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Subject: The UPS Delivery Man [Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between actual events and the events in this story or the characters in this story are purely coincidental. This story involves descriptions of unsafe sexual acts between men for the purpose of erotic fantasy and is not intended to condone such acts. If you are underage or homoerotic material is otherwise illegal in your area, please do not continue. Author retains copyright; do not duplicate this story without the express written consent by the author. Comments and suggestions are welcomed by the author ail. The author resides in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area.] — Please help to keep this important forum up and functioning–your donations are valued and fty/donate.html Thank you! ============================================================================= The UPS Delivery Man I was just getting out of the shower in the late afternoon when I heard a knock at my front door. I immediately thought about a pending delivery for a sterling silver ring I had ordered, and I wrapped myself up in a fluffy bath robe, when the doorbell sounded. “Persistent,” I thought to myself. I went out onto the enclosed porch, and peeked through the side window, there was a delivery man standing on the steps, with a small package. I opened the door about a quarter of the way. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” I said, “I was in the shower.” “Oh, no worries sir,” the man said, “It’s just that I have to certify the delivery for this package.” He scanned it with a handheld scanner and handed the package to me. “Thank you,” I said and pulled back slightly, intending to shut the door. “This is a 55+ aged restricted community, isn’t it?” The delivery man asked. I smiled a little and said, “We prefer the term ‘aged privileged.'” “Got it,” he smiled, “You don’t look old enough to live here. This looks like a real nice community,” While he was saying that he reached down with his right hand, and his index finger traced up along the zipper of his pants, and stopped at the top of the zipper. Almost involuntarily, I felt myself smile a little; such a overt pass being made at me, and on my front steps no less! But, it felt nice too, it had kocaeli escort been a long while since anyone had expressed any interest in me and I was rapidly becoming intrigued. I gazed at the man for a few moments; while not handsome, not in the conventional sense, he had pleasant, regular features, thinning blond hair, hazel eyes, was clean shaven and there was a tuft of chest hair just peeking out at the top of his shirt. He appeared to be on the wrong side of 50, with some crinkles at the corners of his eyes and some lines around his mouth and some creases in his forehead. He removed his hand from his zipper, and stood quietly. “Um…” I tried to portray an air of normality and calmness, “If you’d like to talk about living here yourself, you can come in if you’d like?” I opened the door further and stepped back. The man mounted the last stair and entered the porch. “Is your truck okay?” I asked, looking out to the street. “It’s locked up tight, besides, this is a safe neighborhood.” “Okay,” I replied, “Please come through here,” and I led the way into the house. We stopped in the living room, and the man looked around. “Wow,” he said, “I had no idea these mobile homes were so great looking inside.” “We don’t call them ‘mobile homes,'” I said, “The correct term for any home built after 1976 is ‘manufactured home.'” “Oh, I see,” he said. “Although,” I continued cheerfully, “We sometimes refer to them ourselves as cardboard castles, but we don’t allow others to run them down.” He laughed at that, and held out his hand, “I’m Derek.” I took his hand, “I’m Ryck.” Derek released my hand, and his hand went back down to his zipper. I smiled and looked down, pointedly, and asked “Is there a problem down there?” Derek flushed a little, “Um…I guess…I mean…you’re pretty cute and I just thought…” his voice trailed off. “I’m open to possibilities,” I said, trying to encourage him, without seeming too eager or desperate. “I don’t have much time, have to get back onto my route…and I’ll tell you right up front oral doesn’t do all that much for me,” Derek said hurriedly. “Got it,” I responded, “I’m fine with bottoming, if you will go easy on me at first.” “Sure,” Derek said, “I’m good with that. Also, going bare is something kocaeli escort bayan I like doing, if you’re okay with it.” “Bedroom is this way,” I pointed and then led the way. Once in the bedroom, I turned down my bed, and then stepped into the bathroom and brought a couple of towels, and spread them on the bottom sheet. Derek began removing his clothes, starting with this boots and socks. I walked over to my computer, and pulled up the latest lab results from my annual physical which was about two weeks ago. I motioned Derek, now clad only in tight fitting briefs, over to my computer screen, and I pointed out the STD panel results; negative for everything and I was HIV- as well. I also mentioned I was on Prep. “Thanks for sharing that,” Derek said, and he walked over to his pants that he had folded neatly and left on a stool, and brought back over a yellow slip of paper, which turned out to be lab results, dated about a month back. He was also HIV-. So, having established we were going to be barebacking, I opened the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube, while leaving the condoms there, and I tossed the lube on the bed. Derek pulled off his briefs, and I removed my robe and hung it up on its hook in the bathroom. Derek was standing by the bed, with a very stiff erection. His cock was cut, fairly thick I estimated, and about 7″ long. His scrotum was fairly tight, with what looked like nice-sized balls held inside them. “Wow,” Derek breathed, “You really have a nice ass.” “Thanks,” I said quietly, “I know you don’t have much time, what position works best for you?” “Face down, legs spread, gets me off pretty quick,” Derek said, “The deeper I can go, the better–but I promise I’ll go slow at first, I don’t want to hurt you.” I moved onto the bed, and turned on my stomach, and laid my head on my folded arms. I spread my legs to give Derek easy access. I heard the bottle of the lube pop open, and listened as Derek lubricated his cock, then I felt his fingers in the crack of my ass, and they slipped downwards to my opening. One finger probed inside of me, then two, then a third. I felt more lube being drizzled down his fingers, which he then pushed up inside of me as much as he could. “You ready?” Derek izmit escort asked. I nodded, and then said “Yes, go ahead.” Derek lowered his body downwards, and I felt him maneuvering the head of his cock towards my hole. I pressed backwards a little, then felt the head of his dick push inside a little. There was a slight burning sensation, then Derek pushed a bit more, sliding himself inside of me a bit more. Soon, using some back and forth thrusting motions, Derek was fully seated inside of me. I felt some discomfort flare up a bit as he started to thrust, but soon that faded, and Derek, feeling me starting to relax, began to thrust a bit more deeply, establishing a steady rhythm. Derek varied the pace a little, thrusting in at times as deeply as he could, then using shallower movements, so I feel the head of his cock almost slipping out of my ass. His hands were on either side of my hips, holding me in place. Derek’s thrusting became deeper, more insistent, and I could feel his body tensing up ahead of his climax. Soon, almost too soon, I could tell he was reaching the point of no return. “I’m gonna, gonna..” Derek gasped incoherently. “Give it to me,” I urged him, keeping my legs spread and my hips as still as I could so as not to disturb him. Derek gasped and paused for a moment, I could feel his cock throbbing, then he resumed thrusting, slowing down and sighing as his cock released its load inside of me. I could feel his cock become slippery, as it softened. Finally, Derek sighed and I felt his body relaxing on top of me. We rested for a few moments, before his cock slipped out of me altogether, and I felt a small spurt of fluids leak out of my hole, which, from the feel of it, was gaping just a bit. Derek stood, and I also rolled out of the bed, and showed him into the bathroom, gave him a wash cloth and a hand towel to clean up with, and I got cleaned up as well. I put my robe back on, and Derek got back into his clothes, and we headed back to the living room. Derek stood facing me at the door, and leaned in and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek. “Thanks,” he said, “That was fantastic. Can I see you again?” “Sure thing,” I said, “I’d really like that. Be careful out there, and keep safe.” I saw him out through the porch door, and watched from the window as his truck pulled away from the curb. Will I see him again? Maybe, maybe not. I hope so. ~Finis~ =============================================================================

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