New Adventures with Mistress M – part 4 – the hote

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New Adventures with Mistress M – part 4 – the hoteafter what happend in part 3 of the story it was Mistress M´s turn to play with her willing slave. i was told to lie onto my back onto the bed.. i was totally naked and mistress came with the new leather cock ring i bought.. it was a bit tricky to get on as there is 3 straps.. the first strap goes around the balls and my cock, the second one just below my cock around my balls while the third one goes across the balls.. you can actually see it in the profile picture. Mistress M blæindfolded me and startet to bind me to the bed with spread legs and arms.. i am all hers now.. not able to move or do anything.. first she started to play with my body carressing it softly.. her hands and mouth play with my upper body making me already whimpering .. she shares some champange with my by drinking it and kissing me intensly..slowly she was wokring izmir escort herself downwards and takes the anal beads.. applying some lotion on it she then pushes them into me while playing with my arse… her right hands stroking my hard cock while she plays with my balls and the anal beads slowly pulling them out — the feeling is amazing.-… when all beads are out again she tells me to kneel down.. Mistress M takes the latex bustier i bought for her and takes it on.. her huge amazing breast nearly dont fit into the tight bustier but when she finally gets them in the sight is mind blowing.. she is so sexy and looks just amazing.. kneeling in front of the bed she sits just in front of it and pulls my head towards her still exposed pussy.. “lick me slave – make your mistress happy” she tells me and i go into her big juicy wet pussy and lcik what i can.. i cant nearly breath escort izmir as i am all in her pussy and my nose is rubbing her clitoris while i lick her little opening.. her hands hold my head tight into her crotch until she finally comes. she rises and takes on the newly bought strap on.. my eyes glow as i see her.. the bright eyes, the tight latex bustier with her huge breast trying to escape and the big black strap on danglening right in front of my face.. “suck it slaveboy” and her hand guides my head towards the black shiny cock.. i start licking and sucking it . the frst time i suck a “cock” and i love the feeling of Mistress M controling me.. after a while she tells me to go towards the bed and to spread my legs.. lying my body onto the bed on my stomach and my feet on the ground.. i hear her applying the loition onto the black strap on and closing in onto me.. her hands izmir escort bayan spread my cheeks and finally she enters me.. The feeling is amazing.. i am getting fucked for the first time for real by a strap on.. i have dreamed about it and its finally happening.. after what i can hear misress likes it as well and she paces up.. talking dirty to me and fucking my arse well.. 5 minutes 10 minutes she fucks my little round slave ass and the strap on touches places that a butt plug hasnt .. it is a mixture between heaven and strangeness.. finally i need to say stop for a bit…. she lie me onto my back and tells me to spread my legs.. taking the buttplug and starts to fuck my little arse again while she plays with my cock.. This is absolutly amazing and i go carzy.,.. in a matter of minutes she gets me close and finally i explode for the second time this evening in a huge orgasm while she continues to fuck little slavehole with the buttplug.. the orgsam is so intens that i nearly faint… scrapping up some of my juices she guides a finger to my mouth and gets me to lick my juices.. .. soon to come more

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