The interracial Sexual Surrogate Chapter five

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The Interracial Sexual Surrogate

This is a continuing story about a poor childless young black couple that desperately wants a child and the wife is unable to conceive. My wife a white woman is so good at having children, and we already have six! She has offered herself through a local service then finds out that the couple in need is black!

Chapter five

For Deanna naked blindfolded, and tied helplessly apart, could do nothing to stop the “Eight Ball” only being able to scream out the word no! The ball like a black streak, in this short distance ran fast and true! The sound of the “Eight Ball” hitting her wet open lipped fleshy cunt made a most perverted sickening smack as her wetness was splattered about! The sight for those watching was really wild, kind of like a hard ball thrown by a baseball pitcher into a wet leather catchers mitt…… “Splat”! Deanna’s reaction was even more bizarre as she jerked with startled uncertainty? Not at all that painful like she first thought it would be, actually it was quite arousing as Deanna’s interest in kinky and unusual perverted sex had always been a big turn on for her, and this had certainly been kinky, and perverted!

The ball had stuck and entered that area just inside the labia lips, but had not gone through the slightly deeper and tighter area between her opening and pelvic bone! One could easily see the round white background with the number “8” between her open cunt lips! Darryl still in charge and wanting to keep this game of kinky sex and crazy “Eight” going, had started untying Deanna with his friends help! She thought that he was finally going to free her from this humiliating public pornographic display? But instead had rolled her over onto her tummy and then pulled forward to where her big breasts were just barely hanging over the end of the table? Then Darryl had several of his male friends hold her arms out to each side, and had placed her ankles over the edge of the pool table sides, leaving her cunt spread wide open and extremely vulnerable.

Then with her still naked and this crowd watching had placed his hand on her lower back just between and slightly above the soft white skin of her bare bottom, and pushed down firmly forcefully spreading her pubic mound firmly against the green velvet! This treatment had opened her slit even more and pooched out her abused cunt lips just enough, allowing the “Eight Ball” to slowly squeeze out, and roll off down between her thighs trailing strings of cum and her wet dripping female ambiance! Several gasps and gulps of “Oh My” were heard from women that were close by watching!

The red head after being the center of attention only moments ago, and still trying to hold the attention of these horny black males had removed her top and now with her white breasts sinfully exposed was setting on the edge of the pool table, and had absentmindedly picked up the “Eight Ball”, and was licking it, then sucking the goo like strings of cum off into her mouth, much like it was some sort of tasty Italian angel hair pasta!

Darryl of course already had a good idea of what he wanted done and how Deanna was going to be used and abused by him, the red head, and Big Poppa the Tavern owner? He had handed the unusual Cobra pool Que to Big Poppa who now had a really good idea of what was to be expected in this bizarre pool table abuse, and stood back for a moment. Then whispered in the red heads ear what he wanted her to do? She smiled almost gleefully as she realized just what her part in Deanna’s perverse sexual public humiliation was going to be?

Darryl standing at the front of the pool table had been removing his clothes as several of the black women that had been watching near by murmured in hushed tones to one another, after seeing his muscular body and perfectly shaped throbbing manhood that was now hard again and pointing straight up!

Then with the crowd quite and everyone watching, ….and Deanna’s pretty little head and red lips helplessly and only inches away from his erect cock, Darryl pushed it down and at the same time grabbed a handful of her dark hair forcing her lips over the head, as he walked forward helplessly gagging her!
Then said to the red head set em up! All of the solid color pool balls were still on the table! She with the “Eight Ball”still in her hand had first pressed it down in between the apex of Deanna’s soft white thighs, purposely trapping her swollen and abused clitoris that had recovered somewhat from its earlier tortured abuse, then pressed the “Eight Ball” sadistically against Deanna’s clit and the wet green firmness of the table!

For Deanna having her overly sensitive and abused clit again tormented, reacted as her pubic muscles inner thighs and buttocks tightened painfully, raising up instinctively to this harsh but stimulating abuse! The red head then continued to grind the black ball down harshly for a moment, followed by running it up and down Deanna’s wet cunt lips forcing them open even wider, and then spotted the “Eight Ball”, about 10 to 12” back, and in a direct line to her wet cunt opening! Her well used pussy now vulgarly open was just forward of the pool tables center pocket’s and with her breasts hanging over the edge held her firm allowing Darryl’s big black cock to go deep into her throat! This left her unable to resist what was happening, and she thrashed around uncomfortably as the red head continued to sadistically squashed her clit against the hard table!

Big Poppa now ready had the Que, with the ball spotted, and everyone watching, several of the women in wide eyed horror were holding their breath…… The Cobra like pool stick worked back and forth several times as Big Poppa took aim, and then slammed it forward with an incredible forceful deliberate stroke,…this was followed by the “Eight Ball” easily finding its way making a meaty chunk, like a butcher filleting a steak! Only this time with such force it went all the way in, clear into her vaginal tunnel! Deanna would, if she could have, yelped and squealed as the ball interred, but all she could do was react with a jerk and a gagging muffled Ohooo! The red head after several moments, again did the same thing with the solid color seven ball,.. first pressing it against her clit then rubbing it up and down Deanna’s bruised cunt lips wetting and spotting the ball in the perfect place, for Big Poppa’s next shot!

This was followed by the one ball, five and six balls, that were all firmly driven up inside her! Leaving only three and # two solid colored balls! Big Poppa with the blue colored # two ball spotted, had banged it home, but it just barely stuck into her wet opening, and would go no farther, then like Darryl had reversed the Cobra cocked shaped Que handle and using it, forced the # two ball in as far as it would go!

Deanna groaned now with her pussy packed full, and no more pool balls able to enter, laid there helplessly with kayseri escort bayan these black brothers holding her, as he continued to roughly face fuck her! She could feel with the sinful experience a man about to ejaculate! Her eyes widened as she felt his, big black balls tighten, and then his stored up cum no longer able to hold back rush out, and with the audience watching, Darryl experienced a most enjoyable ejaculating orgasm as he held Deanna with her red lips tight against his pubic bone!
With Darryl out of the way and these two sexual perversions out of the way Deanna was finally turned loose! She just laid there with her head hanging down for several minutes choking, and trying to swallow what was left of his warm creamy cum!

Deanna after regaining her senses was first helped up onto her knees, and as she relaxed, this had let the blue number # two solid color pool ball easily slip out! As it dropped the ball bounced, several times, and then slowly rolled down the table, and into one of the corner pockets! After which she was helped into a setting position by swinging her legs over the edge of the pool table . She was so thankful and relived to finally be up and free as she licked her lips and sucked her fingers several times swallowing the last of his cum, and now able to see Darryl much clearer standing in front of her. They easily hugged for a moment,as she looked up at him, then he said I just can’t wait for our date to start! Joy said sarcastically to Darryl, I already thought it had? Then said to him, she needs to be clean, an all dressed up for you, wearing lipstick heels and a party dress?

Darryl said with a big smile for me, this sweet ripe little cock sucking whore of a mother to be, needs nothing, and could not be more perfectly undressed or ready for a first date with me! But this date with Darryl was going to be humiliating harsh abusive, and also in a public bar! Joy still trying to be helpful had found and slipped on Deanna’s heels saying this should help. Then Darryl pulled her up off of the pool table and onto her tip toes, and roughly crushed her big naked abused breasts against his chest, forcefully kissing her with little regard for her feelings, her bruised breasts or the fact that she had swallowed a lot of cum through those pretty red lips of hers!

Then said to Deanna answering her earlier plea for help, anything I can do whatever I want? She now not as sure, or so quick to answer said, almost in a whisper anything, you can do anything? Thinking nothing he would do could possibly be as painful abusive or humiliating as being naked choked slapped around and raped in the dark back alley by six big black sexually sadistic perverts, and all of this with her clit painfully lassoed and abused! She smugly thinking to herself that it had definitely satisfied one of her most darkest and perverted sexual fantasy’s! Then with a knowing smile on his face Darryl said to Deanna, turn around bend over and tighten those pussy muscles, lets just see how many of those pool balls you can keep in that sweet pink little pussy of yours! This will give you plenty of practice in squeezing my big black cock!
Deanna a a true submissive and with seven pool balls still up in her love tunnel, and not knowing quite what to expect did or tried to do exactly what she was told squeezing her pussy muscles tight, still thinking that whatever he was planning could not possibly be any worse, or could it? She slightly bent forward and holding her pubic muscles as tight as she could, did not have long to wait?

He had pulled her elbows up and together tightly behind her back with one arm,… hurting her, and with the other and grabbed a fist full of her dark brown hair painfully pulling it and her head back roughly! At the same time he had thrusted this big hard dick of his up into her tight little asshole through her sphincter so harshly that it lifted her toes off the floor for a moment by only his cock! Saying loudly, in front of others you like it rough, don’t you!

Caught completely by surprise and not expecting anything like this Deanna screamed,…yes! This had brought the attention of every one in the pool room directly to her, and those in the bar wondering who had screamed, or what had caused a woman to do so? Darryl was a big strong muscular black guy, and by the way he was holding her, with his big hard dick impaling her, she was totally and virtually at his mercy! Had he just continued to fuck her like this in the back pool room would have been bad enough, but showing his incredible strength and male prowess in front of others with the cameras rolling and flash bulbs popping! He started forcefully walking her ahead of him around the pool table as he corn holed her from behind!

Then again showing his strength had raised her up quite high and slammed her down on her hi heels! Deanna was in wonder as he raised up high, had relaxed her pubic muscles for a moment and when she was slammed down hard you could hear her heels click when they hit the floor as several more of the wet slimy pool balls squirted out bouncing off the hard floor and then rolling off in all directions! Darryl loving her humiliating discomfort, and through clinched teeth trying to sound like a pimp said quite loudly in her ear, you little bitch I told you to squeeze them pussy muscles of yours tight and hold them balls in, as he pulled her hair even harder and tightened his grip on her arms!

Deanna now scared by his meanness was really concentrating on holding at least five of the pool balls in, was squeezing pussy muscles as tight as she possibly could!… Then to her humiliating surprise Darryl walked her still impaled! Out into the main part of the tavern,..past numerous patrons, back and forth in front of those enjoying the perverse view of her naked helpless impaled plight, right by those setting at the tables and the bar! Joy and the red head following along had been pulling and twisting her big up turned nipples trying to break her concentration as Darryl raised her up with his big dick, and slammed her down again and again forcing his big cock up deeper and deeper each time into her “Hershey Highway”! The results of both had allowed several more of the ivory’s to squirt out bouncing this way and that rolling off, and becoming perverted sexual souvenirs to the crowd that was watching!

This was repeated several more times as she tried her best to squeeze her slit and pubic muscles tight, but was unable, do to his forceful slams until all of the pool balls had left her with an empty feeling? She was at first surprised and then relieved, as his rock hard cock pulled out of her ass, and the big head of it easily entered her open soft wet pussy folds and passed deeper filling her empty vaginal canal!

At first it was exactly what, and how she thought it would be, nice very nice and most enjoyable…was it ever good to have them hard balls out and his firm black kayseri bayan escort dick in, especially after the forced pool ball penetration.
Now you have to understand that the “Black Cobra Tavern” was a most unusual place in that the sex drugs and rock & roll of the late 60s and early 70s had given way to this black only establishment that was geared exclusively for sex and the black community. It was one of the first places like this in the big city! The place was loosely patterned after the Saturday afternoon dance show Soul Train, but was openly all about sex, and catered mostly to couples and single black males and females! The women that attended were encouraged to wear the most revealing and sinful shocking attire possible, and for of them it became a challenge to actually try and out do one another, by wearing almost nothing with a lot of their female charms exposed! As for the men it also became a game mostly for them and the ladies, trying to enhance their manly bulge to the most obvious proportions, one that would keep the girls interested guessing ready, and wondering?

For Deanna it certainly was the most embarrassing and humiliating public display that had ever happened to her but was much like her fantasy’s! The sight with her toes pointed in her heels out and her bottom up helplessly being fucked hard from the rear showed that she was indeed a willing slut, and was it ever so good,…and sinfully perverse for those watching! She was arched, like a swayback with her head pulled back by her hair that only allowed her to see straight up! Being stark ass naked was bad enough, but Darryl now overcome by this submissive shapely young woman impaled on his dick, one that said he could do anything his perverted lustful mind wanted was now in complete control! Dictating with his dick so to speak, the rough harsh treatment that Deanna was experiencing! OMG! Was it something to watch Darryl would bend down as he walked her in front of him, then would straighten his legs out quickly and thrust his cock up into her time and again! Each time she would groan squeal and cry out begging him not to, as her soft white ass cheeks would part, then bell out to each side as his hard thrusts lifted her off the floor!

It was harsh erotic, and perverse from any angle especially from the front as the camera guys stayed their distance shooting some incredible pornographic video of his big black cock traveling up, as he hammered her! Deanna with her back arched hair pulled, and her elbows held tightly together behind her back, left her wrists dangling helplessly at each side, and her ass pooched up at the perfect angle! This had pulled her big bare breasts vulgarly apart and out to each side leaving her nipples pointing straight up, as each time he would hump, her nipples would violently spring up and then down kind of like a toy paddle ball! But this was not the only sinful view? The pudgy part of her stomach around her naval and especially lower around her pubic mound along with the her upper thighs would also ripple spread and jiggle up and down as the big black cock did its thing using her pussy slit and love tunnel as the perfect place for his gigantic cock!

The whap, whap, whap of his pubic area slapping harshly against her very wet lower ass cheeks was so perverted to hear, and even more so to see! It was kind of like watching the most nasty abusive porno one could imagine! Only it was not on the video screen it was real, and happening in front of everyone’s vary eyes, impossible to ignore!

For Deanna it was everything in the way of embarrassed humiliation and harsh sex she had ever fantasized about, especially for a young white woman like her! It was also in front of an all black audience, but it was no fantasy as it was happening in this public bar, and she could do absolutely nothing to stop or slow the shameful mind blowing orgasm that was again helplessly starting to flow, and then explode! At the same time Darryl, after waiting so long in anticipation for this moment was again more than ready to do the same!

Then it happened, as neither could stop, nor did they want it to! Even with strangers watching, pointing, and commenting in astonished hushed tones at this most degrading and nasty sinful act of public sexual use and abuse! One that was unfolding, and that in her warped mind Darryl this big strong forceful black brother and her,… were the sinful main attraction!

Again, Darryl with incredible strength lifted, and held her up even higher with her legs slightly spread and dangling, then pirouetted her around slowly in front of the crowd in the bar showing them all, a most sinful and perverted view humiliating her even more! Then with no warning, had thrusted up deep into her as harsh and as brutal as he possibly could followed by squirting his hot load of baby making cum,… again, and again! Deanna would gasp and scream helplessly with each hard lunge as the crowd watched amused by her naked helpless plight as they came together! Then unexpectedly he had let her down and with one hard shove against her back and bottom roughly push her off of his big hard cock, and into the waiting arms of the bare chested red headed reporter from the magazine “Black Bred” ! This had left his big dick and the gun barrel sized hole in the end squirting a long string of cum off wildly into the air!

For Deanna it was all surreal as this woman, the only other white one in the place standing there, with her naked breasts exposed, easily turned her around and forced her down on her knees! Then pushed her back towards Darryl, and his big cock! This thing of his was sticking straight up wagging about, still slimy and glistening from the light, and the flashes of both camera’s! The place usually noisy, with live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and most other times always had a jukebox playing in the back ground. But at this moment their was dead silence as everyone had watched this full figured young white woman, horribly abused and well fucked in front of their very eyes and on the end of this gigantic black rod, and were now wondering what was going to happen next?………..

This bare chested bisexual woman with the dyed red hair said to Deanna, suck him good and make me proud, you little white whore! Apparently a similar thing had happened to her, and was how she had interviewed for the job and had been hired as a reporter, and what helped make her part of the magazine’s kinky staff! Then said honey, open your mouth wide, lean back and hold them hands behind your back! Followed by,… close those pretty little eyes of yours, knowing exactly for Deanna what was coming next!
She not sure what to expect but easily excepting being ordered around and now submissively on her knees did exactly what the woman said! For Deanna it was the be all and end all of forced sexual humiliation as the red head with a good hold, had slipped her fingers in her mouth holding it wide then at the same time helped her forward knee walking her towards Darryl’s slick cum coated black meat!

The “Black Cobra” bar was filled with couples and singles especially tonight as quite a number of black women were in attendance, and black women can be the most abusive vile and sadistic when it comes to abusing white women, especially a naive submissive full figured one like my young wife! Most of these women viewed women like her as competition and the kind that many felt could not compete with, for the attention of their black boyfriends or husbands, thinking that their men would chose the appeal of white pussy over their black ones!

The red head helping had, with little effort taken Darryl’s cock in one hand, held it down to Deanna’s red lips slowly pushing the big bulbous head of the thing, that was still hard into her mouth, and then with a perverted smile looked first at Darryl, and then out into the crowd and said loudly, should I do it? …. Huh?…. Should I?…….Should I make her day?……..

To all that were watching, and what she intended to do was quite clear as the crowd broke the silence, with first one black female, and then several others starting to chant as even more, mostly black women joined in “Yea Do It, Do the white bitch, do her really Good”! This was all it took for the sexual fun and gameful abuse to begin! Had Deanna not already been throat, and face fucked numerous times that evening this would have been terrifying, but in a detached perverted sort of way she was actually anticipating and subconsciously wanting it to happen! As this red headed woman now with an even broader sadistic smile, took both hands grabbing Deanna’s hair and head forcing it forward as hard and as harshly as she possibly could! If there is anything like this that women of color love to see is a naked helpless submissive white woman on her knees in front of other black women being helplessly and forcefully face fucked with a black cock, and that another white woman was the one roughly helping in the perverted sinful public disgrace of that woman!

The public humiliation Deanna had worried so much about happening was easily and quickly taking place, and in front of well over 30 to 40 people, many were couples as these black women chanted! Vocal comments of do the bitch harder, harder started echoing throughout the bar! Deanna now choking groaning and gagging perversely with her hands clenched tightly behind her back obediently sucked and sucked for all she was worth, as the red head gleefully rammed her head down deeper and deeper each time! Until finally her lips had tasted the kinky pubic hair of Darryl’s crotch, and her nose was being crushed against the center of his unyielding pubic bone, time and again!

Darryl now getting into it started playfully slapping Deanna’s face as the red headed woman plunged her face forward on his dick and onto this hard meat deeper than ever! This woman said quite pleased and with pride, what a good little cock sucking whore you are! Deanna was making the most sinfully pleasurable gulping glucking noises Um, Um, gluck gluck as she slurped and sucked, Darryl was doing his best to hold back as she ardently pleasured him on her knees, but it was a battle he was going to loose and lose he did! Again showing his incredible male stamina, easily oft another cum load pulling back and out then squirting her directly in the face!

The owner of the “Black Cobra” Big Poppa sometimes acting as the bar tender, and always looking for some sort of new kinky sexual challenge for his patrons, quickly taking advantage of the situation said! New Contest Everyone, Hey Everyone listen up! Said lets see if she can break the record for the most cocks sucked in the Cobra by a white woman in one evening? There was of course no record as Deanna was going to set it as Big Poppa whipped out his Big black cock and was the first of a dozen or so men to start a line and have her polish their knobs!

There was three reasons they called him Big Poppa , one was his size and the fact that he was big mean intimidating looking man and of course had a cock that would choke all but the most accomplished cock sucking professional whores, and third Big Poppa was quite virile had fathered, and like old Tom numerous children! Deanna now with little choice was to become a very accomplished cock sucker and was going to set a record that would not soon be broken! Darryl spent for the moment had stepped back out of the way and was going to watch his date for the evening satisfy numerous horny black men and in the process get her face fucked till hell won’t have it!

Big Poppa with his dick out was next and for Deanna barely able to again see through the cum and with little respite had Big Poppa’s cock shoved down her throat! Joy after standing back and watching this sexually perverted act unfold, and now trying to help had grabbed Deanna’s hair that was in her eyes had pulled it back into a pony tail and secured it with a big rubber band, then coached her saying keep that cock in your mouth, don’t let it out! Then had grabbed her pony tail and rammed her down on Big Poppa’s hard cock like the red head, as harsh and as rough as she could telling her to keep her mouth open as wide as she could!

Deanna with eyes wide did as best she could with Joy firmly behind her and holding her head tight so that Big Poppa could fuck her helpless unyielding lips and face! It did not take long as the Poppa quickly exploded and pulled back and out of the way, with Deanna gasping for breath, this was followed by another, of the over a dozen men that had lined up and were ready to help Deanna set this record! Many were Darryl’s black friends that had been invited by Nina his wife to help make my ripe young wife pregnant as hell! They were all more than willing to do so, and to get their cocks sucked in public was another reason to do this horny oversexed bitch of a young woman who’s appetite for kinky and abusive sex was again going to be more than satisfied!

Joy fucking with Deanna had stuck her hand underneath her bottom and stared first playing with her soaking wet cunt, then stared masturbating her super sensitive clitoris, making her shudder and shake most perversely as another big cock shot its load, came and went!

Several other black women joined in to help their men enjoy getting a knob job by assisting in copulation of Deanna’s cum stained face and their mans black cock! Some of the men were well dressed in suits and ties with only their cocks showing others like Darryl were naked and still others had their shorts and trousers around their ankles as she sucked one after the other to ejaculation!

For Deanna it was a sea of hard black wagging cocks, one she thought would never end as fantasy turned into reality and pleasure turned into harsh helpless sexual abuse! One would do her and his vocal thing was telling her to choke on it, and he would then be replaced by another! OMG! She thought would it ever end as another black woman took Joys place?

Continued in Chapter Six

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