The Making of a Fuck Toy – 6

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The Making of a Fuck Toy – 6Chapter Sixteen – The AbyssEric made his way home from Rose Noire alone. When he made it inside he went straight to her room. He saw the discarded outfit she’d worn to the club. The room looked like someone had left in a hurry. He hadn’t really expected her to be there but he had held out some hope that he’d be able to catch her and talk this through. He went back down to the great room. He made himself a stiff drink and sat down on the couch. Somehow, it felt colder and emptier without her.This girl had gotten into his heart, as much as he had fought the idea of ever being able to allow someone into his life, she, above all others had. Now she was not here, not a part of his life and furthermore, he had no idea how to get her back. He could easily say that it had been her idea for his previous slave to fuck him and while he had been turned on by watching her finger herself, he should have been in more control of himself to say; ‘thanks, but no thanks’. He was a man who was always in control, but somehow, that night he clearly wasn’t.Cass had showered as soon as she got back to her apartment. She stripped herself of everything that she could that reminded her of him, her Master, her Daddy. His only remaining mark was the collar that was still locked around her neck. As her fingers touched the cool steel, it brought no comfort, as it had when he had placed it there. The thought of it having ended this way completely crushed her. She knew it would end at some point because it was only a contractual arrangement. He hadn’t ever made any kind of show that he wanted it to continue. He never said he wanted it to end, but it had, and it had ended badly. Now, sitting on her couch, in her pajamas, she was back to square one. She still couldn’t pay rent and because she’d left a day before the contract was supposed to end, she’d not be entitled to the million dollars he had promised her.Neither of them slept a wink that first night. When dawn broke they both were still on their couches. Who was really to blame? Was it Cass, for insisting that the slave fuck her Master, and her letting Stefan fuck her? Or was it Eric, for taking her to the Club at all, or not having more control of the situation? Most would say it was a little bit of both. But how would this end? Who would make the first move? Or would either make a move at all? Both seemed crippled by their loss. The person who would make the first move was the one person who loved them both, who knew that they both loved each other. It was Liz.Liz had seen the train wreck before it happened. While she was somewhat of an innocent bystander, she knew that Cass loved Eric and was totally devoted to pleasing him in every way. She knew that Eric loved Cass like no other person she had ever seen him with. So on Sunday morning, after not sleeping herself all night, she went to Eric’s penthouse. She knocked on the door. After what seemed like an hour, he answered, still in the black jeans and shirt he had worn the night before. His hair was disheveled his face was covered in stubble from the night’s growth of his beard. He looked like shit. This was not him. “She’s gone Liz. She’s gone and for the life of me, I don’t know what to do.” He said with his head in his hands. “I know Eric, but this can’t end this way. It just can’t.” She said, trying to make him see.“But I screwed this up. How the fuck could I have let this happen? I’m a fucking idiot!” His anger rising to the top.“Look, you both have some blame in this. I’m sure I can talk some sense into her.”“Do you think you can? Really?” His eyes fixed on her response.She took her boss into her arms and held him. She’d never seen him this way but absolutely expected it from him today. The Eric that she’d known for years was the guy who never took a minute off from work, he’d missed days at a time when he’d been with Cass. She’d never would have thought of him as a family man, but seeing him with her, she thought that someday, he would be bouncing c***dren off his knee. No something was definitely different about the man he was now, and that could only be explained by having had her in his life. “Yes Eric. I think giving her time to think about what happened and what she misses about being with you, she will come around.” She said, trying to convince herself too.Eric went into his study. When he returned he handed Liz an envelope. “Would you give this to her. It’s the key to her collar and a check for the money she earned from the contract. Please give it to her and explain that I don’t want it to end, but if she does, I understand.” He ran his hand through his tousled hair.“I’ll take it now and let you know what she says. Just keep yourself together, she needs you to be strong Eric and so do I.” She gave him a kiss and went out the door.Chapter s*******n – A Proper ThrashingCass had gotten up and taken a shower. Out of habit she had done all of her morning rituals in preparing her body. When she had gotten to the point where she would go and wake up her Master by worshiping his cock, she fell to her knees and started crying. She felt empty inside. She fingered his collar, it didn’t help. She curled in on her knees and pushed her arms up over her head. Her Master had taught her that position and told her that it would allow her to re-focus her thoughts. That helped some, but still inside she lacked something. It was him. She lacked him. For the past three months, every day, he had been her focus, his needs, his rituals, his pleasure. Her needs and desires were always secondary and controlled by him. He’d always seen that she was taken care of, she’d never gone long without him tending to her needs. She laid naked on her bed, she ran her hands over her body. With her eyes closed, she tried pretending that her hands were his, exploring her eager body. Her fingers teased her nipples that were peeking with her gentle touch. She felt a light surge of need pulsing in her clit. While her fingers teased her nipple rings, her other hand slid down her tight belly, towards her clit. Her fingers slipped through her folds, picking some moisture and bringing it back to her clit. Her finger tickled the bar that was pierced through her clitoral hood. She felt a tickling sensation and her clit pulsed. Cass thought, if these were his hands, I would be begging for release already. But she was left with an empty feeling, one that would not allow her to climax. A single tear rolled down her cheek.Her phone pinged with a text message and it startled her. Maybe it was her Master, telling her to come home. She rolled over and picked the phone off the bedside table. It was from Liz. She wondered now if she was upset with her too.Cass, I’m on my way over. We need to talk. I have some things for you. Please tell me it’s OK. Love Liz.She didn’t seem mad. Liz had always been someone she could talk to, who understood what she had been going through when she signed the service agreement with Eric. Maybe she could help me get past the way she was feeling. She punched in her reply;I will leave the door unlocked. I need to talk to someone, and I’m afraid you’re the only one who will understand. Thank you. Love Cass.Liz was glad she had gotten a reply. Now if she could just get Cass to listen to what she had to say, maybe this could all be fixed.When Liz got to Cass’s apartment, her door was unlocked as she had been told. She entered and found Cass in her bed, curled up. She went and laid down next to her and just held her for a while. The two had shared many intimate moments since they had met three months ago, but this was more of a bonding moment. Cass cried and Liz just held her, no words were spoken, she just provided comfort to her friend.After Liz felt she had calmed a bit, she asked. “Cass, what are you planning to do?”“I don’t know. I need to find a job, so I can pay the rent, but I just can’t focus. I’m lost Liz. I’m lost without him.” She started crying again. Liz pulled her closer.“He sent a check for the money he owes you for the contract. You don’t need to work.” She consoled her.“I can’t take that money. I fucked it all up. The contract didn’t end until today.”“You don’t have to take the money; he’d take you back. Cass, he’s just as lost without you as you are without him.”“I can’t go back. I let him down. Besides, I found another way to get money and find another Master. There is a slave auction at this club Marcus told me about. I can go and auction my services off.” Cass told her friend.“Cass, I’m telling you, you don’t have to do this. You have money, and Eric would take you back in a heartbeat.” Liz pleaded.Cass turned to her friend. She cupped her face and leaned in to kiss her. “I know you mean well Liz, but I have to do this on my own. I can’t share my Master with someone else. It hurts too much. I need someone who will be with only me. Love only me. Do you understand?”“Yes, I do Cass, and I know that Eric is that man. He adores you. What happened last night doesn’t have to end this.” Liz said frustrated. Why does she not listen to me.? This is crazy. They both love each other but won’t tell izmir escort the other their feelings. Liz thought. “What I need Liz, is someone to hold me right now. I’ve tried trying to cum all morning, but I can’t, not without his permission. I guess he trained my body well.” She turned away and started to cry again.“I can’t help you with that, but maybe there is something I can do, but you’re going to have to listen to everything I tell you to do. Understood?” Her voice more authoritative now. “Kneel.”Responding to the command, Cass slipped down to her knees before her Mistress. Her body automatically assumed it’s proper position. Knees wide, arms behind her, eyes down, and her back arched, presenting her body for inspection. Liz was amazed at how fast her friend had submitted. She walked around her, admiring her form. Eric had turned her into the perfectly obedient submissive. Her fingers grazed Cass’s shoulder. She saw her body shudder. Liz’s own body started to respond. She’d had a small crush on Cass ever since the day she’d met her on Eric’s desk. She’d grown to love her and wanted what was best for her, and that moment she knew that was for her to be with Eric.“Now get over my knee. I’m going to give you a proper thrashing.”Cass complied. With her behind elevated, Liz brought her hand down on her friend’s behind. Cass yelped as Liz’s hand rained down several blows on each of her ass cheeks. When she stopped she whimpered again.“This hurts my hand and you need to feel this more. Go get me something to whip your ass with. “ Cass went to stand. “No, you’re to crawl. You have not earned the right to walk just yet.”With that Cass crawled to look for something for her friend to whip her ass with. When she returned, it was with Eric’s belt that he’d left the first time they’d met. It was so apropos. The one person she’d let down, his belt would be the instrument that would inflict pain to her ass. She crawled back to Liz with his belt in her mouth. Her pussy was dripping with the thought of ‘his’ leather raising welts on her supple behind.Liz took the belt, as Cass crawled back onto her lap. “Whose belt is that?” Liz asked.“It’s Eric’s.” She replied.Liz brought the folded leather belt down hard on her ass. WAP!“Whose?”“Eric’s, Mistress.” She corrected herself.WAP!“Whose?”The fire that was enveloping her upturned behind was only cooled by Liz forcing her to say his name. “Eric’s Mistress.” Cass replied again.WAP! WAP! WAP!“Is that what you call your Master?”“He’s not my Master anymore, Mistress.” A single tear formed and slide slowly down her cheek.WAP! WAP! WAP!“Whose collar is around your neck slut?” Her voice commanding.“It’s h….his Mistress.” Her pussy tingled with the pain that her friend was inflicting upon her supple behind.WAP! WAP!“Then what does that collar make you slut?” Cass couldn’t say it. She tried to get up but Liz held her in place.WAP! WAP! WAP!“WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU? ANSWER THE QUESTION!”“Don’t make me say it, please.”“You will say it or tell me to remove it.”Cass hesitated. She was still wearing his collar, but only because she didn’t have the key to remove it. She was still ‘his’ until it was removed. She thought long and hard about her next move. Liz did not push her. “R……remove it.” Her body went limp.“Oh Cass, that’s not what I wanted to hear.” Liz started to tear up herself. She’d hoped that his belt and the pain would open her mind to the idea that she was still his. It didn’t. So she resigned herself to the simple fact, that at least in Cass’s mind, it was over. “Kneel up.”Cass slid off her lap and returned to the kneel position. Her tears were more evident now. She didn’t try to hide them. Liz moved around behind her and slipped the key into the lock of the collar. With a small twist, it came free. Her hand went immediately to where the collar had been for months now. Although she hadn’t been wearing clothes most of the day, she truly felt naked now. She fell to the floor in the surrender position that Eric had taught. Her legs were under her body, her arms pointed back but by her side, her head on the floor. He had told her this was a position to regain focus through meditation. All she did was just cry. It didn’t make her feel any better. She felt Liz’s hand on her back, softly stroking her. At first, it didn’t help, but soon she began to feel more relaxed, more calm.Liz felt awful seeing her friend in this much pain. She couldn’t stand it anymore. “Stand.” Her simple command was gentle.Cass rose slowly. Liz took her into her arms and held her again. Liz kissed her forehead softly. Cass shuddered at the emotion the kiss brought. Her knees weakened as she fell onto the bed. Scooping her into a loving embrace, Liz cradled her friend close as they laid side by side, their heartbeats slowly syncing into unison, each held the other’s hand, trying to stay connected at least physically. They laid there for hours until they both felt better.When Liz finally got up to leave, Cass told her more about the auction. She told Liz about her plan to find another Master to cherish her and protect her. It would solve her feelings of emptiness and that of her being able to support herself. While Liz listened, she thought that Eric could still be the one to provide all of those things, if only Cass would give him the opportunity. Liz asked if there was anything she could do to help her. Cass thanked her for being here today and letting her relieve at least some of her tension. She told her that this is something that she was going to have to do on her own. Cass promised to call and let her know how things turned out and where she’d landed. They kissed at the door and Cass was once again, alone.Chapter Eighteen – The AuctionCass had prepared her body as she had been taught. She removed all body hair and applied moisturizer to her skin so that it would be soft and supple. She cleaned herself inside and out, prepping her tight hole so that if her new Master wanted to claim her there she would be ready. Her hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail. She had not really thought about what she would wear, assuming that for all intents and purposes, she wouldn’t be wearing it for long. But when she was in her closet, the beautiful golden satin dress that her Master, that Eric had bought, jumped out at her.When she’d put it on, it made her feel sexy as it had the first time she’d tried it on. The shimmering fabric brought out the color in her eyes. It’s thin material clung to her body and accentuated her curves. Her body was on show. Months ago before he took her, she would have never worn anything this revealing, now after being naked most of the past three months, she felt overdressed. She put on her overcoat and headed for the taxi. The club was the next town over and she was there in only a few minutes. She was escorted to a room where she signed the appropriate papers, so that once the buyer had made his or her purchase, she would be whisked away to where ever she was to be taken. The way the auction was set up, the slaves would be escorted out onto a staging area. They would walk the stage, then asked to remove their clothing and walk the stage again. The bidding would start and the highest bid would win her services for the next six months. Her fee would be $100,000 and a percentage of the final winning bid. If for any reason, she didn’t conclude the contract, her fee and percentage would be returned plus a damage fee of another $10,000. Cass took in a deep breath. She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do. Who would this new Master or Mistress be? Would she be able to submit as easily as she had with Eric? There were many more questions that were still yet to be answered. What it came down to is that she had very little options at this point. While she was scared and unsure, she’d felt the same way with Eric. Or had she? Looking back, it all felt so right with him. Sure he pushed her limits, but he was always there to catch her, to comfort her. Now she would have to submit to a new Master, would he be as kind, as nurturing and would he be able to turn her on like Eric had. He body hummed as she was called to go onto the stage.Without allowing time for a second thought, Cass stepped out onto the stage determined to make this work. She was met with a room full of murmurs. She made an extra effort to sway her hips. The high heels she’d picked out made that easy. The gentle sway of her breasts, coupled with the openness of the dress showed her body well. Her pierced nipples abraded on the sheer fabric. They were so erect that they ached. Cass could feel the stirrings of her pussy, something that made her feel at least a little bit at ease.When she stood up on the block at the center of the stage, her heart fluttered a bit. This was it. The moment when her life would either be taken on a course of new discovery or go further into the abyss. The room was darkened and she couldn’t see anyone or anything. The bright lights shone her naked body to perfection. She was instructed to kneel, turn around, and at one-point bend over and pull her cheeks apart to show her open holes. While izmir escort bayan it was very degrading, she couldn’t deny that her pussy was absolutely dripping from the act.The whole time a lit board flashed the current highest bid. The number was staggering. It started with $1000 and quickly climbed to the tens of thousands. Her mind was reeling. Would some rich person just buy her and put her out to pay for the amount he or she had to spend to obtain her? What if he was a sheik and carted her off to some foreign land. Her mind pondered these questions, but body was on edge. She fingered herself, pulling some wetness from her slit, then softly rubbing her piercing against her sensitive clitty. Her other hand cupped her left breasts and fingered her tight nipple.Cass noticed the bid had reached $45,000 then it went silent. Then the board flashed $150,000. The room filled with murmurs again, some of the bidders talking to each other, but the board remained silent. Someone had tripled the bid in one fell swoop. She waited just like the rest of them until a buzzer sounded and the bidding was over. The winning bid of $150,000. She was escorted off the stage and into a private room.There was a card leaning against a vase of beautiful flowers. They were pretty roses. Cass leaned in and smelled them. She picked up the card and read it;SlaveYou have been provided a training collar. Put it on. Then climb into your cage and lock the cage door. This will be your new home until I feel you have earned better accommodations. Once that is done, I will enter the room. My intent is to claim your beautiful body right here in this room or if I prefer, back out on the stage for everyone to enjoy.Your New Master.A ripple of spasms ran through her body. Did she want to be taken in front of a crowd? The last time she had fucked someone in public it was a complete and utter disaster. Cass opened the box next to the vase and completed all the tasks she had been given. Her final task was done when she climbed into the cage and locked the door behind her. It felt very small. Cass barely fit inside on her knees, but she waited obediently with her eyes down, for her new Master.It wasn’t long before the door opened and she heard footsteps grow nearer to her. She wanted to sneak a peek at who had purchased her but she didn’t want to anger her new Master. When the footsteps grew near, she was able to see that he was wearing cowboy boots. When she saw them the urge to look up was almost too much for Cass. Her heart was beating so hard she was sure that he could hear it pounding in her chest.“Hello Chica. So you are mine again.”“Hello Sir. My body is yours.” Cass could barely speak. She had secretly hoped all along that he was the one bidding on her. She didn’t hold much hope that it would happen but it was what helped her through being degraded on stage. “Sir, may I speak openly?”“Yes, you may.”“Thank you Sir. I wanted to apologize for my behavior……..” She started.“Stop. That is enough about that. We will have plenty of time to talk about what happened. Suffice it to say we both had some blame in what happened. The majority of the blame rests with me. I should have told you how you were making me feel. How much you meant to me. I will not make that mistake again. While this is yet another contractual arrangement, I intend to never release you.” Eric hesitated to let his words sink in. “I want you as my submissive for as long as you will have me. Do you understand?”Cass sat up more proudly. “Yes Sir.”“Yes Who?”“Yes Daddy. I want that too.”“That’s my good girl. Now, who are you?”“I’m Daddy’s Fuck Toy.”“Very good. Now show me. Show me your holes are ready for Daddy.”“Of course Daddy.” Cass came to the edge of the cage. She watched as Eric moved closer to the cage. His cock was out of his jeans. It was thick, throbbing, and leaking pre-cum from its bulbous head. He placed it against the metal rungs of the cage. It was too big to fit through the rungs and Cass was forced to only lap at her Master’s cock. She whimpered not being able to take it in her mouth. “You want Daddy’s cock don’t you Chica?”“Oh Yes Daddy. More than anything.”“Show me. There is a dildo in your cage. Show me what you want to do with my cock.”Cass looked around and found the dildo he was talking about. She picked it up and brought it to her lips. She looked him directly in the eyes and licked the crown of the phallus. When it was wet, she took it inside her mouth and sucked on the fake cock. She whimpered that it was not his but her body flushed with need because she was doing it for him.“Good girl.”Encouraged, Cass pushed the cock further down her throat. She felt the head hit the back of her throat. She gagged on the thick cock. Her saliva flooded her mouth and she just let it drip from her open mouth. Cass forced it over and over down her throat. She wanted him to know that she wanted him to throat fuck her just as she was doing to herself. She pulled it from her mouth. “I want your cock Daddy. I want you to take my mouth with your thick cock.”“Very nice. Now show where else you want my cock.”Cass leaned back against the back of the cage and spread her legs. She fingered her wet pussy. She brought the juices to her mouth and licked them clean, then buried them inside her again. “Daddy’s pussy is so wet for him.” She could see that he was watching her shove three of her fingers in her wet pussy his pussy. “I want your big cock in my pussy Daddy. I’ve missed you.”Cass picked up the dildo, still wet with her saliva and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She looked into his eyes, as the dildo slipped inside her, she closed her eyes for a second, thinking of how good it would feel to have his cock inside her. Her body shuddered with the thought. She pushed the thick phallus deep inside her. Her orgasm was nearing and she knew she didn’t have permission to cum yet, but she continued to fuck herself for him.“Daddy, I need to cum for you. Your cock feels so good inside me. My pussy, your pussy is squeezing you tightly. Milking you.” She whimpered with need. “You will not cum just yet Chica. This is my pleasure, not yours. Now show me that your ass is ready for me.”“Yes Master.” Cass turned over onto all fours and reached back and fingered the tight opening to her ass. She was glad that she had taken the time to prepare it for him. Her finger slipped in with little resistance. She moved it around then added another. She looked back to see that he was watching her. “Daddy, my ass has missed your big cock filling it.” Cass now had three of her fingers inside. She worked them deep inside her tight hole. She wanted him to know that this was the way she wanted him to take her there. “Oh Daddy, I can’t wait to have you inside my ass. Please take me Master. I need you so bad.”“Not just yet Chica. Believe me, I want you just as much. Take the dildo and fuck your ass for your Daddy.”“Yes Master.” She said, trying to hide her disappointment. Cass picked up the dildo still wet with her pussy juices and pressed it against her tight hole. Instead of letting it slip in slowly, she pushed it hard and buried the phallus deep inside her. She moaned as she impaled herself on the dildo. “Oh God DADDY! Your slut wants you sooooo bad! My tight hole is clinching around your thick cock. I want you to take me roughly just like this. I want you to claim your fuck toy and let me know whose holes these are Daddy. Please fuck me Daddy. Please.” She begged. Eric couldn’t wait any longer. He stepped towards the front of the cage and unlocked it. She was waiting for him. He offered his hand to her. She took it as he pulled her up into an embrace. His arms went around her, pulling her tightly into his chest. They both breathed a sigh as their bodies were united again. When he pushed himself away, his hands cupped her face and he leaned down as the their lips met. Cass felt the softness of his lips mixed with the forcefulness of his kiss. She moaned when his tongue forced its way into her mouth. His hands held her steady, as her knees went weak. She had never been kissed like this before, never. His kiss consumed her. Her body warmed by it, but he was only toughing her face, not her body. Eric had never kissed a submissive before, not like this. He wanted her to know that things had changed. That he would own her but that it had nothing to do with some contract, that this was real, forever. When he could hold out no longer, he scooped her up into his arms. She gasped as she was carried over to the bed that was in the corner of the room. Eric felt that he was losing control, that he had to have her body, his fuck toy. So instead of placing her gently on the bed, he threw her down. She landed on her belly. He pulled his jeans off. He fumbled with the buttons until he just ripping his shirt off. The buttons flew everywhere. He got onto the bed behind her and lifted her up by the hips. She moaned as his hand took control of her again. She kneeled in the ass up position, presenting herself to him. Eric fisted his cock, instead of gently taking her, he thrust in with one thunderous lunge. His escort izmir cock buried inside her. If it were up to him, he would never leave her warm pussy.The air from Cass’s lungs felt like it was pushed from her body as he took her. She felt so full from him. It felt right. After a week without him, this was where she was supposed to be, under him, filled by him. His cock was pistoning in and out of her. She was nearing her orgasm. She fought the feeling, wanting to focus on his pleasure. She tightened the muscles around his cock, wanting him to feel how much she wanted to pleasure him. This was his hole, for his pleasure after all. Eric grunted when she tightened around him. He felt like a school boy again, as he neared his release. He slapped her upturned ass as he continued to pounded her relentlessly. He was determined to make her go over the edge first before he claimed her. She moaned as he continued to slap her ass. She mewed, and whimpered but didn’t resist his torment.Cass’s body shuddered when he started whipping her ass. She was so close. “Please Daddy. I need to cum for you.” Eric didn’t respond, but kept pounding her. “Um Daddy? Um. Um Daddy?” He reached up and grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Cum for me Chica.”Cass’s body finally let go. She’d been holding it in for so long that her orgasm totally consumed her. He continued to pound her pussy as the ripples of her release ripped through her body. She was held up only by the hand in her hair. Her tight nipples abraded against the sheets of the bed. When he finally let her hair go, she fell forward on her belly. Eric let her fall to the bed, but stayed buried inside her. He pushed her legs together and let his weight press against her back. His hips continued to press against hers. She meekly tried to meet his thrust. But she was too weak to continue. That didn’t stop Eric. He leaned onto her and nipped at her neck. His teeth bit her tender flesh, not enough to break skin but still feral and primal none the less. She moaned under him. He was in control of her and she knew it. When his lips touched her ear, she felt his warm breath. When he spoke she lost it again. “Who are you Chica?” He grunted in her ear. “Daddy’s Fuck Toy!” She screamed as she broke over the edge again. Her pussy quivered around his thick cock. She had not been able to cum since she left him. So her shudders only sealed the fact that she was his. His fuck toy.Eric could hold out no longer. Her words and actions were all it finally took. His cock emptied into her depths. He stayed inside her as he rolled over, pulling her with him. His arms reached around her and held her tightly. Her pussy milked him weakly, not letting him go. She wanted him to stay inside her forever. It took a long time before their pounding heartbeats synced again. When it did they slowly got dressed and he escorted her out to his waiting car. When they entered his home again, Cass excused herself to go take a shower. Eric stopped her.“There will be changes Chica. You will no longer be sleeping in your room. It still will be a place of respite but you will be living and sleeping with me, in our room.”“Thank you Daddy.” Cass jumped into his arms. She was back where she belonged, with him.Epilogue – Ceremony of RosesIt is a beautiful June day off the east coast of Martinique in the Caribbean. The island went by the name of Îlet de la Grotte, or in Antillean Creole, Island of the Cave. On the shore you could see a small gathering of people. The closer you got the more it became clear it was some type of ceremony.Eric and Cass were standing just off the beach of the island they now called home. Their friends had been there visiting for the past few weeks. The men had gone fishing, the women did some shopping on the mainland. But mostly it’s been morning beach combing, afternoon swims, and cool evenings by the fire pit, sharing drinks and stories.But this morning was special. For it was the day Cass and Eric had picked to join their two souls together, forever. They were both a long way from that night at club Rose Noire, when it almost ended them both. The men were dressed in all black, jeans and shirts. The women were in silver garters with white stockings. Cass wore a blue garter on her right thigh. Marcus, the hulking black bouncer from the club was standing between Cass and Eric. “Welcome friends. We are gathered here today to witness a special bonding ceremony to signify to all that Eric French and Cassandra Mumford wish to commit their lives to each other, and lay in bondage of one another. This commitment is without end, depth, breadth or height. It is immeasurable, cannot be seen, touched or felt by anyone more than them. It is a locking of hearts, minds, spirits and souls. It strengthens them and makes them one.” The couple turned and faced each other. Cass knelt down before Eric. A small woven basket laid beside them. On its lid was a small candle. Its flame softly dancing with the gentle ocean breeze. Beside it, a beautifully ornate vase containing a white unopened rose and a red rose in bloom, a new formal collar, and a white towel with 8ft of steel chain on it.Marcus continued. “The white unopened rose signifies the purity of Cass’s submission, and the fact that it has not come into full bloom. It never will. Submission is ever deepening, ever growing, and Cass will never reach a place where she cannot open a bit more for Eric.”Marcus watched as the two looked into each other’s eyes, then continued. “Eric’s almost fully opened red rose signifies his dominance. The color red represents his passion and desire to possess and protect Cass at all costs, though it may require Eric to spill his own blood to do so. The rose is almost in full bloom to symbolize that he is ready and mature enough to accept the responsibilities required of him.”Eric took the collar off of Cass’s neck that he had given her when her when he won the bid for her at the auction. He passes the new formal collar through the flame of the candle, and then placed it on Cass’s neck and locked it.Marcus spoke. ”This passing of the collar through the flame symbolizes the removing of all impurities from the circle of ownership provided by Eric. All outside influences are burned away in the heat of his desire to protect and defend Cass.Eric cleared his throat. “My beautiful pet, will you accept my collar and wear it with pride and honor, and as you carry this symbol of my devotion and ownership of you, will you swear that you will live each moment for us and bring honor to our House?”“Yes Daddy.” Cass replied.“I will protect and guide you Chica, for all of eternity.” His finger brushed a wayward strand of her hair, placing it behind her ear.Cass took a leather strand with a golden ring on it, and passed it over the flame of the candle. “This ring was given to me by my Grandmother. It was her wedding ring. It means the world to me. It’s a symbol of their undying love.” She then presents it to Eric. “Will you accept my token of submission, wear it on your heart, and will you swear to live each moment for us and bring honor to our House?”“I will.” Eric replied.“I will surrender my all to you for eternity.” Cass declared.Eric picked up the red rose and pressed the thorn against Cass’s middle finger, drawing a drop of blood. He then took her hand and dropped 2 drops onto her white rose. Cass then took her white rose and pierced Eric’s finger, and he let two drops fall on to her white rose, one alone and one on top of a drop of hers. The two then pressed their fingers together and made their vows to be joined by blood.Eric and Cass then said in unison. “Same flesh, same blood. We are now joined for eternity.”Marcus took chain off of the towel and passes it through the flame, then wraps it around the two of them. “This chain is a series of links that represent all the events that have led Eric and Cass to be joined. Each one interlocks with another to complete the chain. Passing it through the flame symbolizes the purification of all the events in their time together as well as their pasts. All bad things are burned away into forgetfulness and only the good remains. Wrapping the chain around them symbolizes the binding of their souls into one.” Marcus looks to the couple. “You will now say your vows to each other.”Cass looked up to Eric from her knees. “I kneel before you Master, and offer you this girl, bound by chains that hold my soul, yet free my life and makes me whole. I give you my heart, my mind, my body, my soul. To serve you is my only wish. To please you is my need, whatever path you choose, I will follow.”Eric looked down at Cass. Thank you for coming into my life and wanting to be my girl. I accept your offering of submission. I give my promise to cherish and to carefully guide you and lead you safely in my footsteps. Your happiness, health, and well being are in my care and I will thoughtfully tend to them because you are a part of me.”Marcus removes the chain and wrapped in the towel. The two roses were placed in the one vase. Then he handed both items to Eric and Cass. Then he took both of their hands in his. “By the ceremony of the roses, I pronounce your souls as one.” The small crowd cheered as Eric leaned down and kissed Cass. Their story of these two people had ended, but the story of their joined souls had just begun.

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