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Subject: Speak French to Mr Addams (2) This is a fictional story about the tv show from the 60s the Addams Family. I just caught it in TV recently. Did you ever notice that Gomez Addams was kinda hot. A Latin lover is it were. And horny as a rabbit whenever his wife spoke French. Well this if for that original series and the star (John Astin) that played Gomez. ‘Let me speak French to this dude and see if he would do me’ Hope you enjoy. Speak French to Mr Addams (2) … I looked and saw her. I looked up from my gray haze and saw her. Morticia Addams. Or Carolyn Jones the actress. But as she was dressed as the woman from TV, she was indeed Morticia. “What the? How? You?” I blurted out in confusion. “See dear. He is coming around” she said again “Good to hear” came a familiar mans voice to my other side I turned and looked. And there was Gomez Addams. And in person the man was actually much hotter. About the height I assumed he would be but much sexier. And his almost wicked looking smile had me turned ob too. The man came over and helped me to sit up better. And there he was right next to me. I could smell an almost incense like scent. And it was his cigar. That small was like tobacco and a hint of cloves. And it was actually kinda cool. “You gave us a start” Morticia said “What. What am I doing here?” I asked “Oh dear” she came back “He must have struck his head” “You are my 4th cousin on my mothers side” “You came to visit us” “But you were in the room not a fee minutes before you fainted” I looked at her, then back at him, and then back at her again. All I knew was this was some strange fucked up alternate reality or something. Whatever it was I was pulled into the show I had been watching. But as I touched the chair I was in, feeling the sturdy dark brown would and the pale floral pattern on it I knew it was somehow real. Or maybe it was a dream. What ever it was i could see feel and smell everything. But unlike the show everything was in color. Mind you it was a bit dull, but full on color. The black on the woman of bursa evi olan escort course black. But there were traces of lace in her dress that one would not see by tv standards. And beyond her pale fave woth black lipstick was her beautiful blue eyes. I turned to look at Gomez and his hair was more of a brown than black. The suit was actually more a navy color and his eyes were not brown nor black. They appeared green. I looked about the strangely decorated house. The marlin on the wall pale blue. The rug on the stairs dark florals in black and red. So yes there was close here. Not a black and white visage as I would have assumed if this were a dream. “Come. Sit up cousin” she said “Lurch will see you to the guest room” Gomez for up and went to the noose that hung down from the tall ceiling. Then he pulled it. The ring was loud and echoed about. Even louder than it seemed in TV. Then the utter huge Lurch appeared out of nowhere. “You rang” he grunted out “Take our guest to his room” Gomez said “Yes mister Addams” Then lurch picked up a suitcase from the floor. Obviously mine and he moved towards the hall behind the stairs “Follow me” he stated “Ughn. Yeah sure” I chirped back Then he lead me down the hall. I looked back to see Gomez and his wife making out. She had said something French just as we walked off and he assaulted her arm. But then they were smooching out with one another. And all I could say was. ‘Lucky Bitch’ Lurched lead me down the hall and down a short set of stairs. Then to a creepy looking door. That was like old wood. It felt like I was being lead to a dungeon or something. Then he opened the door and lead me to a small room with a bed (Normal one, no nails) and a dark chest and some strange apparatus in the corner. It looked like a torture device. “Here” was all Lurch said “Lunch in 25 minutes” Then he stepped out. Ducking his head as he went through the door way. There in the room I was left to. It was a small dark room with a window only high up on the wall. And not big altıparmak escort enough for one to escape should they need to. But I wasn’t going to escape. I was experiencing something weird and out of this world, and I wanted to see more. I was here in the Addams house. Like I stepped into the television. Here with the strange family. I had seen the tall creepy Lurch. The very stunning Morticia and the sexy as all Hell Gomez. Up close and personal he was better looking than he looked in TV. A sexy smile and dark neatly combed hair. That mustache that I wanted to feel on my lips should I be able to kiss him. (Of which I doubted). “Fuck” I huffed as I sat there in the bed “Getting horny thinking about him” “Gotta calm the fuck down” I sat there and just looked about the dark room. Strange things on the walls and in the corner of the room. There was what looked like a standing sarcophagus to the one side. I stood up to get a better look at the thing. Touching it and feeling the casket. Then I tapped on it. Only to have something tap back at me. I jumped back in a start. Was something in there. Then I tapped at it again. And again the tapping echoed back at me. Then there was the sounds of a latch from the thing. Then the thing opened. I jumped back in fright. Ready to run out the door. “Who is out here?” came a voice “Can’t you see I was napping” And out stepped their uncle Fester. He looked at me and grumbled. But seemed to recognize me. “Oh its only you” he huffed “Did you want to use this” “Uhm no. No that’s okay Fester” I huffed back I looked inside to see the spikes. Knowing I did not want to step in there. He smiled and then tapped my shoulder. Saying that it would relax me. And that I needed to relax. Then he stepped out to the door. He looked back and asked if I was coming. “It is lunch time after all” he boasted I glanced back at the sarcophagus then back at him. Then decided to turn and follow Fester out to go get some food. I was a bit hungry after all. We went out to a a dinning hall bursa merkez escort (something I never saw in TV) there were suits of armor at each end and dark velvet drapes that were peeled back to show the gardens outside. (More like weeds) but that’s what one expected of this family. I saw the kids, Wednesday and Pugsly sitting to one side. Fester and grand mama to the other. Morticia and Gomez at the head on each end. Then there was a seat next to Wednesday set for me. She smiled at me and said that she loved toadstool soup. I gulped at the thought of eating such a thing. But I didn’t want to insult my hosts. I just opened my mouth and put some in. Finding it actually not bad. It had the texture of lentils. With a hint of something onion like. So I was not disgusted by it. “Very pleasant” I said to Morticia “It is devine is it not?” “Lurch makes the best toadstool soup” Gomez added Then after lunch he suggested that we go into the parlor. That Lurch would play some music. So we did. The huge man sat down at the harpsichord and rubbed his fingers. Then he began to play the strange melody. Gomez and wife got up to dance. The two moved elegantly across the floor. Wednesday took my hand and asked me to dance with her. I looked up at the parents and Gomez smiled back. “Join in” he said “Be one with the music” I took the childs hand and we stepped out to where her parents were. Then danced with her. I glanced over at the hot Gomez every chance I could. Seeing his hairy wrist show as his hand pulled at hers. So I felt a twitch in my shorts, knowing that the man was hairy too. His jawline showing the traces of the beard that would grow had he not shaved. I was getting horny again, but needed to cool myself off somehow. So I stopped and said I was tired. That maybe I needed to take a nap. Morticia glanced up and smiled back. “By all means” she said “Toadstool soup sometimes makes me sleepy too” “Sleep a while” “Tonight there will be a lovely moon glow” “You can come out and moon bathe” Then she said something French. And Gomez attacked her. Kissing her arm through her dress. Moving up it to her shoulder and neck. She stopped him as she always did. Saying that ‘later’ the could. Gomez stepped back and sighed. I smiled at them and then headed back to my room. Laying down and actually dozing off to sleep… More to cum

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