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Subject: “Young Lovers,” Chapter 27 Chapter 27 The next morning I was awake early, as usual. Joon lay at my side, his body turned away from me, and Johnny held him in a loose embrace as they slept. I slid away a bit and tried to get a look at Joon’s body. I wanted to check out this new tattoo, to try and understand it. The light slanting through the blinds wasn’t the best but I could clearly make out the ends of two black legs as they wrapped around the boy’s side. One ended over his ribs, the other at the edge of his left butt cheek. Very gently, so as not to wake him, I slid a fingertip along one of the segmented legs, then the other. I could almost feel my heart expanding as I realized that this beautiful ugliness — a symbol of evil, perhaps, or of menace — was another part of Joon. I could reject it or embrace it — but if I rejected it I’d be rejecting my boy too. I leaned forward and kissed his butt, pressing my lips into his firm flesh. I had already made my choice. A few minutes later I was in the shower. The morning already felt unusually humid. I remembered overhearing a conversation between two staff members in which one had mentioned that the weather would soon be changing. “Monsoon season,” he had said. Maybe something was coming already. I heard the shower curtain rustle behind me. It was Joon, stepping into the shower. “You just showered last night,” I commented, as I reached for him and drew him under the water with me. “It’s like a fucking oven in there,” he muttered. “We gotta get the AC fixed,” I said. We gazed at each other. “Your tattoo is disgusting, but hot,” I said. “I love it.” He looked at me and said nothing, then ducked his head under the spray. “Did it hurt?” “What do you think?” Joon was always Mr. Warmth in the morning. “And how did he do the stinger? How did you keep your cock hard all that time?” “For one thing, no sex.” I reached for the soap and began lathering his chest and arms. “For five days? Is that a record?” Joon snorted. “I’ve had at least one orgasm a day since I was twelve. The pain was nothing compared to the horniness.” “Still, once the pain started I can’t believe your cock would stay hard.” I drew him against me and my slippery hands moved smoothly over his shoulders and upper back. “He gave me some chemical assistance.” “You mean . . .” “The blue pill. Kept me hard for five days, but made the horniness twice as bad.” “Well it looks fantastic, in an obscene sort of way. The guy’s really good. And I think it was a big hit with Johnny. You did it for him, I know. You knew it would turn him on.” Joon sniffed. “I did it for me. If it turns him on, all the better.” I stopped washing him and held him at arm’s length by the shoulders. “Wouldn’t ever want to admit to a generous gesture, Joon. Wouldn’t want anybody to see you sacrificing for another.” He looked at me irritably but said nothing. I kissed his forehead. “You know I’m right,” I added cheerfully. “It’s just part of your bullshit.” I then knelt on the shower floor, held him by the hips and, water cascading over me, began kissing and licking the scorpion. At first he was unresponsive, standing silently, passively accepting my ministrations. I nipped at the thin skin of his belly, black now instead of pale. I nuzzled at his groin and licked there over and over. I then sucked one his balls in. At that he gave a little sigh and leaned back against the wall of the enclosure. I worked his testicle around in its sac, then tugged on it just a little. “Aah,” he murmured. I then turned my attention to his cock. Still soft, it looked nothing like a scorpion’s stinger — it was just a lump of black flesh. I slowly sucked it into my mouth. So soft, so delicate, yet the symbol, I knew, of a kind of power. A power Joon was only just beginning to understand. A power I didn’t even completely understand, I had to admit. It slowly began to harden up. Before long he was erect. I firmed my lips to create a seal and began slowly forcing them down over his shaft to the base. I relaxed my throat as his warm, spongy glans slipped a little ways into it. I firmed my lips even more as I slowly drew off of him. When I worked my lips back down again he slowly hunched his hips against my face, and as I pulled back so did he. I gently nipped the rim of his glans with my teeth. “AAhh! he cried, hands on my head. After a couple more minutes of this I could feel his cock thicken suddenly. Immediately I drew off of it, grabbed it in my fist and squeezed it roughly. “Not yet,” I admonished. I stood up and drew his face to me. There was emotion in it, or maybe just desire. I tenderly kissed his lips. Then I gazed into his eyes. “I’m gonna fuck you now,” I said softly. “And I’m gonna fuck the cum out of you with love. No violence. No rough stuff. I’m done with that.” His expression was unreadable. I hadn’t completely realized I’d made that decision until I heard myself announce it. I gently turned him around and pulled him backward a bit. I pushed his shoulders down. Obediently he braced his hands against the shower wall and spread his legs. I massaged his stringy shoulders gently. “That’s it. No need to resist anymore. No need to fight me.” This was going to be interesting. I parted his cheeks with my thumbs and found his hole. I stroked it gently with one thumb. It was as tight as a double knot in a shoelace. “I guess the chain room didn’t loosen you up any,” I commented. “Just shove it in, man. You know I don’t need lube.” “Oh yeah, you’re so fuckin’ tough,” I chuckled. “Lemme at least get a little soap in here.” I slapped some of the liquid soap into his crack and poured a larger amount all over my cock. It was going to have to do — I was too hot for him to stop and get some lube from the bedroom. In a minute I was ready. I carefully placed my cock against his little asshole and pried his cheeks open wider. He spread his legs a trifle wider too. I gripped his hipbones. Carefully I began to press. At first he didn’t yield at all. Then, very slowly, I felt his rectum begin to surrender. “Aaahh, yeah,” I muttered, and at the same time he softly exclaimed, “Mmm, fuck!” , I continued pressing, his ass yielded very slowly, and finally he gave a soft exclamation as my cockhead entered him fully. I kissed the back of his neck and paused a minute so he could adjust. “More?” I asked. “Whatever,” he said, in a tone of complete indifference. I caressed his neck. “Not gonna work. You’re not gonna piss me off so I get rough with you. You’re gonna hafta cum from being loved.” With that I flattened my belly against his back, kissed the side of his neck, and began pressing inward firmly. Although I was intensely aroused I kept control, entering him slowly, firmly, steadily. I paused when I was half way in and waited to see what he would do. After a moment he turned and looked over his shoulder at me. “Change your mind?” he snapped. “Just waiting to see if you want to be loved.” “Shit, just FUCK me if you’re gonna–” Not thinking, I pulled nearly all the way out and then rammed into him almost all the way. “AHHH, yeah,” the boy cried. I realized at once he’d tricked me. “No, no, no,” I murmured, kissing and nuzzling his neck as I withdrew a bit and then re-entered very gently. I continued to move in and out of him tenderly now, caressing his shoulders and murmuring lovingly in his ear. His hips moved against me in small movements, without much enthusiasm. I reached around in front and was disappointed to find that his cock had softened considerably. “Nope,” I said decisively, and carefully pulled out of him completely. He turned to face me, frowning. “Man . . . .” We stared at each other. His face showed a mixture of confusion and irritation. I caressed the skin behind his earlobe with my thumb. Was this how it was going to be now? Was this the end of passionate sex with Joon? I had made up my mind I was going to make love to him from now on, not semi-rape him any more, and I also was determined to have no sex with him when he was not aroused. Had I painted myself into a corner? There was a small noise outside the shower enclosure and the next moment Johnny peeked around the curtain with a mischievous grin. Joon reached for his am and pulled him into the shower with us. Johnny immediately plastered himself to the older boy and reached his face upward for a kiss. Joon grabbed his hair in both fists, banged Johnny up against the shower wall, and kissed him violently. The two hunched their hips against each other, and continued to kiss passionately, Johnny grunting and gasping all the while. I watched Joon’s alabaster butt hunch and clench as he rubbed up against his little friend. Suddenly I got an idea. I pulled Joon back a bit so I could make eye contact with Johnny. “Hi Sweetie,” I smiled. “I want to make love to Joon but he can’t stay hard. But I bet he’d stay hard if he was fucking you! Then I could screw him at the same time! Want to try it?” Johnny’s eyes went back and forth from my face to Joon’s. “Our heights are all wrong,” Joon observed, ever the skeptic. I turned and shut off the shower. “Come on, let’s go,” I ordered, shoving the curtain aside and stepping out. Joon stepped out next and reached for a towel. “Forget the towel, come on!” I cried, pulling him toward the bedroom. Johnny, always ready for a new adventure, bounded past us. “We gonna do it wet?” he cried with a grin. “Why not?!” I replied. With that I grabbed him and fell with him onto the bed, nibbling and kissing his chest, his nipples and his underarms as he yelled in laughter. Then I stopped and we both looked at Joon, who stood haplessly next to the bed. “Come on!” I cried, grabbing him by the wrist. Johnny grabbed his other wrist and together we pulled him onto the bed with us. We both then fell on him, kissing and licking and biting. I knew Joon was a little bit ticklish but was pretending not to be in order to not give us any satisfaction. He did squirm and grumble as we feasted on him, but we ignored him. After another minute of this my cock was demanding that we speed this process up. “OK, Johnny, you lie down flat on your stomach,” I directed. “Now prop up on your elbows. That’s right. OK, Joon, come around and sit facing him, with your legs spread wide, so he can suck you.” The boy reluctantly complied. His cock, though not hard, was still swollen, and I knew it would take Johnny no time to get it hard. As Joon settled into place at the head of the bed he spread his legs in a V and scooted forward so his hips were right under Johnny’s face. “OK, Johnny, you get him interested. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can get you ready.” I pushed Johnny’s legs apart and settled down between them. As Johnny began to suck Joon I caressed his butt cheeks, still wet from the shower. I kneaded his muscular little cheeks a few times, then began stroking his pinkish anus with my thumbs. He immediately began hunching his hips slightly, pressing back against my thumbs as I pressed them more and more firmly against the knot of his asshole. Finally I pried his cheeks open a little more and began tracing the tip of my tongue down his crack. As I got to his anus I writhed my tongue firmly against him, and he wiggled his hips a bit in response. I continued down his perineal seam as far as I could, then wriggled my tongue tip again the back of his balls. Meanwhile, Johnny was sucking Joon with his typical enthusiasm. The boy’s glistening shoulders hunched and worked as he plunged his head down over and over on his lover’s cock. Glancing up at Joon I saw his eyes were closed, his face looking relaxed. As I watched he firmly gripped the back of Johnny’s bobbing head. Collecting more saliva I plastered my tongue against Johnny’s anus and pressed it forcefully one and over against his little bud. The boy began opening to me. Just then I heard a little gasping noise from Joon. “Don’t cum!” I commanded. “Looks like we’re ready!” The three of us rearranged ourselves at my instructions. Johnny flopped onto his back and pulled his knees back to his ears. Seeing this, Joon got into position between the boy’s legs, his black cock now hard and straining. I put my hand on his shoulder. “I’ll wait and lube myself up while you get into him. Once you’re all the way in I’ll push into you part way. Then once you pull out I’ll enter you all the way. You know the drill. Start slowly at first til we get our rhythm. OK?” “OK.” “OK Johnny?” “Mmkay.” The tube of lube was almost out but I managed to squeeze out enough to lube myself up. There was none left for Joon, but I’d fucked him before when we were both dry. As I tossed the empty tube aside I heard Johnny give a little gasp. Joon was in the process of steadily driving his six hard inches all the way into the boy. I almost voiced my disapproval at this, but I didn’t. Rough sex seemed to be what he and Johnny preferred. If Johnny was OK with it, who was I to intervene? Plus, I figured Johnny would cum like crazy in the end regardless. Still, I wondered if Joon fucked him violently because that was how I’d always fucked him. Maybe that was what he had learned sex was. I found myself more determined than ever to make tender, gentle love with him, relying on his fucking of Johnny to keep him excited. I probed for Joon’s asshole as he lay still, his hips flattened against Johnny. I spread his ass cheeks with my fingers, massaged his anus another moment, then replaced my fingers with the head of my cock, which had remained rock hard ever since Joon had stepped into the shower with me. I began to press. “Fuck, aren’t you gonna lube me?” Joon cried over his shoulder. “What about `Just shove it in, I don’t need lube?'” I retorted. “I was all wet then!” Joon protested. “Look, let’s try something. Guys who are experienced with sex know they can relax themselves enough to take it without lube. You’re a fast learner, you can do it too. Just concentrate.” I made my voice more soothing. “Just relax. Just open up to love.” I caressed his shoulders and kissed his neck. I could tell he was trying, but after a minute he protested, “I can’t do it. I gotta pull out of him.” “No, no. You think you gotta shift gears, but you don’t. You’re gonna pull out of him, then try to piss me off so I dominate you, and then you’ll cum. That works for you. And you also know how to get hard and cum when you’re dominant — with Johnny, with Byron, and whoever else. But we’re done with all that now. Time to move on. It’s about love with the three of us. You gotta learn to fuck and cum with love now. Keep trying. We’ll wait.” It actually didn’t take long. Keeping the pressure light but steady I suddenly noticed a tiny loosening. Gathering myself I pressed harder, and I began to slowly slip in until my whole cockhead was inside him. “Aaaaaaahhhhhh,” Joon sighed. “Good?” I asked. In answer Joon began pulling his hips backward. I pressed in another inch as he withdrew from Johnny. “Yeah,” I whispered. “I’m so fucking proud of you.” With that I drove into him another two inches, as I felt his rectum relax. Then I pulled backward as he drove slowly into Johnny. I reached around Joon and caressed Johnny’s damp neck and shoulder. “Good, Johnny?” The little boy’s face was sweet and relaxed. No inner struggle for him, I thought. Sex with love was as natural as breathing for Johnny. I smiled and made a kissing gesture to him. He smiled and air kissed me back. I gripped Joon’s hips then and drove nearly all the way into him. He was right with me, tucking his hips back against mine. Though he was still tight, as always, he was relaxing and releasing more with every minute. I withdrew carefully as he thrust konya escort firmly into Johnny. I kissed his neck and stroked his bicep, and then thrust back in. Before long the three of us had set up a slow, steady rhythm. From my end all was tender and affectionate, and I fucked him gently and kissed and caressed him constantly. But I soon noticed Joon was doing something slightly different. He would ease carefully, compliantly back against me when he received my thrusts, but then his thrusts into Johnny would be more quick and forceful. He would often gasp harshly as he bottomed out. He would grip Johnny’s shoulder or arm so tightly it would leave red marks. I saw that, while he was allowing me to be affectionate, he was still being as rough as he could with Johnny. I almost stopped then, but changed my mind. I had wanted him to be loving and tender with Johnny too, but he wasn’t. Maybe this was the best he could do right now. I kissed his neck, reminding myself that, as I stretched myself more and more to accept Joon in all his imperfection, I was also making my love for him bigger and bigger. “I love you, sweetheart,” I murmured in his ear as I slid into him once again. ********************************** Joe’s augmentation project had certainly been an impressive revelation, but once Lawrence had cleaned himself up and left Joe’s lab I assumed that was the last I’d see of him. But I was wrong. A few evenings later I had been settling in to catch up on the news of the world. Joon and Johnny were heading out to pursue their new hobby. Some days earlier they had discovered a nightly poker game hosted by a skinny little Vietnamese kid named Cu Tran. Once Johnny had heard about it he had to go, and he pulled a reluctant Joon along with him. “Kind of late, isn’t it? Why don’t you guys start your game right after dinner so you can get a decent night’s sleep?” “I dunno,” replied Joon. “Cu’s always busy. He does after school stuff. I don’t really know what.” “So what’s the attraction? It’s just cards.” “It’s the Asian addiction,” Joon wearily explained as he headed toward the door. It was true that wherever I had traveled in southeast Asia I had seen gambling. Everywhere, it seemed — in parks and bars, doorways and outdoor markets — there would be small clots of boys or men smoking and shouting, quarreling and laughing, the men seated at tables and boys squatting on their heels in a circle, slapping down cards and money. “So are you on the drug?” I asked him. Joon gave me a look. “Come on!” Johnny cried, tugging Joon by the arm. “You gonna be betting or is it just for fun?” I persisted. “Cards without gambling?” Joon replied. “What’s the point?” “You got money?” I knew the boys of Young Lovers were allowed to draw a small amount of pocket money per week against their salaries, but I didn’t know if Johnny had any, and Joon wasn’t being paid at all by Young Lovers. Joon nodded — I had no idea where he’d gotten cash — and the two were off a minute later. From that evening on the game in Cu’s dorm had become a thing, and almost every night that Johnny wasn’t busy with a guest and Joon wasn’t tutoring Byron or working out they were out gambling. On this night I had just turned out the living room light and headed for the bedroom when the front door banged open and the two of them entered. Johnny’s face was unreadable; Joon was obviously furious. “Hey boys, how did it go?” I asked as cheerily as possible. Joon pushed past me, went into the bathroom and slammed the door. I looked questioningly at Johnny. He stood uncertainly, absently banging his hand against his hip. “What’s he so upset about?” After a moment, the boy replied, “He loss.” He blinked rapidly. “Hmph. Well, yeah. that happens sometimes. But he knew that could happen. It’s part of the game. I mean–” The toilet flushed. “That fucker is a cheater!” A voice yelled from the bathroom. In a second Joon stomped back into the room naked, as he always was when he was about to go to bed. “Who? Cu?” “No! That Mexican!” “Who?” “The kid that just got here!” “How much did you lose?” “Just about fucking everything!” “Well, maybe it was just bad luck. Even good players have bad nights. Maybe–” “No fucking way! The odds of him filling an inside straight, pulling a fourth jack to beat a full house, being right almost every single time calling a bluff — the probability is infinitesimally small! Once or twice in two or three hours, yeah, maybe. But every single fuckin’ time? No way! He’s cheating!” I had to smile to myself at Joon, even beside himself with rage, using the word “infinitesimally.” “Hmm. Well, how’s he doing it?” “That’s what I was trying to figure out, man!”” “Is he palming cards? That’s a pretty common trick.” “I know. After awhile I changed where I was sitting so I could get a better angle to watch him. He wasn’t.” “A marked deck, then?” “I’m not sure. I’d pretend to study my hand. I looked at the corners of the cards, the design on the backs — I couldn’t see anything.” “Did he supply the cards?” “I think so.” “Hmm. Let me think.” I had played a fair amount of cards over the years. One of my dorm mates in college had managed to get into some high stakes poker games as just a high school kid growing up in Houston. He had shown me some of the finer points that big city card sharps liked to use. “OK, let’s try something,” I finally said. “Can you get Cu to move the game over here?” “What’s that going to accomplish?” “I know a little bit about how people cheat at cards. If I can get into the game I bet I can catch him. Who is this guy, anyway? You say he’s a new kid?” “Yeah. Kind of a big dude, muscles, longish hair, sort of goofy looking. Has a Mexican accent. His name’s Lawrence.” Lawrence! Joe’s augmentation model! “Ah! Lawrence!” “You know him?” “Well, I’ve seen him naked and jacking off!” “Shit! When? He said he just got here!” “I get around, my boy!” I grinned. Joon looked even more annoyed than he was already. “Hey!” I said sharply. “It’s OK to be jealous! Just admit it!” He ducked his head, glowering, and said nothing. I let it pass. I turned to Johnny, who had been listening carefully. “What about you? Did you lose all your money too?” The boy nodded solemnly. “You wanna get it back?” More nodding. “OK, so you guys get the game moved here. Put out the word that I’ve got a lot of money that I’m willing to put up. Maybe grease the wheels a little more — tell them you’ve played with me before and I’m a lousy player. I’ll give you guys some more cash to get started. Once they get here and the game gets going I’ll see if I can see anything. There are a lot of ways to mark cards. If I see that that’s what he’s doing, here’s the plan. Joon, I’ll give you a nod and you get up to get some soda. I can probably get a pitcher from the cafeteria — pour a bunch of it in there. When you come back from the kitchen you pretend to trip or something and accidentally spill it on the cards. I’ll wait until a lot of the deck is out on the table, so all the cards get drenched. We won’t be able to use that deck so we’ll use mine instead. Then we’ll see how lucky that guy is.” ****************************** And that’s just what we did. The very next night seven of us were crammed into my little living room: Joon, Johnny and I, Cu and Lawrence, and two kids I didn’t know. Cu was a lithe, quick-moving, fast talking little guy — he looked about 13 but was actually 17, I was to learn. His shoulder-length hair was soft and straight, so unusual for a Vietnamese, who usually had hair that was coarse and kept fairly short. I was later to find out, in rather shocking fashion, why he wore his hair so long. Lawrence, who looked even better close up than he had in Joe’s office, nodded to me when he first arrived but didn’t seem to recognize me. The game got going in short order, and the boys seemed to accept me as a player without a second thought. The betting, after a tentative start, eventually grew heavy. Lawrence didn’t win every hand, but won most, slapping his cards down within a triumphant grin time after time. Joon was right, he wasn’t palming cards, but after a few minutes of unobtrusive glances at the backs of the cards I saw how they were marked: very slightly shaved edges, and very subtly colored parts of the complex designs on the backs. I waited until the right moment. Joon and I had been making eye contact frequently — seeing he had just folded I now gave him a tiny nod. He immediately got up and went to the kitchen to get the drinks. I had assumed he’d just pour some soda into a pitcher, but Joon always was one to go for the dramatic. Into one pitcher he emptied most of the contents of a two-liter bottle of soda. Into a second pitcher he poured the contents of a couple of cans of beer I had managed to secure from Evan a few days earlier. He put the two pitchers and a few glasses onto a large tray I’d picked up that morning in the cafeteria along with the pitchers. Eying him out of the corner of my eye as he returned I marveled at how realistic his trip was as he fell over the leg of Cu’s chair, how awkwardly he seemed to try to catch himself, and how completely he drenched the whole table. Much yelling, cursing and general confusion ensued. Paper towels were secured, and table, chairs, floor and boys were swabbed. One of the boys, a handsome Sri Lankan kid named Nilai, had gotten it the worst, and he unceremoniously stripped down to his bikini briefs, the rest of his clothes being soaked. As I helped to mop things up in the midst of the hubbub I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge pushing out the front of his sky blue undies and the sexy trail of faint black hairs bisecting his fine brown belly. It was several minutes before the mess was cleaned up enough for the game to resume. “Looks like these cards are unusable,” I opined, fingering the three of clubs. “Fortunately I’ve got a deck here somewhere.” I then pretended to search the drawer of the small end table, where I’d in fact put a deck that morning. “No, these are OK, man!” Lawrence protested predictably. I smiled to myself. “Shit, these cards are a fuckin’ mess,” proclaimed Joon, as if on cue. “Look at this one — it’s so soggy it’s comin’ apart!” “No worries, ” I said cheerily. “Here’s a nearly new deck right here! We’re good!” “Mine is OK, man! Why you guys trippin’?” There was desperation in Lawrence’s voice. He hastily gathered his damp cards up and attempted to shuffle them. Cu extended his hand for my cards and I handed them to him. “We use these,” he announced with finality, asserting the prerogative of the man in charge of the game. “It my deal. Less go!” The decision had been made. Lawrence, looking uncomfortable, still handled his wet cards nervously. Cu stared just a bit longer than necessary at him as he shuffled, his alabaster hands quick and graceful. I wondered if the Vietnamese kid was on to Lawrence. The change in the game was immediately noticeable, and it was decisive. The winning hands were now more evenly distributed, with Johnny and Nilai winning more than their share and Lawrence faring poorly. Before long the Mexican boy, looking increasingly hapless, began betting smaller snd smaller amounts. Finally he muttered, “I’m all out, man.” Joon took him on. “No way! We told you our rules! You’re still way ahead! You gotta give us a chance to win back our money! Go back to your room and get it!” “Yeah, come on, man, he right. You won yesserday, day before, lass’ week. You won big. You gotta keep playin’!” Cu proclaimed. “Hell no! It’s my money and I’m keepin’ it!” Lawrence cried, looking defiant. “Hell yes! Don’t be a fuckin’ pussy!” Joon snarled. Lawrence suddenly shoved the table hard at Joon, banging it against him. “I ain’t your fuckin’ pussy, bitch faggot!” Lawrence snarled back. Joon rose to his feet, and Lawrence did too. They stared at each other for a few tense seconds — you could feel the electricity in the air. Lawrence was breathing harder, his nostrils flaring, his fists balled. Joon was as motionless as a block of ice, his face a blank mask. “Come on then, mothafucka!” Lawrence snarled, leaning forward a bit in challenge. This wasn’t going to blow over, I saw — there was going to be a fight. I quickly stood up myself. “OK, here’s how we settle this,” I announced loudly. “Joon, sit down!” He complied, eying me steadily. “Lawrence, sit down.” I wasn’t sure the boy would comply, but because Joon already had he could do so too without losing face, and after a tense few seconds he did. All eyes were on me. I waited, for effect. “Joon and Lawrence, you two want to fight so bad, fine. We don’t need to spend the rest of the night with you two givin’ each other stank eye. We want a friendly game, so let’s just settle this and move on. You guys fight it out. That is . . . unless you’re afraid.” Joon saw how I was setting the Mexican kid up and played his part perfectly. “Fuck no!” he cried angrily. I looked at Lawrence. “You?” The boy snorted. “No!” he cried derisively, taking the bait. `We’ll go outside so you don’t destroy my furniture. Whoever wins, you set the terms of the game. Lawrence, if you win, and you want to leave and keep everybody’s money, fine. Joon, if you win, we keep playing, Lawrence too, and . . . you set the terms of the game.” Joon eyed me steadily, probing my intention with his long, penetrating gaze. Finally he nodded. “Fine.” he said curtly. “Lawrence?” The Mexican boy gave a sneering grin. “Me fight this kid? That won’t take very fuckin’ long! Yeah, sure!” I cast my eyes over the other boys. Johnny couldn’t stifle a small smile. Soon the seven of us were outside in the warm tropical night. Five of us formed a loose circle, and Joon and Lawrence faced each other in the middle. I wondered how Cu, Nilai and Derek were feeling. Of course they wanted an opportunity to win their money back. But most of the boys on the island were more than a little afraid of Joon, and I’m sure some disliked him. At his worst he could be pretty unlikeable. Would they have a little sympathy for Lawrence, knowing as they did what was about to happen to him? I almost pitied Lawrence myself. Two or three inches taller than Joon, probably thirty pounds heavier, bulging with muscles, as he eyed Joon’s skinny frame he couldn’t possibly have imagined what he was up against. “Ok, so fight clean, and when the other guy says he gives, you stop. We don’t want anybody injured here.” I looked at Lawrence as I said this, and he gave a curt nod in response. But of course Joon knew I was really speaking to him. There was silence as the two faced each other. Lawrence slowly approached, fists balled at his side, a menacing look on his face. Joon stood, legs slightly bent, his face calm, his body still. His arms hung motionless at his side. I noticed just the slightest twitch of his index finger as he waited quietly for his prey. Suddenly Lawrence took a big step forward and swung mightily. Almost faster than a blink Joon ducked, shoved Lawrence’s shoulder down and away, and kicked his leg out from under him. The Mexican kid went down in a heap. There was a cry from a couple of the boys, and Joon stepped back, waiting again. Lawrence popped up immediately, his face showing surprise mixed with fighting rage. This time he attacked more quickly, ducking his head and driving for Joon’s midsection. Joon stood still until Lawrence was almost on him, then quickly dropped to a knee, bent and caught Lawrence’s hip with his shoulder, snapped his body around, and completely flipped the boy over and onto the ground. The crash was pretty spectacular, and there were several “ooohs” from the konyaaltı escort now-excited audience. Johnny was wide-eyed with admiration. This time Lawrence got up more slowly, and eyed Joon warily. “Why don’t you just give now? Or we can do this all night,” Joon demanded. The sarcastically bored tone of his voice was not going to give Lawrence a way out, I knew. The boy bared his teeth and charged, now out of control. In a flurry of elbows and knees, spins, kicks and punches that happened faster than I could follow them Joon hit the kid about seven times in three seconds or so, dropping him once again. This time he did not get up. Finally he looked up. Blood was coming from his lip and he appeared to be in pain. “OK, Lawrence, that’s enough,” I said. “You tried, but Joon is a third degree black belt. It’s not really a fair fight.” The boy slowly moved his arms and legs, as if seeing if they were still attached. He slowly got to his hands and knees. “You done?” Joon demanded harshly. His body was calm, but there was fury in his face now. In reply the boy suddenly got to his feet and charged again. “Joon, careful!” I yelled, afraid that he’d really hurt him. Again waiting until the last possible split second Joon grabbed Lawrence’s shirt front as he attacked, fell backward onto his back, caught Lawrence’s midsection with his feet and completely flipped him over. The Mexican kid landed hard on his front, and the boys watching “ooohed” again. Lawrence had barely skidded to a landing before Joon had pounced on him, grabbed one wrist, and bent his hand backward painfully. “AAAHHH!” Lawrence yelled. Joon knelt next to him, driving one bony knee into the boy’s back while forcing his arm backward and to the side at an unnatural angle. “Give, so I don’t have to break your fucking arm, you asshole!” he snarled. Lawrence gasped and was silent. The kid was tough, I had to give him that. But when Joon pulled his arm back into an even more painful position he broke. “OK!! OK!!” “OK what?!” “I give!! Shit!!” “You gonna go get your money? Huh?” He bent Lawrence’s hand even farther. “Yes! YES!” “You gonna play the game however we say?” “Yes!!” “You gonna apologize to me for calling me a bitch faggot!?” “Yes! I’m sorry! Fuck!!” Joon suddenly let go and stepped back quickly. He was barely breathing hard, but the battle rage was still in his face. Everyone was silent. Lawrence lay on the tropical turf, his white T-shirt glowing in the moonlight. ************************************ “Joon, you go wit’ `im, man. Make sure he come back wit de money,” Cu said. “I’m not his fuckin’ babysitter!” Joon cried, still adrenalized from the fight. We were all back in my little living room. “He knows he can’t escape anywhere,” I pointed out to Cu. I looked at the Mexican kid, slumped in a chair. I said gently, “Just go get the money, Lawrence. We’ll give you, say, 10 minutes. That’s plenty of time. I’m sure you’ll be back by then. But . . . if you aren’t . . . we’ll have to send Joon after you, and his patience is about at an end. You haven’t seen him really mad. And you don’t want to.” The boy stared at the floor, his face looking exhausted. One side of his lower lip shone red with blood. “OK,” he muttered, barely audibly. He got up stiffly and left. “I bet he don’ bring it, man!” Cu said. “Why do you say that? I’m sure he’s had enough of Joon.” I replied. “I bet he don’ have it! I seen him at the store maybe two, three times. He be buyin’ stuff!” “The store?” This was news to me. I looked around the group. “They have a little store behind the cafeteria,” explained Joon. “You probably haven’t noticed it. They sell comics, video games, gum, stuff like that. And guests can buy alcohol.” “Hmph. So what if he’s already spent all the money? Or most of it?” I asked the group. There was silence. “Strip poker!” Johnny blurted out. We all looked at him. Joon snorted. “I want my money back! I don’t need to see his dick!” “Yeah, but if he don’ have it, he don’ have it! What we gonna do then?” Cu said. “I don’ care about his dick eder, but we oughta make him pay! He was cheating!” “You think so?” Nilai chimed in. “I thought maybe he was too!” “No question,” I answered. “He marked the cards and also shaved the edges. That’s why Joon spilled the drinks, so we could use a new deck. You guys don’t think that was an accident, do you?” Nilai, Cu and Derek looked at me openmouthed. “That’s messed up!” Nilai cried. “What, the cheating or the coke in your lap?” I grinned. “Both,” the Sri Lankan kid replied, giving a lopsided smile. “If we played strip poker maybe that would, like, embarrass him,” I offered. “There’s a little revenge for you guys right there.” Joon gave a contemptuous sniff. “OK, what about this,” I continued. “When I was in boy scouts –” “Boy scouts?” Joon cried, feigning incredulity. “Oh man, I knew you were a nerd . . .” “Don’t knock it — I had some of the best sex of my life on those camping trips!” I chuckled. “Anyway, we used to play this game called penalty poker.” I looked around. Five faces were suddenly looking interested. “We’d play strip poker first. After one guy was already stripped we’d keep going. Once you were naked, when you lost a hand you’d have to pay a penalty. The last guy in with you, the guy who just won the hand, decided what the penalty was. Things sometimes got REAL interesting then!” The boys were silent, considering this. “That be fun!” Johnny opined with a big grin. “What do the rest of you think?” I asked. Derek and Nilai both smiled and nodded. Joon smirked. “Maybe he needs to learn to take a cock down his straight boy throat.” “Yeah! Maybe he drink some Viet sperm!” Cu cried with a smile. My lust for Lawrence and his huge dick had certainly not been diminished any by the evening’s events so far. Even as I had pitied the boy while Joon manhandled him I had admired the beauty of his body, obvious through his clothes, as well as his fighting spirit. I had to admit that part of my mentioning penalty poker was to see what we could get Lawrence to do sexually. So I was pleased that Joon and Cu, obviously the leaders of this little group, seemed willing. “OK, sounds like we’ve gotta plan!” I said. “And maybe he’ll surprise us and show up with all your cash!” Lawrence, however, did not show up with the hoped for cash. When he finally slouched back into the room and we demanded to see his money, he produced less than twenty dollars, apparently a small fraction of what he’d fleeced Joon and the others for over the previous few days. “That’s messup!” cried Cu, glaring angrily. “Why you be spendin’ that money, man? We tole you the rules — if you win you gotta keep playin’. You gotta give evr’body chance to win it back. That how we do it here! Shit, you fucked it up!” “And it’s not like you won it fair anyway,” snapped Joon. “You fuckin’ cheated! We saw your marked cards!” “I didn’t fuckin’ cheat!” shouted Lawrence, desperation in his voice. “You fuckin’ did!” Joon yelled back, rising to his feet. I needed to act fast to keep Joon from overreacting. “Lawrence, we all know you did. Sit down, Joon. Look man, everybody makes mistakes. It was wrong to cheat and you know it. So you gotta apologize and then pay the price.” He looked at me in confusion. “What’s the price?” “I’ll tell you once you admit you cheated and apologize.” Lawrence was silent. “Come on, bitch!” snarled Joon. “Joon, that doesn’t help. Lawrence, people respect a man who can admit his mistakes a lot more than a guy who pretends he doesn’t make them.” I looked at the others. “Am I right guys?” There was some unenthusiastic nodding. “Joon, am I right?” I demanded sharply of my boy. Joon’s face was impassive, but his jaw clenched. I was forcing him to back down in front of Lawrence. He nodded. “I didn’t hear you!” “Yes, you’re right!” he replied, the rage in his voice scarcely concealed. “So let’s hear it Lawrence.” The boy clenched and relaxed his fists over and over, and chewed his upper lip. We waited. “I’m sorry,” he finally murmured. Silence. He looked up and searched the group with his big liquid eyes. They finally rested on me. I felt their pull. I wanted to kiss him, to put my arm around him and comfort him in his distress. Joon, however, was relentless. “Not just `I’m sorry,'” he snapped. `I’m sorry I fucking cheated, and spent your money!'” Lawrence glared at Joon and said nothing. “You heard him,” I said sharply, siding with Joon now. “I’m sorry I fucking cheated and spent your money!” The boy stared at me. His face showed both defiance and uncertainty. “Just say it, Lawrence,” I said more softly. “Then we can move on.” After a moment, he said it. “I’m sorry I cheated. And spent the money.” He continued to stare at me. I sensed a sort of strength, a kind of determination I hadn’t sensed before. And something else, too — I couldn’t put my finger on it. I nodded. “OK, fine.” Joon and Lawrence exchanged stares. Joon finally gave a small nod. The rage was beginning to subside, I could see. That nod ended it. “So . . .” I looked around. “You guys ready to play?” “What we do?” Cu asked, grabbing the cards and beginning to shuffle rapidly, his little pale hands almost a blur. “OK, everybody starts with the same clothes. So shirt, pants, underwear — sox or flip flops count as one. So that’s four. Low man each hand loses one item of clothing. Once he’s naked and loses again, the winner of that hand sets the penalty. Then that’s the first penalty for everybody once they’s naked too.” There was silence. Lawrence blinked, and I saw him digesting this new turn of events. “What if we, you know, don’t want to do the penalty?” Nilai asked, looking a bit troubled. “Hmm, I don’t know — that never happened.” I allowed a meaningful silence. “I guess then you’re out of the game. You put on your clothes and go home. And . . . ” I cast around for something else, ” . . . you lose your chance to play the next night. So anybody’s uncomfortable with this game, maybe you should take off now. Except you, Lawrence. You’re playin’ no matter what.” There was an expectant silence. The boys looked at each other. There was excitement in the air. “Hey guys, don’ worry,” said Cu, looking around. “Nobody gonna fuck you up or nuttin’. We playin’ for fun, right? Nobody gonna get hurt or nuttin.” My eyes dropped to Nilai’s crotch. The bulge there had grown noticeably larger. “Looks like Nilai junior wants to play!” I grinned, gesturing to the boy’s lap. Nilai gave a slightly embarrassed grin. “I’ll play. I was just, you know, wondering.” “Nilai gotta put more on, of clothes,” observed Johnny. “Too bad! He hot!” cried Cu, who suddenly made a playful grab for the boy’s crotch. Nilai dodged away with a grin. The Sri Lankan kid then began fumbling with his wet shirt and pants. “Man, I can’t wear these.” He was a tall boy, close to my height, and pretty well built — not bulky, but definitely athletic-looking, with defined muscles and particularly sexy shoulders. “Lemme see what we’ve got here,” I said, heading for the bedroom. “You’re closer to my size than to Joon or Johnny’s. I bet I’ve got something . . . ” In no time I’d come up with a pair of basketball shorts with an elastic waist and a clean T-shirt. Nilai slipped them on. “Ready?” I asked. He nodded with an eager grin. “Everybody else?” Cu, who for some reason — probably to conceal his skinny torso — was wearing two T-shirts, took one off. “Ok, let play,” he cried, and began to deal. I turned to Lawrence. “And about the price you have to pay?” I paused for effect. “The price is, you gotta keep playin’ til we all quit. No leaving and going back to your dorm. No matter what.” The boy stared a minute, then nodded. I eyed Joon. He was already picking up his cards as Cu dealt. I had observed he normally never did that until all were dealt. He was sending a message he was done with Lawrence by paying no attention to what I said to the Mexican kid. All the boys had at least a little money left, and so the game began like a regular poker game. The earlier tensions, if not completely forgotten, at least seemed to fade as the game progressed, with a gradual renewal of the joking and jibing that had prevailed before the incident with Lawrence. Soon, however, Lawrence and Johnny were both out of money. Lawrence kicked off his tennis shoes. Johnny grinned. “I gotta put some on to put some off!” He made a show of putting flip flops on his bare feet only to kick them off again. The next two hands were lost by Derek and me, but then Lawrence lost again. “Come on Lawrence, let’s see that sexy chest,” I cried. The boy gave a small smile — was that a bit of shyness? — and peeled off his T-shirt. His beautiful torso glowed in the lamplight. None of the boys made a comment, but I noticed several glances of appraisal. The game continued. Lawrence actually began faring a bit better, and before long both Derek and I had begun to strip. Eventually Cu and Joon began revealing their skinny bodies too — only Nilai was winning consistently, and so he still sat fully clothed. There was considerable fanfare made about Joon’s scorpion as he revealed his torso, which Joon predictably ignored, as if he were above caring about what others thought. At one point Cu and I remained in the game, as everyone else had folded. I called and Cu displayed his three tens. I dropped an eight-high straight. “Ahhhh! Mothafucka my luck be bad!” the Vietnamese boy cried in disgust, standing quickly and tugging down his grey shorts. Unlike most of the island boys, who wore either briefs, boxer briefs or bikini briefs, Cu wore a bright yellow thong, and the front of it jutted out obscenely. A couple of the boys hooted derisively. “What, don’ tell me you guys never seen a hard dick before!” Cu cried. “Shit, you be suckin’ on `em every night! You buncha whores!” “We don’t have cute little thongs like you, Cu!” grinned Nilai. “Shut yo bitch ass mouth, ‘fore I stuff it fulla my dick!” Although I enjoy obscene boy-banter as much as anyone, I wanted to move the game along. “Whose deal?” I asked. “Mine,” replied Joon, and play continued. Derek lost a hand, then Joon. Lawrence lost the next hand and stripped off his jeans, revealing snow-white briefs. Knowing how huge his equipment was I was shocked to see no sign of it. I had hoped that, his professed heterosexuality aside, the sexually charged environment of the game would have aroused Lawrence, but apparently not. Shrugging to myself, I took the cards and shuffled. Joon lost to Derek and parted with the last of his money. The Lawrence lost again. There was silence as everyone looked at him. He hesitated, then gave a small smile and tucked his fingertips under the waistband of his briefs. Up until then he had been quiet and serious. Now he gave another small smile. “Get ready!” he said, a bit of pride in his voice. No one said anything. He stood and slid his briefs down. As they dropped to his ankles he stood up straight, letting everyone have a good look. As much as I wanted to stare I checked the other boys out instead. Nilai and Johnny were openmouthed. Cu’s eyes narrowed and he chewed his gum faster. Derek, eyes wide, swallowed and fiddled with the hem of his shirt. Of course Joon studiously avoided looking, not wanting to give Lawrence any satisfaction. “That be a mothafuckin’ big dick, man!” Cu finally blurted, stating the obvious. It was only because my eyes happened to be on Joon at that moment that I saw it — a lightning quick flick of his eyes over to Lawrence, then away. I filed that information away for future use. “Shit!” muttered Nilai. konyaaltı eve gelen escort I remember the same expletive coming from Evan back in Joe’s lab. I decided to stir the pot a bit. “You have a beautiful cock, Lawrence. Too bad you only like girls.” He smiled uncertainly at this, and Cu said, “Oh man, you could make hella money here! You don’t need ta be gay! Nilai isn’t! And Derek!” “And me!” growled Joon. I said nothing, but noticed Johnny shoot him a troubled glance. Lawrence looked thoroughly confused now, and sat down. “That’s right, Lawrence,” I explained. “There’s no girls on this island. Guys get horny, and combine that with all the money they can make doin’ it with guests . . . well, these guys aren’t stupid. When they finally get off the island there’s time enough to go straight again if they want.” I turned to Nilai, who I imagined was probably the boy most popular with guests among those present. “So Nilai, how much money would you guess you made, say, in the last month?” The boy looked upward, calculating. He named a figure. Lawrence’s jaw actually dropped in surprise. “You can’t make that kind of money working part time at the Burger King back in San Antonio,” I commented to Lawrence with a meaningful look. I let that hang in the air, hoping to plant a seed in his mind. Joon stared at me irritably, knowing perfectly well what I was doing. Twenty minutes later the game had evolved considerably. Johnny, Lawrence and I were all naked. Joon and Derek wore only their boxer briefs, Cu his thong. Nilai’s luck had turned a bit, but he still wore shorts and underwear. The betting moved haltingly now — guys were being more careful. Finally the hand came down to Joon and Lawrence, and Lawrence lost. There was silence. Everyone in the room wondered what Joon would do, how harsh the penalty would be. The two looked at each other. I knew Joon would be ruthless. “You gonna kiss a dick.” Joon declared. Lawrence’s face tightened, and a sneer came and went. “And you gonna pick who.” This was a subtle touch, an extra bit of cruelty, I realized– making the boy select someone himself would unmistakably imply a preference, an attraction. “Shit.” Lawrence’s face was both angry and desperate. He sat still. We all waited. Then Lawrence shocked me. “I’ll kiss yours,” he said. “And maybe I’ll bite it off!” he added with sudden menace. The two boys continued to stare ferociously. Would Joon call his bluff? I realized he’d never back down. The Korean boy stood and shoved his underwear down to his ankles. His cock wasn’t hard, but I knew that cock well enough to know it wasn’t totally soft either, hanging as it was about an inch longer than usual. “Come on, then,” Joon demanded expressionlessly. I looked around the room — all eyes were on Joon’s black cock. Lawrence licked his lips and didn’t move. “Come on, you scared?” Joon taunted. “Afraid you might like it too much?” My boy really knew how to rub salt in a wound, all right. I smiled to myself as I remembered I’d once used that same line on him. “Shit!” Lawrence cried, forcing himself forward and quickly grazing Joon’s glans with his lips. “Yeah, Lawrence!” I cried. Joon pulled up his underwear, sat down and continued to exchange stares with Lawrence. The Mexican kid was breathing a trifle harder, I noticed, and his face was flushed. “See boys, nothing bad happens when you pay a penalty!” I cried, smiling at the group. Trying to take attention off Lawrence, I added, “Lawrence isn’t going to be the only one kissing a cock tonight. Somebody’s gonna kiss mine pretty soon!” I gestured to my own very visible erection. “Shit, you an old man!” Cu cried. “It probly don’ even work no more!” “Yeah?” I replied with a grin. “Once I shove it up your scrawny ass you can tell me if it’s working or not!” “Oh, man!” Cu giggled, holding his stomach with laughter, “It sooooo big, I dunno can I take it all!” “Shit,” l laughed, reaching over and playfully punched Cu in the shoulder. I was beginning to find this kid attractive. His features were small and plain, nothing you’d look at twice on the street, but the combination of his nervous, rabbity energy, his ribald sense of humor, and his gruff enjoyment of being the man in charge of the game turned me on. There was also something about the way he moved — somehow quick but graceful, almost feminine. Then there was his sexy long hair. “Whose deal?” asked Joon, his jealous anger scarcely concealed. I gave him a long stare. He dropped his gaze. We both knew there would be a reckoning soon. The game recommenced. Eventually Johnny had to kiss a dick — Nilai ordered him to kiss his. I also lost, and Johnny, the winner, gleefully ordered me to kiss Joon’s. By now Joon was naked and hard. I went over to him, and he stood up obediently. I knelt, licked my lips, and slowly sucked the whole head of the stinger into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, slid my mouth all the way down to the base of his organ, and then slowly let all six inches slide from my lips. Only I heard the tiny gasp of pleasure. “Now THAT’s a kiss!” cried Nilai. “Damn right!” I grinned, sitting back down. “Wouldn’t you like one like that?” “Maybe I’ll get one next!” he grinned. But he didn’t because the next hand the loser was Lawrence, and I was the winner. “So what the penalty?” Cu demanded. I thought a minute, eying Lawrence. I decided to throw him a curve, hitting him with something that wasn’t going to be as easy as it seemed. “You only gotta answer a question, and you gotta tell the truth, Lawrence. Can you do that?” The Mexican kid looked at me. “Yeah,” he answered, a bit defiantly. “Even if it’s embarrassing?” I baited him. “Yeah!” Even more defiantly. “That no good! ” protested Cu. “If he be lyin’ we ain’t gonna even know!” I was suddenly on a roll, and words were coming to me from who knew where. “No problem — we’ve got a human lie detector!” I looked at Lawrence. “You see Joon here?” I gestured to Joon. Lawrence nodded uncomfortably. “He’s a bullshit detector. He has an amazing ability to tell if somebody’s lying. Joon,” I turned to my boy, “hold Lawerence’s balls. Gently.” Joon changed places with Derek and sat down next to Lawrence. “Open your legs!” I ordered Lawrence. The boy slowly complied. “Hmm, looks like that dick’s a little bigger than it was before!” I cried. “Something here turning you on?” “Shit, you guys are all hard too!” Lawrence protested, looking more and more uncomfortable. “That’s right,” said Joon evenly, and he carefully nestled his hand between Lawrence’s thighs and reached to cup his balls. “You fit right in, I guess.” The boy flinched suddenly at Joon’s grasp and there was hatred in his face as he eyed the Korean boy. “So I’m gonna ask you a question, and you’re gonna tell us the truth. That’s all. That’s your penalty. Joon is gonna watch your face carefully. He’s gonna listen to your voice. He’s gonna sense your body. And if the human lie detector detects a lie, he’s gonna smash your balls.” “Fuck, that’s not — it’s not fair!” “Uh, yeah, and cheating at cards is so fair!” Joon snapped. “What if — what if I tell the truth but he thinks I’m lying?” Droplets of sweat beaded on Lawrence’s forehead. “Then I guess the human lie detector had a malfunction,” Joon replied, his stare menacing. Lawrence swallowed hard. Joon got a firmer hold on Lawrence. “Joon won’t malfunction,” I announced firmly, staring at Joon to make sure he got the message. “You ready Joon?” He nodded. The boys were all silent, waiting. “So here’s the question. How many girls have you had sex with?” Johnny stifled a gasp, Derek a chuckle. Lawrence looked like a defendant who had just heard a guilty verdict. Joon was watching him like a hawk. Lawrence licked his lips. “Careful, Lawrence,” I advised. “You’d look pretty weird with squashed balls.” He drew a breath, then looked up and held my gaze. “None!” he answered in a firm voice. I looked at Joon and sent a wordless message. He let go of Lawrence’s balls and sat back. You could feel the relief in the room. “Good work Lawrence. An honest man is a man to be trusted. Maybe you can start building back your reputation.” I looked around the room. “And let’s give him some backup, while we’re at it. Everybody — raise your hand if you’ve had sex with a girl.” All the boys looked around. Nilai and I were the only ones to raise our hands. I wasn’t surprised at Nilai — the kid had a charming personality, was really handsome, had a beautiful body, and apparently wasn’t gay. It was also Joon’s first admission, however passive, of his own sexual inexperience. I looked at Lawrence and shrugged. “See? Four out of six! No big thing!” “He gotta hella big thing, though!” cried Johnny. There were cries of laughter all around — even Joon struggled to stifle a smirk. Johnny had mentioned the elephant in the room, so to speak, and he beamed with joy at the group’s appreciation of his wisecrack. “It Derek deal!” cried Cu, always the one to get things back on track. Before long all of us were naked except for Cu, and except for Lawrence all were hard. Lawrence’s dick had filled considerably, appearing nine or nine and a half inches long. A couple of the boys kept stealing glances at it. Joon had begun a losing streak. Not only was he naked, he had kissed Johnny’s dick. The next hand came down to him and Lawrence. Joon’s two kings couldn’t beat Lawrence’s three of a kind. He had lost again, and this time to Lawrence. This was going to be interesting. As Lawrence slapped his cards down with a flourish there was a triumphant gleam in his eye. Joon stared at him. Lawrence shoved his chair back, leaned back and put his hands behind his head, giving an exaggerated sigh of satisfaction. Then he turned to Joon with a sneer. “Suck it til it’s hard!” Joon didn’t allow his face to register any distress. He dropped to his knees at Lawrence’s feet, took the massive organ in his hand and immediately began tonguing the boy’s glans. I wondered how he’d play this — there’s no way my boy wouldn’t find some way to come out the winner. His wet red tongue licked down the sides of Lawrence’s organ, then slurped back up and flicked over the rim of the massive glans. Lawrence gasped, his face registering surprise. Either this was a very new experience for him or he was shocked that Joon was cooperating so enthusiastically. Or maybe both. As Joon worked up and down, up and down, he was depositing more and more saliva on the sides of the organ, which seemed to be hardening already. Joon suddenly drew back, took a breath, and violently plunged the cock into his mouth and down his throat. Choking and gasping, he learned forward, grabbed the other boy’s balls with one hand and the base of his cock with the other and really went to town. Bobbing and sucking, twisting his head this way and that, he was giving Lawrence the blow job of a lifetime. Lawrence had slid back farther in the chair, his eyes closed, his head rolling to the side, sucking his breath through his teeth, giving little gasps and moans of pleasure. Joon began drawing off his cock almost completely, then gripping the cock with firmed lips and slowly forcing himself downward all way to Lawrence’s pubes. “Aaaaaahh!!” Lawrence burst out, his hands gripping the seat of the chair. “Aw fuck!” Again and again Joon lunged up and down, twisting his head and mauling Lawrence’s balls with his hand. I looked around the room. Johnny was openly masturbating as he watched, while Derek and Nilai periodically tugged at and adjusted their erections, licking their lips and breathing hard at the hot scene in front of them. Cu chewed his gum rapidly, a wet spot forming on the front of his yellow thong. Joon pulled off Lawrence completely, resting his jaw a moment. The boy’s majestic organ was splitting hard; it must have been 11 thick, curving inches. Joon had paid the penalty — but he was not done. With renewed energy he plunged back down, then back up, then began whirling his tongue against the boy’s frenulum again and again. “AAAHHH, man! Ahhh!” Lawrence couldn’t help but gasp. Joon surged halfway down, then, circling the big cock with his thumb and forefinger, stripped the organ down hard the rest of the way. Time after time he sucked down the upper half of the organ, then stripped the lower half with his hand, gripping very hard. Faster and faster he went. Lawrence squirmed all over the chair, at one point almost falling off, and he was moaning and gasping constantly. Joon now reached up, found a nipple, and squeezed and twisted as he plunged and sucked. “AAAAhhhhhhh!!!” Lawrence cried, arching completely up off the chair. Suddenly Lawrence slapped a hand on the back of Joon’s bald head, and, still arching, held his cock completely down Joon’s throat as he screamed. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!” Over and over, he bucked his clenching butt into Joon’s face, as he came down the boy’s throat. Joon began choking, and gripped the other boys hips hard, tried to push him away so he could breathe, but Lawrence’s orgasm seemed to go on forever, as he screamed and writhed. He gripped Joon’s shoulder with one hand, his nails digging into the skin, and with the other shoved Joon’s face harder into his crotch. “AAAAAHHHHH!! AAAHHHH!!!” He threw his head from side to side, sweat flying from his face now. Finally his grip slacked, and with a great gasp Joon pulled off him. Lawrence’s organ continued to spurt and, even as he choked and recovered, Joon twisted and pumped the boy’s still raging cock with his fist, as Lawrence snapped his hips up again and again, his cries now almost desperate, almost pleading, almost as if he were wishing he could stop the tremendous orgasm that wracked his body. Finally it was over, and as soon as the big cock began drooling slime onto Lawrence’s belly instead of shooting gobs of semen out, Joon rose, sat on the boy’s lap, grabbed his lolling head in both hands and slapped his lips to Lawrence’s. The exhausted boy didn’t resist, and Joon raped his mouth with his own. A drool of semen slipped from their lips down over Lawrence’s chin and I knew Joon was feeding him his own sperm. Finally Joon pulled away and sat back. His fierce eyes bored into Lawrence’s big liquid ones. Some silent communication passed between them. Finally, seeming satisfied, Joon got up and sat back in his chair. He scanned the other boys, his eyes hot, defiant, his black erection raging hard. The card game was over. It was time for another game now. I stood up and began barking orders. “Joon, lean back in your chair. Derek, get his cock wet.” The big eyed white kid kid hesitated a second, then spit into his hand several times and wiped his saliva carefully onto Joon’s raging hard cock. “Now Nilai, come over and sit on Joon’s cock.” The handsome boy obediently eased himself onto Joon’s lap facing away, working his hips downward expertly, apparently taking Joon’s cock with little trouble. His good-sized erection waved in the air. “OK, Cu, come over here and suck Johnny.” Without hesitation Cu obeyed, moving around the table with an unmistakably feminine sway and easing himself down in front of Johnny. Once those four were in place and beginning to move against each other in pleasure, I turned to the last boy. “Derek, you stand in front of Nilai. That’s it, lean forward a little bit. Now Nilai, you suck Derek.” Seeing him hesitate, I cried with a grin, “I don’t care if you’re straight, you’ve sucked plenty of cocks! Get going!” Nilai grinned back, leaned in toward Derek, took his five inch erection in his long brown fingers and fed it into his mouth. Then I turned to Lawrence. The boy still lay with his head back, looking wiped out. His great organ, softened now but still huge, lolled over his hip. He eyed me steadily, his eyes big and defenseless. I stepped over to him and extended a hand. “Come here.” My voice was firm. The boy grabbed my hand and I pulled him up. “Come with me.” I led him to the bedroom.

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