The Green Room

Voyeur Sex


Playing the blues at The Basement was a surreal experience, a Hip, clubby spot featuring upscale plates, craft cocktails & live blues in moody, underground digs. The place fells dirty and unafraid, Angela Martin ft. Verzatile band asked me to fill in, a little rhythm guitar, a little harmonica, some background vocals, I eagerly agreed.

After soundcheck we hung in the green room waiting to go on listening to the warm up band. Our waitress, Annette, was a short slinky brunette with brown eyes, small perky breast and the cutest little ass. I flirted with her while she serve us cocktails, she had the nicest laugh, a beautiful little mouth.

When it was time to go on stage she said “I’m excited to here you play, break a leg.” ending with the sweetest giggle. The place was packed, the crowd was fantastic, It was great to jam with a real band. As usual my panties were dripping, finally finishing our set with last call I sang “Happy trails to you.”

Returning to the green room Annette brought me a Jameson on the rocks. We laughed and drank, the members drifting away one by one, until it was just london escort agency me alone in the green room. I watched Annette cleaning up, wiping the tables, loading her tray with beer bottles and dirty classes.

“You need anything else? Cheryle”

“Just you sweetie”

She giggled, setting her tray down and locking the door, Annette returned to where I was sitting. Climbing in my lap, throwing her arms around my neck, “You were so hot up there” Crazing my lips teasingly, I stroked her hair softly, Staring into her brown eyes.

Kissing, tongues dancing, my hands roamed freely over her body. My hand slipping inside her shirt to play with her perky breast pinching her hard nipples. My mouth lowering to her chest, flicking and licking, her moans filled my ears. “Annette, you done in there?” came a voice outside the door as the door knob jiggled. “Just finishing up.”

“Why is the door locked?”

She jumped off my lap to open the door “Sorry, must of hit it by accident.”

“Oh, hey Cheryle great show tonight.”

“Thanks I enjoyed playing here.”

“Hurry up escort london were all ready to go.”

Annette finished her worked, I downed my last Jameson, walking out into the night with the other bar staff. “Breakfast?”

Annette smiled “A bite to eat sounds great.”

“Come up to my place I’ll make some eggs.”

Arriving at my place I showed her in, kicking off my shoes, I headed into the kitchen to cook some eggs.

“Veggie omelet? OK”

“I think I would rather eat something else.”

Turning “What do y……….” is all I got out, standing there naked, Annette had a hot little body, mesmerized, scanning her body. Perky breast, flat stomach, pubes trimmed in a cute little heart, down her legs, to her cute little feet. I was on my knees in flash worshiping her gorgeous body. Kissing her feet slowly kissing up her calves, licking her thighs, feeling her tremble, burying my nose in those heart shape pubes.

Parting her lips with my fingers, plunging my tongue inside, tasting her warm juices. Yes she was right this was much better then eggs, her hands entangled in my hair, london escorts I continued up to suck each breast. Finally finding her mouth as she fumbled to remove my cloths. Standing naked in the kitchen Kissing, holding each other. so warm, so wet.

We walked to the bedroom climbing into my bed, hands rubbing each others cunts. tongues inside each others mouths. Her body was soft and smooth, warm pleasure filled my brain, laying her on her back. I climbed on top of Annette my face diving into her pussy, my cunt grinding into her mouth, sensations everywhere, tingling, I glanced at the reflection in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door. What a wonderful sight the star of my own porno movie “69 with Annette” starring Cheryle.

Her wetness growing, tasting her, my own orgasm building, grinding down into her tongue and mouth. I wanted to come together, curling my tongue inside her, reaching a finger to her hooded clit. Our orgasms shaking our bodies, shaking the bed, like a giant earthquake. Exhausted I collapsed down into my sweet Annette, after a few minutes I turn around, hugging and kissing her. Mixing our juices into a wonderful flavor exploding in our mouths.

“How about those eggs?”

“Anything you want babe.”

We spent that early morning making omelets, eating, making love again & again, drifting off in each others arms.

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