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Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 4 Welcome to Gayberry � 4 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!!!!!! fty/ 4 Billy Paul and his family showed up at church the next morning bright and early. As always they were on the front pew and William sang louder than any of the other men in the congregation. The man’s wife was attractive but she didn’t attend often and, when she showed up, she didn’t seem to have much to say. Reverend Smucker’s sermon went long and everyone was either antsy or dozing by the time the service was over. Sheriff Gaylor decided to drop by and check on deputy Arney since he hadn’t made it to church. Dopie and Billy Paul had told him the deputy had twisted his ankle while working on their race preparations the day before. Arney rented a room from one of the widows in town. The widow Mendelson answered the door when Randy rang, saying Arney was up in his room. Arney responded to the sheriff’s knock by telling him to hold on for a minute. About two minutes later, the sheriff knocked again. “Hold your horses” the deputy said. “Give me just a minute.” Sheriff Gaylor suspected his deputy was cooking something on his hot plate which was absolutely against the widow’s rules. He had been warned several times, but persisted in breaking that rule repeatedly. “Come on in” the deputy said. Randy went into the room where Arney was lying in bed with the covers pulled up to his neck. It was clear the deputy had not been using his hot plate but he had been beating his meat. The little tent in his cover was noticeable and Randy saw the edge of a magazine peeking from beneath the mattress. “How you feelin’? ” the sheriff asked. “We missed you at church.” “Aw,” he said, “tomorrow I’ll be fit as a fiddle. Just turned my ankle trying to keep up with those young `uns” he chuckled. “Maybe I need to take a look at it” the sheriff said. “You could’ve broke something” “Oh no, no, no” he said. “Ain’t nothin’ broken. I’ll be fine tomorrow. It just hurts a little when I put weight on it.” “I really think I ought to take a look just to be safe” Randy said. “We don’t want to take no chances.” Arney was gripping his covers at his neck, desperate to dissuade Randy from taking a look at his ankle. “Now, don’t be shy, deputy,” the sheriff said. “I just need to take a look.” Randy took the covers in his big hand and gave a tug. With one sweep, he lifted the covers from the deputy, throwing them into the floor and leaving Arney in the bed, totally naked. He was rail-thin and had very little brown hair anywhere on his body. His cock was less than a half-inch long and he had a tiny pair of balls hanging beneath it. He had a long foreskin which actually looked as if it might be longer than the cock itself. The deputy was horrified at another man seeing him totally exposed, as he had been all those years ago in the school locker room. “Aw come on, Arney,” the sheriff said, enjoying his deputy’s discomfort. “Ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of. We’re all boys here and we all got the same equipment. Some of us just have bigger equipment than others.” The exposed deputy was trying to cover his bare genitals with his hand but his little willy kept poking through his fingers. “Well, if that ain’t a sight! I don’t know why you’re so embarrassed for me to see you” the sheriff said as he knelt by the bed and took the deputy’s ankle into his large hands. He flexed the ankle and bent the knee back to the exposed man’s chest. The sheriff couldn’t help noticing the deputy’s ass hole was as free of hair as his own young son’s. “I think everything’s in working order, such as it is” the sheriff said, as he handed the covers back to the deputy who rapidly covered his lower body. “I seen that dirty magazine and I know what you was a doin’ when I knocked. You ain’t foolin’ nobody with your self-righteous act so don’t think you’re puttin’ one over on me. I `spect you’ll be in the office in the morning, even if you have a little limp. We may change your name to `Chester'” the sheriff chuckled. Randy left and made his way home where Aunt Flea, Dopie and Aunt Flea’s friend, Tara, were waiting church lunch for him. “Sakes alive, Randy,” Aunt Flea chided. “Get yourself in here. We’re all just starvin’. That preacher went long today anyway and we’re all about famished. Tara’s made one of her special apple pies and I’ve opened a whole new jar of pickles.” Everyone in town knew that Aunt Flea made the worst pickles in the world. They were pretty much inedible and tasted of kerosene, but she seemed totally unaware of the fact. No one wanted to hurt her feelings so they all tried to choke them down and make the jars disappear from the kitchen shelf where they were stored. “This fried chicken is just delicious, Flea” Tara said. “You bread yours a little heavier than I do but it’s still just delicious. My family never liked such a heavy breading. I think you use more fat than I do too. That’s not great for our waistlines although I daresay you don’t worry about that as much as I do.” “Tara, wouldn’t you like one of my pickles?” Aunt Flea asked. “Randy, Dopie, you missed the pickle plate too, I see.” She got up from her chair and put a pickle on each of their plates. “My boys love my pickles” Aunt Flea said. “Oh yes,” Tara said. “My family has always loved my pickles. I’ve won the blue ribbon for my pickles at the county fair fourteen years in a row. I hope to make it fifteen this fall.” “Oh yes,” Aunt Flea said. “I hear they’re talking about having a whole new panel of judges this year � all from outside Gayberry.” Tara’s smile wasn’t quite as wide as she continued her meal. “Randy, are you keeping time with Miss Nellie, our new pharmacist?” Tara asked. “Flea told me you seemed to be interested.” “I don’t have a lot of spare time” Randy said. “I’m more interested in keeping the peace here in Gayberry and raising my son. It’d be nice if we all focused on our own business and kept our noses out of the business of other folks.” “I’m sure that’s true” she said. “But you need to be sure and make some time for yourself too. You’re a man and you’ve been married. I know it’s a delicate topic but it’s like I told Flea, once a man is married he has certain needs. If those needs aren’t met it just isn’t healthy.” Randy was clearly blushing. He wasn’t used to this kind of talk, especially around his boy. Dopie seemed to be paying no attention to the conversation and, instead, to be putting away fried chicken and mashed potatoes at record speed. “You were married too, weren’t you, Miss Tara” the sheriff asked, hoping to turn the tables on the woman. He really hoped she would just shut the hell up. “Oh yes” the woman answered. “Mr. Bedford and I were married for twenty one glorious years and had three handsome sons. All of them are successful young men. But you must know that men and women are different creatures, sheriff. Men have always had stronger needs than women. It’s the way our good Lord made Adam and Eve.” “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Mrs. Bedford,” the sheriff said. Randy was becoming irritated at the woman. “Just what kind of needs is it that men have that women don’t have?” he asked. “I’d really like to know.” “Well, sheriff, you must certainly know that married men become accustomed to certain comforts once they’re married. Mr. Bedford certainly did. I was a dutiful wife but my needs were never as strong as his.” “I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about” Aunt Flea said, her face turning redder by the second. “Me neither” Dopie said. “Well of course you don’t Flea,” the woman said. “You were never married. You never got used to certain things � intimate things. But surely you must know, at your age about such things.” Aunt Flea realized what this conversation had been about. She suddenly realized more peas were needed and hastily excused herself for more food. “I do know what you’re talking about” the sheriff said, “and I don’t think it’s fittin’ conversation for a Sunday lunch table, especially with a young boy at the table.” “What do you mean?” the woman asked. “Isn’t Dopie almost twelve now? Surely he knows all about things boys are supposed to know. Mr. Bedford had the birds and the bees talk with our boys long before that age. They were well into maturity by the time they were Dopie’s age. They were all t here such handsome boys in their youth as they are today. I was always afraid some women of less than good character might try to entrap them into a marriage to someone quite unsuitable. You realize our family is one of the oldest names in these parts and it has always been important that we set examples for those less fortunate than ourselves. I knew there were women just clamoring to take on the Bedford name.” How I raise my boy is my business, Ms. Bedford” the sheriff said. “With all due respect, I think we’ve had enough of this talk.” “I certainly didn’t mean to offend, sheriff,” she said. “I just know that Flea doesn’t know about these things and someone needs to see to it that your needs are being met. It can be dangerous to a man if that isn’t happening.” “You were a married woman” the sheriff said. “Didn’t you get used to those certain comforts too? Do you get your needs met?” “Of course, Randy” she said. “Although we all know that a woman’s needs aren’t anywhere as strong as a man’s needs. It’s just the way the good Lord made us.” Aunt Flea had returned to the table. “I’m sure I don’t have any idea what you two are talking about” Aunt Flea said. “Don’t worry about it, Flea,” Mrs. Bedford said. “You and I can talk later when your rude nephew isn’t present. Are you still coming over this evening to make those tarts for the bake sale?” “Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about that” she said. “But I’m free and I bought the ingredients at the market so tonight will be fine.” “Maybe you can fill her in on all the things we were talking about” Randy said haughtily. “Maybe I’ll just do that” Tara said. Dopie had been stuffing his face and appeared oblivious to the adult conversation. “Did you see Billy Paul at church this morning, paw?” Dopie asked his father. “Of course I did” the sheriff said. “That family’s hard to miss. They like sittin’ on that front pew and his daddy likes to sing louder than anybody else. I find that a little unseemly myself.” “Awww, Randy,” Aunt Flea said. “They’re just new in town and don’t know our customs yet. It takes several years to understand how proper Gayberrians behave.” “I think they’re a lovely family” Tara said. “Mr. Walker is a very handsome man and his wife is quite beautiful, although she has chosen to set herself apart from polite society. I’ve invited her on numerous occasions to social events and she always agrees to come, but she never makes it. She seems to always have things come up which require her attention. Clara said she has smelled alcohol on the woman several times but I think that is just vicious gossip. That woman isn’t happy unless she’s criticizing someone.” “Billy Paul said him and his paw ran into you at the lake yesterday” Dopie said. “You didn’t tell me you saw them.” Randy felt a panic rising in him. He remembered all too well having played with the naked classmate of his own son and remembered having even put the boy’s little hard cock in his mouth while his daddy watched. He wondered what else Billy Paul might have told Dopie. He wanted his cute ginger son to shut his fucking mouth. “You want more mashed potatoes, Dopie?” his father asked. “Sure, paw,” the boy said. “Billy Paul said y’all went swimming yesterday too.” Randy was really getting in panic mode now. How much had that little fucker told his son? Was his son going to mersin escort blurt out what had happened in front of his aunt and her best friend, two of the biggest gossips in the town? “Yeah, I shore wish I’d been with y’all” the boy said. “Maybe next time I can go too, paw?” he asked. “Sure, son” the sheriff said. “Randy, are you feeling all right?” Aunt Flea asked. “Your face is awfully red.” “I’m fine, Aunt Flea, just fine” he said. Nothing more was mentioned at the table about the episode of the previous day at the lake and Randy was feeling better by the time lunch was done. The apple pie was good although Tara thought it had just a tad too much cinnamon. He was relieved when lunch was over and he got out to the front porch to enjoy a cigarette while the women cleared the table and washed dishes. One of Dopie’s buddies came over and they were throwing a baseball around in the yard as Randy just took it easy. Sunday afternoons had always been one of his favorite times and he was beginning to relax as he took it easy on his wide front porch. He was thinking about the recent episode across the street when he had heard the mayor’s oldest daughter, Jenny, getting fingered by the barber’s son, Jimmy. His dick was getting hard as he closed his eyes, remembering how he had heard the girl moan softly as the handsome boy got a hand in her panties. They had no idea how voices carried in the quiet night in Gayberry and had no idea he knew about what had gone on. He had interrupted the session before Jimmy got any further by placing a call to the mayor’s home, telling him he better stop the action on his porch. He was discretely stroking the fat bulge in his pants when he heard the voice of the mayor. He opened his eyes to see Mayor Dykes, walking up his front steps. “Randy, I hate to disturb your Sunday but there’s a matter I’d like to talk about” the man said, extending his hand. The men shook and Randy offered the mayor a seat. He took a rocker near the one Randy was sitting in. “First of all, let me thank you” he said. “I know it was your voice that called me the other night to let me know about the shenanigans going on out on my front porch. I’m very worried about the situation, frankly. I don’t think Jenny is old enough to be keeping company with any boys but my wife feels differently. She wants Jenny to be popular. I think my wife and my daughter are too na�ve to realize what can happen to a young woman who is allowed to have unchaperoned time with boys.” “I totally understand, mayor” Randy said. “I’d be concerned if I had a young daughter as pretty as Jenny.” The mayor loved being flattered and Randy knew how to pull his strings. “I think Jenny has real talent” the mayor said. “Why, when she sang `Flow Gently Sweet Afton’ at the last Founders Day celebration, there wasn’t a dry eye in the square. I plan to have her sing it again this year. I believe the girl could have a very successful musical career ahead of her if she doesn’t get spoiled.” “I’ll look forward to an encore performance, mayor,” Randy said. “But what’s on your mind?” “Well,” the mayor said, I realize this is sensitive, but my wife just won’t listen to me. I know how horny teenage boys can be and how much they just love to take a young girl’s cherry, if you’ll pardon my language.” “Of course, mayor” the sheriff said. “We’re both men and fathers here. You can speak frankly to me.” “I really appreciate that, Randy” he said. “I’m sure that Jimmy is trying to fuck my daughter. I have no doubt about that. And I know he’s a handsome kid. One of the most handsome boys at the high school. And he’s only a sophomore. I’ve also heard talk that the boy’s almost as hung as his father.” “You mean Lloyd, our barber?” the sheriff asked. “Oh yes” he said. “That man was legendary in high school. He had one of the biggest cocks ever in this county. He may be a bumbling old fool today but the man was known for his cock back in the day.” “I never knew that, mayor” the sheriff said. “But I don’t go around all the time talking about dicks to other men. What would people say?” “Indeed” the mayor said. “No one wants a reputation as a homo.” We both laughed nervously. I could see the mayor was now adjusting the crotch of his Sunday pants. “Would it make you uncomfortable to perhaps, uh, tell me what you overheard the other night, sheriff?” the mayor asked. “I’d like to hear as many of the details as you can remember. For investigative purposes, of course.” “Not uncomfortable at all, sir, Mr. Mayor” Randy said. “Not in the least. We want to protect the reputations of the young girls of Gayberry. I was just sittin’ out here on my own porch last night with the lights off minding my own business when I heard them talking. Your daughter was telling the boy not to take her bra off but he eventually did that anyway. Then I could tell they was a’ kissin’ by all them slurpy noises and then I heard Jenny tell him not to go inside her panties.” Ah,” the mayor said. “This has gone further than I had thought. Much further, I’m afraid.” “I’m afraid you’re right as rain, Mr. Mayor. Well, then I heard her moanin’ and I just knew he had his hand inside her panties” the sheriff said. “He had her feelin’ of his excited boy parts and talkin’ about how hard she’d made him. She seemed to like feelin’ of the boy’s hardon. That went on for a while. Then when I heard her gasp, I knew he’d slipped a finger inside of her. That was when I knew I had to take action before it was too late. That’s when I called you.” “And I went out on that porch and threw a bucket of water on them” the mayor said. “I told him to get off my porch and that he was not to set foot on our property again. He peeled out, slinging gravel all over the place. But then my daughter went cryin’ to her mother and she made me call the boy and apologize. He’ll ruin her. You know as well as I do how people talk. I just can’t let that happen.” “Doesn’t your wife remember what it was like to be that age and how tempting the things of the flesh were?” the sheriff asked. “Not at all” the mayor said. “She was never tempted at all. She never even let me get a handful of titty till we was married. She’s a good wife and mother but she’s a cold fish when it comes to that kind of thing. If you must know, she hasn’t let me come near her since our youngest daughter came. She told me she was moving me into my own bedroom and I’d have to do for myself. It was always just a duty for her and she never enjoyed it at all. Even on our wedding night, after I busted her, she cried for three days. She went back to her mama but her mama told her she had to come back to me. Her mama told her to do her duty. She’d only let me touch her on my birthday, Christmas Eve, Valentine’s day and our anniversary. Then she didn’t like it. It had to be fast and with the lights out. It’s amazing to me we have three children. The truth is, and I can’t believe I’m telling you this, I was determined to try to get her excited. One night after we were married for about a year, I tried to kiss her cooch. She went crazy and left in the middle of the night. She went and told her mama. The next morning I got a visit from her paw telling me never to do any of that perverted stuff with his daughter again or he’d see me ruined. He said he’d break my jaw if I ever tried that stuff again. I never did.” “I’m sorry to hear that but I don’t think you’re the only man in that condition” the sheriff said. “Thank the good Lord for Homer and the service station.” Both men enjoyed a good laugh. “Them kids is goin’ to a movie late this afternoon and I strongly suspect he’ll have her back on my porch before the night’s over” the mayor said. “Would you possibly consider…ummmmm?” “Consider what, Mr. Mayor?” the sheriff asked. “I’ll just be frank.” he said. “Would you consider listening out and letting me know if that kind of thing is going on? I know it’s uncomfortable, but dang it, I need to protect my daughter’s virginity. If you could just let me know if it happens again, then we can talk about what steps we might take.” “Steps?” the sheriff asked. “Steps to protect my daughter” he said. “We might need to take action on this boy and I can think of no better ally than the sheriff of this town. You do have control of handcuffs and a jail cell. Sometimes desperate situations require desperate measures.” The sheriff began to understand what the mayor was apparently proposing. It was clear the man had gotten an erection during the discussion about young Jimmy’s attempted seduction of his daughter. Randy began to realize this could be an interesting situation. A very interesting situation indeed. “Do we understand each other, sheriff?” the mayor asked. “I believe we have had us a meeting of the minds, mayor” Sheriff Gaylor said. “I can get Dopie to bed early and I heard Aunt Flea say she’s headed over to the widow Bedford’s to make tarts.” “Make tarts, indeed” the mayor said, laughing. “What do you mean, Mr. Mayor?” the sheriff asked. “Oh nothing, nothing at all” the mayor said. “You know it’s been rumored for years that Tara Bedford is a carpet muncher. I wouldn’t leave my wife or our daughters alone with her. You better keep an eye on your Aunt Flea!” He left, laughing lewdly. Randy was unsettled the entire rest of the afternoon. The man had been concerned when his aunt had returned so late from Mrs. Bedford’s and that she had looked somewhat unkempt upon her return. He had pretty well convinced himself that he had only imagined what had gone on at the lake with Billy Paul and the kid’s father the day before. Randy knew in his bones that he was 100% straight and that he’d never suck a boy’s dick, no matter how cute the kid was. Yet he found himself boned at the thought of catching handsome Jimmy Dawson trying to fuck the mayor’s daughter again. He would find himself having fantasies about what he could do to the boy once he caught him. He tried to put those images out of his mind and replace them with images of Jimmy’s girlfriend naked. But his mind kept going back to the handsome boy and that bubble butt. He decided he’d play a little catch with Dopie and his young friend who was visiting the Gaylors. The sheriff greeted his son’s friend, Jeffy. He didn’t know the boy well and barely knew his parents. He was about an inch taller than Dope and had longish brown hair. Randy made sure Dopie’s hair was short and neat. That was just the way a masculine boy should look. Both boys were wearing jeans and tee shirts. At one point, Jeffy made a wild pitch and hit Dopie on the arm. It was unintended but it made Dopie mad. “Hey that hurt!”Dopie yelled at the boy. “Do that again and you’ll be sorry!” “Hey, I didn’t mean to” the boy said. He was grinning as if he had indeed meant to hit the boy with the ball. A few minutes later, Dopie delivered a wild pitch that hit the other boy right in the crotch. Jeffy went for Dopie, wrestling the boy to the ground. Randy went to the boys immediately, jerking both boys up off the ground. “Y’all are behaving like criminals instead of young friends.” The sheriff told them. “I ain’t havin’ that kind of behavior and I don’t plan on tellin’ you again.” They continued throwing the ball for a few more minutes and Dopie again threw a hard ball right into Jeffy’s crotch. The taller boy grabbed himself as he went to the ground. “Dopie, that looked to me like you done it on purpose” the sheriff said angrily. “I did, Paw, but he’s the one who started it” Dopie said. The two boys were now wrestling on the ground. The sheriff broke up their fight and grabbed both boys by the neck of their shirts. “I ain’t havin’ this kind of behavior” the sheriff said. “I will not have it.” He marched both boys up to the porch, still holding them by their necks. “Jeffy. Does your paw let you behave like that at escort mersin home?” the sheriff asked. “My paw don’t care what I do” the boy said hatefully. “Well you ain’t behavin’ like that when you’re at our house” the sheriff said. “And I’m thinkin’ I may need to call and have a talk with your paw.” “Oh no, sheriff Taylor” the boy said. “You don’t need to call my paw. I’ll just be headin’ on home right now.” “You ain’t goin nowhere right now, son” the sheriff said. “Not till I’ve had a little talk with your paw.” “Look what you’ve done now” Dopie said. “You’ve got us both in trouble.” Jeffy tried to get loose and had balled up his fist to hit Dopie. “That’s enough of this nonsense from the both of you” the sheriff said. He drug both boys up the stairs. He sent Dopie to his room and told him to take off all his clothes except his underwear and stand in the corner of the room to wait for him. “If you don’t do as I say, I’ll double the licks” Randy told him. He then took Jeffy back downstairs and sat him on the sofa as he called his father. “Saralee, get me the Thomas house” he said. Shortly afterward, he was connected to Jeffy’s father. The boy looked very nervous. “Mr. Thomas, this is Sheriff Gaylor” he said. “Yes, yes” he said, “your son is over here and he’s just fine. Just fine except I’ve had a problem with his and my own son’s behavior this afternoon.” The sheriff explained the recent events to the man. Randy informed the man of his intention of giving his own son a whipping and asked Mr. Thomas if he would like for Randy to handle it or if he preferred the sheriff send the boy home. “Sheriff, you just go right ahead and do as you think should be done” the man said. “Well, Jeffy told us he don’t never get whipped by his paw.” “The boy is not being truthful” Mr. Thomas said. “You tan his hide and please tell him he’ll be getting it from me when he gets home. Thank you for contacting me, sheriff, and I assure you that whatever he gets from you will be doubled when he gets home.” “Your father just told me you’re a little liar” Randy told the boy after hanging up the phone. “You ain’t touching me” the boy spat. “You ain’t my paw!” “Your paw just gave me permission to do as I thought necessary and that’s exactly what I plan to do” the sheriff said. The sheriff removed his thick leather belt from his pants and Jeffy’s eyes widened. The boy knew he had made a serious miscalculation. He became silent as he now thought the more he said, the worse the punishment might be. “I’m so sorry, sheriff” the boy said. “I don’t think you understood what I was saying. I think you misheard me.” “I understood perfectly what you were saying and I heard every word you said” the sheriff told him as he again grabbed the boy by his tee shirt and dragged him up the stairs. He took the boy into his own bedroom and told him to strip down to his underwear. Jeffy argued until the sheriff struck the wall with his thick leather belt, making a frightening sound. “Yes, sir” he said. “Down to my underwear.” “That’s right son” the sheriff said. “Only your underwear. Now I’m going to tan my boy’s hide. You need to think about your actions while I’m gone. Your paw gave me permission to do as I think best with both of you.” Randy felt himself getting excited as he looked at the boy’s curvy little butt. But he knew he had to deal with his own son first. He was really angry at his boy. Randy felt Dopie should set an example for the other boys in Gayberry and he felt really strongly about that. His son had disappointed him and Randy was not a man who liked being disappointed. He walked into the boy’s room to see his son jump quickly off his bed into the corner of the room. “That’s another five licks, boy” he said. “I clearly told you to be standing in the corner when I came back. You were sittin’ on the bed and thought you could trick your paw. You’re getting a little too big for your britches when you think you can outsmart your paw. Randy sat on the side of the bed. “Get over here right now and get over my knee” the sheriff said. “Oh paw, please don’t do this. I’ll be good and do whatever you say to do.” “You’re right about that, boy” Randy said. “And I’m telling’ you to get over this knee and to get over it right this minute. You’re making things a whole lot worse by the minute.” “But Paw, it was him who started all of this” he pleaded. “None of this was my fault.” “Zip your lips, boy!” he said. “You’ve got exactly three seconds to get over my knee.” Dopie was attempting to cry in an attempt to get his father’s sympathy but no tears were present. That made Randy even angrier. A man should take his punishment like a man. Dopie slowly crawled over the sheriff’s knee. Randy grabbed the waistband of his white jockey shorts and jerked him into position. He began to administer a series of licks with his open palm to the boy’s underwear-covered buttocks, alternating buttocks on each swat. He went a little lower with some of the licks, hitting the tender upper portion of the boy’s thighs. Dopie would cry out with each of those licks and the thighs were turning red. He kept going and he knew the boy’s cheeks must be reddening now. He wanted them redder before his next step. Dopie was crying real tears now. “Paw, stop please” he begged. “You’re hurting’ me.” “Boy, this is just the beginning” he said angrily. “If you think any boy of mine is going to be a juvenile delinquent, you better be thinkin’ again. I ain’t havin’ you behave this way.” The sheriff told his son to be quiet but he really wanted the boy to make noise to let the boy in the next room know what was in store for him. “Owww, owww, owww” Dopie cried with each lick. “Paw, please, it hurts so bad.” “Boy, I’m just getting’ started” he said. “Maybe next time you’ll think before you misbehave.” “I will, Paw, I promise I will!” the boy cried. “Stand up, son!” the sheriff said. “What you gonna do now, Paw?” the boy asked. “Are we all done, Paw?” “We most certainly ain’t done, boy” the sheriff said. “Matter of fact, we’re just now getting started. Now get that underwear off!” No, Paw, please!” he said. “I’ve had enough.” “I’ll decide when there’s been enough. I’m the Paw and you better start remembering that!” He reached out and yanked the underpants off the boy. In doing so, he ripped the fabric. He then pulled the torn underwear off the boy, leaving him totally naked and exposed. The boy’s tears were real now. “Turn around” the sheriff ordered. “Let me see that butt.” Dopie turned his back to him. His butt cheeks and his upper thighs were a nice shade of pink but the sheriff had a ways to go before his boy learned the lesson he needed to learn. Seeing his boy’s pink ass made Randy’s dick start to thicken. “Get up here, boy” he said. “Same position as before.” “No, Paw, please” he cried. “I’ve had enough.” “I’m not telling you again!” the sheriff said, lifting the boy off the floor and positioning him squarely across his knee. His little pink starfish was exposed between his now pink buttocks. Randy’s dick got even harder at the sight. The sheriff tore into the boy’s bare buttocks, using his big open palm to swat quickly with a lot of force. The boy was yelping loudly with each lick now and squirming, trying to break free. He was no match for his strong father, who held him in place easily. Randy liked that his friend in the next room was hearing every bit of this, knowing his turn was next. Randy continue to whip the boy’s little butt until it had become bright red and Dopie was crying loudly, begging his father to stop. “Quieten down, boy” he said. “And I mean right this minute. If you don’t stop that wailin’ I’ll give you twenty more.” The boy stopped crying, although he couldn’t stop sniffling. Randy lifted the boy off his lap and set him on the floor. The sheriff laughed out loud. “You ought to see how red that butt is now” he said. “I wish all your buddies at school could see that. They’d know you got tore up. I tell you what, Dopie. I want you and your buddy to be at the court house every day this week right after school. You’re not going to forget what you did today.” “But Paw,” he said “why do you want us at the court house after school?” “Cause you’re gonna get some licks ever day this week. I ain’t decided how many each day. That’s gonna depend on how well you behave yourselves from here on out.” “But , Paw…” The boy started. “But, Paw nothin”” the sheriff said. “Another word from you and you’ll go back over my knee right now. Is that what you want?” “No, sir,” the boy said quietly. “Then get in that corner and stand there until I tell you not to” he said. “Understand?” Yes, sir,” the boy said as he moved into a standing position in the corner of his room, facing the wall. His buttocks had continued to redden and were now a very bright shade of red. Randy was pleased and looking forward to tearing up the other little ass that was awaiting him. Sheriff Gaylor left his son’s bedroom and stopped in the bathroom to take a leak before disciplining the other boy. He had trouble starting his flow because his dick was still hard but he eventually got the job done. He knew the boy in the next room had overheard Dopie’s punishment and was certain he must be fearful about what was about to happen. The sheriff walked into his bedroom and found the boy sitting on the bed. “Sheriff, I’m really sorry for how I behaved today” he began. “I promise you if you’ll give me a pass on this, I’ll never misbehave again” “Jeffy, it’s too late for apologies” the sheriff said. “You did the crime, you have to take your licks.” “You can’t do this” he said. “I’ll tell my paw. It you hit me hard I swear I’ll tell my Paw and I’ll tell everybody in town that you’re nothin’ but a mean sunnuvabitch.” “What did you say, son?” Randy asked. “Did I hear you call the sheriff of this town a sunnuvabitch? I hope I ain’t hearing right cause I’m gonna tear that ass of yours up like it ain’t ever been tore up. And, son, you ain’t gonna say shit to nobody because I’m the sheriff of this town and I’ll make it known what a little liar you are. Your daddy already knows what a liar you are. How hard will it be to convince the rest of the town when even your own paw knows?” The boy was silent. He realized no one would believe his word against the high sheriff’s. He had been caught out in a lie to his own father. Randy sat down on the side of his bed and instructed the boy, clad only in his white jockey briefs to climb over his knee. The boy did as instructed and Randy began to swat that little boy butt. The boy was very verbal, crying out with each swat. Randy found he was swatting this boy harder than he had swatted his own. The swats were coming faster too. The boy was already crying as Randy tore that ass up, occasionally giving swift swats to the boy’s upper thighs. “Please top, sheriff” the boy cried. “I can’t take any more.” “You’ll take what I give you, Jeffy” he said. “Exactly what I give you. And you’ll take it every day this week at the court house after school. You and Dopie will report to my office right after school for this entire week. You are never going to forget this day, son.” The boy was crying loudly and yelping with each swat. “Shut it up, boy” the sheriff said as he took a break. His big hand was actually burning from all the slaps he had given the boys but he wasn’t done. “Now stand up and drop that underwear, boy,” the sheriff said. “But, sheriff, I’ll be naked.” “That’s right, son” the sheriff said. “You’ll be naked as a jaybird and that ass is going to be looking like a cardinal before I get through. Now you’ve got three seconds to get out of that underwear before I rip it off of you.” The boy hastily pulled down his underwear and threw it on the floor. “You just throw clothes on the floor, boy? The sheriff mersin escort bayan asked. “You better pick that up and fold it and put it on the chair over there.” The sheriff watched as the boy bent over to retrieve his underwear and then as he walked over to the chair and returned. When the boy bent over, he saw a very pretty pink hole. Jeffy had a pretty uncut cock, which flopped as he walked. The foreskin had a nice lip on it and he had a perfect pair of smooth pink balls hanging beneath it in a sac significantly larger than Dopie’s. The sheriff realized this boy was further along in puberty and his nuts were beginning to enlarge and drop. He wondered if this boy might be making cream yet as he appeared to be even further along with puberty than Billy Paul The sheriff had the boy stand beside him as he leered at him. It was easy to see the boy was uncomfortable with the sheriff looking at him so intently. “You’ve got a good bit of hair down there, Jeffy” the sheriff said. “Slide that skin back and show me your cockhead.” The boy looked shocked at this request from the sheriff. He stood frozen until Randy reached for his thick leather belt, then the boy quickly grabbed his own cock and skinned back his foreskin, exposing a nice, shiny little pink cockhead. “You beat your meat a lot, boy?” the sheriff asked. “You better not lie to me. I’ll know if you’re lying.” “I do it some, sheriff” the boy said. “I wouldn’t say a lot though.” “I wonder what the people in this town would say if they knew you were a meat beater, Jeffy?” he asked. “If I told the reverend and all your friends at school. I wonder what they’d say if they knew you beat your meat all the time?” The boy’s face was red and he started to cry softly. “I can keep a secret, Jeffy” the sheriff said. “But that depends on you keeping your mouth shut too. You understand? Nobody’s going to believe a word that comes out of your mouth but it would still be better if you said nothing about w hat goes on in my house. Never forget I’m the sheriff of this town.” “Yes, sir” the boy said. “Good” Randy said. “Now, I’m gonna turn your ass red and then you’re gonna beat your meat while I watch. Understand? And you ain’t ever gonna’ tell a soul what happened here today. Do we understand each other, son?” “Yes, sir,” the boy said quietly. The sheriff pulled the boy up over his knee. As he did, the boy’s legs spread enough for Randy to catch a glimpse of his pink hole. Randy wanted to see more. “Spread those legs, boy” he said. “I want to see that little pink hole.” “No,” the boy said. “It ain’t fittin'” “What’s fittin’ is what I say’s fittin” the sheriff said angrily. The boy spread his legs exposing his tiny pink place. If was a sight to see and Randy couldn’t resist touching it. He put his thick finger up to the tiny opening. The boy tried to jerk away. “You can’t touch me there” the boy said. “It just ain’t proper.” “What’s proper here is exactly what I say’s proper” the sheriff said quietly. “I’m gonna suggest you simmer down and keep your trap shut unless you want things to get a whole lot worse, boy. You need to realize I could lock you up and throw away the key. Even your own paw wouldn’t care. He knows somebody’s got to get you straightened out.” There wasn’t a hair in sight on the boy’s body except for the dark patch right above the boy’s pecker. Randy stroked the boy’s smooth, warm thigh. Why was it he’d never realized how good a boy could feel? He ran his hand over the smooth, curved butt and up and down the smooth legs. Then he drew his hand back as far as it would go and smacked the boy’s left buttock. “Owwwwww!” the boy screamed. “That hurt!” “It’s supposed to hurt” the sheriff laughed. “That’s the whole point. And if you keep yelling, it’s gonna get a whole lot worse.” The boy was crying now. He realized he was in trouble and this man had all the power. Randy started slapping the boy’s buttocks with his big hand, alternating swats between cheeks, the swats getting harder with each one. He gave the boy ten swats to each buttock then he paused. The boy’s little butt was reddening nicely. “Please, please stop” the boy said. “You’re hurting me.” “This ain’t nothin’, boy,” the sheriff said. “It ain’t nothin’ compared to what you’re gonna get when you’re locked up with a bunch of criminals. Do you know what they do to pretty little boys like you in a prison? They eat `em alive is what they do. But only after they fuck `em worthless.” The boy was shocked to hear that word come out of the high sheriff’s mouth. His paw had heard him use the word once and he got a mouth full of soap and ten licks with his hairbrush. Jeffy was becoming more scared of the sheriff by the minute. The boy’s buttocks were stinging as if they were on fire. Randy rubbed them with his hand, which made the pain worse. “Boy, I think I’ve got it figured out what your problem is. I think you’ve just got too big for your own britches” the sheriff said. “I think you got a few hairs and them little nuts started growing a little and all of a sudden you think you’re a big man. Ain’t that right?” No, sir” the boy said. Jeffy’s butt was still stinging, but the sheriff wasn’t finished. “Boy, I’m gonna give you ten more on each of t hem pretty little buttcheeks, then we’re gonna take care of that attitude of yours.” “No, please, sheriff, I can’t take any more” the boy said. “You can and you will take it” the sheriff said. Randy put one hand on the lowest part of the boy’s back to hold him still and proceeded to give him ten more smacks on each of his buttocks. The boy was kicking his legs and screaming, begging the sheriff to stop. Randy just laughed at the boy, which made it all the worse. When he finished, he told the boy to stand. Jeffy didn’t move. “Boy, I told you to stand up here” the sheriff said. “You stay there and I’ll start this all over.” That was all it took for Jeffy to jump up, rubbing is red, painful butt cheeks and crying. Randy pulled the boy in and gave him a hug. The boy was still crying, but he began to settle down. “Boy, I guess it ain’t your fault that you started growin’ them hairs and getting bigger balls” he said. “Ain’t your fault at all. But somethin’s gotta be done. Maybe we need to do to you what we do to animals to calm them down. You know what we do to horses and bulls, don’t you?” “No, sir, he said. “We just cut the nuts right off of `em” Randy chuckled. The boy’s eyes got wider than ever. He started to run away, but Randy grabbed him and laid the boy face up across his lap. He started to finger the boy’s little nut sack. The boy was flailing wildly, trying to get away but he was no match for the big sheriff. “Yeah, I reckon I could take my pocket knife and just cut them things right out” he said. “I bet that’d probably do the trick. I think you’d calm down considerably.” “No, sheriff, please no!” the boy begged. “Please don’t do that! I’ll be good from now on!” The sheriff held the boy with one arm easily as he took his other hand and removed his pocket knife and flipped it open. “You better be still boy,” he said. “You don’t want to get them thangs cut off by accident.” The boy froze. He was certain the man was about to cut his nuts off. He was terrified. “That might be just a little bit extreme, considerin’ you’re just now beginning to get a little hair. Them nuts ain’t nowhere close to fully developed yet. Maybe we could do somethin’ else that would teach you a lesson but would let you keep them nuts. Would that be good?” “Oh yes, sir, sheriff,” the boy said. “Anything but that.” “Okay, we’ll let you keep them nuts for now” the sheriff said. “Follow me.” He led the boy into the bathroom. The sheriff took a large can of shaving cream from the cabinet and took a seat on the closed toilet. He had the boy stand in front of him. “You’d probably be better behaved if you didn’t think yourself such a big man. I think if we get rid of them hairs above your willy, you might remember your place. “Oh, no, sheriff” the boy cried. “Please don’t do that. I’m so proud of them. And if they’re gone I can’t get Homer to…” The boy realized he had revealed something that was not to be talked about. “You been going to see Homer?” the sheriff asked. “Yes, sir” the boy said quietly. “Me and a friend go see him.” “What do you go see Homer for?” the sheriff asked. The boy didn’t want to answer but he knew not answering was not a choice. “To get sucked off” the boy said. “My buddy took me there when I got my first hairs. He says Homer sucks most of the men in this town. Please don’t tell my Paw. Please. He’d be real mad.” “I better not ever catch you down at Homer’s” the sheriff said. “You understand?” “Yes sir,” he said. “I promise.” “We’re gonna’ get rid of that hair for you and hope it’ll settle you down some” he told the boy. Jeffy was really proud of his little patch of pubes, but he knew better than to object. After all, if the sheriff would let him keep his nuts he better just hush up and be thankful. The sheriff spread a generous amount of the shaving cream on the boy’s little patch of pubes. The lad stood still as a statue as the sheriff removed all traces of the boy’s pride and joy. Then he began to rub the smooth skin over the boy’s willy. Jeffy’s little willy began to harden as the sheriff rubbed him. Jeffy wasn’t moving at all as the sheriff touched his little penis. The boy had a nice foreskin which overhung his penis. The sheriff began to move it back and forth over the boy’s pink, shiny cockhead. “That feel good, Jeffy?” the sheriff asked. “Um hmmm” the boy replied. “Spread those legs a little, son,” the sheriff instructed. Jeffy did as he was told. Randy continued to slowly stroke the boy’s hard little cock as his finger went looking for the boy’s hole. It was smooth and hot. Randy put some of the shave cream on his finger and again went for the hole. The boy moaned as Randy found his target and inserted the tip of his finger. His sphincter gave as the intruding finger entered his virgin hole. “Owww, that hurts!” the boy said. “Hush up, boy,” he said. “It ain’t hurtin’ me. You’ll feel good soon enough.” Just as his finger entered the boy, he heard a tapping at the door. “Randy, is everything all right in there?” Aunt Flea’s voice asked. “Yes, Aunt Flea,” the sheriff replied. Randy had no idea Aunt Flea had come up the stairs and had assumed she was still out on the porch with Tara, her friend. He decided it was just too risky to keep playing with the boy now and instructed him to wipe his hole with toilet paper the sheriff handed him. Jeffy was greatly relieved and was sure his ordeal was over. He marched the boy back into Dopie’s room, where his son was still standing naked in the corner of the room, just as he had left him. He told the boys to get dressed and that he would be taking Jeffy home. “But I can walk, sheriff,” the boy said. “It ain’t far at all. I walk over here all the time. It ain’t nothing’ for me to walk it.” “You tryin’ to argue with me again?” the sheriff asked? “No sir,” the boy said. “I just didn’t want you to go to no trouble.” The boys got their clothes on. Randy felt the stickiness in his own boxer shorts where he had been leaking pre-cum while playing with his son’s pretty friend. He had hoped to lose a load but had been interrupted. All three started down the stairs, but the sheriff told his son to return to his room. He told the boy to stay in his room until he returned from taking his friend home. Dopie obeyed without a word. Jeffy and the sheriff got into the patrol car. Before he started it, Randy reached over and put his meaty hand on the boy’s slender thigh. “Son,” he said, “we need to have us an understandin’. You need to remember that I’m the sheriff in this town and my word is golden. People know I’m a truth teller. Your paw knows that just like he knows now that you’re a dirty little liar. You won’t tell your paw or nobody else about anything that happened at my house today. Do you understand?” he asked the boy. “Yes, sir” the boy whispered. “Not a word to no one. I promise.”

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