calculations. I went in and they were getting ready to eat it was then I realized it was close to 5pm and apologized. I told them about the floors being finished and was checking on the gas situation for the snow blower. Of course they wanted me to stay and I told them about the ham and the sides I was preparing. Mario told me he got 4 gallons of gas this morning so he was set and had extra for me and I told him the same. Mario and Maria were both happy that Dan and Zachary were spending some time together. Mario then asked ‘I know my grandson is very considerate did you suggest it.’ I shook my head and said ‘It was all him.’ Maria laughed and said ‘Jared your nose is growing, you really care for the boy. My grandson already told me it was your idea.’ I told both of them ‘He was talking about how Dan was going to be gone for 2 years and I just kind of suggested it and he also told me how he just found out that his parents lived in Colorado and I stupidly said he was almost born there he was shocked but I fluffed it off. I didn’t know how much you guys wanted him to know and he seemed to buy it.’ Mario says ‘Dan never wanted him to know so that he wouldn’t feel guilty or think it was because of him his mother got sick and died.’ I looked at Dan now with even more respect. We talked and laughed a little more about Zachary taking Maria shopping Saturday morning and all of us hoped it would happen and I left. Got home just in time to take the ham out and throw the sweet potatoes in. I let the ham rest and hopefully it would be cool enough to put away by bedtime. The beans were cooled and it wouldn’t take long to finish off the sweet potatoes. I had a can of tuna and a salad. I didn’t feel like eating the big meal by myself. Everything was done and cooling and I was watching the 6 o’ clock news. Zachary came in around near seven and had a small mushroom pizza with him. It was cool and we wrapped the slices up individually and he put them in the fridge downstairs. He told me Dan also brought a pizza home to his parents. After we finished he came and plopped down next to me on the couch and seemed very content. I asked him if he had a good time and he nodded saying it felt good to spend some time with his father. Zachary said ‘Dan had no longer a problem with us getting married. He realizes now it is for real and is happy for me.’ At 7:00 I went up to take a shower and half way through it Zachary joined me we fooled around and both got off. We went down with just towels wrapped around us and I put away all the food I made except for the ham, but I figured on one of made I would scoot down and put it away. We were in bed for eight and we talked a little about the snow, he would have to get up for six Saturday morning to take his grandmother to the store for seven. We usually take his Explorer to work ankara escort bayan on Fridays so if he needs gas we would get it after work, tomorrow we would fill mine up. It had been a long day for both of us and I think I fell asleep before him. I got up before midnight pissed and put the ham away. Next thing I knew the alarm was going off it was 3am. We were at the gym by 3:30 and it was getting easier for Zachary to get up he seem to enjoy not rushing through our workouts. The day flew by and after work we went to the bank and Bjs for gas and coleslaw. I looked at the swordfish while I was there it looked good and bought some to throw in the freezer Lent will be starting in a couple of weeks and also checked out the produce and got a couple of things that I know would last. They were putting out fresh milk so I called Maria fast to see if she wanted anything and grabbed a one for her and two for us and some fruit for her. We have been following the weather and it seemed the snow was starting by noon on Saturday. Zachary came in the store looking for me and laughed ‘I thought you were only getting one thing.’ I told him to look at the fruit and veggies and see if there was anything he wanted. He came back with bananas and went to check the bread. At this rate we won’t need anything Saturday. We looked at the clothes on our way out and nothing struck us except he saw a hoodie for Stephen that was like one of mine so I bought it. We got home and unpacked the groceries and he ran over the couple of things that Maria wanted and I told him don’t take the money. Zachary came back and said ‘She is not happy about the money.’ He started the laundry we had two days of gym clothes plus socks and towels while I put the groceries away. He was happy I told him we were having the pizza he brought home last night I didn’t want it to sit another day it was a large and enough for us. At this point we would have the other things I took out for supper over the weekend the shoulder and chops were thawed. I asked what he wanted for lunch and it was fruit and yogurt and it was the same for me. I made the oatmeal for our breakfast. The pizza was in the oven heating up and he was watching the weather. I told him basically we were set that with what I had bought today we could actually go to maybe Tuesday and Wednesday or longer depending on the milk situation. They are still calling for it to begin late morning to noon on Saturday. I said ‘That means you have to get at six or so to be at the store for when it opens at seven.’ I said again ‘other than maybe something that is on sale we are good unless he sees something he wants. Maybe Maria would still rather go tomorrow with Mario and get it out of the way. Check with her after the news at six.’ Andrea called as I was finishing up the oatmeal, I had texted her from work that floors were done. We talked for a few minutes and she had sent a check to Bruno and thanked him. The closing was this Monday and it would be all electronically. But she had good news there was a bidding war going on for their house so hopefully they will be here for when that closes. She wants me to help her with the paint, the boys have already picked out the colors for their rooms and she knew what she wanted her room painted, so I had to pick colors for 3 bathrooms, dining room, halls and den and living room, the kitchen was bricked and the basement kitchen was tiled. Andrea said I had good taste in colors, I did the house she lives in now plus my house. I told her I would go to Home Depot tomorrow or Saturday for paint chips. I told her to call the painter that he could start Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and tell him I would meet him there Monday afternoon. I figure he can start the ceilings and trim work. I asked about the boys and I was surprised that the three older boys are more on board with the move then before. She laughed that they are all packed. Andrea also wanted me to talk to Stephen there is something going on between him and DJ they are up to something. She asks DJ and he isn’t giving out any info, but she knows her boys. I laughed and said put him on the phone. Stephen got on and was excited to talk to me. I asked ‘What was new?’ Stephen answered ‘Just waiting to move, I miss you, Zachary, Maria and everyone else up there.’ I asked ‘How are you and DJ doing?’ Stephen didn’t answer I said ‘Hell-o are you still there?’ Stephen whispered ‘Yes Papa, I was making sure no one was around.’ I thought to myself ‘Oh boy this is going to be good.’ So I said ‘Well you don’t have to tell me now, wait till we zoom or facetime.’ Stephen goes ‘No listen DJ and I are trying to earn money for plane tickets, we can get two tickets for $125.00 because of our ages. We tried collecting bottles, that didn’t work we had no way to bring them back, now he is trying to get some girl to sell them on the computer.’ I asked ‘Sell what and does DJ have a new girlfriend.’ Stephen laughed and answered like I was supposed to know ‘Papa our toys what do you think. I don’t think she is his girlfriend there are no love bites on him.’ He giggled. Then I asked ‘Who was getting you to the airport and to my house I’m assuming unless you guys are going to stay with your grandmother.’ Stephen said immediately ‘Duh of course with you. We are taking an Uber to the airport and I was going to ask Mario and Maria to pick us up because Zachary and you work.’ I said ‘DJ wants to come too?’ Stephen whispered ‘He doesn’t think I should go alone and wants to see you too.’ My heart warmed when I heard this and thought about Anthony who I have talked to in a week or so. I could hear Andrea calling him and we said our ‘Love you and Goodnights’. I waited a few minutes then texted Andrea telling her they were planning an escape but not to worry and would explain over the weekend. We sat and ate and I told Zachary what Stephen was planning. Zachary got a big kick out of it and said ‘Jared he loves you at this age as much as I loved my Poppa.’ I looked at him and said ‘I thought I was the love of your life.’ He blushed and said ‘You were and are but that was a different love more. I told you I know my Poppa would always be there when he held me against his big bear chest I felt so safe, protected secure. When you held me I would get boners all the time and my insides were always shaky like and when you held me I always would want skin to skin contact. I would try some way to stick my hand under shirt or up your sleeve to feel you.’ Zachary was beet red now. I laughed and said ‘Damn I was so na�ve I thought you were cold or needed comforting I never thought you were perving on me. I was being molested by a young’un.’ But to let him know I wasn’t upset, I told him ‘It felt good to be loved and needed and missed it when you grew up and were too big for that.’ Zachary smiled and blushed again. We cleaned up and I suggested he call Maria to see what she wanted to do after the six o’ clock news. Instead Maria called him and told him that they didn’t have to go Saturday morning with what we had bought today, her and Mario would maybe go in the morning just for some sale items other than that they were like us in good shape. But she told him ‘I want you over here for breakfast at 7:30 Saturday morning seeing you were willing to get up that early we haven’t spent any time together lately.’ Zachary goes ‘Yes no problem I would like that.’ I was happy that meant Mario was going to be at the club and Dan would be working unless the snow started early. Zachary then told me he wanted to stop after work and get a couple of Maria’s favorite muffins to bring that morning. I told him I would do that early Saturday morning they would be fresher. We went up and did a fast sixty-nine took a shower got off again and went to bed. Getting up at 3am was working out good our workouts were more enjoyable and we had relaxing breakfasts. The day flew by and there was enough work to bring in whoever wanted it for 4-5 hours on Saturday. Stanley and Hector of course and Jake was hesitant then decided to work. For me 2:30 couldn’t come fast enough. JJ GUYS PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY IT TAKES A LOT TO KEEP THIS SITE FREE!!! A big shout out to all who have written to me about this story. Many thanks it is well appreciated. Feel free to comment, suggestions, etc. [ ail ]

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