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Subject: Now I was mature beyond my age but very intensely shy. I had delicate soft blonde hair, pretty distinct hazel green eyes and lips that were so bright! I knew I was different from other kids but I never could figure out how, I just knew something was different. I didn’t feel as immature as they did and knowing these things as you’re peddling your bike makes you think to yourself what the hell are you going to do when you finally get to your destination? There’s going to be no one there that you can communicate with and understand. Knowing and accepting this at this young age was both disappointing and relieving because you were lonely, you enjoy the solitude because you couldn’t relate to anyone. I had just gotten to the age where I was masturbating and getting off and finding guys attractive and having fantasies about them. I had an ideal image of what I thought my dream guy should look like. I thought he should have brown hair and gorgeous sexy eyebrows and a masculine face, beefy hairy legs, masculine thick hands and fingers, gorgeous sexy lips that you just want to reach out and touch and he would reek of testosterone. You could tell he would be (if I could ever meet him) one of those guys that had sex on his mind all the time. That’s what drove me wild but I never thought I would meet someone like that, that would want to be with me at such a young age because I knew, I knew very well that it could get him in trouble so even if I did find a guy that would like me at that young an age, I didn’t want him to risk getting in trouble! THAT is how far ahead my mind was in comparison to other kids and I don’t think many kids would think like that… but I did!! Anyhow I finally make it over the Bath Bridge and usually I take a right and go past the barbershop pier with its namesake Barbershop out near the road and the pier in the back of the shop at the creek. At the next block I’ll take a left past St. Thomas Church and I’ll ride to the Quarterdeck Marina on the next corner and take another left and ride all the way back to the point I started from near my grandmother’s house at the foot of the bridge. Sometimes I would sneak in between houses though as a shortcut. Well I was taking my right to go past the Barbershop and I always notice everything, EVERYTHING! (giggles). So I go by the pier and the next house to it which was vacant up until a month or so ago has now recently been occupied and as I’m riding by I see this guy walking out the front door and I glanced over at him and he’s got brown hair, he’s young maybe in his late teens or early twenties and he’s really fucking good looking!!! He’s wearing those really thin material shorts and a t-shirt. I ride past him animatedly, staring at him but trying not to and as I’m pedaling on my bike I start going at a diagonal to the road instead of parallel with it and as my head is turning watching the guy and my bike’s going forward my heads starting to look like the girl on the Exorcist!!! But yet I’m trying not to look and he glances up and looks at me and I spun my head around so quickly trying to keep him from seeing that I’m staring and I made myself dizzy. My mind is racing because I’m thinking to myself I’ve never seen him in school!! To be someone that age I would have went to school with him at some point in time because my school was K through 12 and he had to be within 12 years of me! But he wasn’t from my school!! I’m thinking to myself that if I would have known he was from my school I’d be able to see him again and being he’s not I might not ever see him again! And he was fucking gorgeous! I’d even stopped pedaling my bike and it was coming to a halt so I refocus and start pedaling again, thinking about what I just saw. I noticed that I was getting a hard-on so I reach down and I adjust myself and pedaled on thinking I’ve got to see him again! I’ve just got to figure out a way to go back and see him before he’s not there anymore or before he’s gone back inside or leave to go somewhere else! So instead of making my huge two block “Circle” I cut through yards and peddled my ass off and made that two block loop into a quarter block “semicircle” ( essentially I cut my trip into 1/8 of what it should have been) it probably didn’t take me 3 minutes to get back around and I see him out with a hose and I look at him and he’s looking at me and I thought I was just going to die, I didn’t know what I was going to do… or… I didn’t know what to do… but stare. I almost get past him trying not to stare at him and when I turned my head away, he hollers at me “hey kid” so I backpedal to jam on brakes on my bike and come to a stop in a mud hole and before I could get my foot down to catch myself I’m completely falling over and I think oh shit I feel so fucking embarrassed! What did I do wrong now… why did he call me? Before I could gather the next thought he’s standing over me and the sun’s coming over the back of his head and I can’t really see his face and God I had been wanting a closer look at him and he kneels down some more and says “hey are you okay?” I was completely mesmerized, OMG!!! This is my dream guy… this is my dream guy!!! (I thought to myself and he’s looking at me, in a mud hole, with my bike crashed on top of me, just staring at him.) Oh god, I had to think fast on my feet (so to speak) because God I didn’t want him to leave (so I faked like my ankle was hurt… I know l know… I’m horrible, so sue me! (Rolling eyes expression) So I stood up on one leg and lifted the other foot. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I thought I hurt my ankle. So he looks at me and smiles and says “let’s get you in and get you fixed up” and I just thought YES!!! This gorgeous guy reaches down and grabs me around my waist and ducks his head down to me and says “grab on” so I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up to him as he’s grabbing me up under my ass and pulling me to him with one hand and grabbing my bike with the other. Oh my God was he strong!! I wanted to smell him. I had to get a whiff of his manliness so I pulled myself up to his neck and just breathed him in and boy is he ever my type of guy!!! He was so fucking muscular, thighs for days… years, hairy legs, he literally reeked of testosterone! I felt like if I squeezed him hard enough he was going to leak cum! He walked me to the porch placing my bike up against the railing and opening the door and took me straight upstairs and I thought oh my God we’re not even staying downstairs, this guy is taking me upstairs… is he reading my mind? I’m the type of kid that takes everything in I have to look around at my surroundings and I notice everything, I notice every little thing, I’ll notice a picture being crooked, I noticed every single little detail about everything. I noticed crown molding, base board molding, everything, well I usually do anyway. This time I didn’t, I was too busy with my mouth gaped open looking at this guy and hoping I could keep my thoughts tame enough to keep me from having a boner while he held me against him. After getting me to a chair and sitting me down at the table, still wet might I add and muddy, he walks over to the fridge and I’m staring at the back of his thighs the whole time and licking my lips and my imagination is just going wild, fucking fireworks! I have to touch the front of his shorts before I leave, I’ve got to find a reason to touch his fucking crotch!! I don’t care what I have to do even if I have to ‘accidentally’ fall into him or what, I’ve got to find a reason to touch his cock!! And as I’m thinking this my boner is growing. So this gorgeous most satisfying beefcake turns around… So this gorgeous most satisfying stud turns around to ask me if I want a glass of tea and if I’m hungry and I cannot but help but glare at the huge enormous tent he has pitched in the front of his thin shorts. I know I had to have drool coming out of my mouth! And he looks down and tells me “that happens all the time sorry about that” all I could think was oh my God I wish I could be here all the time!!! He reaches out his hand and gestured to shake mine and says “Hi my name is Billy by the way” and I’m still in memorization following his cock with my eyes as it’s going under the table and he’s sitting down. When it’s finally out of my view I look back up at him and said in a state of disbelief at the enormous cock I just saw çorum escort “m y… n a m e i s… B u d d y…” Then told him it was my nickname, my real name is William or at least that’s what I was called in school by everyone but my family, they call me Buddy. So I scarfed down the sandwich he made for me followed by almost an entire glass of tea and as I was taking the last few sips and wondering how to stay longer with this incredible guy, he asked me if I would like to get cleaned up? “Do you want me to help you clean up and I’ll wash your clothes for you?” So I try to contain my excitement and immediately start pulling my shirt off…THEN HE takes my shorts off and all I have on is my tighty whiteys! I couldn’t believe the size of that cock that I had just seen. I’m only 11 and I’ve never seen a man’s cock ever in my life, I’ve just been dying to see one and now here this stud is in front of me with a full raging hard-on. I could literally see the imprint of the head and the ridge behind the tip of his cock’s head; I wanted to reach out and touch it so bad!!! I had forgotten that my leg was supposed to be hurt all the while my mind is going crazy thinking about this hunk when he comes over and picks me up placing me in a way so that my legs are wrapped around his waist and my arms are around his neck and I have this raging fucking hard on that feels like it’s going to explode!!! I don’t know if he felt it poked into him but all I can think about was his rod being placed directly below my hot little tight ass!! So he takes me to the bathroom and sits me on the sink top and I noticed when he pulls me off of him that my boner is now sticking out of the waistband to my underwear, my little tighty-whiteys. He had to have felt it! God the stuff going on in my head, fireworks!!! I never knew when I was young that my eyesight was bad, I didn’t get glasses until I was 25 but my eyes were still good enough to watch his cock dance around through his shorts as he got the shower ready. Oh my God I wanted him to get in there with me! My underwear was still soaked from the mud puddle but I knew I was still probably leaking precum right through them and I wondered if it would show? I kept biting my bottom bright red little lip, watching the heft of that massive cock dance around under those small tight gym shorts and now I noticed the stain on HIS shorts… I think this guy likes me? Oh my God, several times when he wasn’t looking and as I’m watching his crotch staring directly at the head as it was only a foot or two away, I reached out and dared to touch him… then I snatched my hand back before he could see me and what I was doing. I’ve never felt like this, I felt like I was going to come out of my body and attack him. And as I was sitting there glaring at his hard on dreaming of all the possibilities, suddenly he caught me off-guard and he placed those soft pouty lips on mine! And just before our lips touched I got a chance to see the beauty and depth of his gorgeous brown eyes. I felt like my soul got snatched out of my body and now his lips are on mine and my whole body tensed up. It was my first kiss, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t even try to kiss back and I think it scared him because he stopped. I just knew he was thinking that I was probably scared or that I was wondering what’s going on and he couldn’t be more wrong! After he stopped kissing me he kept his face close to mine, looking deep into my eyes. I think for a moment we got lost in one another and it was beautiful! He tried to start to say something but before he could, I took the moment and kissed him back. I grabbed his face with my little hands and felt the masculine five o’clock shadow, and the texture of his scruff drove me wild! I kissed on his tender pouty soft lips harder and harder, not knowing what to do. He pulled away from me and caressed my young delicate cheek in his hand and told me how beautiful I was and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know if he was saying that he wanted to have sex or because he really thought I was that good-looking but God I thought HE was good looking! He hesitated several times and I’m sure he was debating doing this. I knew I was right for thinking that when he asked me if I was okay with what we were doing… of course I was, I couldn’t be MORE okay!!! Our lips met several more times before he pulled back asking me if I knew how to french kiss. I didn’t but he told me how and wrapped his man-sized hot thick lips on my mouth sticking his tongue onto mine and fucking and bathing my tongue with his. I actually felt dizzy, I felt like I was living the most amazing dream and every time he would pull away and then start kissing again, the sound of our lips smacking made me have butterflies. It was like a whirlwind of passion. The way he was angled as I sat on the sink top with him leaning down over me, his cock had touched my leg several times, so between kisses I glanced down and couldn’t resist the temptation no longer… I reached out and grabbed the head of his shaft and oh my God the power of his muscle that was raging behind the material to those shorts… it was breathtakingly incredible!! I had never felt anything like that in my life! I know mine gets rock hard but his was like that but just… HUGE! I wanted to feel more of it, so I grabbed as much as I could and without realizing it I said out loud “oh my God… it’s so big!” I couldn’t fight the inner urge and feeling to resist. So I just asked him “can I see it?” Billy told me “I could see whatever I wanted” and stood back and I couldn’t believe I had just been given full access to this body!! I felt like I was about to explore the most amazing thing any boy my age could ever explore! I was quite literally a kid indeed with my very own a candy store! I hopped down off of the countertop with his cock right in my face and stuck my fingers into the waistband of those gym shorts and watched his cock as it began to point straight out the further down I got those shorts. I even tried to help the waistband around the head of his cock but that powerful rod hung on to the elastic waistband with force and then pulled back up and hit me in the face leaving a streak of precum on my cheek! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I immediately took my hands and ran them all over his thighs and firm toned body, feeling how thick and muscular his man-sized thighs were. Oh my God… I ran my fingers through the hair on his legs then up to his balls. I held the head of his cock in one hand and felt the heft of his balls with the other. I was in complete amazement by the weight of both of them. This solid stud, his cock was like the size of my fucking arm! I stood back keeping the head of his cock in one hand while rubbing the bottom of his shaft in the palm of my other. It was so thick and beautiful. I had never done anything with anyone but fantasized of it many times. I had this inner urge, a desire to touch it with my face so I held the shaft up to my cheek rubbing the mid part of his shaft on my smooth soft cheek and felt it leak on the side of my face, God I wanted to do something with it, I just didn’t know what. I noticed all the precum coming out and the stringiness of it and began playing with it with my fingers. That’s when Billy said “taste it…it’s sweet” nodding and gesturing to me and the idea at first kind of grossed me out and then I thought… well maybe it is sweet? So I licked my fingers… and it actually was, it was very sweet! I wanted more and had licked my fingers dry so I tasted some from the end of his cock and when I did I kind of kissed it at the same time, just the very tip. He reached down with his masculine hand and squeezed more out telling me to rub it on my lips. So I took his shaft and painted my lips with his pre cum and then licked my lips clean with my tongue and glancing up at him… “Mmmm Billy, that’s so good” I asked him if he could make some more come out? And he smiled down at me. I licked his pee slit several times while gripping it like he did, trying to get more precum out. “Do you want to put it in your mouth?” Billy asked me so I just looked at him thinking “oh yeah!” So I open my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and that’s when he told me to suck on it like it was a popsicle and I actually thought about how I eat a popsicle so I put it deep inside my mouth and çukurambar escort then pulled out while sucking on it and I felt my jaws draw in from the pressure. I felt like my bottom jaw was going to detach from my skull, I could barely fit that massive shaft in my little mouth. I sucked hard several more times while letting it slid out of my mouth and felt his body tense up then he suddenly pulled me away from him. I didn’t know if I did something wrong… or maybe if I was doing it wrong? But I wanted to know. I wanted to continue what I was doing and he told me that no I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all but I actually had almost made him cum! I thought to myself, I wonder what that would be like? This guy really liked me so much and liked what I was doing to him so much that I was going to make him to cum? WoW! Billy began rubbing his hands all over my body kissing me again I don’t even know what he said to me I just remember my underwear coming off and he put my cock in his hand, it felt so good him playing with my shaft! I wanted to make him feel good too! I stuck the head of his cock back in my mouth and began sucking on it, not knowing exactly what to do so he takes his hands and puts them behind my head and pushes more and more of his cock into my mouth, almost until I gagged and I looked up at him and I think he knew exactly how much I could take so he pulls my head back off his cock then shoves me back down again. I was very shy, I didn’t like looking people in the eyes for a long time, it intimidated me but when our eyes met it was like he was telling me how wonderful it felt and what to do next so I didn’t break our stare. He was now feeding me with his eyes and his massive shaft. I thought my little mouth was going to fall off my body it was so full when I could feel the tip of his enormous cock touch the back of my throat. He thrust harder and harder and as he did, I learned the motion. Our eyes were still locked, he nodded down at me as if to say okay, you’ve got this, you know what to do… and I did! So I gagged on it several times and I could feel he was getting close he was tensing up and he told me that when I felt his cock throbbing that I need to start swallowing. Billy began moaning “Oh my God baby yeah that feels so good… just like that, keep doing it just like that, suck harder for Daddy… mmmmmm” Billy groaned several more times. “Do you want what Daddy’s got for you? Do you want it?” I kept our eyes locked and just shook my head up and down yes while continuing the same motion and that’s when I felt his cock throb, I felt like my mouth was going to burst open. I felt like my lips were cracking they were raw and swollen and stretched as far as they could go. I began swallowing as hard as could as I grabbed Billy around the waist and pulled him deeper into my mouth. I felt a huge wave of cum hit the back of my throat and swallowed with everything I had. Billy put his hand on the back of my head and forced me even further onto his massive cock causing me to gag just a little and coughing up some cum. I could taste what cum tasted like for the first time and it was all over me, leaking all down my face and lips and chin. I continued my motion until I felt Billy stop throbbing then I just kept my mouth there for a few seconds and slowly pulled off his shaft licking his slit at the very end. Billy looked at me as if he were in love, so I asked him… “How was that?” He told me it was the best orgasm he’s ever had and asked if he could now make me feel good? “Yes please!” (part 3) I hugged him to me and we kissed again. I couldn’t seem to get enough of those beautiful sweet soft pink lips or his gorgeous glowing beautiful face. My head was swimming and I was having trouble getting my mind around what was happening, what had already happened! Suddenly I was nervous but realized it had nothing to do with being with an underage naked boy in my apartment or that he’d just gone down on me and given me the most mind blowing orgasm I’d ever had. Jesus I thought, is this really happening? I’d never been in a serious relationship. I was only 21 after all but even so I’d never met a guy I really wanted to spend a lot of time with. I’d always justified it that I’m too busy and driven to get my law degree but I knew that wasn’t it. There were guys in college that wanted to date me but I’d always find a reason to break it off after I got what I wanted from them, sex. I didn’t feel bad, I was young after all but I also knew that if the right guy came along I’d have no problem being with him. That’s ridiculous I thought, he’s only eleven years old! But I couldn’t deny the feelings I was having for him, had been having since I saw him ride up on his bike the first time which now seemed like such a long time ago! God he’s just so damn beautiful and perfect and I haven’t known him long but he seems really sweet as well! It occurred to me I was thinking this after I came. I usually lose interest in a guy after I cum and especially if they want me to go down on them afterwards but here I was actually more excited to make him feel good than before I’d gotten off! Once again I’m wondering if he thinks I’m nuts staring at him but he’s so pretty, he’s just so perfect. I leaned in and kissed him and could taste my cum in his mouth and felt like I hadn’t just cum less than five minutes ago. “Put your arms around me honey and I’ll take you in the shower and get that mud off you” knowing full well he could walk but wanting to feel him, feel his warmth and beauty against me. He didn’t hesitate putting his arms around my neck and I reached down and picked him up under his gorgeous firm supple hot little ass. I felt his hard cock pushing at my stomach and thought I was going to cum again! He put his lips on mine and we stood there without moving while our tongues battled and I moaned into his delicious little mouth before I remembered we were going to the shower and that caused me to laugh. “What?” He asked and I felt stupid but told him I’d forgotten we were going to the shower when he kissed me. He laughed then and it was my turn to kiss him while I walked towards the shower. I couldn’t ever remember enjoying kissing someone so much. I’d shut the water off just before Buddy performed that little magic trick on me. We stood at the shower kissing with his smooth legs wrapped around me and my hands as happy as they’ve ever been with one of Buddy’s hot little ass cheeks in each one. I’d never felt so excited, so sexually charged. The cutest boy I’d ever seen had literally ridden into my life and was in my arms naked with his gorgeous hot little smooth hairless bum in my hands and he’s exploring my mouth with his tasty little tongue! I must be dreaming I thought. This was the biggest shower I’d ever seen and we had no trouble getting in together. I stepped into the shower with what felt like bubbles in my brain thinking what is my life, how did this happen? I sat on the edge of the bench and continued making out with this gorgeous sexy boy who wasn’t complaining and I don’t think my hands had stopped massaging his butt since I’d picked him up. I was just enjoying feeling his soft squishy bum too much and would occasionally let one of my fingers rub over his hairless little boy pussy and hear him purr into my mouth “mmm” while I was slowly but surely falling in love with him. “You like that baby?” I asked and he softly moaned “yeah” into my mouth and I wondered what he’d think if I told him I wanted to put my cock inside him. Buddy asked if I was going to put the water on so I stood up with him still wrapped around me and walked out of the shower. I put him down just outside the shower to get the water just right again. No one had ever had this effect on me. I knew the idea of love at first sight was absurd but I also knew I was having feelings for this gorgeous beautiful boy I’d never known before. I wondered if that’s all it was, I was just overcome with how cute and sweet he was. I knew we were going to have sex and I couldn’t wait! I’d never been so excited to be with someone, to touch them, taste them and make love to him. That got my attention in an instant and I thought how stupid, make love, that’s just something people say in movies not in real life. But I suddenly realized why I was so nervous, I really liked him! Eleven or not I really liked him and ankara escort wanted him to like me! And yeah, I wanted to make love to him. I got the water just right and said “c’mon sugar lips” and he looked at me funny and asked if I was making fun of his lips which I thought was strange because he had gorgeous full sexy lips and I said “no baby I love your lips” and kissed him again. I could do that all day I thought. Buddy smiled and took my hand and followed me back into the shower. I wanted this shower to last because I wanted to explore and taste every inch of this little hotties sexy tight little body but wasn’t sure the hot water would last so I decided to just get him cleaned up and then we’d go to my bedroom. I wanted to show him how good someone else could make him feel! Buddy got under the shower head and closed his eyes as the water cascaded over him and I took in the sight in front of me getting more excited by the second. My cock was so hard it was painful and felt like it was ready to shatter like glass! He looked so sexy standing there naked and wet and was reaching for the shampoo and I asked if I could do it and he said “Okay”. Before I started washing him I reached down and grabbed his gorgeous little ass again which looked like a perfect sweet ripe peach and kissed him again and we just stood for a few seconds enjoying each other when he reached out and took my cock again in his hand. I couldn’t stop touching him and wanted to feel him everywhere at once he was so cute! I took the shampoo and worked some into his beautiful blond hair while he continued fingering my achingly hard prick. Other than a smattering of wispy blond hair above his oversized boy cock he was perfectly smooth and delicious! Oh my God I thought the gods must be pleased with me today! I rinsed the shampoo from his hair and kissed his head and could still smell the strawberry shampoo and thought of other places I wanted to put my mouth on him. I grabbed the soap and turned him around and rubbed the soap into the silky soft crack of his ass and laid my cock into the crevice and he pushed back against my cock causing me to groan. I reached around and started soaping his chest while I continued rubbing my cock up and down his sweet little bum and latched my lips onto his neck and kissed and sucked the soft delicious skin. Sucking his neck had an effect on him I’d never seen and he moaned and rubbed his ass hard against my cock and I knew I was going to cum again if he kept doing that. I’d wanted to take it slow and feel and taste every part of him and give him an experience he’d never forget but I knew this was his first time doing any of this and that he probably wasn’t going to last very long. I turned him around and pushed him against the wall of the shower and kissed and licked his beautiful lips again and all over his gorgeous glowing beautiful face and down and sucked and licked his neck again. I took his hands and raised his arms above him and held them on the wall of the shower and pushed my mouth into his smooth arm pit and washed him with my tongue breathing hard like I’d run a marathon and making noises I’d never made before. I’d never been so hot and worked up for someone. I kissed over to his hard pec and licked and sucked the large nipple and gently bit the hard little nub causing Buddy to groan all the while grinding his stone hard boy meat against my belly driving me insane with lust! I needed to get his sweet cock in my mouth before he started cumming like adolescent boys sometimes do. I kissed my way down the perfectly smooth soft skin of his belly and french kissed his belly button and licked his belly. Buddy was staring down to see what I’d do next and I didn’t leave him wondering long. His cock was beautiful. Just shy of twelve years old and he was easily five nicely thick inches of sexy boy meat. It crossed my mind again that I must’ve pleased someone to be here with this naked wet little Adonis who was soon to be in my mouth! I rubbed my face all over his hot leaking boy cock smearing myself with the honey dripping from the tip and lashing the head with my tongue sopping up the delicious fluid while Buddy moaned “aaahhhh” and “ooooh” enjoying the sensations he’d only dreamt of until this moment. I felt like a wild animal consumed with lust for this perfect beautiful naked boy I was in my shower with still not sure if he was real despite the musky sweet precum leaking from his preteen cock like a faucet. I dragged my tongue down the length of his prick alternating between kissing and licking his hot hard boy spike thinking my head was going to explode any second! I’d never experienced such intense sexual pleasure like this and the combination of his soft moans and yummy hard prick and precum was almost more than I could take! I reached his perfectly smooth ball sack and was again shocked by the size. His balls were the size of large brazil nuts and I couldn’t stop moaning as I sucked the huge eggs in my mouth feeling dizzy as I gently massaged them with my lips and tongue while my hands were all over his creamy smooth legs and ass. I knew with all he’d experienced today that he couldn’t last much longer but couldn’t help but to enjoy his big smooth balls in my mouth just a little longer. I gently pulled his big balls thru my lips one last time and lapped at his bag like a delicious piece of candy. I started slowly kissing my way from the base of his cock to the tip while he watched intently as the first person other than himself played with his amazing boy toys. When I reached the tip I didn’t waste any time and grabbed his beautiful sexy ass and pulled the entire length of him into my mouth feeling the head wedge itself in my throat and my nose in his sparse blond pubes as I heard myself moaning around a mouthful of his delicious boy prick “mmm” while I squeezed his hot little bum! I slipped my finger between his cheeks and rubbed his tiny smooth hairless boy pussy while I rapidly vacuumed up and down his yummy boy meat washing the front and sides with my tongue and savoring the honey leaking in my mouth. Every few times I’d stop at the top and swirl my tongue around his cock head causing him to groan “ooohh” and squeeze my shoulders probably not even aware he was doing it. I don’t think he could’ve lasted much more than a minute when he squeezed my shoulders hard and I heard him groan “aaahhhh!” and “mmmm” as his prick throbbed on my tongue and my mouth was flooded with his watery, immature seed as I squeezed his bum and tried to swallow it all! I’d never known anyone to cum that much and was surprised by the amount squirting into my mouth. His cum was watery and sweet and I couldn’t swallow it all and had to pull his cock into my throat and let him empty his big balls right into my belly. Just then I felt my own cock squeezing and I grunted with his cock still buried in my throat and realized I was cumming again on the floor! I hadn’t even touched myself but he’d turned me on so much I’d cum while he was cumming in me! When Buddy finished cumming he collapsed on my shoulders and I grabbed him around his bum to keep him from falling and hugged him to me. After a few moments he recovered his legs and I looked up at him and asked him “how was that” with a smile on my face. He just looked down and said “holy crap!” We got up and sat on the bench and Buddy asked “did you just cum again?” I’m sure I blushed but admitted I had and told him it was because of him. He looked confused and I told him “I couldn’t help myself I’ve never been so turned on by someone” having trouble looking him in the eye and hoping he’d understand what I meant. He smiled and kissed me and I knew he did. I’ve never forgotten that. We got washed up again and I got to dry him which was a treat and then he dried me. When we were finished I took his hand and we walked into my bedroom which was cold because of the air conditioner. Buddy jumped on the bed and climbed under the comforter and smiled at me and I got in beside him. I rolled on my side and looked at the gorgeous sexy naked boy lying in my bed and kissed him. I wasn’t sure how he felt but I could’ve gone again right there and then! He’s so damn sexy and his smile lights me up like a Christmas tree! “Buddy you’ll probably think this is crazy…I think it’s crazy but…I think I’m falling in love with you” I told him and immediately wondered if it was a mistake. He’s only 12 after all and I didn’t know if someone so young could understand that. He smiled and kissed me again and hugged me and held me tight. I didn’t know what my summer internship held for me but I knew I wanted it to include my beautiful little Buddy! (more coming)

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