My Sister My Mistress Ch. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


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I had been expecting a demand of that sort, so I wasn’t actually that surprised. Through my foot fetish I had learned that the idea of being a slave was appealing to me. To what extent she expected me to act as her servant was something I found myself unsure of however.

To be honest, I was relieved that she hadn’t pressed the issue of my sexuality. It was actually quite unexpected and tasteful for her to drop the subject, but I felt there was an unspoken understanding between us. She knew I was a lesbian, and if I didn’t agree to be her slave then she would probably pursue it.

Her feet continued to seduce me and she was almost an expert when it came to her toes. They gently danced across my face, so soft in their touch that I found myself completely entranced with her. I felt as if she was hypnotizing me, and I barely registered her words as she spoke. “If you do my chores then I’ll let you sniff my feet once in a while, and maybe even kiss them. And I won’t tell mum as long as you do whatever I say, whenever I want. Got it?”

I looked up from her feet, trying to silently plead with her through my eyes. I knew what she was doing. She was going to use my fetish to manipulate me and turn me into her total slave. The idea of being forced to act as her foot slave was arousing, but I wasn’t too keen on the domestic side of things as she was suggesting. Her toes continued to wiggle beneath my chin as if trying to coax me to bow to her demands. I tried to turn my head away, to give myself at least a moment to think clearly. Garima was having none of it though, and her toes held me firmly in her gaze. With her scent engulfing me I knew it was hopeless, and with a nod in defeat I surrendered to her and willingly accepted my place as her slave.

Garima clapped her hands at my submission, then withdrew her feet and sat up on the couch. Her excitement was clear as day in her voice as she spoke. “This is so funny, but it’s cool as well. I’m going to work your butt so much! You can start by cleaning my room. I’m going for some extra cheerleading practice now and I want it finished by the time I get back.” She said, already slipping into the role as my new boss.

“Put my shoes and socks on.” She said, looking at her watch and muttering the words.

I dropped to my knees before her and obeyed immediately. She merely looked on in glee as I first put on her socks, then her scruffy old sneakers. I made sure to slip them on carefully, trying to be as efficient as possible. Once I had firmly laced her sneakers she showed her approval by standing and patting my head. Then, without saying another word she was gone, leaving me to clean her room.

With Garima out of the house for a few hours I took a moment to consider my situation. I was still unsure of where I wanted this to lead. It was too humiliating to imagine myself crawling around, tending to my sister’s needs. But the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. The further I delved into my fantasy the more excited I became. What if Garima really reduced me to her slave and let me worship her feet every day?

Or maybe she’d demand that I gave her my wages while she lounged around all week. The fact that my own sister had taken the role of my mistress had added a new edge to my lust. In all fairness, why should she have to clean her room if she had someone like me to do it?

I considered the answers while sifting through her room. It really was a mess, and as well as having her clothes strewn everywhere, her desk was a total state. I could see why she didn’t want to be the one to clean it. The task was a daunting prospect as I knew nothing of her expectations. I could only imagine that she would be very strict, as she could now afford to be without any objection from myself. With that incentive on my mind I dug in and cleaned her room to the best of my ability.

The time seemed to fly by as I worked tirelessly on my hands and knees, scraping the dust from under her bed. Before I knew it I heard the door downstairs slam, followed by the repetitious sound of her shoes stomping up the stairs. Luckily I had done a pretty good job, even if the short amount of time that she’d been gone. The room was sparkling as far as I could tell, and with almost pride I went to greet her before she could see it.

She looked tired and sweaty as we came face to face, and when she held her bag out I knew to take it from her. I figured it was best to be as nice to her as possible, as she often came home from her practice sessions in quite a bad mood. So, in as sincere a voice as possible I asked her how her practice had been.

“It was fine.” She said bluntly, before adding “Did you clean my room?” while impatiently peering over my shoulder. ‘Straight to the point’ is what I thought, however all I could manage bahçelievler escort to squeeze out was a pitiful “Yes Garima.”

“Ok, let’s see it then.” She sighed, brushing past me and rudely barging my shoulder with her own. Cheerleading practice had once again lowered her mood, and I feared that she would find a fault in my work. Even though I had put all of my effort into pleasing her I knew that she would find some sadistic pleasure in pointing out all of my errors, simply because she now could.

I followed Garima to her bedroom like a puppy, struggling to keep my eyes off her sneakers as we made our way across the landing. The pleated skirt she wore was quite short, and with every step I’d catch a glimpse of her underwear. As if knowing of my downward looks, her hips swayed provocatively, drawing me further under her control. The way she teased me made it clear that she was fully aware of her new found power, and similarly my helplessness.

“Wow, you’ve actually done a pretty good job!” she said, genuinely pleased with my performance as her maid. I struggled to hide my shock at her words, as it was definitely not the reaction I was expecting. She marched around the room inspecting my handiwork, and I was a little nervous as she dragged her finger along the windowsill checking for dust.

The work I’d put in was tiring, and I would be so disappointed if she decided it wasn’t good enough. She lightly kicked the boxes beneath her bed and seemed pleased with the overall tidiness. Meanwhile, I just stood there throughout, clutching her bag and nervously hoping for her approval.

Finally she looked over and put me at ease. “Ok, I guess you’ve earned a reward. How shall we do this, what do you want? A sniff?” she said, evidently unsure of herself for the first time since the whole thing had begun.

I knew exactly what I wanted as a reward. The only problem I had was how to ask for such a thing. Possibly due to nerves on my part, I fumbled with her bag, trying to squeeze it beneath her bed. It was simply something to buy me a few seconds while I thought of the right way to word my proposal. Ultimately it was a waste of time as my choice of words was far from discreet. “Ummm…could I maybe, clean your feet?”

“Clean my feet? Well…I suppose so. That does sound nice, my feet are really aching. I guess if that’s what you want. You go and get the water and I’ll be waiting here.” She said as she popped her firm bottom on to the bed.

“I meant with my tongue…” I eagerly corrected, before trailing off uneasily as I noticed her mouth hang open.

“Your tongue?!” she replied, raising her hand to her mouth while trying to stifle her laughter “Eww sis, you really are a weird one!”

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as she mocked me. It was true, I was a weird one. “Never mind…” I muttered, trying to retract my request and play it off as a joke.

“No, its fine, if you really want to lick my sweaty, stinky feet clean then that’s your choice.” She said bluntly before I had a chance to finish. Her words were quite harsh to hear out loud, but I was turned on so much by the very thought of servicing her. I was not going to turn down an offer like that.

Her feet were beautiful and I could only imagine how sweaty they were after her practice. She swung her legs back and forth, kicking the side of the bed while she waited for me to act. I wasn’t sure how to begin, but I fell to my knees before her and began unlacing her sneakers, thinking it was a good place to start. It would be the first time that I would be allowed to worship her feet while she watched, and I found it very exciting.

My fingers trembled in anticipation as they fidgeted with the laces. With every second I drew closer to uncasing her feet I could feel my pussy aching more. Garima looked down on me smugly while I debased myself at her feet. Even though my attention was fully on her shoes and socks I could tell she was watching me.

Finally I slipped both sneakers from her feet, and quickly followed suit with her white socks. She sighed and wiggled her toes in relief and it was obvious how hot and sweaty they were. The socks had marked her skin and the fuzz stuck to her soles and between her toes.

Through instinct I immediately placed my nose under her toes and inhaled deeply. The smell was both exhilarating and overwhelming. Garima must have found the whole scene rather amusing. Her giggles were frequent, and whether it was due to my tongue tickling her I was unsure. It was more likely that my self-inflicted humiliation was the source of her laughter. She cupped her toes and grabbed at my face, spreading her sweat all over my nose and cheeks. Playfully she grasped my nose between her toes and shook my head around, giggling while she humiliated me without resistance.

She enjoyed squashing my face with the soles of both feet while I knelt below her. A lot of the sock fuzz was wiped away while she played, balgat escort and it was disappointing as I wanted to be the one to clean her feet. Luckily the smell remained and I continued to breathe it in throughout her assault. Her cheerleading practice had obviously been a pressing session, as the odor of her feet was stronger than I’d ever encountered.

She fascinated and tamed me with her lingering scent, forcing my nose to dart around like an excited puppy. No part of her foot was left unexplored as she rubbed away and with every breath I fell more in love with her.

Garima eventually grew tired of rubbing her soles on my face. I guess she’d achieved what she wanted; my cheeks must have reeked of her feet. With a tap on my nose she brought me to attention, and I sat looking up at her unsure of what she wanted. Without hesitating, she slipped her toe from my nose to my lips and flicked at my mouth. Then, with a snap of her fingers she signaled me to begin with the cleansing.

Brimming with excitement, I parted my lips and allowed her toe to enter. It came to rest on my tongue and in reaction the sides curled up to enclose it. My lips formed a tight seal and I began to suck, trying to drink all of her foot sweat. The shape of her toe was exquisite and very pleasing to touch, and I found myself gently massaging the bottom with the tip. The actual taste was sharp but pleasant, and I noted that it was stronger than my previous encounter.

Garima squirmed at my oral massage and I initially thought that she wasn’t enjoying it. When those squirms turned to moans I knew that I was soothing her tired feet to her satisfaction. Full of confidence, I repeated the attention for each toe, pausing to remove and swallow the fuzz in between. I made sure to savor its taste before swallowing, refusing to move on until the crevice was spotless.

Once I had given each toe the same treatment, Garima withdrew her foot and leant forward to look at it. I watched her stare intently at her wiggling toes as if inspecting my work. It was all new to me and I’d no idea whether I was cleaning her feet properly. To my relief she seemed satisfied with my job, and curling her toes back, she sat up and placed her sole in my face. I knew what she wanted and leant forward, tongue extended eagerly.

My fingers grasped her foot by the ankle, while my neck craned awkwardly to lap at her sole. Her other foot casually kicked back and forth to my left as my tongue made contact with her skin. Licking her feet really was a treat, and I fully intended to enjoy it while it lasted. I could feel her toes flexing and twisting against my hair as drew my tongue up from heel to toes.

The taste of her sole was slightly different to her toes. I wouldn’t say it was better, but it just offered a nice variety for me to enjoy. Also, there was a larger area for my tongue to explore, and I found myself constantly swallowing all of the cotton that was stuck to the bottom. I focused in on the ball of her foot, using the tip of my tongue to apply a firm pressure. “That’s it, clean my feet” I heard her moan in response, and I increased my efforts accordingly with a renewed vigor. Even when it was clearly clean I continued to lick, bringing her skin to wrinkle after the excessive moisture.

Throughout the worship Garima sighed with every caress of my tongue. Glancing up from her foot I noticed that she was lying back with her head resting to one side. Her eyes were closed and her lips trembled as she bit down. “Mmm, I could get used to this, it feels so good” she purred in approval bringing forth a renewed effort from me. “I feel like a princess” she whispered, as if an afterthought.

I peered up at her, nodding in agreement and hoping that it would become a regular service. There was something about her attitude as she lay there smiling to herself. She was relaxed, as if safe in the knowledge that she was my superior. I wanted to masturbate so much at that moment, but I knew it was a big risk right in front of her. But, with her eyes closed it was a risk worth taking, and I was so turned on at that point that I was nearly boiling up. So, without the strength to resist, and as with our earlier encounter,

I slipped my fingers down my trousers.

I’d barely got into it before I was startled by her voice. “That’s disgusting Gunjan!” she squealed, causing me to look up and notice her now wide open eyes. “Don’t ever do that in front of me.” She quickly added, almost viciously.

I sat there startled for a moment. I thought it was quite obvious to Garima that her feet turned me on, and it would be a real struggle to restrain myself. Her arrogance and selfishness had reached a new level if she expected to use my fetish and deny me pleasure at the same time. I withdrew my fingers as she wished and resumed licking her foot. It was embarrassing to be caught masturbating by her, but I understood her feelings with it now and just wanted to enjoy her feet while batıkent escort I could.

“Gunjan! I’m serious.” she continued to berate, kicking at my forehead with the ball of her foot. My head bounced off to the side, and I looked at her completely stunned by her aggression. “Do that in your own time. If you can’t control yourself then I think it’s better if you stay away from my feet.”

I gazed upwards and nodded, placing my palms on the floor and visibly away from my trousers. It was further humiliation to simply accept that I wasn’t allowed release, but there was nothing I could do about it. A new smirk came across Garima’s face, and she seemed pleased with gaining control over yet another aspect of my life. I looked at her in envy for a few seconds, then knowing my place; I bent down and resumed licking her other foot. Though I did enjoy it, it appeared the pleasure would be all Garima’s even if it was supposed to be my reward for being good. Still, I would surely complete all of her chores with such rewards on offer.

Over the next few days I came to understand that Garima expected the massage treatment every afternoon. It didn’t matter who arrived home first, and if I was busy I’d just have to drop whatever I was doing so that Garima could receive her pampering.

She also made it clear that I was to offer her a foot rub rather than her having to ask, and I was also expected to take off her shoes and socks while she made herself comfortable. The massages initially only took 10-15 minutes, but after a few sessions I found that they could last up to an hour.

My mother didn’t seem to realize what was going on, but she was genuinely happy that we were spending so much time together and getting along so well. Our arguments in the past had been a right nightmare for her, and it seemed she was oblivious to Garima’s hold over me. I thought it would seem obvious to her, I used to do all I could to ignore my sister and now I was rubbing her feet every day. Perhaps my mother did know something was up and she just didn’t know how to deal with it.

I noticed she would give us occasional glances as I rubbed away at Garima’s soles, probably curious at the effort that I openly put into the massages. It also must have been obvious that the treatment was one sided, with myself being the one to always give rather than receive. Even when Garima wiggled her toes under my nose and giggled as I was forced to smell them, our mother would say nothing. It had also become routine for Garima to just jump up when she was satisfied, leaving me to take her socks and shoes up to her bedroom.

As Garima’s confidence grew, the massages progressed to me kneeling on the floor rather than sitting on the couch. It was further humiliating being forced to kneel and pamper my sister while my mother looked on. Even more so on the occasions where Garima would be watching the television while barking orders at me such as ‘harder’ or ‘do my toes now’. I would sheepishly look towards our mother every time she opened her mouth, expecting there to be some consequence. Yet, it never came. I honestly couldn’t fathom why she had not said anything.

Her feet became my total responsibility and twice a week the massage would be followed by a pedicure. I enjoyed these sessions as it gave me a chance to pamper my new princess openly without feeling embarrassed. Many sisters gave each other pedicures, so it was nothing out of the ordinary. Garima would choose a varnish and my job would be to buff and prepare her feet, then discreetly blow her nails dry once they were painted. I took real pride in my work, even though my sister saw it as simply another way for me to slavishly serve her.

And as promised, Garima made use of my face as her foot rest whenever she could. Pretty much every time my mum was out of the house, I would find myself on my back with her sweaty feet plastered upon my face. She seemed to prefer it when her feet were bare, as the skin on skin contact would only increase the sweat and as a result, the smell. I didn’t mind though, I wasn’t about to turn down this unlimited access to her feet.

A variety of situations took place with me beneath her feet. While she watched TV or read a book, I would lay still with her feet resting on my face. It became uncomfortable after a while, as the sweat would start to sting my skin. Of course, this didn’t bother Garima in the slightest and she would carelessly drag her soles around, cupping her toes over my nose repeatedly.

Similarly, Garima’s homework became a joint effort, with me telling her the answers from under her desk while she wrote them down. Every time I knew the answer I would be allowed to kiss her feet and she would playfully tug at my nose and lips with her toes while she worked. Whether this helped her with the work was unknown to me, but I certainly enjoyed it and I assume she did too.

In fact, Garima had me under her feet every chance she got. Straight after school I would prepare her dinner and then lay under the table while she ate. My stomach would grumble while she casually rubbed her feet into my face, all the while enjoying the meal that I had prepared. And she liked nothing more than to come home after her cheerleading practice and make me kneel in front of her.

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