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Subject: The Online Guy Part 1 I have always enjoyed showing my fit body and hard cock. Getting online and finding guys and girls that want to watch me naked with and stroking my cock, rubbing my balls and body. Those watching sending me messages about how good my body looks and how they like looking at my hard cock. Telling me how much they want to help me feel good and get off. I get on cam and have those watching tell me what to do with my body, how to stroke, fast n slow. I like to tie up my shaft and balls to make it my cock hard like a cock ring. My shaft gets so rigid and I start to leak as it feels so good. I have been talking to a guy who really likes my body and cock and likes watching me on camera. When i see him online I get a horny feeling in my balls and cock and I start to get hard. I enjoy showing him my cock and hearing him tell me what to do with it. I can tell he gets horny watching me play with my dick. He sends me hot compliments that get me worked up and I shoot my load with him watching. I wonder what it would feel like if he was touching my cock, rubbing it and the rest of my body. He has offered to give me a nice body massage and help me cum. I saw him online again today and we talked about our hard cocks. I was thinking about our conversations about him helping me out and how nice it would feel if I could kick back and enjoy his touch. I was nervous but I suggested maybe he come over and give me a massage. I keep thinking of how good his hands working my muscles all over my body would feel. My cock gets so hard thinking about it. He said he would be into rubbing my body and asked when did I think we could get together. He thought that maybe one weekend we could try him coming over. I was nervous about him meeting me in person but I was so curious about how it would feel. My cock twitched and started to swell He is going to come over in a few minutes and I am excited and nervous. He’s older and a hairy guy and so curious about if I will get excited when he is actually here. I took a shower and cleaned good even all my cracks and crevices. I hope he is good at giving ankara escort bayan a full body massage, my muscles are ready for good deep touch. My cock is stirring a bit in anticipation. I put on sweats with no underwear and a t-shirt. i hear a knock at the door. I open the door and he’s what I expect, older, hairy, average body. I feel my cock stir in my sweats. I invite him in. He’s wearing jeans and a jacket. I ask him if he is willing to give my body a nice rub down and he says yes. I lay out some towels on the floor. Shall we get undressed? He starts to take off his jacket and starts to unbutton his shirt. I can see his chest hair, he’s got a lot of chest fur. He starts to unbutton his pants and I see he isn’t wearing any underwear, His fur goes down to his stomach and to his pubes. I can see his shaft, he’s got a semi. my cock is starting to bulge in my sweats as he pulls off his pants. he is now naked in front of me. His cock is smaller than mine but a nice size. He asks if he can undress me and I nod in agreement. He walks over and pulls up my t-shirt and up over my head. Then he slips his hand into my sweats and pulls them down. My cock springs up and its right in front of his face and he licks his lips. I step out of my sweats and now we are both totally naked and our cocks are growing He runs his hands over my chest and shoulders down to my legs and he reaches out and grabs n squeezes my cock, its so hard and drop of pre is forming on the head. I moan as it feels good. He asks me to lie down on the towels on the floor, face down. I lie down as he asks showing my naked body for him to see. He gets on his knees and hovers over my body and I feel his hands on my shoulders and back slowly starting to massage me. It feels good and I sigh as i like his touch on me. He starts to massage my whole body, shoulders, back, and i feel his hands move down to my thighs and legs taking time to massage them nice n deep. I feel my cock harden under me and it feels so good. His hands move up to my firm ass and he squeezes my cheeks and his hands explore my crack, across my hole and i feel his fingers etimesgut escort brush up against my balls. I moan letting him know how much i am enjoying the massage. I feel him straddle my legs and sit down on them, his hands up my back and shoulders again. I feel his warm shaft resting on my ass crack moving a bit back n forth, i can tell he’s hard as it lies in between my cheeks. I flex my ass and i can tell it is squeezing him a bit and he moans. he leans in more and keeps massaging, his cock pressed harder in my crack, it feels so warm and hard. I keep flexing my ass and he is now humping against my ass harder, back n forth. His hands and body all up against me, he almost laying completely on top of me, his body is warm and hairy. I am enjoying feeling the weight of his body against mine, the feeling of his cock against me feels so good. I can feel his breathe on my neck and hearing him moan. I can tell my cock is leaking more precum as I enjoying this feeling. I squeeze my ass on his shaft as he moves it up n down. I feel him pull back and his cock slides down between my thighs rubbing against my taint n his cock head rubs my balls. I clench my thighs together gripping his shaft, he’s so hard. I feel him prop his body up and off me. His hands explore my ass checks and pull them apart. I feel his breathe on my butt and then a warm wet sensation in my crack and on my hole. He’s tonguing my hole and it feels so good and wet. I wiggle my butt n back a bit trying to get more of his tongue in me. I moan as the feeling is so intense it’s making my cock harder and I’m leaking so much precum. I feel him go back to laying back on my body, his cock back in between my butt cheeks but this time my crack is very wet from his tongue. I feel his cock is really slippery now and now n then the tip goes across my hole. It feels wet n warm. He keeps rubbing it down n on my hole. He pulls off me again and tongues my hole again the feeling is incredible as I moan loudly. Then he’s back rubbing his hard cock over my hole. It’s even more wet now. He puts head right on my hole kızılay escort and holds it there. I feel the head throb against me and I squeeze my hole tight then release. Just as I release the head pushes just slightly inside and it feels like my hole is stretched a bit. He pulls back then pushes the head in again opening me up a little more. He pulls off me again and drives his tongue deep in me. Making my hole very wet, it’s soaked. His cock is back at my hole n pushing the head in. This time more goes in, a couple of inches. He holds it there and it feels tight. I try to relax but it is tight. He pulls back till just the head is in then pushes back in, even more goes in this time. He keeps moving it in and out, just a few inches. Each time more of his cock goes deeper. I hear myself moan as the feeling is of pleasure, I can’t believe how good it feels. He’s going nice n slow and then I feel it, his hips and pubes up against me. He’s fully in me. He holds it all the way in. I flex my butt cheeks squeezing him. He asks if I am ok. I respond by moaning louder. He pulls back then back in deep moving in and out faster. His body is fully on me, his chest on my back. I can feel him breathing in my ear. He’s fucking me good n harder now. His balls slap down against my taint. I feel myself push up n back on his shaft wanting more of him in me. He’s going faster and his breathing is more intense. He’s holding me tighter and I hear the sound of a hot fuck, slap, slap, slap. I squeeze him each time he goes all the way in. He says, yeah that’s it, work my cock with that tight hole. I want it to last longer but I know he’s getting closer to emptying those fulls balls of his. His breathing is more n more fast. My hole is taking his hard wet dripping shaft. I hear him ask if I am ready for his nut. I hear myself say yes, yes, shoot it inside me. He goes even harder, faster, his hips slamming against my ass. Then he goes all the way in, as deep as he can and I hear him roar. I feel his cock pulse n twitch, throbbing so deep as I know he’s cumming into my tight hole. He stays in as the pulsing stops. My hole feels warm n really wet. He tells me how good my ass feels as he slowly pulls out. My ass feels empty but I know I have his cum deep in me. He rolls over onto his back and I look down to see his slowly shrinking dick coated with thick cum

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