Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

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Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens PI sat upright again hoping to be able to get Dana off once or twice. Once they orgasm it is so much easier to fuck them–they get horny beyond their own control.As I was working on Dana, pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy, she began to lean more heavily on my leg. I could tell she was getting close. With my other hand I reached down and started massaging Kat’s breasts. She had one hand stroking my cock while she sucked and the other still furiously attending to her own pussy.She had, as best as I could tell, not taken her eyes off of Dana masturbating.”Mmmmmmm….” Dana moaned and gripped my leg hard.”Gonna cum for me baby?” I asked.She opened her eyes but she had that far away glassy eyed look. She bit her bottom lip, but then just closed her eyes again, so I focused on ensuring my fingers would bring her to climax.”Oh…oh…oh, god…oh” Moaned Dana and then I felt her get weak and my fingers were instantly covered in juice.I took my hand fro Kat’s breast and held Dana a little closer. I submerged my fingers as deeply into her as I could. “That’s a good girl,” I said as I pulled her close and kissed her forehead.She looked up and kissed me deep on the mouth, “Oh my god that felt so good!” She said. I slowly took my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and I was going to get her to lick it clean when Kat grabbed my hand and, while still giving me a hand job, started eagerly licking Dana juices from my fingers.Dana’s eyes widened and she bit her lips again.”Looks like Kat likes your taste, Dana,” I smiled.”Oh, I know she does,” She cooed. “We’ve tasted each other before,” and she reached over and softly touched Kat’s head.”Well, Kat,” I said, “Why don’t you get Dana to second orgasm?” I suggested.Without further suggestion Dana pulled down and took off her leggings and sat on the picnic table. I could see what was going on so I stood up and got out of the way. Dana positioned herself right where I was sittting and Kat immediately put her head between Dana’s legs and went to work.The pleasure, for both, was immediate.Dana almost fell back onto the table and Kat rose a little to position herself onto Dana’s pussy.Kat set both her knees on the picnic table seat, with her elbows on the table top and her hands underneath Dana’s back.I slowly positioned myself behind Kat. I put two fingers on the top of the shaft of my cock tp push it down and walked in behind and between Kat’s legs. When our hips were almost touching I slowly released my cock and it lifted up against her pussy. I put my two hands on her back and began massaging, looking for any signs of resistance.There were none.I stroked myself slowly against her crotch and I could feel the wetness that had built up as she was playing with herself.After a few moments of rubbing and massaging her I pulled back and began to lower her leggings keeping an eye on her to see if she was going to let me.She didn’t, not once, take her attention off Dana’s pussy. And Dana was totally lost in Kat’s licking and tonguing her pussy.When I got Kat’s leggings down to her knees I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and began darting y tongue across her pussy. It was soaking wet.I could hear both of izmir escort them moan, Dana a little more than Kat. ‘She must be getting close’ I thought.I stood up and kept one hand on Kat’s ass and the other I put two fingers together and entered Kat’s pussy.For such a young girl there was almost no resistance. And, to top it off, she pushed herself back onto my fingers.Slowly, to her rhythm, I worked three fingers easily into and out of her.I looked down at my cock, no rock hard, and there was an enormous and thick line of pre-cum from my cock head to the ground.I reached down, taking my hand off Kat’s ass, and used it to lube up my cock.As much as I wanted to eat that young pussy, I wanted to get my cock wet at least once.I took my cock in one hand and withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Slowly, I pulled on ass cheek and labia open. I leaned over and let a little spit hit Kat’s ass and dribble across her pussy for lube.Dana was beginning to reach peak and her moans got a little louder. This seemed to open the taps on Kat and I could see pussy wetness dripping from inside of her.I positioned the head of my cock against her pussy and began rolling it round in a circular motion slowly moving a little more and more of my head inside of her labia. She was holding herself steady against my motions, so I knew I was getting into this one.After a few minutes of rubbing my cock head around in her, I moved to inch myself a little more and more into her. I was about three inches into her when I began to notice a bit of tension, so I pulled back “Feel okay, Kat?” I asked.She lifted her head from Dana’s pussy only for a second, “Put it back in me,” was all she said.’That’s all I need’ I thought.I slowly began feeding my cock into her while I would let spit fall onto my cock. It didn’t seem like she needed lubing, but I didn’t want a false start.I’d slowly enter her, then retract, and then enter a little further.After about 15 or 20 strokes I was a little over half way in her.It was so hot looking at her mostly hairless, pink, tight little pussy being expanded further and further by the thickness of my shaft entering her.Every time I would pull back a bit my cock was glistening with her juices.I was so pre-occupied with my cock working deeper and deeper into her pussy that I was caught a little off guard when Dana let go with an orgasm.I looked up and her fingernails were tearing at the wood top, her back arched, and Kat glued with her mouth to Dana’s pussy. She bucked several times until, finally, her strength gave out and she collapsed onto the table, exhausted from the orgasm.For her part Kat’s pussy not only got wetter, but she seemed to relax and open up. She was still tight, but I took this opportunity to slowly, by insistently, sink the full length of my cock into her.She moaned, and feel forward onto Dana as I entered her fully.Once I was fully in her I left it still for a moment so she could adjust.”Oh my god,” She moaned. “Oh my god.””Feel good baby,” I asked.”Oh my god,” she whispered. I grabbed onto her hips and began slowly puling my cock almost all the way out before entering her deeply. She was almost dead weight as I did do. She had nearly collapsed onto Dana.At this point, however, escort izmir I was too into the feeling of being inside her that I just kept pulling her onto and off of me.Every once and awhile I’d pull almost all the way out to see how good my large cock looked in her innocent, pink, dripping pussy.I put one hand on the middle of her back and kept her in one position as I began to pump her a little more quickly. She just moaned.As tight as her pussy was–and it was–she was so wet that there was no problem thrusting in and out of her.”Oh my god, you slut” Dana giggled as she half sat up.”Are you fucking him, Kat?” She asked.I looked up and Dana was sitting upright trying to see as much as she could while stroking Kat’s hari and neck.”Oh my god he’s so big!” She half whispered and half moaned.”I want to see,” Dana said.”Sure,” I said, “come on down her.”Dana flicked that last of her leggings off and stood on the table top and I got to see this tiny, young, hard-bodied little girl with a nearly hairless, but dripping pussy in the light.She steeped down onto the seat and then the ground and came around beside me.I took one hand and moved her around slightly behind me and put my arm around her shoulder so she could see better. I leaned back a little and slowly pulled my cock almost out of Kat’s pussy.”Like what you see I said,” as I held the position for her.”Oh my god you’re ruining her pussy,” Dana giggles.I slowly moved my cock back into her. I cold feel Dana’s hand slide down and onto my ass. She reached one hand around in front and the other from behind and half squatted to play with my balls. I turned a little sideways so she could see my cock workign in and out of her friend.”Oh my god, you’re not wearing a condom,” She giggled.”Feels more natural,” I said. “What do you think Kat..?””It’s so big…it feel so warm…” and she trailed off into a soft moan as I sunk fully into her.I focused on the feeling of my cock rhythmically moving in and out of Kat’s pussy while Dana’s watched and massaged my balls.”It’s so big,” I would hear Dana say over and over in almost a whisper. This in between Kat’s slow moans pf pleasure.I pulled my cock all of the way out, “Lick it clean, Dana,” I said. She kind of looked at me a little shocked, but, I moved my arm from her shoulder and put my hand on her head and motioned her clearly willing mouth onto my cock.I looked down at Kat and her pussy was a pink, wet gaping hole.As Dana licked my shaft and balls she would rub the head of my cock against her friends wide open pussy. Every once and awhile Dana would lean over and lick Kat’s clit sending a shiver through her friend.Kat, for her part, didn’t move. She lay arms spread across the table with her leggings down to her knees, her legs apart showing her pussy to the world.Dana was playing with putting the head of my cock in and out of Kat’s pussy when I said, “You want thic cock in you Dana..?”This got Kat’s attention and she sat on the table top and pulled her leggings the rest of the way of.”Make me cum, Dana,” Kat said as she sat with her legs open just as Dana had just been.”Climb up on the seat,” I said as I was already moving to position her.Dana moved willingly.She licked her fingers and wiped izmir escort bayan them across her pussy as her head descended into the musk of Kat’s wet vagina.Dana’s pussy was clearly not as innocent as her friends; however, she was still tight for my cock.It took the same slow, lubing approach as I did while entering her friend, but ti didn’t take quite as long to get fully into her.I was getting hornier now, so as Dana worked on Kat’s pussy I went to work on hers.Her pussy opened up as I thrust in and out of her.She was still very tight, but it was equally the good sight to look down and see my dark meat against her porcelain white skin and almost bald pussy.As before I was deep into watching my meat work in and out of Dana when Kat let go with an orgasm.As Kat leaned back onto the table I took the opportunity to began increasing my tempo. I grabbed Dana’s hips and began pullign her fully onto me and, for her part, she was pushing back against me.”Oh yes, fuck me….keep fucking me…” She said.I increased my speed again and I knew I was getting close.”Oh god yes….your cock is filling me up. I’ve never felt anything like this…she moaned.I was getting close and beginning to conemplate where I was goign to cum when Dana said, “Will you cum insde of me?””You don’t have to ask me twice,” was all I could say.Kat was now sitting up and rubbing her pussy. She has positioned herself a little off to one side so she could see her friend’s face while watching me bang against her solid ass.”Oh, god I can feel you getting hotter and thicker,” Dana said as her head dropped to the table and her hands reached out ahead of her.”Oh fuck I’m getting close, girl.”I gripped a little tighter and began thrusting a little harder.”Uh…Uh….Uh…Uh…”was all I was getting from Dana now. I looked over just in time to see Kat’s head go back as she orgasmed.This, in turn, tipped me over the edge and I pulled Dana hard and fully onto my cock as I unloaded in her.I shot and spasmed about 6 or 7 times when I started feeling my cum being forced out of her.I knew, fucking two young hotties like this, would end with a bigger than normal load.”Oh, jesus…oh, god….it feels so fucking good.” Dana cooed.I pulled out and stepped one leg over the seat and shot the last 3 to 4 shots onto Kat’s pussy. I also reached my free hand under Dana’s pussy and began fingering her furiously.”Fucking cum for me baby, ” I said as I continued to finger her.I looked at Kat and said, “Get down onto my cock and clean your friend’s juices off,” I said with a smile.Without hesitation Kat descended onto the seat and began noisily licking and slurping my cock.She sat with her legs wide open and I could see that tight little pussy I had just fucked.Dana pulled herself off me and sat on the seat and began masturbating herself and quickly came while Kat slowed working on my cock to watch.The two sat there, naked, legs apart, and glistening in the moonlight. I stood there, engorged but only semi-hard looking down at these two tiny little hotties. They looked at each other and kept eyeing my cock as well.I leaned over and kissed each of them fully and deeply on the mouth. I could feel their hands on my laegs and ass, but more excitingly, I could feel my cock drag across one of their legs.As I stood Dana reached up and took hold of my meat.”Holy shit, that’s fucking huge!”And they both giggled as I dressed.’I fucking love travelling in America’ I thought…..

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