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At about 9:00pm my sister was out like a light, most likely from all the stress the day had created. I waited until she was asleep and slowly snuck over to make sure she was out. I saw her cell phone and as a teenage boy I automatically knew what girls had pictures of on there cell phones so I took a few steps to grab it. As if anything less of this would happen I accidently tripped on her cell phone cord which was charging her phone. The phone came slamming down onto the floor only causing a brief second of noise, which when this happened I froze up. After making sure she was still alseep I grabbed her phone and ran back to my room to examine it. She had the blackberry….nice…Still it was a pain in the ass to use it.

I finally was able to access her pictures, and slowly scrolled through them seeing various pictures of her boyfriends dick, the car accident she was just in and random bar pictures of her and her friends…..still not what i wanted to see. So i scrolled further down to see a picture of her in some seductive clothing I must say, and then yes the crowning jewel. A picture of her pussy, not the best looking pussy i must say, but still a pussy. So I locked my door and got my dick in my hand and started to jack off to it, after about 5 minutes I came, but accidentally it shot out and landed a little on her phone. I had nvr gotten so soft so fast in my life. I started to freak, but i saw a dirty white shirt on the floor so i picked it up kocaeli escort bayan and wiped off the cum from her phone.

I ran back to put the phone where I found it, and quickly returned to my room and turned on my Xbox and played some COD: WAW to get my mind off of what just happened. I eventually turned off the game and relaxed in my bed thinking, “Adam you got away with this your good dude, your safe!”. I ended up pass out for several hours. I woke up in a sweat and wanted to take a shower, so at 4 in the morning I took a shower and at about no more than 5 minutes of me being in the shower I heard the door unlock for the bathroom, i turned off the shower and asked who was there and my older sis responded by saying, “Me stupid, I need to use the restroom”! I turned the shower back on and she locked the door again and started to pee.

We were only seperated by a shower curtain but i could sorta make out her features. I kept washing but started to jack off a little in the shower….. She said something but muffled it, she repeated herself again after I didnt respond, “I saw u take my phone”. I acted like i didnt know what she was talking about, she started to laugh, “You know what u saw on my phone u nasty little boy…. andyour supposed to be my brother”. I started to tell her to shut up, but before I could finish my sentance I saw her stand up, she reached in the shower and asked for the tube of toothpaste which I had in the shower, because kocaeli sınırsız escort I brush my teeth and shower sometimes, so no big deal I handed it to her but as she grabbed the toothpaste she swung open the curtain to expose my semi hard cock, I covered myself best as I could and ended up slipping and hitting my head on the wall. She laughed and I yelled at her for about a good minute to clsoe the curtain.

She didnt comply and actually got in with me and stood there with only her white shirt on and panties. The shirt got immediantly soaked and i could see her tits perfectly, which caused my boner to come to full attention. She giggled and moved my hand from covering my cock. She reached for my dick and started to jack me off, I arched my back and was noticing I was breathing a little heavier than before. She then put my dick in her mouth and started to suck me off. I was like in complete heaven, but at the same time the pits of hell….On one hand she was my sister and on the other she was my step sister.

After about 3 minutes of sucking me off she laid down in the tub and started to masterbate through her panties. She came not only once but twice in a few minutes time. She then pulled down her panties and told me to fuck her. I complied, but hesitated for a second. I eventually just sat on my knees in my shower and without even a seductive look or a ok go ahead from my sister I rammed my dick into her pussy, izmit anal yapan escort and at first she was different i could tell from all the other girls i had slept with, she was a little loose on the account she had had a kid which was currently asleep in the other room.

I decided that I couldnt fuck her it was just too weird, i was only getting half the stimulation i normally would. So without her permission, I pulled out really far and rammed my cock at high speed directly at her ass. She screamed a little and then shut up. She hissed at me what are u doing take it out, and I explained to her that her pussy was really loose and her ass felt much better, she started to cry and said that she cant take the pain, but the shower water which was super cold by now was creating a nice lube like substance for the anal. So as a few minutes past, I was getting the pleasure and so was she. After about 10 minutes of this I felt my cum ready to burst, she came and then no more than 30 seconds later I did the same but in her ass.

She got out of the shower / tub and walked with a kind of waddle over to the door with a towel covering here. She then exited the bathroom, and I was alone in the same shower…..I went to my room and ended up falling asleep from the tiring epidemic. The next morning we had breakfast with my family, she was still waddling, but now it was funny, she told my mom that the accident must have bruised her and she scowled at me with a look like “Im gonna kill you!”

Next story: Yes? No? You decide because there is still one more part, but u guys didnt really like how I explained the first one so if u like this one better then let me know. Thanks!

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