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Subject: Transitions Chapter 8 Hey Hi How ya doin? I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits. This chapter is a little short but i liked it. Hope you do as well. Again my sinuses are bothering me. Ive had a headache all day. Finally its gone. I guess slipping into our fantasy world of Alejandro and Eric helped a bit. I wasnt going to write today but i got a letter from someone who said they had never written to a writer before. I honestly dont write to them often either. In the years ive been reading Nifty stories I believe its two. Now that im on here im going to change that. Because it really does make me feel great with each note I get. Some people just say something simple others go into detail. Ive even made a new friend from the emails. Its really very rewarding so thank you all. I do appreciate it. In this chapter I discuss Trevor. Suicide among young gays is a terrible epidemic. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide there are many groups who will help you. there is the trevor project helping our gay youth. ect or 866-488-7386 You can also text or chat through the org site. Believe me someone who is manic depressive and has tried three times to take their own life. Its not worth it. If i would have succeed there would have been so many joys i would have missed in my life. SO think before you act. Seek help if you need ttoo. Even if you are just thinking about it. Please call or text or anything ut doing it. As always hey folks lets give some pocket change. For some of us thats not too dam much but for others that can be a good chunk so help them out.:Like all of us they have expenses. Lets help alleviate some of that with your caring hearts. I wish all of you peace love and happiness. Transitions Chapter 8 Eric woke a few hours later thinking about Alejandro. Missing him wishing he was with him. He feels kind of lost. He has no cell phone it is probably at the house he thinks. So the only thing he has to pass the time is tv. To help his sadness he is watching the cartoon network. After a few hours he is bored beyond tears. “Hey you young whipper snapper. Can i come in?” “Absolutely Rich im so bored.” Rich ambles in and takes a seat. “How you feeling you old fart?” “Im actually feeling pretty damn good thanks for asking. The nurses said you cracked your head open pretty good.” “I did indeed. It still hurts like hell but at least now i can sit up and not feel like the world is turning upside down on me.” “When do you think you will get out of here?” “The E.R. doctor says probably tomorrow. They wanted to keep an eye on me to be cautious. But i tell you what i am ready to go now.” “Dont rush it young man. The doctors know a hell of a lot more about your body then you do.” “I know. I know. I just miss Alejandro something fierce is all.: “How is the little guy doing?” “Well surprisingly this morning when i conked my head he called Joy and was talking. I sure hope it keeps up. I have never felt such joy in my heart when he said he loved me. He has written it a number of times but to hear him. Oh my…..” Eric wipes a tear. “”Thats fantastic news Eric. I wondered how long it would take him.” “If I hadnt hurt myself it may have been months more. Im just so thrilled he is talking. It will make life so much easier on him. Well, and me for that matter.” “I better be getting back to my room i know dinner is almost here. I can smell it coming.” “Rich thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.” “I enjoy it and your company i hope we stay friends long after this.” “Of that im sure.” Rich moseys back to his room and sure enough here comes the food trays rattling down the hall. Eric eats his dinner and watches tv the rest of the evening. A nurse occasionally pops in to check on him and finally its late enough for him to sleep. He is awakened by the sun filtering through the windows. He looks at the clock its nearly 10am. I havent slept this late since i was well ever i can recall Eric thinks. Must be all the pain killers. He rolls over onto his side and watches the birds play outside the window. He thinks of camping how he has always wanted to do that but has never had the time. Definitely going to take Alejandro camping. He layes and thinks of the good times to come. Well this part wasn’t part of the transition plan thats for dam sure. However, now Alejandro is talking so all in all a knock in the head was worth it. He thinks about things about an hour when his Dr Ross walks into the room. “Well im ankara grup escort used to seeing you in this room just not in the bed. Heard you hit your head pretty good?” “Yeah you could say that. Glad there isnt much to damage up there.” Eric says with a smile. “Yeah uhuh.” the doctor replies in a silly voice. “Well lets get you all checked out make sure everything is honkey dory then.” The doctor proceeds to check his vision. Shines a light in his eyes. Follow my finger pull my finger. No not pulling fingers. He has Eric stand up standing next to him to elp if he needs it. Eric stands without issue or dizziness. “Well Eric everything seems in order. Im giving yo a prescription for some pain killers. You’re going to have a hell of a headache for a few days. Your stitches are self dissolving. Im going to release you today as i figured would happen. However, dont do anything strenuous for a week to ten days. If you feel any of these symptoms call me immediately. Do not wait if you cant get a hold of me which is rare go straight to the emergency room. Head injuries are nothing to take lightly.” The doctor says handing Eric a sheet of paper and the prescription. “Also the prescription is an opiod and very addictive. Only take them as prescribed and if the pain ends so should the medication. Understood?” “Yes sir.” “Lastly take care of that great boy of yours. He really is a special boy. You are lucky to have him.” “Dont i know it.” “So what did i just tell you to do?” “Take care of Alejandro.” Eric responds. “No all of it.” “Oh sorry. Nothing strenuous for a week to ten days only take the meds as prescribed. No Pain no pills. Any symptoms call you or go to the er. Take care of Alejandro.” “Ok great your memory is fine too or so it seems. Ill see you later have agreat rest of the day. But nothing strenuous.” The doctor says leaving. Eric goes to the closet to retrieve his clothes so he can get dressed and get the hell out of there and go see his son. He opens the closet and all thats there is a robe and a pair of underwear. “Well shit.” He says. As he says this a nurse walks in with his release papers for him to sign. He signs them and returns the forms to the nurse. “Im sure one of teh guys has some shorts or something you can wear. Or, you could call someone to bring some things up.” “Ill tke the shorts i need to get home.” The nurse leaves and a few minutes later one of the orderlies walks in carrying some clothes. “Mr Eric i had no idea you were here.” “Trevor its so good to see you.” Eric says and hugs the young man. Trevor hugs back. “My goodness Trevor whats it been 5 years?” “Yup about that sir. I went in to see you a few times but they said you had retired so i figured you were in Key Biscayne or something soaking up the sun.” “Nah i like the Midwest too much. Im one of those crazy people that loves the snow.” “Ive heard about people like you. I think most of them are on the psych ward.” Trevor says laughing. “Yeah probably so.” Eric says taking the clothes. “Ill bring these back as soon as i wash them.” “Nah Mr Eric dont worry about it. ” Trevor says hugging him again before leaving. Eric thinks back to when Trevor was a 16 year old boy with an absolute heart of gold. One day he noticed Trevor wasnt his usual upbeat self. After all the time he had known him he had never seen him sullen. He called him into his office to chat. Nothing unusual for Eric to do with any and all employees. They would sit and chat about their lives and just enjoy each others company for a while. “Trev whats going on buddy?”Eric asked so many years ago. Trevor looks Eric in the eyes and knows his boss truly cares. He can see the love and compassion he has for him. Trevors lip begins to quiver and he buries his face in his hands and begins racking with sobs. Eric quickly scoots forward in his chair and takes the boy into his arms comforting him. After about five minutes Trevor is able to mostly regain his composure. “Myy … dad.. “Ans he starts crying again. Eric takes him in his arms again rubbing his back. “My dad he looked on my computer and found out i was looking at porn.” Trevor says. “Well I dont think hes going to be too mad about it. I mean you are a 16 year old boy im sure he did the same but with magazines.” “No Mr Eric it was you know like well sir its um.” “was it gay porn Trev?” “Yeah.” Trevor says softly. “So what your gay. Im not seeing a problem you are one of the finest people I have ever met Trev. Look gümüşhane escort at me.” Eric says pulling back and lifting his head with his hand under his chin. “Trev look at me. Ok now listen to what i say. You. Are. An. Amazing. Person. ” He says emphasizing each word. “You are one the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. You know me I have met so many people. I know thousands of people by name. You are one of the most amazing of them all. If you are gay Trevor its not a problem to me. I know it wont be a problem to any of your co workers. Or they wont be your coworkers for long.” “But you dont understand my dad he hates gay people. Hes always saying fag jokes. I cant go home…” Trevor begins sobbing again. “Come here.” Eric says and embraces him again. Trevor whispers in Erics ear. “I have a gun in my bag. Can you take it from me?” Eric squeezes him tighter. “Aww buddy I sure will. Trevor I know your scared of what your dad thinks and will do. If you need somewhere to stay I have two spare bedrooms you can use. Please promise me you wont do anything stupid. Something that cant be taken back.” “I prr pprrroomise. Mr Eric. I ppprrrrooommise.” Trevor says through tears. “Hey if no one else does I love you. But i know your mom and dad love you too. Not to mention anyone whose ever met you.” Trevor slowly calms down. “Lets go get your bag.” Eric says lifting Trevor from teh seat. They go get the bag and return to the office. Trevor starts to open the bag. “Ill get that if you dont mind.” Eric being cautious for the boys sake. HE opens the bag and removes a .45 caliber colt 45 1911 model. He releases the clip and checks the barrel for any rounds. He removes the rounds form the clip. He places everything in a bank bag and puts it in the upper compartment of the safe only he has access to. “I think im should drive you home tonight and we can talk to your parents about it together. Sound ok?” “Yeah.” Trevor says looking down. “Hey buddy it will all be ok if not with your parents we will figure someting out. OK?” “Ok. But now you think im an idiot.” “Hey no i dont. I think that you are a great guy who was confused and didnt know what to do. But you did do the right thing by letting someone know. Trevor suicide is never ever the answer. Not ever. There is always a solution. Sometimes it may suck but then after you can have some brighter days again. Just think of the great guy you would have never met if you did something silly like that. Some super cute hunky stud muffin.” Eric says joking trying to lighten the mood. “Yeah thats true.” Trevor says through a bit of a smile. “Yeah he would have lost out big time. Grab your bag we will take you home now.” “Ok.” Once they arrived at Trevors his mom and dad ran out to Erics car. “Oh my god Trevor your ok.” His mom and dad engulfed him in a hug as he exited the car. “Why wouldnt i be ok?” Trevor asks suspiciously. “Well your daddy was at work and about an hour ago he calls and says i just had a horrible feeling. Last night i found out Trevor was looking at gay porn and im sure he thinks im upset with him. Honey make sure my guns where its supposed to be. I ran in and checked and it was gone. We were terrified you had dome something foolish.” Eric was crying. Trevor was crying. Trevors mom and dad were crying. “I was going to go to the park after work and do it. But Mr Eric saw something was wrong and we talked about stuff. Mom Dad I am gay and i cant help it. Im sorry. I tried not to be.” He starts crying harder. His Dad takes him into his big manly arms. “Son you cant control if your gay or not. People ar born that way. You cant say one day Im not going to be gay anymore. You ar my son and i love you no matter what.” “But i thought you hated gay people from all the jokes?” “No son i told them because i thought you thought they were funny. I had no idea you were gay or i wouldnt have ever said them.” “Oh” Was all Trevor said. The family walked slowly to the house in an embrace and Eric got into his car and left without another word. Eric put on the loaned clothes and calls a taxi to pick him up. He heads down in the damned wheel chair and a ca is waiting. He pads over to the cab in the hospital sock slippers and climbs in. Te driver takes him to his home and Eric rushes to the house hits the code to enter the house and returns with some cash and a nice tip for the driver. He sees Mrs Ortega walking over to him from her front porch. “Hello Mrs Ortega halkalı escort how are you today?” “A lot better then yesterday young man. You nearly scared me and my husband to death. We were so worried.” “Thank you so much for your concern.” He says bending down to give her a hug. “Mr Ortega called a friend of his yesterday and they fixed your window for you.” “You fixed my window. I didnt know anything was wrong with my window.” “Oh yes you dont know do you dear, Your were plum out of it. We heard your sweet boy screaming and we knew something was wrong. MY husband was trying to push in the door and i couldnt wait a second longer and i threw a lawn chair through your window.” Eric started laughing. “You Mrs Ortega’s all what 5 feet and 85 pounds threw a chair through my window. Oh i wish i had a video of that.” She starts laughing too. “Yeah not what you would expect from a great grandma huh?” “Not any ive met. I love you for it though.” They kind of giggle a moment about it and he hugs her again. “Thank you so much Mrs Ortega for helping us when we needed it.” “Eric who made sure i had a ride to the hospital every day after Mr Ortega had his heart attack?” “Ive no idea.” he says. She playfully slaps his arm. “Oh you.” She says and walks back to her porch. Eric goes into the house and looks around the kitchen. Its spotless. He looks at the culprit tile which is back in its place. He reaches down to destroy the dreaded think and its stuck. Someone had fixed it for him. Eric smiles to himself. Man i do have a great life. He thinks. He goes to his room thinks about a quick shower and decides no he would rather go get his boy and take one later. He gets dressed since its another scorcher he puts on a pair of tan shorts and a light yellow polo. He decided on a pair of deck shoes to finish the attire. He grabs his wallet keys and phone and goes to get his boy/ He arrives and knocks on the apartment door. Maria answers. She immediately throws open the door and hugs him. “Oh mr Eric we were so worried about you. Dont do that again.” “I didnt exactly plan it the first time.” He replies. She ushers him in and has hiim sit in the sofa. “Alejandro your Poppi is here.” She shouts. He hears a rumble racing towards him from the hallway. “POPPIII!!!!!!!!!!!” A naked Alejandro exclaims. Racing towards him. Eric notices Alejandro has an erection that seems pretty red. Eric smiles in part because hes so happy to see his son and partly because hes thinking boys will be boys. Alejandro leaps into his arms. They both hug. Alejandro leans back and kisses Eric on the lips. “Oh poppi Eric i missed you so much.” “I missed yo too buddy I was so lonely at the hospital.” “I told you to let me stay.” He replies matter of factly. “I now but i couldnt take care of you if something happened.” “Poppi we were at the hospital. They help.” Eric smiles. “You got me there kiddo.” Eric laughs. “Go get dresses and we will go home.” “Okay poppi Eric.” He says and races off. Eric looks around the apartment and thinks man this place is so small and run down. He looks down the hallway and sees only three doors. So its a two bedroom. Seven people in a two bedroom. So small he thinks. Alejandro reappears dressed and with a walmart bag of clothes. Carlos following behind naked as a jay bird sporting an erection. He has a muscular little body and Eric can see he has the beginnings of a little six pack. His little brown cock is about 2 and a half inches. Eric is secretly proud Alejandro’s is bigger. But Carlos does have a lovely cock and smooth skin. he turns a moment and Eric sees him from behind what a beautiful little butt perfectly round and muscular. Damn Eric thinks. “Hi Mr Eric” Carlos says and climbs up on his lap giving him a hug. As he climbed up he felt Carlos cock rub up his bare leg and now is pressing against his belly. He feels it pulse and Carlos pushes against him a little bit. “Hey Carlos How are you doing today” “Im great i got to spend time with my bestest buddy Alejandro and he talks again so it was more fun.” “Im glad you had fun” “We sure did and thanks for lunch yesterday. We dont get McDonalds much. Not like Maria.” He says and sticks his tongue out at her. “Get off Mr Eric with your naked self. God Mr Eric i keep make them keep clothes on Boys are so arg.” She says exasperated. Pulling Carlos off of Eric. Eric certainly did not mind that wonderful treat. “Come on Alejandro lets go home.” Eric says getting up. Eric reaches for his billfold. “No Mr Eric this time I wont even take a penny. It was my pleasure to see Little Alejandro talking again. Its been music to all of our ears. It is so great he has you.” “No its great i have him.” Alejandro takes Erics hand and starts pulling a little. “Cmon poppi Eric lets go home.” Thats what they do.

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