The Year of the Cat Ch. 16

Voyeur Sex


100% Fiction. All sexualized characters are adults.


Matt had never even conceived of a flight so long. By the time his plane had finally touched down on the Tokyo area airport tarmac, Matt had eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner in flight, watched three full length feature films, solved almost half of the Sudoku puzzles in the small book Janice had gifted him and still had time to listlessly stare at the cloud landscape, stretching to the horizon for hours, remembering the glimpse of her eyes looking back at him one last time before she disappeared through the exit doorway.

His breath shuddered in his chest as the wheels of the plane slowed to a stop on the runway.

Switching his phone signal on once the de-boarding process had begun far away in the front of the large plane, Matt was greeted by a voicemail from the Home Office.

“Hey, Turner… listen.” It was the Project Coordinator from back home. “Someone dropped the ball over here. You guys aren’t on the access list yet to get in to the Base and start working. Uhhh… in fact, it’s probably gonna be a week ’till y’all start, so…”

Matt’s anger bristled within, realizing that he could have stayed home with Janice for another week. The voicemail continued:

“Your condos won’t be available until we have that paperwork, so we went ahead and put you up at a hotel in a nearby city called Kamakura for a week. You and the guys will still get your standard time and your per diem since it’s not your fault…”

Matt had read about the city of Kamakura in his studies; the ancient capital of Japan, boasting a rich cultural heritage and multitudinous temples within its borders. His immediate anger began to soften once it dawned on him that he was getting a week long paid holiday in one of Japan’s most popular destinations.

“Just hang out and relax until we give you the call. You’ll be met by a driver at the other side of customs. Good luck, Turner.”

The message ended. A separate text gave details on where they were staying and confirmations on their reservations.

The five man crew were all seated somewhat together on the plane, waiting for their turn to de-board. The crew consisted of two older, black men named James and Sterling. A younger black man named Reggie and a white man who looked to be the same age, named Paul. The last member of the crew was a sullen, older, white man named Olsen. Out of everyone on the crew, Olsen seemed the least excited about the trip.

Matt called the men’s attention as they stood and were beginning to shuffle towards the exit.

Some of the guys grumbled upon hearing the news about the change of plans. Most were just exhausted and only sought the comfort of sleeping in a prone position.

Stepping out into the airport for the first time, Matt finally beheld the reality of the Japan that he had mythologized for most of his life. It didn’t disappoint. He beheld a throng of short, black haired people flowing by him like they were being carried on a current, brightly lit neon signs above flawlessly manicured storefront displays, the smells of unfamiliar, yet enticing food aromas being cooked nearby and the ever present, tittering sound of an unfamiliar language being forced over the public address system, punctuated by charming jingles of brief musicality.

Everyone’s mouths hung agape, feeling somewhat intimidated by their complete illiteracy in this foreign land. Matt found the symbol for ‘Baggage Claim’ on a sign overhead and led the men forward.


Janice paced the empty floor of her apartment. In her arms, a purring feline nestled against her warm bosom.

Kendra had left earlier that day, after the two had returned from the airport. Before she left, Kendra made sure Janice was going to be ok.

Janice had nodded ‘yes’, but it wasn’t long after Kendra had driven away that she felt an overwhelming loneliness crash upon her. In her solitude, upon her bed, she wept openly and loudly. A concerned Bubsy pressed his furry body against her side, purring in a futile attempt to relieve her pain.

She sniffed away her runny nose as she traversed the straight line across the apartment from her bedroom to Matt’s bedroom, back and forth, slowly.

In the afternoon, she undressed and took a nap in Matt’s bed. Janice buried her face in his pillow and wrapped herself tightly in his sheets to surround herself with his scent.


Matt’s exhaustion from the long flight dulled his awareness to the two hour drive to the city of Kamakura. The rainy night only revealed highway streetlights and an endless, shifting array of tall lighted buildings crowded together as far as he could see.

The taxi pulled in front of a large, classy looking hotel in the heart of a bustling downtown district. The men were effortlessly checked in by the ultra polite concierges at the front desk and plodded to their rooms.

Opening the door to his hotel room, Matt was immediately shocked to find a space so compact, he thought he may have keçiören escort stumbled into a closet by mistake. The bed took up half of the available space in the small hotel room. The other half consisted of a small space to walk between the bed and a desk incorporated into the dividing wall of the bathroom.

Matt inspected the toilet in the tiny bathroom, cautiously. An array of buttons lined the perimeter of the seat, like the control panel of an appliance. Pressing one, he heard a whirring machine noise and watched a small wand appear from below the open ringed seat. The last thing Matt expected was a warm stream of water suddenly spraying him in the face. He sputtered, closing the lid and mashing the button again.

“Shit! Ok… I guess that’s for my ass.” he surmised, patting his head dry.

Matt’s belly grumbled, but he didn’t have the mental energy to go out into the strange new environment and attempt to find something to eat. Instead, he left his packed bags against the wall and crawled beneath the cool bedsheets of the firm bed.

The current time in Japan was 10:30 pm on a Sunday. Matt calculated the 13 hour time difference, determining that it was 9:30 am, Sunday morning for Janice.


Janice quietly sipped her morning coffee in the silent apartment. She left her robe open to her nudity, feeling the freedom of isolation.

Just then her phone rang: “Matty Calling”

Janice eagerly opened her phone and quickly activated the video call button.

Matt’s tired, but smiling face appeared on the screen.

“Hi, baby!” Janice squealed. “You made it!”

“I did! It took forever, but I’m finally here! You gotta see this room!”

Matt spun the phone camera around to show Janice the miniature dwelling.

“Oh my god!” Janice gasped. “Tell you don’t have to spend three months in that!”

Matt explained that he would only be here until the Home Office corrected their paperwork mistake, then they would be moving to their condominiums in the nearby city of Yokosuka.

“Mmm. I’m already missing you so much, baby.” Janice cooed. “…my kitty does too!”

“Aww! And I miss you, sweetheart.” Matt smiled. “Tell Bubsy that I miss him too.”

“I will…” Janice gave a coy smile over the screen. “but I was talking about this kitty!”

Matt beheld a blur of movement slide across the screen and suddenly Janice’s wet vagina came in to focus, filling the entire image space.

“Oh my fucking god!” Matt gasped. He barely resisted the urge to run his tongue across his phone screen.

A pair of dainty fingers appeared from the top of the screen and began softly rubbing the top portion of her dripping snatch. Matt could see her clitoris peeking through the gaps between her fingers. His cock began to expand in his boxers.

“Damn… I want to taste that gorgeous pussy so badly right now!” Matt breathed.

“Yes, baby!” he heard Janice’s voice say off camera. “I wish your mouth was right here! Sucking my clit… licking my pussy… making me feel soooo good!”

Matt was fumbling his erect dick out of his underwear one handed while Janice spoke.

“I love the taste of your wet twat. If I was there I would eat your pussy all night long.”

Janice moaned. “Oh! Baby!” Her fingers rotated around her clitoris in a rapid circle. Matt’s hand flew up and down the rigid shaft of his penis. “I also love your mouth here too…” she said, breathing deeply.

Matt’s eyes were riveted to his phone screen as he watched a field of white cloth overtake the display. Then an arm appeared and pulled the fabric aside.

Matt’s mouth couldn’t stop drooling when a portion of Janice’s incredibly huge, bare tits wobbled into the display. The depth of the camera lens struggled to keep both of her enormous breasts in frame. Instead, the camera focused on the activity of one hand. When Matt watched her tiny, outstretched fingers sink into the sumptuously soft flesh of her pale tits he could feel the preamble of a orgasm begin. He pulled his bedsheets down in a panicked haste.

“Oh god, baby! I’m about to bust a nut!” Matt cried.

“Show it to me!”

Matt pointed the view finder to his throbbing erection just seconds before it began lurching it’s pearl colored finale upon his abdomen.

He could hear Janice’s satisfied moans through the speaker as his dick continued to buck semen from it’s slitted crown.

When a warm puddle was all that remained, Matt turned the phone back to see Janice’s wide eyes and jaw hanging open.

“Damn…” she sighed. “I wish I was there to take care of that mess for you.”

“Me too, baby…” Matt continued to catch his breath.

“Well, honey. I’m sure you’re exhausted. Clean yourself up and get some sleep!”

“Bye, babe. Have a good day today.”

“Bye, love!”

Matt put down his phone and retrieved four sheets of tissue paper from the nearby dispenser.


Matt’s eyes sensed sunlight through his closed eyelids many hours later. kızılay escort

For a moment, the unfamiliar room sent a wave of panic through him before memory caught up to his awareness.

Matt curiously pulled the curtain aside next to his bed to see his surroundings in the light of day. Through the window, the vision he beheld suddenly made him feel further away from home than he had ever felt before:

Rising over eighty feet, peering over the tree line perhaps a quarter mile away was an enormous, white sculpture of a female saint transfixed in eternal meditation.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Matt to himself. The mystical object’s ‘larger than life’ presence resounded deeply in his consciousness.

Downstairs, in a dining area beside the lobby, breakfast was being served to a half dozen patrons scattered about the seating area. The two younger crew members, Reggie and Paul were seated, looking at the menu with disgusted wonder.

“What in the hell is a fermented soybean and why the hell would anyone eat it for breakfast?!”

“Yo, Reg. There’s a McDonald’s down the road.” said Paul, examining his phone screen for directions. “Let’s go get something normal.”

“That’ll work. You coming, boss man?”

Matt shook his head. “Naw… how bad could the food here be?”

“Yo… just look at it.” said Reggie, sliding the menu over to Matt. He looked down onto the image of a bed of rice, on top laid a pile of brown beans coated in a sticky looking, web-like glaze. The image certainly didn’t encourage his appetite.

“Oh…” said Matt with alarm.

Paul and Reggie laughed. “Yeah… enjoy, boss man.”

Matt found himself seated alone. After a friendly waitress took his breakfast order, Matt rose to serve himself a cup of coffee from the counter. He took a moment to observe the other patrons in the restaurant.

The majority of the people sat quietly by themselves, just like Matt and ate their meal in peace, occasionally glancing at a nearby phone screen, book or newspaper. Those patrons that were eating as a couple kept their conversational voices low out of respect to their fellow diners.

Matt had a seat again just as a plate was being slid before him: runny scrambled eggs, a small garden salad, a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of rice topped with the aforementioned fermented soybeans.

A disheveled looking Olsen sauntered into the cafe and took a quiet seat at the table beside Matt.

“Mornin'” the 60-something year old man muttered.

“Good morning, Olsen. Uhh… some of the guys found a McDonald’s down the street if this doesn’t look good.” said Matt referring to the tray in front of him.

Olsen yawned and waved his hand, dismissively. When the friendly waitress greeted Olsen, Matt was gobsmacked to hear the man return the greeting and then proceed to give his order in Japanese.

The woman bowed respectfully and quickly departed. Olsen looked up to see Matt’s surprised expression. “Yeah… I was stationed here for years when I was in the Navy.” A reminiscent smile crept across his face. “Had me a nice group of massage girls that just couldn’t get enough of me!”

Olsen leaned forward to speak to Matt quietly. “You ever wanna have some fun, I know places in Tokyo that’ll have you wanting to move here… although, you might not find many girls that fit YOUR particular preference.”

Matt cocked his head, curiously as he chewed his salad.

Olsen grinned. “Those two girls you were with in the airport… with the gigantic tits. Yeah… ya might have a hard time finding those types around here.”

Matt nodded as he swallowed. “It’s just as well… I’m not trying to fuck up what I have at home anyway.”

“Uhhh… If ya haven’t noticed… ” said Olsen with a malicious grin. “You’re a LONG way from home, friend.”


Janice had set her phone to display both her East coast time zone and Tokyo time zone. She sighed, seeing that it was the middle of the night where Matt was.

Janice hesitantly glanced to her bedroom corner to see the mountain of dirty clothes piling out of her hamper.

“Hey, Bubsy…” she called out to her resting cat. “Come keep me company in the basement while mama washes her clothes.”

Bubsy trotted behind Janice as she gingerly stepped down the stairs, carrying a large load of laundry and a bottle of detergent.

In the converted basement laundry space, she dumped her clothes in one of the washing machines and added the soap. Bubsy carefully inspected the new environment as Janice fed coins into the slot and activated the washing machine.

The machine sloshed as Janice brought Bubsy up to the counter to pet and nuzzle. A noise at the doorway behind her startled Janice. Turning around, she saw an older woman shuffling through the door carrying a load of laundry for herself.

“Oh! Hello!” the woman said, seeing Janice. “We’ve never met. Do you live here?”

“Yes.” smiled Janice. “I live up in apartment five. My name is-“

“Oh my!” kolej escort the woman exclaimed. “You’re the young woman on the top floor! Oh my dear… I’ve been so worried about you!”

Janice blinked in confusion.

“I’m sorry.” the woman shook her head. “I live right below you and… I couldn’t help but to hear you crying.”

Janice gasped “Oh my gosh… ma’am, I am so sorry you could hear me.”

“That’s alright, dear. I was only concerned because I was used to hearing much… happier sounds up there.”

Janice paled in embarrassment. “Oh… my god.” she breathed. “I am truly mortified.”

The woman laughed loudly. “Think nothing of it… I was young too once. I know what it’s like to have a wonderful love life…” her eyes looked wistfully at the floor. “I also know how hard it is to say ‘goodbye’ to it.”

“I… I’m Janice.”

“Gracie. Lovely to meet you, Janice! Who is your friend there?”

Janice smiled, picking up her cat. “This is Bubsy. Say ‘hi’ to Gracie, Bubs.”

“Aww!” Gracie gently pet Bubsy’s black, silky coat. “You would make good friends with my little furball. His name is Nathaniel and he is my number one joy now!”

The ladies chatted as their clothes sloshed in rhythmic syncopation.

“My John was a merchant marine.” said Gracie. “He would be gone for six months at a time. When he would come home we would make love every night until it was time for him to leave again. I would wait patiently for him every time.

Before long, he began to become distant when he was home too. Distant inside… you know? Then the sex eventually dwindled down to nothing and one day… one day he just stopped coming home.”

Janice gulped, feeling a lump form in her throat hearing her neighbor’s sad tale, feeling the snug fit the story felt on her.

The expression of worry on Janice’s face was plain and clear. Gracie clucked, placing a palm over Janice’s. “Oh! Don’t let a moaning old woman frighten you! I’m sure your fate won’t lead you to my sad end… hopefully. In fact, I have some helpful hints on how to pass the time while you’re on your own.”

“Like what?” Janice asked.

“Have you ever tried your hand at horticulture?” said Gracie. “Plants are wonderful listeners! They actually thrive when we speak to them!”

“Oh, that sounds lovely.” Janice smiled. “A little greenery around the apartment wouldn’t hurt anything.”

“No! In fact they make the air cleaner. Come to my place later! I’m in number three. I’ll give you a list of some kitty friendly plants to try. And bring your cute Mr. Bubsy with you to meet my Nathaniel.”


Janice parted ways with Gracie in the hallway. In her room, she dumped the clean clothes onto her bed to fold and stow. In the midst of her efforts she was surprised to receive a phone call from Matt.

“Baby! It’s like three in the morning there! Why are you awake?”

“I’m not used to this crazy jet lag.” Matt groaned over the speaker. “Plus… I miss hearing your voice.”

“I miss hearing you too, baby. Oh god! Speaking of ‘hearing’… I met the neighbor lady who lives below us. Guess who can hear everything that goes on up here?”

“Oh shit!” Matt couldn’t help chucking. “Maybe we should blare some music while we do it from now on.”

“Yeah… well, how was your first day out there?”

“Oh, it was so much fun! I spent the whole day walking around downtown Kamakura, looking at all the shops and restaurants and bars. Janice, there are bars stacked on top of each other over here! Oh, and the convenience stores are incredible: so much delicious food! And the people are so nice here too. I guess they don’t see a lot of Americans this time of year. I didn’t see any other American looking people the whole day. Tomorrow I’m going to be brave and learn to ride the train and hopefully find some temples nearby to explore.”

“Wow!” Janice said, hoping to not sound as sad as she felt. “You sound like you’re having a lot of fun.”

“Yeah…” Matt sighed. “But everywhere I go and everything I see… the first thing I think about is how much better it would be with you beside me.”

“Matty… ” Janice whimpered. “I want you to have fun. I don’t want you to always be sad that I’m not with you. That’s why I stopped you from saying what you wanted to say in the airport. You should be free to live your life without being shackled to a chain that stretches half way across the globe.”

“Janice…” Matt said quietly. “It isn’t a chain… it’s a lifeline. You’re keeping me going out here. Keeping my mind focused on doing my job and coming home to you… because I do love you, Janice.”

“I love you, Matty.” she replied through streaming tears.

Janice heard a slight chuckle. “And when I do get home… our neighbor better invest in some earplugs.”


Later that week, Janice stood at her work cubicle, placing her personal affects in a box, ready to move on to her new office on the seventh floor once her weekend work conference was over.

“Hey, mamsita!” Janice heard her friend’s voice behind her. Janice turned to see Kendra carrying her own moving box. “You ready to shake your tail feathers with me in MIAMI!?”

Janice grinned. “Almost! I think a good distraction, like this trip, is going to be just what I need!”

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