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Subject: The Pandemic Houseguest Part 7 The Pandemic Houseguest Part Seven By Mitchell Conner Greetings readers. Thank you for the encouraging emails which keep me motivated to continue on with this story. I’m gratified by how much you’re enjoying this story. Comments keep me writing and are welcome � I haven’t written anything for fty in years and am suffering from cabin fever, so this is my Rx. If gay content, descriptions of hot gay sex, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don’t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age, stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes. Before I go on, let’s talk about Bob. Bob stays safe inside because it’s the right thing to do. Bob gets horny so he goes to fty to help with that problem by reading stories like this and others. Bob donates generously because it’s the right thing to do. Be like Bob. And on with the story. Part 6 ended with Jordan wearing a jock and standing in Dean’s office doorway. Refer to the end of Part 6 for a graphic description of young Jordan and when you calm down, come on back to Part 7. “It’s time, Dean,” he said. Jordan held my gaze as I struggled to think. “For… uhhh.. what?” “Working out! What do you think I mean” Jordan exclaimed none too innocently. “Do you usually wear that when you work out?” I questioned suspiciously. “Sure… but… uhh…” Jordan stammered, losing some of his usual bravado. “Maybe with some shorts on too?” “Yeah,” the boy admitted sheepishly, then, regaining his composure continued. “The coach says a jock is important for support.” “Well you’ve got plenty to support,” I pointed out, nodding towards the jock’s bursting pouch. “Do you… umm… like it? he asked, a bit of uncertainty in his voice as though seeking validation of his undeniable teen-boy beauty in the eyes of a mature man. “What do you think?” I questioned back, standing so that the prominent tent in my shorts was visible. Jordan smiled confidently as he came over to me at the desk. He gently but firmly pushed me back to sitting in my chair and sat astride my right leg, facing me. The sensation of skin on skin, of knowing the ass I’d worshiped this morning was on my legs made my cock twitch, a reaction obviously not lost on Jordan. “Do you like my jock, coach?” “Yes, boy, when did you get that… last year?” I volleyed back, going along with his role play for a moment. “Yes, coach. How did you know?” “I can tell. It doesn’t fit very well on a growing boy.” “I’m growing now, coach,” he said in a now huskier voice, moving my hand so that it was over the hard length of boy-cock obscenely stretching out the jock’s pouch. “So Jordan, this seems a little like some… well… some videos I’ve seen.” “Really?!” he innocently questioned. “What kind of video?” he continued with a put-on curious little boy voice. “Not the Disney Channel kind… or a cat one,” I responded, referencing his earlier sarcasm. “Is this the part where I’m supposed to bend you over the desk for a spanking and tell you that you’ve been a bad boy?” Jordan smiled seductively and toyed with me as he enthusiastically responded, “Yes coach; I’ve been a very bad boy.” “I like you too, Jordan, but you don’t have to…” “What?” he interrupted with an innocent smile. “You don’t have to act,” I stated. “Umm… who? Me?” he said, his bid for an Oscar now in shambles. “Yeah you. Porn isn’t real. What you’re feeling now that you’ve had an experience, that’s what’s real.” “Two experiences, thank you! Two fucking mind-blowing not-quite-fucking- yet experiences!” he exclaimed, giggling at himself for how he used `fucking’ in his description. “Jordan, I might be older than you but I remember what it was like after I’d done it with Devin. It was like everything I felt changed.” “I could hardly concentrate on school today because I kept thinking about last night… and this morning… now I know what it’s like. How great it feels. How much I want to do it again and again. I want to do more, Dean,” he said, his voice intense. “So it’s not like…?” I asked along with a hand jerking motion. “No! It was more… it was… everything… it was times a million,” he replied, then paused as his expression became serious. “This really sexy older guy told me that when you have feelings for someone it’s more than just sex. He’s sort of an idiot sometimes but I kinda like him,” he finished with his usual sarcastic gusto. “Have you ever thought that maybe that old man likes you back?” I tossed back at him.” “Of course he does!” Jordan announced as he stood up and twirled around, the jock-encased perfect ass-melons now inches away from my face. “How could he not enjoy this!” he bragged with a loud spank on his left cheek for emphasis. I stood up and smiled, enjoying the close-up view and sexy antics of my roomie with something extra. “Well if you really want a workout…” I paused upon seeing Jordan’s eyes light up at more possible porn dialogue. “A real workout�in the gym�put on some shorts `cause this jock is choking that big snake,” I concluded, squeezing his over-stuffed teen-cock-filled slightly damp jock-pouch and feeling it twitch in response. “Yes sir, coach!” he agreed with a snicker and a push of his groin deeper into my hand. “And no porn dialogue please! I’m kinda getting used to your usual smart- ass remarks,” I advised him as I reluctantly let go of the boy-snake. “Meow!” Jordan countered, no doubt in reference to his sarcastic cat video comment earlier today. He followed that with a sneak attack: a quick kiss with his lips pressed so hard into mine I had to grab the desk to remain standing. He pulled back from the smooch and covered his stretched-out jock with both hands as he smiled at me then turned and left. I just chuckled and shook my head at the boy as I fought to admit I was falling for him as hard as my seven-point-five-oh-er was. I have to admit I also smelled my hand and was rewarded with the heady scent of his pre- cum. A few minutes later Jordan joined me in the gym, shirtless, wearing what looked like gym-class cotton-worn-thin light gray shorts from his junior high days. I could tell from the wiggle in the front he’d ditched the jock. Jordan looked at me and cocked his head. I followed his gaze to my tank top as he folded his arms across his chest, as though waiting for a response. I looked down at my tank top, then up at Jordan, who shook his head `no.’ After a few days with this boy I knew surrender was the only option, so off it came. We started into an overall strength training routine similar to yesterday. Other than our brief attire it was the only similarity. Yesterday’s explorative sexual tension was replaced by a familiarity that comes from having been not just physically intimate, but emotionally. I enjoyed Jordan’s touch on various parts my musculature as he asked intelligent questions about the form, function and effect of various exercises. I equally enjoyed touching Jordan and it was obvious from the tent in his shorts he enjoyed the feel of my hands. Even with the sexual energy it was comfortable being close to Jordan, working out and chatting. I felt like something missing was going back into place. “Can I tell you something, Dean?” he asked tentatively as he was leaning over me, spotting my bench press. “Sure Jordan, what is it?” I asked, trying to concentrate on the conversation instead of his flat smooth abs bordered by cum-gutters and topped with perky little pink nipples on that sweat-shiny bare chest. “When I first found out my mom wanted me to stay with you I was really excited.” “Oh?” I pondered. “Yeah, then I got scared, but not just for my mom,” he explained. “What were you scared of?” “Please don’t laugh,” he requested, like a little boy frightened of being embarrassed. “I promise.” “I was scared you wouldn’t let me stay here… wouldn’t like me,” he admitted in an unsteady quiet voice. “Of course I’d let you stay here,” I reassured him. “And…?” he pushed. “And of course I like you, Jordan.” Jordan smiled down at me upon being validated then spoke. “You remember that time you came over for dinner and I `accidently’ came out wearing only underwear?” “Of course I do! You looked mighty surprised to see me when you turned around in those tighty-whities,” I blurted out as the memory came vividly to mind. “You remember the color of my undies?” “Umm… yeah… of course I do,” I replied, caught in my pervy admission. I clearly recalled my first glimpse of his tight white cotton encased perfectly round teen-boy ass and then the well-filled front as he turned around and discovered I was standing there mentally scanning the beautiful boy standing in front of me. I’d gone home that night and jerked off to that visual, then chastised myself for going down the dangerous `neighbor kid’ road. I felt my cock twitch as the little head’s memory made me plump up a bit. “Umm… so Dean… it was uhh… not an accident,” he stammered in explanation. “What?!” I exclaimed, surprised. “I was trying to get some kinda reaction out of you. I wanted you to see me. I umm… wanted you to want me. I hoped you wanted me… but you were just so fucking sweet about it. Didn’t do anything about it, or say anything creepy or make me feel stupid. Just laughed along like it was no big deal for me to accidently come out in my underwear. “Yeah… well…” I stumbled for a reply. “Made me like you… want you even more,” he said warmly. “Any other confessions while I have you at your weakest?” I ventured, looking into his sexy hazel eyes. “Weakest?!” he exclaimed, his eyebrows raised, then furrowed evilly as he leaned down, grabbed both nipples on my sweaty muscular chest and gave them a twist. “Ahhhhhh!” I responded as the pain hit, then “Ohhhh…” I added as a jolt went down to my hardening cock. “Now who’s weak?!” Jordan cried out triumphantly. “Okay! Okay!” I surrendered to his proclamation of superiority. I lifted my head to see exactly how much I’d reacted down below and could just see my knees around the large tent in my shorts. I lowered my head back to the bench and looked up to see Jordan smiling, savoring both his victory and being the cause of my hard-on. “So… any other confessions,” I inquired as I crossed my arms to protect my prominent still-stinging nipples. “Well… there was that time I…umm…” he started to explain like a guilty little boy. “Go on,” I requested. “It was the time I wore only these shorts to do some yardwork for my mom,” he admitted. “I thought I recognized these,” I said, adding, “not that there’s much of them to remember.” “So you do remember?” Jordan probed hopefully. “Jordan, you’re the only fifteen-your-old-boy neighbor I have, along with the fact that you’re… well… memorable,” I explained poorly. Jordan screwed up his face at my clumsy acknowledgement and continued. “But you never said anything to me… or even tried to do something…” he questioned, as though I somehow never noticed him. “Jordan… that would’ve been wrong.” “But I wanted you so bad,” he murmured under his breath. “Aww… Jordan… I didn’t know,” I explained. “Even if I did know, I’d probably still have done nothing.” “Nothing!? Like last night nothing!? This morning nothing?” “Jordan!” I exclaimed, surprised at how forceful it came out. “Last night, this morning, were…” I started. “You better say something like `amazing’ or `incredible’ or konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort I’m gonna be pissed off,” Jordan said menacingly. “Like times a million?” I offered hopefully. Jordan seemed to jump and rotate in the air as he moved around the bench and threw himself on top of me, his arms burrowing under me, his head nestling into the crook of my neck as I was pulled into a hug. His rapid breath caressed my ear and his sweaty chest on mine felt heavenly. “I knew it,” he said happily. “I’m not crushing on you cause it’s the end of the world and you’re the only thing with a dick. A big juicy one hanging from a sexy muscle daddy who’s handsome as hell. But you know… we both know… it’s… “Times a million” we whispered to each other in unison. Time froze as we held each other. Feelings from my past swirled around me like friendly ghosts as I realized what was happening. “Jordan…” I started, daring to break the spell. A phone started blaring out Lady Gaga’s `Born That Way” from the other room. “It’s my mom. I better get that,” Jordan said, raising his head to look in my eyes. “Yeah.” “What were you going to say, Dean?” “Better answer that,” I insisted. “Okay…” he responded, a questioning smile indicating he was fully aware of me obviously chickening out on finishing whatever sentence I’d been starting on. `Was I going to say that?’ I started to ponder then avoided further thought in the empty cavern that once held my rational brain. As I walked through the living room I overheard Jordan and Judy on their video call. “…and Dean’s showing me how to work out!” Jordan exclaimed to his mom. “You look very strong honey, but don’t overdo it. Dean, if you can hear me: you break him, you buy him!” “Mom! You can’t sell me!” “You’re right son, I’m sorry, what am I thinking,” she admitted then added, “What could I get for a dollar these days anyway!” “Mommmmm,” Jordan whined. “Miss me?” Judy inquired. “Yeah,” Jordan replied like a lost little boy. I left them some privacy, happy for their closeness, and continued to the kitchen. I hoped dinner would take my mind off all the thoughts swirling in my head, but my inner voice wouldn’t let it rest. I thought about Jordan telling me how he felt after last night and this morning. It reminded me of how I felt after I started playing around with Devin. It was like we’d been allowed to join a secret society. I now saw sex everywhere. I noticed how men looked at women, their stares at breasts and butts. I also saw how some men would look at other men, or even boys when I caught one licking his lips after Devin walked by him. If I thought I’d been constantly horny before Devin and I became intimate, it was like comparing a campfire to an atomic bomb. Yes, Jordan’s sexual genie had been let out of the bottle and it was never going back in. As I cut up the ingredients for my go-to signature spaghetti dinner I tried to get a grip on how I was going to honor my in-the-heat-of-passion promise and handle the five-foot-six-inch newly uncorked teen who’d invaded my home and was now knocking on my heart. It slowly dawned on me, because I get dense around gorgeous males, that I was still treating Jordan as the cute kid next door. I’d put him into that place so I didn’t have to deal with the temptation I’d given into this morning, and oh yeah, last night too. Then I realized: he’s not a kid. Jordan was full of energy, sarcasm, playfulness and attitude, but boyishness is a quality, not a measure of the maturity he’d shown me in bravely baring his desires�so to speak�for me. I needed to up my game and give Jordan the respect and be willing to consider really being with him like I’d inadvertently promised in bed. Any uncertainness was on me and I needed to clear it up. As I got everything simmering and boiling on the stove I mulled over how exactly I was going to do that. When I finished preparing dinner I turned around to find Jordan leaning against the counter, arms across his bare chest, looking at me with a warm smile. The ends of his mouth then curled up even more as he unleashed yet another zinger. “Look at you cooking dinner. You’re gonna make someone a fine husband someday,” he announced then broke into a giggle. There was nothing I could do except go along with it and give the smartass a chuckle. We were both hungry from our workout and while I ate and chewed my fod, Jordan inhaled his. “Raf has a daddy,” my young friend broke the silence with a bluntness only a teen could muster. “Umm… uhh… really?” I managed to get out without choking on a mouthful of food. “Yeah. He’s had sex with a lot of guys,” he said matter-of-factly. “He even introduced me to some of them. One of them hit on me when Raf wasn’t in the room.” “Wow! Not cool,” I responded. “Yeah I know. Complete ass,” he agreed, adding, “No little Jordan for that loser.” I had to chuckle at his reference. “What?” “You’re not exactly little, Jordan,” I explained. “Umm… yeah… okay, I know but it always seems like bragging when a guy starts talking about how big his dick is.” “That’s an excellent observation, Jordan, but you are actually bigger than average�especially for your age,” I let him know, impressed with his maturely casual way of dealing with an oversized pride and joy. “You really think so?” he asked, basking in being told he was endowed. “Yes,” I assured him, enjoying dispensing a verbal stroke on something I’m sure he’d prefer a physical one. “I only found out in junior high. I remember the first day of gym when we had to shower after class. It got all quiet when I walked in and then I realized they were staring at my cock. I felt like a complete freak!” he explained. “After class this guy Steven came up to me and I thought he was gonna give me shit over what happened in the showers. Then he says `Dude, everybody was looking at you cause you’re hung!'” “Actually… it felt kinda cool not to be as short there as I am here,” he explained, looking down at his groin then up to a hand held at head level to indicate his height. “Steve and I ended up… umm…” he started then stopped. I waited to give him time and see if he wanted to continue his true confessions. “We… umm… jerked off together a few times. Then ended up jerking each other off. Then we stopped cause he kept talking about how he wondered if pussy felt tight like my hand on his cock. Soon as he said pussy my dick turned into a marshmallow. It’s cool though, we’re still friends at school. Always says `How’s it hanging?’ when he sees me like it’s our private little joke.” “Thanks Jordan,” I said, as much for sharing as in confirmation that he has no interest in girls. “For what?” “For trusting me,” I replied. “Dean. We’ve seen each other naked. You’ve had my caw… well, umm… we’ve already shared quite a bit.” “You’ve got me there,” I admitted. “Where else am I gonna get you, Dean?” he asked directly, looking into my eyes. I smiled at him not to put him off, but because of the genuinely overpowering affection I felt for him at that moment. “Come on, let’s get these dishes cleaned up and then you can help me find something to watch on TV,” I said as I stood up. Jordan gave me a closed lip smile and a slight shake of the head as he acknowledged my non-answer and together we did our chores. “Can we watch a movie?” Jordan asked. “Sounds good, but I need a shower first,” I answered. “We both need a shower,” he pointed out then added, “can we do that later please?” I sensed a plan afoot but except for pitying anyone downwind of us there was no harm in agreeing. “Can you do me a favor tonight?” he queried. “What?” I came back, now a bit suspicious. “Let me pick the movie please?” “Have at it, but no horror movies or I’ll be awake all night,” I explained. “Okay little girl,” he snickered as I gave him the evil eye. With only a few clicks of the remote Jordan had pulled up `Call Me by Your Name’ from somewhere in the vast digital universe. Obviously he’d planned ahead. Perhaps the same muse that led me to select `Stand by Me’ had led Jordan to choose this film. It was like some kind of generational bookend. The fact that it depicted an older/younger sexual relationship was as obvious in purpose as the smug look on Jordan’s face when I glanced over him. “Okay?” he asked, already knowing the answer. “I’m not supposed to use that word. It’s fine,” I replied, getting in a little sarcastic dig of my own for once. Jordan gracefully let it slide as he obviously had bigger plans for playing the film. We started the movie sitting a few inches apart. By the time Elio and Oliver, the boy and the man, had their first sexual encounter Jordan was snuggled into my left side, his right arm holding onto my left, his head on my shoulder. Then it hit me. That intoxicating bittersweet scent of teen-boy sweat with one-hundred-percent of daily required inhale of endorphins and residual hormones going straight to the logical-decision-making part of my brain and rendering it absolutely inoperative. If I could bottle it I’d rule the world. Instead I just rubbed my chin and left cheek on his soft-blond hair like a cat making nice and wanting to be petted. My semi-hard cock definitely wanted to be petted, but I willed myself to pay attention to the movie out of courtesy for Jordan, who hugged into me a little tighter after I’d rubbed his head. I could follow the parts of the movie that most affected Jordan by listening for his accompanying happy and sad sighs. I’d seen the film twice and while it didn’t resonate with me as deeply as `Stand by Me’ it was taking on new meaning from watching it with this teen. At the end when Oliver calls and tells Elio that he’s going to get married I felt a shudder and looked at Jordan as a tear fell down his cheek. I turned around and pulled my romantic roomie in for a comforting hug. I waited silently while he felt what he needed to feel. “Did you like it?” he asked, seeking confirmation for more than just the movie as he pulled apart from our hug. “Yes. The part where the dad talked to Elio about his relationship with Oliver reminded me of Devin’s dad,” I related as a surge of emotional memory filled me. “Yeah,” Jordan said, along with a comforting grip on my arm. “I especially liked it because I watched it with you,” I added with a warm smile. “I think Oliver is so sexy, but I kinda hate him for what he did. It’s like he used Elio then ran off to get married to some girl. And I’d never fuck a girl just to figure it out if I’m gay because… well… I am,” he said, confident now in using the word. “A man and boy together like that can get complicated,” I observed. “Like Elio and Oliver, any man and boy, or…?” he probed, leaving off the `us’ at the end of his presumptively unfinished question. “Their relationship could never be equal,” I explain. “It’ll always be…” “…a man and a boy,” Jordan finished for me. “You don’t get it, do you Dean?” he stated more than asked, sounding a bit exasperated then continued without waiting for an answer. “Of course it’s not equal. That’s why Elio wants to be with Oliver. He likes being the boy! He wants to be the boy with the man!” he announced excitedly, eyes bright with astounding insight, obviously describing how he felt about us. While I was literally sitting on the sofa, I was figuratively floored by Jordan’s clarity in defining such a relationship. I had to know, so I dared ask, “Like you and me?” “Duh,” he replied as he buried his head into my side, a hug substituting for further eloquence. It dawned on me that I was hugging an extremely brave teen-boy, who dared to tell me how he felt about me, something that left him much more naked than when he’d shared his body with me. “You’re konyaaltı otele gelen escort amazing, Jordan,” I whispered into the hair on his head. “I know,” came the muffled reply from within our hug. I couldn’t help but chuckle, but he wasn’t done with being a smart-ass yet. “I liked the short shorts they wore. They were so hot on Oliver. You’d look sexy walking around in those,” he said with a boyishly abrupt change of topic as he lifted his head. “Thank you, but only indoors. You’d look good in those too,” I offered. “Hmm… maybe… but I think you’d rather see me in a jock,” he countered, continuing, “I thought your eyes were gonna explode when I walked into your office. And this doesn’t lie,” he said with a gentle grab of my chubbed up cock. “Can’t deny the obvious, boy,” I agreed. “You called me boy!” he beamed. “I like that,” he purred. A moment later: “Are you gonna keep your promise?” “Which one? About not selling you to an iPhone factory?” “Don’t be a dick,” he responded, crossing his arms as a small pout formed on his puffy ruby-colored lips. “Who? Me?” I exclaimed in mock innocence, only to be met with an evil eye from Jordan. “Yes, I’ll keep my promise. But there’s a big difference between letting it happen and making it happen. Last night and this morning I let it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it but…” “Good, cause I don’t want you to feel like I forced you or molested you,” Jordan interrupted, ever the smart-ass. I tilted my head at the precocious teen in an `Oh geez!’ reaction. “Please teach me Dean, I don’t want anybody else,” he pleaded with a 180- degree turn from sarcasm to sincerity. “I told you about Steven but I’ve never had a friend like Devin, or a man like Oliver.” “And I’ve never had one like Devin since. You’re asking me to teach you and I’m honored you’d choose me but truthfully: I’m afraid.” “Of what? The law? Raf explained that to me when he took up with his daddy, and my mom understands I’m gay so I’m pretty sure she knows and she’s cool with it,” he stated, intent on making me comfortable with what he wanted. “How’s that?” I queried. “Just some stuff she said to me today about how much she trusts you, how it’s important for me to be happy and live life, that she knows I’ll make good choices and… umm…” he trailed off. “Yes?” I pushed. “That she knows you’ll treat me right.” “That’s very assuring, Jordan,” I responded, trying to sound assured from Jordan’s interpretation of Judy’s words as permission. “So nothing to be afraid of!” he exclaimed triumphantly. “Actually there is. I’m afraid of hurting you. “You mean with this big thing?” Jordan asked provocatively as he gently gripped my chubbed up cock. “No, I don’t want to hurt this,” I clarified as I put my index finger to his heart. “Like Elio got hurt in the movie.” “Have you ever hurt a boy before?” “Honestly, there’ve been a few broken hearts along the way, mine first as you know… and others.” “On purpose?” Jordan asked, cocking his head as though giving me a lie detector test. “Nope. Never. Sometimes things just didn’t work out,” I assured him as best as possible. “That happens, like with my friend Steven,” Jordan replied, seemingly satisfied with my answer. “But we need to make some ground rules here so nobody gets hurt.” “Like what?” Jordan inquired curiously. “I have to know that you want this, Jordan, so that I feel safe being with you,” I explained. “There’s the law, and there’s personal responsibility to consider.” “I know about the law. It’s just between the two of us and I’m not gonna spoil something I’ve wanted for so long.” “Well I appreciate that, but at some point you may have a moment where you don’t like my sense of humor or something else sets you off and suddenly you’re angry and you…” “Never!” “Never say never, Jordan,” I advised, “or you might be held to it.” Jordan sat there for a moment, his eyebrows furrowed as he considered this dilemma. “Dean?” “Yes?” “Seems to me you think we’re both taking a risk here. You’re worried about getting in trouble, and about me getting hurt; only I’m not worried about that. I’ve known you for, what, more than six months?” I nodded my head and Jordan continued. “You think you’re the first man who’s wanted to have sex with me?” “I hadn’t really thought about that,” I answered honestly, “but I’m sure you’ve been hit on a few times.” “Only a few times?!” he said, acting a bit insulted. “You saw me in my jock today; you think you’re the only man who thinks I’m fine?” “Umm… I didn’t exactly say that…” I stammered while envisioning the lusty reaction Jordan would get if he walked around in only that jock. “But I see your point. Please go on.” “That lump in your shorts tells me that! Anyway, you know why I’ve never said `Yes’ before?” he asked, obviously rhetorically because he continued, “‘Cause they weren’t you.” “Me?” “Yes! Are you dense or something? I’ve been trying to get you since that first time I saw you. I want you. Period. So what are those rules you’re trying to tell me about?” I’m the first to admit that in matters of the heart I can be a complete dumb- ass, so you’d think after a few days with this dynamo named Jordan I’d catch on and go with the flow, but here I was, like a deer in the headlights. In that moment I surmised he’d made it crystal clear he wanted me from the start. He’d used sarcasm, sexual innuendo, blatant teasing and attacks on my body under cover of darkness, or just under the covers to get me to this point. The boy had bared his soul, as well as his body to make me understood he wanted me�just me�only me. It was time to man-up, quit being an idiot, thank the gods and move forward because lightning rarely strikes twice. “Can I please be your teacher?” I asked respectfully of the boy, so he’d have the final option of backing out. It’s amazing how a hug from a hundred-twenty-five pound teen can squeeze the breath out of you. Fortunately I still had enough oxygen to hug back just as ferociously as Jordan. “Yes!” he exclaimed, as I felt his small fist pound my chest for emphasis. “I lu…u…” came the muffled sentence as he buried his head in my chest. `Did he just say what I thought he said?’ came instantly to mind, and I prudently didn’t ask him to repeat his in-the-moment pronouncement. We’d both said what needed to be said. It was time. An incredibly warm, familiar emotion suddenly coursed through my body, and I knew what I wanted to happen next. It was time for a shower. I felt energized as I realized I was taking the lead in introducing this remarkable boy to the amazing things possible between two male lovers. “You ever had a shower with another guy?” I asked, getting up off the sofa and enjoying the chance to abruptly introduce a new topic like Jordan had. “No… err… yes… umm… does school count?” he stammered in reply, standing up next to me. “It’s not that kind of shower. It’s the man-to-man kind, or in this case, man- to-boy.” “So… if I get a boner it’s…” he started. “A good thing,” I finished for him, thinking he was figuring this out. “I’m in,” he responded enthusiastically. “You’re not `in’ quite yet,” I came back at him with a smirk, pleased to offer my own double entendre to the mix. “Come on,” I added, going two-for- two. I put my hands on Jordan’s shoulders and directed him towards my bedroom. I stopped Jordan by the foot of the bed, turned him around to face me and spoke. “Here’s a rule: The idea is to have fun. If I do something you don’t like tell me. If you want me to do something softer, harder, faster, or slower, tell me. This time it’s gonna be about you. Don’t worry about me getting off, I’ve a feeling I’ll need my energy after the shower, too.” “But what about you?” my thoughtful student of the sexual arts inquired. “Oh I’m gonna be just fine,” I explained, running my fingers across each nipple and down Jordan’s chest, making him shudder. “See, unlike a fifteen-year-old I need some time to recharge. What’s the most you’ve ever jerked off in one day?” “Umm… five times,” he answered bashfully. “Nothing to be ashamed of, in fact that’s pretty impressive.” Beaming from the praise, Jordan elaborated. “It was right after we got high- speed internet… and I figured out how to delete browser history… and turn off parental controls.” “So there was porn involved?” “Yeah.” “I thought your mom said you made good choices?” “I chose you didn’t I?” “Can’t fault you there. My point is, this is gonna be about you, and it’ll make porn look boring.” “Really?!” Jordan exclaimed, eyes bright with anticipation. Right away he went to pull off his shorts and dive into the main event. I gently grasped his arms and stopped his movement. “Not so quick there. Let me get those,” I instructed, enjoying being in charge. I moved my hands from his arms and put my muscular arms around his lean smooth torso, pulling him close but not quite into a hug. As I leaned my head down I moved my hands up his silky smooth body, across his neck and then onto either side of his jaw, gently tilting his head up so that our eyes met while our lips grew closer together. When my puckered mouth touched his closed puffy ruby lips I felt a little electric tingle. I moved my lips against his and he responded with a closed lip kiss you might give your first date. I responded by parting my lips and firmly pressing on his oral gatekeepers with my inquisitive tongue. I moved my head around for a better angle, keeping on the pressure until finally he parted his lips and opened his mouth ever so slightly, perhaps curious as to what my tongue wanted. That was all my persistent mouth-muscle needed to step inside and seek out its own kind. Our tongues tentatively danced at arm’s length like two grade-schoolers at a chaperoned school dance. Then I pushed deep enough so that our tongues intertwined and got a good rub on each other. Jordan tentatively went in for a second rub, then a third as a low moan sounded. I felt his hands grab my head as though he feared I might run off with the new toy he was trying to suck out of my mouth and claim as his own. It was all I could do to keep up with this ravenous teen as he lashed my mouth with his pointed sweet spicy boy-flavored flesh-whip. He pushed my head away slightly and gasped for air, as he probably had forgotten to breathe while wrapped up this new sport. “What the fuck was that?!? he cried out in wonderment. “Is that why I see guys stick their tongue down each other’s throats when I watch porn?” “Yes, and you’re welcome,” I offered, my bit of sarcasm delivered with a smile. Jordan decided not to use his tongue for words and dove in for another round. My lips were alternately caressed, smashed, sucked, pulled on and likely bruised as Jordan copied and returned each pleasurable mouth-union I could think of doing while our tongues danced intertwined to a ragged beat inside. A combination of lack of oxygen and pure sexual energy drove me to move my hands down and inside of Jordan’s shorts to grasp each hairless half- melon that made up his bubble-boy ass. Unlike last night Jordan didn’t place his hands over mine, but instead copied my move and grabbed one of my cheek muscles with each small hand. The sensation orbited me to an even higher altitude and I ground my now raging hard cock into his firm, flat belly, as I felt his iron boy-spike poking against my shorts at my hanging man-sack. Anyone who could’ve heard us might’ve mistaken our passionate moans and groans for two whining dogs locked in battle or copulation. It took every bit of reserve I could muster to slow our runaway train down before its load was spilled well-short of the destination I’d planned. I pulled away from Jordan’s konyaaltı rus escort thrusting tongue, let go of his flexing ass and slowly lowered myself, giving a nibble and licks to each nipple as Jordan’s moans elevated an octave. I continued until I was on my knees at eye- level with a cloth outlined, pre-cum spouting one-eyed monster straining to break out of his shorts. I placed my mouth over the prominent head and blew my hot breath through the fabric, eliciting a moan from Jordan, who now grasped my head. My hands moved to the waistband and I gently lowered the shorts, carefully pulling them out and away from his pulsing rod as it bobbed in rhythm to his breathing. Jordan adroitly stepped out of the shorts, a large drop of pre-cum seeping out of his cock and hanging in the air like an exclamation mark for the exquisite example of prime teen-boy sexuality standing before me. The picture committed to memory, I leaned in and nuzzled his cock, pushing it to the side as I extended my tongue to the seam where his boy- bag met his smooth upper leg. I licked his salty skin as he moaned, and felt his pre-cum leave a trail on my cheek. Jordan thrust his hips, looking for direct stimulation on his cock. I moved my head around with each thrust trying to capture it in my willing mouth and finally got it on the third try. Jordan’s legs wobbled as his rigid tool drove home, aided by his grip on my head. I allowed the boy to fuck the former second home of his tongue for a few moments, then pulled back and stood up. I was greeted with a frustrated `It was so good why did you stop?’ look. “Your turn,” I directed, placing his hands on the waistband of my shorts, his expression instantly morphing into a lustful eager smile. Jordan leaned up and ran his tongue along my sensitive neck then lower, gently chewing on my nipples, alternating back and forth between the excited pair, eliciting a low growl from me as I lightly stroked his hair in appreciation. Each nibble sent an electrical charge to my throbbing, pre- cum dripping cock. Chewing gave way to licking, and after one last swipe with his talented tongue the boy went down as he lowered my shorts in tandem with his descending body. I looked down in excited awe as a kneeling Jordan nuzzled his cheek against my eager, self-lubricated over-inflated seven-point-five-oh-er. His delicate left hand gripped me as he moved it around, looking at my cock reverently as he acquainted himself more thoroughly with his playmate from this morning and last night. His pointed mouth missile that’d most recently invaded my mouth now darted out and licked the firmly gripped shaft, his expression like a kid enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. The vision I beheld had more sizzle than a month of Julys, and I shuddered as my legs shook from the visual and physical sensations that were overwhelming me. It was nothing compared to watching Jordan go down on me, swallowing as much of my red meat as he could while my hands instinctively went to the sides of his head. I fought to control myself and not jam every inch into his accepting mouth, but my will power was evaporating, steam rising in my eyes as the teen’s head bobbed up and down, taking control of that which he’d desired for so long. My vision narrowed and I felt the churning start. With a loud grunt I firmly pushed his head back, a wet plop ensuing as my nearly bursting appendage popped out of his mouth. Jordan’s lips went from an `O’ to a slight pout as he looked up at me. “Oh baby, that was so good,” I cooed as I pulled him to his feet while stepping out of my shorts. “But why didn’t you let me finish?” he whined. “It’s not just about cumming,” I explained to the frustrated teen. “What you did was… amazing… but when you make it last longer… well… let me show you.” Jordan leaned into me, his hug telling me he understood while our spit and pre-cum slickened groins danced together. I gently turned the boy around, hands on his shoulder and walked us into the bathroom. “Oh my God! I’ve never seen anything like this!” Jordan exclaimed as he saw my shower. My shower made the luxurious one in the hallway bathroom look like a garden hose spray-head nailed to an outside wall. My friend designed it and convinced me it was worth it, saying `you can basically turn it on and the nozzles will jerk you off.’ I’d put it through some test drives with some visitors and I’m betting a few returned for the shower as much as my prowess in bed. Whatever works. Having Jordan here to share it with made me tingle in anticipation. I flicked a switch that turned on the shower heads I’d programmed for a gently massaging shower. I smirked to myself as I thought `you may be able to work that TV remote but you’re on my turf now, boy!’ Once the water was up to temperature, I gently pushed him up against the smooth tiled wall, brought my muscular arms around him, rubbed his hardened nipples, humped my groin into his luscious ass, and lowered my head so I could lick up his neck before the water could wash away his essence. The boy melted as the water started cascading down our joined bodies. Jordan’s appreciative moans indicated he’d be fine if I humped his two half-melons like I had last night, but this teacher had another lesson in mind. I gently turned him around and leaned down to him, face-to-face. It was time for more kissing, with Jordan proving he was a very apt pupil by performing a complete review of our earlier subject matter along with some twists and turns to indicate his desire to master this essential love-making skill. Yeah, he was rocking my world with his tongue and mouth and I was left to hold on to him like some county fair patron hanging onto an out of control roller coaster. All well and good, but I had other plans. Down I went to my knees so I was eye-level with his one-eyed monster. I looked up at the water cascading down his lean smooth torso, a look of lustful anticipation on his face as he stared down at me. I shuddered at the beauty this perspective revealed. I nuzzled his cock, holding his contracted boy-bag out so I could lick it as water ran down into and out of my open mouth. Jordan unconsciously started moving his hips and I held him more firmly so that he would stop until I was done. Then as I pulled back with my right hand, I pushed forward with my left to that the teen was once again facing the tiled shower wall. I firmly pushed each leg aside and away from the wall so that he was spread open and ready for my next lesson. Even though his legs were wide those perfectly round butt-melons still needed a little prying to open up enough for me to get at the prize inside. I felt Jordan shudder in excitement as he anticipated what might be next, and I swear his tight little rosebud winked at me in unison. I reached around Jordan and gripped his iron-hard spike as I leaned my face into his now-opened private place and extended my eager tongue. “Fuuuuck!” the boy moaned, instinctively moving his hips seeking out stimulation. I held him firmly so that I could start devouring his smooth hairless airtight pucker, and slow down his drive for immediate grati-fuck-ation. Jordan made a mewling sound like a kitten wanting more milk from momma, but daddy wasn’t gonna let his milk spill just yet. My mouth-muscle jack-hammered that vault-tight back door like a robber breaking into a bank. “Mnngh… mnngh…” came Jordan’s accompanying reaction. I pushed harder, until I could just extend my lower jaw and get a slight chew on that lust-inducing bud. Jordan’s right hand latched onto mine, intent on getting some kind of friction going for his obviously ready-to-explode big teen cock. His left hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me harder into his heavenly ass. His forcefulness made my cock twitch as his passion turned to aggression. Much as I hated to abandon my post-dinner meal, I knew from my memories of being fifteen he couldn’t last much longer. I quickly stood up and turned Jordan around to see his fiery eyes, narrowed with lust, intent on cumming at all costs. Before he could recover from the spin I made my next move which I was pretty sure was going to ignite the short fuse the boy was operating with. Reaching up I got a quick pump of hair conditioner and reached down to spread it on his pulsing missile and mine. I gently gripped his cock as I bent it down slightly and pushed it in between my legs. To compensate for the height difference�and because he had an awesome ass�I grabbed his boy-melons and pulled him to his toes. As I gripped his heavenly behind I pulled his hips towards me, like you’d push start a kid learning to ride a bike. Jordan’s eyes opened wide in lust- filled amazement as the fucking sensations coursed through him. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a grinding embrace. His bigger-than-average-but-I-don’t-want-to-brag teen tool felt thicker than it had been this morning, and as he strained on his toes to increase his traction he actually pressed pleasurably on my taint at the top of each stroke, along with a low grunt coming from the stroker. He was most definitely enjoying my version of an important lesson: turnabout is fair play. Admittedly I was too, as each of his strokes rubbed my feels-much-bigger-than-usual tool into his leanly muscled abs. Then it was time to pull the pin out of the grenade. I deftly reached my right hand up for another pump of conditioner as my left hand pulled a half- melon to the side. My now slickened middle finger rubbed then pushed on his tight boy-bud as the rest of my hand kept his hairless ass spread open. “Uhhhh!” came Jordan’s high-pitched cry, but I knew it wasn’t from pain because he pushed back on my door-knocking digit, inviting it to come in. I slowly pushed in as he held still for a moment, adjusting to something he’d probably fantasized about but never experienced. I stopped at the second knuckle then moved my left hand to kick his grinding strokes back into gear. Jordan was now experiencing the unique pleasure of fucking while being fucked, albeit in an abbreviated beginner’s level kind of way. He started out slowly, his ass muscles contracting on my hand with each stroke into me, his hole opening up and swallowing my finger with each swing back. In a few moments we were no longer whimpering like whining dogs�we were now grunting like rutting pigs. I hadn’t planned on cumming. I’d wanted to save it for the second course tonight. But days’ worth of pent-up sexual energy caused by exposure to the hormonal teen I was sliding on put me out of control of my gyrating hips and grinding cock. I was as much along for the ride as Jordan was at this point. “Nnghh! Nnghh! Nnghh! Nnghh! we both groaned in unison as I felt Jordan’s lava hot cum shoot onto my taint and balls and his pucker contract and expel my finger. Jordan’s stomach felt even slicker as the last of my cum oozed onto him. Our frenzied fucking embrace became gentle as we held onto each other, lightly swaying under the shower’s spray. I lowered my head and nuzzled this amazing teen’s neck, as a few post-orgasm shudders coursed through both our bodies. As I held onto Jordan it felt so good to hold a boy in my arms again. More importantly, it felt right to have this boy, Jordan, in my arms. We both shuddered at the same time. I wondered if for Jordan it was the intensity of fulfilling his quest for the daddy next door. I knew for me it was being able to embrace a closeness lost for so long. “Oh… my… God,” Jordan whispered hoarsely as he came out of his post- orgasmic bliss. “What the fuck was that?!” “That’s how a man keeps his promises to a boy,” I replied confidently. “Was it okay?” “Okay?! That… what you did… what I did… do… what we… so fucking… oh my God…” he rambled, incoherently trying to describe what’d happened. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I replied, a bit triumphant at having Jordan at a loss for words. “Damn right I enjoyed it! he exclaimed excitedly. Makes me want to keep my promise too.” “What promise?” I inquired curiously. “About being a good boy for you. A very, very good boy,” he replied, his words dripping with lust, intent, and affection, all sealed with a hug.

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