Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens (

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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens (She literally just right out and asked: ‘How big is that?’Her and her friend were standing around the side of the 7/11 as I wandered past returning from cruising the park. When I travel I tend to take walks around semi-public areas in running/sport’s gear that, well, leaves little to the imagination should you be bold enough to look.I’m very well hung, and the shorts I wear are either lycra, which hides nothing, or loose cotton shorts that, if I hike them up a bit, leaves the head of my cock dangling from the leg.Today, knowing when I returned from the park to my motel room I wouldn’t have to go by anything really public except the 7/11, I was wearing my white lycra shorts.As I was walking toward the 7/11 I saw two girls standing around the side of the store near the back. They smoking and, from where they positioned themselves and how they were carrying themselves, it looked as though they weren’t supposed to be.They were dressed as girls at that age trying things out and discovering themselves tend to dress, so I decided I’d swing by that way as I headed back to my room…just in case.As I got closer I slowed my pace so that I wouldn’t come upon them too fast. I wanted them to have a chance to see what I was packing as I entered the light from the store.Sure enough they saw me and, after a second, there was that tell tale sign where one girl pulls the other in close, points, whispers, and the giggling begins. ‘Gotchya’, I thought.I walked toward them, but not directly, playing it a little coy. It was just as I was about to walk passed them when one of them asked me how big it was.Right out of the blue!I stopped and faced them so they could get a good view already feeling a little swelling down there beginning.I looked them up and down first: both were barely over 5 feet and likely didn’t break 90lbs. Both brown haired, one tied back and the other shoulder-length.Both wore leggings and crop tops showing off not only their legs and ass, but their mid-riffs, too. One didn’t have an ounce of fat on her and the other, although a little chubby, still looked good. The chubbier one had the larger breasts, too; but neither were ‘large’.They both stood their looking uncomfortable with my silence, but looking ‘there’ nonetheless.I walked a little closer.”You want to see it?” I asked.They giggled, and one whispered to the other, but neither replied. izmir escort I smiled, and winked, but figured nothing was going to happen here. I guessed that making the comment was probably as risque as they’d be, but just as I was about to pass the chubbier girl took a half-step out.”I’d like to see it,” she said.I looked her up and down, “Just you, or your friend, too.”She looked back at her friend. “C’mon, Dana…”Her friend was smiling, but didn’t move.”Okay,” I said, “I’m going to walk back to the trail there. I f you ant to see it, just follow me.”I know how these things work, so I just turned and headed back. If I got there I’d step off the path and wait. If they didn’t follow after a couple of minutes I’d take the other path back to my room: nothing ventured, nothing gained.I walked a little way into the path and stood of to the side where there was a little clearing, but where the bushes and lack of light obscured anyone seeing me. They had watched me walk back, so they’d know I was there.I turned and watched. They hadn’t moved, but the chubby one was tugging at her friends arm to come over. I started rubbing my cock, now that it had lost a little of it hardness in the exchange and in walking back. I pulled the lycra up a little and tugged so that just the peek of the head of my cock was out the bottom of the leg. I also adjusted so that my cock was on the one side and my balls on the other. The lycra was hiked up enough to clearly divide my cock and balls for them to see.I don’t have huge balls, but my cock is 9.5 inches long, partially uncut, and very thick. I’m also lucky in that my cock is almost as long soft as it is when it’s hard.I was about to begin wandering the other way when I noticed the two started walking slowly over: the chubby one ahead, but the other, Dana, walking of her own accord.This sight immediately started arousing my cock.I’ve done this enough to know that it could be anything from them wanting just to see it, to only wanting to touch it, to handjobs, to blowjobs, to full on sex…..I like the excitement of it, so, although I hope for full on sex, I’m actually happy with whatever happens…and, when travelling in the US, it seems to happen almost every-time.When they arrived I was still rubbing my cock under the lycra. I fnd the more you leave it to them to start the further it is likely to go. And these two young ones were hot enough that I wanted and hoped escort izmir it would go far!They stood for a second, then the chubby one stepped in a little closer. “So…..” she said.”So what? I replied smiling and still rubbing.”Can we see it..?” She said.”Sure, but you need to come in a little closer, okay.”They took a tentative few steps in closer. I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable, but I wanted them to be close enough to reach for it easily should they decide to, and I wanted them off the trail, just in case someone came by.For the record, I don’t ever start anything. I may go out dressed and hoping to get some play in, but I make it a rule to never be aggressive. If they want it, they can come and get it. Otherwise, you can get yourself in trouble…and, I’m out for fun for all and not for trouble.I also treat everyone with respect. I know what I want, so they have to want it too otherwise it’s awkward, uncomfortable, and, therefore, no fun.It’s all about the fun.”So,” she said.”You want to see this, then” I asked coyly.”Yeah,” she replied.”Why?” I askedShe looked at her friend and they both giggled.I waited, having no trouble with that ‘uncomfortable silence’.”Well,” I inquired….”Well…um…it looks so big….” The other girl, Dana, said.”It is….very big,” I said. “You ever seen a big cock ladies..?”Again, they looked at one another and giggled, but it was obvious they were getting more comfortable with being there.Before they could answer I added, “Have you even seen a cock, ladies…?”Again, the glances and giggles.”Yes….yeah” one said after the other with a little hesitation.”And, were they large..?””Not anything like yours,” said the chubby one.”My old boyfriend was kinda big,” said the other.”This big..?” I asked”NO,” she said emphatically.”Okay,” I said. I pulled out the waist with one hand and reached in and grabbed my cock with the other. I was about to pull it out when I stopped and teased them “Are you sure..?””Yes!” they said in unison, both their eyes wide and glued to my crotch.”Okay, so long as you’re sure,”I said. I pulled it out slowly for effect. As the last of my cock cleared the shorts I pulled the short down just a bit so my balls were free, too.I placed the lycra under my balls and then let my cock fall. It hit my leg with a soft smack.There was a gasp from both of them, but they said nothing else and didn’t move. They just stared at my meat.I swung izmir escort bayan my hips just a little so my cock would swing around.”Oh my god,” said the chubby one. “Dana, have you ever…”she left it hanging…..”No.””Was Jason like that?” The chubby one asked”No,” Dana replied. Her one word answers let me know she was transfixed. Often the more assertive one will not be as willing to go to the next step as the quiet one, so I was sizing Dana up.”So, it’s only fair ladies, but now that you;ve seen something of mine, I should get to see something of yours…”The chubby one looked at her friend, but her friend didn’t look away from my cock. She looked back at me, then at my cock, but neither moved. So, I moved my hips a little and took a half step forward, “You can touch it if you’d like…”Again the chubby one looked at her friend. Her friend had moved her hand down to her crotch and was rubbing herself slowly.She looked up and her friend, “Go on Kat,” she smiled, “You wanted to see it.”Kat looked at her, then me, then my cock, but she didn’t move.”It’s alright, you don’t have to.” I re-assured her. “Don’t do anything you don’t want to,” I smiled.”So, ladies what do I get to see of you…?””Kat looked at her friend and then me :What do you want to see,” she said somewhat hesitant.”Well, those look like might fine breasts you both have. How about taking those tops off so I can see them?”The chubby one, Kat, looked to her friend. “Sure,” said Dana as she removed her top completely.She had small but perky buds as only youth can have. When her top was off she put both her hands on her chest, not to hide herself, but to play with the her nipples.I could feel myself getting harder, and my cock started t rise away from my leg a llittle.”Damn,” I said.”They’re still small,” she said looking down at them each.”They look absolutely fine to me,” I smiled. She seemed re-assured by this and smiled back.”Well, Kat…” Dana said to her friend.Kat was looking at her friends chest and smiling. “Okay,” she said as she turned back to me. She looked down again and saw that my cock had moved on its own. She smiled and without looking up took her top off.Her breasts were a little bigger and they had that ever-so-slight sag that you know will continue as she ages. But, for now, they looked just fine.”You two look absolutely gorgeous,” I hummed. They both smiled in that self-conscious but appreciative way.I looked down at my cock “See, even he approves highly ladies,” I looked up at them and smiled.They both giggled, but they never took their eyes of it.I reached down and lifted it up to begin stroking it for them.Pt II to come

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