Voyeur Sex

Amanda Cerny

Subject: Some Things Found Disclaimer: I claim to nothing of the sexual desires or wantes of any celeb (When there actually celebrites in the chapter) mentioned in this story. No money has been gain from this story. So please don’t sue. Cause there ain’t nothing to sue me for. Please send any feedback to: [email protected] Chapter 1 He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he’d know for sure when saw it. These late nighters were really starting to wear on Jack’s nerves. He just wanted this so called mission to be over with. His medium length black hair blew in the slight breeze as he clunked down the cement sidewalk. It was a mission, in that he knew that if he didn’t take care of it that someone could be hurt. However, it was true that he used to enjoy killing demons, but now it was just tiring and he wasn’t here tonight by choice. They had finally figured out the certain demons were trying to steal individual artifacts for something. What that something was they hadn’t figured out yet. Clare had told him that was one these artifacts was kept in a store not far from his home. That’s where he was headed tonight. Jack walked down the dark street with his hands in his pockets. It was nice weather out tonight. A cool breeze blew through the air. Jack dressed a black long sleeve t-shirt, black Carhartt work pants, and black combat boots. He was dressed for the night. It was easier if he could surprise the demon. You could call Jack a veteran demon slayer. At twenty years old, almost twenty-one, he had been fighting demons on and off since he was sixteen. Demon activity had greatly increased in the last year and Jack was happy to help keep the demon population as low as he possible could. A couple of months ago these nightly patrols had been his only release, but now it had gotten to the point where if he didn’t hunt them then someone would get hurt. Things had gotten pretty rough recently. His parents had died in car accident a little over a year ago and his older brother, Scott, up and left a few days after that. That meant that Jack had to take on the responsibility of his younger brother and sister. Becky was eighteen and for the most part could handle herself. Danny was sixteen and had enough trouble with being a teenager much less having to deal with demons himself. Like Jack, his siblings were also witches. All three of them. Becky was getting pretty good with her powers and Danny was just behind her in terms of ability. Jack still didn’t want to risk them getting hurt in a conflict so he demanded that they avoid all confrontations. He didn’t care to think about how Scott was using his abilities. Jack slowed his paced when he heard the sound of shattering glass and the crunch of it under foot. When he peered around the corner in the building he saw a very large man running his way. He looked pretty normal. Black hair. White skin color. At six feet tall, Jack stood nearly a foot shorter than the man. He was carrying some kind of artifact that, Jack assumed, he stole from the building he just jumped out of. The trench coat the man wore flowed in the air as he ran. Jack stayed behind the corner until the man got right up to him. Then he swung his arm out and connected with the man’s chest. The man was thrown off of balance and he fell to the ground. When he stood there were only a few feet between Jack and the man. He punched at Jack, but the punch was blocked. Now Jack knew then that this guy was demon. Had to be to throw a punch that hard. The demon punched again and hit Jack in the month. Then he grabbed Jack by his coat and sent him flying into the wall, about 10 yards away. Jack slammed into the wall, his left shoulder taking most of the impact. Jack barely managed to deflect the energy ball that came his. The blue energy ball bounced off the shield of white-blue ankara rus escort light that came from Jack’s hand into the opposite wall. The demon growled something unintelligible and his body shifted into a very ugly, very large green and black demon. His size had increased and he was now probably over seven feet tall. Jack staggered to stand. The impacted had take more out of him than he had thought. He had probably dislocated his left shoulder as well. Blood was running from his lip where the demon had hit him. As the demon started towards him Jack extend his right arm and the electricity crackled around it. The energy leapt from his arm and ripped through the air to slam into the demon’s chest. The demon let loose a cry of pain as he crashed to the ground. Jack had hoped that that would have destroyed the demon, but it didn’t. He tried again, this time putting as much of his power into the blast. Within seconds all that was left of the demon was a pile of ashes. Jack wiped the blood from his lip and made his way out of the alley. He was sure that his arm was dislocated see as how he could barely move it. He’d get Becky to reset it from him. It wasn’t a big deal. He had been way worse off than this before. He started on his way back to his house. The walk was short and in five minutes he was walking up the steps to the house. He slipped his key into the lock and walked inside. “Becca!” Jack yelled for his sister to come help him. He moved into the living room. “Yeah? Oh god.” She said when she saw Jack’s bruised and bleeding month. “I think I dislocated my shoulder again.” He said slipping his coat off very carefully. He hissed at the pain that ripped through his shoulder. “Clare!” Becky yelled loudly as she walked over to Jack and helped him remove his coat. “Clare!” “Did you find the demon?” Becky asked Jack. “Yeah, he stole another one of those artifact thingies from a store. I put in back in the store and left. We really need to find out why demons keep stealing those things.” Jack finished taking off his coat and Becky hung it on the coat rack. As she turned around little white and blue lights flurried in the room. A thin, medium height woman formed from the lights. Her long brown hair was put up in a ponytail. “What’s wrong?” Clare asked walking over the two. “Not to much.” Jack said lightly and with a smile. “Could you heal my lip?” “Jack, you really need to be more careful.” Clare said with a knowing sigh. She lifted her hand to his month and golden light shone from it. Within second Jack’s bruised lip was as good as new. She’d had to this a lot in the last couple months. For some reason, demons had knack for attacking the Anderson family. “Becca?” Jack asked his sister. She knew what he wanted and she stood. She lifted his left arm carefully and held it out horizontally to his shoulder. She looked at him for the signal that he was ready and when she got it she started to count. “On three. 1…2…3…” When she got to three she sent a telekinetic push that forced his shoulder back into place. Jack barely suppressed a scream. “Thanks, y’all. Sorry to bother you Clare.” He said standing. “It’s not a problem. I just wish that you and the demons would stop hunting each other. But all’s well that ends well.” Clare returned. Jack left the living room and headed to the kitchen. He was almost always hungry after a fight. He pulled some leftover chicken out of the fridge and plopped down in a chair at the table. “Jack, are you all right?” Clare asked as she pulled out a chair and took a seat. “I’m in a little bit of pain, but otherwise fine.” Jack answered with a little sarcasm. “Heard from Scott yet?” she asked carefully. “Oh, come one Clare. You know the answer to that one. He left months ago and I haven’t heard çankaya escort a sound from him.” He was heavy with the sarcasm this time. “I don’t think that I’ll be hearing from him, ever.” Jack flatly. “Talked to Alan at all.” She asked him. “Hmmf!” Jack said with a chuckle. “He’s the one who broke up with me. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him either.” Jack said getting up to get some juice from the fridge. About that time Danny came racing down the kitchen stairs and headed for the living room. “Whoa!” Jack said in a scolding manner. “Where exactly do you think you’re goin’ lookin’ like that?” Jack asked. “I’m goin’ out. What does it look like?” Danny answered. Danny was dressed extremely tight black leather pants and one of those black fish net shirts. “Are those my pants?!” Jack asked. “Yeah, you never use them anymore. I figured they were getting’ lonely in your closet.” Danny said with a sarcastic smile as he put on a rather tight leather jacket. Danny had definitely grown a lot recently, the food bill cold attest to that. Jack wasn’t surprised that the sixteen year old could all ready fit is his clothes. “You ain’t goin’ out like that.” Jack said flatly. “Why not!?” Danny practically yelled back. “Because…” Jack paused looking for the right words to use. He finally determined that there weren’t really any right words for the situations and went with the blunt approach. “Because, frankly, you look like slut.” Jack said calmly. `No, I don’t sound like Dad at all.’ Sarcastically Jack thought to himself. Danny stood there shocked at his older brother’s words. But before he could say anything to retort someone knocked on the their front door. “That’s Nick. I’ll get it.” Danny said heading towards the door. Jack, however, pushed in front of him before he could get to the door. Jack pulled opened the door and looked at the guy standing there. He looked like he was about twenty-four years old. Jack made a small chuckling sound and shut the door briskly in the guy’s face then turned to face Danny. “What the hell are you doin’?” Danny exclaimed. “Do you actually know how old that guy is?” Jack answered Danny’s question with another. “He’s twenty-one.” Danny answered confidently. “I think.” He added more shyly. “Ok well, you’re not going out with. Ever.” Jack said firmly. Danny started to protest, but Jack continued. “Ah, don’t you your last exam tomorrow?” “Yeah, but…” Danny started, but Jack interrupted. “But nothing. And what’s up with datin’ the older guys?” Jack asked Danny wide eyed. “First off, it’s illegal and secondly, ewwwwwwwww!” Another knock came at the door, and Jack opened it up. “Sorry, Nick is it? Danny can’t go out tonight. See, being sixteen and all, he has his last midterm tomorrow and won’t be leaving the house tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience and goodnight.” Jack raddled off. “Well, if he can’t go out, how by you? You want to go have a good time?” Nick asked with a smile that told Jack that he thought he was God’s gift to men. Danny let out an exasperated “Hmmf!” and over to the door and slammed in the guys face. Clare and Rebecca had come into the living room when they had heard the shouting. “Here I go. Ok, I know I said I’d never say anything about the people you date, but please? For the sake of all things at least slightly decent don’t date anybody more than like three years older than you.” Jack said turning to face his younger brother. “Fine, whatever.” Danny huffed and headed for the stairs. He stopped when he heard another knock at the door. Jack had started back to the kitchen, but turned to get the door. “You sure do try to date persistent guys, don’t you?” Jack asked Danny as he opened the door. When Jack turned to face the person standing there he was in complete and total shock. ankara escort Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. Scott, the brother that had abandoned him had finally returned. “Hey.” Scott said lightly. Jack didn’t know what to do. He stood there not moving, not talking. Part of him was so glad that Scott was back. Wanted to take him in a hug and be so happy that he was back. But another part was still enraged at how Scott had left without a word. Had left him to deal with everything. In the end, the angry part won out and for the third tonight Jack shut the in someone’s face. Jack turned around and ran up the stairs. Walking right by a stunned Becca and Danny. Slowly the doorknob turned and Scott walked into the house shutting the door behind him. “Scott!” Danny yelled excitedly and ran to his older brother. Scott smiled and pulled Danny into a huge hug. He looked to Rebecca and only received a half smile. “Glad your back.” She said less than enthused and then she headed up the stairs. “Well, I guess I’ll be leaving. Nice to meet you Scott.” Clare said and orbed out of the room. “At least somebody’s glad to see me.” Scott said hugging Danny again. ** “Jack?” Becky called once she reached the top of the stairs. She headed down the hall towards Jack’s room, last door on the right. “Yeah, in here.” Came his reply. She pushed the slightly closed door open and walked in. “I’m getting’ in the shower.” He said as he quickly gathered the things he needed to do so. “Jack,” Becky sighed. “You have to talk to him.” She said sitting down on the end of his bed. “I mean, at least he finally came back.” “Like I said, I’m getting in the shower.” Jack hustled through his door and down the hall to bathroom trying to escape his sister’s logic. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t give up easily. Rising from the bed, Rebecca followed Jack down the hall. “At least, talk to him. I know he ditched you and us, but his still your brother. Would Mom want you to act like this?” Jack froze in his tracks. “God! I can’t believe you would even say that!” Jack yelled. “That is so beyond fair. What exactly am I suppose to say to that? Of course, she’d want me to welcome him. And I’m not saying I’m not goin’ to, but I need some time. He left eleven months, three weeks, and five days ago, Becca. Did you know that? Almost a year and not a single sound from him. A fuckin’ year!” “Yeah, I happen to know that, Jack! And I still love him. He’s my older brother. I don’t plan to lose him because of some stupid mistake he made a year ago.” She shot back. “You know what I thought the night after Mom and Dad’s funeral?” Becky waited for Jack to continue, and he did. “Amidst all the grief and pain I was feelin’ I knew that everything was gonna be fine. I thought, `Scott will be there makin’ sure everythin’ is fine.’ I thought as long as he was there that we’d all be fine. But then I woke up the next morning and he was gone. So, forgive ME if I can’t get over betrayal as fast as you and Danny can.” Jack as the tears began to well in his eyes. His knuckles were turning white from the grip that he had on the bathroom doorknob. “I’m sorry Jack. I know this has been harder on you than anyone, but my point is that at least y’all get another chance to fix things.” She said walking up to Jack and wiping a tear from his eye with her finger. “We’ll never get Dad and Mom back, but he’s here. You may never get another chance.” She rubbed his bare shoulder supportively. “Now, go and take a shower. And don’t use all the hot water. I haven’t taken a shower yet either.” She smiled and walked back towards the stairs. Jack walked into the bathroom and closed the door. He leaned against the closed door and reigned in his emotions. He pushed off the door and turned the water on. He hung his towel on the hook and climbed in when the water was at the right temperature. He let the hot rush over his body and willed all the muscles in his body to relax. Jack rested his arm against the tile of the shower wall. He knew that Becky was right. Well, that’s that. I hope to continue the story soon. Please send emails ail

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