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Subject: The Pleasure Boy Platoon Chapter 5 The Pleasure Boy Platoon Chapter 5 By GrizzlyDick Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting youth and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY!! They provide a wonderful service for all of us. I’ve been reading stories here for years and am grateful for the service they provide for me and my dick. Copyright 2021 GrizzlyDick, all rights reserved. You may contact me at [email protected] if you like. I welcome constructive feedback or suggestions. Chapter 5 Characters: Rick — Early 30s 5’9″, 200 pounds moderately hairy brown hair 10″x7″ uncut Tommy — 10, 4’6″, 85 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, 4″ erect, uncut. Introducing: Andrew — A soldier from another squad Dennis — Andrew’s boy A sneak peek at: Jim — Rick’s commanding officer Jeffrey and Jamal — Jim’s boys Rick’s donkey dick flopped and bounced as he got up and made his way to the bathroom. His little lover trailed behind him as he made his way to the toilet. The soldier lifted his arms up and placed his hands behind his head. Without a word, Tommy grabbed the thick slab of meat, pulled the foreskin back, and aimed it for the toilet bowl. Rick unleashed a powerful stream of golden piss into the toilet. Rick pissed and pissed and pissed, it seemed like minutes had passed. The stream subsided and the boy shook the man’s cock twice before bending down, sucking the head into his mouth and licking up any remaining piss. The man moaned and reached down to rub the boy’s brown hair as his dick grew a little in his sucking mouth. Tommy pulled off and looked up to the man. “Come on let’s get our teeth brushed and get ready for the day. Breakfast and then some swimmin’ right?” The soldier said. The boy nodded, smiling. Man and boy brushed their teeth and made their way to the living room area. In the night, the housekeeping drones had delivered a parcel containing a duffel bag of Tommy’s personal items. Tommy rooted around in the bag and pulled out a bottle of sunblock and his swim suit, a skimpy small speedo — light blue and almost see through. He slipped it on. Rick searched through his own duffle and found his swimming attire, also a speedo — emblazoned with the American flag. He stepped into it and pulled it up, his ass was accentuated by the stars and stripes and his thick hog of a cock bulged out, barely contained in the tight swimwear. The both of them slipped on some flipflops and made their way downstairs to the restaurant. In the old days, before the war, before the US military had taken over the place this must have been a resort, a playground, for Saudi princes. The place was a real luxury resort. The restaurant was bustling. Soldiers milling about in various states of dress and undress, trusted locals who viewed the American servicemen as liberators were working various stations — dressed in pressed crisp white and black uniforms. Rick and Tommy grabbed a plate and hit the breakfast buffet. They grabbed heaping helpings of omelettes, waffles, sausage, bacon, really everything and anything that was on display and chowed down in peace. After their meal, the two made their way out to one of the large outdoor pool areas. Though it was situated in the complex, it was made up like an artificial beach. Sun loungers placed upon an artificial beach around a large, artificial sea. The waves, generated by a wave machine lapped slowly and rhythmically. The pair grabbed two, fresh clean towels that smelled of bleach and laid them out on beach chairs close to the water. All around them, in the water, on the beach were men and boys some clothed and some naked, some frolicking in the water or on the sand, some fucking or sucking in the water or on the sand. It was a beautiful sight. Rick’s commanding officer, Jim, a gruff hairy man in his late 30s walked by naked as the day he was born, wearing a cockring his tight balls and 7 inches of thick erect cock bouncing in front of him as he walked. The man held a cigar in his chiseled jaw, and two chain leashes in either hand trailed behind him. At the other end of the leashes were two boys kneeling and crawling on all fours, who looked much younger than Tommy. One black and one white, both their little cocklets were locked up in a special chastity cage which had a removable attachment that went down below their balls and into their asses. Jim nodded at Rick and said “Mornin’ good day for some sun and fun, ain’t it?” “Yes sir it is. Nice boys ya got there.” “Thanks. Same to you. Both real submissive cockslaves. You know how I like having them locked up. They’re both eager to serve. Last night they were practically fighting over my dick. Though whichever one wasn’t working my cock was working my ass. I must have cum I don’t know six times. Anyway, I got to take them for walkies. Hope to see you around sometime, maybe we can arrange a swap.” Jim said, before moving on along the artificial beach. Tommy stared, eyes wide as şişli travesti saucers at the sight, as the man continued on along the beach, his two boys trailing behind him, heads down. “That’s Jeffrey and Jamal. They’re three grades below me, but their grades in Sex Ed class are through the roof.” “C’mere. Let’s get ya sunblocked up. Don’t want ya to burn.” Rick said, chuckling as he squirted a heavy dollop of creamy white sunblock into his hands and rubbing it in. Tommy stood in front of Rick and he rubbed the sunscreen in. Across the boy’s chest, his arms, down his legs, up his back and neck. “Lower your swimsuit. Let’s get them buns. In case it comes off.” Tommy dropped his speedo. Rick kneeled down behind the boy and spread his buttcheeks. Before he applied the sunblock, he had to get a taste of the boy’s ass. He sniffed and inhaled the scent of the boy before sliding his tongue between the valley. His tongue slithered across the boy’s tight pink pucker and slipped in. Tommy moaned, his little dick stiffening. Rick patted the boy on the ass and rubbed some sunblock in, coating the creamy white boy ass in sunscreen. Standing behind the boy, he reached down and fondled the boy’s hard boy nail and stroked it just a little, coating it in sunblock and giving the boy just a taste of pleasure. Tommy’s hips bucked slightly, instinctually trying to fuck the man’s hands. The soldier squeezed the boy’s little balls. “Pull `em up and turn around, let me get your face.” Rick said, in a fatherly tone. Tommy pulled up his speedo and turned to face Rick. The soldier smiled and placed the tube of sunscreen at his crotch, with one hand he lowered the boy to his knees. Rick moaned a fake sexual moan. “Uh uh oh uh uh ughhhhhhhh here it comes, son, close your eyes.” Rick moaned and splattered sunblock all over the boy’s smiling face and laughed as he reached down and rubbed it in. “Okay, stand up and do me now.” Rick commanded, handing the tube to the boy. Tommy reached up and coated the soldier in sunscreen. Rick pulled his speedos down and the boy, eager to return the favor, spread the man’s hairy ass cheeks apart and buried his face in the hot, hairy crevice. He ate the man’s ass deeply and passionately, his skilled tongue slid its way into the man’s hole as he stroked and tugged on the soldier’s inflating and dripping cock. Rick moaned, enjoying the pleasure and reminisced about days out on the lake with his own sons, where this was a regular occurrence before a nice day of fishing and father/son bonding. He pulled away and turned around, his cock nearly half hard and the foreskin retracted, throbbing up and down in front of the boy. Tommy leaned in to suck the head into his mouth, but Rick placed his hand on the boy’s head and held him back, shaking his head “no”. He grabbed the boy’s arm and pulled his hand up and rubbed it around his groin. “Let’s finish getting sunblocked up, we can play later.” Rick said. Tommy nodded and rubbed some sunblock in on the man’s crotch, working the cream in around his thick bush and hairy balls before reaching down to pull up Rick’s speedos. The soldier’s three-quarters erect cock bulged out long ago they would have said it bulged obscenely, but morals had changed a lot since then. It was almost an artistic beauty the way it was wrapped, contained by the American flag. Rick placed the tube of sunscreen with their towels on the sun lounger and he said to the boy “Last one in the water’s a buttlicker!” Before dashing off to the water. Tommy ran off behind him, almost catching up to him, but Rick jumped into the water first. “Uh oh… looks like you’re a buttlicker!” Rick said, chuckling. “Hey no fair! You had a head start!” Tommy protested “Um…did ya or did ya not just lick my butt? Do ya or do ya not LIKE lickin’ butt?” Rick asked, jokingly. “Uh yeah…that’s true. I did lick your butt and I do like licking butt….but….so do you!” Tommy said. “Huh. Ya got me there son.” Rick said, reaching over and picking the boy up, tossing him out further into the water. Tommy swam, giggling back to Rick. The two of them horsed around and played in the water. It reminded Rick so much of those peaceful dog days of summer back at home at the swimming hole with the boys. Rick swam under the boy and lifted him up on his shoulders, a move he liked to call “sea monster” with his sons. With Tommy on his shoulders, they walked around the pool, the waves coming slowly and steadily, the boy tugged at Rick’s hair gently and kicked his heels against the man’s chest and spurred him on like he was some horse. Rick whinnied and neighed as he trotted, playfully through the water. In this moment, though it was at some pleasure palace in the middle of the desert, in the middle of a warzone, Rick could almost believe he was at home. They played around in the water for what seemed like hours before Rick decided that it was time to get out. They made their way back to their towels. About six feet away from them, another soldier, from another squad had taken up residence on a sunlounger. He was a tall, young — early twenties, muscly black man. He lay on his back stark naked, beylikdüzü travesti with a white boy, about Tommy’s age, bouncing on his thick black cock. His swinging nuts bouncing up and slapping the boy’s ass with each pump. The black soldier moaned, his tongue lolling out as he fucked. Rick looked at Tommy and Tommy looked at Rick. They nodded to each other and walked over. “Hey nice boy ya got there.” Rick said The man glanced over and looked at Rick and Tommy, eyeing them up. “Unf…thanks…ugh…” He said between pumps. “Do ya mind if I suck his dick?” Rick asked “My boy will lick yours as you’re fuckin’.” “Sure.” The black man groaned. Rick placed his hand on Tommy’s shoulder and guided him down behind the boy, he pushed Tommy’s head down to the other boy’s ass, giving him a good view of the thick black pipe snaking its way in and out of the creamy boy butt and the man’s swinging nuts. Tommy began licking the other boy’s ass and the man’s cock. Tommy could taste the salty man and boy sweat and the boy’s ass juices. Rick knelt down and placed his lips on the boy’s two inch hard as a cut rock boy cock. He didn’t have to bob his head up and down at all, because the other soldier was pumping the boy’s cock in and out of Rick’s mouth. Tommy worked his tongue up and down, between the other boy’s cheeks, the man’s cock, and his balls which occasionally smacked him in the face. The boy who was getting fucked moaned loudly as Rick sucked. “Oh FUCK mister! Oh FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!” The boy cried out as his little boy dick pulsed and shook in Rick’s mouth. It was, of course, a drygasm. The black soldier moaned and groaned in ecstasy as the boy’s ass rings twitched and tightened around his fucking cock. He roared like a lion as he slammed the boy down on to his crotch as Tommy licked his balls. Tommy, with his balls-eye view counted as the man’s nuts spasmed. 14, 14 spurts of jizz into the boy butt, and not a drop leaked out of the tightly sealed hole. Rick pulled up, off the boy’s cock, and pulled Tommy up and away. “Thanks brother. Goddamnit that was hot. First time fuckin’ boy butt for me. I’m a traditionalist, only been with women, but damn I think this just made a boylover outta me.” The black man said. “My pleasure, bud. Glad to help out and make your first time a good one. I’m Rick by the way.” Rick said, extending a hand to shake. “And this here is Tommy.” “Nice to meet ya both. I’m Andrew and this is Dennis. Rick and Tommy, hope I see y’all around again sometime. I owe ya.” Andrew said. “Hope so too. Here we’re about to head out, but here, let me show ya something you’ll love.” Rick said, walking over to the boy who just got seeded deep. He lifted up and down on the boy’s shoulders, starting to bounce the boy up and down on Andrew’s still hard cock. “Dennis, fuck yourself up and down on his cock. Just because he came once, doesn’t mean you’re done. You’re not done until his balls are empty.” “Ohhhhhh fuck man. Goddamn.” Andrew moaned giving Rick a thumbs up. Rick and Tommy toweled off and gathered up their things, making their way back inside, they dropped their towels off in a hamper. “Come on let’s hit the sauna. I could use a good steam.” Rick said as the two made their way to the spa area. Man and boy walked through the spa where there were a series of hot tubs occupied by soldiers and their companions. Some just soaking and enjoying the hot water others passionately making out or fondling one another. Rick opened the door to a private sauna room and gestured for Tommy to head in first. He followed the boy in and closed the door behind him, after placing a small “do not disturb” sign on the handle. He wanted some private time, with just Tommy. Tommy stood in front of the bench as the soldier adjusted the temperature gage on the wall, the heater kicked on and Rick ladled some water over the coals. There was a satisfying sizzle as steam began to fill the room. “Undress me.” Rick commanded, pointing to his speedo. Tommy stepped forward and pulled the star spangled banner of the speedo down, Rick’s monster cock sprung out up and down like a diving board, slapping the boy in the face. The flag of his speedo was at half mast and Tommy leaned in and sucked the uncut head of Rick’s cock into his mouth. The boy kept pushing the swimsuit down as he pushed more of the soldier’s cock down his throat. The soldier moaned in pleasure and rubbed the back of the boy’s head as he stepped up and out of the speedo. The throat action felt good on his cock, but Rick pulled the boy’s mouth away and lifted the boy up, gripping his scantily clad ass and pulled him in for a kiss. He slithered his tongue down the boy’s throat as he squeezed the boy’s tight butt, peeling the speedo off. Rick sat the boy down on the wooden bench and ladled more water over the coals. The temperature was starting to rise quickly, a tentative sheen of sweat beginning to form on both their bodies as the cloud of steam filled the small chamber. “Now what’s this about ya bein’ a buttlicker?” Rick asked, caressing the boy’s smooth face, turning around so his ass was facing the boy. “Get in there and lick my butt.” istanbul travesti Tommy pried apart the man’s sweaty, hairy ass. He dove in and began licking. Between the salt water of the pool and the salty sweat it tasted amazing. Tommy worked his tongue up down and all around the man’s crack and across the hole. He pressed his lips to the soldier’s puckered asshole, like he was making out with it, and reached out with his tongue to slather his taint, the tippy top of his tongue just barely touching the man’s nuts, which were hanging lower in their sack because of the heat. Beads of sweat formed at the top of Rick’s ass and Tommy dutifully slicked up the crack to lick them up, his own sweat forming on his brow. Rick’s cock was nearly full mast and throbbing as he moaned in pleasure. Rick lay down on the bench, with his legs up in the air and his asshole exposed. He grabbed the boy’s head and mashed it in between his cheeks. The boy eagerly and dutifully licked the soldier’s ass. “Son, Daddy needs ya ta fuck him. Spit on that pecker and slide it up my butt.” Rick said, in a somewhat pleading tone. Tommy stood up, his 4 inches of uncut boy dick fully hard and spat on it. He guided his little boy dickie to the soldier’s spit and sweat covered asshole and pushed in with ease. It was hot and moist, a feeling Tommy had never felt before. Rick had, of course, had bigger cocks up his ass, but still he moaned out, as the boy’s cock bottomed out in his ass. The boy’s pubic bone pressed against the man’s cheeks. The boy started thrusting, slowly in and out. With each thrust, the small cockhead grazed the man’s prostate. A steady stream of precum oozed from the man’s cock as the boy fucked in and out. Tommy’s fucking reminded him kind of of the way a calf learns to walk shortly after birth, a little awkward and unsure at first, but he got the hang of it and found a pace that worked for him and his partner. “Oh Daddy. It feels soooooo good. My dick sliding in and out of your ass. Oh fuck!” Tommy moaned “Keep at it boy. Fuck your Daddy. Fuck him good.” Rick said, gripping his cock in his right hand slowly stroking it up and down, matching his fist movements to the boy’s thrusts. Tommy figured out how to almost fully pull out before sliding his cock balls deep back in. His tight little boy balls mashing against the man’s mature ass. Both of them were enjoying this so much. A face appeared at the window on the door, the man grinned and flashed a thumbs up before walking away. That was the thing about these places. You respected others and their experience here. You asked for permission to play with others and you respected a do not disturb sign. Tommy lifted Rick’s feet up and placed them on his shoulders as he fucked in and out of his hole. A glazed over look appeared on the boy’s face, Rick loved it as he stroked his cock with quickening speed, matching the boy’s thrusts still. “Come on, son, gimme that cock. Harder. Faster. I wanna feel ya boygasm up there. Gimme that dickie.” Rick growled Tommy’s thrusts increased in speed, quicker and quicker. Moaning and groaning. Rick took his hand away from his cock and just enjoyed the pounding he was getting from the boy. Tommy was pistoning in and out of Rick’s ass with lightning speed, something was building in Rick. He felt it in his prostate, that familiar feeling then all of a sudden. “OHHHH FUCKIN’ SHIT YEAH BOY. You’re fuckin’ a load outta your daddy. Oh goddamn yes!” Rick said as volley after volley of cum shot out of his cock and onto his hairy chest. Rick opened his mouth and even shot quite a bit of cum into his open mouth. Rick’s ass rings were twitching and spasming, the feeling was much too much for Tommy as he continued to thrust into the hot, wet hole. Suddenly he screamed out “OH DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! I’M CUMMING!” and his thrusting stopped as his boy cock throbbed and spasmed like crazy in the soldier’s hole, desperately trying to shoot the cum that just didn’t exist. The drygasm ravaged the boy’s body, he lost his footing and collapsed onto the man, his cock still buried four inches deep in his hole, his face planting firmly on the man’s cum covered stomach, panting. Rick pushed the boy back slightly, the boy’s cock slipping from his ass, and pulled him up and into a kiss. His cum from his belly on the boy’s face mixed with with the cum that had landed in his mouth. The two swapped the cum back and forth, as Rick’s hands roamed up and down the boy’s back, groping him. Rick broke the kiss and asked “First time fuckin’?” The boy nodded, no energy for words. “Not even with your daddy?” The boy shook his head no. “Well damn. I’m honored.” Rick said, pecking the boy on the lips. “Ya know, I’m all tuckered out. How’s about we head back up to the room and call your dad and let him know what just happened.” A jizz eating grin spread across both their faces, as they stood up and gathered their things and headed out of the small steam room, across the spa, and to the elevator. Thanks for reading, glad to have another chapter done in this story. Hope you enjoyed this one. Sorry it’s been awhile. This is my first attempt at a story. I hope it got your cock nice and hard and maybe you shot a load to it. I’ll start work on chapter 6 soon, where we’ll see a video call between Rick, Tommy, and Tommy’s dad. Open to constructive criticism. If you liked my story, feel free to shoot me an ail

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