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Aletta Ocean

Subject: Nightcam fun – part 2 This story is an erotic dream fantasy. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html ————————————————————————– Nightcam Fun � Part 2 I had logged myself into the chat room only a few minutes before, returning from the kitchen, I could see a chat window had opened, I sat myself down, and took another swing of wine. `Is this legit? The words sat on the screen, no hello, good evening kiss my ass or nothing. I considered shutting the window down, but I was horny as usual and didn’t like letting guys down, if they had taken the time to contact me. `Evening, how’s things? Yes it’s legit’ I typed back `Interested? `He really asleep? Still no manners, my fingers hovered the mouse over the big X `Yes when you arrive he will be asleep, though hopefully not after you have been here a while, if your any good’ I didn’t usually add that last bit, but this guys was irritating me, I mean here I am offering a horny guy for visitors to use and he was not showing what I considered to be the correct amount of `thanks’?. `How dark is it? Where will you be? Can I do anything to him? `Dark enough that you have to feel what your doing, you may see shadows but nothing else, I will be in the room watching, and yes bearing in mind he is only a top’ `How will I know it is the guy in the pictures and videos then? `Look don’t worry about it, if your not prepared to take my word for it, I cannot be bothered to keep typing’ `No need to be like that, I will be back on later, speak again then’ the chat window closed, damm I wish I had been quicker, WANKER, the word screamed in my head, I took another gulp of wine, as another chat window opened. `Hi, I like the sound of the scenario, I live about 10 minutes away can I come round? Well this was more like it, someone who knew what he wanted. We chatted for a few more minutes and I gave him the address, I went to the kitchen window to watch for him arriving, so I could get the door open with no noise. A few moments later I saw a guy hurrying along the road head down towards our flats, I went to the door and picked up the entry phone handset, I heard him walk up to the door. `It’s me’ he said I pressed the unlock key and heard the door open, I replaced the handset and listened at the door we were on the third floor so it took a few moments before I heard the internal door open, it banged shut as I open our door, I nodded at the guy and gestured for him to go to the sitting room, standing aside to let him in, I gently close the door quietly; you’re probably wondering why, well although Tim hadn’t complained about me inviting guys round, but I knew he didn’t enjoy being woken up and didn’t want him waking have a strop and me having to send the guy away, without anything happening. I went into the sitting room and invited the guy to have a seat, he was younger than I was expecting probably only eighteen or nineteen, he had one of those floppy hairstyles, brown hair flopping in front of his face, he looked like he had been crying. `You okay? I asked him, he nodded `I only want to suck him is that allowed? He said in a faltering voice. `Yeah if that’s what you want, you can always do more if you change your mind’ `Can I go through now, I don’t have that long’ He added `Yeah get yourself stripped off and I will take you though’ he nodded and slowly stood, he finally took off his coat and a sparkly T shirt, then off came his shoes and socks, jeans and finally his white Calvin’s, izmit escort he took hold of his cock and stretched it and rubbed his balls and nodded again. I offered him a bottle of poppers and he took a couple of deep sniffs as I lead him down to the bedroom. I pushed open the door, the radio was on, his eyes looked at me and I gestured everything was okay, I went into the room and turned off the radio; Tim always fell asleep listening to the radio. I led the guy to the side of the bed and got him to kneel down, it was really lucky we had brought a low bed otherwise everyone would have ended up with back ache, I thought to myself. I pulled back the duvet uncovering Tim’s sleeping body, now you have to remember the room is dark, the only reason I can see is I am watching and filming using a night vision HD camcorder. I watched as the guy, put both his hands out in front of him, reaching forward until he made contact with Tim’s body, having found it, he then had to work out where he was and more importantly where Tim’s sleeping meat was. I watched his hand moving left and right, he found Tim’s trimmed pubes and moments later his fat soft cock. He picked it up with his left hand and leant forward his lips eventually gently touching Tim’s exposed Bellend, the guy kissed it again and then took it into his mouth, he swapped the shaft into his right hand as his left cupped Tim’s egg sized balls. Tim’s cock began to swell as the guys mouth and tongue worked his bellend, I could see him forcing his tongue into Tim’s slit, and tracing round his thick corona ridge, he licked down the shaft to Tim’s balls, licking them both, I moved closer and held an open bottle of poppers under his nose, he breathed deeply, Tim’s bellend still in his mouth, he took three breathes in each nostril, I did my usual `poppers three second count’ in my head, as he renewed his assault on Tim’s meat with renewed vigour, the poppers rush turning him into a cock hungry slag. This youngster appeared to be really enjoying himself, he held Tim’s cock at the bottom of the shaft, holding it erect, as he kissed at his slit, I could see the thin strand form as he pulled back, Tim was rewarding his hard work with precum, the guys tongue renewed forcing it’s tip between his slit lips, lapping up his reward. I could see Tim was stirring, his rock hard cock now at its full seven inches; not huge, but well big enough to satisfy, the guy slowly started wanking his shaft as he ran his fingers over Tim’s clippered chest hair, I watched as he slowly slid along the carpet till his head was nearly level with Tim’s, he leaned across and his lips located Tim’s his tongue, pushed out, working its way into Tim’s mouth, as I thought Tim was now awake and horny, they began snogging passionately, the youngster having now let go of his cock both his hands caressing and exploring Tim’s fit man body. They snogged for a few more minutes, before the young guys kissed back down his chest, down his abs, past his belly button and down his Happy trail, Tim’s meat bobbed up to meet the guys mouth, he once again opened wide and took Tim’s dripping cock head into his mouth, Tim’s hands now resting on the guy’s head, pushing him deeper onto his cock, another stop for poppers, and once more I watched as the guys worshipped Tim’s throbbing meat, little flashes of tongue visible as I zoomed in on his mouth. I leaned in and whispered in his ear `Do you want to get on to the bed? He stopped what he was doing and kissed the engorged bellend again, flicking his tongue across his slit once more, another stand of precum connected them, snapping as he pulled back, he then slowly got to his feet and walked to the bedroom door, I stopped filming and followed him, closing the bedroom door as I left. Back in the sitting izmit escort bayan room, he had a big tear rolling down his cheek. `Hey are you okay? I asked him as I put down the camera `Yes but I have to go, otherwise I would have got on to the bed, but I only came round as my boyfriend had cheated on me and I wanted to get back at him, your boyfriend is amazing and has a great cock, but I want to sort it out with my boyfriend before I go too far’ I stood open mouthed as he got dressed, wow, now that was a first, maybe I should update the profile, with suitable experience for marriage guidance counselling too. I said good bye to the guy and wished him luck. Now what, I looked at my watch it was only 11pm, you guessed it, oh well, back to the computer and chat room. I had barely logged back into the main chat window, when the guy I had been speaking to earlier, sent another message. `Good you are still on, I thought I had been unlucky and that big sleeping cock was taken, I am a DJ I will be leaving work, uptown in an hour, can be at yours for one in the morning, is that okay? I watched the message flashing on the screen, one in the morning was late or early depending on which way you looked at it, BUT, it was only Saturday tomorrow, hmm what to do. With that a file arrived, it was a picture of a topless horny skinhead, nice body on him, only about 5’6″, but muscled, `Yeah okay, message me when your nearly here’ I pressed send, a thumbs up flashed on the screen, so that was why he was a bit brief in his messages, he was working, I poured myself another glass of wine, let’s see what’s on the box for a couple of hours. The PC Screen lit up again, about ten to one, `With you in ten minutes’ Once again I watched from the kitchen window and soon saw him scurrying along the road, I lifted the door intercom and unlocked the door as I heard him approached it, ten seconds later he was coming through our front door, he went through into the sitting room. I did my usual offered him a glass of wine, which he accepted; he was foreign, possibly east European, he introduced himself as Sigi, it quickly became obvious, he was buzzing on something, probably taken at his work, he finished his glass and stood up. I got him to undress and stood soaking in the view, he was short but well-muscled; with just a light dusting of body hair, his cock was already hard, probably around five or six inches; he was going to enjoy Tim’s, I got him to follow me down to the bedroom. I pushed open the door, Tim had pulled the covers back on to himself but was still laying on his back, I took Sigi, over to the bed and kneeled him down, as I switched on the camera, I saw him pushing his hands under the cover, he then stopped and pushed the covers back off Tim, he was keen. He sniffed from the bottle of poppers I handed him, several times and having put them down, he reached for Tim’s cock, it looked as though it was still inflated somewhat, probably from its earlier visitor’s attention. Sigi leaned over him and took Tim’s fat bellend into his mouth, his other hands running all over Tim’s body, checking him out, as I filmed. I could hear Sigi moaning, sucking on Tim’s bellend pulling it stretching it, then stopping for more poppers, then when he returned to it, it had swollen some more, his technique was working, soon Tim was rock hard once more, Sigi, was swirling his tongue over and around Tim’s bellend, then down his velvety shaft, to his balls, he was working that cock his hand wanking it harder and harder, he glanced towards me and the camera, smiled and climbed on to the bed, flicking one leg over Tim so he was astride him. He was keen, he lent forward and pushed his mouth to Tim’s, snogging him wildly, Tim now had gripped Sigi’s hips and was kissing izmit bayan escort him back equally passionately, Sigi was grinding his ass against Tim’s cock, all I could see was Tim’s balls and Sigi’s ass cheeks. Sigi rode his cock like that for a few minutes, only stopping to sniff more poppers, he raised his arse and gripped Tim’s shaft by his balls, he slapped the fat swollen bellend against his hole, the huge head looking like it would never fit his dark hole, which was now on view as he held his ass cheeks apart. I watched Tim reach for the lube on the bedside cabinet, he pumped some onto his hand and smeared it through his fingers, before reaching for his cock and coating his bellend and shaft, his meat glistened as he smeared more lube on Sigi’s hole, Sigi sniffed more poppers, I wasn’t sure he really needed them he was as high as a kite anyway. Sigi, gripped Tim’s lubed cock and held it to his hole, pushing himself downwards as he did, he groaned as his arse gave way and Tim’s bellend pushed into him, more poppers, then he sat straight down, maybe taking his pain in one go, I had no idea but it was horny to watch. He then placed his palms flat on Tim’s chest and began to ride that cock, his hips becoming a blur as he rode Tim’s shaft, Sigi’s own cock was sticking out hard in front of him, rubbing itself backwards and forwards in Tim’s short clippered chest hair. Sigi, had obviously understood the scenario perfectly, he was using Tim’s hard cock for his pleasure. He pulled himself off Tim’s cock and lay down beside Tim pulling him on top of him, Tim got between Sigi’s legs, Sigi put his feet up round Tim’s neck, groaning as Tim’s cock head pushed back into him only stopping when his balls banged against Sigi’s arse, Tim built up a hard fast and deep pace, ploughing Sigi’s hole with his cock, Sigi was moaning and groaning, taking the pounding his eyes tightly closed his face a picture of rapture. Sigi’s hands pulled Tim down across him, their mouths meeting again and tongues once more working out. Sigi moved his legs again wrapping them round Tim’s waist once more and again rolled Tim on to his back, Sigi back on top Tim’s cock still buried deep inside him, Sigi reached for the poppers and sniffed and sniffed, he was riding Tim’s cock faster and faster, Sigi’s cock again rubbing in Tim’s chest hair. Tim’s hands again gripped Sigi’s waist, pulling him harder on to his cock, Tim’s hips meeting Sigi’s downward movements with upward thrusts, I knew Tim wouldn’t be much longer, he began to grunt, fucking his hips upwards, Sigi’s eyes bulging as Tim reached new depths in his guts, I am sure Sigi, felt the change, felt Tim’s bellend swell even larger as it erupted deep inside him, Tim was bucking his hips against Sigi’s arse. Sigi, shouted `fuck’ a little bit loud, I thought as his own cock spayed his load on to Tim’s chest and chin, Sigi sat impaled his head arched backwards for a few moments as he slowly came down from his climax, I watched him in the dark scoop up some of his cum which had landed on Tim’s chin and push it into Tim’s mouth, Tim’s tongue licking up the residue. Then Sigi, pulled off Tim once more and clambered off the bed, he seemed somewhat unsteady on his feet, as we left the room, closing the door behind us. I put down a towel for Sigi to sit on on the couch, he sat his face grinning widely. `Same time next week’ he said winking at me, I nodded, but would have to see who else answered the profile. ******************* I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing. Other stories by this writer: `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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