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Subject: Storm Cellar – Part 2 Storm Cellar – Part 2 By Ferris ail This is fiction. If you would like to be notified when a new story or installment will be released, please email me with the name of the story. I welcome correspondence. _________ The boy finally blinked, his head racing with the images he’d seen in flashes and his little cock pressing hard against the cool floor. With the clouds lingering and the lightning gone, it was dark and quiet. He could hear the two below in the cellar shuffling around, and he knew he had to get back to his bed silently and quickly. He heard wet clothes moving across skin and took his chances. He closed his eyes and bit his tongue as he slowly lifted the board he’d been peering under, removed the strands of the mop he’d wedged in the crack to prop the board open, slowly lowered the board, and pushed himself out of the pantry, still lying on his tummy. He didn’t risk moving the mop, broom, and bucket back to their usual places, but he closed the pantry door before pushing himself up from the floor. He put his hands under his chest, stretched his toes under his feet on the floor, and lifted himself up in a perfect V-shape, his little ass stretching his undies as tightly in the back as his hard prick was in the front. He unbent himself standing straight up and winced as the floor creaked, breaking the silence under his weight. He thought feverishly. It was a faster route to his room if he went through the back room behind the kitchen and into the hallway and straight up the stairs rather than the way he’d come in. But it might bring him directly above them. He knew the creaky boards better the way he’d come in. In the cellar, his dad waited impatiently for his suddenly inconvenient guest to head out. He had been counting on the storm to last longer, and he hoped the grocery store kid’s departure wasn’t going to be noticeable to any neighbors. He was grateful for the visit, but the kid had arrived later than he’d expected. This was a first for him. Not his first time with a man or even with a young man. Just his first time feeling confident about it and not harboring any guilt. Naturally, he was a disappointed that he couldn’t savor it longer. He had slipped on his shorts and shirt already while he watched in the darkness as the kid struggled with his wet clothes. A streetlamp at the end ankara eve gelen escort of the block was the only light, but the kid’s soft skin gleamed in it. He was still a little damp from the rain and a mixture of his own and the dad’s sweat. “You have everything?” the dad asked quietly. “Yeah, thanks,” the kid replied in a whisper, his head popping through his wet shirt and his eyeglasses askew on his cute face. “We can again if you want,” the dad offered, speaking softly. Grabbing the handlebars of his bike, the kid followed the man whose load was still in his aching gut to the cellar stairs when a sudden squeak groaned from the cellar ceiling. Both froze. The dad placed a finger over his lips and held his other hand up to indicate that the kid should stay where he was. They waited as the dad slowly ascended the cellar stairs to the door. Upstairs, the boy’s blood rushed from his head. His heart raced. Swallowing, he retraced his steps to the stairs, bounced up two stairs at a time, and slid back into his now cold bed. He pulled the covers to his chin and sweated. The dad and his grocery store kid waited for a long silent minute. Slowly, the dad opened the cellar door, grabbed the kid’s bike by the bar under the seat and lifted it out the door, the kid trailing behind. They looked at each other for a moment, the short young man gazing up from his wet clothes at the face of the big man who had given him his first fucking. The dad turned to the gate of the fence, opened it, signaled the kid through, looked around to see if any neighbors were up at this hour, and headed to the front porch. On his bike, the kid turned at the corner of the fence and headed into the back alley where he’d be out of the light and unseen. He rode his bike slowly, without standing. His aching ass clenched the seat, keeping the man’s warm load safely in his tiny hole. He shivered as the wind blew over his drying clothes while he crossed a street into the next alley. Safely in his bed, the boy could hear the TV. A commercial for some new medicine played. He didn’t hear his dad come through the front door. As the TV switched off, the glow under his door faded, and he could hear his dad ascend the stairs. He shut is eyes too tight and sensed his father standing by the cracked bedroom door. The boy could gaziantep escort immediately sense his own erect cock again, which hadn’t softened since he peeked into the cellar. As his dad inhaled deeply, the boy turned gently away from the door, hoping it was too dark to make out his little prick from under his covers. The dad wasn’t sure if it was his son or daughter who’d been up or if the unfamiliar creaks of a new house were what he heard as his young guest left the cellar. It didn’t seem likely that either of his children would be downstairs this late with the TV on and then return to bed without finding their father. He was relieved that they both seemed to be in bed, that his had emptied himself in the tight virgin hole of a 16-year-old young man, and that the kid seemed interested in another round. He crept back to his room, closed the door, and removed his shirt and shorts. He climbed into bed, less worried to make noise now, and sighed. His large, strong frame pressed into the mattress. He rubbed his scruffy face and closed his eyes, revisiting the events in the cellar just moments before. That kid was perfect for him. Exactly what he’d needed. He had watched him at the grocery store each time he’d been since the move. He had waited in longer lines to make sure he interacted with the kid. He’d gotten milk he didn’t need on his way home from work at least four times in the two weeks they’d been there. The kid was there almost every time, and the dad wanted him more and more with each interaction. As he lay in bed, the dad could still smell the kid’s hole on him. He lifted the sheet, looking down at his massive cock and let the sheet drift back to his thick, muscly body. The scent of the kid’s cunt wafted out as the sheet came to rest on his body. He closed his eyes, thinking intently on the last couple of hours and hoping to relive it in his dreams. He could still hear his heart thumping in his chest as he snuck from the living room at 11PM outside to the cellar door, looking through the rain for the kid or his bike. He could smell the damp cellar in his nose as he’d calmly waited for the kid to arrive, wondering if he should begin undressing and if they’d just get to it as soon as he got there. He could feel his skin raise with excitement when he heard a knock over the thunder. He’d told ankara gerçek resimli escort the kid he could just come straight in when he’d handed him a tip that day for carrying his groceries to the car. He’d said, “You don’t have to come, but if you want, I’ll be in the cellar after about 11:30. The door is to the right of the house if you are looking at it from the street. It’ll be unlocked. Come right in and put your bike down there too so no one sees it. Just be quiet.” The place on his chest that the kid had rested his head as they embraced at the bottom of the cellar stairs was still cool and damp from the kid’s wet hair. He had later pulled the kid’s head back into his chest while he was using his young hole. Both the kid’s face and the back of his head had rested there. The first time in anticipation, and the second time in the deep heat of fulfilment. He could still taste the kid’s cleaned, tight, pink cunt on his lips. He had explained previously at his car during a slow grocery loading that the kid would need to wash himself. And that he’d need to get the kid wet. And that it would likely hurt a lot. And that the kid could just let him know if it became too much. The kid had only nodded, but he had left the car with a visible erection. The kid’s warm mouth and searing hole still felt warm on his semi-erect cock as the dad lay splayed out in the bed. The kid had promised to stay quiet as he took his first cock — the massive 9 inch and thick uncut daddy dick wielded by the gruff man who he’d only recently met. But it wasn’t a promise he had been able to keep. After the kid’s hole was eaten and the dad’s cock was wetted and smeared with lube, the kid had held eagerly to the column in the cellar, braced himself, and screamed over the sounds of the storms. The dad could still hear his own stern, almost mean voice: “My son and daughter are in the house. If you want this, be quiet. I’ll help you if you need me to.” And he could still feel the responsive nod of the kid, his wet hair moving gently in the hold of the big man’s arm. Letting loose his grip from the kid’s mouth and allowing the kid’s head to rest on the column, he had whispered that the kid should grip his arm if he felt he needed help keeping quiet. He looked down at his big cock with just the head poking into the kid’s little pucker. Aiming in the dark, the dad dropped a wad of thick spit right on target, grabbed the kid’s neck, and started plunging back in. He was halfway through this reverie as he drifted to sleep, his cock now achingly hard again. As he passed out, he wondered if the grocery store kid had made it back safely and when he could have him again.

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