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Subject: Oh my, McQueen! This is a purely fictional tale of this very hot guy I met online. He is on online chat and has his own fan page for ‘FUN’. But save for flirting with me inline, we have not really met. And he already has a man of his own. (Lucky guy) Save to say, if given even the tiniest chance I would jump on this hot hung man anyday. Regardless of his boyfriend. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oh my, McQueen! (1) He is taken.. “Oh my, McQueen!” Was all I could say. That was my stated words at the images in my computer monitor as I was scrolling and trolling for hot guys online one day. There was this guy on there that instantly set my loins afire. I don’t know how I finally reached his page, but after search, then hitting a link, then search, then link many times over I was at some random guys page. His name was McQueen. I had been basically celebate since my last and horrible break up. I swore of men and sex after him. But such restraint does not work so well for a gay man like myself. After a short while, I wanted dick. Problem was, I wasn’t finding any. “This is a bust” i would say as I went out The bars and clubs produced no likely prospects for funa and sex. So that was depressing. I wanted some fun too. No strings I then just started to go online. Porn sites and the like just to get off. I’d watch online videos and jerk off. But the videos seemed kurtköy escort didn’t seem to really do more than just get me off. What I needed was interaction.so I started to check the char sites. At least I could get off while talking to someone. And that helped for a bit too. I would talk to guys and we would jerk off together. The only thing was everyone I talked to was to far away for any possible hook up. “Need someone close to actually fuck” I huffed So I was back to trolling online looking for guys more local. And once again after a few hours of moving from link to link to link I found myself looking at McQueen. Hot damn, you are gorgeous ” I shouted at him “Why haven’t I run across you before.” There before me on my screen was the perfect guy. McQueen was above average height. Had almost marble blue eyes. A hot and hairy chest with the most delicious flowing pattern of hair. A big adorable smile in his grinning face. And save for his oddly big nose, a perfect face. But I surmised that big nose to say something about his nether regions. Which seemed to be a likely case due to the very big lump in his briefs he was wearing in the page pic. “Big nose, big…hnpmmf” I stated I tried to get into the site, finding that you had to join it. So I signed up and filled out the info it required. But when finished it gave me a message that was upsetting. “Account awaiting approval” it reda “Awee fuck!” I huffed aydıntepe escort “Wanna see more of this hot guy” “But how” As I was now obsessed with seeing more of McQueen, I started to hunt the internet. Just to see if there were more pictures of him. I was desperate to see more. Then I saw an image of him and it lead me to Instagram. “Ohh heck yeah!” I shouted “That’s much better” I was lead to his apparent Instagram page. And there I found maybe 50 images of the gorgeous man. With clothes and underwear. But no nudes. Well there were a few nudes, but his privates were covered with sheets or some object preventing a viewing of his cock I so wanted to see. But the images I did see were so damned hot. I figured I may not need nudes. Images of his tall lean and muscled body. Chest bared in all its beauty. In many manner of poses. Then there were the underwear and shorts images. The sizable bulge a precursor of what lay under them. Big large lumps in all angles of desire. “Holy fuck me!” I shouted at the images “You are a stunning man McQueen” “I so wanna lick each and ever inch of you” I touched at the screen when there were closer images of his big crotch, or that glorious chest. I could feel my loins were on fire for him. I wanted to shove my face into that chest and into the big bulge below. I imagined just that too. Shoving my face to the large lump in those briefs. Munching on his very big dick through them. tuzla içmeler escort Watching his big dick grow in them. The lump getting bigger and bigger as I worshipped it. Then letting it pop out as he pulled down the briefs trying so hard to contain him. “Shiiit stud!” I shouted “You are so fucking hot” I looked at the page and his info. It said he lived in my area, which made me nuts to meet him. This gorgeous hunk that it took online to find. “Want to see your big dick McQueen” I said to one of the images “Wanna suck it and sit on it” “Can’t wait to see more.” Then I saw something else that was upsetting. For as I was lusting over McQueen. Imagining myself lost in his beauty, I saw an image call ‘my man’. And there was Ryan. Another guy amidst all the images of McQueen. A good looking blonde guy with less fur but still a nice bulge. “Awe no man” I huffed “He is coupled” Not that it wasn’t likely. I mean there was probably a line of guys wanting at McQueen. Waiting for their chance at him. Of this I was sure. But to be shattered in my lust by a partner. And a good looking one too. “Shit, fuck. Crapp!” I grumbled “Finally find a super hot guy” “Someone I am dying to fuck” “And he has a man of his own. Fuck!” I was so upset by this, I wanted to cancel my request to join his fan page. But I couldn’t do it. It was already sent. And there was no way to cancel until I was membered. I hoped that they would somehow deny it. But I knew how unlikely that was. “Will just cancel when it comes back through” I said to myself “just can’t believe he is taken.”……. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum with the HOT McQueen

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