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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 44 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 44 Andy was sitting with Patrick at an outdoor table at a cafe in Boulevard d’Aguillon. “You don’t need to be nervous. I know you’ll like him,” he told Patrick. “Tell me about him,” said Patrick. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Andy smiled. “Don’t turn around but he’s coming now.” Andy stood up and waved. “Salut, Andy!” Patrick thought he recognised the voice but he resisted the urge to turn around. Andy moved to greet the newcomer with kisses on both cheeks. “Sit down, Christophe. You know Patrick,” said Andy. The two boys looked at each other in surprise. Then Christophe smiled and said, “Je ne m’attendais pas à te renconter.” (I wasn’t expecting to meet you.) “English, please. Good practice for you both,” said Andy. “I would never have guessed that you would be the friend Andy wanted me to meet.” Patrick lowered his voice and added, “I didn’t think you were gay.” Christophe gave a sheepish grin. “You are only the second person in school who knows.” “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone,” responded Patrick. “Nobody knows about me either.” “I sort of guessed after I learned about Andy,” smiled Christophe. A waiter arrived and Christophe ordered a hot chocolate before continuing. “We three can keep secrets. I hope you and I can become good friends, Patrick.” “Friends and also fuck-buddies perhaps,” suggested Andy. Christophe and Patrick looked at each and smiled. Andy grinned. “You two fancy each other. It’s obvious.” The two schoolboys looked a bit embarrassed but said nothing. “You know I’m often busy but you should meet up and get to know each other. Then, if it feels right, you might want to have sex.” The pair glanced at each other but then looked away. The waiter brought Christophe’s drink and then he spoke. “I will be going to university next year so I’m not really looking for a boyfriend. I would like to have another gay friend though. Would you like to hang out with me, Patrick?” “Yes, I’d like that very much,” smiled Patrick. Christophe smiled back. “Great!” “I hope the three of us can hang out together sometimes,” said Andy. “Of course,” Patrick and Christophe said in unison. The three of them grinned and then Andy asked if they could do something together the following weekend. “I was planning to watch a match in the Stade Niçois Rugby next Saturday,” said Christophe. Andy and Patrick looked at each other and shook their heads. “Not rugby,” said Andy. “We could all go to Nice though. Do a bit of clothes shopping, check out the hot guys while having a coffee in a cafe-bar, maybe see a movie…” “Sounds good to me,” said Patrick. “Okay. I’m happy to do that,” smiled Christophe. “Fine. You two swap phone numbers and we will arrange where and when to meet next Saturday,” said Andy. Andy smiled to himself as he watched his two school friends discreetly checking each other out as the chat moved on to other boys at school and whether any of them might be gay. When they broke up, he said he needed to see someone at the antiques market. “You two are both going towards the railway station initially so you can walk together,” he concluded. “Okay. I’ll see you at school on Monday,” said Patrick. He and then Christophe hugged Andy goodbye. Andy watched as the pair chatted happily to each other while walking north and then he headed for the antiques market in Place Nationale. As Andy had expected, the stall holders were beginning to pack up. He quickly found René and offered to help. “I won’t refuse help from a cute young man,” René responded. “Good to see you again, Andy.” “I’m happy to see you, René. I’ve been with friends from school this afternoon and I hoped you would still be here,” said Andy. “There is something I have to give you.” “You have to give me something?” René looked puzzled. Andy winked. “When we’re alone.” “Oh?” Then René smiled when he remembered that Andy had promised him a blowjob when they had last met. It didn’t take long to pack most of the items into boxes. René then fetched his van and the pair of them put everything in the back. “Do you want to come home istanbul travesti with me?” René asked Andy. “I’m afraid I don’t have time for that. Can you find a quiet spot to park?” Andy replied. René nodded and drove to a car park that would be busy in the summer but was almost deserted at this time of year. He stopped the car in a distant corner where they could see anyone approaching in good time. Then he turned and smiled at Andy. What do you want to give me?” Andy took off his seatbelt and turned to face René. He placed a hand on the man’s fat belly and then slid it down to grasp his crotch. “Je veux te faire une pipe.” (I want to give you a blowjob.) He smiled because he had never said that in French to anyone before. “I can’t possibly refuse someone as handsome as you, Andy,” said René. Andy grinned and leaned over to kiss René. Then he bent down and, with the man’s help, freed the semi-erect cock. With one hand cupping René’s balls and the other around the base of the cock, it only took a few kisses and licks for Andy to bring the thick cock to its full length of 16.5 cm (6.5 inches). He sat up and looked out of the window. “Nobody can see us, can they?” René shook his head. “Those two cars in the distance are empty and there is nobody else around. You’re quite safe.” Andy couldn’t tell René that he wouldn’t really mind if another man saw him giving a blowjob so he just smiled and went to work. As he sucked and licked the cock, it gave him a thrill doing it in a public place and he could feel his stiff cock leak some pre-cum. René ran his fingers through Andy’s hair. “You really turn me on, Andy. Seeing your pretty lips around my fat cock…well, it makes my cock harder than it has been for years.” Andy liked hearing that but he came off the cock and asked, “Would you like to fuck me sometime? I would happily allow you to fuck my tight pussy.” “Sorry, Andy. I’m not into anal sex,” replied René. “No problem,” said Andy. “I’m happy to swallow your tasty man-cream.” He took the cock back into his mouth and was soon bobbing up and down on it. René began to moan. Moments later he cried, “I’m going to cum…oh…I’m cumming!” Andy gulped down every drop and then licked the cock clean. “I enjoyed that. I hope you did too,” he told René when he sat up. “I loved it! I thought that was obvious,” smiled René as he reached over and stroked the tent in Andy’s jeans. “Now I should return the favour.” “There isn’t enough time. I should be home by now,” said Andy. “Can you drop me off near the railway station?” “That’s a pity. Next time then,” said René. He fixed his clothes and started the car. “If we are somewhere more private like your house, you can give me a facial next time. You enjoyed that last time, didn’t you?” smiled Andy. “I loved giving you both facials,” René said with a grin. Andy recalled the `golden shower’ René had given him. “Maybe we can do the same again.” René patted Andy’s thigh. “You really are an amazing boy.” *** Will was emerging from the bathroom when Andy reached home. “I thought I’d have a quick shower before I prepare dinner,” he explained. “Did the meeting between Patrick and Christophe go okay?” “Yeah. It’s clear that they like each other,” smiled Andy. He followed his uncle into the bedroom and watched as he started to get dressed. “Is there any point in putting clothes on when you’ll be taking them off again for Simon?” Will rolled his eyes. “Not until some time after we have digested dinner.” “I’m looking forward to another threesome with you and Simon,” said Andy. “One where I can suck your cock in front of him. What do you think he’d say if I asked you to fuck me?” “I honestly don’t know. That might be a step too far for him,” replied Will. Andy grinned. “I’ll see how he reacts to us together and then maybe ask you to fuck me…letting him think it hasn’t happened before.” “Come and help me in the kitchen,” was Will’s only response. *** The meal went down well with everyone. Andy amused Simon by telling him about match-making his two gay school friends. Simon told about a trip to Marseilles with Michel and Will said that he wasn’t going anywhere until early December. “That’s just over four weeks away,” said Andy. “I’m really looking forward to seeing some of Paris with you.” “You’ll love Paris,” said Simon. “I’m always happy when I’m there.” “Maybe the three of us can go there together kadıköy travesti next year…at Easter perhaps,” suggested Will. “That’s a good idea,” smiled Simon. “Talking of doing things together, isn’t it time for sex?” Andy asked. “It’s always time for sex according to you,” said Simon. Andy smiled. “True. And this evening I’m going to suck both your cocks.” Simon looked at Will who nodded and said, “You know I let him get a taste when you were here last time. He has been nagging me to let him suck it properly so I said that I’d let him do it if you agreed.” “I don’t mind,” said Simon. “I thought it was hot to see.” “Great!” smiled Andy. “I get to suck two cocks!” “Yes but I will be the only one to fuck you,” responded Simon. “There’s no way you could take Will’s big cock.” “I’d like to try,” said Andy, smiling at his uncle. “Don’t push it,” said Will. “You should be grateful that Simon is willing to let you suck my cock when he’s my boyfriend.” Andy got the message not to go any further. He stood up and said, “Okay. I will be happy getting to suck you both before Simon fucks me. Let us move through to the bedroom and start the fun.” A few minutes later all three were stripping off in the bedroom. Andy was the first one to get naked and, not unexpectedly, his cock was fully erect when he removed his briefs. Simon and Will were only semi-erect when Andy dropped to his knees in front of them. Andy smiled up at his uncle but went to Simon’s cock first. He kissed it and then licked Simon’s balls. The cock expanded as Andy licked it. He kissed the cockhead and then took it into his mouth. Simon watched as Andy slowly swallowed more and more of the cock and then turned to kiss Will. “Your nephew is a great cocksucker. Somebody taught him well,” he said. Will smiled. “I think you must take some of the credit for that.” Simon smiled back and put his hands on Will’s head before kissing him again. “He might be great at sucking but you are definitely the best at fucking.” “And you have a terrific arse,” responded Will. The pair were kissing passionately when Andy pulled off Simon and took Will’s cock into his mouth. Will groaned and moved apart from Simon. The two men looked down at Andy who now had half of his uncle’s cock in his mouth. Andy started bobbing up and down, gradually taking more and more of the cock. Will smiled at Simon. “He is good, isn’t he?” “Yeah. I’m always amazed how he can swallow so much without gagging,” Simon replied. Andy pulled off his uncle’s cock and said, “That’s because I was born to serve men…to suck their cocks and be fucked.” Will laughed and lifted Andy onto the bed. “Let’s all do some cocksucking.” Simon climbed onto the bed and took Andy’s cock into his mouth. Will followed, moving into a position where he could suck Simon’s cock while Andy sucked his. After a few minutes, Andy pulled off and said, “It’s time to change partners.” He then pushed his uncle away and moved to suck Simon’s cock. “He won’t be in charge for much longer,” Will said to Simon. Simon smiled and took Will’s cock between his lips. That left Will having to suck Andy, much to Simon’s amusement. Will grabbed a tube of KY jelly and used that to lube and finger-fuck Andy while sucking his cock. All three were quite worked up by this stage but Andy took the others by surprise when he started spunking off. He pulled off Simon’s cock and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t help it, Uncle Will.” Simon immediately realised what was happening. “It’s sweet. Enjoy it, Will.” Will didn’t want to waste Andy’s cum so he happily swallowed it all. He then licked the boy’s cock clean and said, “You’re right, Simon. It’s delicious.” Andy smiled, wishing he could tell Simon that he and his uncle had been having sex for months. What he said was, I want to taste yours later, Uncle Will.” “I don’t think…” Will was interrupted by Simon who said, “I’d like to see that.” “You are as kinky as I am, Simon. That’s why I love sex with you,” said Andy. His cock was still hard. “Now my pussy is eager for cock. Which one of you is going to fuck me?” “Me, of course,” replied Simon. “He’s lubed and ready,” said Will. “Give him your cock and I’ll watch.” Andy, who was lying on his back, pulled his legs back. “Fuck me, Simon. Fuck my pussy.” Simon lubed his cock and moved closer to the teenager. With one hand on Andy’s thigh and the other gripping his own cock, he lined bakırköy travesti his cockhead up against the pink pucker and applied pressure. Andy pushed back and moments later he gasped when the 20 cm (8 inch) cock burst through his sphincter. “Yeah, that’s it. Fuck the little slut,” encouraged Will. “He can’t get enough cock.” “It’s true. I can never get enough,” said Andy. He sighed as Simon’s cock slid all the way inside. “I live for sex.” “You’re a sexy young devil,” Simon said. He began to move slowly in and out of the tight hole. “And you are a sex-god…driving me and my uncle wild with desire,” retorted Andy. Simon laughed as he began to fuck Andy faster. “You are certainly one of the sexiest young men in Antibes,” said Will. “I used to fantasise about you but I’d never have had the courage to ask you for a date. We have to thank Andy for bringing us together.” “You can thank me by fucking me harder,” said Andy. Simon smiled and started to pound even harder. “What about me? I need to fuck your pretty arse, Simon,” Will said. “I’ll move on to my hands and knees so we can all fuck at the same time,” suggested Andy. Minutes later Will was fucking Simon from behind while Simon was fucking Andy. “This is great,” said Andy. “It’s almost like you are both fucking me.” Hands wandered as they fucked. The speed and force of the action varied. Everyone enjoyed it. Then Andy said, “I’m getting close. Wank me, please, Simon. Help me cum again.” “I’m pretty close too,” said Simon as he grabbed Andy’s cock and began to wank him. “I don’t think I’m much further behind,” added Will. “Please don’t cum inside Simon, Uncle Will,” begged Andy. “I want to eat your sperm.” Simon groaned, turned on by the thought of witnessing that. “Yeah, cum in his mouth,” he told Will. Moments later he gasped and cried, “I’m cumming!” He shuddered and let go of Andy’s cock as he started spunking off. Will saw what had happened and stretched his right arm to take hold of Andy’s cock and jerk him to a climax. “I’m cumming too,” Andy cried. Will smiled to himself as his two lovers enjoyed their orgasms. He enjoyed the feel of Simon’s arse muscles squeezing his cock with each eruption and he could feel Andy’s spunk dribbling down his fingers. When Andy had finished, he brought his hand to Simon’s face. “Some sweet boy-cum for you?” he asked. Simon didn’t hesitate to lick the fingers clean. “Are you ready to feed me your cream, Uncle Will?” Andy asked. “Just about,” replied Will. He gave Simon a few more thrusts and then pulled out. Simon moved to the side where he could see the action clearly and Andy turned onto his back and raised his head. “Shoot onto my face and into my mouth,” he said. He opened his mouth wide as Will moved closer, wanking his thick 23 cm (9 inch) cock. Moments later Will gasped and started shooting off, sending bursts of cum onto Andy’s face and then into his mouth. “Wow! Better than any porn video,” smiled Simon. Will finished by putting his cockhead into Andy’s mouth and letting his nephew lick it clean. “That was amazing,” said Simon. He then watched wide-eyed as Will pushed the cum from Andy’s face into Andy’s mouth. “Thanks, Uncle Will. I loved that,” smiled Andy when he had eaten all the cum. “Your cream tastes different from Simon’s but I love it too.” Will felt a bit guilty at the point and was relieved to find Simon still smiling. “I guess we should shower and clean up,” he said. Simon moved forward and kissed Will. “That was really special. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.” Andy sat up and kissed Simon. “We both love you, Simon. You made tonight really special. Maybe next time we have a threesome, you can fuck me and open me up enough to take my uncle’s cock. I’d love to feel that big monster in my pussy.” Simon laughed. “Maybe.” “Don’t encourage him,” Will told Simon. Andy laughed and led the way to the bathroom. Later, when Simon had gone home, Andy was cuddled up beside Will in bed. “That really was a fun session tonight, wasn’t it? Simon was turned on by the idea of you and I having sex.” “Yes, he was,” said Will. “It’s good that he is so open-minded.” “I think he’d be happy to see you fucking me next time,” Andy said. “I’d love to have you both fucking, taking turns with my mouth and my pussy. That would be a dream come true. Do you think it might happen?” Will yawned. “Maybe but I don’t want threesomes with Simon to become a regular thing.” “No. It’s more exciting when things like that happen only occasionally,” said Andy. “We haven’t had a threesome with Freddy for a while. When will we see him again?” Andy didn’t get an answer as Will was already asleep. To be continued

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