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Subject: Shy Steven B. a boyzhair story part 3 (M/t/b, first time, oral, anal, hair) Special thanks to my friend Chaim who helped. Legal things are a personal matter. Respect the copyright and this is for 16+ only. Comments and suggestions are always very welcome at: [email protected] (I will answer them all!) If you have pictures of the main characters of this story you are very welcome! Shy Steven B., lover of boyzhair Part three. Kevin! After another afternoon of more fun in his new short 2 day sex life with his piano teacher Steven left Kevin/ And didn’t take any book since he noticed that Jamie had not either taken his books…….. “Well? Did you have a good bang?” Kevin asked Steven. Steven just blushed and only touched his hair. Kevin now touched it too “Hee man, you got the smell of sperm in your hair, it must have been heavy” and pushed his nose in it. Steven now felt a little bit sorry for his friend Kevin, pushing him off to have a screw with Jim. He wasn’t any more reluctant to his new friend who seemed to love his hair too now! “Can you do it again Steven? I like to put my sperm in your hair too, now! I know a perfect place to play together. We’ll do the chess another time, right?” With his hair so seductive made with Jim’s sperm Steven could have another go, find out what Kevin was all about. He wanted to go to Jim the next day and ask him what his plans where for Saturday when Kevin and he were invited to cut the grass. By the way, he never saw grass in that garden…. If he only knew what Kevin wanted to do they could make a good plan together! Now Steven decided better to call home to tell, due to his chess playing with a friend, he would come late that nite. No, no worry, his friends helps with the homework too. Kevin took Steven to some back alley, and opened the door in the back of a sort of a pub. “Let’s go in here Steven, I can use a room of a friend who works here. He only sleeps there in the weekend when it’s late and can’t drive home. We’ll just have to lock it and nobody will disturb us.” Being inside now Steven was very surprised. The little room only had a huge bed, a dvd player and big flat screen on one side, and a little mirror table the other side. The rest of the wall was full of posters of boys, older and younger then with not to many clothes on and standing in a certain way. He even saw Kevin on a lot of them, may be as young as from age 6. “Yes, that’s me” Kevin explained. “I was a young starter coming here. I may use this room because my friends made these photographs. Whenever I need some money, he’ll make more pics and I get paid. Could you imagine? Having fun ataköy escort and been paid for it?” Steven also noticed a web cam on the wall. Kevin saw his puzzled look: “No man, that is not on, only if people pay on the internet to my friend, then they can see me here, doing, you know..” Now Steven understand why popular Kevin always had so much money. He felt proud that this wonderful boy wanted to be his friend too and was going to be also Jim’s friend. “Now, would you mind telling me what you an Jim have been doing? I can’t wait to hear a hot story with the main character beside me!” Lying on the bed Steven shortly told how Jim and he combed his hair and next went into a big screw. “Wow, first he combed you hair and next he pumps all his sperm over it! That Jim likes a fetish alright!” “Shall I teach you more spots to put our sperm?” Steven just nodded, blushed and smiled. He already was soft, except for his prick, ready to surrender to his next screw. Now Kevin started to stroke Steven’s hair, knowing it maked the boy very hot. He undressed the shivering small boy and by lowering the clothes he kissed all the lovely spots he came across. Steven reacted so strongly, that Kevin even thought he was to come already by his undressing. Being naked in a second himself – no T-shirt, no undie: no wonder- he jumped on his new little toy. He had been so long the little one being enjoyed by bigger ones. Nowadays he wanted to enjoy the same, so he liked to screw his little brother Richard every week. And finding virgins to deflower was his newest passion now! Steven just lay down on his stomach as Kevin asked him and let Kevin whatever he pleased, whatever he was gonna teach him. Soon Kevin started sucking and wiggling Steve’s butt with his tongue and fingers. Also he was smearing some smooth stuff around and in it. His fingers playing from his crotch to his crack and in it. It felt gorgeous for Steven who started making all the noises of his pleasure song. “You’re sure you like that, do you?” Kevin asked him. “Now, then here comes my big present for you” and without warning he plunged his rather thick whole rod in the hole of the totally inexperienced virgin. Steven yelled right away, frightened by the suddenly sharp pain in his ass. But it went farther, Kevin went deeper and deeper. Steven thought his whole belly was filled with that huge organ of boy attacker Kevin and thought he would sufficate. He begged Kevin to stop, take it out, let him go but Kevin started now to take his dick in and out again. It caused the pain to come back gulf after gulf. Crying Steven now let merter escort things happen inside him, there was no lust in his body left. He felt trapped and victimised by the brutal attack of this beautiful little-boys rapist. Still Kevin now was very nice to him, kissed his tears away, kissed his ears, stroke his hair and whispered: “It’s alright, you will like it after a while. It’s a great feeling to have a dick in your butt! Why don’t you give it a little help? Relax your muscles now, my dick is almost amputated. Relax and tighten, just like your cunt is sucking my rod. If you do it proper I’ll shoot my load fast and that is your biggest reward!” Now Steven started to relax and felt more comfortable, even enjoying the thing in his belly. He could feel his gland tickled very strongly and started having a stiff rod himself again. He even started wiggling his butts, trying to get in rhythm with Kevin. After all Steven was musically boy! “You’re doing great Steven, your butt is milking me like a little blond angel sucking in paradise!. Jim will love your butt, I’m sure he is not gonna wait long to get his thing in those lovely strong buttocks of yours. You’d better be thankful I made all that room for him now! He might even need more room!” Steven hadn’t thought of that for one moment, but doing this for Jim was the best excuse Kevin could come with. Steven even worked hard to please his new sex tutor, the boy who looked so much as his favoured movie kid Oliver Adam. The long soft blond hair of his hero now swept over his shoulders and his face. He could touched it, bite in it and put his nose in it. His attacker now was in such high spirit Steven could do with him what ever he wanted: his hands running through the beautiful soft hair, all the hair to the front to enclose his own face, making Kevin even hotter doing that. Another very hot experience he only could dreamed of. Now Kevin couldn’t hold it anymore, hot streams came up his loins, his prick exploded: “YeeeeSSSSesss AaAAARRrghhh UGHhhhhhhhhHH AaaRRRRGhhhg YeeeEEEE AaAAARUUUUURrg UGHARGhhhhhhhhHH AaaRRRRGhhhg” shouted the young stud as he felt jets after jets of hot cum enter the thirteen year old boy’s VIRGIN butt. Steven felt his belly filled with warm streams and wiggled even more enjoining that new experience. With Kevin’s final spasm, Kevin moved Steven over to the centre of the bed, laying alongside him and kissing him gently. “Your turn now, little screwer. Show how much you’ve left for me now!” And again Kevin took a strong initiative despite his great screw and put Steven’s prick in his hair. He rubbed bahçeşehir escort with his hands the prick of Steven in that hair who never had a feeling like that! All the soft millions of little hair stickled stroked his prick, his balls, his crack, his belly. It was to much and again gulfs of hot sperm came up his loins ready to shoot. Kevin noticed the boiling action and started to suck and still having rubbing his hair around his friend loverod. When the eruption came he captured some of it in his mouth and let it splash his hair. When Steven finally shot his last cum Kevin moved up to him. Then he smeared the sperm from his mouth in Steven hair. “Now we have both your gel in our hair: spermgel-brothers we are! What a hot hobby of your teacher it is! It will keep you randy all day by sniffing your hair. I’m not gonna wash it till you promise me to give me a load soon after I wash it!” Steven smiled and was happy he could make such great guys happy with his love milk, enjoying making it as well. The boys slowly played their hair, their tits, kissing faces and were getting hard again. “Shi…, Kevin sprung up, I forget time, I promised to pick up my brother at his friend Jamie. I met him there when I brought that hot little ass home. He was waiting for him. My little brother has a good taste, I say!” “Can I join you?” Steven was still under the spell of little Jamie hugging his friend Jim. Good be nice to get to know more of the little boy. “Okay, but hurry I promised to be there at eight as Jamie’s mother arrives, but I want to be there long before. I want to see what the two little boys are playing with!” Steven thought: “Everybody in this world seems only to be busy screwing, what have I been sleeping all that time, it’s the best of life thing !” The boys dressed and took some time combing each others hair. Kevin who never had gel in his blond seductive soft hair now looked like a solemn choirboy with his hair neatly dressed by Steven. “Hurry Steven, I promise you we will do it a million times, I like your hair screw way!” Kevin opened the door and stepped a few meter in hall of the back of the pub. “Off now Jack, see you.” A man appeared at the door and almost fainted, looking at the godly little boys, half dressed with their hair made up nice and smelling like…….. “You’re sure you are leaving, come in for a drink, nobody here…” “Next time Jack, see you around, don’t put it in everybody tonite!” said Kevin on his way out. In 10 minutes they arrived at Jamie’s home. Kevin knew that at the side of the garden was a door to the basement, where Jamie had his toys, pool table and things parents think boys likes most. But the sounds they heard from the basement didn’t sound like pool, table tennis or mini cars play. Unless there were a lot emergency cars involved. The sirens sound was from a different play. End of part three. Any comments welcome at [email protected] any idea for part 4?

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