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Subject: “Runaway” This is a fictional story in which sexual activity between consenting adult males is depicted; it is no way based on true events or the sexuality of any of the persons mentioned. If you are underage or it is otherwise illegal to read this story where you live, please stop reading now. The Nifty Archive is a great website and is made possible by donations from its readers. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so fty/donate.html This story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments and feedback can be emailed to: [email protected] Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic RedCheshire Website: bly ——————————————————————– “Runaway” Starring Darren Criss, Sebastián Yatra, and Nick Jonas ——————————————————————– Author’s Note: This story is set in spring 2019 in New York City, during the filming of the music video for “Runaway”. This takes place soon after the events of “All Tied Up” and “Making Up for Lost Time”, chapters 1-3 of the “Suckered by a Jonas Brother” story series. ~ Darren Criss looked down, enjoying the way that this sexy guy was curled up against his body, those thick fingers playing at the hairs on Darren’s chest, damp with sweat. His own fingers grazed up and down the other man’s spine, enjoying the feel of his long-term friend (and fuck buddy), Nick Jonas. “Dude, I am *sooo* excited for tomorrow!” Nick grinned, finding Darren’s enthusiasm to be contagious. “Oh yeah?” He shifted his body on top of Darren’s, looking into his friend’s warm hazel eyes while still feeling the hairs under his fingertips. “Hell yeah! I mean, for one thing, the song is really fun to listen to. And to see you, Joe, and Kevin making a music video is going to be awesome! And not just you guys, but with a bunch of other musicians. It’s going to be fucking amazing!” Nick’s grin grew, not just due to Darren’s enthusiasm. Two of the Latin singers on the single had been a lot of fun…both in the recording studio and back at the hotel room. He took a deep breath as he recalled rolling around in the sheets with Daddy Yankee and Sebastián Yatra. “Yeah, they’re a great team to work with. It’s really nice to work with Kevin and Joe again too. Missed that.” Nick stroked Darren’s chest as he contemplated the Jonas Brothers’ recent reunion, the years of tension between them now water under the bridge. The mention of the other two brothers caused Darren to hum a little. He’d been fooling around with Nick for a long time – ever since they’d hooked up during Nick’s run on Broadway. He’d managed to bag Joe as well, a few years later. Hell, he really did feel like the “Bonus Jonas” – you couldn’t get much closer to the brothers than having swapped cum with them numerous times. The thoughts of fucking arond with Nick and Joe mingled in his mind, merging into one daydream. Darren envisioned a Jonas sandwich, with himself in the middle. He shook his head, chuckling. It was a hot idea, but a longshot. His mind turned to Kevin – the only Jonas Brother he hadn’t “collected” yet through his sexual trysts. He tried to picture what Kevin looked like naked – seeing him at pool parties helped. The eldest Jonas Brother gave off some big dick energy. Darren’s cock began to stir, a result of visions of getting Nick and Joe together and of riding Kevin’s big thick pole. Feeling something poking him in the stomach, Nick looked up with a grin. “Damn, you really are excited about tomorrow.” “Fuck that.” He took hold of Nick’s shoulders and turned their bodies over so that Nick was on his back. Moving swiftly, Darren licked his way down the toned torso, over the girthy member that was filling out. He pushed Nick’s thighs up, watching as his cum dripped out of Nick’s hole. Winking, he plunged down, ramming his tongue inside. He could feel Nick’s thighs flex under his palms, knowing that Nick’s toes were curling in the air as he let out a high-pitched moan. The thick thighs spread on their own, granting Darren better access as he began devouring Nick’s rear, gearing up for another round of fucking. ~ THE NEXT DAY ~ Nick and Joe shared amused glances, watching as Darren had an animated conversation with Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee, talking music during a break in filming the video. “Your friend loves music.” Sebastián Yatra grinned as he moved over to stand next to Nick. “Yeah he does. He actually has a little music festival he does every year – it’s pretty neat.” Nick and Joe smiled, each with their own fond memories of the festival in years past. “Really? I’ll have to take a look. What’s it called?” “Elsie Fest.” Both brothers spoke at the same time, then laughed. Nick spelled it out while Sebastián searched it up on his phone. Joe watched the way that Nick looked at the Latin singer, curious. Nick caught his eye and blushed, confirming Joe’s suspicions of a past hook-up between the two. He coughed into his hand to cover up a soft laugh. “Ten minutes!” One of the production crew called out, reminding the musicians that their break was almost over. The three men made their way over to a curtained off area to the side of the sound stage, where the various parts of their wardrobe were kept for the video shoot. Looking up, Darren only caught sight of Nick entering the changing area and trotted over. “Hey Nick – oh. Shit man, I’m sorry.” Sebastián shrugged, both as a reaction and to remove his jacket. “It’s fine. Nothing we haven’t all seen before, right?” “Good point.” Darren managed to keep a poker face as the black t-shirt was peeled off next, followed by Sebastián’s white pants. The Colombian stud was left standing there in only a pair of black boxer-briefs and a pendant hanging from a chain around his neck, his toned body on casual display. Nick changed as well, grabbing a bold pink and black outfit as they got ready for the next scene. He took a little more time, engaged in a conversation with Darren, both of them casting furtive glances to check out the male flesh on display. Patting Nick on the shoulder, Yatra made his way out towards the set, leaving Nick and Darren alone in the changing area. “Oh my fucking god!” Darren’s voice came out as an excited stage whisper. “You okay?” Nick grinned, pretty sure what Darren had on his mind, based on the gleam in his eye. “Fuuuuck. You get to work with him all day? For how long?” “Just two days.” “He’s such a stud! And all the way down to his underwear. Shit, I was hoping those would disappear too.” Darren’s thick eyebrows waggled with mischief. “He’s definitely hot.” “He’s definitely hot.” Darren repeated Nick’s words in a goofy tone of voice. “That’s an understatement. That’s sex on legs right there. A fucking stud. Shit, man. I’d be on my knees in a second.” Criss grabbed his crotch to help make his point, causing Nick to laugh. Distracted, the pair didn’t notice the sound of footsteps as someone began walking away. Sebastián hadn’t meant to eavesdrop on the two, but Darren’s outburst had caused him to pause, concern giving way to devilish impulses as the actor-singer kept talking. Grinning wickedly, he made his way over to where they were about to start filming. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Duuude! Did you tell Sebastián about Elsie?” “Yeah, why?” Nick checked his phone, scrolling through messages. “He wants to hang out and talk about it. He might be interested in performing!” Darren’s smile was broad and bright with excitement. “Oh man, that’s cool. We get tickets right?” Nick nudged Darren in the ribs. “Of fucking course. Yatra. At Elsie. Yessss!” Pumping his fist, Darren bounded away, heading towards the exit. Joe caught a twitch at the corner of Nick’s mouth, a slight downward tug. “Well, guess that means Nicky won’t get to play with Sebby.” He chuckled as Nick feigned a glare in his direction, both at the nickname and acknowleding that Joe was correct – he *wasn’t* going to get to fool around with Yatra after filming. ‘Maybe later,’ he thought. “I mean, you can always hang out in myyy room. We can talk about the album and the tour and stuff.” “And stuff?” bursa escort “Yeah, you know. Whatever comes up.” Joe gave a quick wink, a reminder of their recent hook-up while filming the video for ‘Sucker’. “We’re here, it’s another music video shoot…Kevin’s got shit to do. It’s just you and me. We could make another movie together.” Joe’s grin got bolder as that pink hue hit Nick’s cheeks again. Leaning in, he whispered against Nick’s ear, close enough to make sure his breath tickled the flesh there. “My place or yours?” He could hear Nick swallow before speaking. “Yours.” “Good. I’ve got something I want to try.” Joe pictured the pair of handcuffs he’d brought, just in case. ~ ~ ~ ~ “So October, come as a guest to see what it’s like, and maybe perform next year. Sound good?” “Yeah, that sounds great. It’ll be fun to have you there!” “I think so. But…” Sebastián rose an eyebrow, leaving the word hanging in the air. “But?” “But…October is so far away.” He leaned in closer. “And you have he mere, now.” Yatra reached up and ran his finger along Darren’s shoulder. “And I think you said something about getting on your knees?” “Oh shit. You heard that? I am SO sorry!” Darren rambled out an apology, the words coming out fast. “Darren. Darren.” The second time, he said the other man’s name with more emphasis, getting his attention. “Do I look mad?” He moved in closer yet. “I don’t mind being called – what was it? Sex on legs?” Sebastián smiled as he ran his finger down Darren’s jawline, feeling the stubble scratch his fingertip. “Well, maybe.” Criss rose an eyebrow, regaining his confidence as he picked up on the signals that the Colombian singer was giving. “I didn’t get a really good look you know, you changed so quickly.” “Oh? Would you like a better look?” Sebastián reached down and took hold of his shirt, pulling it up and off of his body, tossing it to the side. “Damn dude.” Darren looked down, admiring the toned musculature just inches away. “Work out much?” Yatra let out a long loud laugh at the unexpected question. “Actually, yeah.” He kicked off his shoes while he spoke. “There’s this Netflix show that I need to get in shape for.” “Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.” “Think so?” Darren’s fingers ran down Yatra’s chest. “Hell yeah it’s working.” Minutes later, Darren *was* on his knees at last, his head swiveling as it bobbed up and down the singer’s hard cock. A hand rested gently on the back of his head, brushing through his curly hair as Sebastián moaned. “Yeah, you like that?” Darren smirked as he pulled off and dove down, attacking the fuzzy balls below with his mouth. “Oh fuuuck.” Darren continued the assault, licking and sucking the meaty orbs as his hands wandered over the muscled torso and legs. Squirming between those sexy legs, he grabbed Yatra’s rear and spread it, diving in with his tongue, hearing a loud moan fill the hotel room. Soon Sebastián was on his hands and knees, moaning as Darren ate him out, the actor having found one of his biggest turn ons. Darren rose up, grabbing his dick and slapping it against Yatra’s ass. “You fucking want this? Ram your hole open?” The Colombian rose up onto his knees, turning around. “I was thinking maybe the other way around.” Darren looked down, taking hold of the other man’s cock, stroking its length, feeling the veins running along the long shaft, appreciating the way it got thicker at the base. Curling his fingers, he ran them over the knob-shaped head, playing with the foreskin that halfway covered the end of the tasty-looking piece of meat he’d been feasting on just moments before. “Fuck yeah. Rail my ass, man. It’s all yours.” He quickly found himself on his back, legs hanging off the side of the bed as he watched Sebastián lube up his dick. Taking hold of Darren’s legs, he wrapped them around his waist, holding his cock by the base to guide himself as his hips moved forward. “Ohhhh…fuuuuuuck yesssssssssss!!!” Darren groaned with ecstasy as he felt his entrance get stretched open, the wonderful feeling of a hard dick spearing into his insides. Flexing his legs, he used his feet to pull Sebastián forward, not wanting him to stop until…there it was, those beautiful balls pressed up against his ass. “Fuck…fuuuuuuuck.” “Do you need a mom-” Darren cut off the question. “Hell no. Fuck me, dude. Give me this fucking cock and give it to me hard. Put these…” He ran his hands up Sebastián’s arms. “…muscles to work.” Taking hold of the other man’s hand, he pulled it towards his face, sucking on the long fingers, moaning lustfully. Sighing with pleasure, Sebastián pulled back and then pushed forward, moving his hips with a rolling motion, enjoying the sounds it brought out of Darren, his words muffled by the fingers he continued sucking on with glee. Licking his lips, Sebastián took hold of Darren’s thigh with his free hand, quickly settling into a nice pace, both enjoying the depths of Darren’s ass while ensuring he’d last a good long while, increasing the amount of pleasure for both men…and it was working, judging by the way Darren’s eyes rolled back in his head with another loud moan. Darren moaned as he opened his eyes, feeling waves of pleasure roil his body. He watched as Sebastián’s body moved like a wave, his torso and hips rolling as his cock drove in and out of Darren’s hole. The Colombian stud had figured out just the right angle, the round head of his cock driving over the actor’s prostate with each inward thrust. That, combined with the way he kept sliding his hands all over Darren’s body, groping him, teasing the nerve endings of his body inside and out…Darren had already lost it once, crying out as he came all over himself, stroking himself while Yatra’s words drove him on. Coming out in husky tones, the singer said he wanted to see Darren shoot for him, to show him how good it felt inside his culo…and then gasping as he described the way that Darren’s ring clenched around his shaft, squeezing as the American’s body was wracked by his orgasm. Sebastián leaned down, whispering in Darren’s ear. “How do you like the verga?” “It’s a-amazing. Don’t stop.” Yatra chuckled, patting Darren’s hip. “No, joto. How do you *want* it?” “Oh!” With a devilish smirk, Darren unwound his legs from around Sebastián’s waist. Bringing them together, he bent his legs and brought them forward, until his knees were near his chest, feet up in the air. “Ooh – hell yeah.” Sebastián climbed up onto the bed, resting on his knees, legs spread as he angled his dick down, finding his way back into Darren’s rear. The Glee actor purred as all eight inches sank back inside, feeling the shaft flex inside his tunnel. “Daaaamn, how long can you go?” “As long as you need, hermoso. Taking care of this…” He ran his hand around the taut globe of Criss’ ass. “…until you get off again.” “Fuuuuuck.” “What do you think we’re doing?” Winking, Sebastián began working his hips again, searching for that one spot again…and grinning when he earned a long passionate moan from Darren again. “Therrrre…” Darren reached down and grasped at Sebastián’s hips – in this position, it was the only thing he could hold onto besides the sheets. Maybe the other man’s forearms, as he used his hands to pin Darren’s legs against his chest, his body weight holding the horny American in place. Darren was left with only three sexual tools – his fingers (which were digging into Sebastián’s haunches, pulling him in), his hole (which he tightened on every out-stroke), and his mouth. He put the latter to good use, letting out a non-stop stream of dirty talk, watching for the phrases and words that caused the hot dick to throb or that sexy tongue to lick the adorable lips that he wanted to touch again. “Cum again, joto. Cum for me. Let me feel you clench my cock while your balls unload.” Grasping Darren’s legs, Sebastián picked up the pace, rocking the entire bed as he pounded away, eager to drive Darren over the edge. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuck meeeee.” It only took another minute or two before Darren’s body complied, his muscles spasming as he sprayed another load, coating his stomach and thighs. “That’s it. Thaaaaat’s escort bayan it.” Sweat covered Sebastián’s body – they’d been going at it for some time. His toned torso shone in the lamp light, drops of sweat falling to land on Darren as he began to drive for the finish line. “Oh daaaamn. Daaaoohhhhh ohhh ahhhhh!” Darren’s vocabulary was reduced to a series of moans as Sebastián’s hips slapped against his thighs, the balls that he’d been licking…an hour ago? Those luscious orbs smacking into his ass again and again. Darren heard the clapping of skin on skin, the sound of the headboard knocking against the wall, and deep heavy breaths from above. The latter sound became less rhythmic, more harried, before turning into a loud grunt. Sebastián growled as he rammed in one last time, the muscles of his thighs quaking as he used every ounce of power to drive in, as if he were trying to burrow his entire body into Darren’s rear. Criss gasped as he felt the hot throbbing member pulse inside, pushing against *that* spot, swearing that he could feel the cum splashing his guts as they were bred. As Sebastián’s body relaxed, he pulled Darren’s legs apart, wrapping them back around his waist as he settled down, torso against torso, the two men nuzzling each other as they slowly came back to earth from the orgasmic bliss that the singer had driven them too. “Have you eaten yet?” “I had some sausage earlier.” Darren laughed as Sebastián pretended like he was going to slap the sassy cutie’s face. “I meant have you eaten food yet?” “No – did you have something in mind?” “Mmmm…” Sebastián licked up the side of Darren’s neck. “I was thinking that we could shower, go get something to eat. So you can regain your energy.” “Oh – what for?” Criss blinked, trying his best to look innocent. As innocent as he could, drenched in sweat and two loads of jizz. Sebastián flexed his half-hard cock, still buried inside Darren. “For this.” “Holy fuck – you do know I have to walk again, right?” “Walking is over-rated. Besides, I bet your ass looks really cute when you’re crawling on all fours…” That beard nuzzling his neck was driving Darren crazy in all the best ways. “Dinner sounds good. Dessert sounds amazing.” “You have a room in the hotel?” Sebastián pulled himself up a little, wiping a curl off of Darren’s forehead. “No – I’ve got a place in the city. A loft. Why?” “Oh. I was going to see if you wanted to spend the night. But if you have your own pla-” Sebastián’s words were cut off as Darren pulled him back down, getting his lips on the other man’s again at last. His tongue pushed inside, telegraphing the urges coursing through his body. “I can spend the night. If you want me to.” “That would be lovely.” Darren watched admiringly as the lanky body curled up and off of the bed, those long legs strutting towards the bathroom. The sound of running water and then Sebastián appeared in the doorway. “Coming?” “I already did. Twice!” He laughed as Yatra closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Mmm. Maybe I’ll see if Nick, Joe, and Kevin want to have dinner instead.” Darren’s mind filled with a really hot mental image for a moment, before feeling a tinge of jealousy. “Nope!” He sprang off the bed, dashing into the bathroom. “I can be ready in five.” They arrived at dinner later…later than they’d expected to make it, as they’d gotten distracted in the shower. And Sebastián laughed at the way Darren’s cheeks turned red when the waiter brought the dessert menu, reminding the other man that he’d already had dessert that evening. ~ ~ THE NEXT AFTERNOON ~ ~ “Hey Nick – you ready to head out?” Darren set a shopping bag down – he’d gone out for some errands as the group was wrapping up the video shoot. With the filming part done, it was a bunch of technical and concept talk. He’d headed out, agreeing with Nick to meet up in a couple of hours, the Jonas brother giving a copy of his hotel key card to his old friend. Hearing a grunt from the other room, Darren made his way deeper into the suite. “Dude, you know you can go a day without exercise, ri…” He stopped dead in his tracks, thick eyebrows raised in surprise, one side of his mouth turning up in the biggest shit-eating grin. “You can also go a day without dick too.” Nick Jonas was on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed with Sebastián behind him. A pair of hands were dug into the skin of Nick’s hips, pulling them back to meet Yatra’s thrusts. Darren half-turned away, cocking his thumb towards the door. “I can go, if you two need more time.” Something about Darren’s demeanor, the casual way he reacted to finding his friend getting fucked…Sebastián had a feeling that these two were more than simply friends. Testing the waters, he held Darren’s gaze, slowly beginning to pump his hips again. “Or you could stay, if you want to…” One slim eyebrow rose up, both questioning and inviting at the same time. The question in his mind was answered as Darren’s clothes were quickly peeled off, joining the pile on the ground. Darren climbed up onto the bed on the opposite side, shifting over towards Nick’s face. “Sorry, lost track of the time.” Nick grinned with a shrug. His lips stretched with more than a smile as Darren’s meat found their way inside, burrowing down Nick’s throat. “Dude, do I look pissed? This is fucking awesome. You should ‘lose track of the time’ more often. Like you did back at ‘Midway.” “Midway?” Yatra let his hips roll slowly, enjoying the tight velvet tunnel squeezing his shaft. “Long story.” Darren pulled out, tapping his dick against Nick’s lips, smiling as they found their way back around the head of his cock and began suckling on it…and then sliding all the way down to the base. “I’ll tell you over dinner, if we make it to dinner, that is.” “Maybe over room service then.” Darren looked up at Sebastián’s suggestion, laughing as he rustled Nick’s hair. “You trust this one with whoever they send up for room service.” The Latin singer joined in Darren’s laughter. “Good point. He seems to…have a certain talent for getting himself into trouble.” “Or getting trouble into him.” “Oh…is that what this is?” Sebastián pulled out until only the head of his dick remained inside, pointing down at his crotch. “Trouble?” “Awesome trouble. The best kind.” Nick moaned as the two men pushed in at the same time, keeping pace together as they slid their hips back and forth, a well-timed spit roast as their cocks buried inside him again and again from both ends. After a while, Darren pulled out, bending down to give Nick a kiss, swearing that he could taste cum on his friend’s lips. Glancing up, he caught a wink from Sebastián, silently filling in the gap of what Darren had missed before arriving at the hotel. Climbing off of the bed, Criss made his way around, he leaned against Sebastián’s back, planting kisses on his neck. The Colombian moaned…until he felt Darren’s hard rod sliding up against his rear. “Mmmm, I told you, I don’t usually – ” “I know. Had…something…” Darren moved down, licking his way along the other man’s spine, tasting sweat and skin. “…else…in…mind.” Landing on his knees, Darren used his thumbs to spread Sebastián’s rear, burying his tongue inside. Like the day before, he earned a long guttural groan of pleasure. He worked like a mad man, feasting on Yatra’s hole, feeling the strokes of his hips lose their tempo as Sebastián’s focus shifted between Nick’s hole and Darren’s tongue. He rose back up, hands groping Sebastián’s chest as he worked the taller man’s neck with the same fervor, feeling him quake under Darren’s touch. Criss’ cock found its way between Yatra’s cheeks again, gliding up and down easily between his spit and precum and Sebastián’s sweat. The other man tensed up again…but not as much as before, his body enticed by Darren’s tongue on his body and the fingers playing with his nipples. Returning to the ground, Darren redoubled his efforts, Sebastián’s moans turning into outright cries of pleasure. The long legs shifted, spreading further apart to grant Darren better access. Grinning, Darren continued rimming the other man’s rear for another few minutes before standing bursa escort again, nestled against Sebastián’s backside. “If you think my tongue feels good…” He let the suggestion hang in the air, his tongue slowly snaking up the sexy neck. He felt Sebastián shift and something was pressing against Darren’s side. Something hard. Reaching down, he felt the familiar shape of a small bottle. Smiling, Darren popped open the cap and squeezed, pouring lube into Sebastián’s crack, making sure a liberal amount coated his member as he slid it up and down. Playing with Sebastián’s nipples to distract him a little, Darren nudged forward. The little knot of flesh took a few moments to relent. However, worked open by his tongue, aided by lube and determination, the bulb-shaped head slowly eased Sebastián open and pushed inside. “Oh fuuuuuck.” Nick was tight…really impossibly tight, considering the amount of dick that had pounded his rear. But Sebastián was…on a whole other level. Both men groaned as Darren slid all the way inside with one long stroke, too focused on the incredible way that Sebastián’s guts were squeezing his manhood. It was like fucking a virgin. Darren figured it must have been a long time since Yatra had bottomed but damn. Once he sensed that Sebastián had relaxed, getting used to the anal intrusion, Darren picked up the pace. He didn’t pound the Latin singer’s ass – it felt too tight to do that, but Criss put his skills to work, making the other man’s hole sing. Yatra’s long torso sank down, curling onto Nick’s back, Darren’s thrusts pushing his dick into the Jonas singer. ‘These two are a dangerous combination,’ he thought, a big grin lighting up Sebastián’s face. His nostrils flared as his breath quickened, his chest heaving against Nick’s backside, until his entire body tightened up again. “Oh fuck oh fuuuuck ohhh….” His mind exploded, losing control of English, switching to Spanish to tell Nick that he was breeding his hole. Spent, Sebastián’s attention returned to his rear. The post-nut haze faded and he groaned in pleasure and pain as he reached back, patting Darren’s thigh. “Need to stop?” “Yeah, sorry. Now that I…” A hand stroked Sebastián’s back. “Don’t worry about it. Was a nice ride.” Lips on Yatra’s neck. “Thank you.” “Mmm, you’re welcome. I don’t let many guys…do that.” “Fuck man, I can tell.” Darren gave an appreciative squeeze to Sebastián’s ass before the other man slid to the side, relaxing on the bed. Darren knelt down and pulled Nick back, burying his face in his friend’s ass, his tongue going as deep as it could, making Nick howl. The singer was upright on his knees, blinking and panting furiously as Darren went to town, eating Sebastián’s load out of his ass. “Dar…Darrrr…fuuuuuck….oh man, please…” The last word came out as a long whine. Criss knew exactly what that sound meant. Rising up, he pulled Nick down and onto his side, settling down behind his friend, lifting the meaty thigh and sliding inside, fucking Nick on his side. He took his time, staring at Sebastián over Nick’s shoulder, inviting him to join. Despite having gotten off twice already, the sight caused Yatra’s manhood to stir again. He crawled over, getting up on his knees, watching as Nick sucked the chubbed member into his mouth. With expert skill, his mouth and tongue soon awoke Sebastián’s meat once more, the stiff rod poking out against Jonas’ cheek. Sebastián began pumping back and forth, watching as the side of Nick’s face pushed out with each stroke. “Yeah, that’s it – feed the hungry whore.” “Is that right, Nick? You’re a hungry…puto?” Nick didn’t know much Spanish but he figured it out. He pulled off, lapping at the knob-shaped head that was pulsing out precum like a faucet. “Hell yeah, I’m hungry as fuck.” “A hungry what?” Taking hold of his cock, Sebastián tapped it against the side of Nick’s face. “A hungry whore. A…” His eyebrows crunched, trying to remember the word. “A puto. Feed me.” “Mi diosssssssss…” Sebastián’s voice turned into a growl as Nick inhaled his cock. From behind, Darren began pounding harder, lifting Nick’s leg higher to be able to slide in deeper. Between fucking Sebastián and now fucking Nick, knowing that Colombian cum was sloshing around his dick inside, and watching his friend gobble Sebastián’s meat…it was soon too much. Darren yelled out, fingers digging into Nick’s chest, as his balls unloaded in his friend. He’d lost count of how many times he’d bred Nick…fuck, he didn’t bother counting, knowing that there’d be more opportunities in the future. Darren pulled out and maneuvered the other two men’s bodies so that Sebastián was on his back again, Nick hunched over his crotch, Darren pushing and pulling on the back of Nick’s head, helping feed Sebastián’s length down Jonas’ throat, listening as Nick gagged and moaned. Taking the hint, Sebastián took hold of Nick’s head with both hands and began thrusting up. “Yeah, that’s how you like it?” Nick looked up at him, eyes watering as his throat worked to accommodate Sebastián’s eight inches again and again. Taking a deep breath through his nose, Nick nodded. “Fuuuuck, tragaleche.” Settled in next to Sebastián to watch the show, Darren chuckled. “Oh, he definitely loves to swallow a load, don’t you Nick?” He ran his fingers through the wavy locks of Nick’s hair. Sebastián pounded Nick’s mouth, watching Nick’s face turned into a mess of sweat and spit, his lips not always able to keep up with Yatra’s intensity. His watering eyes couldn’t hold the moisture – blinking, it looked like tears streaking down his cheeks. The happy moans rolling out of his throat belied his appearance, the way he worked his throat showing Nick’s pleasure. “Fuck fuck fuck I’m going to….fuuuuuuuuck!!!!” Sebastián watched as Nick reached and took hold of the base of Sebastián’s cock, pumping it. At the same time, his mouth latched onto the head, sucking for all he was worth. As jizz blasted out, Nick’s throat worked to catch every drop, making happy little grunting sounds until there wasn’t a drop left to pull out of Yatra’s pole. “Come here, hermoso.” Sebastián patted his chest. Panting, Nick clambered up onto Sebastián’s lap, beating his meat furiously, his hand a blur. Sebastián reached around and buried his fingers inside Nick’s hole, teasing his insides…his other hand played with Jonas’ nuts, stroking them encouragingly. It only took moments until Nick began blasting ropes of jizz all over Sebastián’s chest and neck, some of it splashing onto his chin and cheeks. Nick groaned, his chest heaving, as his body jerked with each shot. Finished, his hands clasped the headboard as he fought to regain his breath. Darren ducked in between them, his tongue cleaning Sebastián’s face off, then his neck and chest, turning to clean Nick’s cock. Finished, he returned to Sebastián, lifting himself up a little until his face was above Yatra’s. Using his thumb to pry open the stud’s mouth, Darren pursed his lips and relaxed his jaw, allowing Nick’s cum to escape. It fell in a long thick line, landing on Sebastián’s outstretched tongue, coating it with Nick’s seed. Darren brought himself back down, his lips closing around Sebastián’s tongue and sucking on it, then kissing him, the pair swapping spit and their friend’s load, some of the jizz escaping and trickling down their chins. Nick soon joined them, their tongues and lips engaged in a threeway kiss. ~ ~ ~ ~ “So when is your flight?” Darren’s hands moved under the water, working soap along Sebastián’s legs – he’d already cleaned Nick’s lower half. The three were in the huge spa bathtub in Nick’s room, relaxing. “9pm.” “Yours is tomorrow?” He turned his attention back to Nick, who nodded. The Jonas singer’s hand was massaging soap over Sebastián’s chest. “Well, that still gives us…” Darren’s eyes moved up and over, doing the math. “Seven hours?” “You…” Sebastián pointed at Darren, grinning. “…and you…” His finger turned to Nick. “…are trouble.” He turned, his lips finding Nick’s…and then leaned over, finding Darren’s. “The best kind of trouble.” The End ——————————————————————– Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the story, have feedback or want to share ideas, would love to hear from you. [email protected] You can find all my stories at bly Follow me on Instagram or Twitter: Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic

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