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Subject: Man Cam (Only Love Ex (6) This is a fictional story about the hot guys from an online chat site It is purely fiction as all these men live far away Some gay, some straight and some bisexual But all these guys are hot Enjoy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Only Love Ex (6) …… I just lay there looking at his huge dick I was holding in my hands. The large bloated cock was a sheer and beautiful slab. But it was a very big dick. Something I feared would rip me up if it were in me. But I wanted it. Looking at it, tasting it. I wanted it more than anything. And now he wanted me to sit on his cock. It was something that I needed to prep for. To loosen my ass for. “It’s just so damned big” I said “I have lube” he came back “Put it on your butt and you can sit on me” I nodded escort kocaeli in agreement. Then he reached to the dresser and grabbed a tube of lube. He handed it to me. “Here” he said “Will make it easier for your ass” So I swbbed the lube on my hole. Then pushed two fingers into it. Sliding in andout several times. Trying to loosen the muscles of my sphincter to allow the large dick to go in. Then I poured some lube on his big cock. Pulling it down his shaft. Covering it’s entirety. I then crawled up on his lap. Pulling my ass up and over his massive dick. I looked down at the shiny tube under me. Feeling as it pressed to my entrance. I breathed in deeply as I prepared to lower myself onto it. “Well here goes” I said So I lowered myself onto his cock. The big tip popped through my lube covered hole piercing it with a sharp pain. izmit yabancı escort It felt like a hot knife at my ass. I tried to stop the progress and pull up. But when I moved my hand to steady myself better, I slipped. This causing me to slide down several painful inches “Awee fuckk!” I shrieked “Fuckk mee!” I was able to stop myself from being completely impaled in his huge cock. But I was more the 3 quarters the way down. My head fell back, my eyes pulled up into my head and I thought I would faint from the utter pain of being skewered on his schlong. “Hhff, hhff, hff” I huffed as I tried to get some breaths. I couldn’t believe how painful it was. Like a hot poker ripping up my guts. But I couldn’t pull off. I was trapped there on his huge dick. More than half way down it. I moaned a hard and izmit eve gelen escort desperate moan “Awee fuck that is so fucking big” I groaned I didn’t really think I could take it. My body felt ready to bust from so much dick in me. I was still trying to get a regular breath as I held myself over and on his cock. “Never had such a big fucking cock man” I huffed “Ride it baby” he cooed He pursed his lips at me. Like he wanted to kiss me. But I couldn’t even think of that. And that’s when he reached for my sides. And that’s when he pulled me down onto the rest of his dick. He also pushed up at me at the same time. So I did get all of it. Every huge inch. “Ugh. Eeiiww” I cried. Then I fell over towards him. Feeling as I may pass out from lack of oxygen. A hard heavy exhale of what ever I hadin my lungs pushed from me as I fell forward. Then I was pressed to him, his body and the bed below. He wrapped his arms around me and held me to him,and onto his very big dick. “Ughnn” was all I could muster…………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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