Voyeur Sex



By Pink Panther

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February 1960

The week leading up to the half term break passed off uneventfully. Alex”s battle with Parker rumbled on. With performances scheduled for the week before Easter, the choral society”s rehearsals of Verdi”s Requiem had entered their final phase. Everything else carried on much as it always did.

On the Saturday morning, the under-15 football team achieved an easy victory over one of the league”s weaker sides. And with that, the half term break finally arrived. For the next eight days, Alex”s time would be his own. With their various friends also off school, he was pleased that he had plenty of work to do. He”d arranged to see Whitney on both Saturdays and twice during the week. Even so, he still had a great deal of time to fill.

For his part, Michael was looking forward to being able to spend time with Chris Newton. He was also hoping that Holdsworth might call so that they could have another day of wild sex, but he wasn”t building his hopes up. There might be other things the boy needed to do.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex picked up the phone and dialled Gordon”s number.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Gordon asked, after they”d exchanged greetings.

“Oh, just calling to see what you”re up to,” Alex said.

“Well, on Monday I”ll be off up to London to stay with friends for a few days. We”re going to the new production of Tosca at Covent Garden and a concert at the Wigmore Hall. What about you?”

“Fortunately, I”ve got quite a bit of preparation work to do, mainly working through past A-level papers. And Whitney”s around of course. He”ll be coming over a couple of times. He”s hoping that Holdsworth”s going to call him like he did at Christmas.”

“Oh, I”m sure he will. This term he”s become a real slut. It was inevitable, I suppose. Maitland”s been spending most of his time with Southcott, so Holdsworth”s made himself available to some of Maitland”s contemporaries, not choristers, you understand, other boys. I found out one night when he disappeared. He”d gone to another house to meet one of them. Well, I had to put a stop to it. The other housemasters are not of our persuasion. There”d have been hell to pay if he”d been caught. I”ve allowed two of these boys to come over to Purcell. One”s captain of the rugby team, the other”s an excellent all-rounder, nice lads, both of them. Of course, having a younger boy like Holdsworth to provide them with sexual favours is a status symbol, a badge of honour. You know how it works.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“So when are you going to come here again? Southcott would love to see you.”

“Well, I think Martin”s going to be bringing King here quite often. King and Whitney are like brothers. You”d never think they hardly know each other. But we”re open to invitations.”

“How about the Saturday after we get back?”

“Sounds fine! I”ll let Martin know they can come here the week after.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday evening. Michael had spent the day at Chris”s house. In addition to playing cards, dominoes and chequers, they”d talked about the books they”d been reading and the new films they”d like to see. It had all been very enjoyable. But Michael found just being with Chris enjoyable. It didn”t much matter what they did.

Michael and his parents had not long finished dinner when the telephone rang. The boy knew straight away who was calling. He waited impatiently while his mother went into the hall to answer it. She returned barely a minute later.

“It”s for you, dear,” she said, “a boy called Holdsworth. Isn”t he the one that called you at Christmas?”

“Yes, that”s right,” Michael confirmed, trying to sound nonchalant.

He sauntered into the hall and picked up the receiver.

“Michael Whitney here.”

“It”s Holdsworth. You said to call you. So would you like me to come over again?”

“Of course. How about Wednesday?”

“No good, I”m afraid. The hired help is taking us to the cinema. Thursday would be better.”

“Hmmm, that”s a bit awkward,” Michael said, lowering his voice. “I”m supposed to see Mr White on Thursday afternoon.”

“That”s not a problem,” Holdsworth said casually. “You could take me with you. He won”t mind.”

Michael swallowed hard, almost lost for words.

“I”m not sure,” he said hesitantly. “I”ll have to ask him. I mean, we can”t just turn up.”

“So can I come on Thursday or not?”

“Yes, okay. I”ll sort it out one way or another. Same time at the station?”


“Okay, I”ll see you there.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, Michael was pottering around, waiting for Chris to arrive. Just before ten o”clock the doorbell rang. He went to answer it, finding his friend standing on the front step dressed in blue jeans and a windcheater. He quickly ushered him inside.

“You look frozen,” he commented.

“Oh, that”s just my face,” Chris said cheerfully. “Actually, I got quite warm cycling over.”

“Let”s go up to my room.”

They made their way upstairs.

“Take a seat,” Michael said, indicating the bed while he sat on the chair.

They began to chat about this and that, nothing of any importance. Unusually, the conversation dried up. There was an unfamiliar tension in the air. Michael could feel it. Chris was fidgeting. He looked nervous.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked.

“Yes, sure.”

There was another silence.

“Well?” Michael demanded. “What is it?”

“Is it okay to ask you something?”

“Yes, of course! Just ask!”

“Do you promise not to tell anyone?”

“Of course! Cross my heart and hope to die! I won”t breathe a word.”

“Do you ever play with your dick?”

Michael was annoyed with himself. In idle moments he”d daydreamed about this, rehearsing what he”d say if the occasion ever arose. But when it had actually happened, it had taken him by surprise.

“Yes, of course,” he said, as casually as he could manage. “All boys do when they start growing up. Why d”you ask?”

That was the easy part over, he reflected. He”d no idea what was supposed to happen next.

“Just before Christmas I noticed it going hard for no reason,” Chris explained. “One minute it”d be like normal and the next minute it”d go “boing!” and be sticking straight up. Well, I sort of knew what it was about. Dad had tried explaining it to me, only he didn”t do it very well. Then one night a couple of weeks ago, I was in bed trying to get to sleep. It was hard again so I put my hand on it. I couldn”t believe how good it felt.”

“Well, don”t worry about it. That”s how it”s supposed to feel.”

“So do you do that?”

“Yes, I told you.”

There was another silence. Michael glanced across, noticing the hard bulge at the front of Chris”s jeans. He took a deep breath, screwing up all his courage.

“Yours is hard now, isn”t it?” he asked, his own penis swelling rapidly.


“So”s mine. It”s because we”re talking about it.”

“Yours escort kocaeli is big, isn”t it? I”ve seen it when we get changed after games.”

“It”s bigger than most, I guess; not as big as Downing”s though.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed, his voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. “I saw his once when it started to get hard. He sort of hurried off, like he was hoping nobody would notice. He couldn”t get his underpants on fast enough!”

Once again they lapsed into silence. Michael was desperate not to make the next move. He reckoned he”d stuck his neck far enough out as it was. But it seemed that Chris was thinking the same thing. The tension in the air was palpable. Finally, Chris came to the rescue.

“Can I see it?” he asked.

“Sure,” Michael said, trying his best to hide how excited he was.

He opened the front of his shorts and pulled both them and his underpants down so that they rested on his thighs, leaving his four and a half inch penis fully exposed.

“Wow!” Chris breathed, his eyes widening.

“Your turn now.” Michael said, grinning.

Chris quickly followed suit, pushing down his jeans and underpants until they were just above his knees. Michael licked his lips. At almost four inches, his friend”s cock was bigger than he”d expected, the foreskin retracted slightly so that the pee-hole was just visible. With a pair of firm, round balls sitting beneath, it looked perfect. And his Uncle Jack had been right, Michael noted; Chris was catching him up. For several seconds they sat facing each other, each boy gently stroking his penis.

“Can I feel it?” Chris asked nervously. “It”s okay if you don”t want me to.”

“No, you can feel it if you want,” Michael assured him, doing his best to mask his increasing excitement.

Chris reached across, wrapping his fingers around the hard, swollen object. Michael caught his breath. His friend”s touch was exquisite.

“It feels like it”s alive,” Chris commented.

“Of course it”s alive,” Michael responded, grinning. “It”s part of me. Can I feel yours now?”

Chris sat back, leaving himself exposed. Michael stretched out his hand. Expertly placing his thumb and index finger just below the head of Chris”s cock, he began to gently masturbate him.

“Oh, wow!” Chris gasped. “That feels much better than when I do it myself!”

“Can you squirt yet?” Michael asked.

“No, at least I don”t think so. What about you?”

“Yeah, I can.”

“What”s it like?”

“D”you want to find out?”

“Sure. How?”

“I”ll show you.”

Knowing that this was Chris”s first time, Michael was reluctant to undress completely. But he had to avoid getting spunk on his clothes, so took off his pullover and his shirt, leaving himself naked from the waist up.

“Move over,” he instructed, getting onto the bed.

His shorts and underpants still around his knees, he lay down next to his friend.

“Okay,” he said. “Now hold it like you did before.”

Chris wrapped his hand around Michael”s penis.

“Just a bit further back.”

Chris moved his fingers back a little.

“Yeah, that”s good. Now rub it like I was rubbing yours.”

Very gingerly, Chris set to work.

“Yeah, that”s good,” Michael said approvingly. “Now do it faster. It won”t bite.”

Chris increased his pace, getting into a perfect rhythm. Michael was in ecstasy. Despite all the sex he”d had, nothing had felt better than this did. It was because the person wanking him was Chris, who had never previously shown the slightest interest; Chris, the beautiful boy who was his one true friend.

“Yeah!” he breathed. “Keep it going! Please!”

His orgasm swept over him like an avalanche, his hips pushing up off the bed. Jets of boy-cum flew from his cock, splattering his chest. A few drops hit him in the face. As always, he was gasping for breath, his chest rising and falling.

Chris was astounded, his eyes looking as though they were about to fall out.

“Wow!” he whispered. “I never thought you”d squirt like that!”

He put his finger in a large drop just below Michael”s right nipple.

“It”s sort of gooey,” he said, “nothing like pee.”

“Yeah,” Michael confirmed, still trying to control his breathing. “Mine”s still clear at the moment. When I”ve grown up a bit more it”ll turn white. Would you like me to do you now?”

“Yeah, please! I don”t think I”ll be able to squirt though.”

“Well, we”ll see, won”t we?”

The boys swapped places.

“Pull you shirt and sweater up,” Michael instructed, “so you won”t make a mess if you do shoot.”

Chris complied readily.

“Yours went all over you,” he remarked, grinning.

“Yeah, I know. It always does. You won”t do that though, or you”d have squirted before.”

Michael set to his task. He”d have loved to suck the boy off, but it was too soon for that.

“Does that feel nice?” he asked.


Michael continued his expert ministrations. Suddenly, Chris”s breathing became shallow and uneven.

“Oh, Mike!” he gasped, his fingers clawing at the bed. “Stop! Stop! I”m going to pee!”

“Just relax!” Michael told him. “This is going to feel really good!”

A moment later Chris”s penis sprang into life, swelling and pulsing between his fingers. Very gently, Michael let him go.

Chris lay on his back, staring at the ceiling.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You had an orgasm. Your cock was trying to pump spunk out, only your balls aren”t making any yet. They will soon though. Then you”ll be able to squirt, probably not like I do, but you”ll definitely squirt.”

“Spunk? I thought it was called semen.”

“It is, like your cock”s really called your penis. Spunk”s what most people call the stuff that comes out. So did you like it?”

“Yeah! It was super! I never felt anything like it. I really did think I was going to pee though.”

“Well, now you know. Okay. I need the bathroom, I”m all sticky. I”ll be back in a minute.”

He hurried out of the room, still finding it hard to believe what had just happened. Compared with what he was used to doing, wanking each other off might have seemed a bit tame. But it hadn”t felt tame to him. As far as he was concerned, it was one of the most exciting things he”d ever done. And there was something else. He and Chris had been close for a while, but the bond between them had just become even stronger.

When he returned to the bedroom, everything was back to normal. Nobody would have suspected that anything unusual had happened. They chatted about all sorts of things, relaxed and happy in each other company. They never mentioned what they”d just done. But they both knew. When the time was right, they”d do it again. And they”d keep doing it until it became part of their lives.

At half past twelve, it was time for Chris to leave. “Are you coming to mine this afternoon?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Michael confirmed. “But I”ll have to go about half past three. I”ve got to do some jobs for Mum.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael pedalled as hard as he could, heading for Mr Faulkner”s flat. He hated having to lie to Chris about what he was doing, but he didn”t seem to have much choice. He could hardly have told his friend where he was actually going, much less why.

He was in two minds whether to tell Mr Faulkner about the morning”s events. He”d have preferred to tell his Uncle Jack, but that would have meant waiting five whole days. So it”d have to be Mr Faulkner. He felt sure he”d burst if he didn”t tell someone.

At quarter to four, kocaeli anal yapan escort he locked up his bike, climbed the stairs and rang the bell. Moments later Mr Faulkner opened the door.

“Right on time!” Alex commented, shepherding him inside. “You look like you”ve been working.”

“I”ve just come from Newton”s house, sir. I had to pedal hard or I”d have been late.”

“Excellent! Come and sit down.” They flopped down on the sofa. “So how are things?”

“Pretty good, thanks sir.”

“Any word from Holdsworth?”

“Yes sir. He called last night. He asked if I wanted him to come over. I said yes and suggested Wednesday. He said he couldn”t make it on Wednesday, and asked if we could meet on Thursday instead. I told him I was seeing you on Thursday afternoon. He said it wasn”t a problem because you wouldn”t mind if he came with me.”

“That”s very cheeky! Well, I”ve no objection if that”s what you want to do. How do you feel about it?”

“Well, I don”t mind, but it makes it a bit awkward. I always cycle here, but Holdsworth”s coming on the train, so we”ll have to use the bus. It”ll take ages.”

“What time”s he arriving?”

“Twenty past eleven.”

“So you”ll take him back to your house and do what you want to do. Then what?”

“We”ll have something to eat. Last time I did cheese on toast.”

“Fine, so what time will it be by the time you”ve done that?”

“I”m not sure; around twenty past one?”

“And what time does Holdsworth have to go home?”

“Last time he got the quarter to four train.”

“So after you”ve had something to eat, could you get to the Kings Head for two o”clock?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then we”ll have loads of time. I”ll pick you up there at two. Afterwards, I”ll drop Holdsworth off at the station and you somewhere convenient for getting home.”

“Thanks sir!”

“It”ll be my pleasure,” Alex breathed, running his hand along Michael”s thigh.

Michael took a deep breath. He still wasn”t sure he ought to tell Mr Faulkner what had happened earlier in the day, but he couldn”t just carry it around. He had to tell someone.

“Sir,” he began. “You”ll never guess what happened this morning.”

“No, probably not, but it doesn”t matter because you”re itching to tell me.”

“Well, Newton was over at my house. We were in my room, just talking. I could see he was acting strange, like something was bothering him. So I asked him what was wrong. He didn”t want to say at first, but finally he asked me if I play with my dick.”

“And what did you say?”

“I said yes, all boys do that when they start growing up.”

“Good answer! So what happened?”

“We talked a bit more. Then he asked if he could see mine, so I showed him. Of course, I asked if I could see his. He took his jeans and underpants down. It”s not as big as mine, but bigger than I thought it”d be.”

“So I guess you really fancy him now.”

“Oh yes! He”s so sexy!”

“Excellent! Carry on!”

“We started feeling each other up. That was his idea too. Anyway, we ended up wanking each other off. You should have seen his eyes when I shot all over myself!”


“When I did him, he started gasping and saying he was going to pee, but I knew he wasn”t.”

“So did he cum?”

“No, he can”t yet. He did have an orgasm, but it was dry. He said it felt super.”

“Well done! You did very well to get that far.”

“It was weird though, sir. We only wanked each other off, but it felt like it was the most exciting thing I”d ever done.”

“Of course it did. You were with a beautiful boy that you”ve become very close to, and you got the chance to introduce him to the delights of sex. I”m not surprised you found it exciting.”

“Did you ever do that, sir?”

“Only once. When I was at the cathedral school, there was a boy in my year that I really liked. A few months before we left, I seduced him.” He put on a fake American accent. “Sure, it was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.”

Michael couldn”t help laughing. He”d never heard Mr Faulkner talk like that.

“So did you go all the way?” he asked, stifling a giggle.

“We did eventually,” Alex said. He put his arm around Whitney”s shoulder. “D”you think Newton will want to do it again?” he whispered.

“Yes sir. I”m sure he will.”

“Well don”t rush things. Apart from anything else, for the moment, you want him to think that you”re as new to it as he is. So take it one step at a time.”

“Yes sir. That”s what Uncle Jack did with me.”

“And he did a bloody good job, didn”t he? Be patient. It”ll pay off in the long run.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, the boys were back in Michael”s bedroom. To begin with, everything was normal, but after a while Michael felt the tension building again. Quite deliberately he stayed quiet, waiting to see what his friend would do.

“Do you want to play around again?” Chris asked nervously.

“Yes, as long as you do.”


Michael decided to take a calculated risk.

“Shall we get naked?” he asked.

“Can we?”

“Of course we can! Who”s stopping us? I”ll close the curtains. Nobody”s going to see us.”

“Okay then.”

In less than a minute, they were naked, lying side-by-side on Michael”s bed, gently fondling each other”s penis. Michael turned onto his side to face his friend. Almost immediately, Chris reciprocated. Their cocks touched.

“Wow!” Chris whispered. “That feels super!”

Michael looked into the boy”s deep brown eyes. He”d have loved to kiss him, but that, he decided, would have to wait. Sliding his hand between Chris”s legs, he gently stroked his friend”s thighs, gradually moving higher until his fingers were tickling the boy”s perineum.

“Ohhh!” Chris gasped. “Oh, that”s wonderful!”

Michael sucked in air. It wouldn”t happen soon. It”d take weeks, maybe even months, but as long as he was patient, at some point Chris would let him take his cherry. And that would be well worth waiting for, however long it took.

“Do you want to bring me off again?” he whispered.

“Sure!” Chris responded. “Will you do me afterwards?”

“Yes, of course!”

He settled onto his back, allowing Chris to get to work. His friend”s fingers felt so good. He simply basked in the wonderful sensations, the tingling building by the second.

“Ohh! Oh!!” he gasped, his muscles out of his control.

A moment later, his cock came to life in Chris”s hand. Jets of translucent spunk caught the light as it arced through the air, before splashing down on his chest and face.

“Wow!” Chris breathed. “I wish I could do that!”

“You will soon!” Michael assured him. There was a long pause. “Okay,” he whispered. “Knees up, feet apart.”

Chris pulled up his knees so that his feet were flat on the bed. Michael knelt between them, reaching down to take hold of his friend”s cock. He began to wank it, the fingers of his free hand gently stroking the lad”s perineum. He watched intently. Chris was making cute little grimaces as the tingling in his penis gradually increased. He was beautiful!

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” the dark-haired boy gasped. “It”s happening!”

As it had the day before, his penis jerked repeatedly between Michael”s fingers. Finally, his climax was over. The fingers gently unwound and moved away.

“Ohhhh!” he exhaled. “I never knew anything could feel like that!”

Michael smiled down at him. Over the weeks ahead, he”d gradually introduce other activities that izmit yabancı escort Chris would find even more exciting. And then, when there was nothing else left for them to do, he”d take the ultimate prize.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So how was that?” Michael asked, looking down at Holdsworth who was lying naked on his bed.

“Wonderful, thanks,” Holdsworth answered, smiling serenely. “You always give me a good fucking. What time are we meeting Mr. White?”

“Two o”clock. Don”t worry, we”ve got plenty of time. Let”s get dressed. I”ll make us something to eat first.”

At five to two, they were standing outside the King”s Head. Mr White”s car appeared and stopped right by them. They piled in, Michael in the front, Holdsworth in the back.

“So have you boys been enjoying yourselves this morning?” Alex asked.

“Yes thanks sir!” they chorused.

“Excellent! I”m looking forward to entertaining you this afternoon.”

“Don”t you mean us entertaining you?” Michael queried, giving him a cheeky grin.

“That too, probably,” Alex admitted, smiling back.

Ten minutes later they were in his bedroom. Having undressed each other, the boys turned their attention to their host. Alex raised no objection. He”d never had two boys working on him like that. It was a delightful new experience.

As soon as they were all naked, Holdsworth got onto Alex”s big double bed, lying on his side right in the middle. Alex immediately lay in front of him, his penis close to the lad”s face. Having positioned himself near the foot of the bed, Michael eagerly devoured Holdsworth”s cock. Stroking the blond boy”s thighs, he slowly worked his way upwards until his fingers were tickling the eleven-year old”s perineum.

“Come on, young man,” Alex urged, pointing his dick at Holdsworth”s mouth. “Show me what you can do.”

Holdsworth opened up, his lips closing over Mr White”s penis. He sucked it lovingly. Alex sighed with satisfaction, running his hand over the lad”s silky blond hair. Although not as accomplished a performer as Whitney, Holdsworth was smaller and cuter. That made it very special. After several minutes, Alex looked up.

“Swap places?” he asked, smiling at Whitney.

Removing his mouth from around Holdsworth”s penis, Michael smiled and nodded. He and Alex quickly changed places. Holdsworth didn”t hesitate, going happily down on Whitney”s throbbing prong. Settling down where Whitney had been, Alex pulled Holdsworth”s bum-cheeks apart, allowing him to work his tongue into the lad”s recently fucked anus. Five minutes later, he pulled away.

“You sexy boy!” he whispered, kneeling right over Holdsworth. “So what d”you want now?”

“I want you to fuck me, of course,” Holdsworth answered, Whitney”s glistening cock sliding from between his lips.

“And who exactly do you want to fuck you?” Alex queried.

“Both of you!” Holdsworth told him.

Alex raised an eyebrow. Knowing that Whitney had fucked the lad just a few hours earlier, he”d envisaged that he would pound the boy”s bottom while Whitney fucked his mouth. But Holdsworth had asked for something else. Alex looked at Whitney, seeking his approval. Once again, Michael grinned and nodded.

“Okay, you”d better go first,” Alex told him. “Get on all fours,” he whispered in Holdsworth”s ear. “I want to see what you”re doing!”

The boys quickly moved into position. Lying with his head directly below Holdsworth”s tummy, Alex had a perfect view.

“Come on, Whitney!” he ordered. “Show me what you can do!”

Michael pushed forwards. Alex licked his lips as his pupil”s cock slid smoothly into Holdsworth”s bum.

“Oh yes!” he breathed. “Do it! Fuck him hard!”

The instruction was unnecessary. In just a few seconds Michael was pounding the younger boy”s arse as though his life depended on it. Having fucked him less than three hours earlier, it lasted much longer than usual. Undeterred, he stuck to his task. Finally, his tenacity was rewarded as he felt his orgasm beginning to creep up on him.

Summoning his last reserves of energy, Michael redoubled his efforts, fucking the lad harder than ever. The climax was explosive. His cock jerked violently, little jets of sticky juice spurting into Holdsworth”s rectum. After several seconds, he withdrew. He staggered around unsteadily, barely able to stand, before collapsing into the armchair.

“My turn now!” Alex declared, quickly sliding off the bed.

He picked up a pillow, placing it a foot or so in front of Holdsworth”s knees.

“On your tummy!” he ordered.

Holdsworth obediently lay down, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Almost immediately, Alex was on top of him.

“Right, young man!” he growled. “I”m going to fill your spunky little bottom!”

Thrusting his cock into the lad”s anus, he set to work, fucking the lad unrelentingly, Holdsworth”s moans and whimpers spurring him on. From the comfort of the armchair, Michael watched intently, his eyes glued to the action. He licked his lips, his overworked penis beginning to stiffen. Nobody could fuck the way that Mr White did!

Suddenly, Holdsworth”s muscles went into spasm. He shook from head to toe, his fingers grabbing at the bed.

“Ohh!” he squealed, his sphincter tightening its grip on Mr White”s invading cock. “Ohhhh!”

A moment later his little penis sprang into life, swelling and pulsing against the pillow.

“Oh, you sexy little boy!” Alex gasped. “It”s time you had your bottom filled!”

Gripping the lad by the shoulders, he plunged in deep, rope after rope of his creamy spunk spewing into Holdsworth”s bum. For some time, they lay motionless, their breathing the only sound they could hear. Finally, Alex pulled out.

“Get on all fours again,” he instructed.

Michael didn”t wait to be asked, kneeling behind the younger lad to lick up the cum as it dribbled from his ravaged anus.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“We”ll see you again!” Alex said brightly as Holdsworth exited the car. “Have a safe journey!”

Engaging first gear, he drove away.

“From what Mr Smith”s told me, he”s become a real slut,” he said, smiling.

“What d”you mean, sir?” Michael demanded, frowning.

“Well, you saw it today. He can”t get enough cock up his bottom. And it seems he”ll go with anyone who”ll give him a good fucking.”

“Oh, I see,” Michael answered, still thinking that Mr Faulkner was being rather harsh.

“Usual place?” Alex asked, glancing across.

“It”s only twenty-five past three,” Michael said. “I don”t need to be home for ages.”

Alex grinned. “Want to come back to mine?”

“Yes please sir.”

“Any more progress with your friend Newton?”

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed before recounting the events of the previous day.

“Hmmm! Very good,” Alex said approvingly. “But do be careful. You don”t want to frighten him off. So does he like lying face-to-face?”

“Yes sir, definitely.”

“Do you know if he ever humps the bed?”

“No, he hasn”t said.”

“Ask him. If he doesn”t know what you mean, show him. Then lie on your back and get him to lie on top of you with his cock between your legs. Clamp him as tight as you can and tell him to hump you. It”s called frottage. It feels almost as good as fucking. If he likes lying face-to-face, he”ll love it. It should feel pretty good for you, too.”

“Yeah, wow!”

“And of course, when he”s finished, he”ll have to let you do him. Remember you”ll need to put a towel or something there or you”ll make a mess.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

Michael settled back in his seat. In around half an hour, he”d be lying where Holdsworth had just been. Then it”d be his turn to get Mr Faulkner”s big cock up his bum. After all, he was his teacher”s number one boy. He wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

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