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Subject: What I Saw 12 b Here is the promised second part of the story. Please, the usual warnings apply-and please let me hear from you if you enjoy my work-it seems to keep me writing. Fuck I couldn’t believe it another interruption in the hot scene playing out in my Dad’s office. I watched as the two men struggled to get back into their clothes. They had to be careful dressing since both were so close to shooting that one extra brush with a piece of clothing might have caused their overwrought cocks to shoot. Somehow they got themselves dressed though they both looked sweaty and mussed. “Come in” called my Dad. An older guy walked in. He looked about mid forties or so and was actually pretty handsome. He had dark wavy hair brushed straight back and really dark eyes with a nice neat mustache and goatee-ohhh fuck…this was the guy from the cum drenched scene at the adult book store with Bobby a couple of weeks ago. Fuck, the vision of his 10 inch dick driving into Bobby’s smooth ass, fucking the cum out of him exploded in my brain. What was he doing here? “Hey Jim-you said you wanted me to stop by today about this time? What did you need?” he asked shifting his eyes to the kid sitting there both hands covering his crotch to hide the huge pecum stain on the front of his pants. “Yeah come in Paul and grab a seat I was hoping you could help me with this interview-Dave here wants to come and intern at the firm, I was just giving him a …ahem… run down of some of his duties.’ My dad said with a cruel smile. Dad’s face looked incredibly flushed and there was no hiding that his enormous cock was still rock hard in his pants. Dave’s eyes flew wide open, looking at my Dad incredulously. I could see the wheels turning…was he inviting this guy in on the hot scene or were they now going to act as if nothing was going on?? Paul came and sat with one hip resting on the desk between my dad and Dave. He was wearing a grey flannel pair of pants and a pale blue shirt with a tie. I could see that impressive dick of his making a prominent mound in the front of the soft material as he casually perched on the desk. “How far had you gotten Jim?” he inquired. Dave’s eyes were immediately drawn to the man’s crotch. I couldn’t imagine how he felt coming so close to getting the fuck of his life after what seemed like hours of cock teasing only to have to stop. All questions must have flew from Dave’s mind with my Dad’s answer “Well before you knocked, I had this little faggot stripped naked, rock hard, dripping and begging for my cock up his ass. He’s been sucking on my precum all morning and he was half mad for dick.” Dad said matter of factly. “Sweet.” Paul muttered. “Hey…wait, what…” uttered the kid. “I asked Paul here to come down to the office today because I thought one huge cock might not be enough for you.’ Said my Dad Dad pushed his chair back from the desk. His cock rose up from his lap in huge mound. The front of his black pants looked soaked in precum. Paul stood behind the kid’s chair. “Wow, Jim you have been hard at work haven’t you-Christ it looks like you pissed yourself-how long have you been teasing this little whore?” he asked. He had placed two hands on Dave’s shoulders to hold him firm in his chair, just in case the kid thought of trying to leave. “We’ve been at it for quite a while-we’ve been interrupted a few times.” My Dad replied. I noticed he was gently stroking the defined tube of his cock though the damp, thin fabric keeping himself at full erection. “Well since I’ve just arrived why don’t I take over the teasing for a bit and really get this puppy worked up?’ said Paul with a malicious grin. “Sure-go to it boys-I’ll just sit and watch.” Dad smilingly replied. Dave sat in the chair and looked nervous. Paul took his hands off the kid’s shoulder and walked around to stand in front of him. He reached down and grabbed the arms of the chair and pulled the kid around, shifting his position so they were standing in profile to my Dad sitting in his chair. “We want to make sure he gets the full show-don’t’ we?” Paul said. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing this. I already had a severe case of blue balls from seeing all the teasing my Dad had done with this young guy all morning and now this hot dark haired guy was going to start all over. I took my hand off my own slick cock and removed it from the waist band of my shorts-I was going to have to pace myself if I was going to last. I also got a jump in my stomach thinking about how I was going to sneak out of here when this was all over. Paul stood right in front of the kid. His crotch was at eye level and looked like just the thought of what was going to happen had already had an effect on him. The front of his grey flannel trousers were definitely distended more then when he first entered the room. Dave’s eyes immediately locked on the bulge in his pants and he compulsively licked his lips. His eyes flicked quickly behind Paul to my Dad who was still slowly stroking his fully erect cock though his pants. “Hey kid-look straight ahead-You want to see my cock?” Paul asked in a low voice. “Ummm…yeah” whispered Dave. “Reach out and feel it.” Paul ordered. Dave first wiped a bead of sweat form his forehead and then with a shaky hand reached out and placed his hand over the swelling grey mound in front of him. Paul leaned back slightly and put his hands on his hips and just let this seated young guy feel him up. Dave began by gently squeezing the outline of the thick tube. His eyes widened as it began to thicken and lengthen before his eyes. He cupped his palm and began to fondle the man’s balls through the fine material. Paul moaned low in his throat. “Yeah-play with my big balls you little cock whore-wait till you see my dick. You’re going to love sucking it.” Paul said Dave continued to stroke his thick cock shaft in earnest through the fabric. “Let me see it?” Dave asked in a low eager voice. “Not yet…I don’t think you’re hot enough.” Said Paul. “I want you begging for my cum.” Dave’s breathing was getting heavy as he tried to wrap his hand around the stalk of the man’s cock as best he could through the pants. “C’mon man let me suck you off-you’re all hard-you want me to…right?” Dave said looking up at the handsome man’s face. “Oh you’re going to suck me… among other things” Paul said with a chuckle. I looked down at Dave’s lap, his cock was sticking straight up in his khakis and there was a dark spot right where the head would be. I couldn’t imagine how his balls must have felt considering how close he has come to shooting multiple times. The dark haired guy’s cock seemed to be fully erect now and was creating an obscene bulge in his pants. It was trapped in the now tight material, and had swelled off to the side so the thick head was right over his left hip. Dave was concentrating the attention from his hands on that area-clearly hoping to get the older guy so worked up that he would relent and let him see the cock unclothed. “Undo my pants” Paul said “Yeah show him that hot cock” my Dad muttered, watching the scene and stroking himself. Dave reached up and unbuttoned the top button on the grey flannel trousers. Paul looked down and un-tucked his shirt using one hand to hold it up and out of the way. His flat ridged stomach was now exposed and the light dusting of dark hair trailed deliciously down into the low slung top of the black waistband of his underwear. Dave slowly lowered the zipper and Paul reached down and adjusted his long thick erection so it now rested comfortably up along his stomach. It was still totally concealed bursa escort by his underwear but the outline of its size could now clearly be seen and Dave moaned. “Shit look how big that is-fuck I have to see it.” Dave said and leaned in and in one gesture attempted to lower both the pants and underwear. Paul slapped his hands away and took a step back. “Hey I didn’t say you could do that”. He said sharply. His dick bobbed at his abrupt movements in the stretched out fabric of what I could now see were a pair of boxer briefs. “Fuck man…c’mon I’m dying!” Dave groaned. “Stand up” Paul ordered. Dave did and his dick jutted out in front of him. “Nice” Paul muttered as he leaned in and began to undo the kids tie. He slipped it from under his collar and tossed it on the desk, He next began to slowly, deliberately undo one button at a time on the kid’s shirt. Once the shirt hung open, he ran his hands inside and began to slide his palms over the kid’s rounded muscular chest and down his smooth stomach. He looked Dave right in the eyes and grasped a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and began to lightly tug them. Dave let his head fall back and a huge sigh escaped his throat. Never stopping the slight puling on the kid’s nipples Paul leaned in and locked his mouth over the kid’s half opened lips. He crushed his face down on the kid in a rough kiss. He leaned back breaking the contact and released Dave’s now swollen erect nipples and ran his hands up the kid’s sides and over his shoulders, shedding the shirt down his thick arms. Dave now stood there panting and shirtless his khakis bulging out in front of him. “Turn around” Paul ordered. Dave quickly spun around on the spot and braced himself by grasping the arms of the wooden chair he had been sitting in. “Yeah wait till you see this kid’s ass Paul, it is like nothing I’ve ever seen-it’s fucking incredible.” My dad commented. “This I have to see for myself.” Paul whispered as he reached around the kid and undid button on his pants. Dave looked back over his shoulder as the dark haired man undid his own tie and began to unbutton his shirt, He stripped it off exposing his lean muscled chest and washboard abs that were lightly hairy. He pushed his pants down his hips and kicked off his shoes so soon he was standing behind the kid in just a pair of tight black boxer briefs. His ten inch cock was pushing the front of the briefs out and the head was trapped up in the waistband almost coming out the top. Dave moaned at the sight. The man knelt down behind Dave and reached up and began to slowly lower the khakis. As the strap of the jock was exposed. Paul whipped his head around and looked at my Dad. “The kid came to an interview in a jockstrap?” he asked incredulously. “Yeah-I told you he was a fucking slut. ” Dad said grinning and standing up. Dad began to undo his own clothes and soon stood slightly behind the kneeling guy wearing only his precum drenched white Calvin’s. Dave closed his eyes, licked his lips and moaned. Paul continued to lower the kid’s pants and soon Dave’s entire dusky ass was exposed. It was covered in a light sheen of sweat and looked impossibly round and hard. “Holy Fuck! You weren’t lying” Paul said as he assisted the kid to step out of the pants. Dave now stood slightly bent over, braced on the chair in just a jockstrap that was still soaking wet with precum and almost transparent making his 8 inch cock highly visible as it throbbed tight against his stomach. “Spread his ass and look at the hole.” Dad said in an eager voice. Paul reached up and using both hands parted the kid’s ass cheeks. Once the hot, slick, pink asshole was exposed it seemed like he was overcome and he leaned in and immediately began running his thick hot tongue over it. Dave gasped and I saw another thick bead of precum forced out of his cock. “Yeah- tastes fucking great doesn’t it? Can you taste my precum on it-I had my dickhead right up on the hole right before you came in here. “Dad said in a filthy whisper. “Wet it down again for me.” Paul said pulling his head back. My slowly lowered his briefs, his cock bobbing. The shear size and weight of his dick pulled it down so it was at a 90 degree angle from the ground. The head was shiny and looked engorged to the point of almost being painful. “Here let me give you a real treat.” Said my Dad. He reached around the kid and roughly pulled the pouch of the jock away from his rigid cock. He brutally swiped two fingers right into the kid’s dripping piss slit and then took his coated fingers and smeared the thick streak of precum all over the kids exposed hole. Paul just groaned and drank in the sight of the tight ring all slick with the kids juice. He leaned his head in and began to lap at the fluid, applying firm pressure on the hole. Dave writhed and moaned, his hips jerking involuntarily. Soon Paul was going wild. He pried the kids ass apart with his thick hands, extended his tongue to its full length and began to move his head forward and back in a vicious tongue fuck. I could see him lean forward as much as possible and force as much of his tongue into the kids hole as he could. Dave’s eyes were squeezed shut in ecstasy. Every so often Paul would pull back and teasingly flick his tongue over the hole before shoving it in again as far as it would go. His knees were spread and his ten inch cock was pulsing in his underwear. The sight of the guy on his knees eating out the kid’s ass was obviously getting to my father. He wasn’t even touching himself yet his cock was pulsing and leaking a thin, constant stream of clear fluid. He began to catch it in his palm until it was almost full and then he leaned over and put it to the kid’s lips. Dave lowered his sweaty face and sucked the precum off my Father’s hand like he was dying of thirst. “Enough!” Dad said. Paul stopped his face shining with saliva. “Stand up.” Dad said. Paul backed away and slowly stood up. His cock was throbbing in the briefs and he also had begun to lead all over the front of his underwear. “Let’s get this kid totally naked.” My dad said. With that he reached over and roughly grabbed the thick elastic waistband of the jock and yanked it down. Dave kicked it off his feet and now stood there naked. His cock was deep red and straining against his lightly muscled stomach. Paul now slowly lowered his wet briefs, his cock was rock hard and I couldn’t help myself, I gasped when I saw that flared triangular cock head. His dick stood straight up it was so hard. It was huge and looked like it had swelled to about 10 � inches. “Let’s let him feel what he’s going to get.” Said my dad. The two men stood close, side by side and began to run their huge hard cocks all over the exposed naked ass in front of them. Their cock heads would occasionally touch and they would both jump at the hot contact. Both men steered clear of the kid’s asshole and concentrated their efforts on those smooth creamy globes. Soon you could see trails of shining precum traced all over the surface of his ass. “You want to feel more?” Paul asked the kid, who was looking back over his shoulder at the two older naked guys as they humped their burning cocks against his exposed ass. “Yeah…put your cock in me…pleeease!” he begged. Paul grasped the base of his thick shaft and aimed the slick head. He didn’t put it in but began to run the entire surface of his overly sensitive cock head over the tight pucker of the kid’s hole. My Dad groaned…”Yeah-let me feel that” and began to do the same thing. I stared mesmerized as the two bloated cock heads competed for territory on the bursa escort bayan kid’s tiny hole. Their glans both seemed to swell even more and soon his hole was covered in a thick gloss of precum. “Fuuuccckkk…”Dave moaned. “I can’t take anymore of this.” My father said. “I have to shoot-I’ve been holding back for hours.’ “You want to fuck him?” Paul asked. “Not the first time-he worked me up good and I have a huge cum load in my balls I want him to taste it.” Dad said. He moved away from the kid’s ass and went up to his head. He stood before the kid and looked down at his sweaty face, strands of his long hair sticking to his cheeks and forehead. “Kid I want you to lightly lick my cock head-you got it?” he asked Dave looked almost incoherent but muttered an affirmative response. My Dad stepped in closer and wrapped two hands thickly through the kid’s hair. His cock was waiving and jerking right in front of the kid’s face, the huge head wet and engorged. Dave extended his tongue and at first just gently dipped it into the gaping piss slit. He used it like a scoop to collect all the fluid he could. Dad gasped gripped the kid’s hair tighter. Paul meanwhile continued to press his wet head against the kids now almost frosted looking hole. He began to force the tip of his cock head in. Dave pulled his tongue out of my Dads slit and looked over his shoulder. “Stop teasing and fuck me!” he said Paul just laughed and pulled the tip out, a string of glistening precum threaded between the tip of his cock and the kid’s hole. He took aim and again just put the tip in. Dave turned around again in frustration and now began to use the entire surface of his tongue to swirl around the huge round cock head bobbing in front of him. “Fuck…kid…slow down” dad gasped Paul now had almost the entire head of his cock in the kid and Dave was trying to push back to get more of his length. Paul moved his hips back denying the kid and in frustration Dave said “Fuck it” and opened his mouth wide, he trapped the shaking head in his lips and took the entire thing into his hot eager mouth. Dad let out a loud moan and Dave began to suck all around the thick ridge where the head connected to the shaft never letting the head escape his wet mouth. “Holy Fuck…I…awww…fuck…stop…kid” Dad huffed Paul knew this wasn’t going to last long. “Kid I am going to fuck you but I don’t want you to cum so…” he reached over to the desk and grabbed the kids striped rep tie. He pulled his head out of the tight ring and Dave groaned around the cockhead in his mouth. Paul roughly grabbed his balls and wrapped the tie around them. Securing them away from his body. He threaded the thin end of the tie between Dave’s swollen testicles, roughly bisecting and separating them. He then knotted the tie tightly. Dave now spread his legs and arched his back. Paul grabbed the base of his cock and aimed the head again at the wet hole. He began to fuck just the head in and out popping the tight muscle ring with the flange of his cock head. Dave had had it. He was now pulling off my Dad’s cock head and licking up and down the shaft. He reached one hand out and caught my Dad’s swinging heavy balls and began to massage them. Dad was breathing very heavy and was staring down at the kid in awe. Dave turned his eyes up looking at my father as he lathed his tongue over and over the sensitive underside of the huge cock head in front of him. Paul used one hand to steady the thick base of his cock and the other to cup and tug on the hard bound balls of the kid and began to slowly force his cock in. The head parted the ass ring and Dave moaned. He continued to move his hips forward and then about half the dick was in. Dave groaned and opened his mouth wide and sucked the fat head in again. Dad tried to pull his head up. “Fuck kid I’m just about there” but Dave would have none of it, as Paul forced the last 5 inches in and Dave felt the man’s hard balls slap his ass cheeks he knew he had all ten and half inches in him he just lowered his head. I saw his throat expand as the head popped past his tonsils and then his lips were grasping and the thick base of my father’s cock-he had deep throated the entire thing. My dad was loosing it; the kid had twenty inches of dick all the way in him. Dad’s hips began to jerk and his legs trembled as the kids slowly pulled his throat back, his lips sucking tightly to the shaft until just the head was in his mouth again. Paul mimicked his motion, pulling his thick long shaft back until just the head remained encased in the tight asshole. Dave pulled his mouth off my dad’s cock, steadying it with his hand and looked over his shoulder “Fill me up you Fucker.” He said. Paul moaned and rammed his entire cock in to the hilt. I saw his balls contract as he began to unload deep in the kid’s ass. Scalding waves of cum blasting against his prostate. Dave screamed and I saw his bound balls harden and jump but he couldn’t cum! “Ohhh…Fuck…” he said and with just one flick of his tongue on the tortured piss slit caused my Dad to shoot. Dad gasped and his cock head bounced away from the flicking tongue. The head swelled and before the first shot could come out Dave leaned over and captured the head in his mouth again. I saw his cheeks expand as the first shot totally filled his mouth. Dad was groaning as his cock continued to fire of volley after volley of thick cum into the kids sucking mouth. Dave pulled off and a shot of cum slapped against his cheek. I saw his open mouth filled with cum. He swallowed and his Adams apple bobbed as the cum slid down his throat. He was till cupping my Dad’s balls and used them to direct the shooting cock back into his mouth. He slid down on it and used his throat muscles on the head lodged at the back to milk the rest of the cum out and right down directly into his stomach. Paul was now fucking the kid in earnest, continually shoving the still shooting dick in and out of his slick ass. On the last out stroke Paul let his cock slip free, it was still standing straight up and cum dribbled down the shaft which was coated in more thick cum. “Sit on the desk Jim” Paul ordered. Dad weakly made his way over to their side of the desk and hopped up, his naked ass sitting where he usually reviewed his legal briefs. His cock was also still painfully hard and shining with a combination of cum and spit. It pulsed along his tight stomach and reached to his chest between his pecs. “Whore, I want you to straddle him on your knees facing him.” He ordered. The kid shakily climbed onto the desk and put his knees on either side of my Dad’s bulky thighs. He put his hands on my Dad’s shoulders to steady himself and as they were face to face my Dad grasped the back of his head and pulled him down into a cum soaked kiss. As the older man began to shove his tongue into the kids moaning mouth Paul grasped the base of my father’s jerking cock. He used one hand on the small of the kids back to guide that hot ass down. He lined the head up with the hole just as a drip of cum slipped out and landed on my Dad’s cock head. “Oh fuck…” my Dad said as Paul guided the kid’s tight slick ass down onto his rock hard towering dick. It took a couple of minutes but soon Dave felt my Dad’s churning balls against his ass cheeks. His head tipped back and he moaned. He began to raise himself up shakily until just the head was lodged in and then he lowered himself again. His rigid cock was dragging a trail of precum down my father’s six pack abs and when he reached the base I saw his tightly bound balls attempt to retract again and he screamed against escort bursa my Father’s neck in another dry orgasm. Without any encouragement from Paul he began to fuck himself on the almost eleven inches of cock in him. My Dad seemed in heaven. “Fuck- his ass is so tight and wet, I can feel all your cum up there coating my cock.” He groaned. “Yeah you like that-wait till you feel this.” Paul said. He moved in closer to the pair and when Dave’s ass was resting on my fathers bloated balls again he told them to stop. He pushed Dave forward and told my Dad to lie back. Dave now knelt doggy style and craned his neck back to see the eleven inches of cock imbedded in his ass. Paul stepped up and Dave guessing what he was going to do moaned. “Ohhh…fuck …no… “As Paul lined his own rigid erection up and began to force the head into the tight ass that was snapped around the thick base of my Dad’s cock. Cum was sluicing out around the base providing a lot of lubrication but Paul still had to push hard to get the head in. Dave was groaning but soon he felt his ass expand and then clamp down around the thick flange of the hot cock head that was now pressed against the other man’s shaft. My Dad was gasping. “Fuck-two big cocks in you kid-you fucking slut.” He groaned. Paul grabbed onto the kid’s shoulders and forced more of his cock in. Dave moaned as Paul pushed more and more of his cock into the super tight channel. Soon the entire cock was in and the two older guys were balls to balls, impaling the kid. “Fuck yourself-make us cum, Bitch” Paul ordered. Dave began to slowly, shakily raise himself up. He got to the top, with just the two heads lodged in and slid down again his balls hardening again-he screamed in his third dry orgasm. “Stay still” Paul ordered. He grabbed the kid’s waist and began to fuck the full length of his engorged cock against the older mans shaft, now sliding in and out with more ease. Dad was gasping, “Fuck, I can feel your cock on mine-I can’t take it I’m going to cum again” he groaned. “Let loose, Man” Paul muttered. I saw my Dad’s balls pull up and his shaft began to jerk as much as it could in the tight confines. This was clearly too much for Paul as he felt his cock head bathed in hot cum oozing around the kid’s super tight asshole. “Fuck I’m cumming too!” he screamed. He gripped Dave’s shoulders tight and fired off shot after shot of cum into the kid. Both men orgasamed for what seemed minutes as Dave groaned and panted. Soon though Paul said “Off” and Dave slid himself off the two thick cocks impaling him. Cum dripped from his ass as he collapsed on the desk next to my Dad. “We’re not done-on the floor -on your knees!” Paul said harshly. Dave crawled to the floor and knelt down. The cock jutting up between his spread legs was almost purple and was throbbing in time with his racing heart. The two men stood up on either side of him. Their thick still semi- erect cocks dripping and bobbing in front of his face. “Clean us off and do a thorough job you little whore!” Paul stated. Dave closed his eyes and gripped first one then the other cock around the thick base and began to lick them alternately up and down the considerable length, collecting tongue-full’s of thick cum. He went back and forth between the two and soon they lost any semblance of semi erectness and were now fully hard, standing straight up. Dave’s eyes widened and he began to suck on the heads using his tongue to flick at the piss slits. He was massaging the both men’s testicles and soon began to concentrate on my Dad’s cock as it was expanding and beginning to throb. He began to suck on the head and use his slick fist to twist up and down the shaft. He used the other hand to keep up a fierce hand job on Paul’s cock. He began to deep throat my Dad’s cock on each stroke and used his hand to follow his slick lips up the shaft as he pulled it from his throat. Dad began to moan and his legs began to tremble. “I’m going to shoot again.” He gasped. Dave pulled off the cock and rested the fat head on his extended tongue and began to run his wet hand up and down the shaft. That was it, Dad’s cock jerked once…twice and then cum exploded from the tip. Dave’s entire tongue was coated and he closed his lips and swallowed before the next shot came out. He closed his cummy lips around the head and let the cock fire into his mouth. “Open up and let me see you eat it” Paul said. Dave pulled his mouth off the head and opened wide. His mouth was filled with strings of thick white cum and more continued to shoot out of Dad’s trembling cock head onto his tongue. “Fucking taste it you whore-swallow it all…fuck yeah.” Paul whispered as he masturbated his own tortured cock, which was deep red and dripping again. Dad fell back against the desk spent. Paul grabbed the kid under the arms and stood him up and spun him around so his back was to him. He reached around the kid and began to pinch and flick his nipples. Dave’s cock jerked at the contact. Paul looked down the length of their bodies and began to run his hot hard cock along the slick crack of Dave’s ass. “Spread your legs.” He whispered biting the kid’s ear. Dad sat up and watched as Dave took a wider stance and Paul looked down and lined his head up and slowly pushed. The head slid in and Dave threw his head back. Paul began to bite and suck on the kid’s neck and Dave would crane around for their mouths to meet. Soon Paul’s entire length was buried in the kid and he began to fuck him standing there while he sucked on his bruised and swollen lips and played with his nipples. “Yeah fuck the little whore again.” Dad said as his thick dick lurched against his sticky thigh in a vein attempt to get hard again. Paul’s hips began to jerk and his strokes were erratic. He let a hand trail down the kids sweat drenched body and worked at the knot in the tie. He undid the tight fabric and Dave moaned once his balls were free. Paul grasped the kid’s waist frantically and bent his knees so he could angle his cock in and ram the head against the kid’s over abused prostate. Dave looked down as his cock began to jump. At the next deep stoke Paul screamed “FUUUCKKK!!!” and began to cum. Dave’s dick began to jerk and shake but nothing came out. Suddenly Paul pulled his shooting cock back until just the head was firing off in Dave’s ass. Dave’s cock literally EXPLODED. Cum flew out in all directions. It wasn’t like a shot it- was like a spray. Paul’s thick cock must have been in so deep and tight it was blocking the cum from coming out. Now he was cumming with a vengeance. He could barely stand and if it wasn’t for the thick cock head still lodged in his ass and Paul’s hand under his armpits he would have collapsed on the floor. His orgasm seemed to last forever and cum was everywhere. Finally he was still panting and his dick was still spasmming but no more cum came out and Paul let him go. He sank to the floor in a puddle of his own cum, spent and naked. The tow older men collected their clothes and began to get dressed. As my Dad straightened his tie he looked down and the kid. His body was covered in cum and his eyes were glazed over. “Good interview kid-I’ll think bout your qualifications and you will hear from out human resources department if we decided to go forward with your application.” Paul said. “You want to grab a drink I feel drained.’ “You bet � hey kid clean yourself up and get out of here �o.k.?” The two older men walked out laughing. I had exploded in my own fierce orgasm twice watching the scene-once when the kid got double fucked and gain when my father was feeding him his last load. I cleaned myself up and exited the bathroom as quietly as I could. Dave was crawling around on the floor gathering his clothes. When he heard my footsteps his head jerked up. “YOU!” he exclaimed as I hightailed it out of there.

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