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Subject: What the F is Wrong with Me Chapter 6 What the F is Wrong with Me by Alex ail Remember to contribute to Nifty! by Alex Wellens Chapter Six I laid in Nick’s bed, stunned. I was still trying to process all the confusion and emotions I was feeling from what I had done. Imagining how I had just worshipped my little brother’s giant cock. How I had forced it down my throat, gagging myself. How I suffocated myself to please Nick’s big teen cock. How it was the best thing I’ve ever felt… That last one was the one giving me the most trouble. Before tonight, I had never ever wanted to suck anyone’s dick. I had only thought about dicking down chicks, never once having considered TAKING dick… Now what? What did this make me? Gay? Bi??? Is a guy really gay or bi if he’s only ever been attracted to one guy? Does it matter??? I realized I didn’t really care at that point. It felt incredible, and I was sooooo fuckin’ horny! Nick surprised me. He reached his arm over me, grabbing my waist… pulling me into him… spooning me… I turned my head to get a look at him, he had his eyes closed, with a peaceful smile on his face. “You were fuckin’ great, bro. You made me cum soooo fuckin’ hard, better than I ever have before. I’m so fucking proud of you, bud. You were great, babe.” He leaned closer into me and gently kissed my neck. I felt goosebumps. I felt blood rush to my face. Dopamine coursed through my body, filling me with an intoxicating buzz… Oof. This wasn’t good. I was becoming insanely turned on by my little brother praising me. Praising my skills at pleasing him. Praising my… cock sucking skills. Oh, wow… This really wasn’t good. “I only did it because you made me,” I tried defending my manhood. “You fucking MADE ME, fuckhead!” Nick gave me a goofy grin, still glazed over from his awesome orgasm. “Yeahhh. Yeah, sure…. I made you. Keep tellin’ yourself that, bro. Keep tellin’ yourself you’re not a cock sucker… a cum whore… a little cum guzzlin’ slut for me.” Nick was talking softly, gently kissing his way down my neck. It was making me isanely horny. I couldn’t help but whimper as my little brother corfmorted me with kisses, while also degrading me. His hand caressed my chest as he whispered seductively. istanbul travesti My cock was rock hard. All I wanted to do was get back to my room and jerk off to an INSANE orgasm. “You know you’re my brother, I’d never hurt you.” Another kiss in the crook of my neck. It sent a shiver down my back. “I only said that so you would have an excuse to suck me off. I knew that DEEP down you waaaanted to suck my cock. You just wouldn’t let yourself do it. You thought you were too much of a man to suck a guy’s dick. But I KNEW that all you needed was just a little bit of an excuse to actually allow yourself to get what you wanted.” Nick’s hand gently wrapped around my neck as he pulled me into him even more. I felt his inflated cock nestled between my butt cheeks. “I- I-” I stammered, my retort stuck in my throat. I knew what he was saying wasn’t actually true, but… the rush of feelings I was feeling was overcoming me. It felt so gooooood… SO fucking good. I just wanted to cum. Why wouldn’t he let me go so I could cum??? “Shhh,” he cooed. “Tell me I’m right…” His hand left my neck and slowly started to travel down my chest. “Tell your big bro he knows EXACTLY what you want…” He massaged my navel for a moment as I let out another whimper. “I’m… you’re NOT my big brother, Nick.” I protested, weakly. “So shut the fuck up,” I managed to spit out, trying to fight the electric currents he was sending through my body. “Mmm… sure I am, bud. I’m taller than you are, my cock is bigger than yours is, and I cum more than you do. And do you really think I’m not the one in control here???” Nick’s hand massaged my pubes, touching the base of my dick. I moaned deeply… shit! “Tell me.” Nick’s voice got a little louder and deeper… seductive. “Tell your big bro Nick how much you loved sucking his cock. Tell me how much you want to take my big cock down your throat again.” Nick grasped my rigid cock and started slowly stroking. It felt amazing. FUCK! Was did this feel so goooood? Why was I so turned on by my little- or… not so little- brother. FUCK! I had no idea, but this feeling was incredible. I couldn’t hold out anymore. I just wanted to feel good. I would do whateverrrr it took to cum right right then, in kadıköy travesti that moment. I would sayyy whatever it took to empty my balls all over Nick’s sheets! “Ooohhh mmmyyy gggooodddd,” my voice quivered, as an animal rose up in me, taking control of my senses. Nick stroked me faster. “Yeahhh, babyyy. It’s my turn to make you feel good. See how this works?” Nick asked, sweetly. “You make me feel good, and I make YOU feel good. Okay, babe?” Nick nibbled on my earlobe as he brought me closer to orgasm. Oh, fuuuuuuck. “Mm-” I squeaked, as Nick expertly stroked my cock. I wasn’t going to last. I needed to cum. I needed to do everything I could to get my nut. Fuck it. “Ooohhh mmmyyy gaaaaaawd, Nick! Please don’t stop! I’m gonna bust!” I begged and pleaded with him. “Please keep goinggggggg!” I felt Nick’s hot breath in my ear as he snorted in triumph. “Yeahhhh, that’s right baby… Tell daddy what he wants to hear.” Fuck. It was too much. I felt like the cum hungry little slut Nick said I was. I didn’t care how wrong it was. It felt TOO! FUCKING!! GOOD!!! “Fffuuuuck, daaaddyyyyy! I fucking LOVED sucking your cock!” I moanded, loudly. My eyes slammed shut, my face scrunched up, my toes curled. “I wanna suck it so baaad, daddy! Please let me suck it again!” FUCK! This was so fucking hot… “Please let me swallow your hot cum! I’ll do whatever you want-” It was true, I would do anything he wanted, as long as he gave me this nut. “-whenever you want! I’ll worship you, please you, serve you! JUST! PLEASE!! KEEP!!! JERKIN’!!!! MY!!!!! COCK!!!!!!” My depraved words sent me over the edge. My most primal instincts overcame the last of my senses. I fell back into Nick as far as I possibly could. I pushed my ass against his rock hard cock, the size and heat sliding against my cheeks overwhelming me. “AHHHHH!!!” My dick exploded in pleasure as the first shot of boiling hot jizz blasted out, wetting Nick’s sheets beneath us. “OH FUCK YESSSSS!” I hissed, reveling in the intensity of my orgasm. “Oh, fuck yeah! Cum for me, baby!” Nick cheered me on. “Shoot your load, Connor! You deserve it, little buddy!” He groaned in my ear. “How’s your reward feel, Connor? How’s it feel to give me what I want???” Nick growled, as he continued bakırköy travesti stroking me through my incredibly pleasureable orgasm. “UGGGHHH!!!” Was all I could get out. I couldn’t think straight. At that moment my sole purpose in life was to keep riding the waves of pleasure coursing through my body. “AH! I-wa-na-giv-you-ev-thin-yo-wannnnn…” I gasped between the words incoherently, feeling two more loads of hot cum fire from my overstimulated cockhead. “Yeahhh, I fuckin’ KNOW you do. I know had bad you wanna pleasure your big brother Nick. And I’m happy to let you, too.” Nick got a little more aggressive as he chewed on my earlobe, sending more pleasure through my dumbfounded brain. He kept stroking. Another couple of loads. More pleasure. “Thhhaaannnkkk yyyooouuu, dddaaadddyyy!” I moaned loudly, as I felt my balls finally empty their last drops of hot teen jizz… I inhalded sharply, trying to catch my breath. My eyes were still closed. My body was going limp. I was lost in euphoria… “Mmm,” Nick nozzled his nose into my neck. “That was so good, baby.” He pressed his lips behind my ear, his hot breath filling me with comfort. “You were perfect.” Another kiss. I was barely conscious. My mind was just too overwhelmed, it just HAD to reboot after going through all that. “We’ll do this again, I promise… okay?” He asked, so sweetly and softly. I felt so safe, so protected. Nick’s comforting voice was lulling me to sleep. My body relaxed and my breathing deepened. That’s the last thing I remembered before falling asleep in my brother Nick’s arms… I woke up sometime later that night. It must’ve been late because Nick’s room was dark and he was asleep, breathing deeply, arm drapped over me. I slowly started to remember what happened. This weekend had seen me go from a regular straight dude to a hungry slut for my brother’s big cock. I never in a million years would’ve expected that… I had never felt atrracted to another guy before. I still don’t think I’m attracted to guys. Just to one guy in particular. My little brother… My BIG little brother. The little brother who made me stroke him off. MY little brother, who humped my ass with his huge cock as he passionately made out with me and jizzed all over my backside. My little brother, who got me to suck his cock and worship him with only a little resistance from me. My little brother, who got me to call him daddy, and who made me beg for realease as he stroked my smaller dick… What THE FUCK is wrong with me???

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