Voyeur Sex


    The Eros Union 

By Ganymede


Being the authentic and salacious chronicles of Bruce Stirling, Professor of Architectural History, and his young son, Daniil, a catamite of the Eros Union.

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Ever since Ancient Greece gave birth to western civilization, Eros has been ‘the driving force in all cultural creativity and in all mysticism’ (Paul Tillich). Nowadays, we think of Cupid as chubby child shooting arrows at Hallmark’ Valentine’s Day cards, idealized romance associated with hearts, fluffy kittens and red roses. In truth, Eros was the primordial god of love, both carnal (body) and ethereal (spiritual). More importantly, Eros was also the protector of homosexual love, and the heavenly patron of the love of boys.

Pederasty has long been the pleasure of kings, priests, and money lenders; however, it is especially associated with men of intellect. Throughout history, literati of repute: artists, architects, composers, writers, philosophers, and poets have oft succumbed to the infinite joys of little boys for inspiration. The Eros Union celebrates them, not the men who diddle scouts and choirboys.

Mumbo Jumbo

The Eros Union is rated ‘R’, not for violence, gore, or bad language; the carnal thing with prepubertal boys. Beware of continuing if all you desire is a quick spurt, or if exacting descriptions of illicit acts upset you. If you are underage, or incapable of appreciating that boys are sexual before they start puberty, you might want read something less controversial. If reading this fictional story constitutes an illegal act where you live, either leave, or be very careful. Be careful even if reading it is legal. Do NOT read while driving.

No matter that pederasty thrived where western civilization began, today’s guardians of Judeo-Christian morality search constantly for their God’s ‘failures’–the dreaded pedophile–yet fail to find the fallacy. Men who love boys are under increasing attack—today’s media are full of stories about low-hanging fruit. Given the dearth of critical thinking about human sexuality, it will get worse before it gets better. Fortunately, the Age of Aquarius is dawning.

A great writer once observed,

“Truth is stranger ankara escort than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn”t.”

Fiction which embodies aspects of reality may appear as Truth, and can be most confusing. In that regard, people, places, and possessions contained herein, do in fact, exist. Whereas distinguishing such could lead to exposure, certain identities have been concealed. In cases of discernible identity, no pejorative purpose is intended, implicated, or insinuated.

The Eros Union is protected under U.S. and international copyright law. Excluding any original content covered by copyright due to others, The Eros Union remains the sole property of the author. A license has been granted to Nifty to publish. Your legitimate use allows printing a single copy for archival and reading purposes. Distributing for financial gain is not allowed and is a violation of copyright.

Past is (not) Prologue.

Whether past is, or is not prologue to the future, is up to you. You can read this story, and others, only because past readers have donated to Nifty. Without donations, Nifty dies!

A great deal of effort has gone into The Eros Union. The least you can do is show your appreciation by donating to Nifty. Writing becomes worthwhile when I see someone has donated in my name—you liked my story enough to say thank you in a way that ensures others will read it in the future.

As Shakespeare intended, all your life up to this point is but an introduction to the great adventure that awaits you within. Donate to Nifty, grease up, and embark; but first…

A Special Thank You

This chronicle could not be told without the insight and experience of Daniil’s godfather, Dr. Edwin Browne (a pseudonym), an acclaimed professor, a member of the Eros Union (EU), and a central character herein. To summarize his contributions would fill several pages, the kind you turn, not bend over. His constant harping has kept me cooped up in a dodgy hotel room on the Amalfi Coast these last four six months, struggling to attain his expectations. His stirring reminiscences of earlier EU days convey stylistic discretions, demonstrate the lubricity of olive oil, and to prove at ankara genç escort least two points to this author:

* Not every adult EU member has a son of the appropriate age and disposition, and

* A well-trained catamite is a predator.

Included among Dr. Browne’s many suggestions, were four appetizing anecdotes. He calls them ‘vignettes’, after a woman sent her ‘vignettes’ about Ganymede and her son to Nifty in 2003. You can find a few of Susan’s vignettes fty//gay/adult-youth/vignette/

Professor Edwin Browne”s Catamite Tales are listed below for your reading pleasure:

1. Clyde (eleven years old)

2. Oscar (twelve years old)

3. Charley (nine years old)

4. The Club (Membership Restricted)

Professor Edwin Browne has recently extended his collection of vignettes to include:

5. The Forest

6. The Home Visit

7. Medical Matters

Major Characters in Order of Appearance, or Reference

Bruce Adam Stirling, Ph.D. (42): Professor of Architectural History at an unnamed Ivy League university, heir to GlenIolaire castle with his son, and newly recruited into EU as Daniil’s master.

                   Daniil James Stirling (9): son of Bruce Stirling and Katrina Koklov, and newly recruited EU catamite.

Katrina Koklov (40): Stirling’s wife. Department head and actuarial specialist at a large Hartford insurance company. Joins Lord Handley’s insurance company in London.

Lord Alistair Stirling (deceased, 72): Fifth Baron of GlenIolaire, unmarried heir to the defunct Stirling and Company Shipping, uncle to Bruce Stirling, great-uncle to Daniil.

Edwin Browne, Ph.D. (39): (by reference until Book IV) Department head of religious studies at an unnamed Ivy League university, Daniil’s godfather (Mr. Ed), and EU master.

Lord Eric Handley (68): Senior partner at an international insurance company headquartered in London, and EU senior master.

       Claire Handley (36): Daughter of Lord Eric Handley and EU trainer.

       Trevor Handley (38): Son of Lord Eric Handley, owner of Ashbourne House, and EU master.

                   Geoffrey Handley (13): (by reference until Book IV) antalya escort son of Trevor Handley, and EU catamite.

                   Simon Handley (9): son of Trevor Handley, and EU catamite.

Mrs. Clemens (55): cook and housekeeper at the Handley’s estate.

Graeme Browne, M.B.E. (69): owner of Cunsey Castle, retired from British Foreign Office/MI-6, EU master, and Edwin’s uncle.

Mrs. McIntyre (43): Cook and housekeeper at GlenIolaire Castle.

Lyle McIntyre (37): Mrs. McIntyre’s brother, bagpiper, ex Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. GlenIolaire guide and maker of the castle’s liqueurs. Maintains the sports car collection in his spare time.

Hellene Hawke (36): a transvestite and Claire’s friend, a professor, and ornithologist, EU catamite, now EU trainer.

Prince Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm von Wittelsbach of Hohenlohe-Auersperg, (52), EU grand master

Christoph (11), Baron of Auersperg, son of Prince Johannes, EU catamite

Midas (58): Nickname for a billionaire financier. Daniil’s undisclosed principal. Believed to be Aaron Rothsman, of Rothsman and Sons, Zurich.

Rasputin (67): Nickname for a powerful Russian politician. Simon’s undisclosed principal. 


The Eros Union

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Book I:  Recruiting

The Orchid Hotel, in London to

Catsworth House, one of the great houses of England, hence to

Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Book II: Deflowering

Ashbourne Manor, near Bakewell,

The Litchfield Chamber, Ashbourne Manor, to

Lady Handley”s Chamber, Ashbourne Manor, to

Cunsey Castle, on Lake Windermere, hence to

Book III: Yielding

GlenIolaire Castle, on the west coast of Scotland.

The Laird’s Chamber, GlenIolaire Castle.

The Coach House, GlenIolaire Castle.

The Gate House, GlenIolaire Castle.

Book IV: Yearning

Gleniolaire Castle, Acharacle, Lochaber, to

Gorsehill Lighthouse, Galloway, to

Sloan House and Museum, London, hence to

Book V: Serving

Handley House, Belgravia, London,

Neverland, Handley House,

The Conservatory, Handley House.

Book VI: Serving Selflessly

Villa Hyacinthos at Èze on the Côte d”Azur, hence to

Villa on Lake Halstatt, Austria, hence to

Hotel, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, hence to

Villa Barcello, Venice.

Book VII: Serving the Principal

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