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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 78c IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. As he began to pump his load into Niki, the little Russian, on his back, his legs bent double, his little eyes scrunched up, as he endured the fucking. My own spasms, buckled my knees, pulling me out of Digbey, he groaned, pulling himself out of Niki, his final spasm of cum, spurting over Niki’s little hard cock and marble balls. The three of us collapsed laying on the bed as we recovered, Niki clambered on to my hairy chest and began kissing me, more licking really; I wrapped an arm round him and squeezed him close. Digbey, lit up a cigarette, clouds of smoke drifting into the air, his other hand in my groin, gently squeezing my cock shaft. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � part 78c Davy takes up the story I walked out of the ensuite, naked. I felt shy, why was I feeling shy? I had my hands in front of me, covering my nakedness. Callum was clothed sitting in the armchair by the window; watching. Gethin in the other chair, stood up as I entered, he was only in his service issue blue y fronts, he met me in the centre of the floor, holding his hands out to me, I took them with mine; revealing myself to him. He stood looking me up and down, he smiled and glanced back to Callum. `Our little boy is not a little boy anymore’ Callum, chuckled and said `I told you’ I looked in to his eyes, mumbling `Do you want me to go? He used a couple of fingers to brush my fringe back from covering my eyes. Slowly he dragged the back of his fingers down across my face, lingering over my mouth, I felt my lips, nibble at them, he straightened them out and eased them into my waiting mouth. I wrapped my tongue round them, as he eased them in and out of me, his eyes never leaving mine, his fingers pulled from my mouth. Clasping my face between both hands he pushed his lips to mine, his tongue pushing against mine as he mumbled `Davy, I love you for being you, not just for your body’ I looked up into his face, he turned the scar side away. `Don’t, please. I think your beautiful, I leant forward and kissed the red angry skin. A tear rolled down from his real eye `You don’t have to do that’ He whispered `I want too’ I kissed down from his eye across his cheek and down on to his shoulder, then moved to his nearest nipple, flicking it with my tongue, I saw the bulge in his y fronts jump. Pressing my lips over his nipple I began to suck and toy with it between my teeth; he gasped. I looked up, he was staring up at the ceiling, but his eyes were closed; his hands on my shoulders. I pressed my other hand to his other nipple, taking the nub between my thumb and forefinger, another gasp. I looked up at the cough from the armchair, my eyes meeting Callum’s, I released Gethin’s nipple. `Is this okay, you don’t’ mind, do you? Callum shook his head and winked `No, I am enjoying watching you two, I will join in later, for now, you enjoy each other’ I kissed down Gethin’s muscular body, down through the dusting of brown hairs over his abs to his belly button. I pushed my nose into it `Hey, that won’t be pleasant, let me have a quick shower’ `No please, I like it’ His stomach muscles tensed as I let my tongue explore where my nose had been second before, he tasted clean, maybe a bit of sweat, nothing horrendous. I felt a switch flicked in my head as more of my senses turned on, and my mouth began to water. I glanced down; he was hard in his Y fronts, his swollen cut cockhead clearly visible at the end of his shaft, a small wet patch was forming right next to it. I pressed my lips to it and pushed out my tongue, immediately tasting his precum, I dragged my tongue over his cock head; I heard him moan, and felt more precum ooze into the fabric, I sucked on it gently. Getting to my knees, he moaned `Oh, Davy please’ I smiled to myself as I slipped my fingers into his waist band and slowly began to slide down his shapeless Y’s. I peeled them over his furry bum cheeks first, ensuring his cock caught in the crumpled material of the front, another kiss to his cockhead and then I slowly dragged them down, watching his cock catch in the material, it strained hard, now clearly visible, the pants could contain it no more, it burst free and slowly soared upwards, hitting his stomach, leaving a wet splat, before adopting a less acute angle. I gripped the thick shaft and gave it a couple of wanks, his cockhead, mere inches from my mouth, glistening, it waited, every second another strain and yet more precum oozed out the end. `Davy you’re torturing me’ I watched the growing pendulum of precum swinging from the end of his fat cockhead. I watched it mesmerised, then instinctively as the thread lost the battle with gravity, I held out my tongue, letting it burst on my taste buds, he tasted so sweet. Taking hold of his shaft I stretched wide and took him into my mouth, igniting thousands of more taste buds as his wet head smeared over them. I wanted to show him, what I had been practicing on Forts. I calmed myself and began to edge further along his cock, my hands moved to his big balls, he gasped, his hands dropping again to either side of my face, I heard him above me `Are you sure, oh fuck, Davy’ I felt him hitting the back of my throat, I told myself to concentrate and calm, taking a gulp I pushed forward, his cockhead eased into my throat, it’s great flared head, temporarily constricted, then another groan as it flared to its full size once more in my throat. `Fuck Davy’ I felt his hands drop under my chin and feel along to my throat, I was sure he could feel his thick cock shaft, he groaned and pushed even more of himself into me. All my practice with Forts, was paying off, only another inch to go and my face would be buried in his pubes, I eased forward once more, my senses, now picking up his smell form his pubes, I rubbed my nose through them releasing more and more of his smell. It was time, I could feel rising panic, I needed to ankara escort breathe, I began to ease myself back off his cock, his fingers tightened and he thrust his hips forward, reconquering the territory his cock had occupied moments before. I twisted my head looking up at him, his eye looked down at me, he moaned `Relax, you can do this, relax’ He began thrusting a bit faster, still holding my head in place, I trusted him, no, I wanted to trust him, but the panic in me was rising, I began to splutter, snot and crap coming down my nose, I glanced up to him again, sure my eyes were now registering the panic I was feeling. He stroked my head as he slowly began to pull himself from me. `Well done, that was fucking amazing’ His fat nine inches hung just in front of my nose, my throat slime dripping off the end, I coughed and wiped my eyes, his hands took hold of my arms and slowly lifted me so I was standing once more, his tongue licked across my face cleaning up all the slime, he kissed me again and then took my hand and led me to the bed. Stepping to the side, he got me on all fours `Now just enjoy’ He whispered I felt his breath on my arse cheeks, then his hands easing them apart, a gentle blow of air at my exposed hole, my head sank into the covers, my arse still held high. His tongue licked across my hole as a hand gripped my hard cock and began to slowly milk me. I buried my face deeper into the covers as he eased my legs further apart and then pulled my hard six inches and my balls back through my legs, his tongue left my hole and slid erotically down my taint; I moaned. I felt my exposed balls being licked first individually and then as a pair, a scrape of teeth, a tightness in my balls’ sac, told me they were now inside his warm wet mouth. He was groaning and moaning pulling on them, his hand still milking my dripping cock, over and over he rolled them, singly and as a pair; I was in heaven. I felt the cool air as my balls were released from his mouth, each given a lovely kiss as his tongue began to trace down my cock to my exposed and dripping cockhead. He took it in his mouth, his tongue forcefully licking across my bellend, digging into my cock lips, he was lapping up my boy juice moaning. So, there I was face down arse up, I felt him stand behind me, he dribbled some spit onto my twerking sphincter, as he slapped his cock head against it a couple of times, then with a couple of fingers, he pushed into me, my hole opening like an old friend, I moaned into the bed as, his fingers pushed knuckle deep and began exploring me deep inside; he knew what he was looking for and soon found it, causing a long moan from me as he rubbed his finger over it. His fingers played with my boynut, I squirmed against them, crawling further up the bed, I reached back for his hand pulling him to follow me, as he got on the bed, I spun round and on to my back hanging my head over the side of the bed. `You want more, don’t you’? He groaned as I opened my mouth wide, I gripped my cock and held it vertically for him. His fat wet head eased into my mouth again and then on into my throat once more, he began to throat fuck me, as he took my own bellend into his warm mouth. With his pubes against my lips again once more I could drown in his smell, his mouth and tongue expertly working my cock head as my hips thrust it upwards. He ground his cock deep into me, his flared cockhead forcing my throat wider, this time he was pulling out to let me breathe, the reason soon becoming apparent `Davy, I am going to cum if I keep fucking your throat, let me have your arse again’ I eased him onto his back, his nine inches now sticking up from his groin, I smiled at him laying helpless on his back and kissed him. I swung my hips over him and pulled apart my arse cheeks as he gripped his shaft firmly holding it in place. I kissed him again and slowly began to lower myself on to him. I heard a moan to my right, it was Callum, now naked and stroking his hard six-inch cock, I took it into my mouth as I bottomed out on Gethin’s dick. To a chorus of groans from us all Callum gripped my cheeks and began to fuck my face with his thick cock, me I was riding Gethin as he thrust upwards into me, my own cock in his hand being expertly wanked. Callum leant to my ear `Davy, do you think you could take both of us? He didn’t wait for an answer as Gethin urged him to try, I leant forward, Part of Gethin’s shaft leaving my arse, Callum clambered onto the bed. I felt his cock against Gethin’s. I bit my lip feeling Callum force his cockhead in alongside Gethin’s into my arse, working together, and with a few choice words from me, they were both in me. Callum groaned `Fuck, Gethin, my balls are laying on yours and my cock is buried in Davy with yours’ The two of them began to work in unison, their thrusts coming together, Gethin pushed his tongue into my mouth, encouraging me to return its passionate assault. I couldn’t take it anymore, my cock was being wanked so fast my balls were bouncing, I exploded on to Gethin’s chest, I collapsing forward, my hole spasming round their shafts, Callum, lost the battle first and began to spray his load over Gethin’s hard cock deep inside me, that set Gethin off, his lovers hot cum splashing over his flared cockhead, he grunted and thrust deep into me, white washing my insides in his juice. We collapsed into a loving heap, the rest of the night spent kissing, stroking and making love. ** Forts continues the story I woke early, Niki clinging on to me, as I stirred, I woke him, he snuggled into me even more. Now I would have loved to have stayed in that nice warm bed, but the horses, didn’t look after themselves. `Niki, cuddle up to Digbey’ Niki nodded and rolled over and wrapped an arm round the Air Vice Marshall, he gave a little groan and put his arm round him. I pulled myself from the bed, my pubes a matted mass of cum, my cockhead, wet and red; I needed a shower. I gathered up my clothes and headed along to Davy and my room, it was empty; why did I always feel a tinge of jealously, wondering what he was up too, especially when I had been doing the same, I hadn’t intended to join Digbey and Niki in bed, not at first, but it seemed the right thing to do; and Athol had told me to keep him happy, the way Digbey rode my cock and I fucked him all over the bed, him and Niki, I had certainly done that. I quickly showered in our ensuite and put on my horsey gear and made my way downstairs. I had just got to the first-floor landing. `Morning Forts’ I nearly jumped out of my skin as Jeremy emerged from escort ankara the shadows. `Hi Jeremy, what you creeping about for? You frightened the life out of me’ `Fort’s were you with the Air Vice Marshall last night? `Well, with Niki yeah, why? `Did he mention me? `No, Jeremy, but I wouldn’t expect him too really, why what’s up’ `Oh, nothing, I won’t believe I am to be Gethin’s new driver until, I get it in writing’ I could see Jeremy was looking really worried. `I am sure it will be alright. Do you want to come over and chat while I do the horses? `Yeah, thanks Forts’ We walked down to the stables; I had never really spent much time with Jeremy; probably because he tried to seduce Davy when he first arrived. `Are you looking forward to working with Gethin? `Definitely, if it comes off, hey, I may end up with a boss with benefits’ I laughed `You have slept with him haven’t you Forts? `As Davy would say, it’s difficult to find anyone here I haven’t slept with’ I gave a chuckle and began mucking out the first box, saying a special hello to Daphne and Morag, Jeremy leaned in over the stable door. `Forts, when did you first realise you preferred men? `Hey you don’t hold back with the questions, do you? Any hope I had Jeremy would back off was forlorn, as he kept looking at me, his eyes waiting for an answer. `I mean, did you know when you lived with that woman, Mrs Griffiths? The very mention of her name sent shudders down my back, I forked out the last of the overnight poop, with renewed vigour. `Well? I leaned up against the next stable door `Davy was the first guy I ever touched or who touched me, actually’ `So, are they just stories about you showing your cock to the other boys? Christ, Jeremy was well informed. `Oh, you heard about that, well I was an early developer. You stand out when your hairy and have a big cock, especially when everyone else hasn’t entered puberty; I suppose I got a kick showing other chaps, what a man I was and letting them see me cum, I didn’t have much else going for me’ `But Davy was the first guy you had sex with? I nodded `Hey why all the questions? Jeremy looked at the ground. `I’ve kept it hidden; about me that is, until I came here, this place is amazing, I still can’t believe how open it all is here and I mean an Air Vice Marshall and an Air Commodore, its mind blowing’ `I suppose your right, I don’t think I even think about it now? `Did you ever have a girl, you know…fuck one’ I grinned `No more questions’ `But Forts aren’t you a bit curious? About the ladies’ `Jeremy, honestly, no, I have enough problems coping with Davy’ He chuckled too. `Your very lucky to have him, such an understanding friend’ I needed to move this on. `Have you ever ridden a horse Jeremy? `No, never’ `Well, I am about to take Pegasus for some exercise, do you fancy coming along on Baxter, he is nice and steady? `Fuck it, yes why not’ I soon had the two horses tacked up and helped Jeremy up on to Baxter. `Off we go then, just follow me, and hold on tight’ ** Archie takes over the story Sunday mornings weren’t usually this quiet in the dining room, I sat down with my porridge, I had left Athol, in the staffroom, school stuff. `Oh, good morning Air Vice Marshall, hello Niki, please join me’ `We the first up? `Apart from me’ `So, Niki, have you been looking after the Marshall? He nodded smiling broadly, Digbey, put an arm round him and pulled him to him `We have been getting on great haven’t we little fella’ Niki nodded and snuggled into him. `He has been telling me all about himself’ `Really, well that would be good to hear, the truth, rather than rumours that is, that’s all we have heard really’ Digbey turned to Niki and spoke in Russian, Niki answered him nodding. `I thought I had better check it was okay with him to tell you all, he says it is’ `That’s good, he has been a bit of a handful since he got here to be honest, very sexualised’ Digbey looked me in the eye `You do know about the German ship? What they used him for? I put my head down `Yes, we were told about that, poor little chap, has he said anything about his age to you? We were told he was around fifteen, but doubt that’ Digbey coughed `Well having, er, examined him last night, I would have to say he is probably nearer twelve, but, if he is older, he won’t be the first boy to have gone in to puberty late’ `Has he said anything about his family? `He hasn’t seen them in years, they were horse breeders on the steppes, they indentured him to a travelling circus, you will have spotted he is quite an acrobat’ `And an amazing bloody horseman too’ I added `I hope I have time to see a demonstration before Gethin and I have to leave, speak of the devil’ I turned to see Gethin, Callum and Davy coming into the dining hall. Gethin came over `Good morning Sir’ `Gethin, what have I told you before its Tarquin’ Gethin nodded `I hope you slept all right? Hello Niki and how are you, young man? Niki managed to say `Fine thank you and good morning to you too’ It sounded funny coming from such a little guy, such a formal greeting. `Sorry to interrupt Mr Campbell’ `Davy?’ `Have you seen Forts Sir? I haven’t seen him since yesterday’ Niki stretched out his arms `Davy, Davy, where Forts big cock’ Digbey blushed and cleared his throat. It wasn’t missed on Davy, he turned to Niki. `Hi Niki, how are you today? Enjoying your porridge? Niki nodded and carried on eating. I could finally answer. `No Davy, I haven’t seen him this morning, it is his day to feed the horses and muck them out, maybe he is at the stables’ `Okay thank you Sir’ Callum and Gethin got their breakfast and came and sat down with us. Digbey looked round `No Jeremy, this morning? Gethin looked at him `Are you going to be speaking to him today? `Yes, I had better check him over’ We all heard Athol, before we saw him `I don’t care, you are not going into breakfast smelling of horse shit, showered and change first please, Drageon’ Davy leapt up as Forts head peered round the door, his bright smile, illuminating the room. `Good Morning everyone, Hi Davy’ Forts lent forward and kissed Davy’s cheek `As you all probably heard, “I smell of horse shit”, I will be back in a few minutes’ `Fort’s hang on, I will come with you’ And Davy was gone through the door. As Jeremy’s head appeared, Digbey spotted him `Ahh Pilot Officer Miles, do you have a few minutes? Jeremy leapt to attention barking `Yes Sir’ `Archie is there an office I could use? There he had me `There is my room Sir’ Jeremy barked again, ankara escort bayan Callum crossed to him and whispered something in his ear, Jeremy nodded looking slightly embarrassed. `On we go then, that will do fine’ Digbey stood up, Niki got up too, the AVM spoke in Russian to him, Niki looked a bit disappointed, but sat down again. `Come on then young man, lead the way’ ** Jeremy takes up the story I led Air Vice Marshal Digbey along to my room, thank god I had got up early and it was tidy. `Come in Sir, please have a seat’ I showed him to the arm chair and stood in front of him. `So young man, Gethin, is asking me quite a favour regarding you’ I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing `How old are you again? `Twenty-two next week Sir, please Sir, don’t discharge me’ Digbey stood up `Well, I had better examine you, see what you can do’ He walked over to me and then round behind me, I remained standing at attention, a hand brushed over my arse; an accident surely. He stood in front of me and his hand went on my chest. Sliding inside my jacket till it located my nipple under my shirt, he gripped it and twisted. I tried, not to flinch, his other hand dropped to the front of my trousers and squeezed. He stepped back his eyes on mine, his hand still on the front of my trousers `So apart from the legs, everything else work okay?’ He squeezed through my trousers `Err yes, Sir’ `Good, good, well let’s get on with it then’ I remained at attention as he walked behind me, in the mirror I could see he was undressing as he crossed to the bed. `Well, what are you waiting for? Do you want to stay in the RAF or not? I turned round the Air Vice Marshall was on all fours on the bed, I quickly stripped off and as I joined him, he waved me to his head, he gripped my soft cock and pulled it to his mouth. I stood unable or was it not daring to speak, as his mouth and tongue worked on my cock, his other hand took hold of my balls and squeezed them; a bit too tightly for my liking, but again I wasn’t going to say anything. He took all of my thick now fully hard seven inches into his throat, burying his nose in my pubes. I stood not sure what to do, he grunted and pulled off my cock and glared at me `Well face fuck me, for Christ sake, you had better do better than this with my arse’ Then muttering under his breath, `I fucking didn’t have to tell Forts how to fuck me’ His fingers tightened round my balls again and he pulled my cock to his mouth again. This time I slipped one of my hands to the back of his head and, began fucking his mouth, he seemed to like it rough, he was moaning and groaning on my cock, spit dribbling from his lips. `Fucking take it, you bastard’ I began hammering my cock into his mouth, even slapping his cheek a couple of times, my cock was now a rod of iron, he gripped my ball’s in that universal way to get the attention of the owner, I stopped dead, he pulled my cock from his mouth and now grinning, looked into my green eyes `You ready to fuck me now, like your job depends on it? He chuckled `Which it does’ I moved behind him, examining his exposed rosebud, Forts had obviously given this a battering last night, it was still glistening, I leant down and licked across it; oh yes, definitely cum, I stood up and spat more lube on to it, I slapped his pucker with my cock head several times, each time he moaned louder. I lined up and pushed forward; thank god I was more of a giver than a receiver. His hole’s resistance collapsed and I watched as it appeared to absorb my cock head as it vanished inside him, its location only known by the thick tube of shaft stretching his hole muscle white, with no more resistance, I slammed home to my balls. He grunted his head rearing back, I gripped his short hair and pulled his head back as I powered fucked my thick seven inches into him, his arse muscle had given up now; I must remember to thank Forts for that, I continued to power my cock into him my balls slapping loudly against his. I could feel the stirring begin as my balls began to tighten, I reached under him for is cock, it was soft, but dripping precum, his hand knocked mine away; well, I had tried. His came back and gripped my balls between his legs, he began to squeeze them as I started on the old vinegar strokes, my hips a blur slapping against his arse. `Fuck, fuck, I’m coming’ I slammed into him with such force, that I knocked him off his knees, I landed fully on his back as my cum sprayed into his hole in great jets. We lay like that for a few more minutes, when I felt him roll me off on to the bed, he got himself up and looked back at me. `Who was it who said you could no longer fly because of your legs? I told him the name of the RAF Doctor, he looked at me `He has obviously never been fucked by you, plenty of power there for you to fly if you ask me’ I jumped up `Wait, you will become Gethin’s driver to start with, then I want you to come to my place for a weekend, so I can fully test you out. How does that sound? Do you agree to that? I leapt to attention, totally naked, my cock leaving a wet patch on my thigh as it slapped against me, trailing a strand of cum. `Yes Sir, thank you Sir’ `Okay I will see you later’ With that he gathered up his clothes and disappeared into the ensuite to dress. I sat on the bed and then rolled over, sobbing into my pillow. `I might be allowed to fly again; I might be allowed to fly again’ And I lost it. ** Davy resumes the story I caught up with Forts on the fifth-floor landing. He grabbed me smiling, lifting me off the floor he burled me round and then kissed me. `I missed you’ `I missed you too, I don’t want to sleep without you again at night’ Forts dragged me into our room `Davy what’s wrong, did someone hurt you? `No, I just don’t like breaking our vow to be the last person each day’ `Oh Davy’ He held me tightly and pushed his lips to mine **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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