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Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XLVIII Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. fty/donate.html Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations accurate. There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. Just a reminder that the story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XLVIII [email protected] I looked at Jake as Keith closed the door quietly, we both had a slight smile and Jake said . . . . “I’m happy Ethan doesn’t have a `headache’ and I’m sure `everything’ will be fine tonight” . . . . Kyle poked me and said . . . . “Dads, you talk in the morning go sleep now.” . . . . Jake had a very slight smile with his arm around Justin … who was already asleep. The night was calm the bedroom was cool and soon I had drifted off to some beautiful island all curled up around Kyle. Perhaps it was the hectic day we had or the sleepless night before Keith arrived but whatever Jake and I were so exhausted that this night was a blur and soon it was the beginning of a new day. The sun was casting a golden spotlight on Justin; my arms tightly wrapped around Kyle and Jake was, I assume, in the kitchen having his first cup of coffee. I didn’t move, I lie still just holding Kyle and watching Justin bathed in the morning sun. It is not often I get the pleasure to, alone, watch our little boys sleep. My mind was going from one picture of these two rug-rats to another; it was snap shots of the past months. In one moment, they were in our laps quietly listening to a story, the next they were naked waving at passing boats, and in a flash diving like little dolphins. Justin had moved closer to his brother and half asleep with one finger tracing Kyle’s eyes and nose. I felt Kyle as he began to wake and stretch then ever so gently Kyle reached and put his arm around Justin, the two boys now lying face to face with foreheads touching they appeared as a mirror image. It was in fact a mirror image in more than one way; it was so plain to see the love they have for each other, not only could you see their love but you could feel it. The door opened and the calm, this beautiful moment was broken by . . . . “Pancakes, bacon and eggs, lets go! Oh, and put clothes on!” … Thanks Jake …. I think I could have hit Jake for ruining the moment. Rug-rats were awake, fully awake, and after a solid sleep, they were “true rug-rats” pulling and pushing at me till I nearly fell out of bed. Ahhhh, they were gone and it was the sound of `pee’ lots of pee. I had to laugh at my thought …. I wonder which one could pee longer, or further? Justin and Kyle were at the table before me along with Jake who was now on his second cup of coffee and sipping it like it was some expensive and exotic brew that cost $50.00 an ounce. Keith handed me a nice hot cup of tea that looked about as dark as Jake’s coffee and tasted pretty darn good. I’m really liking this Keith kid. Ethan came over and stood by me for a minute. His hand was on my shoulder as he said . . . . “everything; was so good last night and I just wanted to let you and Jake to know.” . . . . it was the way he said `everything’ and that little devious smile that went right along with the word. Jake looked at me and winked. … Pancakes and bacon were if front of Kyle and Justin and they were in their own little world. They were not paying any attention to what was going on between Keith, Ethan, me and Jake. I mention what was going on between Keith and Ethan because something was definitely going on when Jake pointed to Keith’s hand on Ethan’s butt. Ethan slid a big plate of eggs, bacon and pancakes in front of Jake and me and Keith was attentively pouring more tea and coffee. The smiles on their faces were a dead giveaway that obviously something happened during the night. I couldn’t help myself and asked . . . . “So Keith did you and Ethan sleep Ok last night? Did you find `everything’ you needed, you know like shampoo, soap and towels and “stuff”? Jake kicked my leg, rather hard, and handed me the syrup along with a look that said “mind your own business”. …….. Ethan smiled and said . . . . “We found all that stuff, `everything’, and we really had a hot shower too.” . . . . hmmmm, Peter bursa escort and I used to have some hot showers. Now as bad as it may seem for me to be looking, but seriously … that Keith kid could definitely make a shower hot. …….. Jake looked at me like he was reading my mind and … damn another kick and that kick hurt. We all enjoyed our breakfast and decided what we wanted to do for the day. Kyle and Justin wanted to go over to the pool and that was like an open invitation for Ethan and Keith. The pool it was; actually, it was a good idea we all needed the exercise and Jake and I decided we were going to make it a family outing. Problem; Keith didn’t have a swimsuit … Ethan said . . . . “no problem he can wear one of mine.” Keith and Ethan were down the hall in a split second. Geeeeze, … Keith stepped out of Ethan’s bedroom in a pair of Ethan’s sexy patchwork brief swimsuits, 1 size to small for Keith. Jake and I were taking our time looking at the fit when Kyle said . . . . “Nope, to tight go change.” . . . . we all were laughing as, smartass teen, Ethan handed Keith another pair. Ahhhh, much better a nice, yes sexy, but good fit pair of Speedo trainers in a poly mesh; poly mesh? Oh, all the better to see you. You could see that there was something in there but not to the point that it left nothing to the imagination. Personally, I liked the other pair. Hot! With breakfast dishes done and kitchen cleaned it was off to the pool. The pool brought an increase in heart rate for both Jake and I and Jake needs to be very careful, we don’t need another trip to the emergency room. We all were in the changing room, even the rug-rats. Ethan and Keith pulled their tee-shirts off and just dropped their shorts and boxers and hot damn if they just took their time folding everything neatly as they placed each piece of clothing in their locker. We were alone in the locker room and Kyle and Justin were already in sexy cute Speedos just standing impatiently looking directly at Keith and Ethan. I swear Ethan and Keith knew they were being watched and were purposely taking their time almost like a little show. One thing became apparently clear and that was that Kyle and Justin were checking out the differences between Keith and Ethan in a certain area. So was I. Jake told the rug-rats to go take the mandatory shower before going in the pool; as they turned, we noticed that Kyle and Justin both had a very easy to see outline of their slightly enlarged little penises. The rug-rats ran to the shower but never took their eyes off Keith and Ethan … ok, neither did Jake or I. Justin and Kyle ran back to stand right where they were before and Keith and Ethan were just about to step into their Speedos when Kyle, big mouth, asked . . . . “Keith how come you gots no hair there? Ethan does.” as he was pointing to just above Keith’s penis. Jake and I were in our swim suits and Jake was about to have a fit and told Justin and Kyle . . . . “Pool now you two, and if there is no one in the shallow end get the ball.” . . . . fortunately, that worked and the rug-rats were gone. Jake looked at the Ethan and Keith and said . . . . “you 2 take cold showers before coming out to the pool it will help relax the muscles.” Now we all know a penis isn’t a muscle but Ethan and Keith with their smiles got the hint. Jake was being funny because we noticed that both teens were a little inflated. The pool was great and after playing a game of water tag Justin, Ethan, Kyle, and Keith swam laps. Jake and I just watched and were so proud of Justin and Kyle as they did a great keeping up with Keith and Ethan as they pushed the rug-rats faster and faster. Kevin came by and watched the boys and had a bunch of questions about Keith and Ethan. It all became very obvious that he liked what he saw; not only as prospective members of the Junior swim team but because these were 2 amazingly good-looking teen boys; and if there is one thing that Kevin likes it’s teen boys. Kevin asked Jake and I to join him for coffee in the office, and we both knew what was on his mind. We ran in the locker room rinsed, and changed into shorts and tee-shirts and headed to meet Kevin in the office. On the way we told Ethan and Keith to watch Justin and Kyle carefully and No bursa escort bayan Diving from the high board. Rug-rats no more than 3 meters and without Jake and I there not more than 5 meters for Keith and Ethan. Now you would think that was a reasonable request but, … I thought all 4 boys were going to throw a temper tantrum. Jake had a fix for that and said . . . “Ok, ok, just go shower and change and sit on the bench and wait for Kori and me!” . . . . . All of a sudden it was smiles and ….. “Ok, we’ll be good, nothing high.” …….. Jake and I walked off to Kevin’s office that had a huge window looking out on the pool so we could keep an eye our motley crew. Kevin was just so damn nice and excited to see Jake and I; yeah right. Kevin is smart and knows talent when he sees it and having the best in swim teams is his job; and that includes not only the undergraduate swimmers at the university but also the juniors in all 3 levels. Kevin knows that his juniors will be the future swim team members representing Yale in state, regional, and perhaps Olympic competitions. The questions started, who are the two teens? How old? Have they swum competitively? …… Jake interrupted . . . . “Kevin we’ve know each other for some time now so just cut to the chase and say that you want to see them swim.” . . . . Kevin was all smiles and his stopwatch was already in his hand …. but, Jake stopped him and said ……….. “Kevin, Ethan and Keith are both 16. Ethan goes to Notre Dame High and Keith goes to East Catholic and that will present a problem for you because they are not here at University School.” . . . . Oh, Kevin is quick and said . . . . “Well, let’s see them swim.” …….. We all went out to the pool and Kevin asked the boys to just swim out half the pool length and return with no particular stroke. Jake and I knew what he was doing … he was checking out their body posture in motion. The boys returned and Kevin said . . . . “Hey you know you 2 boys look pretty good how about a timed lap?” . . . . Well, Keith and Ethan are 16 and that sounded to them like a challenge and no 16-year-old boy in their shape is going to turn down a challenge by some middle-aged swim coach. (good thing Kevin couldn’t read their minds about middle-aged) …… The boys were up on the starting block in seconds, Kevin blew the whistle ……… Ethan and Keith hit the water at the same time. Rug-rats where cheering every second, Keith and Ethan may have been best friends as they left the block but they were mortal enemies when they hit the water. Ethan was almost a heads length at halfway and that only brought Keith to work harder and at the turn they were neck and neck. Keith was swimming without effort as if he was in another world and pulling away from Ethan. We could see Ethan when he took a quick glance at Keith now almost nearly a quarter length ahead. Jake, Kevin and I watched as these two boys swam as if they were in a competition for life itself. No two Olympic athletes ever put more into it than Ethan and Keith. Right now, at this moment, it was all or nothing for the boys and on the return at the halfway mark Ethan had gained almost every inch. Keith and Ethan were now neck and neck and pushing with every ounce of strength they had. It was Keith that touched the wall first but perhaps only because his arms are slightly longer than Ethan’s. The boys were all smiles and hugging each other they enjoyed the battle and who won wasn’t all that important because they really both won. Kevin looked at the stopwatch and had the biggest smile. He told Ethan and Keith to cool down. Justin and Kyle jumped in and swam and hugged Ethan and Keith and they all played in the pool while Jake and I joined Kevin back in his office. Kevin started . . . . “Well, Jake and Kori that was quite a show, both Ethan and Keith have real potential as competitive swimmers and I would love to have them on the junior swim team hear.” . . . . We reminded Kevin again, he must be a little forgetful, that Ethan goes to Notre Dame and Keith goes to East Catholic. Kevin said . . . . “Jake, Kori what if I invited the boys to make University school their school and gave them both a scholarship to school as well as the swim team?” . . . . escort bursa Whoa! … Seriously? Jake and I were looking at each other like `what just happened?’ Ethan and Keith must have really set a good time. …….. Jake said . . . . “Kevin you know that Ethan can go to University School if he wants because Kori and I are his guardian and actually soon to adopt him.” Kevin replied . . . . “I know Jake but you and Kori would still have some expenses but this way neither boy would have any expenses. Everything would be taken care of, a full ride for both of them but, there is this one little hitch, because the offer is for both not just one.” . . . . I looked at Jake and then I said . . . . “Kevin I need to talk to Jake alone if you don’t mind.” Jake and I stepped out of the Kevin’s office walked over to the edge of the pool and told the boys to shower and dress. All 4 boys headed for the locker room and Jake and I discussed that offer Kevin was making and decided that Kevin could present his idea to Ethan and Keith. Justin and Kyle were first out of the locker room and followed soon by Keith and then Ethan who was for some reason trying to adjust his shorts grabbing at the front and pockets. Anyway, we told the boys they had really done very well and Kevin wanted to talk to them. We all joined Kevin in the office and Kevin began . . . . “Ethan and Keith, you both were exciting to watch. Your time was on par and in some respects better than our team swimmers your age. Kori and Jake have explained that you both go to different high schools but I have a question for you.” The shoe was about to drop as Kevin continued …….. “How would you both like to go here at University School? I am making you both an offer that will include all tuition, supplies, computer, as well as membership fees and coaching if you both will accept the offer to join us here at University School and the swim team.” We had to remove Justin and Kyle because they wouldn’t get off Ethan and Kyle and were making so much noise. … Ethan and Keith were taken off guard and although they both had smiles didn’t answer right away. Keith looked at me like … is this real? … Should I answer then I said . . . . “Kevin, thank you for this awesome offer but I think both Ethan and Keith need to have some time and of course Keith has to speak with his parents.” Kevin understood and he already knew that the boys would need some time and for sure Keith could not make any commitment without his parents’ permission. We all thanked Kevin and were off to find some lunch and it was not going to be at the University dining hall. We left the University pool and headed for lunch at Louis’ Lunch for a nice quiet lunch. Kyle, Justin, Jake and I enjoyed our lunch but Ethan and Keith just picked at their burger and chips and didn’t really talk that much. We decided to spend the rest of afternoon going for a hike and order pizza for dinner. Jake and I left the boys to work through the offer without our influence. What Jake and I really wanted was for Keith and Ethan to accept the offer. The offer comes with so many perks like not only the remainder of their high school but also 4 years paid at whatever college within the Yale group they wanted. The afternoon, dinner and evening passed quickly and soon it was time for showers and bed. Jake and I again snatched Kyle and Justin so Ethan and Kyle could have some private time to themselves. Jake took the rug-rats for their shower and I walked down the hall to give the teens fresh towels. Ethan’s door was open but they had already gone for their shower on the bed was “the box” and I noticed the liquid silk and the dildo. I walked down to the bathroom door with the towels, it was open …….. Ethan and Keith were in the shower and through the frosted glass door I could plainly see two perfect teen bodies. Keith and Ethan were both erect and just as I turned, I could see Ethan as he kneeled ……… I left quietly allowing Keith and Ethan to enjoy the pleasure of the warm shower and each other. To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XLIX” The Podcast: https://jacoblionstories.podbean/ Now with an Audio podcast up and working for your enjoyment. Your questions will make the Podcast a success so please send your questions about this story to [email protected] Your Questions will be answered in upcoming Podcasts. *Please click the “Liked” word just under the “Play bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html …

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