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Subject: DVD Tales -19 This is a `real’ story and that means there are no men with cocks the size of an elephant’s trunk and balls as big as eggs! That is fantasy. This is `real’ in the sense that this sort of thing does happen and although a work of fiction, it is `real’ enough to be enjoyed — real people, real sexual organs and real situations. If you want to mail me (and please do) then check the end of this chapter for further information. By the way — although based on some real characters, it is an extension of my imagination. Remember that as you hopefully jack hard to it! Essex (2009) THE DVD TALES — 19 “Mark was shaking as the man pulled slowly out of his ass and he could feel the cooling cum following the shaft out and around his asslips. As the men left the room Mark looked at the pool of cold cum that was sliding around his hips and dripping to the floor to join the pool of mancum that was still leaking from his 15 year old open ass.” Mark’s arms ached as the men talked to each other and flicked the sweat from their bodies. They pulled their now semi-erect cocks down and squeezed them to milk any remaining cum out of their shafts. Mark could feel the cum still trickling down his still gaping ass and oozing slowly across his sore ring and down under his ass and dripping onto the floor. The men walked out of the room without saying anything to him or even looking at Mark. He was merely a sex toy; just a hole that was young, tight and hot to fuck. He realised that as a boy he was not worthy of their attention. They were simply interested in his body because it was smooth, tight, muscled and the flesh was young. They wanted to fuck teen boys; they wanted to slap and ride a tight ass, feel a very tight spasming anal ring that would be forced open by their broad shafts and react like young flesh should. As Mark hung on the wooden cross he realised that his sex drive had led him to being used as a fuck toy. Trouble was, he was starting to enjoy it. Leo looked up as the man held onto his hair as he was forced to clean the cock that had just reamed his ass wide. The cock was still fairly hard although it was now lowered a few inches from its erect sexual intensity of a few minutes earlier. Leo tried to look into the man’s eyes but the man simply twisted his hair and slid his head forward so his mouth opened wider as the thick shaft slid into it. Leo used his tongue to clean the cum and his own ass juices from the veined meat. The head oozed a thin drop of sweet cum from the piss slit and Leo licked it away and swallowed as the man pulled his head back and made him lick his now sensitive cockhead. The skin on the man’s cockhead was shiny, hot and silky and Leo savoured the taste as he tried to please the man by cleaning his anal invader with enthusiasm. The cock was starting to lose its hardness but Leo continued to clean it with his mouth and tongue. The man looked down at the kneeling boy, bent his knees slightly to keep his cock in the kid’s mouth and smoothed his strong free hand down the boy’s back and slid his index finger into the still open hole of the 14 year old. The boy twitched as the finger slid in and touched his tender anal ring. He pushed back to show his master he was subservient and still wanted to offer his hole to him. The man responded by twisting the boy’s hair even harder and making the teen’s eyes water. As he did that he also pressed his hips forward and the boy responded by sucking in the man’s cock and flicking his tongue under the shaft. The man pulled out of the boy’s ass and let go of his hair and lifted off the bed. He stood and stretched by the side of the bed and then as Leo looked at him, the man clicked his fingers and pointed to the space between his feet. Leo jumped off the bed and knelt obediently between his master’s feet, arms behind his back and head lowered in sexual subservience. The man looked down at him and then walked out of the room and Leo followed him with his eyes but remained kneeling. It was nearly two in the morning and as the stagehands walked into the two rooms and took Leo out and released Mark from the wooden cross, the boys were near to exhaustion. Leo was thinking about his parents and realised they thought he was staying overnight with a friend so he relaxed when the men led him to a bedroom and told him to shower, drink and sleep. He had barely finished the can of soda when he climbed into the bed and fell asleep. His ass was sore and his body ached, but his thoughts ended after less than 90 seconds when he fell into a deep sleep. It was just before 10.00 when Leo was woken from his sleep and told to shower and join Tony and Stoop downstairs for breakfast. When he had dragged himself from the bed and showered, he put on the vest and jock and wandered down for breakfast. Tony and Stoop were eating at the table when he entered and nodded at him. Stoop pointed at a place at the top of the table and Leo sat down. “Did well last night sınırsız escort bitch,” said Tony as he ate, “boys liked your ass. Did well for me.” Leo smiled and then drank juice and tucked into cereal. “Now got a job for you today.” Leo stopped eating and stared at Tony. “But my parents will be …” Tony raised a hand and pointed at Stoop. “Stoop called your parents. Said he was your mate’s older bro and said you wanted to stay till Monday morning. Seems they like the idea boy! You got till then to enjoy!” He smirked and Stoop grinned. Leo nodded and smiled and then asked about Mark. “Went home this morning early. Bitch did well. You and him make a nice pair. Now finish the food boy cos Joe coming for you in an hour.” Joe was 16. When he arrived Leo was sitting alone in the kitchen drinking tea. Joe stood in the doorway and stared at the younger boy. He was nearly six foot tall, slim but with muscles. His hair was ear length and he wore jeans, trainers and a white polo shirt. He stared at Leo and leaned against the doorframe eyeing up the 14 year old. Leo admired the gold hoops in his ears, his bright teeth and soft tan and then Joe stood up and spoke. “You did well last night boy.” Leo looked up at the older teen. “You were here last night?” he asked. Joe nodded and walked to stand in front of the sitting boy. He looked down at him and said, “Yeh. Rode that black cock good boy. You get fucked later?” Leo nodded. “Yeh. Really rough sort of guy. Looked like a bodybuilder. He was very dominating.” Joe nodded and a thin grin spread across his lips. “That was Sammy. He’s here a lot. Bet you felt him banging your pussy!” Leo cracked a weak smile when the older boy called it a pussy and then watched as the boy continued to stare at him. “So what are we going to do?” asked Leo. “You boy are coming with me to a mate’s place and the three of us are gonna fuck!” He stressed the last word and continued to stare at Leo. “Who’s the other boy?” asked Leo. “Lee. Mate of mine. He isn’t a boy though.” “How old is he?” asked Leo and tilted his head to one side slightly. “Not really sure, but maybe 28 or 29. All you got to think about is what we want!” The older teen grinned and then unzipped his jeans. He fished inside as Leo watched his hand moving and then he pulled out his semi-erect cock. It was semi-soft, smooth and must have been at least five inches long even in that state. Joe stared at the boy as he tempted the cock into action and Leo watched as it started to rise. It was not so long he thought, but he noticed how thick it was and the way the head poked out of the foreskin as the older teen fisted the meat into hardness. Suddenly Joe stopped and let it hang outside his unzipped jeans and said, “You get this to use later boy. So show me what you can do with that sweet mouth for starters.” Leo bent forward and then dropped to his knees and without realising it he opened his legs wide and crossed his ankles over each other in a pose that was more subconscious than ordered. He also put his hands behind his back and looked up into the eyes of the dominant teen before him. He realised as he did this that the training he was being given was having the desired effect. He was 14 and being sexually trained to obey and serve his sexual masters. His body belonged sexually to the men who were using him; the older boys who were part of the sexual groups that Leo was now a part of. In the short space of time since he had been anally deflowered by Tony and fucked brutally hard and roughly by Stoop, Leo had become used to his position as a sex toy. On his knees, mouth open and looking into the eyes of a 16 year old muscled master was just the next step on the way to his sexual flowering. Leo was trained and now he was paying back his masters in the way they demanded. He bent forward and slid his tongue out of his mouth and across the precum wet head of the teen’s cock. Joe looked down at the younger teen on his knees. He had assumed the position most young boys at his age would after the intense sexual training they had received. The boy was licking up and down his very hard shaft now leaving a trail of warm spit up the thin vein that had appeared over the hard and silky skin. His cock was so hard that it stood almost vertical. The boy was good he thought as Leo’s mouth slipped up and down onto the cock before him. Joe resisted the temptation to put his hands onto the boy’s head and force his meat down into his throat. He wanted this to last, even though he was only going to give the boy a mere taster of what was to come. As Leo slid the first five inches into his mouth and gagged little, he saw the boy’s eyes look upwards and into his own. Joe nodded and appreciated the teen was seeking his assurance he was doing it right — that he was submitting to the older teen and earning his respect. There was still two inches of cock outside the boy’s mouth and a little saliva seeped out şırnak escort of the corners of Leo’s mouth as he slid upwards and licked the cockhead and tasted Joe’s sweet precum juice. The boy was good thought Joe, but then there had been many others that good at blowing his cock in the three years he had been sexually active with the people he now called friends. Leo slid back onto the cock and started a slow, yet firm, sucking and licking of the older teen’s cock. Joe was flexing his stomach muscles as Leo bobbed on the five or so inches he was now using of the cock. Joe wanted to force the remaining inches into the kid’s mouth but wanted him to do it himself. He looked down as he had done on many occasions when he being fellated by a submissive boy and man. “H” or Henry was it? He tried to remember the last guy who had submitted to him sexually. Henry that was the name. He was 26 and although it had only been three days before, such was Joe’s sexual timetable that he could hardly remember who had done what to him and what he had done to them. The guy had been on his knees like this kid; naked, kneeling and using his hands on his balls as he sucked Joe to a bucking orgasm as he flooded the man’s mouth with his teen cum. That was it. He remembered how the man had opened his mouth and waited for his young master to nod before he swallowed the teen cum that brought a smile to his face. Henry had been only one a dozen men, much older than Joe, that he had either face-fucked or anally controlled in the past few weeks. They wanted his aggressive sexual manner to control them; they wanted to hear him talk dirty to them; they wanted to submit and be controlled by the dominant and muscular teen and Joe liked it that way. He didn’t get fucked. He was 16, a stud and he fucked! They loved his looks, his hair and earrings, his stare and powerful arms that controlled their heads and bodies when they fucked. This was a strong and powerful teenage master and now he was controlling a boy on his knees who would be the next in his series of sexual conquests. He ran his hand across Leo’s hair as he felt the boy sink further onto his cock and felt the boy’s throat constrict his cockhead on the downstroke. That felt good. Boys of his age need a strong sexual master in Joe’s mind. He grinned above the boy as the thoughts washed over him. He was only two years older than the boy on his knees blowing him, but they were sexually ages apart. Leo was learning about sex and Joe would further his education. Lee would take that further — and more painfully he realised — but that was what 14 year old boys needed. A firm hand, firm grip and firm cock. Boys of that age wanted to be dominated. They wanted the alpha-male syndrome; the sexual dominator in their lives; the man to teach them, train them and ride them! Joe was brought back to reality as his balls lifted a little and then he pushed back Leo’s head and watched the thin trail of saliva and precum trail from his cockhead to Leo’s lips and then snap as he looked up into Joe’s eyes. “That’s enough boy. You get to feed on my cum when you done a good job for me and Lee later. Let’s go.” “I need my trainers!” said Leo and Joe nodded as the boy ran back into the house and then reappeared a few minutes later. Joe admired the look of the 14 year old — white vest, small jock that was nicely filled at the front, dirty white trainers and white socks. The boy would want to wear more thought Joe, but if his training was as good as it seemed, he would be accepting all he was wearing now as his mode of dress while in the company of his masters. There was just one addition that Joe wanted and he beckoned with a finger for Leo to come forward. “Just one thing to get you ready boy,” he said and pulled the front of the jock down, then pulled the material away from the boy’s cock and balls. “Hold the waistband,” he said to Leo and as he did, Joe fished something out of his pocket and Leo watched as he was fitted with a broad steel cockring. Joe pushed and pulled Leo’s small balls through the ring and then twisted the cold steel ring to and fro as he placed it right at the end of the young teen’s cockroot. The cockring was heavy and tight and when Joe let go it hung down and pushed the boy’s balls and cock down. Then as Leo was about to ask a question there was a tiny tremble and the cockring started to vibrate. It was more a continuous tremble, but it was a feeling that started to spread around his groin area. Joe smirked as Leo’s eyes registered that start of the process and he motioned for the boy to let the waistband of the jock fall back. As Leo’s cock expanded a little under the gentle stimulation it made his teen package even bigger and Joe nodded. “Car’s outside boy. Get in the boot and let’s go!” The journey took more than 40 minutes and Leo tried to sleep in dark boot, but even with the addition of a thick blanket it was not possible. He was in submission — being taksim escort shown that he was meat, a sexual object and goods that were carried in a car boot. His cock was still throbbing and tingling but not more than half hard; his balls lifting and rising as the cockring trembled and seemed to send out electric thrills across his groin. They wanted him on the edge of sexual excitement and just before the boot was slammed shut, Joe had replaced the handcuffs, ballgag and hood. Leo was a sexual toy and they wanted him to cum only when they were ready and for their pleasure and purposes only. When the car came to a halt and the boot was opened he was lifted out and thrown over the shoulder of what seemed a hard muscled man. Leo wondered if this was Lee and then he was standing on his own feet and the hood was pulled off his head. He was standing in a hallway of another large house. The man who had carried him in was about 35 and with what looked like a broken nose you would see on a boxer. The man grinned, although it was more the cracking of thin lips into a sort of sneer, and then pulled Leo by the arm up the large staircase. He was led along the corridor and doors were either open with nothing on the other side or closed. Then as they came to the top of the hallway, the man released Leo’s arms and went into the room in front of them leaving Leo alone. He twisted to the side and looked through the door to the left. There was movement between the edge of the door and frame and Leo walked slowly forward and peered through the crack. The man was huge. He was more than six foot and more, much more. He was naked and looked like he was glistening with oil. His muscles seemed alive as he moved and his back muscles were flexing with raw power. His arms were enormous and powerful with huge muscles. There was a coiled tattoo of a dragon on his lower back and under that the man’s asscheeks were flexing and dimpling with the urgency of his movements. His head was slightly bowed and looking down. He was balanced on the spread fingers of both hands and his strong toes that supported his powerful and very muscular frame. He was fucking. Leo stared trying to see through the soft low lights to see who he was fucking. The pace was strong and rhythmic; thrusting that was making his bottom cry out in what sounded like a weak voice to Leo. Suddenly the man lifted a few inches higher on his toes and fingers and Leo saw the bottom under him. The man had eased his ass back and was simply holding his cock probably halfway or more out of the ass of his subservient bottom beneath him. The man’s cock looked hard and thick but it was controlling the bottom under him with his movements. Then the bottom squeaked and turned his face towards the door as the top slammed back hard into the pussy he was servicing. The boy looked no more than 12 or 13 to Leo and his own cock flexed in the jock and leaked some precum as the top started to ride the boy’s small pussy. The boy was like a small doll under the man and was writhing under his master as the man sank the whole of his cock into his ass, ground his hips and flexed his ass cheeks. The man was looking under him as the boy writhed on the end of his anal invader. Leo’s cock stirred and a small drop of boyjuice wet the underside of the jockstrap pouch that was holding his teen cock now constantly stimulated by the vibrating steel cockring. The man continued to pump his hips forward and the boy was writhing and trying to move himself on the bed as the man fucked his ass. There was the sound of wet flesh slapping as the boy’s pussy was widened as the man launched a continuous assault on his tight anal ring. The boy’s head flew up and he cried out and scrabbled with his hands on the sheets as the man slammed very hard into his hole. The cock was almost out of the boy on the upstroke as Leo opened and flexed his fingers and stomach muscles as he was now excited. His cock was fully erect and wondered who the muscled master was. He was now bouncing on the small boy’s ass and Leo heard the man grunt as the boy threw his head up and shouted out a pleading “no, no!” and twisted as the muscled top ground his hips against his tiny ass. The man said something down to the boy writhing and twisting under his chest but continued his aggressive fucking and then the back of the youngster’s head shot up and rubbed between the man’s nipples. The boy’s face was coated with sweat and was flushed and the boy’s lips were mouthing words to his anal master that Leo could barely hear. Leo stood up as he felt a hand on his arm and turned to face Joe. Joe peered through the gap and then smiled at Leo. “When Lee’s finished with him, then we get to play boy!” To be continued … NOTE: I am still very interested in doing an illustrated version of The DVD Tales and wish I could find someone like the great `Julius’ or the fantastic `Jellofunk’ to illustrate some of the scenes. I want to continue Leo and Mark’s adventures — so if you have ideas, views, comments or suggestions — then mail me. Flames I ignore but chats with supporters and friends I am happy to deal with. I HEAR FROM MANY OLDER READERS. WOULD ALSO LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOUNGER GUYS ABOUT THE DVD TALES. [email protected]

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