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Subject: Pool-adventures Chapter 10 Sharing a shower with a guy has always been a stimulating experience for me. Mainly because when growing up and in college dorms, the shower was the rare place where I could be naked and jerk off knowing I had a few moments alone, forever linking sex and showers in my mind. It also helped that locker room showers were the opportunity to check out other guys whether they were naked or in a tight speedo. One thing I know for sure is that if someone next to me gets hard, it is contagious as I will swell up too. Seeing the water flowing over their naked or speedo clad body only stimulates me more. A blast of cold water might temper my “enthusiasm” but I usually have to recite the periodic table of elements to calm down completely. When I was in grad school I swam regularly and the showers were usually full of other swimmers and guys cleaning up after a workout, always some beautiful men to enjoy. On one particular Saturday, I had just finished a swim and was rinsing off in the shower. It was a rectangular room with about 8-10 shower heads without any partitions or curtains. I made eye contact with the guy across from me a few times. He was cute, brown hair, fit body and a sexy treasure trail leading downward to a nice bulge. He was in a pair of black jammers that were nice and tight, especially when soaking wet. The wet lycra showed off all aspects of his cock, balls and bubble butt. He spent quite a lot of time rinsing his bulge and reaching into his suit to clean his ass. I just watched and enjoyed the show. After a period of him with his back to me washing his ass crack, this guy turned around so his bulge faced me. He was completely hard in his jammers and his cock was sticking out to the side. No one in the shower seemed to notice except me and it made me start to get hard in my black speedo. I casually rubbed my cock through my speedo so that he would know I was interested in him but only briefly so I would not draw attention. He turned off his shower and boldly moved to the open shower next to me. We both faced the wall and kept looking at each other’s izmit sınırsız escort bayan bulges and faces. He smiled at me and licked his lips. It was almost enough for me to cum right then and there. We continued to soap and rinse to enable us to stand close to each other for a little while longer. After a little while, he finished showering and headed for the lockers. I let my cock soften and then did the same. He was in the same row as me but on the other side of the main aisle. We were not alone but we both kept making eye contact as we dressed. He got dressed quickly because of all the guys around us but he wasn’t shy about showing off his naked swollen cock. I was not far behind him in being ready to leave but tried to distract myself enough to lose the boner so I could get ready without too obvious of an erection. I happened to follow him out of the lockers and upstairs to the exit but kept a good distance so I did not come across as too pervy. He headed out of the building and walked away. I figured that was the end of it and was ready to walk home. As I was just about to cross the street, he turned around and smiled. Instead of crossing the street, I started walking towards him. He stood still, waiting for me. We introduced ourselves and he said that he would love to hang out but needed to do something. He asked if we could meet in an hour or 2. I said that worked for me and he asked for my address. Fortunately I lived nearby. I went home and about 90 minutes later my doorbell rang. It was my shower buddy. At the time, I had 2 housemates but fortunately neither were home. Scott came in and I brought him to my room in case someone returned home. We started to kiss and then moved to my bed still fully clothed. We were touching each other all over and I stroked his hard cock through his pants. I fumbled with the button and zipper to ease access to his bulge. He was wearing a grey pair of briefs and he had leaked precum all over his bulge. I stood up and stepped out of my pants and slipped off my shirt. Scott did the same and now we were both evinde görüşen escort just in our briefs with hard cocks barely contained. I made him lay down on the bed. I slipped his cock out of the top of his briefs and started to suck the head of his cock. He wasn’t hung but he had a 6″ cock I could take full length in my mouth without too much effort. I also started to gently grab his balls and glide my fingers towards his hole. His ass and balls were freshly shaven so I am guessing that is what he had to run home to do before meeting up. He moaned as I did ran my hand the length of his ass and I sensed he wanted more ass play. I spit in my hand and slicked up his hole and resumed kissing him while my hand explored his ass. I rubbed my fingers against his hole in a circular motion that he seemed to enjoy. I slid a finger in and it went in very easily. Two and then three fingers slipped in without any resistance. He seemed to easily take anything. I stopped kissing him and sucked on his nipples for a bit. I then kissed his neck and then he begged me to fuck him. I pulled his underwear off of him, stood up and took off my underwear. He was still laying on the bed. I grabbed my lube and started to grease up his hole and fingered him to get him nice and slick, inside and out. He flipped over and got on all fours, turned to face me and I moved in closer. I stuck the head of my cock in and slid in so easily. There was no resistance and I remarked how loose he was. He said that he had been playing with his toys earlier. I held him by his shoulders and started to get a steady rhythm of fucking him. With one hand I reached underneath and grabbed his cock and stroked him. I then pulled out, stood on the floor and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He put his feet on the floor and leaned over the bed. I slipped my cock back in and continued to fuck him. At this point we were enjoying ourselves too much and not necessarily paying attention to anything else. When I took a break to flip him over on to his back, I could hear someone in the bedroom next door, my housemate kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan had come home but I am not quite sure how long they’ve been home. Oh well. Scott whispered in my ear “Is it okay to continue?”. I nodded yes and just started fucking him with a little more effort as I knew I wasn’t far from cumming and there was no way I was going to stop now. By now the sound of my body slapping against Scott’s ass was hard to muffle. We just continued to fuck and then I reached that point where I knew I was going to cum. Scott grabbed his cock and started stroking his cock feverishly as I was getting more vocal and he realized I was close. I went balls deep into him a few more times and then started to cum inside of him. I fucked my load into him as deeply as I could and continued to fuck him until he shot his load. Scott was a shooter and his first and second spirts shot over his shoulder. One landed on the pillow and the other on the wall by his head. I pinched his nipples playfully and caressed his chest. We both started to kiss as our orgasms started to subside. My cock started to soften and slipped out of his ass. My cum dribbled out of his hole. I got up to get a towel for him. I told him if he needed to clean up, go ahead as our household was mature and sex positive so he didn’t need to worry about being embarrassed. I was lucky to have two straight housemates who were just as horny as I was. He said he needed to clean up a little, put on his clothes and headed for the bathroom. He came back in the room a few minutes later and reached out for a hug. I pulled him in for a kiss and grabbed his ass through the top of his jeans. He didn’t have his underwear on and I said as much. “Would you mind if we exchanged a pair? I like to have a souvenir” he said. I picked up my underwear and his off the floor. Fortunately, we were both size Smalls. Mine were a nice pair of navy blue Calvin briefs but I had several and happily obliged his request. His donation was a pair of 2xist briefs. Hell, now I would remember our hookup the next time I wore his pair. Many years later I still have them and the fond memory that goes with them. Hello there reader and hopefully fellow speedo lover, thank you for reading my story and I hope you found it “stimulating”. I have enjoyed Nifty for many years. Please remember that Nifty needs donations to keep things up and running. Please make a contribution of any amount, fty/

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