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Subject: WILL AND BARRY: SWAMP MEET 1 and 2 WILL AND BARRY IN SWAMP MEET The planet was dark even from space. The sun, a very small one indeed, was not illuminating much of it. It looked just like it was on the surface, cold, dark and wet. Rain. More rain. And more rain. Will managed to find the one spot on the planet that had some kind of land shape. To say it was an island was optimistic. It was a patch of swamp. The Space Pod landed and sort of sunk in a bit. Barry was shivering from fear. The Pod’s warmth was generated by the machines the Alien Man had put in. Even with all the great modifications and expansions, the Pod had some limits. Sure, it could travel in time and space and the radio could even reach the Robot whereever he was at the moment, but it did need some looking after and some time to replenish. Will, his shirt off from the sheer heat of work, was standing over the solar batteries of the Pod. Barry, after hours of this, unrolled his bed from the back wall door and put the sleeping bag down on the floor. Barry took off his yellow sweater, his button down shirt, the green T shirt under that. To reveal a lean dark olive body of tight hard abs and a nice oval belly button. He glanced over at Will, who was still too hard at work to notice. Barry took off his green trousers after his black dress shoes. Then his underwear. He slipped into the bed roll and with a huff laid on his side. He was mumbly and moody. The rain was hitting the windows of the Pod and the roof. It was making sounds that seemed both scary and gently calming. Barry, for a time, turned over to watch the freckled vee back of his more muscular friend. He got very hard. And he stayed that way, for over 3 hours. “Will? Will you come…” “Huh?” Will turned to him, “Oh, Barry, you go to sleep. I’ll be awhile.” “Humph,” Barry turned away from him. “Will, can’t you just give it a rest now? You’ve been at it for over four hours or so…I mean can’t you just enjoy the time off for a bit? Take a rest?” Will nodded, “Hey, yeah, in a few…I’ve just got to get this thing going so it can start storing up some solar power again, I mean even here. I might even be able to get it to capture some swamp gas…” “I know how it feels,” Barry said, “I’m getting some hot air myself from someone in here…” “Huh? Did you say something?” Will turned, a wrench in his hand, his biceps flexing. “No, don’t mind me,” Barry turned his back to Will, pulling the sleeping bag flap over him. He began to fall asleep. As horrible as this planet was, he was warmed by the patter of rain, the warmth and safety of the Pod and the companionship of Will Robinson, even though at this time it was like having a robot worker. “You know that Robot of yours might have been better company…he, at least, knows how to have fun…no offense…” Will smiled to himself. “Hey yeah, the Robot’s cool…” Barry fell asleep, or in a middle ground between sleep and daydream, between wakefulness and the land of the unconscious. He began to feel comforted. bursa yabancı escort Someone crawled in behind him and he felt a large lump enter between his cheeks, rise up fully between his crack and extend past it, past his lower back to wet up that area. He squirmed. “Oh, Barry, I want you so bad. I love you so much…” Barry arched his back as the redheaded Will hugged him from behind and squeezed tight. There was no better time. Even in this swamp on a planet of continuous rain. The sleeping bag stretched to its limit as Will forced his way down, his dick entered Barry’s hole and then Will pumped furiously and fast, jerking his hips up. Barry moaned loudly and yelled, his arms going back and his hands gripping Will’s heavy and thick thighs and pushing Will into him more and more. Will exploded inside Barry after what seemed an eternity of bliss for both of them. Knives creamed into Barry’s backside and deeper. Deeper. Pumping slowed and Will relaxed with sounds of joy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” “Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gawaaaaaaaaa! Gaaaahhhhhhh!” Barry let loose to and as held it for a bit. He turned to face to Will, who shook his cream leftovers onto Barry’s flat dark stomach, filling his navel with cream. “C’mon Barry come on! Come on! Come on MEEEEEE! Let it all loose out!!!! Fuckin shoot that load!! Boy!” Barry did so and filled Will’s chest and belly with boy cream that turned the suntanned boy white all over again. Jell all over. The two fell into each other’s arms off their sideways sex and turned the other way. Huffing and resting, Barry draped his arms around Will’s very present body. Will hugged Barry low. They slowly recovered their breathing. Pulling the bed roll over them. Finally, they fell asleep. The sound of the rain on the planet continued. WILL AND BARRY: SWAMP MEET 2 It was some time later the next day. Will was in his seat in the Pod. Barry was going to the bath room. “You think that Alien guy would have put in a divider to give us some privacy when we go…” Will turned from his flight checks to look at Barry, “Maybe he sensed something about the two of us…” Barry’s dark face flushed red…and he wasn’t used to having someone notice him like this. As he sat on the toilet that Alien mechanic installed, he flushed but seeing Will see him, made his dick go straight up. It bobbed into his belly button and kept going on up past it, bobbing right out again. It made finishing up going to the bathroom a bit more difficult but fun. Will was there when he looked down again and was there stroking his long dick underside. “Wow, you sure are thick and fat down here on this thing…” “Do you mind? I’d like to finish up.” “Up? I ain’t even started on ya yet,” Will said. He had his shirt off again and licked Barry’s balls. Barry arched onto his back on the seat. “I’m feeling it, man but…” “But what?” “I’m not really keen on toilet sex, it’s kinda dirty, you know?” Will smiled and took Barry into his mouth, “Don’t let it bother ya,” he bursa sınırsız escort managed. He sucked Barry and kept on sucking Barry. Barry was feeling really good too this morning. The Pod, to his mind, seemed to sink lower into the swamp ground overnight. Even as he sat here, being driven to wild orgasm by this beautiful redhead with the bright blue eyes, he could swear that the Pod was being driven lower and lower into the swamp ground. Moving. Slanting. Shaking. His dick moved, slanted, shook, widened. Fattened. Grew longer and longer. He jerked back and it almost popped out of Will’s mouth but the boy could keep a whole lot in his mouth. Will grabbed it and rubbed, then put his hands on Barry’s lower stomach, so low, so low touching all erogenous zones, veins, thigh, leg where leg and hip meet, where crotch and leg meet. Barry couldn’t take it any longer. Will pulled the dick out of his mouth and rubbed under the shaft and up the backside of it and then the top side. Barry let loose a shooting phantasm of hosing down. Will got his face all covered. He licked it like someone had thrown a cake on his face. “I love you boy!” “Same….” Huff huff huff, “Same…” Sigh, sigh, sigh, gasp, huff huff, “here.” Will used a wipe off from the new wipe off towel dispenser the Alien put in. He cleaned his face but he couldn’t take it any longer. He tackled Barry off the toilet bowl which flushed itself and he put his hands under Barry’s shirt and felt up the boy’s tender nipples, whipping them into solider thick mounds of tight tit. He jerked himself onto Barry’s lowers and jerked the boy’s legs up so that the asshole was visible. The alien machine had washed it clean and there was nothing but the tender hole and no hair at all. Will fucked it, undoing his own belt buckle and having pulled his pants down. He exploded into Barry. As he did, the Pod shook some more. Barry gasped, “You’re orgasm, it…it’s making the Pod sink! We’re gonna drown!” “Ease up,” Will said, getting off the boy and dripping cum all over. Filling Barry’s stomach hole. He cleaned off, “We…we can’t sink.” Nevertheless, Barry recovered, pulled his pants shut and got to the seat to buckled in. “Oh no?” Barry asked, “Why not?” He looked outside. Will put his hand on Barry’s shoulder and looked out with him, his eyebrow up, a mischievous glance in his eye. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t have done that.” Barry looked downcast. “I…” “It might have cost us much…” Barry frowned, “Are we gonna sink?” The Pod lowered some more, the ground it was on was making it’s own way down to the bottom of the sea. The rain continued and pelted the Pod some more. The Pod slanted a bit. Will smiled to himself, “I think we are.” “But we’ll have no way out?” Barry gulped, “I guess if if, if we have to die at least we can die together.” “Hmm,” Will said, “I mean, maybe….” The Pod shook. He shut the window shutters, which slid over the viewport so they could no longer see görükle escort outside. “Maybe we should think about what we want to do with our last few hours…” “Hours?” Barry asked. The Pod went down. “Here we go!” The Pod’s middle section was still above ground but the lower half was underwater as the swamp gave way and drifted apart. Barry opened one eye, “Why? Why aren’t we flooding with water?” “That alien dude, he, well, he made us. Well, the Pod was always airtight…just like your own Spindrift and my Jupiter II.” “Your Jupiter? Oh it’s yours?” Barry asked, teasingly. “So we’re airtight. We can last underwater. But we have no…” “You’re forgetting that food machine he also put in. We can stay undersea indefinitely…” Barry looked at Will, “And I can think of no one I’d rather do that with…but…” The Pod shook some more. The Pod went down all the way. It was under the water. Barry said, “I guess we are gonna die on this planet…” “Maybe?” “Its all my fault. I shouldn’t have kept you from more repairs…” “Oh Barry, stop that.” Will smiled, “I think we should spend our last hour or so, doing what shows us that we love each other. That shows what we mean to each other.” Barry took Will’s shoulders and took his shirt off. He then threw it to the ground, undid his seat belt and gently guided Will to the floor. But then, as the Pod shook some more and lowered to the ocean floor, Barry tossed Will hard onto his stomach and Will laughed. Barry had pulled Will’s pants down, undoing Will’s belt. He fucked Will hard. He knew there wasn’t much time so he did his best to fuck Will with all his might. Will’s face hit the floor and he shut his eyes but smiled. Barry spewed all over Will’s back, pulling out. It dripped down the crevasse of Will’s muscled back. Barry collapsed onto Will’s back, his own cum against his stomach and chest. After resting, Will said, “Okay time to get up.” Barry moved to the side as Will practically threw him off. Will cleaned up and got his shirt. He went to the console and sat down. Barry watched puzzled, “What?” Will started pushing some buttons. Lights went on outside. Bubbles spewed from the Pod’s hind quarters. “Okay, we’re in business again. How Gerry Anderson of me.” Barry stood up. The viewports opened as Will’s fingers played along the console. Lights from the Pod’s exterior front opened. The Pod moved. “What is all this?” “I forgot to mention…that Alien Man, he made us not only are we airtight. But he made us so that we can act as a sort of mini submarine.” “You knew that all the time and made me think….” Barry punched Will’s shoulder. He pushed him too. “Get out of that chair!!!! You fuck!” Will did so, “Hey, you’re really mad! I…I I `m sorry I made you think that…” Barry looked at him and smiled, “Naw. I just wanted to get you up again so we can…” He kissed Will on the mouth and put his hands behind Will to feel Will’s butt cheeks. The Pod cruised threw the alien ocean. Strange fish passed by. Some small. Some giant. Alien plants, of all colors were around it. Will and Barry hardly noticed. Good thing their recorders were taking this all in. Soon, the Pod would be leaving this alien ocean, this whole world, flying into outer space with just the two boys in it and for all they had, each other, was all they needed.

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