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Subject: Pro-Ball-4 PRO-BALL-4 Members Only Written by Eugene Marvin aol SCENE-1SCENE-2SCENE-3, into the woman’s pussy fucking his face! He didn’t know what she smeared on her vagina before climbing onto his face…?…but her cunt was the best he’d ever tasted…!…he couldn’t get enough as he tried forcing his entire face in her slit, darting his tongue into her tight hole while slurping wetly on her clitoris, making the girl moan erotically! The woman sucking his dick was an expert as well, using his mouth and hand together as a funnel, stroking him about the length and base while suctioning the top half of his hard-on, creating a swirling effect that made him ready to pop his load several times! But each time he was ready to cum, she’d back off, prolonging his climax, making him wish his hands were free to take over himself! The woman on her knees between his legs were suckling his balls one at a time, swirling them around wetly in her mouth before switching orbs or suctioning the entire sac in her mouth at once! When she was done bathing his baby-makers, she spit them out and moved lower, wrestling her tongue into his ass crack, bathing his vulnerable asshole! Tyrome couldn’t help stiffening even harder when he felt the warm wet tongue venture into his shitter! He was helpless to lock the woman out, as she licked her way over the hairless anus until it relaxed enough for her to start darting her tongue in and out of the hole! Tyrome couldn’t believe this was happening! How many men paid for `The Royal Treatment’…? He couldn’t help but wonder if Oreon was going through the same torture…?…but he couldn’t lift or turn his head to see him, not with the women currently riding and cumming on his face, as her vagina quivered in his mouth! Tyrome could TASTE her inner essence as she had her first orgasm! The women sucking his dick stopped completely! She hadn’t sucked his dick in a few minutes, causing Tyrome to wonder what happened to her? The women at his ass was now rubbing oils over bursa escort his anus, stuffing her fingers inside to massage his prostate gland! Tyrome felt his dick pulsate every time she touched it! She added more fingers, stretching his anus wider, causing his dick to throb harder! Tyrome thought he would cum any second…, when the fingers suddenly exited his asshole! These women KNEW their jobs! Tyrome was left alone for a few minutes, the only woman touching him was the one still riding his face! Someone returned between his legs! Tyrome’s anus puckered wantonly with anticipation, fully expecting the women to resume fingering him! But something else started to push into his asshole! Something BIG! Something THICK! Tyrome squirmed on the table, trying to break loose as whatever it was invaded his anus, pushing straight through his well-oiled rectal ring to sink deeply inside him! At first he thought it was a giant dildo…?…or a strap-on, as he felt someone standing between his spread legs! But as soon as it pressed all the way into him, Tyrome realized [from experience] that it wasn’t a strap-on…!…that it was A MAN! Someone was about to openly fuck him [bareback]…, and he was in no position to stop it from happening! The man pushed all the way in until his pubic hips and pubic hair were grinding into Ty’s butt! The dick lay HARD in his rectum, as a woman climbed onto the table, straddling his waist and lowering her vagina onto his upright dick! Tyrome couldn’t help groaning out erotically as the tight wet cunt sank down around his hard-on like a silky gloved first, cradling him inside! Simultaneously both the man AND woman started fucking him at the same time! The woman pulled up off his hot hard prick nearly fully, before pushing back down on it, effectively fucking herself…!…while the man pulled back with his hips, withdrawing his big thick prick until only the head remained lodged trapped within the rectum before changing directions and sinking back inside [full length]! bursa escort bayan Eventually the man picked up the pace and started fucking harder, unable to resist going deeper as he explored all the wonders of Tyrome’s innards! The woman continued to fuck at a steady [slowly] pace, wanting to time Tyrome’s orgasm just right as she slowly slipped her talented cunt up and down his dick full length! Tyrome was trapped between a rock and a soft spot! He couldn’t move nor protest, as they had him strapped to a table helplessly, his mouth and face full of pussy as the woman riding his face started to cum again! The man grabbed hold of Tyrome’s waist, his big strong hands holding him firmly [for leverage] as he started thrusting harder! Soon he was power-fucking Tyrone’s asshole nonstop, boring straight through him like a speed-line train as he darted his dick in and out of his hole! The woman started to fuck Ty’s dick faster, sensing his pending orgasm! Tyrome squirmed helplessly as his body was fucked in all directions! He could feel himself quickly losing control as he tried thrusting up into the woman riding him! She hammered her pussy down on his dick, slapping her pelvis against his groin with resounding slap sounds! Tyrome’s toes curled as his dick thickened and swelled! He cried out into the vagina in his face…, just as the woman riding him slammed her cunt down about the base of his rod, milking the shaft with her inner muscles! “ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” cried Tyrome, coming painfully as the sperm RIPPED from his balls like Elmer’s Glue, clotting up into the woman riding him! At the same time the man fucking him could FEEL his anal muscles tighten and contract around his plunging prick, as he continued to fuck wild and hard until the last stroke, ramming all the way into Tyrome’s vulnerable ass until he came! “URRHHGGG…!!!” cried the man, coming hard himself as he ground himself into the ass housing him! Tyrome could FEEL the big dick pulsating inside him! He could escort bursa FEEL the warm gush of cum enter him, pooling somewhere in his colon as the man suddenly [slowly] pulled out! Tyrome moaned softly as his asshole was emptied! The woman fucking him slowly pulled off his softening dick, letting it fall weakly from her cunt as she climbed off the table! The last one to depart was the one riding his face! She looked down at him and smiled innocently, then un-straddled his face, allowing him to see again! Tyrome immediately lifted his head to peer down over his chest to see if Oreon had gone through what HE’D gone through…?…but Oreon’s table was empty, and he was gone! “Wha…what happened to my friend…?” asked Tyrome, as the ladies finally started to un-strap his restraints! “HIS massage over…” said one of the naked women [Tyrone didn’t know which one he’d fucked]…? “…he go shower 10 minutes ago!” she said, as they helped Tyrome rise up! Tyrome felt completely exhausted from the intense climax! He didn’t know if he should feel angry or grateful…?…as he climbed down off the table and headed for the exit to go shower! Sure enough Oreon was inside, already rinsing off when Tyrome arrived! “That was SOME massage, eh…?” laughed Oreon, turning off his shower before grabbing a clean towel to wrap about his waist! “I didn’t know a `Royal Massage’ included ass eating!” added the baller, grinning ear to ear! “I’m gonna have to order that one more often!” he joked, before heading for the exit! “Meet you later for lunch and drinks!” he said before disappearing! Tyrome never got to ask him if he’d gotten fucked also…? What made the women single HIM out…? Did they realize he was no virgin when they ate his ass…? Did that make them think it was okay to get one of their guys to fuck him…? Tyrome turned on the showerhead and adjusted the temperature, standing under the warm water as he cascaded all over his oily body! His relaxed his anal muscles and allowed a fart to escape, followed by a cascade of cum [which oozed down between his inner thighs to wash away down the drain]! Now every Asian man he saw at the spa for the rest of the day…, would make him wonder if HE was the one that fucked him…? SCENE-4

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