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Subject: Soccer Practice Makes Perfect – Chapter 38 I apologize for the excessive gap between the last chapter and this new one. Life, Covid and work has gotten into the way and sometimes depleted me of creativity temporarily. I AM NOW BACK AND READY TO ROLL!!!! Thank you for reading my story about Brothers Billy & DJ and their friends. Please feel free to read my newest chapter that continues where DJ is spending time with friends Rafael and Jorge while Billy is on a trip with the coaching staff from college. I appreciate the overwhelming positive responses to my previous 36 chapters, and I enjoy hearing from you all. I hope you enjoy chapter 37. Please note that I am not a professional author so some errors are to be expected. Feel free to contact me with your comments ook Thanks for reading my story. Also, please consider donating to Nifty so that this platform remains free and continues to be a safe space for us all to enjoy these stories either by writing them or reading them. Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — 19 years old (me) Billy — 20 years old — Soccer Captain — DJ’s older brother Rafael — 21 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jorge — 21 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jake — 21 years old — DJ’s boyfriend – Muscular Tattooed Soccer Teammate Marcus — 24 year old — Puerto Rican Muscled Club Bouncer Soccer Practice Makes Perfect — Chapter 38: Rinse & Repeat Rafael, Jorge and I headed down to the main floor of the club as Marcus followed behind me, since he had to return to finish his shift as bouncer and doorman to the club. Before veering off to the entrance Marcus grabbed my ass and then spun me around. He kissed me passionately on the lips while sliding his beefy tongue into my mouth. Without a second thought I returned the favor and probed his mouth as in return. The kiss was electric and strongly passionate as I felt the energy between us rise quickly. Marcus grabbed my clothed cock and pulled away from the kiss. He looked at me with a smile which was worth a million bucks. “I’ll meet you in the sex club at 2am to continue breeding your ass. You okay with that handsome?” He said with a smile. “I’m more than okay with that, I’ll be expecting a round 3 and 4 if I don’t tire you out first,” I replied with a smirk. “Not a chance, I have lots more seed to breed you with if you have room in there,” He said as he slapped my ass once again as he walked away to the front entrance. Jorge and Rafael were waiting for me at the stairwell. “Where do you want head next?” Rafael asked me. “Well, I’m meeting Marcus again at 2am in the sex club, so we have some time to kill before then,” I responded. “You two really got it on good, it was so fucking hot to watch,” Rafael said as he adjusted his hardon in his shorts. “Do you want a turn on my ass, Rafael? We could go downstairs a little early, you know I always love taking your load.” “I’m not one to usually turn you down, but Jorge and I have something special planned for you tomorrow, maybe I should save my energy for that,” he replied as he and Jorge grinned at each other. “What the fuck is it man? Tell me,” I begged. “No way bro, it’s a surprise and you’re gonna fucking love it,” Jorge said, still beaming with a smile. The three of us headed back into the dance club for some drinks and dancing before my second rendezvous with Marcus. After dancing and working up a sweat the three of us went and stood at the packed bar. We ordered drinks and watched the crowd which was bumping and grinding to the music. Rafael left Jorge and I to go use the restroom. Jorge looked a little down and I decided to ask what was going on. “What’s up man, why so glum? I asked. “It’s nothing, Jorge replied. “Come on man I know you better than that, what’s bothering you? I insisted. “Well man, I hated being left out. I wanted to watch you and Marcus too, but I know someone had to be on the lookout,” he said with soft voice. “Jorge, I want you to be close to Marcus and I when we meet in the sex club. I’ll make sure we put a show on for you. Better yet, let me start now,” I said as I spun Jorge around towards the bar as I got under the ledge of the it and started to pull Jorge’s cock out above the waistband of his shorts. I immediately took his full length into my throat as he started to get hard. Feeling his monster cock grow in my mouth was an amazing feeling. Jorge resisted at first but then just let it happen. Every so often he would put his hand under the bar and on my head and fuck my throat but stopped every once in a while as to not alert anyone around him as to what was happening. It was dark under the bar so most people wouldn’t even know I was there to begin with. I was handling his balls with my one hand as I was sucking on the full length of his cock. I loved how Jorge felt and I could easily taste his precum while it was oozing from his cock. That sweet nectar of his made me so damn hard every time I get to taste it. Rafael came back and stood next to Jorge. I reached over and felt his cock through his shorts. He jumped at first but then went with what was going on. Once he was fully hard I pulled his cock out as well. His cock was hard and his foreskin was pulled back and I took his cock into my waiting mouth. A hand then came down to my head and forced me to take his cock balls deep. Rafael was a little rougher than usual, but he must have been horny as hell after watching Marcus and I fuck upstairs. All of a sudden he shot his load into my throat and held me down as he made me swallow every drop of his hot load. I was almost out of breath when he finally released me from his grip. As I went back to sucking Jorge I looked over and saw Jorge holding ‘a’ hand on his opposite side, that is when I realized I just sucked off a total stranger on Jorge’s left side. I started to suck Jorge’s cock harder as I felt it swell in my throat, I knew he was getting close. He reached under the bar once again to hold my head down on him as I swallowed every inch of his massive cock. He gave one final push and released a torrent of cum as it hit the back of my throat as I tried to guzzle it all down without spilling a drop. I reach around to hold onto Jorge’s ass and pull him into me further as I savored every drop that he was giving me. I finally released his meat from my mouth, wiped most of the spit off it with my palm before putting it back into his shorts. I then came out from under the bar as Jorge and the stranger I sucked off looked at me and said ‘Thank You’ at the exact same time. “What was that all about?” Jorge asked with a puzzled look on his face. “I’ll explain later,” I said with a laugh. I kissed Jorge with tongue for a few moments and he pulled back and spoke to me. istanbul travesti “I love it when I taste my cum in your mouth, that’s so fucking hot,” he said as he smiled at me. It was just about time to head down to the sex club to meet up with Marcus so I grabbed Jorge’s hand and led him out of the dance club as Rafael followed us through the crowd. We wound ourselves down the dimly lit stairwell to the entrance of the sex club. We paid the fees for locker keys and towels and proceeded through the main door as we were buzzed through by the attendant. The Locker room was brightly lit, well-kept and clean, it reminded me of the Locker room at college where Billy and I first fucked. My mood saddened as I started to miss Billy immensely. “What’s the matter bro,” Rafael asked me as he sat next to me on the bench completely naked. “I’m just missing Billy….a lot,” I said. “He’ll be back soon, you know that. Besides, the surprise tomorrow will include Billy, that’s all I am going to tell you for now. So get your ass up because Marcus wants to breed you again and you best not disappoint him.” “Me disappoint??? Who are you kidding?” I said with a chuckle as I elbowed Rafael and got up from the bench and wrapped my towel around my naked waist. The three of us headed out to the dimly lit hallways of the sex club. It was like a maze of black walls with cubby holes, rooms and gloryholes throughout the expansive layout. There were also rooms but those were only for those who paid for them. Rafael, Jorge and I stopped in a small mirrored playroom which had a sling. “Hop on DJ,” Rafael said, “I never fucked someone in a sling before.” “I thought you wanted to save it for tomorrow?” I chided. “Do you want dick or not, I’m not asking twice” Rafael bantered back with a evil grin. I quickly got on the sling as Jorge got on his knees and sucked Rafael’s cock to get it slick and wet. Rafael was really getting into it and grabbed the back of Jorge’s head and started to skullfuck him. As I waited to be impaled by Rafael, I looked up towards the ceiling and saw that it was mirrored as well. Rafael then pulled out of Jorge’s mouth and turned towards my ass. My legs were up and Rafael started to push his hard monster cock into my pink pucker. As he did that, I watched it in the mirrors above. I never got to watch someone fuck my ass like this, it was an amazing viewpoint to watch in detail and feel it at the same time. I watched intently as every inch of Rafael’s cock disappeared into my ass. Fuck! That was so damn hot to watch I thought to myself. “Fuuuuuuck! You’re so deep in me Rafael. Oh god,” I moaned. Hell yeah boy, your ass feels just like I remembered. Hot and tight,” Rafael responded. Rafael began to withdraw slightly and then pushed back in even deeper. I could feel the head of his cock pushing into my depths as I let out a loud grunt. “Fuck me man, pound me Rafael, please,” I begged. Rafael then stood still as he grabbed onto the chains connecting the sling to the ceiling. He pushed on them to make the sling swing back and forth which made my hole actually fuck his dick as he just stood there. He got a good motion going and pushed a little harder. It was now to the point where I, or the sling was fucking Rafael’s cock balls deep. “This is fucking hot man,” Rafael said with delight as the sling was doing all of the work. The motion and the idea of the sling doing all of the work really set Rafael off, he was moaning with delight as he was getting closer to cumming. “Fuck man, I’m getting close, you want me to cum inside you DJ?” “When did you ever ask before? breed me man, go for it,” I replied. Rafael let the sling pump me onto his cock a few more times until he finally grabbed my waist and slammed me down on his cock to the balls and held me there as his cock erupted deep inside of me. “Fucking take my seed bro! Take every damn drop,” he moaned loudly. “Oh god yes Rafael, pump your load in me man, deeper, fuck it in deeper,” I begged. As Rafael pumped his load into me Jorge leaned over me and kissed me passionately with tongue. As Rafael pulled out I heard some of his cum spill from my ass and splash onto the concrete floor. He flooded my ass and I loved it. “Hop on next Jorge, I want to go again,” Rafael demanded. “It seems like Rafael has found a new toy he likes,” I said to Jorge as I got out of the sling. “Yeah, we’ll just have to figure out where in our apartment we can put it,” he said as he laughed and got into the sling. As Rafael began to slide his cum covered cock into his boyfriend, I decided to head out and explore until Marcus was to arrive. It was amazing the number of men I saw in the sex club. Men of all types and sizes and shapes. I walked past a room where there were three couples fisting each other, another room where men were doing water-sports, and yet another where flogging was being done. This place was fucking hot! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I did get myself lost within this labyrinth. As I turned a corner I bumped into this beefy college aged guy. He looked like a football player, and was nicely built. “Sorry man, didn’t see you there,” I said as I quietly apologized. “You’re cute dude, I want to breed you,” he said roughly. “Sorry, maybe another time I’m waiting on someone,” I said as I tried to walk past him. “I didn’t ask you,” he blurted out, “I told you, I’m breeding you,” he continued as he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall and spread my legs apart. He was stronger than me and very aggressive as he held my arms tight above my head as he dropped his towel and got up right behind me. his cock was hard and rubbing up against my crack as I was whimpering and begging him to stop. “Shut the fuck up dude, it will go much easier if you stop fighting me,” he whispered. I cried out as the head of his cock had just slipped in past my anal ring and he was just about balls deep inside of me when all of a sudden Marcus appeared around from the corner. He grabbed the guy and slammed him up against the wall. “What the fuck are you doing man? This is MY boy and you are violating him. I should fucking kill you man,” Marcus said in a furious tone. “Please man, I’m sorry. Please let me go,” the guy cowered. “You want to press charges DJ,” Marcus asked me. “No,” I muttered as I lowered my head. “You heard the boy asshole, thank him for NOT pressing charges and get the fuck out of here and don’t ever come back, give me your membership card now, you’re banned for life!” Marcus looked at me and grabbed me by the chin and lifted my head up so I would look at him. “You ok DJ? You want to leave?” Marcus asked in a caring voice. “No. I’m sorry Marcus,” I replied. “Sorry for what? You didn’t do anything wrong. Just because this is a sex club doesn’t mean people get to take what they want without consent, remember that DJ.” “Thank you Marcus, you’re so sweet, not to mention sexy as hell.” “I guess this is where I ask your permission to fuck kadıköy travesti and breed you again?” “You can fuck and breed me anytime you want Marcus, I’ll always give you the green light!” Marcus grabbed me by the hand and led me off to the room that he rented for us. It was a private room but with a window where people could watch what was going on inside if the dimmer lights are turned on. “I have a fetish to be watched while I am fucking so I rented this special private room. If you don’t want strangers to watch us, we can keep the lights off.” “No, this is perfect, I love being watched while being fucked and bred. Let’s give them one hell of a fucking show!” I replied as Marcus smiled at me. And what a show it was! As Marcus was pounding me balls deep on a bench in the middle of the room, he picked me up with his cock still balls deep inside me and carried me over to the window where there were about 25 men crowded together watching us fuck from outside the room. As Marcus’ fucking got more aggressive, he slammed me up against the plexiglass window as he tried to get inside me deeper than he was before. My head was tilting back as I arched my back and grunted, struggling to take Marcus’ length and girth to the max as I was also getting close to cumming. Marcus’ breathing got heavier and forceful which gave me a warning of the onslaught of cum that was about to be blasted into my depths. One last final thrust and loud grunt from Marcus led to an eruption inside of me that I have never felt before. I felt the forceful explosion, the warmth and the wetness of his seed filling me as he pumped me full. He kept cumming and his load was now leaking out of my ass and dripping onto the floor, and the sensation made me cum in response. My ropes of cum shot over my head and splattered onto the plexiglass window. Four or five shots of my cum were dripping down the window as some of the spectators licked the window with lust, playfully acting like they could taste my cum that was on the opposite side of the window. Panting heavily Marcus kept holding me and leaned in to kiss me passionately with tongue. After a few minutes of heavy kissing and tongue wrestling Marcus pulled back. “You are one hell of a fuck DJ, I could breed you all night.” “So are you Marcus, but I don’t know if there’s any room for more cum, you really filled me up good this time,” I said with a smile. “Yeah, being watched really turns me on, but being watched while fucking YOU made me cum like a fire hydrant!” As Marcus put me down so I could stand on the floor, I felt his cum leaking heavily out of my abused cumhole and run down my leg. He then kissed me again while reaching around me and sticking his fingers into my cumfilled ass. As he broke off the kiss he put his fingers into his mouth and licked them clean. He then quickly fingered my hole again and this time he put his cummy fingers into my mouth as I savored the taste of his load from my ass. Marcus grabbed my hand and proudly, with a big smile, he led me out of the private room like a prize he just won as we made our way through the crowd of onlookers. * * * I was in Rafael and Jorge’s living room playing xbox on their flat screen TV while they were in their bedroom making preparations for whatever big surprise they had in store for me. “That was some show you put on last night DJ,” Rafael said as he was walking over to me as he left their bedroom. “You saw that?” I asked him without taking my eyes off of my current video game. “Fuck yes, Jorge and I each busted a nut watching you and Marcus go at it in that room.” “I don’t know if we’ll be able to top that but we’ll try,” Jorge said with a laugh as he joined Rafael sitting next to me while I was still playing Xbox. “What do you mean Jorge?” I inquired. “Oh, you’ll see in just a few moments, we have something extra special planned for you this afternoon.” I then paused my game and looked over to Rafael. “I’m excited Rafael, I really am but I’m also sad that Billy isn’t here to join in. I really miss him man, this is the longest I have ever been away from him since we became lovers,” I said as my mood changed. Rafael put his hand on my shoulder and turned my face towards him with his free hand. “DJ, I guarantee that what we’re about to do will will make all of that sadness go away. Besides, Billy is due home in 2 days,” Rafael said in a soothing voice. “When are we doing this?” I asked. “In exactly 7 minutes,” Rafael said while checking his watch. “Now I’m really intrigued. You have it timed down to the last minute?” I asked with an inquisitive laugh. Seven minutes have now passed and Rafael and Jorge stood up and started to strip. I watched both of them intently as each of them took every bit of clothing off except for their socks and sneakers, just as I prefer it. “Well? What are you waiting for?” Rafael snickered at me. I quickly jumped up and stripped at lightning speed. As I finished, Jorge brought over a blindfold and covered my eyes with it and tied it tightly so I couldn’t see a thing. Rafael then kissed me on the lips and then grabbed my hand and led me off to their bedroom for this surprise that they have been building up for days. Jorge and Rafael laid me down in the center of their bed and each of them got on one side of me. Rafael instructed me, “On the count of 3, take off the blindfold DJ.” “One, two….three!” I took of the blindfold. I looked at the foot of the bed and right there was Rafael’s cellphone on a tripod, and on the phone was Billy via video chat, ready to watch the action unfold. “Hey babe,” Billy said. “Oh my god, Billy! I have missed you so much bro. Oh fuck! I can’t believe you guys thought of this. This is a fucking awesome surprise.” “This isn’t the only surprise DJ, Rafael and Jorge having something extra special planned for you tonight and they wanted me to witness it since I gave them my approval to do it.” “Fucking hot!” I exclaimed. “What is it?” I begged. “Not so fast DJ, you’ve got to work your way up to that reward,” Rafael said as he grabbed his hard cock and waved it at me. I quickly leaned over towards Rafael and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked on his cockhead for a little before deepthroating his monster cock. As I was blowing Rafael, Jorge leaned towards me and started to suck on my balls before giving me a wet blowjob as well. “Fuck yeah. Go for it DJ, take all of Rafael into your throat. Tilt your head back so I can see Rafael’s balls hit your chin. Fuck yes, just like that!” Billy exclaimed through the video chat. It was so hot hearing Billy shout out commands as I was having sex with his best friends. Jorge pushed me over a little more so I was just about on my stomach while I was still thoroughly enjoying Rafael’s cock. He got on his knees and started to rim my tight hole. He pushed his tongue in past my pucker which made me moan while I had a mouthful of cock. “Mmmmmm, what a fucking tasty ass,” Jorge said as he came bakırköy travesti up for some air. “Eat my brother’s ass Jorge. Rim him deep taste his ass for me,” Billy moaned. “Go ahead and fuck him Jorge,” Rafael said as he was enjoying the head I was giving him. Jorge spread my legs as he got in between them. He teased my asshole with the tip of his cock. He pushed in slightly and then pulled back out making me ache for more. He then spit on his cockhead and pushed in again, this time a little farther. “That good DJ or do you want me to get some lube?” “Fuck no Jorge, don’t stop push in all the way man. Just use more spit,” I replied as I let Rafael’s cock slip from my mouth for a brief moment. Jorge pulled out and then spit onto his cock again and then slowly slid his hard cock into me inch by inch until he was balls deep in my ass. Rafael got up on his knees as I did the same. I was now getting it from both ends. Getting spit roasted by Rafael and Jorge was always a favorite of mine, especially now since Billy could watch. “Oh shit guys, pound DJ for me. Pound his ass Jorge! Skullfuck him Rafael! Fuck yeah, treat him like a faggot guys, he loves it!” Billy said with excitement as he watched me take cock in both ends. “Holy shit DJ your ass feels so damn hot and tight. Take my fucking dick deeper man, come on DJ you can take it,” Jorge moaned as he was drilling my fuckhole as hard as he could. Rafael was fucking my throat with such fury I thought he was going to bust down my throat any second. He held onto my head as his balls were stinging my chin with intensity. He looked down at me and spoke finally. “Ok DJ, time for you to ride my dick for your brother.” Rafael pulled out of my throat as Jorge pulled his cock from my ass, I felt empty now for a brief moment. Rafael laid on his back across the bed from side to side so Billy could see, and with his neck and head propped up on pillows so he himself could watch better. He grabbed the base of his cock and it stood straight up. His huge cock was waiting for me to hover over him and mount it. I got into position over his cock and squatted over it and lowered myself down on it. I went slowly but Rafael grabbed my waist and slammed me down on his cock. “Come on fag, you can take it like that, don’t tease my dick,” he said with a laugh. I bounced up and down on his full length like a champ and loved every minute of it. After about 10 minutes of fucking Rafael’s cock like this he stopped me for a moment. “Ok DJ, stay on my cock, get on your knees and lean forward and kiss me,” Rafael instructed. I found this odd but did as he asked me to do. Suddenly I felt Jorge move over behind me as he started to tease my hole again with his cockhead. “Oh whoa, just a sec guys, I’m not sure I can do this,” I said with concern. “Its okay DJ,” Billy said over the video chat. “Try it for me babe please, I know you can do it I really want to see you take two dicks at once. “Ok Billy, anything for you,” I replied. “I love you DJ,” Billy said as Jorge started to push his cockhead into me while Rafael was buried balls deep but staying very still. Jorge’s cockhead popped into me and I left out a loud grunt. “Oh fuck, oh fucking hell,” I moaned. “You ok,” Rafael asked. “If it’s too much babe, just stop,” Billy said with concern. “it’s ok guys, Yes, just give me a second,” I said as I was breathing heavier for a few moments. “Ok Jorge, go for it.” Jorge started to push in slowly as I started to adjust to having two cock in me. Rafael grabbed my head and forced me to kiss him as Jorge was going into me deeper. I moaned loudly into Rafael’s mouth as I felt Jorge fill me up. “This is so fucking hot guys, go balls deep Jorge, I know he can take it,” Billy said as he cheered Jorge on. Jorge and Rafael were now both balls deep inside me and they both held that position until I was ready. I pulled away from the kiss between Rafael and myself and looked into his eyes with lust. “Fuck me guys! Fuck me like you never fucked me before,” I begged. Without hesitation both Jorge and Rafael started to fuck my stretched out asshole. I never thought I would be taking two huge cocks pounding my tight asshole at the same time. This was hot, this was a mix of pain and pleasure, this was euphoric. Rafael moaned at the sensation of my asshole and Jorge’s cock rubbing against his huge cock as Jorge also moaned at the same exact pleasure. “Oh fuck man, this feels so good I’m not going to last long,” Rafael said as he panted. “Fucking amazing guys, this is so fucking hot to watch. Can you both breed DJ at the same time? I’d love to see that,” Billy begged. “Oh shit this feels fucking awesome, I love you guys both inside me. Fuck deeper guys, fuck me harder!” I begged. “Take it fag. I knew you liked dick but fuck, taking two at the same time DJ. Fuck yeah man, take it,” Rafael roared. I felt Rafael and Jorge’s cocks start to swell inside of me, and I knew that the moment was close. I tried my best to slam myself down onto both cocks as they both were being fucked into me. Rafael wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down to his chest as Jorge reached up and grabbed my shoulders while trying to slam into me deeper. “Oh fuck, oh fucking hell, I’m gonna cum,” Jorge said. “Fucking hell man, here I cum too,” Rafael shouted. Rafael and Jorge all of a sudden stopped thrusting and were both in me balls deep as they both started shooting their loads deep into my ass. I never felt such pressure and warmth and wetness as I did that moment. Their cocks kept erupting as their cum was leaking from my ass around their ballsacks. Jorge pulled out first as Billy watched via video. A flood of white cum flowed out after his cock completely left my stretched hole. “What a fucking hot sight, seeing all that cum in your hole DJ, you’re fucking hot babe, I love you!” Billy exclaimed. I laid on Rafael’s chest as his cock was still balls deep in me. He gave me a few more mini thrusts as he tried to fuck his cum deeper into my guts. “I love you DJ, you’re one of the best bottoms I have ever fucked. I love you bro,” Rafael gushed. “I love you to Rafael. I can never get enough of your cock or your loads in my ass. You make me so happy man,” I replied. Jorge crawled up next to us and kissed me on the lips and then looked me in the eyes. “You are so special DJ, I love you, I love fucking you and I love breeding you. You’re perfect dude,” Jorge said. “Jorge, you don’t get enough credit. You’re a fucking king top. I’d take your cock and your loads anytime, anywhere.” “You better keep your word man, I’m gonna cash in on that promise sometime soon,” Jorge said with a laugh. “Ok you guys, I love you. Rafael and Jorge, you guys are perfect, thanks for setting this up, and DJ, I love you so much babe, you are my everything. I miss you and I’ll see you in two days, ok babe?” Billy stated. “You’re my life Billy, I need you and want you home. I miss you so much,” I said as I started to cry. “Don’t cry babe, I’ll be home soon, I love you. Bye for now.” Billy disconnected from the video chat as Rafael, Jorge and I laid on the bed and slowly drifted off asleep while covered in cum and lying in a huge wet spot in the middle of their bed. This is what sweet dreams are made of.

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