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Subject: “where ravens roost part 16” Gay Adult Youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at [email protected], I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience. New content is being added all the time, and new chapters will be available on the website before anywhere ess/ Please give it a look! Monday morning arrived Bill stood, coffee cup in hand, as Cheryl pulled in the driveway with John. “Grandad!” John exclaimed as he got out of the car, ran to Bill, and hugged his grandad, “Good morning son” Bill said as he ruffled his grandson’s hair. “Mom wouldn’t let me ride naked” John said as he pouted at Cheryl as she stepped from the car, “You survived” Cheryl said with a laugh. John pulled his shirt off and went for his shorts when Bill stopped him, “Go in the house and do that” Bill said with laugh, “Why ? You both have seen me naked” John asked. “Yeah but the neighbors haven’t” Bill replied with a chuckle, “But” John said. “Just get” Bill said as he opened the door and ushered John inside, “That’s my boy” Cheryl said with a grin. “You doing ok ?” Bill asked, “Yeah doing fine, I got to get to work” Cheryl replied as she kissed Bill on the cheek. “Take care of my boy dad” she added before she got in the car and backed out, and Bill waved until she was out of sight. As he stood there to drink the rest of his coffee another car pulled into the driveway to his surprise, he recognized it as Katherine’s. Henry stepped from the car with a big smile on his face, went to Bill, and hugged him gently. “Good morning grandad” Henry said as he nuzzled into Bill’s side, whom wrapped an arm around the boy, “Good morning, I’m glad to see you” Bill said softly. “I hope you meant it when you said he was welcome anytime” Katherine said as she stepped from the car, “Of course I did” Bill said with a grin. “I should have called but this was all decided late last night” Katherine said, “He wants to be here and if it’s ok, I would like to start leaving him here during the day” she added. “Everything ok with your folks?” Bill asked, “It’s complicated, and it’s not the best place for him anymore, if it ever was” Katherine replied emotionally, her thoughts jumbled. “Henry why don’t you go surprise John, I know it will make his morning” Bill said with a gentle squeeze, “Ok” Henry said softly and went inside the house. “Are you ok?” Bill asked, “Is it that obvious?” Katherine replied as she wiped the tears away that had formed in the corner of her eyes. “Look I’ll pay you for watching him, he just needs to be here” she added, “I don’t need your money, he’s family and so are you” Bill said. “Thanks, that means a lot” Katherine said with a timid smile, “You just take care of that crazy daughter of mine” Bill said with a chuckle. Katherine nodded her head, too emotional to speak, and drove out of the driveway and headed for her parent’s home. When she arrived Katherine knocked on the door and her father Earl answered, “Hi” Katherine said, “Where’s Henry?” Earl asked. “He’s not here, he won’t be coming here, not today, not ever again” Katherine said emotionally, “Why don’t you come inside?” Earl asked. “No, I’m good right here thank you” Katherine said sternly, which made Earl step on the front porch and shut the door behind him. “Why isn’t Henry coming here anymore?” Earl asked, “Because you don’t love him, because you can’t accept him for who he is, like you never could accept me” Katherine replied. “Here I have let your toxic way of thinking pollute the love I have for my son, and I stood by and let you treat him just like you did me” she added emotionally. “No..no more..it ends now” she further added, “I think you need to watch how you speak to me” Earl said sternly. “The hell I do, I should have done this a long time ago, no I tried to be your perfect little daughter, played the part, danced to your beat” Katherine said. “When you caught Samantha and I, you just couldn’t accept it could you, I was sixteen years old, I was so scared and confused, then you had to destroy everything” she added angrily as her eyes flared. “No daughter of mine was going to be running around like some kind of immoral slut, thank god you found Tim” Earl said, “Found..that’s an interesting choice of words, seeing as I didn’t have much choice in the matter” Katherine said. “Tim is what you needed, he was a good man that was husband material” Earl said, “The only good thing that came out of that godforsaken marriage was Henry” Katherine said bitterly. “He is such a sweet and kind little boy, but because he isn’t a boys boy he just isn’t good enough for you” Katherine said, “The boy acts like a little sissy Katherine, hell if we don’t toughen him up, he’s going to wind up one of those fags” Earl said. “You watch your mouth about my son” Katherine said, “He’s perfect just the way he is” she added. “Maybe he is gay, I don’t know and frankly I don’t care” she further added, “You can’t be serious” Earl said.”He has a boyfriend, that much I know” Katherine said, “What the hell are you talking about boyfriend?” Earl asked. “Nice little boy named John, and the love they have for each other is powerful and sweet, it’s not dirty or shameful like you would paint it” Katherine replied. “If you would have come to Henry’s birthday party you would have got to meet him” she added, “He’s eight years old for gods sake” Earl said. “I don’t really understand it all myself, but again I don’t care, because I love Henry unconditionally” Katherine said, “You want to know what else? I’m dating John’s mom, Cheryl” she added with a smile. “Wow that’s the first time I have said that openly, I’m dating Cheryl, she’s amazing and we are happy together” Katherine said as Earl’s face took on the look of shock and then disgust. “What in the hell have you gotten yourself involved in Katherine?” Earl asked, “Finally starting to love myself and my son, and if you can’t accept that you have no place in our lives” Katherine replied. “Like hell I will accept this, this is disgusting” Earl said, “You and mom have a nice life dad” Katherine said as she stormed off back to the car. “Wait, let me get you and Henry help, maybe you and he are sick in some way” Earl said, “The only person who is sick here is you, now stay the hell away from me and my son” Katherine said and got in the car, locked it, cranked up as tears fell down her cheeks, and drove off. On the other side of town at Bill’s house breakfast had concluded with Charlie and Roy joined, and it was time for Bill and Ruth to leave for The Sheltering Arms. After a round of goodbyes they left, as Roy shut the door and turned around he found Charlie, John, and Henry stood behind him with mischievous grins about their faces. “Poppa” Charlie said as he reached for Roy’s belt buckle, “You gots to play with us” he added as he started to undo Roy’s belt. When Roy’s buckle was undone, Charlie konyaaltı sınırsız escort slid it through the loops and cast it aside. “Come on Mr. Roy” John said excitedly, “This is going to be fun” Henry said with a grin. “Do I get a say in this?” Roy asked, “Poppa” Charlie whined as he undid the clasp on the jeans, and lowered the zipper down. John and Henry helped Charlie pull them down Roy’s legs, whom stepped out of them. “Get these off too” Charlie said as all three boys pulled Roy’s underwear down and off him, “I guess yo u want this off too” Roy said as he reached for his white t-shirt.”Yes poppa, naked like us” Charlie said sweetly, John and Henry nodded their heads as Roy chuckled and pulled his shirt off. “Aw it’s still soft” John said as he looked at Roy’s dick, “I imagine not for long with you boys” Roy said with a smile. The boys took Roy by the hand and led him into the living room where they had him lay down. All three boys got in the floor on hands and knees, Charlie crawled to Roy’s side and smiled up at his poppa. He leaned over Roy, used his small hand to grasp Roy’s dick, raised it up where he wrapped his lips around the head, and began to bob up and down. Henry giggled as he climbed on Roy’s chest and laid down with his butt in the man’s face. “I take it you want me to take care of this end” Roy said with a laugh, “Please” Henry whined. Roy wrapped his arms around Henry’s back as he raised up to take a lick across the boy’s hole, whom moaned loudly. John sat on Roy’s belly with his boner pointed at Henry, whom wrapped his lips around it. Roy’s mouth tenderly worked Henry’s hole, as he kissed and sucked on the rubbery ring, his tongue licked and lapped, which drove Henry wild and he moaned wildly around John’s dick. Whom had his head thrown back, emitted hums and moans of pleasure as Henry worked his mouths magic. Charlie bobbed up and down enthusiastically on Roy’s dick, his little head turned from side to side, as he worked his small tongue, to bring pleasure to the man he loved so much. Roy focused his tongue dead center of Henry’s hole, made small circles as he applied pressure to breach the muscles defenses. Henry moaned and pushed out to aid in the breach, and felt Roy’s wet tongue make entry inside of him. As the pleasure wracked Henry’s body he focused on John’s dick, his head bobbed up and down wildly, as he enjoyed the sounds of whimpers and whines of pleasure his boyfriend made. He soon brought John to a squealing boygasm, Henry continued to suck as his boyfriend’s dick throbbed and pulsed, until John rolled off and laid on his back with his legs across Roy’s stomach. “Hmmm my hole, that feels so good Mr. Roy” Henry whined, “Yes hmmm make my hole feel good” he added. Roy withdrew is tongue and licked the fleshy entrance before he thrust it inside again, built into a rhythm as he made love to the young boy’s hole with his tongue. Henry began to writhe and twist but held in place by Roy’s arms, he could feel his boner that was trapped between him and Roy’s chest began to be rubbed between them. “Yes Mr. Roy hmmmm” Henry continued to whine, “Uhhhh..Ohhhh” he continued as he felt the pleasure build inside until it became almost overwhelming and he boygasmed with a loud guttural moan. “Hmm…Hmm..” Henry whimpered whined as each wave of pleasure ran through his body, Roy withdrew his tongue but continued to lick at the entrance until Henry fell quiet. Charlie’s warm wet little mouth felt like heaven around Roy’s dick, whom was at the edge of his own orgasm. “I’m going to cum” Roy exclaimed as Charlie continued to suck away, soon rewarded with a mouth full of cum that was swallowed, in the quiet of the room you could hear little noises as Charlie gulped it all down greedily. As Charlie let Roy’s dick fall from his lips, he looked to see John with a big smile on his face, whom lifted his legs off Roy and swung them around, and pulled them back. “Come get it Charlie” John said with a giggle, “Uh ok” Charlie said with a smile as he grabbed the container of the coconut oil that the boys had been given to use. “Or maybe you like it like this” John said as he turned over on his knees, head down and butt in the air as he shook it which made Charlie giggle. “You’re silly” Charlie said as he proceeded to lube up John’s hole and his little dick before he pushed it inside. Charlie began to gently make love to John, his little dick sawed in and out smoothly at a leisurely pace, as both boys enjoyed the pleasures it created. Henry rolled off and cuddled into Roy, whom wrapped his arm around the boy as they watched this act of love between Charlie and John. With his hands on top of one another on the small of John’s back, Charlie continued to make love to John smoothly until the need for release grew strong and he picked up his pace. A little slap sound could be heard as Charlie’s groin bounced against John’s butt, whom sighed and moaned with pleasure. “Oh..Oh.” Charlie gasped with every slap as he felt his dick began to swell and the pressure built in his immature balls. “Uhhhhh” Charlie moaned loudly as his dick began to throb and pulse wildly, and he pounded away as the sensations ran through his body. He collapsed on top of John with a bright smile about him, his eyes still glassy from his orgasmic bliss. When Charlie recovered he rolled off John, whom cuddled up with the little boy. They all stayed like this and enjoyed the love they had for each other until Roy took them all for a bath. When Bill and Ruth arrived, William stood in the lobby to greet them. “Mr and Mrs. Ravencroft, so nice to meet you” William said, “Likewise, but you may call me Bill” Bill said as the two men shook hands. “Can we speak in private before you meet the boys?” William asked, “Of course” Bill replied as he looked at Ruth, whom nodded her head. William lead them to his office and shut the door behind him, and took a seat at his desk with Bill and Ruth seated in the chairs in front of it. “I was so happy to receive your call Mrs. Ravencroft, to be honest if you all hadn’t reached out to us, we were going to approach about you adopting them” William said. “Oh?” Bill asked as he and Ruth looked at each other then back to William, whom had an odd expression about his face. “Yeah Ian and Hudson are fantastic kids, I mean two amazing little boys but they are some sensitive issues with them that has made finding a home for them difficult” William replied. “You mean the sex play” Bill said frankly, “Yes that’s what I speak of” William said. “You can imagine what would happen if this ever came to light, both for them and for everyone involved” he added, “So when we heard you were accepting of it from John and Henry we hoped you would adopt Ian and Hudson” he further added. “Those boys need a kind loving home with open minded people and we feel you are those people” William said, “Well we have some questions for you” Bill said. “How did the sex play between Ian and Hudson start he means?” Ruth asked, “Ian isn’t a predator if that’s what you are wondering, he loves Hudson, he konyaaltı türbanlı escort acts like his dad” William replied with a chuckle. “If we thought there was anything like that going on we would have separated them immediately” he added, “Sorry we meant no offense but you have to understand it’s concerning with Hudson’s age” Ruth said. “I understand but rest assured those two love each other and Ian wouldn’t harm Hudson for any reason” William said, “From what Billy and I witnessed in the basement, Hudson enjoys it just as much as the rest of them if I’m being honest” he added. “Well that makes me feel better” Ruth said, “Look, Ian has had it very rough, and he has this bond with Hudson, from the moment Hudson was dropped off Ian took to him immediately” William said. “Like I said it’s like watching a father and son more than two little boys” he added, “It’s quite remarkable” he further added. “So Hudson was just dropped off? You have no family history or anything?” Ruth asked, “No, one morning the staff found him stood at the door in just a diaper with a pacifier in his mouth” William replied. “We checked the security footage and all we could make out was what appeared to be a young girl in a hoodie to conceal her identity” he added. “He had been taken care of and the girl kissed him before she ran away, that’s all we know” he further added. “Poor thing” Ruth said, “Sounds like babies having babies” she added. “Now about Ian, What did you mean he’s had it rough?” Bill asked, “Well no child ends up here under happy circumstances but Ian’s story is quite tragic” William replied. “You remember hurricane Hugo some years back?” he added, “Yeah that was an awful storm” Bill replied. “Ian and his family lived in Harleyville, South Carolina when the storm came through” William said, “Whole entire family except Ian wiped out in one night” he added. “It was a miracle Ian survived” he further added. “Oh my word, how awful” Ruth said, “That poor boy” Bill said. “Ian was staying with some family friends at the time, he had to be rescued from the rubble and taken to the hospital” William said, “He was unconscious for weeks, like I said, a true miracle he survived” he added. “He has had therapy, but still has panic attacks during storms just be aware, but all things considered he is well adjusted and one amazing kid” he further added. “Well I think I would like to meet this young man” Bill said with a smile, “Thank you for putting all of my concerns to rest” Ruth said. “My pleasure, let’s go meet the boys” William said with a smile, “Lead the way” Bill said as he and Ruth stood up. William led them to a spacious furnished conference room with a play mat and all manner of toys scattered about. “Would you like some coffee?” William asked, “No thank you” Bill said. “I’m going to go get the boys have a seat” William said before he left the room, Bill and Ruth took a seat on the sofa and held each other’s hand as they waited. “You excited?” Bill asked, “Yes, I can’t wait to meet them, I hope they like us” Ruth replied. “You worry too much” Bill said, “What if they think us too old” Ruth said. “Think us two old fogys who can’t play or take care of them” she added, “I’m sure they will love us” Bill said as he squeezed Ruth’s hand and smiled at her. William returned a short time later with Ian and Hudson, whom looked nervous, Ian and Hudson held hands as they looked upon the couple sat on the sofa. “Who dis?” Hudson asked as he looked to Ian and then up at William, “These kind people want to to meet you Hudson, you and Ian” William said. “Brudder” Hudson said nervously, “It’s ok little partner, let’s see about them” Ian said as he led Hudson to the other sofa across from Bill and Ruth, helped him on to it, and then sat himself. Hudson climbed in Ian’s lap and began to suck his thumb, as Ian held him close, and the two boys sat there quiet as they stared at Bill and Ruth. “My name is Bill and this is my wife Ruth, it’s nice to finally meet you boys” Bill said, “Howdy, I’m Ian and this here is Hudson” Ian said as he ran his fingers through Hudson’s hair. “Say hi Hudson” he added and Hudson removed his thumb from his mouth, “Hi” Hudson said shyly before he began to suck his thumb again. “How about we play something” William said, “Hudson would like to color I reckon” Ian said. “Color!” Hudson exclaimed with a bright smile, “He likes to color” Ian said as helped Hudson down. Ian took Hudson by the hand and got him seated at the small table and chairs before he fetched the color pages and crayons and brought them to table. “Would you like to color with him?” Ian asked as he looked to Bill and Ruth, “I would love to” Ruth replied as he got up and took a seat with Hudson. “So why do you want to adopt us?” Ian asked as he returned to the sofa across from Bill, “I didn’t expect to hear that” Bill replied. “I think you know our grandson John” he added, “John’s your grandson?” Ian asked. “Yep and when he told us he has two brothers that we have never got to meet, we were surprised” Bill said, “Him and Henry both think a lot of you and Hudson” he added. “You know that we aren’t really brothers right?” Ian asked, “I think you of all people know that it isn’t just blood that makes family” Bill replied as he looked over to Hudson. “I reckon you’re right” Ian said as he looked at Hudson, “You’re a tough kid, I see a bit of myself in you” Bill said with a grin which made Ian blush slightly. “I reckon I’m just worried” Ian said, “Worried why?” Bill asked. “Hudson needs a home, but I have to make sure he’s taken care of” Ian replied, “Don’t you need a home too?” Bill asked. “My home is where Hudson is” Ian replied, “You both would be given a home and you both would be taken care of” Bill said. “We know you look after him and it’s not our intention to change that, we aren’t looking to replace you” he added. “So what color should this be?” Ruth asked as she smiled at Hudson, “Hm Red” Hudson replied and Ruth started to color in a petal of her flower picture with what she thought was a red crayon. “That pink” Hudson said with a giggle, “Here” Hudson said as he grabbed a red crayon and colored it in for her. “Thank you” Ruth said, “You welcome” Hudson said as he went back to color his own picture. “So what do you like to eat Hudson?” Ruth asked, “Waffles” Hudson replied with a smile. “I can make some really good waffles” Ruth said, “Really?” Hudson asked excitedly. “I’ll have to make them for you sometime” Ruth replied, “I like that, waffles good” Hudson said which made Ruth chuckle. “You sure are cute” Ruth said, “Thanks” Hudson said. “Now what color should this be?” Ruth asked, “Hm Blue” Hudson replied which made Ruth grab a blue crayon and color in another petal of her flower. Ruth was surprised when Hudson next crawled in her lap and brought his picture next to hers. “This ok?” Hudson asked as he looked up at Ruth with a smile, “This is perfect” Ruth replied as she hugged Hudson which made the young boy giggle. “I like you” Hudson said which made Ruth emotional, “Would you like to come live with us?” konyaaltı ucuz escort Ruth asked. “What about brudder?” Hudson asked, “He can come too” Ruth replied. “Hm ok” Hudson said, “I still get waffles?” he added which made Ruth laugh. “You can have all the waffles you want” she said, “Ok” Hudson said. Bill got up and took a seat next to Ian, whom scooted over away from Bill. “Son we would like you and Hudson to join our family, it would mean a great deal to my wife and I” Bill said which made Ian emotional, and the strong and stoic boy broke down as tears started to fall from his eyes. Bill took a chance, scooted over and hugged Ian close to him, as the boy rested his head on Bill’s chest and cried. “What is it son?” Bill asked softly, “I..just never..thought..anyone would..want us” Ian said as he cried. Hudson jumped up out of Ruth’s lap and ran to the sofa, “Why brudder crying?” Hudson asked before he climbed on the sofa and hugged Ian. Ruth followed the little boy and sat on the edge of the seat as she ran her hand soothingly down Hudson’s back, “It’s ok little partner” Ian replied as he calmed himself down for fear of upsetting Hudson further. Ruth pulled Hudson into her lap as she moved into the seat, and Bill took a chance and pulled Ian into his. He wasn’t sure how Ian would react, but was pleasantly surprised when Ian relaxed into him and allowed himself to be held. “Son, you have a home if you want it, you and Hudson” Bill said, “What do you think little partner?” Ian asked as he looked at Hudson. “Brudder they gots waffles” Hudson replied which made everyone laugh, “Then yes” Ian said as he hugged Bill around the neck, “Thank you” he added emotionally. “We can’t take them home today can we?” Bill asked as he looked to William, “I’m afraid not, there is a procedure but we will get it fast tracked, Billy and I will bend every rule we can to get this sorted as quickly as possible” William replied. “See that you do” Bill said, “I’m ready to take my boys home” he added with a smile as he hugged Ian tight. “I hear you have a birthday coming up” Ruth said as he hugged Hudson, “I turns four” Hudson said as he held up four little fingers to show Ruth. “Is there anything you would like for your birthday?” Ruth asked, “Dunnos” Hudson replied. “He’s not used to presents” Ian said, “Due to budget constraints even to give the kids a party is hard, presents aren’t an option” William said. “You know Ian also has a birthday coming up” he added, “Oh is that so?” Bill asked as he turned Ian to look at him. “Don’t make a fuss over me, just look after Hudson” Ian replied. “In the two years Ian has been with us, he hasn’t let us throw him a party” William said, “That’s cause Hudson is the only one important” Ian said. “See” William said, “Well we will just have to see about that” Bill said with a grin. “I hate to, but we best get back to Roy, make sure he is ok” Bill said with a chuckle as he looked to Ruth, “I suppose” Ruth said. “You’re leaving?” Ian asked sadly, “Only for today son” Bill replied as he helped Ian down from his lap. “You sure there is nothing we can do?” Bill asked as he looked to William, “I’m so sorry” William said. Bill knelt down and took Ian by the hand, “Listen, we will get you and Hudson home just as soon as possible, don’t worry” he said. “What if you change your mind?” Ian asked nervously, “I won’t change my mind, to me you are already my son” Bill replied with a smile. Ian’s face got a bright smile upon it and he hugged Bill around the neck, and Bill hugged the emotional boy back. After their hug broke Bill took Ian by the hand while Ruth helped Hudson down and took him by the hand. As they walked the boys to the door with William, they passed the table where Ruth and Hudson had colored their pictures. Hudson stopped and looked up at Ruth and then back to the pictures that laid upon the table, “Here” Hudson said with a big smile as he handed them to Ruth. “Are these for me?” she asked emotionally, “Yeah” Hudson said. “Now you have everything you need from us right?” Bill asked as they stood outside the room, “Yes I’m going to jump on this right away” William replied. Bill, Ruth, and the boys shared in one last hug before William took them by the hand and turned to walk them down them hall back to their room. Bill and Ruth watched as they walked away, and were touched when they heard Hudson say “I like them”. When Bill and Ruth got back to their car they were quite emotional, and held each other’s hand as they looked upon one another. “That was hard” Ruth said, “That was” Bill said. “It does give us time though, we have so much to do” Ruth said, “Oh boy here it comes” Bill said with a grin. “We have to get their room fixed up, we have to figure out something for Hudson’s birthday, can you imagine not used to presents?, Oh I’ll have to plan Ian’s birthday, if he thinks he isn’t having a party with us he is mistaken, we didn’t even ask about clothes not that they will probably wear many like the rest of them, oh and I’ll need a new waffle maker” Ruth said as she continued to rattle off the the thoughts on her mind as Bill looked on with a grin. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Ruth asked, “Nothing dear, you’re just cute when you get excited” Bill replied. “Stop, you are just as excited as I am” Ruth said, “You got me there” Bill said with a chuckle. “Now take me by the frame shop before we go home” Ruth said, “For what?” Bill asked. “I need these framed” Ruth replied as she held up the two colored in pictures, “Ok but then we got to get home, heaven only knows if Roy is alright” Bill said with a smile. When Bill and Ruth arrived home they found all three boys asleep on the sofa, and Roy sat in the chair with the paper. “You survived I see” Bill said with a grin, “They weren’t any trouble at all” Roy said as he glanced at Bill. Ruth kissed all three boys on the top of the head as they slept, “why is their hair a little damp?” she asked which made Roy look sheepish. “I gave them a bath while you were out” Roy replied, “Oh they smelled fine when we left” Bill said. “They needed it, that’s all” Roy said, “Uh huh, what did you do?” Bill asked. “Look they attacked me the moment you left” Roy protested as Bill and Ruth broke out in hysterics. “Honestly” Ruth said, “Bad poppa” Bill said as he laughed hard. All the laughter awoke the boys who looked sleepily, rose up and rubbed their eyes, Bill and Ruth sat down to cuddle them and the boys drifted back to sleep soon after. “You wore them out” Bill said with a grin, “Them? What about me?” Roy asked. “So tell me about your visit” Roy said which Bill and Ruth went on to tell him all about the visit with Ian and Hudson. “They sound like good kids” Roy said, “They are” Bill said. “I can’t wait to bring them home” Ruth said, “It won’t be long” Bill said. “So when are you going to tell these boys?” Roy asked, “Soon as we get the word it’s official” Bill replied. “They are going to be ecstatic” Roy said, “It’s going to be great to have five of them running around here” Bill said. “Seven you mean” Ruth said with a giggle, “You two are just as bad as they are” she added. “We aren’t that bad” Roy said which received a glare from Ruth, “I’m telling you they attacked” he added quickly. “Viciously” he further added with a laugh, “You should be ashamed to talk about these sweet little angels like that” Ruth said. “Bill back me up here” Roy said as he looked at Bill, “I’m not getting involved in this” Bill said with a laugh.

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