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Tessa woke after a long night of games with her friend Derek. As always, she beat him by a landslide in every game they played before he retired for the night. She woke up early to prepare for work at the local pet shop. She yawned and got out of bed quickly and went to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror she wondered what about her made her unable to tell Derek that she enjoyed his presence. Every time she tried she just couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. He was moderately popular in high school, and when he went to college that fact hadn’t really changed. Where he was on the upper rungs of the college society, she had stayed in the lower rungs.
She had never found anyone that she truly valued and in part it was due to her nervousness around men but also to her nervousness about her body. She never felt right around the opposite sex and at the same time she never held an interest in women. This awkwardness left her a virgin. Even at her age of 21.
She decided that she needed to focus on other things, though, and started brushing her teeth and styling her hair.
After her hair and teeth were in perfect order, she left the bathroom to get dressed. She picked out a simple black shirt and black pants. Her shoes were a dark red, her favorite pair. She finished dressing and checked herself over in the mirror. Her pants and shirt were a good simple match. Her shirt showed off her perky D cup breasts but conversely her pants covered her ample hips and ass. She was self conscious of her body and she did not feel inclined to show off her body in some ways. After she was ready for work she hopped in her car and took off. She drove at a leisurely place through the hills around her house into the small town. She enjoyed the mountains during the day but at night they were dark and rather foreboding, she always tried to get home before dark.
She stopped off for a coffee before heading into the shop to start her shift. She got in right on time, punched in and got down to cleaning animal enclosures. She worked through everything and had the entire place cleaned and organized in no time. After that it was smooth sailing through the day and into the early evening. At the end of the day she closed up the shop and hopped in her car to head home. It was a little too dark for her comfort as she started heading for the mountain pass and she almost decided to head to Derek’s house for the night under the pretext of another gaming session. But she decided against it and continued home.
It was pitch black outside, and truly creepy in the mountains. Very infrequently did she even see animals in the forests at night, almost like they all hid. During the day, though, animals were everywhere. You couldn’t even go a mile without seeing some squirrel or even the odd raccoon running by the road. At night everything was dead. Like the entire animal population and ceased to exist.
She started the drive home with the music going strong in her car. She drove quickly through the hills in the hopes of getting home quickly and she took the turns going as quickly as she dared in the darkness. As she was going around the curve of the mountain she saw a bright light ahead and slowed thinking another car was coming towards her on the road. As the light shown towards her, though, she felt a strange tingling sensation in her limbs and her mind became fuzzy. Without thinking she slowed the car to a stop and sat calmly in the seat. At the back of her mind she really could not figure out why she did it, but she put the car in park and took the keys out of the ignition, placing them on the seat next to her. She suddenly felt drowsy and without thinking about her surroundings, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She felt herself being moved a short time later, causing her to rouse from her sleep. It slowly dawned on her that she was no longer in her car, but she was on what felt like a stretcher. She could feel it moving but it was still hard for her to focus and she drifted off to sleep again.
Again she woke up, but this time her mind was clearer. She was able to slowly assess her situation and she noted that she was still on the stretcher, and that it had stopped rolling. She couldn’t move her body in any way but strangely she felt very calm even facing that fact. The first thing that came to mind was the sorry that she had some kind of accident in her car and she was in a hospital but that didn’t seem correct to her. After considering her predicament she remembered what happened to her in her car and the full enormity of the situation hit her. She became scared and tried to struggle but her body was completely immobile. She couldn’t move her body at all but strangely she didn’t feel any restraints on her body. It simply felt as if her body was refusing to move. Realizing sakarya escort that she was not likely to go anywhere she assessed her surroundings.
The room was dimly lit and colored all in grey. There were no instruments in the room, it was simply bare with nothing but her and the table in it. She couldn’t even see a doorway that would tell her how the hell she even ended up in this strange room. She could see all of the walls and the ceiling and she realized she was in a simple cube. She noticed an area of the ceiling that was darker than the rest and she thought she could see something glinting in the faint light but she couldn’t be sure. After a time of studying everything that she could in the room she grew drowsy, sensing no immediate danger she drifted off to sleep.
She woke suddenly to a whirring sound. Something was extending from the ceiling and moving towards her. It took her a moment to get her bearings but she saw the metallic cylinder moving towards her and she got scared and tried to struggle but she was still unable to move. This truly scared her, her body refused to obey her and she was growing more and more afraid of what might happen to her.
The cylinder extended from the ceiling slowly until it was about one foot from the floor and it stopped. It bent slowly at an angle towards her legs and she wondered what was about to happen. The end opened and it spread backwards from the tip and multiple appendages came from the top. They were still metallic but they did not behave in the same way as the metallic arm. Whatever they were made of flowed and moved freely. The large arm freed ten metallic tendrils that moved towards her quickly. Two of them wrapped themselves around her legs, the other two wrapped around her wrists and one large one went around her waist. They lifted her off the table and suspended her in the air. She was still on her back but strangely she was still comfortable even though she was supported only by her ankles wrists and middle of her body. Two of the probing tendrils moved around her body, touching her softly until they found her nipples. It was at this point that Tessa realized she was naked. He felt a flash off nervousness but it soon passed. The tendrils moved away from her nipples after a moment and they went to her neck above her collar bones and she felt two punctures. She felt both drowsy and suddenly aroused at the same time. The tendrils began touching her body again and moved back to her nipples. They began to touch and massage them slowly. They twisted and moved against them until they stood hard and erect. Tessa began to moan lightly. She still was unable to move and it seemed to extend to her mouth and jaw. Her tongue was able to move somewhat but the rest of her remained paralyzed. She was scared of what might happen to her. She was new to this kind of attention being paid to her body but she realized that it actually felt nice to have the tendrils playing with her nipples gently. After they touched them for a few minutes they wrapped around them and squeezed them tightly which made her gasp in shock. They began to pull and tug on them with a little more force and she started to moan as they continued to tweak and twist her nipples gently. She steadily became more relaxed and she even started to find it very pleasant, slowly her fear was being replaced by the horniness.
Tessa could see the other tendrils moving around her body and she saw one of the tendrils move down to her crotch before it moved out of her line of sight. She could no longer see it but she felt it touch her clitoris gently and it made her jolt in a very subdued way. It began to massage itself against her clitoris and play with it softly. This coupled with her nipples being played with brought her to a level she had never experienced before. She was being introduced to all kinds of new sensations and she could safely say that while the method was unusual she still found it strangely pleasant.
After a while of the gently treatment the tendrils changed their methods again and all three of them started to suck rather than twist and tug. Both tendrils started to suck firmly onto her nipples and she felt the other tendril begin to suck firmly on her clit. She moaned with more force as she felt the new sensation and it slowly dawned on her through the amazing feeling that her head and mouth were free for her to use again. The tendril sucking on her clit became more forceful and she moaned louder. She shut her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations of her nipples and clit being played with.
She jolted suddenly as she felt another tendril exploring around her pussy lips. She felt it moving around slowly and steadily and she became scared. She could see the tendril this time and she became scared. It was massive! At least three and a half inches wide. The sakarya escort bayan tip was smaller but not by much. She was scared of what it planned to do with her but strangely part of her wanted it inside of her. The tendril began to push against her tight pussy and Tessa cried in pain. Tears streamed down her face and she became scared, “please no, it’s too big.” She wailed at no one. Suddenly it forced its way into her vagina. She looked down at her pussy and she could see the thick tendril disappear into her tight pussy. She had tears inner eyes because of the pain and yet she still felt wonderful. The tendril in her pussy began to move in and out of her body slowly steadily pushing more of itself into her tight body. She began to hurt less and less until slowly the pain was replaced completely by pleasure that she had never experienced. She felt her first orgasm brewing in her and she started to love the feeling of the tendril filling her up completely. After a little while the tendril started moving quicker and Tessa finally came. She felt her muscles moving in waves and she moaned loudly. She felt the juices leaking from her pussy down her legs to her ankles. At that point the tendrils holding her legs decided to change her position. They raised her ankles above her body and moved her legs against her body as if she was going to give birth. The tendril in her pussy kept moving and the tendril on her clit continued to suck her gently. The ones on her nipples though, began to tweak and twist them again rather than sucking on them.
Tessa was able to move her neck and head and so she looked around herself and she saw two more unused tendrils hovering near her body. Vaguely she wondered what they were for but that train of thought was soon forgotten as she felt the tendril in her wet pussy begin to widen further to an astounding four inches. Once again she was hurt in an unusual way by the change, and again, she felt that pain overridden by the bliss that she got from these wonderful tendrils. The tendril stopped its growth and she slowly grew accustomed to the girth. As the tendril pumped her harder she felt another orgasm coming relentlessly. With a loud, resounding moan she came again, her pussy clenching around the tendril.
She had often wondered what her first time would be like, she had often imagined that her first time would be with Derek, but she often dismissed this as mere fantasy rather than anything that was likely to happen. She never imagined that her first sexual experience would be in a strange room with a metal tendril pumping in and out of her pussy. Though this was not something she had ever expected she still continued to feel a certain amount of bliss and the way her body was being handled.
The tendril in her pussy continued to pump in her, it had stopped its expansion and was simply moving in and out of her, it started to slow down from the hard, fast pumping and was now simply moving in and out of her slowly. Tessa looked at the other tendrils in her view and she noticed that one seemed to be moving slowly. It became somewhat slimmer and she could se it moving slowly at first. When it changed shape it was as if ripples were flowing across its glassy surface. It became thinner and it began to move towards her asshole. The other tendrils positioned her legs farther apart exposing her tight puckered asshole and the new tendril moved towards it quickly. It reached her asshole and began to push into her body. She felt the pressure on her sphincter and she became scared. She tried to clench tightly to keep it out but it continued its steady force until she felt her asshole begin to open slowly around it. She continued to clench as tightly as she could but she couldn’t keep it out. The tendril seemed to notice that she was trying to resist and so it pulled away completely. She felt a momentary relief until she saw it get larger. Almost as large as the tendril steadily pumping her pussy and she saw it try again. She tried to fight it, but this time the tendril simply forced itself into her tight asshole. She screamed in pain at the sudden penetration, it was a pain the likes of which she had never felt. Even her virgin cunt being invaded had been nothing to this. She felt the tears sliding down her face as the tendril continued its relentless advance into her rectum. Nothing else changed while she cried, the tendril in her cunt continued to pump and her nipples and clit continued to be twisted and pleasured but she was past the point where this would have helped her. Her anus was stretching farther than it ever had before and it was all so new to her that she could not help but cry out. After it had forced itself into her anus to its widest point it stopped moving completely as did all of the other tendrils.
She was suspended in the air by the escort sakarya four tendrils but the tendrils that had been fucking and massaging her body had ceased to move. She felt full. As if her body was going to burst. Her pussy was full to the brim, she did not even feel as if her pussy could take in anything else and her clit and nipples were sensitive and swollen. She was hurt and yet her body was still waiting for its next orgasm. The change was subtle at first, but she slowly started to feel her ass widening, getting impossibly larger until her asshole was spread wider than her pussy. She had never had this feeling in her life, it hurt severely and yet at the same time she felt as if she wanted more inside of her. She was not sure how much of this was her and how much was the injection she received before the pounding began. Part of her did not even care.
She was coming close to an orgasm as she felt all of these new sensations. Her pussy was twitching involuntarily on the verge of her climax and suddenly, impossibly, the tendril in her ass came alive. It began to pump in her harshly and quickly. Taking long deep strokes she felt as if every time it pounded into her it was getting impossibly deeper. She felt the tear in her eyes again, there was more pain than before and yet over all of that was an intense feeling of pleasure. She began to find the tendril pumping her ass more pleasant and she quickly grew accustomed to the stretching, then the tendril in her pussy began to move again. It began to move at the same speed as the tendril in her asshole. Whenever the ass tendril would pull out the pussy tendril would push in hard. She began to moan more from pleasure than from pain, the tears dried and wails of bliss escaped her. The tendrils on her nipples and clit returned to their previous work and she was pushed over the edge into another orgasm! She shut her eyes and cried out, she was seeing stars even with her eyes closed and she could not stop cumming.
Tessa came continuously, she came continuously and finally it got to the point where her mind and body simply could not keep up. She blacked out with the tendrils going to town inside her. Her mind eventually became numb to the work the tendrils were doing until she felt a change. She opened her eyes wide as she felt the tendril in her pussy begin to widen again. Regardless of the extreme stretching her body was experiencing, she continued to cum. She couldn’t see what the tendril was doing to her pussy but she felt a sudden jolt of pain as the tendril pushed against her cervix. She clenched her teeth and eyes shut as she felt it trying to gain entrance to her womb, when the tendril felt the resistance it stopped. She felt the tendril move away and she felt it change in her gaping pussy becoming much thinner almost to the point that she could not feel it in her anymore. She thought it was not going to try and force its way further into her, but then she felt in move against her cervix again and she gasped from the pain as it finally managed to force itself into her womb. She was in pain again but after it gained entrance it widened in her pussy and continued to fuck her as if it had never stopped.
She was in pain again but the pleasure that she felt as she was fucked continuously was enough to make her forget the discomfort and even the strange situation that she found herself in. She began to moan again as the tendril in her ass got larger with each pump. Slowly at first but she could clearly feel the tendril moving farther and farther into her ass. Her bowls were being filled completely by the metallic material shoving itself into her and she could feel it moving up and out of her bowels. Suddenly the tendril in her pussy started to widen in her pussy and her cervix began to widen. She saw the final, unused tendril start to move towards her mouth and she became scared. She shut her mouth in fear as the tendril began to push against her lips. She refused to let the tendril past her lips but she suddenly felt the tendril in her ass move forward. It had stopped its pumping motion while she had been preoccupied and it was no simply sliding into her body deeper and deeper. Finally she felt something at the back of her throat and suddenly she was gagging as the tendril from her ass slid off her tongue and connected with the tendril that had at last gained entrance into her mouth. She struggled as much as she could as she choked on the tendril but her body was still partially paralyzed and all she could do was manage some restrained jerks as she seized to get oxygen. She was choking and it seemed as if her entire body was fighting for oxygen but the tendrils continued to hold her and fondle her. She felt something pressing against her cervix and in fear she began to fight even harder. Her body screamed for oxygen and she cried as her cervix was spread slowly to accommodate whatever the tendril was forcing inside her. Her last shred of consciousness left her wondering if she would live to see the next day.

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