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Subject: School Days of Conner (gay/Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MbM Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MbM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. Copyright 2018 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. School Days of Conner By Wolf Growing up I walked home every school day and walked past the public park. Mothers’ and their children deliberately avoided a large portion of the park because the homeless men were an unsavory collection of men. They seemed to not be a threat to anyone. Some of them seemed to have some mental problems. But they never threatened anyone. A couple of things I witnessed that would upset the ladies if witnessed would demand that police to arrest them. The men would hide behind bushes to relieve themselves. I witness a couple of guys a few times laying on a grassy ground near the shrubbery and the larger man laid in front of the smaller man and reaching back to masturbate the smaller man’s cock. He even pulled the back of his pants and underwear down in back before pulling the other man’s cock to his backside and stuffing the guys cock into his asshole. While watching their behavior I sprang a boner. The man motioned for me to approach then. I showily the two men and as I got close, I could see the white flesh of their butts as the smaller man was humping the butt of the larger man. The big man said: “Son, I see that you are enjoying watching my friend breeding me! Would you like to find out what it is like?” “Yes Sir.” “Why don’t you come down to the traffic bridge at the end of the park later tonight. We have a hobo village under lara türbanlı escort the bridge?” I didn’t know what to say in response. I meekly said: “Maybe.” I went home and struggled to complete my homework because I couldn’t get the picture of the two me with their pants down allowing with their underwear fare enough to allow me to see the man’s cock fucking the big man’s ass. I struggled to finish my homework and eat my dinner before making an excuse for going to the movies to see the latest release. I hot-footed to the park and walked to the bridge. I walked down the slope and was surprised to find just about everything you could find in a home. There were a couple of cleverly made stoves and stoves made from square metals cans. There was cardboard on the ground along with discarded mattresses, couches, and chairs. There was the smell of a stew cooking. It smelled good. He couldn’t refuse a bowl with a piece of French bread. The big man was behaving very fatherly. While we ate. H was explaining that their encampment was like a commune. A couple of the guys were professional cooks or Navy cooks. They volunteer to cook for us. Several guys volunteer to do the laundry while the rest of us seek day jobs to support us. Our biggest problem is not drawing attention to ourselves. If the public ever suspected how many unemployed men living near the river and park, they would insist on the police arrest us and drive us out of town after an undisclosed stay in jail. I would have never suspected that something like that was possible in our town. The man that had befriended me was sitting with me on one of the old couches. It was all very exciting the way he started kissing me. He started pulling my T-shirt out of my pants and running his hand under my shirt and feeling my nipples. He lifted the shirt and started sucking lara ucuz escort my nipples. While he was licking and sucking on my nipples, he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the front of my pants. It was a simple matter to pull the front of my tidy-whites down and hang them under my balls. I couldn’t believe the way the big man’s mouth and licked my balls while holding my cock up. He eventually wrapped his hand around my dick and started masturbating me. I almost lost control when he took my dick into his mouth and started sucking my dick. It felt like only a couple of moments before I emptied my gonads into the man’s mouth. We rested and I got to taste my own cum while tongue kissing each other. Eventually, the man had me kneel on the cardboard with my arms crossed on the cushion and my head resting on my arms. The man produced a tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his finger and used his finger to coat the inside my anus. Then he used his hand to apply a heavy coating of lubricant all over his cock. As he moved his body start pushing close behind me and as he aimed his un-cut cock to my asshole, he cautioned me: “Conner, don’t clench your anus or this is going to hurt like hell. When I push, you have to strain like you are taking a dump.” The cool night-air was a stimulus on my asshole until the tip of his cock touched my asshole. My first impulse was to clench my sphincter but the pain forced me to relax my anus. When the man got his cock all of the ways into my colin. With every thrust, I was forced to let out a grunt. When the man squirted his cum into my colin. When he was finished, he walked me down to the slow-moving river where he washed his cock and washed my asshole. We walked back up to the underpass, and I gathered up my clothes and got dressed to return home. The man assured me that I would üniversiteli escort always welcome to have a meal with them and enjoy sex with anyone I want, but I think you should confide in your best friend that you like oral and anal sex. That gave me something to think about for a while. I visited the encampment several times and enjoyed being buggered while sucking big cocks and sucking hairy balls before I worked up the nerve to tell my best friend: “Jimmy, I hope you will continue being my best friend after I tell you that I actually like oral and anal sex.” Jimmy’s face lit up: “I never told you that I like sex with a man because I was afraid you would hate me!” We hugged and kissed each other while we rejoiced in our common knowledge. We couldn’t get each other undressed quickly enough. We sucked each other’s cocks and mouthed each other’s balls. Then we took turns fucking each other. While I was laying on his back with my cock still in his ass, I asked: “You mentioned that you like having sex with a man, who are you having sex with?” Jimmy turned his head to whisper in my ear: “My Daddy has been fucking me for several years after my mother ran off with her boyfriend. While I was processing the information, Jimmy called out: “DADDY COME HERE!” I panicked thinking that his father would get mad at me for fucking his son. My dick even went soft and almost slipped out of Jimmy’s asshole. When the bedroom door opened my heart almost stopped. Jimmy’s father approached the bed and sat on the edge of the bed and he placed his hand on my back and rubbed it. He even dipped a finger into my asshole. I got another hard-on instantly. Just as I was enjoying the feeling in my cock when Jimmy’s father removed his pants and showed me his impressive cock before he slid his cock into my asshole. Every time he drove his cock into my ass, my own cock was driven deep into Jimmy’s colin. I actually had an orgasm before Jimmy’s father. That was the beginning of my becoming an openly gay. My parents were upset but accepted my way of life. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

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