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Subject: Naval Tradition Revised ch. 7 Naval Tradition REVISED EDITION Bill Drake (ail) with Corporal Cody NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. It is gay erotic fiction explicitly depicting sexual acts between men, including male relatives. If that offends or disturbs you, read no further. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. This is the revised and retconned version of Naval Tradition, told in chronological order. While the overall story is the same, there is lot of new content here (and some of the old parts didn’t make the cut in this version). This revision has been a collaboration with fellow writer Corporal Cody. My thanks to him for his considerable contributions to and inspiration for this version. Feel free to drop a line if you enjoy it: ail. I hope to have an ebook version at the end of this, so you can let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for that. NAVAL TRADITION Bill Drake, with Corporal Cody PART ONE: COMING OF AGE Chapter Seven Norfolk, Summer 2002 It was a warm summer afternoon in June, and Rick and I were enjoying some minor league baseball at Harbor Park Stadium downtown. Both of us dressed for summer. Becoming prouder of my body and the hard work I put in, I had on a comfortable athletic tank that hung nicely off my robust shoulders, showing off my muscled arms and the nice, defined cut between my lightly blond, furred pecs that I was particularly proud of. My hair still getting longer, I covered my soft golden curls with the well-worn, orange and black Orioles baseball cap that Dad had given me for my 13th birthday. Both of us in shorts and Ray-Bans. Rick on the other hand settled for a simple light T, joking that the muscles were my thing. It was the 6th inning, the Norfolk Tides were ahead by 3, and all was good in the world. We had graduated two weeks earlier, only my brother Paul and his fiancée, Megan, making it to the ceremony. And while I knew I’d miss my buddies, we had all summer to hang out. Besides, I was really looking forward to college in Charlottesville come Fall. “You know what would make this perfect?” Rick asked from behind his sunglasses. Rick’s a bit of a goofball, but he’s probably the best friend a guy could have. “What?” I prompted, my attention a little distracted by the hunky catcher on the opposing team. I was always amazed by the huge power asses and giant thighs on those guys. “A nice, frosty beer.” “Yes it would,” I replied. “OK, Mr. Wine Cooler,” Rick laughed, referring to one party at Jenny Carson’s our junior year where I got hammered on coolers. I still hadn’t lived that down. I shrugged it off. I turned my head and happened to see someone familiar a few rows above and to the left of us. I hadn’t seen Glen since our motel tryst in January, but there he was, sitting with two of his friends. I still hadn’t gotten used to how different he looked out of uniform. I almost didn’t recognize him as he also sported a baseball cap and shades with a couple days of dark stubble on his face. But I knew it was him – his bulky muscles stuffed into khaki shorts and a gray, pocket T-shirt, his dark chest hair curling out of the collar under his neck, his heavily furred arms crossed over his chest, and the glint of his wedding band catching the sun just right. He sat relaxed, but his body looked just as fine and beefy. Even at a distance, his dark looks were strikingly handsome as he smiled and laughed with his buddies. I had to gulp. “What’s the matter, bub?” Rick asked, noticing my craned neck. “See one of your conquests?” he teased. We didn’t talk about it much, but Rick knew I fucked around with guys, maybe not so much older men. He was laid back and couldn’t give a shit, really. I turned to look at my friend. “What are you? Psychic?” He laughed. “Maybe. But remember that divorced chick I balled from Dyerstown?” I nodded. “Well, I saw her last week at the mall, and I think I had the same look on my face like the one you got now.” “Which is…?” “Half embarrassed, half horny.” “I think the embarrassment is winning out.” I was a little eager to get back to watching the game and to stop discussing my fuck buddies. Rick wasn’t having it. “Why? He doesn’t do it for you any more?” I was starting to wonder why my friend was so interested, but I think he just liked being a pest and teasing me. “He does it for me all right,” I admitted. “It was just a one-time thing, though.” ***** At least that’s what I thought until I was standing in front of a urinal in an empty ballpark men’s room, relieving myself. I heard the door swing open and who should step right up beside me, but Glen. “How’s life treating you, Big Boy?” he greeted in a low voice. “Staying out of trouble?” Glen had one hell of a deep, sexy voice. I looked up and over at the man’s face. He’d taken off his sunglasses, which now rested in the crook of his T-shirt, and he fixed his bright green eyes on me. He was a little buzzed and wearing a gruff smile that made my dick surge outward in my hand. I got the feeling he’d spotted me and followed me in here. “Trouble seems to find me, Sir,” I replied nonchalantly while standing legs spread, shaking the piss dribbles off my expanding cock. He laughed and looked over, down into the urinal where my dick now poked up, growing into a full, thick erection. “I’ll bet,” he grumbled. Then, dropping his voice even lower to a whisper, “Christ, if I was that hung, trouble would be following me around, too.” He stepped back, showing me that he was clearly erect, too. He covered his hardon up with his boxer briefs and shorts, and zipped up. I did the best I could to tuck mine in, but it was a lot tougher. He smirked at my predicament, then turned toward the sink. I was four paces behind him, not eager to let him get away, but not sure if I should make a move. Where the hell would we go anyway? Toweling off, I watched him pull out a handful of change and fish around for some quarters. He walked up to the dispensing machine, plunked them in, and twisted the crank. He pulled out a packet of KY, which he stuffed in his T-shirt pocket. He nudged his head, silently directing me to follow. No way was my hardon going down any time soon. As we stepped out of the men’s room, he leaned down and whispered. “Think you can get away from your friend for ten minutes?” “He’ll be fine.” My dick now doing the thinking. “Good. Follow me,” he said as he put his shades back on. I was so excited I thought my heart was gonna skip a beat. In that Virginia Beach motel, Glen established that what had happened between us, was a one-time deal. So I never dreamed I’d be getting it on with this naval officer hunk again. I could almost smell the sexual heat emanating from his powerful, muscular body, though, as we walked out of the stadium and toward the parking lot. He flicked his electronic key and I saw the lights of a window-tinted, black SUV flick on and heard the doors unlock. We walked up and he popped the back hatch. The back seats were already down, creating an open but confined space. Reaching in, he grabbed a wool blanket and spread it open. He took a quick look around to see if the coast was clear. “Here. Get in,” he ordered. I scrambled into the back with the off-duty Lieutenant Commander right behind me, shutting the hatch door behind him. Kneeling in front of each other, he immediately reached down and pawed my crotch, massaging the wood I was showing. “Damn, Big Boy, it’s good to see you again.” With his eyes on my groin, I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or my cock. I got the feeling he wouldn’t nearly be so forward if he weren’t buzzed from all those stadium beers. But I also knew the alcohol was letting him go after what he wanted sexually. “Good to see you, too, Sir.” Already his fingers were unzipping me, fishing in for my cock. “Fuck, I can’t even get my fingers around this baby.” He started stroking the shaft inside my briefs before pulling it out. I thought of taking charge, but the officer was making me feel pretty good so far. “You know, Big Boy, I think about that afternoon. You fucked me twice. I think about it a lot.” “I’ve thought about that day, too, Sir,” I said as I felt up his hairy, thick arms and finally groped his bulky muscles through his T-shirt. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the foil packet. He ripped it open with his teeth and squeezed some of the gel out onto my cock. His rough hand massaged the lube onto my shaft and instantly it felt awesome. Meanwhile, I reached over and started undoing his shorts, and he maneuvered in the small space until I finally shucked them and his boxer briefs down. After a little work, he tossed his garments aside as he was now naked from the waist down except for his sneakers. He smiled and reached back with lubed fingertips and started applying the gel to his married hole with a low soft moan. He sat there on his knees, horny, erect and panting. “We don’t have long. How do you want me?” His voice got a little desperate. “On your stomach,” I said without hesitation. I loved doing him doggy and figured this would work better in the confined space we had. He nodded happily and flopped face down onto the blanket as I pulled my shorts and briefs off, leaving my cross-trainers on. I put my cap on backwards, crawled onto his hirsute, meaty frame and nudged apart his hairy legs with mine. I let my slicked cockhead feel for his lubed hole, hidden in the hairs of his spread ass and pressed into him. “Oh, Jim. Fff-uck!” Glen shuttered as his hole stretched around the spearing head of my cock. I stopped to give him time to adjust. He hiked his ass back, spreading his legs a little wider. “Did I tell you to stop, Boy?!” Glen growled as I then proceeded to feed him my inches. “Gimmie that fucker. Give it to me. Yeah… Fuckin’ fill me up!” I didn’t rush it, but I didn’t waste my time either. Within a minute flat the man got stuffed full of my fat fuckstick. “Aw yeah,” he moaned, his head resting in his folded arms. “This is what I needed, buddy. Big fat, giant young dick. Ride me, kid.” I kissed and licked the spot between his shoulder blades then pulled back to pound in. We were both groaning now. “Like that, Sir?” I teased. “Yeah,” he huffed. “Big Boy knows how to fuck.” And fuck I did. Pretty soon, my heavy balls were slapping the man’s perineum as each in-stroke plunged deep. Glen’s mouth spewing vulgarities the whole ride. I didn’t have a stopwatch, but around the three-minute mark, I could feel my nut coming on. I thought of announcing it, but I could tell by his grunts that the burly man was getting pretty close himself. I started pounding hard and fast and reached around to grab his chest for leverage. “Aw Fuck, Big Boy! It’s been so long… That fuckin’ cock! AW FUUUCK!” The angle change made Glen shoot, right into the wool blanket. I followed him over the edge, biting my lip and grunting as I pressed my forehand into his flexing back. I thrust hard into him, making sure I seeded his hole as deep as I could. “Damn,” the man said as we uncoupled. “I needed that. Thanks.” “Anytime,” I said as I rolled off him. Truly appreciative for another chance at this fine man’s şişli travesti ass. He pulled his boxer briefs back on, then his shorts. “Don’t say that.” “What?” I asked. “‘Anytime.’ I don’t know if I can resist.” His tone was half teasing but half serious. “You wanna resist?” My eyes challenged him. I was feeling a little cocky, to be honest. But something about fucking a buff, Navy Officer twice your age will do that to you. Glen laughed. “Yes and no. No offense, but I can’t have an affair with a high school guy.” “Not even one with this dick? Who’s graduated?” I held up my semi-erect tube meat for his inspection. Sperm was now dripping out at the tip. He gulped. “You like making this hard on me, don’t ya?” I put my shorts and briefs back on. “Sorry man. Don’t mean to taunt you. I just… well, I didn’t think I was gonna get a chance to tangle with you again. And I’m really glad I did.” Conflicting emotions passed over Glen’s scruffy face. “Look,” I added. “I’m not trying to pressure you. But I’m leaving for college in August. Maybe this summer if you wanna…” The man didn’t let me finish my sentence. “All right,” he blurted. ***** That’s how Glen became my summer fuck buddy. I wasn’t working a job that summer, focusing instead on lifting weights, conditioning, batting practice and playing in the Tidewater Summer League. Baseball was like a full-time job in itself. Since Dad was at sea, I had a lot more private time around the house and the freedom to go out. Paul didn’t feel like he had to check in on me constantly, and the occasional text seemed to suffice. The next time Glen texted to set up something, again in a motel room, was my first experience with uniform play, other than incredible hotness of LCDR Jack Grant fucking me while he wore nothing but his dog tags. I had expected a hot tryst, since something about the sex between Glen and me was majorly intense. I think it was my sense for the forbidden, coupled with Glen’s thrill at indulging his attraction to men and sexual need to bottom. What I hadn’t expected was that Glen showed up in his uniform. Or rather, how turned on I would be when he opened the motel door in his service khaki USN uniform – everything but the cap, which he’d removed and placed on the dusty table. His name tag read, `EVANS,’ finally putting a last name to Glen for me. “Cool,” he greeted me as I stepped into the air-conditioned room, dressed comfortably for summer. “You’re glad to see me,” he said, cupping my weighty crotch with his large hand. He let it sink in, what he was talking about – the boner I was already throwing in my shorts. With a grip on my dick, he pulled me into him. We made out, his powerful frame pressing me back against the room wall while his fingers jerked my prick through the fabric and fumbled with the zipper. All the while I ran my hands up the flared back and down to his uniform-clad ass. “Been thinking about your donkey dick since the Tides game,” he mused. He gripped the freed, thick hardon jutting out of my unzipped crotch. “Damn, you’ve got a fat one.” He looked down as he massaged my stalk, as if he were playing with an inanimate object. Then he squatted down. His breath against my cock felt great but not as great as his warm, wet mouth engulfing my penis. “Fuck yeah,” I murmured as he gripped the open flaps of my shorts, holding me steady as he filled his orifice with Grade-A jock meat. My fists pounded the wall behind me as he sucked what he could, his tongue massaging the underside as his green eyes twinkled up at me. This was actually the first time Glen had blown me. “Next time,” he said, spitting out my cock as a thread of spit clung to the tip. He licked the head and stroked the base. “I wanna suck this baby off while you’re wearing your baseball uniform.” I was at a loss for words and could only nod with excitement as he greedily swallowed me nearly back down to the hilt, gagging but not giving up until his nose was in my blond pubes. For a married dude, Glen was a master at crazy verbal talk and surprisingly, a great cock sucker. I hadn’t ever thought of sex in my uniform, but if it turned me on as much as seeing one of the Navy’s finest on his knees in front of me, I’d oblige. “Oh Fuck… Sure thing, Sir. Only… Ugnh, I want to see you swallowing my fat cock with your cap back on.” He noisily pulled off my meat, his thick saliva running off his bottom lip as my heavy cock bobbed with a fresh glaze. Smiling, he leaned back on his haunches, hands on his khaki trousers. “You get off on making it with an officer, huh?” It was more a statement than a question. He reached over and grabbed his round, visored, khaki combination cap off the table, putting it on his head. He leaned back in and licked up the fresh string of precum leaking out the slit. And using only his tongue, he pulled the head back between his lips before sucking the rest of my iron-hard cock back into his mouth and down his throat. The sight of this married hunk of an officer sucking my dick was too much for me. His meaty fingers wrapped around my thick base, his gold band in full view. “Jesus Christ, Sir!” I cried as he found a rhythm, sucking as he pulled off, before swallowing me back up again. His tongue wrapping around my shaft as I began micro-thrusting into his mouth. My hands gripped the back of his neck, trying not to disturb the cap. The man bobbed his head up and down maybe a dozen times before my nuts jerked and with a loud groan, my dick coughed up gobs of semen down his throat. He choked a little, pulling off a bit so he could taste me before he quickly gulped the ejaculate down. Maybe he was a little afraid of getting sperm dribbles on his clothing. He sucked on the head, making sure he got it all before letting me go. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he caught his breath. “Sorry,” I muttered as I let my head fall back against the wall with a thud, breathing just as hard and still taken aback from the suddenness of my orgasm. “I meant to last longer than that. But, Sir… the way you swallowed my cock, I just couldn’t…” “‘s OK,” he growled as he got to his feet. “Hope to hell you got more in ya than that, though. I’ve been looking forward to getting fucked.” Glen wasn’t the type to mince words. “I got more in me,” I assured him. “Just give me a few to recharge.” We made our way to the bed. Like him, I was still fully clothed, except I had my re-hardening dick hanging out from my open fly. We talked a little and made out between sentences as I sucked on his tongue, tinged with my own flavor. It was hot. “I was wondering,” Glen finally said, pulling his mouth from mine as he felt my erection regain its rigidity. “I keep thinking back to when you ate Marshall out.” I wasn’t comprehending, and he added. “Petty Officer Second Class Marshall. You know, Kevin…” Our mutual fuck buddy. I nodded, knowing what the man was asking for. “Drop trou, Lieutenant Commander, and I’ll give you a rim job you won’t forget.” Yeah, corny I know, but damned if Glen didn’t smile wide as he stood and started undoing his brass belt buckle and pants. They fell to his ankles along with his boxer briefs, revealing his reddened, aching erection, then he turned away from me and crawled up on the bed on all fours, careful to keep his cap on his head. That furry trench was an amazing vision – nice, deep, fur-packed cleft that opened up as Glen spread his thick thighs the best he could with his pants constraining his ankles. The hole was deep pink beneath the thicket of dark brown hairs. I approached slowly, kneeling on the bed behind him and then leaning in as I got a whiff of his pure, freshly-showered, masculine scent. I could see his anus twitch with each of my breaths. It all made my hardon return with a vengeance, but what I was feeling probably paled in comparison to Glen’s excitement as I wrapped my hands around his thighs and my pointed tongue touched his hole. The connection thrilled me and I wondered why I hadn’t done this to Glen before. “God! Lick me, Big Boy! Fuck yeah, gimme that tongue.” I complied, pushing my tongue in further `til his tight ring gave way and fluttered against my invading oral muscle. That elicited a gasp from the man, which just urged me on even more. Licking, prodding, sucking on the hot man hole. I was getting dizzy with lust, but that made me go at it even more. I went fast and slow, hard and soft, alternating, `til both of us were worked into a fevered pitch. “Oh, Fuck. Make it wet, Kid! Yeah, get it nice and wet for your fat fuckin’ cock!” Glen was unable to take much more and leaned forward to get out of reach of my asseating mouth. I simply followed that hot butt down to the mattress and continued to gnaw at his exposed pucker. “Sweet almighty. Have some mercy, Big Boy.” Leaning up he looked over his shoulder. “God, I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me, Kid.” I pulled back, licking my lips, finally giving Glen his respite and took off his black leather shoes and uniform trousers. “You need to take your uniform off? I don’t want it to get dirty.” He looked back at me, still on his stomach and thought it over. “Yeah. Or if you want me to keep it on, you can do me standing up.” Glen clearly knew how much the uniform was turning me on. “In front of the mirror?” I asked hopefully, nodding my head to a full-length mirror on the bathroom door. Glen got up, adjusted his cap and walked in front of the door. Dressed to the nines from the waist up, completely nude from the waist down except for his black dress socks. I admired the contrast and lubed up my prick with a small bottle Glen had set out earlier. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to take me long to nut this time either. I followed the Officer, eagerly stroking my dick. “I don’t think you’re gonna have to wet me up,” he huffed, looking at me through the mirror. “That rim job left me dripping wet.” I’d used a lot of lube the first time, but I discovered LCDR Evans preferred a little friction. He widened his stance, bending over a bit, invitingly. I stepped up behind him, running my hands under his khaki shirt along the small of his back. I gripped his waist as I nudged my prick between his buns. Like a heat-seeking missile, it slipped the length of his crack and found his hole. Glen was super worked up and his ass swallowed a couple inches of my thick meat before clenching up. By that point I’d breached the gate, but I had to take things more slowly. “Oh, Fuck!” the navy man hissed. “Let me have it, Big Boy. All eight inches!” I was a little taller than the man and could look over his shoulder at the reflection of us as I sank my bone in. His own cock stood out between the khaki shirt tails and dribbled pre-fuck juice down its hard length. His upper half looked pressed for inspection, and the thought just made me push into him more. “God, Glen, you got a great ass… feels as good as it tastes.” I don’t know what kind of balls I had, a recently graduated high school kid fucking an officer like this, but we both wanted this bad. “Man, your dick is so fucking fat, Jim. C’mon. Fuck Daddy.” Jeez, those were the nastiest two words I’d ever heard. Before that moment I’d never even imagined them. But immediately, I found myself shoving my cock into the beylikdüzü travesti man more urgently, enraged with desire. “Yeah, Daddy?” I said trying the sex talk on for size. “You hungry for your Boy’s dick?” Glen looked up into the mirror, straight into my eyes and nodded. “Yeah, Boy, fuck my horny Daddy ass. Show me how fucking horny you are.” Part of me worried he knew I was a Navy captain’s son. But Glen and I were on a first name only basis. Besides, I was too turned on by the scene to resist. I thrust in again. Hard. Glen put his hands forward and braced against the counter to cushion the force. “God fucking damn!” the man growled. “Leave me an asshole, won’t ya?” I nodded, sucking in air to regain some control. I channeled my horniness into a steady in-and-out fuck, putting emphasis on the in strokes and withdrawing smoothly. Glen seemed to love that. He humped his beefy, furry ass against my blond pubes. His buttery insides were opening up completely to my fat girth. My fingers gripped the wadded tail of tan fabric of his uniform shirt, pulling his body back to meet my every thrust. I pivoted in and out. I looked down at the amazing sight of his thick buns split by my cock, the shiny and veined shaft plunging relentlessly into the stretched ring of his hole, gloriously crowned with wet, dark hairs. They don’t make porn this good, I realized, as my jism rumbled deep in my balls. Glen could barely speak. His face was beet red and he was jerking furiously on his swollen cock. “Fucking hell!” he gasped as rope after thick rope of syrupy semen covered the mirror. The idea I was fucking Glen’s daddy load out of him sent me off, too, firing right into the officer’s hot insides. I grunted vehemently, lost for words as I gripped harder and my thrusts sped up as I fucked through my nut. I watched my body tense in the mirror, bliss on my face. Immediately the friction of the man’s ass disappeared with the slick sliminess of my load. I couldn’t pull out immediately as Glen’s chute held my quivering cock in a death grip. I just wrapped my arms around Glen’s torso. My cheek pressed into the back of his uniform shirt as I caught my breath. “Fuck!” the officer swore in his tenor voice. “I think you liked that even more than me, Big Boy.” ***** I’d never know when I’d hear from LCDR Evans. He’d text me when he was able to get free and felt he wouldn’t get caught. A part of me felt real low for meeting up with some guy sneaking off behind his wife’s back. But the sexual chemistry I had with Glen Evans was scorching hot. And, I had to admit, the naughtiness of it all was a turn on for me. By nature I was a rule-follower, an officer’s son, a “good kid” as parents would say. I stayed out of trouble, worked hard at school, and excelled at athletics. Every minute I spent having an affair with a married U.S. Navy officer let me take a break from being Robert McGrath’s boy for a half hour. It thrilled me. I was having a blast playing in the Tidewater summer league. I wanted to be ready for college, and more than that, I loved playing ball – the friendly competition and hanging out with the guys. I’d just wrapped up one game one late June afternoon, tossing my gear into the backseat of my Civic when my phone buzzed – LCDR Glen Evans. “I got about 30 minutes,” the text came. “If ur free.” Came another. “Yep,” I texted back. “Where?” He named a half-occupied strip mall not too far from the Virginia Beach location of the game. I sent back an affirmative reply, my dick firming up with each traffic light I passed. It was after 6:00 p.m. now and the tucked-away parking lot was empty except for LCDR Evans’ black SUV. I pulled up, two spaces down, not wanting it to look suspicious. As I put my car in park, I saw Glen get out of his vehicle, his burly body dressed in a polo shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals. He had a ball cap and sunglasses on as he walked over to my car. Normally I would have gone home and changed out of my baseball uniform, but I didn’t have time and, besides, I remembered Glen mentioning he liked the idea of sucking me in my uniform. I wasn’t sure that was how it was going to go down, but I figured he might like it. Like was an understatement. The officer growled excitedly as he watched me get out of my car. My short sleeve, light gray jersey was obviously soiled from the game. The team logo and my number patched on the front with “McGrath” sprawled across the back in big blue letters. My jersey was tucked into my knee-breech pants. Royal blue baseball socks stretched around my wide calves as I walked up to him in my dusty cleats. I’m sure I still had eyeblack smeared on my cheeks as I adjusted my ball cap. “Fucking hell, Big Boy, you put that on for me?” “No,” I laughed. “You caught me as I was wrapping up a game.” He pulled off his sunglasses. Those beautiful green eyes looked at me hungrily. “My buddy is a realtor. He lets me use this empty shop when I need it,” he grinned and gestured for me to follow him. He unlocked a papered up storefront and we slipped inside. The room was hot and not romantic. An empty dusty space, it had a deserted desk and a couple of old office chairs. “It’s not the Ritz, Big Guy,” Glen said, taking off his ball cap and showing his sweat-matted short brown hair. “But fuck, I need your cock.” I stepped up to him, not making a move to take off my uniform, instead letting him enjoy me in it. The burly officer’s mitts reached forward and latched onto my chest and felt along to my abdomen through my jersey top. “You’re the real deal, Big Guy,” he growled. “Yessir,” I smirked, enjoying how much I was turning him on. His mouth met mine for a hungry, sexual kiss. Our tongues battled fiercely, his wider thick tongue batting against my longer one. I could feel his thick, five o’clock stubble grind into my softer cheeks and his paws claw at my uniformed body. “Hot fucking damn!” he grunted as he pulled off and crouched down. “I don’t gotta lot of time, stud, but I gotta suck you.” He reached forward and undid my belt and unsnapped the white but dirt covered uniform pants. He pulled the flaps apart and ran his hands along my lightly hairy lower belly. My dark blond fur was coming in heavier now down there and growing thicker, too, on my pecs. “I gotta tell you,” I said, my dick feeling uncomfortable now. “These cups are murder on a boner.” Glen laughed and gripped the elastic of my jock strap and pulled it forward enough to reach in and take my cup out. I thought the Navy officer would be fixated on my prick, like normal, but instead he examined the curved plastic and held it up to his nose. I swore the big man whimpered as he took in a deep breath. “You like that shit?” I teased. “Hot fucking baseball player musk?” I was getting more confident with the sex talk now. “Fuck yeah,” he hissed and I watched as the stud’s wide tongue dug into cup. He gave a couple of long swipes as he licked out my ball sweat. Satisfied he’d clicked it clean, he tossed it aside. “This is gonna have to be a quickie, you hot fucker.” “Then suck my fat dick,” I growled as I pulled at the pouch of my jock, yanking it to the side as I extracted my dick from its confines. I gave my cock a shake and stepped up closer to Glen’s kneeling position. “Not so shy any more, huh?” Evans said gripping my growing shaft, admiring it before he leaned forward and gobbled up a couple of my thick inches. He grunted as he reacquainted himself with my size then descended down on me. LCDR Evans was middle of the road when he came to his cocksucking skills. Not a talent like Kevin, but not a novice either. This time he concentrated on the top inches, prioritizing a good steady suction and back and forth motion over depth. It was working. “Scarf that fucking cock down, Daddy,” I growled, placing my hands on his thinning sweat-moist hair. “You gonna swallow the big nut I got worked up for ya?” Glen and I had hooked up only once since that intense uniform session in the motel – for a blowjob quickie – and we hadn’t used the D-word that had turned me on beyond belief. We probably wouldn’t have time to go deep this session, but I at least wanted to toss some comments out there, enjoy embracing sex with an older man. Glen pulled off, catching his breath and wiping his lips. He looked up from the gaze he had on my erection. “You close, son?” I nodded hornily. “Fuck yeah. You got me so close, man…” Glen looked at his plastic Ironman watch. “I got five minutes,” he hissed. “Ten tops.” With that he stood up and pulled out some lubricant from his pocket and hurriedly undid his shorts. They slipped off his hips and I saw that furry crotch and Evan’s ramrod-hard, married bone. He lifted up his polo shirt, not taking it off, just lifting it out of the way, and then took some lube to slick up his cut piece. I shucked down my uniform pants to mid-thigh but left my jock in place and took the lube to grease up. Even though I always had to take entry slower with Evans, he didn’t like me as wet as Kevin used to ask for. The Lieutenant Commander turned around and leaned over the office desk, which had some stray folders and a disconnected phone on it, and braced his upper body. As I stepped up, I fisted my cock to spread the slickness and very quickly fingered his pucker. My lack of prep meant it took some worming of my leaking head against his tightness to penetrate the man. Glen was worked up, though, and after a couple of attempts to apply pressure, he relaxed enough to let me in. “Easy, Jim,” he hissed, an urgent concern in his voice. “Easy. God, you’re so frickin’ thick. Real goddamn cuntsplitter on ya.” He leaned his head down and I ran my hands along his clammy muscular back under his shirt. I gave more gentle mini thrusts, not so much trying to push deeper, but more working over the sensitive asswalls. It worked, more of my double wide meat started to slide into Evans’ hot guts. “Fuck yes,” I hissed. “There ya go, buddy,” Glen said, the tension out of his voice as he leaned up excitedly. “My hole’s fucking yours… not as tight after a few times with your baseball bat.” I gritted my teeth. The clenching of Evans’ insides on my bone were feeling fantastic. “It’s pretty fucking tight, Sir.” I now gave my first thrust into him. I’d learned when Glen got this far, he was good to go. I fucked in once more. I had the restraint not to be rough, but I wasn’t really holding back now, either. We didn’t have a lot of time. “Hold me,” his deep voice bellowed. He leaned back into me as I wrapped my arms around his furry muscled front. It wasn’t the best angle for fucking, but I realized what he was after. Glen wanted to feel my baseball uniform against his body. It was a horny idea and made me bore harder into him with deep heavy grunts. I pulled his back hard into my chest, one hand cupping his pec through his shirt, feeling his nipple harden between my fingers as the other gripped his flexing torso. The heat of the room had me drenched in sweat from my brow to my toes, and my full uniform made it worse. But I loved being the stud athlete for this hunk and his desire made me double my efforts. “Fuck me!” he growled. “Fuck your Daddy!” I thrust harder, faster. He had to know I was close. “Step right into that batter’s istanbul travesti box, Boy,” Glen grunted, that mellow voice getting more urgent. “Knock this one right outta there…” Glen was a wild man, all right, with a crazy horny imagination that would put most porn to shame. His words went straight to my nuts and fired an unstoppable orgasm. “I’m there,” I hissed, “Gonna cream your daddy hole.” My cock already spurted heavy and deep into Glen’s married guts. I’m sure he could feel my tense, flexed body deflate back to its normal state as I leaned heavily into the damp muscle of his back. “Aw yeah,” he growled. “You’re taking that victory lap right in my goddamn asshole.” His own body shook as he frantically beat his rod. Then ten seconds later, he let out a howl and that desk got a new paint job with Glen’s whitewash. He yelped as he finally pulled off my half-hard dick, and he quickly hiked up his shorts. He turned around, rolling his polo back down his sweaty torso. “Fuck it to hell, man,” he swore as he fixed me with a glint of contentment in his eyes. “You’re one crazy dude, Jim.” It was the pot calling the kettle black. I shook off the last drops of cum then stuffed my spent, lubed prick back in my jock and tucked it into the baseball uniform. “Did I go too far?” I asked as I picked my supporter back up. I had a newfound confidence during the sex act, but at other times felt like I was still learning the ropes. “I’ll tell you later, kiddo, when I decide if I still have an asshole,” he laughed. He ushered me out of the place in a rush. Unbelievably, the humid, summer, Virginia air felt cooler than what we’d just been in. There was no afterglow lingering or chit chat. Glen locked up and nonchalantly went over to his SUV. “Later, buddy,” he waved, got in his SUV and drove off. I got into my car, chuckling at how insane, yet intensely hot that pairing had been. And thinking how much I really wanted a shower. ***** Funny how a secretive affair with a married guy revealed things about myself I didn’t know. Or didn’t want to face up to. The times I hooked up with Glen Evans I found myself gaining a sense of sexual excitement and power. But later, even the next day after the rush wore off, I found myself alone and wondering if my attraction to older men was healthy. And the “Daddy” thing hit me in a deep psychological place I wasn’t prepared for. Complicating my emotions was how much I was missing Dad, who wouldn’t be getting back until two weeks after I left. I worried about him, and I wished I could enjoy my last summer in Norfolk with him there, even if it meant I wouldn’t have the freedom to find sexual release with LCDR Evans. I shuddered as I thought what Dad would think of my affair with the Lieutenant Commander. I don’t know who’d he’d be more upset at – his son for seducing a much older man, or a subordinate officer having an affair with a barely-legal teen. As I got ready to move to Charlottesville, I figured out which clothes I wanted to take, and I made runs to a couple of big-box stories to get some basic dorm furnishings. I’d been in touch with Tim, the roommate assigned to me for the Fall, and we’d split up a list of crap to bring. I was fine driving myself to school and moving into the dorm on my own, and in a pinch I knew Paul would be glad to help, but I was sad that Dad wouldn’t be there to send me off. It hit me when I was packing some stuff from my bedroom. Of course, I didn’t need to move all of my things out, but I decided what things I’d want up at school. And in the back of my mind I knew the distinct possibility Dad would move after I left Norfolk, either into a smaller house, or maybe a reassignment down the way. Displayed on my bedroom desk, I saw a set of Dad’s old dogtags I’d had since I was a kid. A gift Dad had given me when I was 7 and he went off for his wartime deployment. “McGRATH ROBERT A,” read the raised letters. Damn. I sucked in a deep breath. I clutched the tags and figured out a careful place to put them. Those were going with me. As my departure day grew closer, my mood picked up. I met my high school buddies in town for a couple meals, knowing it would be the last time in a while – maybe a long while for some of them. Not all of my teammates were college bound, but the ones that were all headed now to different places… my buddy Rick to Vanderbilt, our mutual friend Scott to Penn State to play soccer. I was glad, even eager, to leave Norfolk, but I had a lot of good memories there, and a lot of people I knew I’d miss. And there’s something about a place, it makes you who you are. I’d spent my teen years in Norfolk, and for better and worse, they were a formative time. My last week in town was getting downright busy. I hung out with Rick all day before he had to leave for Nashville, and met up with my baseball teammates one last time at the usual pizza place. It was the day before I left that I found myself at home on a rainy day. I woke up horny and knew I’d have a nice stroke session. It turned out to be my first edge session, which I kind of discovered by accident. Naked and still in bed, I fired up a favorite porn video on my new laptop computer. Letting the sound blare, I watched a mature man and young stud couple as I stroked my shaft and tugged my balls. Seeing the young stud, I could feel it, that building wave. I was getting close to coming, and the need to bust a nut was deep. But I decided to let go of my cock and I watched as it jerked angrily and pulsed wildly. When I cooled down and resumed my grip, the sensations on my cock felt even better, more heightened. Normally, at home, my stroke sessions were a routine thing. I’d lie back on my bed, shuck my shorts and start working my joint, thinking about the last hot man or jock I’d seen. Or I’d find some porn and a few minutes later, my chest would be covered with a good, thick load. Only that day I enjoyed the new excitement of teasing myself just short of the blasting point, repeatedly. It became a game of sorts. I’d do some activity that would make me postpone gratification, alternating with another masturbation session. I wore my compression jersey and baseball shorts as I made lunch, cleaned up, and watched TV. The obscene erection made a big smudgy wet spot with lube and precum, but I’d hold off on touching until I was done with my task, then I’d stroke for fifteen or twenty minute slowly and carefully before pulling my shorts back up. I had mostly packed for my move, but tended to a couple of last minute things, trying to ignore my erection. I watched more porn but restrained myself from gripping my crotch. I fit in a work out, doing pushups and crunches with a hardon, until I went half-soft. By 3 in the afternoon, I was back in my room and on my bed as I once again pulled down my shorts to stroke. I moaned at the feeling of my lubed fingers wrapping around my cock and slowly fisting. I was going insane, arching my back and giving myself the royal treatment, appreciating all my eight inches. It was pleasurable, deeply so, but also veering toward an uncomfortable ache of blue balls. My prick was leaking clear sap down my fist as I worked it ever so slowly up and down. I sat up and peeled off my jersey. Then reclining back, I ran my fingers along the light blond hairs on my defined chest, circling around my nipple and firming it up to a soft point. I had the house to myself, maybe for the last time like this. An idea occurred to me. I let my dick go and got up, kicking off the thin shorts from around my ankles, and walked naked down to Dad’s den. I sat in the leather executive chair, feeling his emotional presence in the room with me. I didn’t touch myself, not yet. I’d lasted all day and could go a little while longer and relish this opportunity. I looked at his portraits and his possessions around me, and my dick twitched excitedly. I still didn’t feel great about perving on my old man like this, but I figured this was my last time. One for the road. Teasingly I ran a single finger up my piss slit. Not going up high enough to trip my trigger, just stimulating myself. I looked more intently at his Navy portrait. Dad’s dress uniform making him even more unbelievably handsome – his perfectly cut, medium-short, brown hair, his gray eyes, his clean shaven face, square jaw and roman nose… It was turning me the fuck on as I let myself feel it. Sexual desire for my father. I closed my eyes and imagined Dad and me doing everything. He fucked my face, licked my ass, wrestled me on the floor `til we both came. Then he’d lift my legs and shove his fatherly dick inside me. My body shuddered. I knew then I didn’t want to cum in that chair. I hoisted myself up and made my way to shower. I rinsed off the sweat and lube, and dried my lean body. My nuts were drawn up and my dick was rockhard and dripping now as I walked down to Dad’s room. I’m not proud of myself. Dad had always instilled in us the importance of privacy, and while we weren’t barred from his bedroom, it was absolutely not OK to rifle through his stuff. But I went to his chest of drawers and saw a half-empty bottle of his cologne. I know a little goes a long way with the stuff, but I wanted his scent on me. I sprayed a good three or four spritzes on my naked body. Next, I opened the second drawer down, full of shirts. I saw one of his golf shirts neatly folded on top. I took it out and slipped it on. It was easily a size too big for me and was loose as it draped over me, but it turned me on incredibly. Even with all the work I put in, I still didn’t match Dad’s sheer muscular bulk. I stepped in front of Dad’s full length mirror in his walk-in closet, my erection bobbing as I faced my reflection. I could almost hear Dad’s voice, like it was in the room with me. “How was practice, Slugger?” I peeled off the shirt, and looked around his closet, where a line of suits and older uniforms hung next to his button-down shirts and trousers. I knew Dad took religious care of his dress whites, so I wiped my hands on the golf shirt to make sure they were dry and clean. Then I removed the uniform coat. Turning toward the mirror, I gingerly put it on, feeling the sensual fabric against my bare back and chest. I wore a 42, but Dad was a couple sizes bigger, especially in the chest and shoulders, and the coat drooped on me. I could feel the weight of his rank on the jacket and could see it in the four half-inch gold stripes on the shoulder boards – captain. On the left breast were a stack of ribbons and golden awards. And on the left side, a black name plate with white lettering – McGRATH. But, fuck, what a hot sight! It was like I could imagine the man I’d grow up to be. I parted the coat lapels, counting five gold buttons and examined my fat cock in a massive erection. The scent of the uniform, with some of Dad’s cologne still clinging to my chest, filled my nostrils and turned me on. Gripping my boner, I started jacking it. Nice full strokes. One. Two. Three. Four. Then, boom! I let my voice howl, my abs crunching at the intense pull as I felt my legs go weak. My jism sprayed out, arcing high before splatting against the mirror. I kept pumping it out, the stored up semen I’d been building all day came jetting out and painted my reflection, dripping down the mirror. And more came until I was dribbling on my hand. It was the longest orgasm I’d ever experienced. Then I heard my own voice in the otherwise silent bedroom. “I miss you, Dad.” END OF PART I to be continued in PART II: COLLEGE YEARS

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