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Subject: Thanksing Their Coach Title: Thanking Their Coach Author: Christopher Trevor “AWWWWWWW YEAH, yeah, fucking A you guys, hoist me, hoist me, fucking rock me up and down on Lazarus’s flagpole!” Soccer Coach Wilkins seethed at his two players at his sides, Manuel and Montello…as they did just as he had ordered them to…as he took Lazarus’s, (his best player) cock deeper and deeper into his rear door with each hoist. “Great way to thank your coach for getting you guys to win thegame! AND what a Fucking AWESOME way to celebrate winning the game today…AND against our arch rival team at that, AWWWWWW YEAH, fill my hole with your pole Lazarus!” “Yeah, this is a great way to celebrate, Coach Wilkins,” Manuel, dark haired and goateed exclaimed as he held his coach tight with the man’s muscular arm draped over his ripped back and holding onto his broad shoulder for balance. “But I have to say I never heard of the legend you mentioned earlier…how if a team wins a game the coach should be fucked and filled with his three best players’ sperm…” “YUHHHHHHHH…AWWWWW FUCCCCKKK YES,” Coach Wilkins grunted as Lazarus’s cock stretched his ass walls…as the handsome soccer player laid under him and his two teammates did the chore of hoisting their beloved coach up and down and up and down on his erection. “It’s no legend Manuel ol’ boy…it’s the God’s honest truth…AWWWWWW YEAH, if a team wins a game and then the coach is fucked this way and filled with his three best players’ manly juices, not their sperm guy, their manly juices, sperm is for women, manly juices is for sport heads like us, soccer heads we are…so yeah, if the coach is fucked and filled with his three best players’ manly juices it guarantees they’ll win the next game…YUHHHHHHH, fucking fucks Lazarus, your cock feels like magic inside me bud!” “Feels pretty good down here as well Coach Wilkins,” Lazarus panted as he thrust, shoved and plunged his erect cock deep inside his coach. “So with our manly juices sluicing inside you when we play our next game how does that guarantee we’ll win that next game Coach?” Montello, bald and also goateed asked the being skewered coach from the other side. “It’s simple Montello, after a team wins a game and if the three best players from that game fuck the coach and fill him with their manly juices it brings luck, LUCK, luck for the coach and luck for the entire team at that, AWWWWWWWW, Lazarus, I feel your cock churning in me…I think you’re gonna spurt in me real soon! Rock me faster you guys…rock me faster!!!” As Manuel and Montello did as Coach Wilkins said, the muscles in their arms flexing crazily as they lifted and rocked their coach on their teammates cock the coach continued his tirade, “And just wait till we play our next game the day after tomorrow…AWWWWWW YEAH…your manly juices will have had enough time to work their way into my system that there’s no way we’ll lose that game against that other team that has been besting us lately…YUHHHHHHHHH…should have taken advantage of this old method of winning long ago!” “But Coach, if what you’re saying is true, isn’t that cheating in a way?” Montello asked. “Who gives a shit?” Lazarus grunted as he grabbed the coach’s ass cheeks and fucked the man harder and harder. “Legend or not, fucking Coach Wilkins feels amazing. Just wait till it’s your turns buds…OH YEAH, rock the coach on my cock you guys! Fucking my girlfriend never felt this amazing!” At that all the men in the locker room laughed heartily… Then, Lazarus breathlessly announced that he was about to cum and Coach Lazarus grunted, “Go for it bud, fucking fill me with your bursa escort manly juices! Cock my ass Lazarus, fucking cock my ass! Dudes, jam me down on Lazarus’s stalk! That way his manly juices will really make their way inside me!” The two young men did as their coach ordered and with his head arched back Wilkins grunted like a captured marine as he felt Lazarus’s manly juices filling him rear-wise… “AWWWWW FUCK yes, fucking yes, that next team won’t stand a chance against us the day after tomorrow, we’re gonna cream them as bad as we creamed the so-called Vultures today!” Coach Wilkins bellowed. “ARRRRHHHH YEAH, gotta tell you guys, this is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had,” Lazarus snarled under the coach, slapping the man’s hard muscled ass cheeks as he seemed to endlessly cum and cum inside the man he had the utmost respect for. “Stick with me fellas, AWWWWWWW YEAH, and there’ll be more and more of the same amazing experiences for you, although if in the next game three of the other players are the best three they’ll be fucking me!” the coach reeled. “Then we better make sure we’re the best players again at the next game,” Montello stated as he held the coach tightly impaled on his teammates sperming cock. “ERRRRHHHHHH, good man Montello, good fucking man you are, and just for that positive comment you get to fuck and fill me with your manly juices next!” Coach Wilkins exclaimed in jubilation. When Lazarus’s cock was spent the three soccer players wasted no time in switching places, with Montello now sliding his erect cock in and out of the coach’s cum soaked backdoor, as Manuel and Lazarus, short haired and also goateed and Manuel were hoisting their coach up and down. “AWWWWWWWW MAN, Montello, your cock feels as super in my hole as Lazarus’s did, so fucking glad you three turned out to be the best players for today’s game win, YUHHHHHHH, yeah that’s it you soccer head, fuck your coach, fuck him and feed him your manly juices next!” Coach Wilkins swore and cussed, his own cock erect as a skyscraper too…and oozing pre cum. “Cock my asshole Montello, fucking COCK THE STOCK out of my asshole!!!” “Say Coach, does it always have to be three players that fuck the coach and fill him with their manly juices after the team wins a game??” Lazarus asked, his spent cock dribbling the last remnants of his ooze onto the locker room floor. “YES, YES, AWWWWWW FUCKKKKK yes,” the coach replied. “Why three?” Manuel asked as he and Lazarus hoisted their coach up and down on Montello’s girth. “Three is a magic number guys, remember the trinity, remember that three times is the charm, and look at how it’s three of the best players of the moment cocking me in the ass,” the coach explained. “AWWWWWW, fuck Montello, your cock is torturing my innards, you’re touching my ass tonsils down there! Your cock is magic bud!” “Your hole doesn’t feel all that bad either Coach,” Montello huffed as he, like Lazarus before him gripped Coach Wilkin’s muscled ass cheeks and thrust his manhood deeper and deeper inside the man with each fuck. “FEELS amazing man, and feels so good we can win the next game because of this…” “We’ll be winners for sure my soccer heads,” the coach grunted and soon enough he felt Montello’s’ warm thick juices flooding him…as Lazarus and Manuel held him jammed down on the guy’s spurting manhood. “AWWWWW YEAH, deep inside me Montello, deep inside me!!!” Once more the three soccer players wasted no time…and then it was Manuel’s turn to fuck the coach, as Lazarus and Montello hoisted the man up and down on his erect cock… “AWWWWWWWW GODDDDDD, and on the third time, which like I said is bursa escort bayan the charm, I get to cum too my three soccer heads,” the coach blubbered, practically crying in joy and elation. “FUCKING FUCKS Coach, this is incredible!” Manuel reeled as he, like his two soccer buddies before him slapped the coach’s ass hard as he fucked him and fucked him. “HUHHHHHHH, yeah, slap my ass cheeks Manuel; slap `em hard, real fucking hard at that!” Coach Wilkins demanded. “It’ll make me cum all the harder when I shoot my load…my loads…YUHHHHHH!!!” “Well if you’re gonna shoot your shot Coach Wilkins you better grab that flagpole between your legs and start strokin’ and chokin’,” Lazarus said as he and Montello held their coach jammed down on the third cock that was fucking his ass that late afternoon in the locker room. “NAH, naw, don’t need to stroke and choke my meat stick Lazarus ol’ boy,” Coach Wilkins gurgled as he felt Manuel’s thick manly juices flooding his hole. “Like I told you soccer heads, the number three is magic…and when the third mess of manly juices is filling me I just cum…AWWWWWW… FUCK…I cum without my erection of steel having to be touched!!! And trust me dudes, when a coach cums without his cock being touched the feeling is electric! YUHHHHHH!!!” And, true to his word, Montello and Lazarus watched in awe and amazement as their cock filled coach shot his load…his own mess of manly juices splattering all over his manly chest and dripping sexily down onto his nipples, his stomach region and into his thick patch of pubic hair. “JEEZ Louise, if I didn’t see it with my own damned eyes,” Montello exclaimed as he and Lazarus continued holding their coach jammed don on Manuel’s spurting cock as it filled the man’s hole…his hole being fed the third load of the afternoon. Underneath the coach impaled on his erupting cock, Manuel grunted and gurgled, spanked the man’s ass cheeks and cummed like crazy inside him. And all the while as Coach Wilkins himself spurted and squirted his mess he went on and on ranting, “OH yeah, fucking A, third time is always the fucking charm…three IS the magic number…” Finally, approximately ten minutes later, all four of the men were standing around the table where the three soccer players had all fucked their coach and filled him with their manly juices, their guarantee that they would win their next game… “DAMN, can’t thank you three soccer heads enough…” Coach Wilkins said. “Day after tomorrow the proof’ll be in the pudding when we win the next game.” “More like the proof will be in the splooge,” Lazarus said and all four of the men laughed loudly, their booming voices echoing off the walls of the locker room. “Sure as all hell man,” Coach Wilkins said and clapped Lazarus on the back. “Anyway, we better all get showered and dressed and get out of here…” “Yep, sounds like a plan Coach,” Montello said. As the three young men walked away from where the coach was standing Manuel turned back and said, “Say Coach, when we win the game the day after tomorrow do we all get to fuck and fill you again with our manly juices?” “Only if you’re the three best players when we win bud,” the coach replied with a grin. Manuel grinned back and said, “Looks like we’ll be feedin’ that ass of yours again real soon Coach.” And as Manuel walked away toward the shower room at the other end of the locker room the coach smiled from ear to ear… “Guess I better get showered and be on my way as well,” Wilkins mused softly. “HEH, before the wife starts to wonder what’s takin’ me so long in getting home.” But then, from behind him Coach Wilkins heard, “The wife escort bursa is going to have to wonder just a while more what’s taking you son long in getting home…Coach Wilkins!” The coach whirled around on his socked feet, his spent cock flopping around as he did so and saw standing a few feet from him three soccer players from the rival team that his team had bested that day. The coach knew all three of the soccer players’ names, Brutus, Dudley, and Elmer… As the three monstrously muscled young men sidled closer and closer to Wilkins, extracting their enormous erections from their uniform shorts all the coach could whisper was, “Ah shit,” because he knew all too well what the three rival team members had planned for him… …because even though their team had lost the game they had been the three best players that day. A few moments later Brutus was lying on the table on his back… …as Dudley and Elmer hoisted the overpowered Coach Wilkins up and down on his huge erection. “AWWWWWW GODS, NO!!!” Coach Wilkins thundered miserably. “Of all the fucked up twisted turns of events!!!” “Got that right Wilkins ol’ boy,” Dudley meanly razzed the newly being fucked soccer coach. “You see, we believe in that old legend as well, but in this case we three believe in it in reverse…HA!!!” As he was hoisted up and down on Brutus’ mammoth sized cock Coach Wilkins seethed, “Yeah, if a coach is fucked and filled with the manly juices of three of the best rival team members then that coach’s team will fucking LOSE the next game…SHIT, shit and more shit!!!” “You got that right Coach Wilkins…” Elmer laughed as he and Dudley rocked the man up and down on Brutus’ soon to be spirting cock. “And all three of us are gonna fill you up nice and big!” “Fucking bastards!!” Wilkins ranted, and saying to himself that he couldn’t get his three best players to fuck and fill him again before their next game… …because the three times three fuck and fill could only be done once. And now, fucking fucks of all fucks, seeing ass three member of a rival team would be the last three to fuck and fill him before the next game, it meant that his team was now doomed to lose that next game, DAMN IT ALL!!! After Brutus shot his load inside the hapless coach it wasn’t long before Dudley took Brutus’ placer and he was fucking Coach Wilkins next, as Brutus and Elmer hoisted and rocked him up and down on the next cock filling his ass… “RHHHHHHH!!!!!” Coach Wilkins roared, watching as his own cock re-engorged between his legs. “FUCK, gonna cum again when Elmer gets his pole in my hole!! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!” “Very Charlton Heston I must say Coach Wilkins,” Elmer laughed as he and Brutus hoisted the coach up, slid him down on Dudley’s erect cock and repeating the action, the sounds of squishing filling the dank locker room air as Dudley’s meat speared the man’s hole. “And when you shoot your load while I’m fucking you your team will lose the game the day after tomorrow…” As the three rival team members laughed their heads off Coach Wilkins leaned his head back. As Dudley’s cock stimulated his anal opening and he woed over how all would be lost the day after tomorrow… A short while later… Lazarus, Manuel and Montello came out of the locker room shower area, all of them showered and dressed at that point. As they headed to the door to leave they saw Coach Wilkins standing with his big hands pressed against the table, his head hanging down and massive amounts of cum dripping from his asshole and down the backs of his muscular legs. “Hey Coach, what are you still doing here?” Lazarus asked as he and his three teammates stepped over to their coach. The coach turned around, his again spent cock swinging between his legs, a look of dejection on his face and he said, “Yeah guys, I’m still here…and I have some really bad news for all of you… /The End/

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