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Subject: Schoolboy lifeguard 6 This is entirely a work of fiction and all the named characters are fictitious and any relation to persons living or dead is purely unintentional. This story is set around the start of the Second World War and thereafter based around the experiences of a typical British secondary schoolboy living in Southern England who’s on a quest to work hard saving up money towards his passage to Melbourne, Australia to live with his uncle and aunt during the early part of the Second World War to escape the bombing. These are his adventures. Schoolboy lifeguard part six AKA, The boy in the red bathing suit. Chapter six, The spring arrives. The winter of 1940 was a very severe one indeed and now it’s finally over the whole country began digging for victory turning any bit of useable land into vegetable plots. The land between our housing estate and the wall bordering the footpath beside the church and both the primary and secondary schools as well as the land on the opposite side of the estate was divided up into allotments for each household for the purpose of growing vegetables with everyone digging up the grass and planting seeds in their allotted space. During February half term I camped out with Jim the Boy Scout who works with Dylan and I at the pool and as luck would have it, he owns an American army surplus pup tent identical to the type our troop has and using both my tarpaulins to extend the tent and blocking off the open end with one of our groundsheets we effectively made a four man tent in the grounds of Strand Castle beside a backwater. The weather was still cold then but we had more than enough candles to provide both light and warmth plus Jim brought along one army 24 hour ration pack for each of us with a pair of the new rectangular mess tins made from steel dipped in tin, a bottle of methylated spirits to refuel our spent Blackies Tommy’s cookers, a bag of raisins, tins of pemmican, packet of powdered eggs from America, a packet of rice and some curry powder from India, I began wondering just how he got all of this leaving me with thoughts of Joe’s black market operation being continued by someone else? Dylan boiled up the rice whilst I cooked the pemmican flavoured with curry powder and we made a delicious tasting curry with a handful of raisins thrown in each mess tin for good measure whilst Jim made the tea, this time using what he called a hobo stove made from an empty seven pint national dried milk tin. This is a tin with a series of holes cut along both the top with larger holes at the bottom with a square hole at the bottom for feeding fuel which Jim says has to face into the wind, he also brought along a bag full of wood chips as fuel and to support a cooking pot, there was a mesh grate which he placed onto the top as a pot support and he says the golden rule was to always use a cooking pot smaller than the tin itself. The one main disadvantage was there was no way it could be used inside a tent and neither could we use it outside at night yet it was truly a cleverly efficient stove so I took the measurements off it to make one for later. Old Peepynose worked his magic by heating up rocks on a fire which he shoveled into the hole sited at the tent’s bell end which had to be done during daylight with the candle lanterns also providing both light and heat at night. After blocking off the entrance with a groundsheet we were inside a tent from which no light escaped which he finally checked for us before leaving on his bicycle. The inside of the tent warmed up comfortably to strip down to our underwear which soon became totally naked as our threesome session of sex began and Jim was very hot for a 15 year old who gazed approvingly at my breasts which had enlarged owing to those damn pills which seemed to give me growing pains as well as becoming more sensitive, so much so I really enjoyed having them fondled now and just playing with my nipples was a sure fire way to get a huge hard on and shoot a load of spunk. It was only last week when I shot my load just by fondling and massaging my nipples sending those lovely sensations to my balls when I felt a wetness on my fingers which turned out to be a creamy white delicious tasting liquid despite there being only enough to coat my fingertips with lovely orgasmic sensations felt inside my breasts. Jim saw this and sucked on one breast whilst Dylan sucked on the other. Both got a taste of my delicious morsels and I very nearly shot my load by itself there and then. We took turns fucking each other laid down in a spooning position followed by sucking off each others cocks in what later became known as the 69 position, modern sex vocabulary hadn’t yet entered our lives and wouldn’t until we were old men but for now our language was simple and surprisingly my breasts did recharge to give them both a tasty morsel each just before we tucked inside our blanket bedrolls with Dylan they look just like my sister’s when he began caressing them, his hands gave them lovely caresses, squeezes and nipple play which felt awesome inside with my tingling nipples becoming hard, it seemed as though my breasts became hard wired to my balls when those lovely feelings saw beads of milk appearing on the tips of my nipples. Tom looked at them in astonishment and gasped out. “I didn’t know boys made milk,” when his instincts drove him to latch onto and start nursing from them. I think he may have got an egg cupful from each one and I can only describe those feelings as my elixir flowed into his mouth as truly amazing, as though it flowed into him with my love straight from my heart when he beamed out. “Your milk tastes absolutely delicious, I just wish there was more.” I said. “Tom, you really must keep this one a secret, only you must know this as I can’t have this going round the camp site, promise me.” “I promise on scouts’ honour.” I began to appreciate the gift those pills from the Harley Street doctor has brought forth from my breasts especially as I now had what’s tantamount to a gift from the gods which really does spice up sex sessions and tastes delicious. I now possessed a gift which is highly sought after by whoever I have sex with and hoped things will get better in that department. Tom’s cock became the hardest its ever been like a rod of iron as soon as the heavily hormone laced milk took effect with his pre-cum flowing out like a leaking tap, by the time he pushed his huge cock inside me the head was already soaked with his juices and having already taken large cocks inside me it just went straight in after having crouched down on all fours ready to receive his huge invading pole and once it was in, he certainly knew how to use it to good effect. Every time he pushed inside me I felt those lovely feelings from having my secret love button massaged by his huge cock during which I shot out three huge spunk loads without ever touching my cock plus whatever reserves of milk were left inside my breasts dripped onto the groundsheet. I felt as though my rear hole was having a powerful orgasm as Tom’s spunk jetted inside me filling my insides right up with his hot baby making liquid. Somehow he actually gave me the best fuck of my life and I felt so fulfilled and relaxed afterwards as we lay there together caressing each other hoping for these magical moments to last forever when we both heard the bell summoning escort izmit him to the boat to ferry the rest of his patrol across. I hurriedly cleaned up and threw on my tee shirt and shorts whilst Tom threw on his Sea Scout jumper, neckerchief, P E shorts and plimsolls then placed my book into his kitbag and walked to the boat whilst I slinked away close to the bushes on the north bank of the island back to our tent. We still had about three hours to lunch so I took my catapult with some ammunition and crept out of the camp site, turned left and crossed a small bridge which crosses a stream then entered the woods following a track running parallel to the fields. The stream presented an effective barrier from crossing so I continued walking until I came to a fallen tree which became my crossing point. I hid amongst the branches finding a nice one to sit on and began observing the rabbits in the field and there were loads of them. Two would be sufficient for our evening meal of rabbit stew so I waited until one came within range and fired from a range of about 30 yards hitting it squarely in the back of the head, it leapt up and began twitching on its side before it laid still. I fully expected the others to run off and yet my shot miraculously didn’t disturb them when moments later I lined up for a longer shot and brought that one down thinking `This is like shooting rats in a barrel.’ Another rabbit came to investigate its fallen sibling and I fired hitting that one in the shoulder when it began squealing, I quickly had to put that one out of its misery so I came down off the tree and ran picking it up and dispatching it with the classic rabbit chop, picked up the other two and returned to the camp site following a path which runs along its western edge and entered by the back way. Fortunately Tom was on duty with the ferry and I quickly summoned him over. He became gob smacked seeing three dead rabbits, one of which I gave him telling him to keep his trap shut. It was next day that the rest of his patrol thanked me for bringing them a rabbit which they too ate at roughly the same time as us. After that meal we palled up with the Sea Scout patrol exchanging places between tents for sleepovers with the most amazing sex between every one of us and nursing each one of their patrol two at a time into the bargain with small measures of my deliciously tasting heavily hormone laced elixir. We exchanged names and addresses and I became Tom’s pen pal which continued into our old age. The war started in earnest at the start of the Whitsunday weekend on Friday May 10th when the Germans began bombing our convoys in the channel and attacking the channel ports. What was known as the phoney war was coming to an end. A lot of Boy Scout troops had white tents which they had to send away to be dyed either green or brown before they could be used, one way around this problem was boys erecting pup tent style bivouacs from their groundsheets or groundsheet capes using tent poles fashioned from broom handles. Both of our troops went to Longridge farm where we noticed the ingenuity of some of their shelter tents constructed by tying numerous war surplus groundsheets together to fashion much larger tents. Both Dylan and I linked our own war surplus American pup tents with our tarpaulins making a long eight man tent whilst a few lucky troops had war surplus bell tents and a few who still had white tents had to erect them under the trees on the island as the copse there provided sufficient overhead cover. The Duty Sea Scout ferry patrol had their officer’s tent erected under a tree not far from where they were last time and once again I was glad to hook up with Tom. Jim’s troop was also here which could be an interesting weekend and we were seeing a lot more aeroplanes in the skies which looked as though it’s a portend of events to come and there wasn’t a boy here who’s mind wasn’t on the war, especially seeing the army camped here under the trees by the entrance and by Tuesday May 14th the country began mobilizing the local defence volunteers (Home Guard). Dylan and I left our employment at the Centre Pool in the next town as we were both returning to work the summer at the local open air pool yet thankfully Jim kept me supplied with those pills from Harley Street and by now I was no longer able to hide my growing breasts which bounced and jiggled as I walked and they were producing more milk, about enough to fill a wine glass much to Mr. Breedlove’s approval and thankfully he saw to it I received a larger blazer, shirt and jumper for my school uniform plus a larger sized Boy Scout shirt from a boy who left school the previous summer having already outgrown my old ones which were being worn by a younger boy. Yes my blazer still fitted apart from buttoning it up owing to my growing breasts which prominently displayed my very large nipples poking out my shirt all the time, especially in class with the warmer weather having returned and boys now wearing just shirts and ties and they were a lot more sensitive, no wonder I was getting a lot more erections just from my white silk vest I wore under my shirt constantly exciting my nipples. Prior to the open air pool opening for the year, workmen were touching in the paint on the pool’s huge concrete tank and draining out the water which had collected in the nine foot over the winter which must have been about two foot deep and green with algae and once drained they scrubbed away the scum left by the algae, removed the grates and cleaned out the drains. The lifeguards were weeding the pool surround and flower beds whilst engineers worked on the pool plant and both water fountains. I was seeing the little known behind the scenes side of being a lifeguard as we waited in anticipation for the pool to fill up which took about a week plus another day for the chlorine dosing to become effective when Mr. Badcock put every one of us through our competency tests in water which was in the fifties Fahrenheit which felt like an icy bath and having to endure cold showers afterwards and when the pool finally opened in June, it was packed right out, so much so that the cacophony of hundreds of human voices speaking in unison was easily heard about 100 yards away. I fully expected the newspaper runs to the holiday caravan park to restart with the coming of the summer but this was not to be as it was deemed unsafe to have a large concentration of people there but at least there was still camping allowed on the island which had trees providing overhead cover so my hopes of making more money were quickly dashed until Jim came to the rescue. Whoever that guy at Windsor was? It was he who arranged for Dylan and I to spend Friday and Saturday nights in London having also provided our season tickets for the trains and the tube. We both spent a night at his house having the most amazing sex with him and we certainly gave him more than his money’s worth of fucking, sucking, caressing, kissing but what pleased him the most was him nursing off my breasts. Oh my god, he was like a spoilt child greedily lapping up and he made sure of drinking every drop during which his huge cock not only became like a rod of iron, it shot off huge amounts of spunk without him even toughing it like a fountain plus he still managed to recharge his balls to fill both our rear holes and having both of us reciprocate izmit escort the service. This was a night with very little sleep during which we lost count of how many times we both spunked and somehow I managed to also give him his morning milk from my breasts. We were both well paid for our night of passion but it was also a prelude of nights to come for which he was testing us and by the morning he had shown both of us every trick in the book on how to passionately make love to a man. He cooked us both very substantial filling full English breakfasts before driving us home with 50 quid each in our wallets. Our first Friday evening in London was an experience we would never forget as we, as commoners were about to enter the higher echelons of the rich and powerful and to conform to their dress code requirements and not having suits we wore our school uniforms carrying our silk swim briefs and towels in haversacks and our gas masks. We caught the train to Paddington station and took the tube to finally arrive and were met by our mentor from Windsor at Green Park tube station who led us the short distance through blacked out London Streets until we arrived at The Bath Club in Dover Street, Mayfair, a private club for gentlemen of distinction. There were no formalities of signing in as we were led straight to his room, it was as thought everyone in the building knew why we were here and were sworn to secrecy. We changed into white skimpy silk swim briefs and dressed in Roman togas and sandals to be led right into the bowels of the building to the most fantastic swimming pool we’ve seen in our young lives and saying we were gob smacked was an understatement. It looked for all the world as though we had just traveled back in time 2,000 years, we had just entered a Grecian styled pool hall with columns of polished Italian marble, a life sized marble statue of a naked Hermaphroditus greeted us as we entered, he (or she) resembled a beautiful teenage girl of about fifteen except for a teenage boy’s face with long flowing hair and bountiful breasts with huge nipples, one of which had formed a bead of breast milk, he (or she) had a truly amazing womanly figure with an enormously fat ten inches of erect cock standing out at an upwards angle from a pair of huge balls amidst a pubic triangular bush. I stood gazing hypnotically at this statue and I saw that I was its physical embodiment, as though I was that living person when Jim who surprised us by being here walked up to us totally naked and removed both our togas, sandals and white silk swim briefs as like all the patrons here we were required to swim naked in the pool. Dylan and I dived in and swam a few lengths along a roped off lane which required us to swim clockwise or to keep left of the lane, rather like driving on the road. We were a pair of young whippersnappers swimming amongst more mature and slower men and yet we felt all the naked men sat along the side of the pool had their eyes on our youthful forms and no doubt Dylan sensed the same. We had swam about a quarter of a mile before we got out at the steps when Jim came up to us with towels, red carbolic soap and shampoo directing us to the showers and once we dried off he paraded both of us along the line of men sat there gazing at us with instructions to pick whoever we wanted to spend our nights of passion with. Joining us in the walk past was Tom, the Sea Scout who picked his regular partner and Jim who also picked his. Dylan quickly picked a smart looking blond haired young man in his twenties which left me alone which was when the man from Windsor announced that I would be spending the night with the highest bidder and so began the auction whilst I was directed to commence a series of erotic artistic poses. The bidding shot up astronomically to amounts in the hundreds of pounds and stalled around three hundred slowly increasing by five pounds at a time when the bidding finally stopped at 355 pounds and was finally countered by 355 guineas. There were no more bids after that. I greeted my host, a dark haired man in his twenties for the night who insisted that I receive a full body shave into the bargain. A youth of about seventeen led me away carrying the toga, towel, silk swim briefs and sandals to a room where he directed me to lie down onto a medical examination bed, he gave me two of those pills from Harley Street with a large glass of ice cold water which began swelling my breasts whilst I was being shaved. He began by applying really hot wet towels to my right leg whilst he stropped a cut throat razor, he lathered up the lower leg and with the skills of a highly experienced barber he shaved my lower leg, he then stropped the razor again and repeated the same with the upper leg followed by the left leg before placing a hot wet towel onto my package and shaving off all my pubic hair including my peach fuzz treasure trail, this went on until every hair on my body was removed by his razor including the peach fuzz on my face and the back of my neck finishing with him gently powdering my entire body before donning my toga and sandals carrying the towel and swim briefs to be led through the building to my host’s bedroom for a night of passion. I felt like my tits were about to burst when they began leaking milk and realized they had been primed to deliver a lot of milk. His face had been hot towel shaved earlier by the youth leaving him with skin like a baby’s bottom which became a godsend as there’s nothing worse than being passionately kissed by a man with stubble on his face so at least I was spared that indignation. My leaking breasts certainly met with his approval as he homed in on one and began nursing, literally guzzling down my youthful life giving hormone laced elixir which soon made his hugely fat eight inch cock like a rod of iron. He drank my elixir from the other breast and I saw that he had a pleasing expression on his face as he licked off the excess around his lips then began lovingly caressing me. I thought to myself that I must be in heaven especially with my skin shaved baby smooth which pleasantly enhanced his loving caresses and having my pubes and balls shaved to perfection then powdered felt amazingly smooth as his hands caressed them despite my cock being rock hard and leaking like a tap which pleased him no end as he just licked it clean like an ice lolly when he beckoned me to straddle him facing his head to impale myself on his already menthol greased cock so he could fondle my breasts which began dribbling more milk as he massaged and tweaked my nipples whilst I rode his pole. Despite having drunk a good measure of my milk my breasts still felt full and were still swollen yet they felt wonderful with those lovely feelings I got when I’m about to deliver their contents into whoever’s mouth wanted it. My bottom felt just like my cock when I’m about to shoot a load of spunk and his cock was certainly doing wonderful things to my secret love button deep inside which was dribbling my love juices onto his washboard belly. I secretly wished I had lengthy hair just like the statue which would caress my upper body wherever it draped over and yet I knew I was the closest living being to that statue on this night of our passion when I felt those amazing feelings as his cock seemed to fill up my already tight hole even more with powerful twitching izmit kendi evi olan escort when I felt the biggest hot gushes of his spunk flooding my insides and there was a lot of them when my cock blasted out its huge load which was my biggest yet which flew out everywhere as breast milk ran down my stomach when he tried scooping as much spunk as he could with his fingers and greedily licking off the lot when he beckoned me to pull off him with the muscles on the bottom of my thighs were aching like hell. His mouth homed in on my cock sucking out all the after leakage which felt like those excruciating dry cums which force you to stop wanking before I could shoot spunk about the time of my last year in primary school then he homed in on my tits drinking more milk out of them sending sensations straight to my balls. I thought is this what happens to mums who nurse their babies inducing their pussies to wet their knickers and even cumming in them. I’ve heard a lot of playground banter in my time and that was one of the items mentioned. We went onto more kissing exchanging tongues and caressing each other making dirty talk when we decided to take a break and I reached for my packet of Capstan full strength navy cut cigarettes. The teachers used to try and catch me smoking but I was too crafty for them and they left me alone during the last days of summer term. I got on so well with the teachers no doubt aided by taking every one of their cocks up my rear hole and giving them a drink of milk and now Mr. Breedlove likes to make tea with my milk and with this in mind I asked my host for two more tablets with a large glass of water and call room service for a pot of black tea and a small jar of honey without milk with chocolate biscuits which was delivered by the seventeen year old wearing only his toga who’s cock I sucked off for his reward and swallowing his spunk before he left, doubtless with a still leaking cock. My host poured the tea from a silver service teapot into our cups, spooned in the honey and expressed my milk by hand into each cup and when he took his first sip he commented. “I love your taste in tea as this is the nicest one I’ve ever had in my life.” I began to wonder how this place can supply literally anything despite the rationing everyone outside was enduring, no doubt due to the very rich clientele which frequent here and after finishing our tea we slipped into bed into a spooning position with his rock hard cock up my hole which is when I fell asleep as I was dog tired. The next morning we woke up with rock hard cocks and my breasts leaking milk which he greedily drank his fill from both tits followed by sucking each others cocks and swallowing each others spunk before a different blond haired room service boy wearing only his toga knocked on the door summoning us to the showers. Once again we swam a few lengths totally naked to clear our heads before showering, drying off and being led to our room where a full English breakfast on a serving trolley awaited us, after we finished breakfast the same boy who was thirteen came to collect the trolley but not before leaving as I sucked off his six inch cock swallowing his spunk before nursing him whatever milk he could draw from my breasts before sending him away a happy bunny. Both Dylan and I dressed into our freshly laundered school uniforms but not before my host sticking large sticking plasters over my nipples and giving me the rest in its box which is a good thing he did as my breasts leaked during our train ride home and once I arrived I told mum I slept the night at Dylan’s place. I was plagued with leaking breasts for a week afterwards but with no more of those pills left now my milk supply soon dried up, now I had 150 quid burning a hole in my billfold which I daren’t deposit into my post office account as they would think I’ve robbed a bank. Being an only child in my family, I became a priority case with the Children’s Overseas Reception board (CORB) this is the organization formed to ship British children to safer countries away from the bombing and with the Germans now occupying Holland, Belgium and now France, it was only a matter of time before the country would be invaded and to counter this the Local Defence Volunteers (Home Guard) were formed as well as the local Territorial Army recruiting to swell their ranks. The headmaster reckoned that when it came there would be fierce air battles in the skies over Southern England with the RAF taking the brunt of the battles and he was proved right as this started just before the end of term. Rumours were flying around that the pool was going to be closed if the Germans started bombing the town which we saw as a right kick in the teeth especially with all the hard work put in getting it ready, fortunately it wasn’t closed although we had to start our shifts earlier as troops were using the pool for training before the public start time of ten am. The local schools were also using it for their swimming sessions as usual during our last few weeks of the summer term which kept Dylan and I fully employed, especially when the summer holidays started except my time in England was now short as the ship was due to depart on the first of August 1940. I stopped working at the newspaper depot and the pool on the weekend following the last day of summer term and was fully paid up. The lads from both Boy Scout troops were fully supportive and located a steamer trunk at a jumble sale. I packed all my clothes except my school uniform into the trunk with my groundsheet cape, blanket bedroll, mess tins, cutlery &c leaving both tarpaulins and the US Army WW1 pup tent with Dylan with my remaining Blackies Tommy’s cookers and my bicycle. All I wore was just a worn out school P E shorts and tee shirt during those last days which had become dangerous as the Battle of Britain was taking place in the skies, even if you weren’t bombed or shot from above, there was always the danger of aircraft debris or stray bullets coming down and a crashing plane would certainly do a lot of damage. I was met at the station by an old retired schoolteacher who was our guide and saw me onto the train. My parents certainly didn’t have a dry eye between them and asked Mr. Rolfe, the schoolteacher to take good care of me. By now both Dylan and John were crying loudly with their tears falling on the platform and tears flooded my eyes as I hugged and kissed them before finally boarding the train from where I watched the western side of the town being left behind carrying with me the memories of the past fourteen years of my life. After changing at Reading, we boarded an express to Liverpool Lime Street from where we were bussed to Princes Pier where we were processed onto our ships. I tendered my papers to receive my ticket plus my labels to fix onto my blazer and my steamer trunk which had the lining cut and the money with the post office cheque hidden inside. The woman looked at me as she passed me my documents and labels whilst ticking my name off her ledger saying. “Thomas Fullbrick, you’re bound for Melbourne on the steamship Victoria, she’s the big liner moored outside, you can’t miss her, bon voyage sonny,” and shook my hand. A porter picked up my steamer trunk with a sack truck and accompanied me to the ship, I gazed in amazement at the size of this beautiful liner, the M S Victoria as did the rest of the children boarding her from where I was led to my cabin with my steamer trunk which I knew I would be sharing with another boy. The ship would be our home for the next ten weeks provided the German’s don’t torpedo her. To be continued.

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