My Jungle Paradise

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The sun rained its benevolent radiation all over my bare back as the ocean’s waves endlessly changed the landscape of the white sands that made my beach. The salty water was a pristine blue that sang with the currents and the waves. Sadly, I was too busy to notice. My days in paradise were numbered and I had to get all the tanning time I could. Why did paradise have to be limited to vacation times set by the corporate world? Why did the best things in life have to be enjoyed in moderation? Why couldn’t I indulge myself in a consequential whirlwind of ecstasy? Some days during my tanning liaisons I just accepted that a tropical paradise can be like a fine desert wine laced with a high proof poison that would prove costly in excess amounts. I just had to sigh and remind myself that this was the truth even as I drifted into a mid day nap.

My mid day naps were plagued by the exotic fruits that grew in the island’s atmosphere. Sometimes I would dream about my life at home while other times I would be a solitary audience for more mysterious plays. The one I had today was perhaps the strangest of all. I was standing on solid ground in a space adorned with nothing. All I had was endless whiteness and my naked body that I was all too comfortable with. I journeyed to find a horizon to my purgatory when a green puddle of glowing slime caught my attention. My consciousness would have warned me to stay away but my subconscious was curious enough to force me closer. The next thing I knew tendrils had sprung from the slime and dragged me into its mass. I was slowly sinking as tendrils began to explore my body. From afar I heard a mysterious voice that said “Don’t blame me if you get penetrated.” I could only playfully reply “It’s ok, I’m looking forward to it.”

My eyes shot open as I nearly lifted myself up off of my towel. Thankfully I had remembered that I was tanning in a g string bikini and I had untied my top to avoid the tan lines. I mindfully reached back to tie the black fabric together before I rolled over and sat up. Whatever that dream meant, I couldn’t deny that it had erotic consequences. My nips were starting to peak and I could feel myself getting moist down there. I had to get off the beach and relieve my growing needs before any of the other tourists saw me like this. Thankfully I had brought a white floral sarong that I quickly wrapped around my hips to conceal my arousal. I quickly grabbed my suntan lotion and my towel before I carefully walked towards the dense tropical overgrowth.

As the white sand turned into lush green grass, I walked past a small group of native women practicing their luau routines. All of them had the native islander look going well for them but one in particular stood out from the rest. Her red hair, adorned with a single flower, stood out like a stark contradiction to her golden native skin. She wore a purple floral top and a green grass hula skirt that identified her as a dancer. Her feet were unadorned kızılay escort but I could only imagine that they were being caressed by the lush grass. Her most striking features were her eyes. Her eyes and mine briefly made contact, but it was all that was needed to spark my lesbian urges. Her face was burned into my mind, ensuring her place in my private fantasies.

The tropical jungle was thick with trees and offered only a single smooth trail for tourists heading towards the beach. I walked down it for a distance before my curious subconscious told me to go off the trial. I obeyed and broke through the vegetation that valiantly guarded the unknown. Exotic birds doused in color sang to my presence as I stepped carefully through their home. Much of the vegetation was soft and apart from stains on my sarong, I had an easy passing. The smell of fresh vegetation combined with the moist earth underneath my feet only aroused me more.

My legs were getting weak and my heart was coursing with unused ecstasy. Part of me wanted to throw myself on the ground and tear myself to pieces but the sight of a clearing swept those desires. The earth was dark brown just like the soil that held the island’s plants and only broken spots of sunlight penetrated the canopy. The ground in the clearing looked wetter than the ground I stood on but I could have cared less about getting a little muddy. With my lust controlling my mind, I hung my sarong on a nearby fern, kicked off my sandals, and stepped into the clearing.

When I stepped onto the muddy ground, my already weak legs were effortlessly slurped up. In less than a second, I was up to my muddy thighs in a thick earthly soup that quaked throughout the clearing. As I crashed forward, I instinctually put my arms in front of me to break my fall. Just like my legs, my arms were effortlessly swallowed up by mother earth. My breasts were suddenly encased in a warm wet mass that was all too eager to have my twins. I tried a half hearted attempt to wriggle out but something deep down inside of me knew I wasn’t getting out any time soon. Besides, the mud didn’t feel bad in the least bit. In fact, the sun warmed earth was comfortable enough to get me turned on. I had to explore this mud more and I would have plenty of chances to do so.

The first part of my exploration was to curls my toes down to see how deep the mud went. I don’t know what possessed me to care about how deep the mud was, but it was a prevalent curiosity for me. To my unexpected surprise, I didn’t feel anything solid beneath my feet. How was I standing on something as soft as what I’m buried in? More importantly, why did this realization push me ever closer to a sexual frenzy? If my arms weren’t stuck straight down into the mud, I’d be rubbing myself to eternal bliss. I did notice that I had some range of movement in my hips, which were now just beginning to ooze into the earth. Kinky, forbidden thoughts raced through kolej escort my mind and I knew that if I didn’t act on them now, I’d never have a second chance.

With one thrust of my hips, I drank in every single one of the island’s intoxicating delights. My hips reared back for another thrust and soon I was keeping a regular pace. The jungle earth rippled around me as it softened to accept more of me. I began to notice that there was more earth stroking the desire between my legs and I was only happy to greet it with eager moans. My inner fire was raging into an intense inferno burning through an abundance of ecstasy that sang in my blood. I had nothing to suppress the orgasm that was begging to come out. I let it build until there was no point in holding it in anymore.

Two short but piercing screams followed by a series of deep sighs represented my orgasm. I imagined my face was deeply flushed and painfully obvious to anyone who might have been watching. After I caught my breath and I was sure my heart was slowing to a stable pace, I looked behind me to see how deep I had sunk. My thong clad rear had sunk from sight and I was slowly ascending into a vertical position. Deciding to quicken the process, I pulled my upper body out of the mud. While this quickened my descent, it gave me a good look at my muddy body and my peaked nips poking out of my top. Again I looked around to make sure that the jungle would be my only audience as my fingers began to untie my top.

I tossed my top towards my other personal effects as the mud counted my ribs. The warm mud had a magic touch that sent chills up my spine, which inspired my hands to go to work. My left hand dutifully stayed above the mud to attend to my muddy breasts. My right hand dove down past the mud’s surface through what felt like a bottomless sea of adoring tongues. My fingers by touch knew my body well and within seconds my engorged sex was providing a warm haven for them. I closed my eyes and resumed my primal moans.

My breasts were just beginning to make their impressions in the mud when I thrashed through my second orgasm. My mind was so poisoned by the jungle that everything around me ceased to be real. When I was permitted to open my eyes, I ceased to be sinking in a jungle mud pit. Instead, thousands of pink tongues were slowly pulling me down while a set of red luscious lips took the place of the pit’s edge. The delusion that I was truly being eaten by mother earth instantly got me hotter than the moments leading up to my second orgasm. Some rational part of me wondered if I would live to experience this again, but my sex knew better than to have any doubts.

The delusions of my sense of sight soon expanded to my sense of touch. The imaginary tongues became real enough to lick my clit and wrap around my breasts. The use of my hands no longer became necessary as tongue after tongue penetrated deeper than I had ever been touched before. maltepe escort They licked deeper, harder, and faster with every frenzied stroke. I was quickly racing to my third and what would be my most powerful orgasm I had yet to experience. With the pace they were keeping, these tongues purely had the interest of squirting me and nothing more. With the rate I was sinking at, I didn’t have much time to cum before I was swallowed completely. At the same time, I knew that if I came too soon, it would spoil the moment. There was only one way I knew how to handle this.

I held out as long as I could in what I knew was going to be a losing fight. I knew I had lost when an explosion nearly tore me in half. It was a fight I was happy to lose as the tongues closed in around my throat to completely immobilize me. A loud, primal scream forever linking me to the jungle erupted from my lips as the last of my energy was given to mother earth. My eyes were shut tightly beneath my eye lids as the familiar feeling of mud returned to cup my chin. As soon as I recovered enough, I opened my eyes to find that the tongues had gone and in their place came the natural settings of the jungle. I panted and slowly recovered enough to scan my surroundings once again. What I found nearly made my heart stop.

Standing at the edge of the mud was the same dancer I saw on the beach. Her red hair which once radiated with the tropical sun’s radiance now took different shades under the green canopy. I had to admit that her appearance looked only natural in the jungle, which brought back the lust I had for her before. She tried to explain to me that she was just passing by when she heard my screams but I could tell from her flushed face that she had enjoyed my performance as much as I had. I could only look dreamily at her as I slowly oozed deeper to the point where the mud was kissing my lower lip. As she carefully stepped into the mud, I worked my left arm back up to the surface, causing me to sink to my nose. I was in danger of sinking out of sight but luckily she knew what to do. Before I knew it I was back on solid ground. I was still out of breath but now I had the chance to recover it.

I recovered enough to sit back up and wearily looked at my rescuer. I saw once again the angel tattoo on her arm, which I thought was only appropriate. I knew I had to find the right words to say to her so drawing in a breath, I managed to say “Thank you.”

I suddenly became worried that what I had said was much too simplistic. My worries were unfounded by the way she sweetly smiled and said “Oh it’s no problem. By the way, my name’s Angel. What’s yours?”

My face had to be pure crimson by now as I nervously stammered “My names…Sakura…”

I wanted to say more, but she crawled over to me and rested her hand on my thigh. She took a seductive tone as she said “Sakura…I had a dream once where I saw a cherry blossom blooming in the jungle.” She paused only to lean in and kiss me. I had barely known her, but the kiss had the expertise and comforts that only a true lover could provide. Our lips parted and my heart raced one again. She sweetly spoke again “Maybe you could come back to my place and tell me more about yourself.”

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