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Subject: Justin’s Story, The Angels Sang The story you are about to read is completely and totally true. After I posted the story about my cousin Danny in the incest section I got some questions about my relationship with Justin. People were curious about his point of view as we started and as he came to experience every first time in the bedroom. So I asked Justin what he thought and he decided to tell me, so I could relay it to those of you that asked and, maybe, those of you curious as to how a relationship between a 16 year old and a 60 year old has lasted 9+ years now. I haven’t embellished his story at all, it’s just the way he told it to me. Most of it I knew, a few things were surprises to me. Hope you enjoy it. If you like any of the Nifty stories, and can afford it then send it in and help sustain Nifty with your donations! fty/donate.html Please feel free to comment on the story, I’m always interested in the reader’s opinions. You can reach me at ota Justin’s Story, The Angels Sang By Ryan Jones as told by Justin B. I looked out the front window of my house, waiting for my parents to get a move on. Yes, I’m impatient, it’s time to head to the mall and shopping is about the best thing in the world for me. It’s not just looking at stuff, trying on clothes, buying things I don’t need, it’s also being free to look around at all the men walking around the mall. As I see some of them walking around, their arms around a woman, or holding their grand kid’s hand, I put myself there in place of that woman, or that kid. I can feel the hand in mine, holding me tight, keeping me happy. How did I get to this I hear you wonder? Well, it’s hard to explain. I can’t say it was from an early age, I knew that I was gay when I was 8 or 9 years old but I didn’t really know what I was interested in. To be honest, at that age, defining myself was enough, I didn’t need anyone else. At least that’s how I felt until right after I turned 10 years old. I was at the library, looking through all different kinds of books and I saw one called “The Front Runner” by Patricia Neil Warren. I had no idea what the book was about but the cover art, it made me tingle inside. It had an older man looking down at a younger one, sitting on a bench and somehow, even though I was that young, I felt the attraction. So I checked out the book, went home and started to read it. By the end of the book I was in tears, it’s the type of ending that I know now was normal for gay books in that era, you couldn’t possibly have a happy ending for a gay novel. All I know is that I was sobbing for the loss and wishing it didn’t turn out that way. Even at that age I was a sucker for a happy ending. That night it was in my dreams, an older man and me. There wasn’t any sex, I really wasn’t into sex then, I had never actually masturbated to orgasm, just occasionally touched myself when I got hard for no reason. Yeah, it felt good but I didn’t have any brothers, just an older sister and we didn’t have any instructive sexual conversations. I went to a local bookstore and bought my own copy of the book and returned the other one to the library. I’d read it again every few months and each time the older man became more of a focus for my thoughts. I was 12 before I ever really thought about things in sexual terms, we had sex ed in school and I had learned about body parts, about straight or gay. I’d look down at my prepubescent body parts and wonder how I’d ever attract someone like that for my own man. You know how it is when you’re young, you think things are never going to happen and it really seems like overnight my small body parts started to get bigger and became much more of an attraction to me, even if I couldn’t find anyone to share them with. By the time I turned 14 I was determined to find a man of my own. I used to dress to attract, at least that’s how I saw it. I wore really tight pants and shirts, showed my body even if it was still clothed. I’d even smile if a man ever smiled at me at the mall. At least I’d smile at a man I was interested in, it seems like I never got smiled back at by anyone I’d want to share a bed with. All my school friends had their girlfriends by the time I was 15, or boyfriends. I had come out so people knew I was gay but I was celibate. I had offers from other boys, some gay, some straight. The straight ones just wanted some head but I was still a virgin and didn’t really know know how to suck a dick, even if I had wanted to. Of course I jerked off, like a crazy person. I’m surprised I didn’t end up with forearms like Popeye the Sailor Man, as much as I did it. What else was I going to do though? I’d try to find someone, even if it had to be in my dreams. I used to try to program my mind to dream about a man with me. If it worked I don’t remember the dreams. I never had a wet dream so even if it did happen it must not have been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Each morning I woke up alone. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I was happy enough. I had two great parents, my sister was certainly okay, in that area I had nothing to complain about. Plenty of money and yes, I was spoiled by them and my grandparents both. It was a week after I turned 16 that everything changed. You know, your life is slowly, slowly moving, it’s like you’re on the ocean and there’s no land anywhere and you close your eyes and there, in front of you, there’s not just an island but an entire continent? The small town I lived in was having a town wide yard sale. They had these twice a year, in early April and then again in August, always on a Saturday morning. My parents always joined in community activities, we had a sign up, all the proceeds from our yard sale went to Habitat for Humanity. I had worked on a house when I was 14, met Jimmy Carter. Not all that unusual, my grandparents are seriously into Democratic party politics, have been since they were teens. My mother isn’t part of it, my dad is somewhat but not to the extent my grandparents were. We had a lot of what you’d call esoteric items on the table. Not like the usual clothes, dishes and the like, we had a lot of items from Central and South America, hand crafted items we had picked up in our travels. It wasn’t exactly what people were looking to buy, most cars parked, the people got out and in 2 minutes they were off to the next house on the map. It was just after noon when the angels sang and the chariot came down from heaven, wait, that’s getting ahead of myself and is probably just a bit over the top! Instead a car pulled up and a man got out. Yes, a man. Alone. He looked old enough for me, it was hard to tell. He was dressed in fairly tight corduroy pants, a wild colored cotton shirt and had on a cap with Amsterdam stitched across the front of it. As he got closer I could see he was maybe 55? A few years older? He was really just in the age range I wanted, someone mature enough to know who he was and what he wanted and still young enough to go get it. The man came up to the table and I stood up to greet him. “Hi, I’m Justin, welcome to the yard sale” and I smiled at him. The man looked at me with a quick glance, then his eyes came back and looked at me again, this time for a longer period. I guess I should describe myself, I was 5’8″ 125 lbs with thick auburn hair that was combed over like a Bieber hairstyle. Bangs to my eyebrows and below. I have light brown eyes that have flecks of green in them. I was wearing a ratty old t-shirt and a pair of jeans that were baggy. Everyone tells me I’m cute as hell, I don’t think I’m all that but I’m for sure not an ugly boy. “Well, hi there Justin, I’m Ryan. It’s nice to meet you” and the man held out his hand. I took his hand in mine, cursing the fact that my palms were sweaty, it was stressful when, for the first time in my life, a man I actually wanted was talking to me. I felt his grip, it was tight and I conformed to the way he shook hands. Nothing worse than a limp handshake. Did he hold my hand just a bit longer than necessary? What does that mean? I didn’t dare talk, my mind was stuttering, god only knows what might come out. Besides my sister was there, looking at our interaction. A quick aside here, my sister knew what my attracted me in a man, I had told her about the book and she had read it. “Are you looking for anything in particular?” and I breathed a sigh of relief as the words actually came out of me in good order. “Maybe” the man answered and he smiled at me again. Can I describe Ryan for you? He was 6′ and 165 lbs, he had the clearest blue eyes I had ever seen in my life and the hair I could see was brown colored. He wasn’t like some muscle guy but you could tell he took care of himself, he must still do some kind of exercise, or sports. Oh and he had a nice looking bulge in his pants. Hey! I just turned 16 and have never been kissed, I think it’s okay if I look at a bulge! “It looks like a lot of items here from Costa Rica” Ryan said to me and I was a little shocked that he knew which country the items were from. Most people just said Central America. I guess my surprise showed because he continued “I’ve been there, have some of these same items” and he gave me another smile. I grinned back at him, sheesh, it’s embarrassing. I’m about to fucking drool, get a hold of yourself Justin. “Your hat says Amsterdam, are you from there?” I asked. “No, it’s just my favorite place in the world” Ryan responded. “I’ve heard things about that place” I ventured. “Yeah, like what?” “Well, it’s supposed to be an open city, like anything goes” “That’s pretty much true. They are tolerant of just about anything” “Sounds good to me” I said, smiling. “Well, it can get tiring. I have no self control so I can’t live there. I go over for a month at a time, visit my family, stay pretty much wasted and have as much of a good time as I can without killing myself” and he laughed. I looked around, my sister had given me room, she wasn’t within range of our conversation so I felt like he gave me an opening. “Good time? You mean like sex right?” and I laughed. “You get right to it don’t you Justin? Yeah I mean sex” Ryan said. “Is it easy to get?” “It depends on what you want. I mean maybe if you’re into guys like me, it’s easy to find. However if someone was into guys like you, maybe not as easy. Not impossible though” “How do you go about it?” I asked, curious now. I was hoping his smiles, his staying here to talk to me, meant he was attracted to me. I realize I look young, maybe he doesn’t know I’m legal? I do look really young. “I turned 16 last week and I got no idea how to attract someone” Ryan looked at me closely. “You’re 16?” and I nodded. “A belated happy birthday then. Well you need to dress better for one thing” Ryan said and he looked at my clothing. “Get something sexy on and that’s a start” “What’s sexy?” I asked. I really had no idea. I assumed just really tight. “Pants are important” Ryan said “if you want to attract someone, wear corduroy pants” “Why corduroy?” and now I was intrigued. Ryan wore corduroy pants. “Because it accentuates what’s in your pants” he responded. “Huh? What do you mean?” Ryan laughed but he wasn’t laughing at me, he was laughing at my naivete. “Stand here in front of me” and I walked over. “Now, look at my face, then let your eyes travel down my body” and I saw him watching me as my eyes moved. As I got to his bulge I had to stop for a second before I continued. “Now” Ryan said “look at yours” and I did and obviously barely noticed my own bulge. Ryan looked me in the eyes and then his eyes traveled down my face, slowly. To my neck, to my chest, to my crotch area. I wear briefs so he could see an outline, barely. Where I remembered his pants looked like he had a foot long soft dick in there possibly. I blushed like crazy and he smiled at me. “Do you have any corduroy pants?” and I nodded. “How about putting them on and coming back?” “Okay, cool! I’ll be right back in less than a minute” I said and I ran for the house. I went up the stairs at a dead run, almost tripped as I got in my bedroom. I ripped off those pants, then did trip because I forgot to take off the damn shoes. I was laying in the floor, giggling like crazy. I think I might have gotten hysterical but I got myself under control just in time. Got the shoes off, the pants off, found a pair of corduroy pants I loved because they kinda matched my hair. I put the shoes back on and didn’t bother to tie them, left the pants unzipped on purpose, I had changed shirts but saw this 25¢ sticker and remembered I needed to put that on an item so stuck it on my shirt and ran back down the steps. All the way down I was thinking that Ryan is probably long gone, that it took me too long. As I burst through the door I saw him still standing there and as I came towards him he smiled again. I saw his eyes, they went down to my pants and when he saw they were unzipped he had a little expression of surprise, then he looked at my bulge and he smiled wider and looked up at my face. He was peering at something on my chest, I couldn’t figure out what but he called my sister over and he pointed at it. “I’ll take him for that price” Ryan said to my sister Janice and he had reached in his pocket and brought out a quarter. “SOLD” she said in a loud voice, then she looked at me. “Justin, this guy just bought you for a quarter. You better be worth it” and she laughed. I must have had the weirdest expression on my face, both Ryan and Janice started to laugh. “No refunds! No exchanges!” Janice said. Ryan looked at me, with a more serious expression. “Can we talk on the porch?” “Can you watch the table Janice?” I asked and she nodded, waving her hand at me. Ryan and I walked over and he sat in the swing chair and motioned me to sit next to him. “Am I moving too fast for you Justin?” he asked, looking at my eyes. “No, not really. I mean this is new for me, nobody’s ever looked at me the way you do” I told him. “You probably just never noticed. You’re a really handsome guy” he said and I blushed again. It’s really annoying, I’m worse than a blond person, I blush so much and it’s just really obvious. “You’re the handsome one” I blurted out. “Ahh, now I know something about you” Ryan said. “What? What do you know?” I stuttered out. “That you need your eyes examined” he said, laughing. I looked at Ryan and he held up his hand, catching my eyes. Then he slowly took his hand and reached down for my hand. I lifted my hand to meet his and he took my clammy hand into his warm grasp, brought it to his face and kissed the top of it. “I’m really attracted to you Justin” he said “I hope it doesn’t bother you” “I’m attracted to you too Ryan” I said, not really able to meet his glance but I felt his hand on my chin and he turned my eyes up to his. I pushed up suddenly and our lips met, it wasn’t really a kiss, more of a peck and I jerked back, afraid I had crossed a line. “That was nice Justin” he said, smiling at me. “Maybe try again a bit longer this time?” I felt his hand on my neck, cupping it. He wasn’t really pulling me to him, he was letting me do all the motion but with each millimeter I moved, his hand moved with me. Our lips met once more and I moaned loudly, then put my arms around his neck. I felt his mouth open and I followed his lead. It was incredible, my first kiss, it was going to happen. My first real kiss I mean. I felt his tongue touch my lips and I touched his tongue with mine. “Hey, you two, get a fucking room?” Janice yelled and I jumped, almost fell out of the chair, it was wildly swinging. I guess I must have looked frantic, or crazed, or both. Ryan just whispered to me. “Don’t let her get to you. Can you come with me or shall we go inside?” and I took him by the hand and led him into the house, straight up the stairs and into my bedroom. Damn, the place was a pig sty! I hadn’t cleaned it up in a week or more, there were dirty clothes all over the place. The pants I was wearing when I met Ryan were draped over the television, the old t-shirt was on the computer. The place stunk too, well not bad, just like dirty clothes and I swear I could smell sperm. The shirt I used to jerk off in was laying right on the foot of the bed. Fuck I bet Ryan is going to just think I’m a slob and leave. “Nice room” Ryan said, then he grinned at me. “I don’t remember the hurricane hitting my house though and I’m just like 10 blocks away” and he kissed my forehead, showing me he was kidding. “I didn’t expect you” I said, lamely. “Now I’m here though” he answered and he brought my face to his again This time I opened my mouth before our lips met and I felt his tongue just slither into my mouth. I never knew a tongue was so hot, it felt hotter than mine. He pulled out, then pushed back, then pulled out and stopped. It took me a few seconds to realize he was waiting for me, so I pushed my tongue in his mouth. We went from the hesitant kiss to face eating in like an instant. I felt myself unable to breathe, I had never kissed before, I didn’t know to breathe through my nose and I started to sag a little in Ryan’s arms. He broke the kiss and I gasped for air. “Next time breathe through your nose, you won’t pass out that way” and he dove back in. I felt his arms encircle me and he leaned down and then I was off the floor in his arms. My arms were tight around Ryan’s neck, I wasn’t letting go, ever, if I could help it. Ryan laid me on the bed and moved so he was over me, our lips never losing contact. He pulled back and looked in my eyes again. “Do you want more?” and I felt his breath enter my open mouth and I breathed in his exhalations and I shook at the feelings. “Please, please yes” I managed to get out. I felt Ryan’s hands at my shirt and he reached down and pulled it from where I had it tucked in. I felt his hands go under my shirt and man, his hands were so hot. It felt like he left a trail of heat behind him as Ryan’s hands moved up my chest then around my back. I tried to do the same but Ryan’s pants were too tight, I couldn’t budge his shirt. Ryan noticed I was having issues and he helped me get my hands inside his shirt also. I felt his breath hiss as my cold hands made contact with his skin but that coolness faded quickly and I forgot about it, all I could feel was his tongue in my mouth. I pressed up against his body and I felt Ryan’s hard dick against my own. “Oh god, oh god” I mumbled around Ryan’s tongue. I pulled off his mouth and looked up at him. “Can I see you?” Ryan lay down beside me and held me. “You can do anything you want Justin” I let out the breath I had been holding at his comment and I reached down and pulled off Ryan’s shirt. His chest didn’t have any more hair than mine, it was so smooth. He did have hair below his navel that disappeared down into his pants. His hair was short, now that the cap had fallen off. He had a bit of a stomach on him, certainly no abs but this was the kind of body I wanted. I had felt Ryan’s strength, whether it showed or not he’s got it. “Can I touch you?” I asked Ryan and he nodded yes. Thankfully my hands had warmed up just a bit and I rubbed Ryan’s chest, then down to his stomach. I heard Ryan’s little laugh as I did this. “I’m a bit ticklish, so be careful” Ryan said, still laughing. I had to just stare then at Ryan’s crotch, his dick was so clearly outlined in those corduroy pants and it looked about two feet long. I still wasn’t sure Ryan would let me touch him but I ran my hands over the side of his pants where his dick wasn’t and when I looked up at Ryan he was just smiling at me as my hand explored. My hand went to the bottom of the his crotch and I could feel my fingers barely touch the edge of his nuts. Ryan spread his legs out some, giving me the obvious sign that I could continue. I couldn’t wait any longer and I just ran my hand up and down the length of Ryan’s dick. I felt Ryan’s hand on my head, just playing with my hair as I explored him. I felt his dick getting harder under my hand and it expanded more in those pants. I just had to moan out loud, this was too good, it was like every dream I had coming true at the same time. I felt Ryan’s hand turn my face to see his and he smiled. “My turn for a few minutes” and he didn’t wait for my answer, he sat up and grabbed me and moved me so I was laying in front of him. I had on an Izod shirt and he just reached down and pulled it off me. I saw his eyes watching as my hair just released all over my face when it came out of the shirt and he took his hand and moved it away from my eyes. “Watch me Justin” he said and I was already doing that. I didn’t hardly dare blink, I was afraid when my eyes reopened that Ryan would be gone. Ryan’s larger hands rubbed across my chest, from my neck to my stomach. I am completely smooth, not even a treasure trail yet and I saw Ryan’s face get nearer to my chest and then he kissed me, right in the center of my chest. I couldn’t help myself, I made a noise like a squirrel and my hands went to his head and held him tight to me. I felt his tongue come out and just lick me there and my grip relented, then Ryan moved to one of my nipples and took it in his lips. I guess I knew nipples were an erogenous zone for men too but I had never touched them and the feel of his lips, his teeth just barely nipping at me, it was almost enough to make me cum. “Ryan, Ryan, please I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that” I got out between squeals and moans. “Shall we get your pants off then?” he asked, looking me in the eyes with a little smile. “Yes, please, I mean if you wanna” Damn it, more almost stuttering. Sheesh. Ryan moved down and looked at my pants. Now that I had on corduroy pants it looked like I was twice the size I really was, even I could see it from my position. I had lifted my head so I could watch what Ryan did, I wasn’t going to miss a second of it. Ryan unsnapped my pants and then unzipped them, that noise of the zipper was as loud as a sonic boom. “Lift your hips up a second Justin” he whispered and as I did he lowered my pants, pulling them all the way off and tossing them aside. Now I was just laying there in my white briefs and I felt his hands on both sides of my crotch, rubbing the entire area, going down each leg and back up, barely grazing my nuts as he did it. Ryan must have seen me tensing up, knew I was on a hair trigger to cum so he carefully lifted my underwear from my stomach and, making sure not to touch my dick, got them off me and tossed them over to my pants. Now I was completely naked, my dick pointing straight up at my own face, so hard it wasn’t even touching my stomach. I know, you want to know how big I am, well, the answer to that is I suppose I’m average. I am 6″ long and not too thick or thin. Circumcised. “You’re a beautiful young man Justin” Ryan said and I smiled at him but inside my heart had swelled up, this man that was so attractive to me, he thought I was beautiful. He grasped my dick in his hand and I stopped breathing altogether. Please, please, I was begging my own dick, don’t cum all over his hand and somehow I managed not to shoot immediately at his touch. I saw him leaning down, slowly. I guess he was giving me a last chance konyaaltı üniversiteli escort to stop him but I was too much in heat to think of stopping. I felt his mouth, warm and wet, his lips touched my dick and then he slid me in his mouth, all the way. “Ryan I’m gonna cum” I yelled and before he even had a chance to suck properly my dick throbbed and I felt myself start to shoot in his mouth. I was thrashing about on the bed, Ryan was holding my hips down so my dick stayed in his mouth and I shot more times than I ever did before. My entire body was tensed up, every muscle straining as the orgasm crashed over me. I heard Ryan moaning as I kept shooting, I felt his tongue lazily moving against my dick as his head moved up and down and his cheeks hollowed as he sucked on me. The orgasm seemed to go on and on and on, it was different than jerking off. I’d come down a little, then my dick would throb again and even though no more sperm came out the feelings were so intense. Ryan made sure his tongue didn’t get to the head of my dick, I guess he knew from his own experience how sensitive he got after having an orgasm. Then he just pushed his head down until my pubes were on his lips and left my dick soaking in the heat of his mouth. I could feel the liquid around my dick, all the sperm I had shot in his mouth and I wondered just for a minute whether he was going to swallow it or not. I knew they never did in all those porn videos I saw online. When Ryan felt me totally relax he pulled off, keeping his lips tight. There was a brief moment of intense pleasure on the head of my dick as his lips slid over it, then Ryan raised his head and looked up at me, trying to smile. He pointed at his mouth and opened it and I looked inside, it looked like I had filled his mouth up with my sperm, there was white liquid to his bottom teeth. Then he closed his mouth and swallowed, opened again to show me it was all gone. He moved up and lay beside me, kinda over me and his lips met mine and we had a long, long kiss. I had almost lost my mind with that orgasm but as we kissed and my hands rubbed him I got to his waist and noticed his pants were still on Suddenly, even after that orgasm, my body was recharged. I wanted, no, not wanted, I NEEDED to do the same thing back to Ryan. “That was so awesome Ryan. I’m sorry I came so quick” and of course I blushed. “Don’t worry, next time you’ll last longer” Ryan said. I heard next time, that’s all I needed to hear. He wasn’t turned off by my cumming so quick, he wanted to do it again! I wanted to do it to him but I had no idea how to suck a dick. I looked at Ryan and smiled. “I wanna suck you too but I never did it before” I told him, in a whisper. “There’s always a first time for everything” Ryan said, laughing. “If you wanna try, go for it” “Lay on your back” I told him and he did. He got both my pillows and put under his head, raising his head up so he could watch me. Ryan’s dick was still hard, there was no missing it in those pants. My hands were shaking as I unsnapped them and I felt Ryan’s hand on mine. “Relax Justin, it’s going to be a lot of fun, don’t worry” he said and I gave him a little smile and continued my efforts. I unzipped him and pulled his pants down and off, tossing them on the same pile mine were in. Then I leaned forward and looked closely at his underwear. There was a big wet spot right at the head of his dick and I guess I must have looked confused to him. Did he already cum? “That’s from precum Justin. When you get older, you get precum when you’re excited and you for sure excite me baby. Don’t worry, I haven’t cum yet” and we both smiled again but in my mind all I heard was “baby”, he called me “baby”, does he really like me? I laid my head down on his hard dick and felt the heat of it against my cheek. I felt his dick flex and it had enough power in the flex to lift my head up. When I tried to get his underwear off I kept catching his dick in the hem around the top and I was getting exasperated so Ryan reached down and freed his dick from the confines of his underwear and then, after I disposed of those wet underwear on the same pile of clothes, there was Ryan’s dick. He was just a little over 7″, as hard as you can get. Circumcised and shining in the light from the precum that had run down it. I didn’t think about it at the time but his pubes were very short, that he clipped them never occurred to me. There was this little clear drop of it at the head of his dick and I leaned down and licked it with my tongue, drawing it into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum and I didn’t have precum, I had no idea of the taste but there wasn’t much taste. What taste there was went to my brain and I felt my dick almost get hard so quick like it was a jack in the box popping out. I opened my mouth wide and took the head of his dick in. I felt my teeth scrape him just a little and Ryan pulled my head off. “Justin, when you go to take the dick in, fold your lips over your teeth, to keep them away. Look up here” and he demonstrated what he meant and I smiled again. “Thanks Ryan” and I leaned down and took his dick in my mouth again. How to describe how it felt? Well it was hard and soft both, his dick was smooth, it didn’t have all those weird bulging veins like some of the porn dudes I saw in videos. The skin on it was like a silky feel to my tongue and I slipped down more until the head of his dick reached the back of my throat. I started to gag so I pulled up but not enough to let his dick out of my mouth. I started to move up and down on him, slowly, taking as much of him in each time as I could manage. I remembered how he was sucking on my dick so I put some suction on Ryan’s dick also. Both his hands came down to my head now, just rubbing my face, my hair. I was lost in how his dick felt, it was like it was made for my mouth, it felt just perfect. It was more than a dream, none of my dreams had ever been this good. Time passed, how long I couldn’t say. My eyes were closed, all I knew was my tongue, his dick. I could feel more of his precum leaking out and each time I got it on my tongue and spread it all over the inside of my mouth, making sure his taste was everywhere. During all this his hands never stopped moving on my face, my head. “Can I move some Justin? In and out?” I heard him say, from like a long distance and I just nodded my assent and I felt his hips start to move. Ryan would pull his dick out until just the head remained in my mouth, then sink it in until just at the entrance to my throat. I think I gagged a little the first couple of times but then I got used to the feeling. All I had to do now was keep my tongue moving, the suction going, Ryan was fucking me in the mouth. God yeah, this fantastic man was fucking my mouth, my face. The way his dick felt going in and out, I can’t really describe it except that my dick felt it, as well as my lips, tongue and throat. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth baby?” Ryan asked and I moaned so loud, I shook my head yes and I heard Ryan moan too. His hands got tighter on my head and his dick started to move faster and faster. I was in a different world, just Ryan’s dick, that was my world and I felt him get harder and even bigger around. “I’m gonna shoot Justin, get ready” and I didn’t know exactly what that meant, how do I get ready for it? Then I felt his dick throb and I swear I could feel the sperm travel up his dick and then shoot in my mouth. It splashed on the roof of my mouth and the taste was everywhere, the smell of his sperm was in my nose, the heat of it felt so good. Again he shot, then again and again. My mouth was starting to fill up and with his dick in there also I was running out of room. Finally the shots stopped and I felt a little more ooze out of his dick. I was shaking from it, my first blowjob, the first guy who came in my mouth, just all of it was incredible. As he finished shooting his dick started to soften a little and I did like Ryan had done to me. I pulled off, keeping my lips tight against his dick so no sperm would leak out. Ryan’s dick popped out of my mouth with a small sound and I looked up at Ryan. He was looking at me with such caring, no, I believe Ryan was looking at me with love. Already. It was sure love in my own head and I hoped that it was what I saw in his face and eyes. I leaned my head back a little and opened my mouth, showing Ryan the huge load he had shot and I saw his eyes widen a little. Then I closed my mouth, ran my tongue all around for another taste, and swallowed him down. I felt Ryan pull my up to his face and he kissed me, hard. Our lips were pressed together, his hands holding my head, holding me to him. His tongue forced my mouth open and then I felt his tongue all over the inside of my mouth, tasting himself in me. After a few minutes of kissing he slowed and let my head go, then as I raised up from him he smiled again at me. “That was unbelievable Justin, I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time with anyone” I took another look at Ryan “It was the best time I’ve ever had too” He looked over at the clock. “We’ve been up here for an hour, what’s your sister going to think?” I giggled “She’s gonna think we were up here having sex” Ryan hugged me tight. “Justin this is so strange for me but I feel like I’ve known you forever. Like today was somehow ordained for us to meet.” “The same here Ryan. I’ve been looking for a man and then, suddenly, there you are.” Ryan and I were sitting on the edge of the bed. Well, Ryan was sitting on the edge of the bed, I had managed to position myself in Ryan’s lap. I had one arm around his neck, the other hand was resting on his mostly soft dick. I saw a little drop of sperm at the top of his dick and I wiped it off with my finger and put it in my mouth, tasting the last little bit. “Would you like to get together again?” Ryan asked. “Is tonight too soon?” I said, with a giggle and he laughed. “Any time you want me, I’m ready.” We exchanged phone numbers and we got dressed again. I was slower than Ryan because I was too busy watching him as he got dressed. When he looked up at me he was tying his shoes and I just had on my underwear. I saw him looking around the room, checking out the art on the walls and I saw him reach down and pick up a book off the beside table. “Ahhh, this explains a lot” he said, just holding the book. I looked over and he had the copy of “The Front Runner” in his hand, I had been rereading parts of it last night before bed. “That’s my favorite book, it’s my dream” I told Ryan. “You’re my dream” Ryan came over to me and hugged me tight, picking me up off the ground and kissing me hard once again. “You’re my dream too Justin” he whispered in my ear. As we went down the stairs, most leisurely this time I saw him looking at the family pictures on the wall. Then he suddenly stopped and looked closer at one pic, then another one. He went up and down the steps, looking at each of the pictures. I didn’t know what was going on now. “Umm who is this?” he said, pointing to my grandparents. “That’s my Nana and Papa, my grandparents” I told him. “Interesting” “Why? Do you know them?” I asked. “Do I know them? Well, I’ve known them since I was a lot younger than you are, we work in the Democratic party together, have for over 50 years” he answered. “Hey, that’s cool” I said. We went back out to the yard and Janice was still there. When she saw me she just burst out laughing. “Hey! What are you laughing about?” I said. “Your hair” and she broke down into giggles. “What about my hair?” I demanded and I saw Ryan go over to get a mirror. His body was shaking, when he turned I saw he was suppressing his own laughter. Then he held up the mirror to me and I gasped. I looked like my hair would never again be back combed right again. Ryan’s hair was under the hat, mine looked like I had just rolled around on it for weeks. “You got sex hair” Janice said, almost hiccuping between laughs. “What, what” I just stuttered. “Don’t worry baby, I think it’s cute” Ryan said but as he said it he looked at my face and he broke out laughing too. He and Janice just fell in each other’s arms, trying to get themselves under control. And me? I was running my fingers through my hair, trying to get it to behave. It’s not easy when you have thick long hair. Ryan came to me and took me in his arms. “You are so beautiful, even with your hair this way” he whispered. Everyone finally calmed down and I just gave up on my hair until I remembered we had a comb on the table that hadn’t sold. It was about time for the sale to be over so Ryan stayed and helped Janice and I pack up all the items that didn’t sell. Which was almost all of them. We had taken in a grand total of $2.25, counting the quarter that Ryan paid for me. As we packed up Ryan and I stood together, I’d hand him an item, he’d place it in the box. We were taking twice as long per box as Janice, finally she just closed the box she was on and went in the house. As I looked, I realized that Ryan and I had only managed to clear about half of one table. I mean each item required our hands to touch, that touch wasn’t to be relinquished immediately, then the next item, the same thing. We did eventually finish and then Ryan helped me take the boxes and tables into the basement where we put them back where they came from, then it was back outside. We were just sitting on the porch, in that chair swing again. It was so unreal, this morning I was this virgin boy, with dreams. Now I’m still pretty virginal I know but my dreams have at least started to come true. “So, what now?” I asked Ryan and he looked right in my eyes. “I want you in my life” Ryan said and my heart just about exploded. “I feel the same” I told him. “What are your parents going to say?” Ryan asked me. “Well, you probably know my dad and mom?” “Not really your mom. I’ve known your dad since he was a baby though, just when I saw him it was always at your grandparents house in Potomac. I had no idea he lived this close to me” “Where do you live?” I asked. “In Hyattsville, the next town over” I said. “Close enough?” and he grinned, so did I. “Yeah, I can go there easily!” “When do your parents come home?” “In an hour, maybe less” “Shall I stay, get the meeting over and done with?” Ryan asked. I thought for a minute. I mean they know I’m gay, they know I like older men, is Ryan too old for them? He’s not too old for me, that’s for sure. “Yeah, stay” I told him. I pulled out my phone and called Janice. “Hey sis, Ryan’s gonna stay until dad and mom come home” “You sure Justin?” she responded. “He’s my dream come true. Besides he knows dad, and our Nana and Papa” “Okay, you want me to be there when you tell them?” “Yeah would you?” “Yeah little brother, anything you want” and she hung up. I looked at Ryan, he had heard my side of the call. “Janice is going to stay and be here when I tell them” I told Ryan and he nodded. We didn’t really have much conversation over the next hour, we sat together on the porch, in that swing chair. I’d occasionally lean my head down on Ryan’s chest and he’d hold me. Janice had come out and brought us both some ice water, she’s really a nice sister. When my parents pulled up I was curled up with Ryan’s arm around me. I’m sure they could see, if they had been looking. My parents got out and came up on the porch. I saw my dad give me a look, then the man I was with, then a shock of recognition crossed his face. At the same time Ryan had dropped my hand and gotten up. “John boy! Man, it’s been awhile since I saw you” Ryan said, grabbing my dad in a hug. “Ryan, yeah it’s been almost 10 years” my dad said, pounding Ryan on the back. I had never heard my dad referred to as “John boy” before, I had to wonder what was up with that. “So what brings you around?” my dad asked Ryan. “Well, I was checking out the yard sales and saw the sign and stopped. There were some nice items on sale” Ryan answered. “Weird items you mean” and my dad laughed. He looked at me “Did we sell anything?” “I think we made $2.25” I said, trying not to laugh. “Hey, that’s 25¢ more than last year!” my dad said with another laugh. “That 25¢ was the best item at the sale, a real steal” Ryan said. “Oh? So you’re the one who bought it?” Dad said and Janice came out at that point. “Hey little girl, we were talking about the yard sale. Ryan said that his quarter bought the best item at the sale” and Janice broke out laughing. “What? What’s so funny?” Dad asked. I saw Ryan nod at me and I came to his side. “Dad, I was the item Ryan bought for a quarter” I said. “Damn Ryan, did you ask for change?” and my dad laughed like he did at all his bad jokes. “Nope, paid the entire amount” Ryan said. “No refunds, no exchanges” Janice added. By now I had taken Ryan’s hand in mine. It took my dad a minute or so to notice, then he looked more carefully at me and as he did I smiled as wide as I could and nodded. My dad’s face got serious looking now. “You’re sure son?” was all he said. “Never been surer dad” I said, with a confidence in my voice. “Ryan, come with us for a minute. You two, stay here” Dad ordered and he and Ryan left with my mom in tow. They all disappeared into the house and I practically collapsed into the swing chair. Janice sat beside me and put her arms around me. “Don’t worry little brother, it’s going to be okay” she said. “How do you know? How can you be so sure?” I said, my voice cracking. “Did you see Dad’s face when he and Ryan left?” “No, I was looking at Ryan” “Dad wasn’t mad, he had a little smile even” “I hope so Janice. I know it sounds crazy to you, you’ve had like a million boyfriends. Ryan is the first man for me and I think I already love him.” “Shhh little brother, it’s okay” and that’s how Dad and Ryan found us when they came out. I almost leaped out of the swing chair as I heard the door open. My expression must have been so fearful, Ryan came over to me and just held me in a hug. I put both arms around him and squeezed him hard, holding on for dear life. “Well son, Ryan and I had a talk and he made his intentions about you clear to me. If you want to pursue this relationship, go for it. I know Ryan is a good man. How do I know? Well, I’m still alive and I was a terrible baby. Ryan used to hold me and I would puke all over him. He even changed my diapers and my mother told me I peed all over him one day. If he didn’t kill me, he has to be good!” Ryan and my dad both laughed, I was crying as I held Ryan tight. “Hey, baby, what’s wrong?” Ryan said and then my dad came over and he hugged the two of us together. “I’m happy, so I’m crying” I said, making no sense at all. “Me too, well happy at least, not crying yet” Ryan said. “Now, let’s get you pretty and we’re going out together.” and Ryan took me back up to my bedroom where it took me 10 minutes to get my hair in its perfect state again. I saw Ryan looking in my closet. “What are you looking for?” I asked. “A suitcase” he answered. I pulled some shirts back and showed a small one to him. “What do you need a suitcase for?” I asked. “Not for me, for you. Pack some clothes, you’re staying with me tonight” he said “That is if you want to stay with me?” and I nodded like a bobble headed figure. “Oh my god, oh my god” I was softly chanting as I went to my drawers and got three pair of socks and underwear. Then two pants and shirts. I started to toss them in the suitcase but Ryan took them from me and folded them neatly in place. “Well, you never answered me, do you want to spend the night with me?” Ryan asked again. “YES I WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOU!” I yelled, surprising myself. “I want to spend every night with you” I said, softer. I know it probably sounds ridiculous to anyone else but I knew in my heart that I loved Ryan. Not just a teen love either, I wanted to be with him forever. I just hoped that he felt the same way. The ride to Ryan’s house was pretty quiet, very quick. Ryan really did just live less than 10 blocks from my house. It took longer than you’d think though because there was a railroad track that bisected the route. So of course today of all days a train was going by and we had to sit at the crossing waiting. I felt a little movement and then Ryan took my hand in his and brought it to his mouth, kissing the palm of my hand. I felt a tingle as he let the tip of his tongue just touch the center of my palm. I looked at Ryan and he was smiling at me and that seemed to make things less nervous on my part. I smiled back and he put my hand down, leaving his on my thigh just under where my nuts were. Just the heat of his hand, the way it felt on my thigh, I could feel myself getting hard. Of course all the vibration from the train going by 30′ away from us had something to do with it too, I’m sure. I always had an easy dick trigger. Riding the bus to school would give me a hardon. Once that interminable train passed we turned and drove another 3 blocks. One more turn and Ryan pulled in the driveway of an unimposing house. Ryan lived in front of a big open field, only had houses on one side of the street. The house itself was a relatively small two story brick house with a normal sized yard. No outside ornamentation, no flowers or shrubs except azalea bushes on both sides of the front door. “Home sweet home” Ryan said, smiling and we both got out of the car. “Have you lived here long?” I asked. “Since I was 5 years old” Ryan answered. I must have given him a weird look because he added “I grew up in this house and after my parents died, I moved back here. It’s like your area, there’s no through streets, very little traffic and the neighbors have been here forever.” He took my hand and led me up the steps, opened the door and ushered me in. Ryan’s house, like a lot of houses, had an alarm system that he had to disarm but after that he turned to me once again. “Come here baby” he said, holding his arms out and I walked to him, feeling him envelop me in his strong, secure grasp. I felt his head bend down and his face was in my hair, he was just moving his face around while his one hand held my head to his chest and the other arm kept me tight to his body. “Ryan, I need you” I said, choking out the words. This wasn’t really what my idea was of a potential relationship. This was more emotional, more intense, from listening to my sister who went through boyfriends like changing underwear, I had no idea anything could really be this way. I felt Ryan’s hand grasp my hair and pull my head back just a little, then he leaned down and kissed me. As we stood there, barely inside his house, the front door still open, we kissed and the more the kiss went on, the more I felt myself bonded to Ryan. I swear I could not just feel his heart beating against my own chest but it seemed like my heart was beating at the same tempo. “I need you too Justin” Ryan finally said as his lips left mine. Ryan bent over a little and I felt his arms again, then he picked me up like I was a baby. While I didn’t feel like a baby, I did feel like HIS baby. My arms were around his neck as he walked towards kurtköy escort the back of the house, through a doorway and into a bedroom. “Kick off your shoes” he whispered and I did as he told me, I felt his legs go up and down and knew he was doing the same. He moved to the bed and put a knee up on it, then without letting me touch he moved so we were centered in the middle of his king sized bed. He gently laid me down on the bed and let me legs go but his lips were again on mine and I opened my mouth for him. Ryan’s kisses. What can I say? I mean I’d never been kissed before, I had no frame of reference other than my sister talking occasionally about how sloppy some of her boyfriends were, or how they just kept hitting her teeth with theirs. All I can say is that his tongue in my mouth, I felt it from the pit of my stomach to my chest, to my own mouth. Ryan pulled up from me and looked down. “Am I moving too fast for you baby?” I had to just stare back at Ryan, seeing him this close up, his eyes. Fuck, they were such a color of blue, something I had never seen. Not like ocean blue, more like ice blue, when he looked at me this way it wasn’t just in my eyes, it was in my brain. “No, not fast enough Ryan” and I managed to crack a smile. “So what do you want to do next?” Ryan asked “So far I’ve been the one leading the way” “I want you in every possible way” I said to him, raising my head to peck at his lips “I really want you to fuck me though. Would you?” Ryan’s eyes became even icier, if that’s possible. I swear they had changed color a little just at hearing my words. “I’ll make love to you Justin” he said, kissing me softly “and then, I’ll fuck your brains out” and he laughed and as he did I made sure I breathed in, I wanted his air, that had been in his lungs. I laughed too and held him in my arms. He rolled over so I was on top of him and I felt his hands rubbing my back, then down over my ass, cupping my cheeks in his hands. He pulled me hard down on his body and I felt his hard dick press against my stomach. “Can you fuck me now? Please?” I moaned, pressing my own dick against Ryan’s. “First we need to get you ready baby” he said, thrusting up against me. “Anything you say Ryan, can we do it quick?” and I was almost panting. I don’t know what’s come over me, it’s like I’m a different person. The me of this morning wouldn’t have dared be this forward, this sexual. Ryan’s kiss, his touch, it’s unlocked something in me that I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know what he meant about “getting me ready” I assumed he just meant lube on his dick and shove it in me. Ryan rolled me over again, then lifted off me and gave me his hand and pulled me to my feet. “Let’s take a shower, get you all ready” Ryan said “Let me strip first, then I want to watch you undress” and with that I just stared at Ryan as he took off his shirt, pants, underwear and socks. As his dick was freed from the confinement it slapped against his belly with a wet sound and I saw more of his precum shining on his entire stomach area. “Now, your turn baby. Do it slowly, show me all of you” Ryan said in a husky voice. I didn’t hesitate, I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside. “Beautiful, so smooth” Ryan said, staring at me. I unsnapped my pants, the let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood there a moment, watching Ryan watching me. I reached for my underwear but Ryan spoke. “Socks first baby” he said and I pulled off one sock, then the other. I got unbalanced and fell back on the edge of the bed. I blushed again, my lack of coordination was something today. Even though I felt embarrassed when I looked at Ryan there was no mocking, just that same smile, the same staring at me. I reached for my underwear but Ryan took my hand in his. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to him. “Let me do that” he said and I surrendered myself to him. I felt his fingers go to the top of my underwear and pull them away from my body. My hard dick was clearly outlined, I always pointed off to the left in my underwear even though I was totally straight when naked. I felt his finger nudge my dick, pointing it more upwards and I moaned and went up on my toes. Fuck, I will NOT cum again so quick, I just won’t. Then Ryan slowly took my underwear off and he lifted each of my legs up to get them totally off me, then tossed them aside. “Let me see all of you” Ryan said and he put his hands on my hips and slowly turned me until my ass was practically touching his face. His hands caressed me and my knees felt weak. “So nice, so smooth baby” and he leaned forward and kissed me on each cheek. I tried to moan, I swear I did but it came out as a squeal instead. Why do I have to be such a kid at a time like this? Ryan stood up and took my hand and we went in the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet and pulled me until I was on his lap, my ass in easy reach. The toilet was right beside the sink, he turned the water on and let it get warm as he reached above it and pulled this tube off the wall. It was attached to a bag and I recognized it immediately. “What are you gonna do?” I asked, faintly. “If you want to get fucked you have to get cleaned out” Ryan responded. “You don’t want your partner to literally fuck the shit out of you” and he laughed. I understood now and I just giggled. “I’m glad you know what you’re doing” I said, relaxing on his lap. No need to go over all the particulars of what happened next. It was awkward for me, for one thing I thought that what came out smelled 10x as bad as usual but Ryan never acted like he noticed a thing. We got in the shower afterwards and thankfully he had a big shower, plenty of room for both of us without crowding. Ryan picked up the soap and motioned me over and he started to wash me. I felt the cloth rub on my skin, the slickness of the soap, it was all sensual. I never thought of a shower that way before. He washed every inch of me from the bottom of my feet to, eventually, washing my hair. As he washed my ass his finger would trace over my hole and each time there was a jolt like electricity. I washed Ryan in return, doing the same things. I’m glad he went first, I’d have had no idea how to wash someone else and even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to make it feel as good without the direction he gave me. After we dried each other off Ryan pulled me to him and took out a brush and got my hair into shape, then took the handheld hair dryer up and started to dry it for me. “Let me do that, I know how to get it dry quickly” I said. This entire experience was just making me crazy, I wanted his dick in me, I wanted it now. The sheer excitement of being in another person’s hand, being washed, if this was what my sister meant by foreplay I have no idea how she wasn’t fucking every boyfriend. Both of us were soft, well we weren’t hard and he watched me as I dried my hair. Every time I looked in the mirror Ryan’s eyes were on me, I noticed him paying special attention to my ass though. As I finished with my hair I playfully pointed it at his dick, hitting high. I wasn’t close enough to burn him, just blew hot air on his dick and balls. “What was that for?” Ryan asked, laughing. “I wanted to make sure you were hot” I said, blushing. “You make me hot Justin” he said and his arms enfolded me. “We better get to the bed before I lose control and fuck you on the tile floor in here” and he laughed again. I turned and walked out of the bathroom and I felt Ryan’s eyes on me, I swear that I could really actually FEEL them on my ass. My breathing got harder, deeper, I felt a feeling wash over me that I can’t describe, it was like anticipation, satisfaction, happiness. All mixed in one gigantic feeling. As soon as we got in the bedroom I ran for the bed and jumped on it. I think I surprised Ryan, he was still moving a little slower but when I held out my arms to him his walk became a trot and then, there he was. He jumped on me, actually on top of me. He must be damn good at calculating distances because his arms were outside mine, supporting most of his weight but as he landed he covered my smaller body completely. I tightened my arms around his back, feeling the muscles ripple under his skin as his face came down to mine. “Kiss me before I die from the lack of the taste of your lips” he whispered, poetry on the first date, it just pierced my soul and I crushed my mouth to his. Both of us were overheated, we had been in the house for over an hour and I know I thought we were going to have sex within seconds of entering the place. I felt Ryan take charge, his tongue was a spear, his movements controlled mine. “Ryan, please, please, I need you in me” I murmured when my lips were free for a second. Ryan raised up off me and just tossed me on my stomach like I weighed nothing to him. I took a look over my shoulder and saw him just staring at my ass. He moved between my legs and started to push them apart and I helped, I spread out as far as I could, until it became almost painful if I went farther. His hands touched my ass and I moaned and pressed against his warmth. I felt him pull my cheeks apart and then felt warm air and then a hot wetness. When I looked back all I could see was the top of his head and I realized what I felt was Ryan’s tongue on my hole. He was licking all around it, pulling my cheeks farther apart, trying to force his tongue inside me. “Yes, oh god, yes, it’s so good” and my mind suddenly went to the episode of Queer As Folk UK I had watched where the 15 year old character Nathan had his ass eaten out for the first time. “Push out some Justin, open your hole for my tongue baby” Ryan said and I tried, I pushed out and then I couldn’t breathe. Ryan’s tongue had gone all the way inside me and I heard myself squeal loudly. Then as I kept trying to open it, his tongue moved and he was fucking my hole with it, over and over. My dick was so hard that I felt pain from the stretched skin. How long this went on I can’t say, I wasn’t focused on a clock, all I felt was his tongue. Ryan pulled me up to my hands and knees and now my dick was free, it was waving around, I looked between my own legs and I could see my dick pointing right back at my face. Ryan reached into the bedside table and pulled out a bottle and I felt the coolness of something on my hole. His finger pressed into me, I was loosened up by his tongue and it went right inside me, no resistance from me at all. I felt a sensation as he rubbed across my prostate, it made my whole body jump in surprise. He moved in and out, then added a second finger. Again it just felt good to me, I was relaxed, I knew Ryan wouldn’t hurt me, he was doing this for me, I had pretty much begged for it. A third finger followed and I know Ryan was closely watching, I felt his breath on my ass. He moved them around, in and out, then spread his fingers out until I had to whine. It wasn’t pain, it was that I wanted more than a finger in me. Ryan flipped me back over and stuck a pillow under my ass, then he lifted up my legs and put them on his shoulders. I felt him shuffle towards me and I felt a pressure on my hole. I saw him look down at me once more. “Are you ready baby?” and I just nodded. I couldn’t have spoken if I had to. I felt him push, slowly and I felt tension in my hole. I felt it expand, it was so weird feeling, something trying to get in instead of out. I pushed back against his dick and like it did with his tongue, my hole just opened up and his dick slid in me a few inches. My breath hissed in surprise, this was different, this wasn’t a finger, this was Ryan’s dick and I looked up at him. I smiled and he leaned down and our mouths met. I felt his tongue go in my mouth as the rest of his dick slid deep inside me. I felt my breath just whoosh into his mouth as he hit bottom. “Yes, this is what I need Ryan” I moaned and he crushed me to his mouth. His arms came around me and pulled me tighter to him and he started to move, softly, like I was porcelain and might break. As his dick moved deeper in me I pushed back each time, I wanted him to know that I liked what he was doing, that it was so good I couldn’t just lay there. “I’m going to make love to you Justin” and Ryan did just that. I felt each thrust of his dick, it was never hard, never out of control, it was just perfect. My prostate stayed in a constant state of stimulation but never enough to take me into orgasm, just to keep raising the level of pleasure I was feeling. On and on, Ryan was like a machine, we were like a machine, our parts meshing together. Ryan started to get a little faster now and he leaned in and just took my mouth, that’s the only way I can describe it. He kissed me, he breathed for me, I felt his dick stabbing into me and then, I had no warning at all, I didn’t know you could cum this way but I screamed in his mouth and I felt myself start to shoot. The first shot caromed off Ryan’s chest and hit me in the chin. Ryan could feel it and he leaned down and licked my chin, tasting me and I felt him slam his dick in me all the way and I felt him throbbing. I couldn’t feel any shots of sperm, my ass was pretty much worn out from the fucking but I could feel his dick get larger, harder, then soft, then throbbing, all the time I was still shooting between the two of us. After that first scream I managed to get some control and the rest of the time I was moaning into his mouth, my tongue wouldn’t do what I told it no matter how hard I tried. I just twitched and squirmed under Ryan’s kiss. I felt Ryan slowly pull out of me and he let my legs drop to the bed. Then he lay beside me and pulled me so I was on top of him. All the sperm I had shot was on both our bodies and we squished as we fit together. It was almost like glue, no, not glue, what’s the word, it was like the slickest lube, I was afraid I’d just slip off him but I didn’t have to worry, not with his arms around me. I just lay my head next to his, both of us were breathing like we’d run a race. I felt Ryan grab a blanket that was beside him and throw it over the two of us and with that both of us fell asleep. It was hours until I woke, I felt his hard dick against my own but I assumed that his hard dick, like mine, was because I had to piss so bad. My movements on top of Ryan woke him up too and he looked at me and smiled. “How are you doing?” he asked, softly. “I’m doing so good, this is everything I ever dreamed about” “Me too baby, me too. I gotta piss like crazy though” “Same here” and I kinda laughed. I started to move but I was literally stuck to him. My sperm had dried between us, as I raised up you could almost hear the skin snap back in place. You could sure see it and I giggled like a 5 year old boy. “I think we need another shower” and I giggled again. Ryan just picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, into the shower, and turned on the water. It took some hot water to finally get rid of our hard dicks and we were able to piss. It’s weird, I had never really thought about piss but the odor of it, with the steam from the water, was kinda sexual in a strange way. We managed the shower without much except a kiss or two. “Gotta clean the sperm out of you” Ryan said, soaping up a couple of fingers. “I wanna keep it inside me” I said, whining a little. “You’re too open, it’s all going to leak out in your pants. Would make a mess when we go out to eat” and he smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll refill you before bedtime” “Promise?” “I promise” We got dressed, he had me put on a button down shirt and got my sport coat on me, he was wearing the same. Dress shoes, which I didn’t have with me so we had to go back to my house. It was just 6pm, they would have dinner shortly, when I walked in the house my parents were on the couch. They took a look at me and then looked at Ryan, who wasn’t paying them any attention at all, his eyes were on me. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at them, got it in return and then Ryan seemed to realize there were more people than just me in the room and turned and smiled at my parents. I ran up and got my dress shoes and put them on and then came downstairs. As I came around the corner I saw Ryan’s eyes waiting for me to appear. My parents had stood up, to say goodbye and I think they must have felt superfluous, all I saw was Ryan. I think bombs could have exploded around me and I wouldn’t have paid any attention. Ryan walked to me and took my hand as I got to the bottom step, then drew me into his arms and hugged me tight, picking me up off the floor. “We are going to La Madeleine for dinner” Ryan told my dad. “You better tell Justin not to eat with his fingers then” my dad responded and I know I blushed totally scarlet. “DAD” I yelled and both my parents and Ryan laughed. “Justin, no matter how old you get, you’re always going to be our baby boy. So let us have our little jokes” my dad said and my mom came over and straightened my shirt up, like I was ten again. We managed to get out before they decided to change a diaper on me at least. It was during the dinner that Ryan and I had just the best conversation ever. Ryan had been on the phone with the restaurant and had ordered a bottle of 1994 Spottswoode, St Helena red, Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine almost the same age as me. When they brought the wine I thought it was just for him but he had them bring us two glasses. I wasn’t a total stranger to wine, since I was a teenager I got wine at the family dinners with my grandparents. I wasn’t sure I liked it that much though. I had never tried anything else alcoholic. The waiter uncorked the bottle in front of us and handed Ryan the cork. He sniffed it and nodded and the waiter poured a very small amount in Ryan’s glass. Ryan shook the glass, twirling the wine around inside it, then leaned in and I heard him sniff the glass. Then he took the tiniest sip, I heard him suck it in and it made a noise like a straw getting the last bit of soda. Ryan gave another nod and the waiter then poured the wine into a larger open decanter before pouring the two of us each a glass of it. I wasn’t sure what just happened, I had never seen all that before, at the dinners we just poured it and drank it. “A toast Justin, to you, to us” and he picked up his glass. I followed suit and he tapped his glass against mine and took a sip of the wine. I copied his actions, this wine was different than anything I had ever had. It was smooth, felt like silk on my tongue. I tasted what seemed like 100 different flavors all at once and I guess I must have been staring at the glass. “A good year, for wine and for beautiful boys” Ryan purred. “Can I do a toast too?” I asked, smiling at his comment and Ryan nodded. “To you Ryan, to us” and, before I even thought about it I added “I love you” Ryan looked closely at me, those ice blue eyes again stared deep into my own eyes and I just knew he could see in my head, he could see how I felt, that even though I hadn’t planned on saying that so soon, that I meant it. Our glasses touched and we both took a sip. “Justin” and I looked away kinda. I thought I had messed up with the “I love you” so soon and I felt like he was going to say something like wait, too soon. “Look at me Justin” and I raised my eyes to his and saw his smile “I know it’s quick but I love you too” and I sagged in the chair in relief. I felt myself start to cry but he took my hand and held it and I got myself under control. We were at a table for four and Ryan raised his finger and brought the waiter over. He and the waiter had a quiet, quick discussion and then the waiter moved all Ryan’s dishes to my side of the table and he came and sat beside me. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me. Those words just kept bouncing around inside my head. At the beginning of the dinner we had both ordered chocolate souffles, they had to be ordered before you started to eat so they could cook them for you. As they brought them to us I saw Ryan dip his spoon in his, get a bite and then he brought it over to me. I opened my mouth in surprise and almost choked as he just fed it to me. I again copied his motions and fed him a spoon of mine. That’s how we did the entire dessert, neither of us tasted the one in front of him, we fed every last bite to the other one. It was the most romantic thing I’d ever thought of, I don’t know how I made it, the emotions of the day, the evening, it was all catching up to me. As we were getting ready to leave Ryan went to the bathroom and I motioned to the waiter. “Can you please put the empty bottle and cork in a bag so I can take it with me?” I asked. “Of course sir, I’ll be right back” he answered and before Ryan returned I had the bag in my lap. We were leaving and Ryan saw the bag. “What’s in the bag?” “The empty bottle and the cork. I want them as a souvenir of our first date” Ryan took my hand and, as we exited the restaurant, he kissed me softly. “I do love you Justin” he said in my ear. “I love you too Ryan” I whispered back. On the way home we were riding in silence, then Ryan laughed out loud. “What’s funny?” I asked. “Well, today is not the usual way things happen” “How do you mean?” “Generally you meet someone, you talk awhile, then go to dinner. Then, maybe, if you hit it off, you go to bed. We seem to have done things out of order” and he laughed again. “It was the right order for me” I said, smiling back at him. “Me too baby, me too” and he held my hand. When we got home it was after 9pm. Ryan and I sat on the couch for about an hour, we didn’t really talk, just held each other and kissed a little bit. “Can we go to bed?” I asked Ryan and he nodded and got up, taking my hand and pulling me up. We walked together to the bedroom and took turns with the bathroom, I went first and was waiting in bed, totally naked, when Ryan walked out the same way. “I sleep naked” Ryan said and I pulled the cover back to show him I was naked too. Ryan smiled at me and slid into bed beside me. I saw Ryan rubbing his hands together before he got into bed and when he touched me his hands were warm. It was like an epiphany! This time our sex is private, you guys don’t need to know. It’s enough to know that when I went to sleep I was filled again, as Ryan had promised me. The next weeks were much the same, I was off school and Ryan and I spent a lot of time together, getting closer and closer. It was the most amazing time, my first love, the man I’d wanted since I was able to know what I wanted slept beside me lots of nights. I didn’t go back home to stay for 4 days. I did go back and get more clothes, Ryan had cleared out a dresser and part of the closet for me. I didn’t take everything I owned, I knew that I wasn’t going to move in permanently or anything, at least not yet. It was a few days after I had come home, Ryan had dropped me off, he had to go to North Carolina and visit some of his relatives but would be back later in the day. My dad knocked on my door. “Can I come in?” “Yeah, sure dad. What’s up?” My dad had a box with him and he came in and sat down in the couch that I had in my room. He patted the spot next to him and I came over and sat down beside him. “You’ve got ankara kurtuluş escort to be wondering why your mother and I were accepting of Ryan being your boyfriend” my dad started. It’s true, I was wondering that. Did they want to get rid of me, that was my first thought, after the initial rush of the relationship between Ryan and I. I nodded yes to my dad and he opened the box. Inside were lots of photographs. “Well, you remember that first day when I talked about Ryan holding me as a baby? The puke, the diapers?” and I nodded again. My dad pulled two photos off the top and handed them to me. “Do you recognize anyone in the photo?” and I took a look. Well, there was a lady who looked like my Nana, there was a teenage boy and a baby and another man in the background. “Is that Nana?” and I pointed at the lady. “Yeah, that’s Nana, that’s Papa, the baby is me and the teenager holding me, that’s Ryan” and I jerked the picture back up, looking closer at it. Man, Ryan was one hot teenage boy, well he’s a hot man too but oh my god would I have sucked his dick anywhere, anytime back then. “Here’s a better picture” and my dad showed me a close up picture of Ryan holding my dad and kissing him on the forehead. My dad had the biggest smile on his baby face, Ryan’s smile was wide also. I felt myself getting emotional, these were the two men in my life, my dad and my lover and it was so obvious that Ryan had loved my dad too, at least he did when my dad was a baby. Over the next 30 minutes my dad pulled picture after picture out of that box, almost all of them were Ryan and him chronicling the years as my dad and Ryan both got older. There was my dad as a toddler, Ryan carrying him around by an ankle, you could almost hear my dad giggling and squealing as it happened. The next picture my dad showed me was a few years later. Ryan was in a chair and my dad was sitting on Ryan’s lap. You could tell my dad was crying, Ryan was again kissing him on his forehead. I looked at dad for an explanation. “I was 9 years old. Ronnie had just died” and I guess I looked lost “Ronnie was my first dog, he had been with me since I was born. I was just inconsolable and my mother called Ryan and asked if he’d come over, see if he could calm me down. When I saw Ryan I ran to him and jumped in his arms, sobbing, and he sat in a chair, holding me” “He kissed my forehead, like he did when I was a baby. He stroked my hair like I was a cat or a dog, soothing me. He and I talked for an hour or more about life and death and nature and by the time he finished I was calmed down but I was so tired I fell asleep in his lap. He took me to my bed and we slept there together, him just spooning me. My mom came in and tossed a blanket over us and in the morning I was still sad but somehow Ryan had made it all seem natural, better” My dad was a teenager in the last group of pictures, Ryan was behind him, his head beside my dad’s head, the two of them grinning like maniacs at the camera. Another picture, more and more pictures of my dad and Ryan together. The last picture that my dad showed of the two of them really hit me in the heart. My dad looked like he was probably 18 or so and he and Ryan were standing face to face about a foot apart. They had their hands on each other’s shoulders and both of them had little smiles. You know how you can see the emotions in a picture? That’s what this one had. You could see Ryan loved my dad and you could see my dad loved Ryan. “Dad, you and Ryan, you didn’t..” I was going to ask if he and Ryan had sex but I couldn’t get the words out. My dad obviously knew what I was trying to ask though and he smiled at me. “No son, we didn’t. Not by my choice though I assure you. I even asked Ryan if he’d have sex with me when I was around 14 or so but I didn’t mean sex like you two are having. I knew I wasn’t gay but I wanted a blowjob in the worst way and I was willing to blow Ryan to get one. I’d come up to Ryan and purposely get hard, then make sure he was looking and I’d grab my hard dick to tease him” I think my mouth must have been hanging open because my dad laughed. “Hey, I was a horny teenager, like you used to be before you met Ryan. Now you get all you can handle, I’m sure” and he poked me in the side and I just had to giggle. “Ryan knew I wasn’t gay so he wasn’t going to take advantage of the situation to blow me, just to have some fun. He was the best man I knew outside of the family growing up. I’d call him up and talk to him, tell him everything, all about the girls I wished would go out with me, everything. I called him at 2am the night I lost my virginity” and my dad shook his head and laughed again. “After I went off to college we mostly lost touch. Back in those days long distance telephone calls were relatively expensive. Not like they are today with cell phones. I’d still see him at an occasional Democratic get together if I was home but you know I went to Stanford, then UCLA law school. I lived out in California so it wasn’t too often I was back home. Once I got married your mom and I moved back but I wasn’t interested in politics. We started our family right away and I hadn’t seen Ryan in probably 10 years until the other day” “So that’s why things were so easy with you wanting to be with him. In a way I’m jealous” and I looked questioningly at my dad “Yeah, jealous. I had heard from others that Ryan was damn good in bed” and at my shocked expression my dad laughed again. “If you were going to be with an older man, there’s no better man on earth to have chosen than Ryan” I hugged my dad tight and we sat there for a few minutes in silence. “Thanks dad, for showing me the pictures. For sharing your memories of Ryan with me” and we hugged again. I had some tears in my eyes and I knew my dad did also, we both surreptitiously wiped our eyes until we caught each other doing it, then we laughed and openly wiped our eyes the next time. When Ryan came over to get me my dad went up and just hugged him and dragged him off to the couch where he insisted on showing Ryan those same pictures. My dad was on one side of Ryan, I was on the other and as Ryan looked at each picture you’d see him smile as his memory was jogged. As we got to those same last pictures Ryan looked over at my dad, then gathered him in a huge tight hug and Ryan kissed my dad on his forehead again, just like he did all those years ago. “Did you tell Justin how big a horn dog you were John boy?” Ryan asked and this time it was my dad who blushed and I giggled at my dad’s reaction. He hadn’t been blushing when he showed ME those pictures. “Ryan!” my dad pretended to be shocked but Ryan laughed “Yeah, I told him everything, how I tried my best to get you into bed and never succeeded” “Don’t think I wasn’t tempted, you were a hot teenage boy” Ryan said with another laugh “But now I have the most gorgeous teenage boy on Earth right here beside me” and Ryan turned to me and pulled me on his lap. “One thing though, get the camera. I want to reenact those last few pictures, with Justin” My dad took those pictures for us and they are all framed and on the wall of the house that Ryan and I live in together. My dad made a copy of those pictures with him and Ryan and we had each picture of Ryan and me with the same pictures of my dad and Ryan. It confused the hell out of visitors when we’d relate that story to them. After a couple of weeks Ryan and I were laying in bed. I was leaking his sperm from my ass and Ryan looked at me and smiled. After fucking I was always just a total mess, my hair was all over the place, I had sweat on me, both Ryan’s and mine. “Baby boy, are you satisfied?” and I nodded yes and smiled. “We’ve only done things where I was the one on top. Don’t you want to try it? Want to fuck me?” Ryan asked. I looked at him, mouth agape. “Me, fuck you, why?” “So you’ll know how it feels to be on top?” “I’m perfectly happy with you being on top” I said, rolling over and burrowing my head to his chest, feeling his heart still beating faster after our sexual escapades. “Can you tell me how it feels to you?” he asked and I thought about it. Can I put it into words? “It’s like I’m not a whole person until you’re inside me. Then it feels like I’m more than a whole person, like I’m two people” and I shook my head “no, it’s like you complete me. I feel such a sense of comfort, safety, it’s like possession. I feel your thoughts, your touches, it’s more than the sex. I’m not making any sense at all am I?” and I laughed. Ryan’s arms were around me. “I think I’d like to feel that also Justin. Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking that cute little ass of yours and intend to do it at every opportunity. I’d like you to fuck me too though. Not every day, unless you like it and want to but I want you inside me sometimes” Ryan said, in a whisper. I had to think about it. Did I want to fuck him? Would it spoil anything? I decided it probably wouldn’t spoil anything but I didn’t know how to fuck him. Then I giggled and Ryan looked down at my head on his chest. “I was just thinking, I was going to tell you I didn’t know how to fuck but that would be a dumb ass comment. You’ve fucked me enough that I sure do know how to do it, I’ve just never done it. If you want to try it then yeah, I’m all for it” and Ryan looked down and smiled. He looked farther down my body and laughed. “I can see you are all for it” and I realized my dick was as hard as it ever gets. I hadn’t even noticed. Ryan got up from the bed and pulled me with him and headed for the bathroom where he got down our preparation equipment (my words, not his). “You clean me out this time” and I did just that. I stayed hard the entire time, I know Ryan felt me against his stomach as he laid most of his weight on me as I helped him get clean inside. After we were done we took another shower together and I made sure I paid special attention to Ryan’s ass, getting it squeaky clean. At the same time Ryan cleaned my ass out so I wouldn’t be distracted by his sperm leaking out of me while I fucked him. After drying off I took Ryan’s hand and led him to the bed. I didn’t try to do his patented lift and toss, there’s no way I’m getting his 170lbs off the ground, let alone toss him halfway across a king sized bed. Instead I just nudged him on the bed, then rolled him to the center. It’s odd, I found this entire thing rather exciting and I had no idea I’d even like it. Still quite a bit more to do though, before we get to the nitty gritty. Ryan was laying on the bed, watching me. I leaned over and took his head in my hands and brought my mouth down to his. He opened to receive me and I sent my tongue exploring inside his mouth. His tongue was more tentative, he was letting me control the pace, the force of the kiss and I got stronger with my tongue until I was fucking his mouth, rubbing his chest, down to his crotch where I felt his dick. He was hard and dripping precum on his belly. I took my finger and scooped it up and brought it to our joined faces. I put the finger between the two of us and as I licked one side, Ryan did the other. I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt his tongue just licking it clean. “Roll over Ryan” I said, in a strong voice and he flipped over on his stomach. I really hadn’t paid that much attention to Ryan’s ass but now that I looked at it, I liked what I saw. I got between his legs and moved my own apart, forcing his legs to move also. I ran my hands over his ass, it was so amazing. His ass had no more hair on it than mine and I knew from being with him that he didn’t shave. His whole body, except for his stomach, was smoother than mine. Ryan didn’t even have arm pit hair, no leg hair. His body was just such a perfect one. He’s 60 years old and smooth as a baby where it counts. Pubes and hair on his head, the head very thin but I loved how the spots with less hair felt to my hands. I kept massaging his ass, his lower back and as I did he opened his legs out more. I could kind of see the outline of his hole, still mostly hidden. I couldn’t wait, I spread his cheeks apart and looked at my lover’s ass, open to my gaze. I moaned as I saw it. He wasn’t a virgin, that’s for sure. Even though his ass certainly wasn’t virginal, it didn’t appear like some I saw on those porn videos. The hole looked tight and I ran a finger across it and felt him arch up his back. Something was calling me and I leaned down and just licked across his hole like it was an ice cream cone. I lapped at it as he twitched and moaned, I put my hands on his ass to steady him and keep him open for me. “Help me get inside you” I whispered and the next time I tried to stick my tongue in Ryan he flexed his hole open and my whole tongue went up inside. My tongue isn’t like Gene Simmons but it’s longer than Ryan’s tongue and I started to work on his hole with it, stabbing in and out in a regular rhythm. There was no taste and then, there was a taste too. I’m sure it was just my mind, it was like his ass tasted like love. I know, I’m such a weirdo, love tasting like an asshole but that’s how I felt. I just kept on slurping away, I could have done this the entire night but I heard Ryan’s voice. “Justin, please, lube both of us and fuck me. I need you inside me” and Ryan said this in a husky sounding voice. I got the bottle of Astroglide off the bedside table and poured some on Ryan’s hole, taking a finger and pushing it inside him. I practically yelled as I felt his insides, so hot, so soft feeling. I poured a little more lube, took two fingers and moved them in and out. Then I lubed my own dick and wiped my hands clean on the towel we had for that by the bed. Ryan reached behind him and his hands held his cheeks wide apart, making it easier for me to find his hole. I put the head of my dick on his hole, leaned my head down beside his and pushed into the scalding heat of his ass. “I love you Ryan” I whispered as my dick slid in the entire 6″, until I felt his ass against my pubes. I started to move, slowly, in and out, Ryan was squeezing and releasing my dick as I moved and it felt like his ass was both sucking my dick and jerking me off at the same time. I had cum 3 times earlier so I was able to really take my time, feel this experience. Ryan was moving under me, his ass pressing up as I thrust in. I put my arms around him and put my hands over his nipples, rubbing against them as I continued my steady movements in and out. The feelings were intense and I found myself moving faster. Ryan moaned as I moved and I felt him reach around again and pull his cheeks apart. “Harder Justin, fuck me harder” Ryan moaned and I started to slam inside his ass. I felt him clenching his hole around my dick and the tightness of it made me really go crazy. I felt myself go into another gear and I fucked him as fast and hard as I could. My body was sweating and I saw a drop of my sweat fall off my nose on the back of Ryan’s neck. My legs were trying to cramp up and my arms were about dead. It was all I could do to keep on fucking Ryan but I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t even slow down. If anything I went faster and I felt myself getting ready to cum. I felt Ryan’s ass twitching, his hole clenched tight and if I hadn’t been fucking him so long to get him loosened up he’d have just stopped my thrusting. “Justin, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming” Ryan yelled and then I almost screamed as my own orgasm hit. This was so different than shooting when being sucked, or being fucked. It was like my entire body was coming out of my dick as I felt myself shoot over and over. I had no idea if sperm was even coming out of me, all I felt were the sensations of my orgasm, the feeling of Ryan’s insides, the tightness of his hole as kept trying to just hold my dick tight in him. “Oh god, oh god” I murmured as I just dropped my weight entirely on Ryan, my dick still throbbing as deep in his ass as I could push it. That was all I remembered until I woke up, hours later. A lot of hours later it turned out. It was light out and I was moving, fucking Ryan. The feelings of it now were almost painful though, I had to piss so bad that my hard dick hurt. Ryan was awake, he was just laying there under me still, one of my hands to his face. He had been sucking on my index finger and he noticed from my movements that I was awake. “Hey baby, how are you?” he said, turning his face so I could kiss him. “I’m just perfect Ryan, how are you?” “Full of dick right now” and he laughed. “Are you fucking me again to cum or just waking up doing it?” “I just woke up, I got to piss too bad to cum” “Same here, I’m lucky I haven’t pissed the bed, with your dick pressing on my bladder with all your weight. Would you like to pull out?” I pretended to think about it before I giggled and I slowly pulled my dick out of Ryan. As the head of my dick got to his hole he gave one last really hard clench and I yelled as my dick just popped right out of him. So, that was my first time fucking Ryan. If you read it the way that Ryan wrote it, from the descriptions that I gave Ryan you’re probably thinking that from that time on I fucked Ryan all the time. That’s not the case though. The massive enjoyment I got from it was very different from how I feel when Ryan fucks me, my enjoyment of fucking him was more because I knew how it was feeling for Ryan. I still prefer to be on the bottom. However because of how intense this was, how good it felt to have my lover under me, I do fuck Ryan once a week or so. I can tell when he wants it, when he needs it. Now it’s a spontaneous thing, not all planned out. When he cleans me out, I automatically clean him out as well, just in case. It has led me to just eat Ryan’s ass out any time, whether I’m fucking him or not. My favorite way is to have him just actually sit on my face, with some of his weight, so I can get in deeper. My parents realized I was truly, absolutely in love so they decided to finish the basement and make it into an apartment for me. I had a bedroom, living room, kitchen and full bathroom. The laundry area had been walled off so people could come down and not disturb me. They finished it before the start of school again so Ryan and I could stay there when I needed to concentrate on my schoolwork. Off and on those last two years of high school that’s how Ryan and I lived, during the week we were at my apartment, on the weekends or holidays, we were at Ryan’s house. Ryan and I have been together for just over 9 years now, plus a few months. The time has passed so quickly and our love just seems to get stronger and stronger. Ryan is just a bit crazy, he loves to play poker, gets up between 1am-3am and heads to the casino. I have no idea when he goes, I’m not a light sleeper, I don’t usually wake up until 9am and when I do, he’s home, usually on the computer. This Covid idiocy has caused us a few problems. Back right after high school I surprised Ryan by buying a ring and proposing to him one evening while we were on vacation together. It was so cool, he was genuinely surprised, speechless, for just a minute. We talked it over and the two of us decided that as soon as my education was complete, we’d get married. That included law school which finished up earlier this year. We had started making all the plans last year, we were going to have it at my grandparent’s house, they had plenty of room plus the pool house could have been used for the caterer. Once the restrictions started though and you could see how bad it was, we canceled until we can have that large wedding that we (well, that I) wanted. So, that’s about it. I hope this little story has given you some insight into our relationship and my feelings. I know Ryan gets a lot of questions from people, he’s had suggestions to do this and over the past week I’ve done as he asked and told him my innermost feelings, from that first day until now. I love him and I’ll love him until there’s no more forever.. The end from Justin. A note now from Ryan… After I posted that Son Of A Preacher Man story about my teenage experiences with Danny and others in North Carolina I got a few emails about how Justin and I met, wanting to know what he was thinking as he and I started the relationship. How he felt when we did various things together in bed, the first times for different sexual explorations. I knew a lot of Justin’s story but there were parts that surprised me a little, some a lot. The conversation between Justin and his dad for example, I had no idea about that. I know this sounds totally fictional but it’s just about as true a story as you will ever read. For those trying to reconcile ages of people like his dad, grandparents and me, I started in politics when I was just 9 years old. That’s when I first met Justin’s grandparents, they were 10 years older than me and the 1960 election was their first. I was spectacular as a JFK supporter and I knocked on every single door in my entire precinct and, eventually, found each voter and prospective voter at home and gave them my talk on why JFK was better than RMN. I’m proud to say that my precinct which in 1956 had gone 66% for Eisenhower, changed to 62% for JFK and I took credit for it. In relating this story I tried to be as true to what Justin told me as I could. He’s read it and seems happy with what’s been written, that’s all I need for approval. I hope you’ve all enjoyed his journey. Our adventure together continues. Finis………….. Other stories by me on Nifty – Please check them out. The celebrity stories aren’t so great, in my eyes but maybe you like them if you can remember the people involved. A Preacher’s Son Isn’t Always Pure Gay Incest A story about a cousin of mine and how we grew up together, then the sexual relationship that we had through our teenage years. My Boy Barry and the Slave Gay Authoritarian A sequel to the triplet story, 3 years later. The boys are 13 and Barry is totally my boy. Two Mormons knock on the door, one is a slave of mine that I never released. I acquire a second slave and much fun is had by all, well except maybe the first slave! Jimmy and the Triplets Gay Adult Youth I meet a 17 year old at a dance, take him home and find out he’s got triplet 10 year old brothers and the adventures that happen afterwards. This story has Ron in it, he was the main character in the Charlotte 1977 story, this one is set two years after that one. Leo and His Boys – Gay Incest A dad, his four sons (15,14,12,10) and their much older second cousin who teaches them all about sex. Greenbelt Farmer’s Market Boy Ben – Gay Adult/Youth About a boy at the farmer’s market and the first time in bed. Benjy – Gay Highschool I actually knew Benjy, a story from long ago. 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