The Neighborhood Girls

Voyeur Sex


“What’s up bitch?!”

Ah yes, just the typical barrage of insults I get just trying to get into my apartment. I slumped out of my car and looked up towards the 2nd floor of my apartment building only to see my favorite person: Megan. She looked down at me with a smug smirk. The rest of her group, Danielle and Amber, were sitting on the second floor platform with their legs sticking out from the bars of the guard railing. I shut my car door and held my head down as I made my way to my door. While I passed under them, Amber let her shoe fall from her foot in an attempt to have it land of my head. I stopped as it hit the ground and I glared up at her as if to say “really?”. She barked, “pick it up you pussy!”. I grimaced as I could somehow smell the putrid odor lingering from her old tennis shoes, but I ignored her as I kept walking towards my room. I could hear Amber and Megan giggling as I shut my door.

Yeah, I wasn’t the most confident guy around. I made it through high school with a very unspectacular reputation. I wasn’t very masculine so I wasn’t popular with many of the guys, and girls sort of took pity on me or saw me as a pushover. Because of this, I was often the unfortunate recipient of cruel pranks. One year I was wedgied so hard by these guys in the boys’ locker room that I couldn’t walk straight for the rest of the day. There was also the time I fell asleep in study hall and Megan decided it would be hilarious to write “I love dick” on my face in permanent marker. Megan and her group were especially cruel to me. I’d love to go over a list of the torment I endured, but the list would take a lifetime to complete.

Megan was short with shoulder length brunette hair. She was definitely the most attractive sıhhiye escort in her group, and Danielle and Amber knew it which is why they stuck around. Her butt was pretty small, but it was shapely. However, her boobs were pretty large for a girl her height. She walked with her head held high and almost seemed to demand attention as she walked.

Amber was also short, but with long light red hair. Unlike the other two, she was pretty masculine in a few ways. She had a lot of guy friends and she could be very vulgar at times. Her body was built fairly modest and average.

She tried to overcompensate by wearing very revealing clothing, but she just looked a bit trashy if you ask me.

Lastly, Danielle was kind of the outlier of the group. She was a bigger blonde girl, but she carried her weight in all the “right places”. She was fairly quiet, but, to my chagrin, she seemed to just go along with what the girls did most of the time. I remember her spitting at a guy’s face once because he smacked her ass in front of her friends. Understandably, she seemed to garner jealousy from the other two since she was so well developed. I also used to have quite a crush on her, but I never had the balls to admit it.

As I walked in the door, I threw my stuff on my bed and got changed out of my work clothes. The dress shirt and tie made me feel very uncomfortable because I couldn’t fill out the clothes very well. I hadn’t been to the gym in…well…forever. Perhaps of I did people would take me more seriously, but I digress. I threw on an old band t-shirt and some running pants and sat in my gaming chair to wind down after a long day. My apartment was pretty small, about 600sqft, so my gaming setup was sincan escort in my living room. Sometimes I would get fairly loud on mic and disturb my neighbors, which included Megan. Oh yeah, did I not mention? As luck would have it, she ended up moving in my apartment complex right in the unit above me. I hadn’t noticed until one day we were headed out from our units at the same time. I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head that day. She didn’t say much to me that day. She just looked at me and laughed while waving. Ever since then she’s made it a point to constantly remind me of how loud I get during my gaming sessions by barging in my door and shouting at me.

Yeah, I normally didn’t lock my door. Same goes for my car. It’s an awful habit of mine that’s probably rooted in some form of anxiety. I’ve always got something on my mind, and when I get home I just want to unwind and destress.

As I was playing, the girls came down to retrieve Amber’s shoe and continue socializing (or terrorizing depending on your perspective). They often walked around the neighborhood just to hang out. I saw them out the corner of my eye, and unfortunately I made eye contact with Amber as she walked in front of my window. I swiftly averted my eyes towards the screen in hopes she would ignore it, but she then started staring into my window making faces and gestures at me. Suddenly, I remembered my bad habit and quickly looked towards the deadbolt to be sure I locked up. My body shuddered at the thought since they were all standing near my door. Thankfully, it was in the lock position and I muttered to myself “thank God” as I leaned back in my chair. Lucky for me, it didn’t seem like they were interested in coming sınırsız escort in here to annoy me. In that moment, Amber banged on the window to get my attention. I jumped like a bitch at the sound even though it was muffled by my headphones. Her and the girls laughed as they all stood next to each other in front of my window. I tried to regain focus, but in that moment they turned around and started to pull down their pants. Next thing I knew, 3 lily white bare asses were pressed onto my window. I felt my face become warm and flushed as they gyrated their asses side to side on my window.

Being mooned is one of the more awkward experiences. On one hand, it seems like a great treat to have a girl present her ass to you. On the other, it’s incredibly embarrassing when you know they’re doing it in a mocking way. So if I keep looking I’m an idiot, and if I stop looking…then I’m an idiot.

I kept looking.

Not only did I look, I gazed. My eyes were fixed on each of their asses. Danielle’s of course took up the most of my window. Her butt jiggled as she was laughing which was very amusing (and arousing). Megan had a small birthmark on her left cheek. Amber was the only one to spread her cheeks to give me a more…personal view. I hurriedly grabbed my phone and took a picture before they stopped. Unfortunately for me, in my haste I accidently hit the flash button with my finger. My heart sunk, but they didn’t seem to notice. Shortly after, they pulled up their pants and turned around to find me gawking at the window with my phone in hand. Their eyes widened, and they covered their mouths as they laughed at me in my pathetic state. It took me a minute to realize what was going on since I was still in my daze. My face was probably redder than a tomato at this point. Danielle gave me and extra look as they walked away as if to acknowledge my arousal. Yes, I was embarrassed, but a bit excited as well.

“Did she really just recognize me?” I thought.

To be continued…

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