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Subject: Ryan’s New Life 22 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Chapter 22 Ryan rested with his head on Neil’s shoulder as he basked in the afterglow of early morning sex and played with the hairs on the man’s chest. “I wish I had a nice chest like yours,” he said. “You have a lovely chest,” countered Neil. “You might not have big pecs but you have nice definition. And these�” He reached out and plucked the nearest nipple and caused Ryan to giggle and pull away. “Stand out nicely when you’re aroused. You know that you have lots of admirers among the guests.” Ryan smiled. “They just like knowing that my cock is smaller than theirs.” “And you like showing it off! Talking of showing off your body, are you looking forward to the pool-party on Friday?” Neil said. “Yes, but I’m a bit nervous when I think about my photos being on sale,” Ryan replied. “Why? We selected some really hot ones from among those the photographer took for us for the two sets,” responded Neil. Ryan shrugged. “It’s almost like I’m selling myself, asking for money in return for pictures of me virtually naked.” Neil shook his head. “No, don’t think of it like that. Otherwise I will have to call myself a pimp since the hotel is taking 10% of the profits. You are simply capitalising on your assets – offering mementos to old men who enjoyed seeing you during their stay here.” Ryan smiled and then said, “I don’t want to tell the crowd about them. Will you do that?” “I will but I’m going to ask Chai to print off a few posters with small versions of some of the photos,” replied Neil. “I’ll put them up around the hotel in the afternoon before the party. That should get a few guys interested.” “It will be embarrassing if nobody buys them,” said Ryan. “There’s not much chance of that,” responded Neil. “Come on. Let’s get showered and have breakfast,” he said, sitting up. *** Ryan adjusted the red mankini that Finn had bought him and looked in the full-length mirror. “You look very sexy,” he told himself. “The men are going to love seeing you in that tonight.” Ryan was getting ready for the monthly pool-party. Neil had already changed into his leather shorts and harness outfit before going off to check with the staff working at the party so there was no-one else to give him the confidence boost he needed. Then his phone pinged with a text message from Adrian saying he was looking forward to seeing him at the party. That made Ryan smile. He put his short bathrobe on and went off to join Neil. One of the first things Ryan saw when he reached the entrance to the pool-party was a poster advertising his photo-sets. There were three men looking at it and making positive comments. One of the men noticed Ryan and said, “I hope you’re wearing something sexy under that.” Ryan smiled and said, “I think you’ll like it.” When Ryan met up with Neil, he was told that the entrance had been opened early in view of the number of people eager to get in. “We’ve sold drinks to over thirty people already and it’s not even the official opening time,” said Neil. “I think tonight is going to be our most profitable yet.” “Perhaps opening the event to more non-residents helped,” Ryan said as he looked around for Adrian. Neil had decided to increase the number of outsiders allowed in from ten to twenty-five. “Yes, and many will have come to see you.” Neil smiled and put a hand under the teenager’s bathrobe to pinch his bum. Ryan laughed and pulled away. “I will help on the gate if you want to help the bar with the drink sales.” Adrian arrived a short time later and Ryan approved of his outfit – dark blue shorts and a figure-hugging white t-shirt. “You look great in that,” he told the Australian. “Thanks. I assume you will be removing that bathrobe,” responded Adrian. “Yes, soon,” smiled Ryan. A short time Neil decided it was time to get the party under way. The band was ready, the finger buffet had been set up and virtually everyone had a drink in their hand. He took Ryan’s hand, led him to the microphone and asked him to get things under way. As Ryan stepped up to the microphone, heads were already turning towards him. “Good evening, all you sexy men. Welcome to the January pool-party!” Cheers followed Ryan’s announcement. Ryan smiled and carried on. “We have an excellent band so I want to see lots of you dancing. There is a buffet if you feel like a snack at any time and some hot food will be available during the interval. There will a fun quiz during the interval with meal vouchers for the winning team so get yourselves into groups of four for that. An award will also be given to the guest voted to have the sexiest outfit so don’t forget to vote.” Some shouts about Ryan’s not very sexy outfit led him to smile. “Okay. I will take my robe off now and reveal my outfit. Just remember – vote for a guest, not for me.” Ryan dropped his bathrobe to reveal the skimpy red mankini. “Do you approve?” he asked before stepping forward and slowly turning around to let the men see him from all angles. The cheers and applause was deafening. The response turned Ryan on and he made no attempt to hide his stiffening cock. “Isn’t he gorgeous?” Neil was now at the microphone addressing the crowd. “You can probably tell that he likes showing off his body to you.” Once the noise had died down again, Neil continued. “I have photo-sets of Ryan in a variety of sexy swimwear at a very modest price. If you’d like to buy any, please come and see me.” Ryan returned to the microphone. “I think you approve of my outfit.” There were more cheers. “Okay, I will be wandering around among you all evening. If you want to take a photo of me, you only have to ask. Now I want you all to have a good time. Make some new friends. Enjoy a drink or three and get dancing!” The band started up and Ryan switched off the microphone. “Was that okay, Daddy?” “It was perfect,” smiled Neil. “They love you. It looks like I have some customers for your photos.” Five men were approaching with wallets escort in their hands. Ryan smiled and stepped off the small stage. He walked slowly among the tables, saying hello and occasionally stopping for photos. Some men simply took a photo or two of Ryan but many wanted photos of themselves with Ryan. He had to tell several not to touch him below the waist while posing for photos. “Do you want to take a photo of me?” Ryan asked when he met Adrian again. “Only if you take off that thing you’re wearing,” Adrian replied with a smile. He checked to ensure that nobody else was close enough to hear when he said softly, “A boy as beautiful as you should never wear clothes.” Ryan laughed. “You’re a naughty man.” Adrian grinned. “Will you be free to meet me tomorrow afternoon?” “Yes. Let’s go to Ao Nang Beach,” replied Ryan. “Okay. Wear one of your sexy swim suits,” Adrian said. “Only if you wear speedos,” smiled Ryan. Adrian nodded. “It’s a deal. We can get a taxi from our usual meeting place.” “Great! I need to mingle some more,” said Ryan. “Try the Vietnamese-style spring rolls. They’re really good.” “Okay. See you later,” responded Adrian. Ryan was flattered and amused when an elderly American guest said that he was like an Asian version of Michelangelo’s David. “You have nicely defined body with the perfect ass and what appears to be a small dick. So sexy,” the man said. An Australian guest asked Ryan to pull down the straps of his mankini for a photo. “I will take only one down,” Ryan replied. “You will just have to imagine that I’m stripping off for you.” The man laughed and told Ryan that he was a cockteaser. When he met up with Neil again, he learned that many more photo-sets had been sold than either of them expected. “I had to go back to the office for more,” Neil told him. During the break, Ryan presented the prizes and posed for photos with the winners of the quiz and the sexy outfit competition. He then danced with Neil for a little while before mingling with the guests once more. It was another successful party night. Both Ryan and Neil were tired when they finally got to bed. They were horny too though and found time for sex before drifting off to sleep. *** Ryan and Adrian met the following afternoon as arranged. They hugged and then took a taxi to the beach. After they had found a spot to sit on the sand with nobody else nearby, Ryan dropped his shorts to reveal his newest swimsuit. It was low-cut with horizontal black and white stripes. “Do you like them?” he asked Adrian. “Very much.” Adrian smiled because he saw the bulge growing. Ryan was becoming erect as he watched. “Good. Now let me see what you’re wearing under those shorts,” Ryan said. Adrian fiddled with his shorts but eventually dropped them. “Ooh! You have worn speedos.” Ryan smiled when he saw the dark blue speedos with the broad pale blue stripe. He immediately focused on the large bulge and couldn’t stop himself licking his lips. He remembered holding the thick monster when he gave Adrian a massage with a `happy ending’ and he wanted to taste it. “I bought them yesterday at your request,” said Adrian. “Are they okay?” Ryan smiled at the Australian and said, “You look amazing in them.” “Thanks.” Adrian smiled. “I don’t know why I feel embarrassed when you are showing much more flesh. “I like showing my body off to mature, sexy men like you,” Ryan said as he stretched out on top of one of the beach towels that Adrian had brought. Adrian smiled and sat down close to Ryan. “You have a body that deserves to be seen by gay men,” he said as he looked at the very obvious bulge. And since you like showing it off, I think you’d love to be on a nudist beach, a gay nudist beach.” Ryan grinned. “I probably would. Are there some in Queensland?” Adrian laughed. “I think Queensland is the only part of Australia which doesn’t allow nudist beaches. There are a lot elsewhere though. I visited one in Sydney with some friends many years ago. Maybe you should ask Neil to take you there.” “Maybe,” said Ryan. “Do you have any photos taken on that nudist beach?” “No! I wouldn’t allow my friends to bring a camera and phones didn’t have built-in cameras in those days.” “Pity!” Ryan smiled. “If I ever visit a nudist beach with you, I’m definitely taking some pictures of you.” Adrian smiled. “I don’t know if I could allow that.” “It would only be fair because I am sure that you’d be taking pictures of me,” said Ryan. “Well, it will probably never happen,” responded Adrian. “Neil wouldn’t allow it.” Ryan sighed. “You’re right but it’s nice to dream. I like spending time with you.” Adrian was flattered. He knew that he would be trying to persuade Ryan to be more than just a friend if Neil wasn’t around. However he thought that Ryan was in love with Neil and he’d never do anything to hurt him. “Shall we go for a swim?” he asked. Ryan sat up and smiled. “Yes. Are you a good swimmer?” “I used to be but I don’t go swimming a lot these days,” replied Adrian. “I think I have been swimming every day since I arrived in Krabi. Come on!” Ryan got to his feet and ran towards the sea with Adrian following some distance behind him. They swam and had fun in the water for nearly half an hour before returning to their spot on the beach to rest. “I’ve brought some cold drinks and some snacks. Help yourself.” Adrian opened the cool box he’d brought and pushed it towards Ryan. “You look after me so well,” Ryan said as he looked at what Adrian had brought. “You’re a lovely man. Thank you.” They chatted as they ate and drank. Then they sunbathed for a while. Adrian offered to apply some sunblock on Ryan’s back and Ryan smiled. “You just want to touch me.” “Guilty as charged,” admitted Adrian. “However I can’t touch the parts I’d like to here on a public beach.” Ryan laughed. “I wish you had been my English teacher when I was at school. I would have had such a crush on you.” Adrian smiled in response. “You would have been my favourite pupil and that would have been so wrong. Teachers shouldn’t have favourites.” “Teacher’s pet. That would have been my aim,” said Ryan. “Do you think any of your current pupils have a crush on you?” Adrian shook his head. “I’m pretty sure that none do. After all, I’m old gebze escort enough to be their grandfather.” “A sexy grandfather,” smiled Ryan. He suddenly thought about Neil and felt a bit guilty about saying that to Adrian. “I suppose I’d better get back to the hotel soon. I’m working this evening.” “Okay. Will you come to my apartment next Saturday?” Adrian asked. “I’d like to be alone with you.” Ryan quickly realised that Adrian wanted to see him naked and maybe touch him again. The thought thrilled him but he hesitated a moment before saying, “Yes, if I’m free.” “You little ripper!” Adrian grinned and then explained. “That’s Aussie for `that’s great, mate’.” Ryan couldn’t help grinning too. *** A few days later Ryan was surprised when he noticed that a new guest sitting alone in the restaurant looked remarkably like the actor who used to star in the British tv crime series `Midsomer Murders’. “It can’t be John Nettles because he’s straight,” he said to himself. John Nettles, or Detective Inspector Barnaby, used to be one of his major crushes. “But he looks just like him.” He could feel his cock stiffen as he hurried over to the man’s table with a menu. “Good evening, sir and welcome,” Ryan said to the man. “Would you care for a drink while you decide what to order?” “Sure, kid. I’ll have a beer,” the man replied in what Ryan thought was an American accent. “Oh, you’re American,” said Ryan. “I thought you were English.” “English? No, I’m Canadian. The name is Sam.” Ryan smiled. “My name is Ryan. I’ll go and order your beer.” As he walked away, he remembered that John Nettles had blue eyes. “That man has green eyes so it’s definitely not him,” he said to himself. Then he smiled and thought, “However I’d still find it hard to say no if he invited me into his room!” Ryan returned to the man’s table a short time later. “Have you decided what you’d like to eat, Sam?” “I’ll go for the green chicken curry, Ryan,” Sam answered. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he was checking Ryan out. “If it’s half as tasty as you, it will be great.” Ryan giggled. He knew that Sam wasn’t the man that had fuelled many sexual fantasies when he was younger but he loved the compliment. He mumbled a “thanks” and hurried off to the kitchen. The pair exchanged smiles but Sam didn’t make any inappropriate suggestions when they interacted during the rest of his visit. Ryan got horny again thinking about Sam/John Nettles as he showered later that night. When he joined Neil in bed, he said, “I hope you’re in a sexy mood, Daddy. I’m really horny for some reason tonight.” Neil smiled. “How do you want it? Hard?” Ryan shook his head. He had always pictured his fantasy detective lover as a kind, gentle man. “Slow and sexy. And I’d like you to cum in my mouth.” “That’s fine with me,” said Neil. He felt a bit tired and didn’t really have the energy for one of the rough fucks that Ryan enjoyed from time to time. Ryan smiled and slid down to take hold of Neil’s cock. “Ooh, that’s nice,” Neil said when Ryan took the cock into his mouth. As Ryan slobbered over the thick 23 cm (9 inch) cock, he said to himself, “When I used to dream about D.I. Barnaby as my daddy, I never imagined him having a cock anywhere near as big as this. I love this cock.” Neil allowed Ryan to suck and lick his cock for several minutes before telling him to move so that they were in a sixty-nine position. He sucked the stiff little cock for a short time and then started rimming Ryan’s arse. As always, having his pussy played with soon had Ryan leaking pre-cum. “Let’s try something different tonight,” Neil said when he was ready to move on. “I’m a bit tired so I’d like you to do most of the work. I want you to ride me.” Ryan wanted Neil’s cock inside him so he agreed. It felt a bit strange to him getting astride Neil and sinking down onto the big cock but he loved the feeling of being stuffed. Soon he was bouncing up and down, fucking himself. “Yes, that’s nice,” said Neil. He lay back and watched the cute Asian youngster impaling himself on his cock. He reached out a couple of times to wank Ryan’s cock but mostly he enjoyed seeing it bounce and leak pre-cum. Ryan was getting tired so he was happy when Neil announced that he was getting close. “Shall I suck you off now, Daddy?” “Yes, please,” Neil said. He sighed when Ryan took his cock between his lips once more and it wasn’t long before he was filling the teen’s mouth with cum. Ryan swallowed every drop and licked the cock clean. “I enjoyed that. How was it for you?” Neil asked. “It was okay but I prefer having you on top, being in control,” replied Ryan. Neil laughed. “Okay. I’ll remember that. Now come closer and let me suck you off.” Ryan drifted off to sleep satisfied. *** Saturday afternoon rolled around again and Ryan was on his way to Adrian’s apartment. He was fairly sure that Adrian wanted to see him naked again and the thought excited him. “I want to see him naked again too,” he said to himself. Adrian greeted Ryan with a hug but then he frowned. “You’re wearing knee-length shorts today. I prefer seeing you in shorter ones.” “I’ll take them off if you wish,” said Ryan, trying to hide his smile. His plan had worked! “Yes, please,” smiled Adrian. He watched as Ryan unfastened and then removed his shorts. “That’s much better,” he said. Ryan smiled and sat down. He felt as cock grow and stiffen but did nothing to hide it. “Iced coffee, fruit juice or something else?” Adrian asked. “Fruit juice, please. Pineapple if possible.” “I have pineapple. I’ll get some for you,” said Adrian. “What have you been up to this week?” “Nothing much.” Ryan smiled and then told Adrian about meeting a guest who reminded him of a man who used to fantasise about when seeing him play a detective on tv. “Have you ever fantasised about sex with an actor on tv?” “I think most of us have,” Adrian said as he gave Ryan the fruit juice and sat down beside him. “Tell me who you used to dream about,” Ryan told Adrian. “There have been a lot over the years but you probably won’t know any of them,” said Adrian. When asked to name one, Adrian said, “There was a cute blond teenager who played a boy called Billy in the tv soap “Neighbours”. He was often topless gölcük escort or in speedos. I thought he was hot.” “No young Asians?” asked Ryan. “Sadly there weren’t many young Asians on tv when I lived in Australia,” replied Adrian. Then he smiled and added, “I’ve seen some hot young men on tv here but none as cute as you.” “You really think I’m cute?” Ryan asked. Adrian laughed. “Fishing for compliments again? You know I do.” Ryan grinned. “I think you asked me to come here today because you hoped to see me naked again.” “That’s true.” Adrian smiled. “But I don’t want you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.” “I’m very comfortable being naked with you. I know you won’t do anything inappropriate.” Adrian nodded. “I’d never do anything which might upset you.” Ryan stood up. “Okay. I’ll strip off.” He took off his short-sleeved shirt, put his thumbs in the waistband of his low-cut briefs and said, “I’d like to see you naked again.” Adrian took a deep breath. “Right. I’m willing to undress too.” Ryan smiled and pushed his briefs down to reveal his rock-hard cock. He stepped out of the briefs and said, “It’s your turn now.” Adrian licked his lips as he looked at Ryan and then stood up to undress. When he was wearing only boxer-briefs, Ryan knelt down in front of him and said, “I want a close-up view.” Adrian waited until he was fully erect before removing his underwear and then waited for Ryan’s comments. Ryan leaned a little closer and looked at the big cock. “It’s big and definitely the thickest I’ve ever seen.” “Does it scare you? It has put a lot of young men off,” Adrian asked. “I know it might hurt going in but it doesn’t scare me,” replied Ryan. “I think it’s beautiful.” He was tempted to kiss it but he resisted and stood up. “May I take a photo of you naked?” “What if Neil sees it?” Adrian asked. “He won’t. He never looks at my phone but I’ll hide it in a folder with photos of my friends back in Malaysia.” “Okay. Go ahead,” replied Adrian. Ryan thanked Adrian and took a photo. “Very nice. Do you want to take one of me?” “I already have a lot of photos of you naked,” said Adrian. “I’d like to hold you in my arms though.” Ryan smiled and nodded. “I like being held by you.” Moments later Ryan was sitting in Adrian’s lap with the man’s arms around him. “I can feel your big cock against my back. I like that.” “Can I take yours in my hand?” Adrian responded. “Yes, of course,” replied Ryan. Adrian’s fingertips played with hairless, grape-sized balls before he wrapped his fingers around the cockshaft and squeezed it. Ryan, whose stiff cock was totally hidden inside the man’s fingers, said, “That feels nice.” “I can feel that you’re leaking,” said Adrian. He gave the cock a single slow wank. “I think you need to be milked.” “I’d like you to milk me,” smiled Ryan. Adrian wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. He began to wank the boy-cock with slow, gentle movements. Ryan spread his legs wider and said, “This feels very nice.” Adrian had his free hand resting on Ryan’s flat stomach. He’d love to have fingered the entrance to the boy’s arsehole but he felt that would be going too far. “That area belongs to Neil,” he told himself. Ryan wanted to tell Adrian to push a finger deep into his pussy and finger-fuck him while wanking him. However he thought that was too much like real sex and therefore it couldn’t happen. Instead he said, “Wank me faster, harder.” Adrian did as Ryan asked and it wasn’t long before he heard Ryan cry, “I’m going to cum.” He wanked the little cock even faster and then watched as jet after jet of boy-milk flew from the piss-slit to splatter over Ryan’s upper body. Ryan sighed. “Thank you. I needed that.” Adrian remembered about Ryan telling him that Neil instructed him never to waste cum so he scooped some cum from the boy’s chest and held it up to Ryan’s mouth. There was no hesitation. Ryan licked the cum from Adrian’s fingers. Adrian fed him some more and then tasted some himself. “Your cum is sweet and delicious,” he said. “I wonder what your cum tastes like,” said Ryan. Before Adrian could respond, he continued. “I don’t think I’m allowed to suck your cock unfortunately. I could wank you off though.” “You don’t have to do that,” said Adrian. “In fact, I don’t think you should. Neil would be very annoyed if he found out.” “Hmm, okay. I want to hold it for a moment though.” Ryan twisted round on top of Adrian and took hold of the big cock. “You’re leaking,” he said before running a fingertip over the top of the cockhead and then tasting the clear liquid. “Mmm, slightly salty but very nice. If I was your boyfriend, I’d want to taste that a lot.” Adrian smiled. “Thanks but your Neil’s boyfriend. I’m sure you taste his.” “I do. I like cum and pre-cum. Even�” Ryan stopped and then leaned forward to kiss Adrian’s lips. Adrian took hold of Ryan and kissed him back. It progressed from a simple kiss to one where their tongues duelled. Ryan’s cock, which had never become fully flaccid, was rock-hard once more. They smiled at each other when they pulled apart and then Ryan lay against Adrian in contented silence. A short while later Ryan excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he returned, he asked Adrian, “Have you ever indulged in what Daddy calls piss-play?” “That’s a very personal question,” said Adrian. “I know but I think that we can discuss anything,” responded Ryan. “I have and I like it.” “Really?” Adrian paused before confessing to Ryan. “There was one young Thai guy who begged me to piss on him and eventually I agreed. It turned me on more than I had expected but I’ve never done it since.” Ryan smiled. “I’m glad it turned you on. If I was your boyfriend, I’d definitely want to receive `golden showers’ from you.” “You really amaze me at times, Ryan,” Adrian said with a smile. Ryan laughed. “I like to try different kinds of kinky stuff.” “You would make anyone a wonderful boyfriend. Neil is a very lucky man,” said Adrian. Ryan smiled and said, “I think any boy would be lucky to have you as his daddy.” “Thanks!” Adrian smiled and then checked the time. “I know you have to leave soon. Would it be okay if I came for dinner at the hotel this evening?” “You want to see me in my sexy waiter’s uniform? I will be very happy to serve you.” “Great! I can never get enough of you,” said Adrian. He gave Ryan a quick peck on the lips. “You are gorgeous!” Ryan grinned. “I enjoy your company too.” To be continued

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