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Subject: My Eternal Damnation – Chapter 3 Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and includes content that some may find offensive. If you are under eighteen years of age, or you find adult-youth interaction and blasphemy disturbing, please leave now. And please support fty so that they can continue to serve our community. It’s been almost a year since Officer Mike had begun grooming me. Much of our time had been spent corrupting his fellow officers. Some were easy prey, the arrogant and self-righteous ones in particular. Others were more challenging, but, sooner or later, they all came to accept Satan as their rightful Lord and Master, each eager to please Him and to do His bidding. Officer Brad is a case in point. A devoted christian and happily married, he had just recently joined the force as a new recruit. Mike and the other officers who had already answered His call were eager to win him over, and so the trap was set. It began with Mike quietly opening Brad’s locker whilst he was in the shower and removing one of the dirty jockstraps he had thrown in the pile to be taken home and laundered. Mike winked at another corrupt cop as he closed the locker door and stuffed it into his duffle bag. The other officer simply smiled, stuck out his tongue, bent his knees slightly, and gave his crotch a nice slow rub. That night, Mike and I entered his special room at the end of the hall, lit the black candles and stripped naked. Mike raised Brad’s jockstrap above the altar and offered it as a gift to our Infernal Majesty. He then slipped it on and spread his muscular legs apart, reaching down to adjust his throbbing cock. I dropped to my knees, licking my lips as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth ever closer to his manhood. Brad had an early shift next morning and had gone to bed a few hours earlier. He had been sound asleep but suddenly became restless. He flipped his body to one side, then lurched to the other as if he were struggling to break free from his chains. I kissed Mike’s balls and slowly ran my tongue up and down his shaft. Mike’s cock began to ooze tiny droplets of precum through the fabric mesh. I twirled my tongue along his cock head kırklareli escort and slit, eager to capture each one, intoxicated by the sweet aroma. “Come to Satan”, Mike whispered. “Join your fellow officers. We are His willing servants.” Brad’s cock was slowly coming to life. *Ting* It grew a little larger, then a little larger again. “Satan will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. Power, money and sex. Lots of sex.” *Ting, ting, ting* I started to suck on Mike’s cock, the jockstrap now thoroughly soaked with my saliva. “Think of all the sex you can have. Dirty sex. Sex whenever you want, and with whomever you want. Men, women, boys, girls, all hungry for your cock. Think of the freedom, the pleasure. No guilt, just pleasure. It’s all yours, Brad. Why don’t you take it?”, Mike cooed. With that, I pulled down the jockstrap and sucked on Mike’s uncut manhood with all my might. Brad was now fully erect and perspiring profusely. Still half asleep, one hand reached for a nipple and the other his cock. “That’s it, Brad. Grab that cock and think of the pleasure. Think of all the things you have been denied by your faith. Fuck that shit. The only thing that matters is your cock. Your beautiful cock.” Brad began stroking it, up and down, up and down. “Yes, Brad, feel the pleasure. The pleasure that only Satan can offer. It’s all yours. Indulge in your desires, your wickedness. Whatever you want, Satan will provide.” Mike fucked my face furiously and soon his cock exploded in my mouth, his demon seed dribbling from my lips. I slipped Brad’s jockstrap back in place and hungrily sucked the last of the seed through the fabric. Brad blew his load as well, and returned to his deep slumber. The next morning Brad entered the locker room, placed his coffee on the bench, and undressed for his shower. “Good morning, Brad”, Mike said with a smile. “Hope you have a great shift.” “Roger that” came the reply. Brad quickly finished undressing, took off his crucifix and put it on the top shelf of his locker, then proceeded to hit the showers. Once out of sight, Mike slipped some Viagra in Brad’s coffee, opened his locker and took out the crucifix. kırşehir escort He rubbed it over his cock, made the sign of the Horns, spoke a few words in Latin, and smeared some of his seed on it before putting it back. Brad quickly finished showering and put on his uniform, slipping the crucifix around his neck and tucking it inside his shirt. With a couple large gulps of his coffee, he was out the door and driving off in his cruiser. Mike followed in pursuit, careful not to be noticed. “Hey, bro, feeling horny?” Mike whispered as he continued to trail Brad. “Your cock needs some attention, doesn’t it?” Sure enough, the Viagra had kicked in and Brad felt an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. “Why don’t you turn into the park and jack off? Fuck, it will feel so good to bust a nut.” Mike saw Brad’s brake lights turn on as he approached the park entrance, then watched him proceed to the empty parking lot at the end of the road. “That’s it, bro. Pull out that fuck stick and stroke it. Think only of your cock. You love playing with your cock, don’t you?” Brad closed his eyes, tilted his head back in the seat and moaned softly as he continued stroking. “Remember how you use to play with your cock as a kid? How you would try to resist the urge to please yourself because you were told it was a sin? How you would reach for your crucifix and kiss it, asking for god’s forgiveness?” Brad moaned again. “But you just couldn’t resist, could you? You loved the feeling of your hands on your cock. The temptation was too great, wasn’t it? Why don’t you kiss the crucifix now? Go ahead, kiss it.” Brad reach into his shirt and pulled it out. “That’s it, bro, now kiss it.” Brad brought it to his lips. “Kiss it”, Mike hissed. Brad did as he was told and tasted Mike’s cum for the first time. His eyes bulged. “Yeah, bro. Now suck on it. Suck it and get off on your debauchery.” Brad opened his mouth wide and sucked on it greedily, consuming more of Mike’s poisonous seed in the process. Sucking on the body of christ felt incredible. Never before had he felt so aroused, so alive, so consumed with lust and perversion. And soon Mike’s seed would make its kızılay escort way throughout his body, multiplying quickly, cell by cell, his own balls churning out more of the Devil’s gift to share with others — the innocent and the pure. Pure, fucking evil. Fuck, he wanted it bad. “Now reach down between the seat and the console. One of your fellow officers has left something there for you.” Brad slipped his hand in as instructed and pulled out a manila folder. Inside were pictures of the pedophiles that had been arrested over the years as well as the boys and girls they had molested. “Look at those men, Brad. Look at their faces and think of their cocks. Cocks just like yours. So evil, so vile. You want to experience the same pleasures that they did, don’t you?” All sorts of images were filling Brad’s mind as he jacked his cock more furiously. “Give yourself to Satan, and you can have it all, just like your fellow officers and these men. Come join us, and enjoy His many gifts.” Brad twisted his left nipple hard and stroked his cock faster. His breathing became heavy, his hips bucked, and his cock squirted seed in three massive bursts. “Fuck, that felt good”, he muttered to himself as he resumed flipping through the rap sheets, gazing at each man’s eyes, knowing that they, too, had answered Satan’ call. After he finished licking the last of the cum from his palm and fingers, he grabbed the crucifix, yanked on the chain, and threw it out the cruiser window. Moments later, Mike pulled up beside him and walked over. “Hey bro, this is one of the places where I go when nature calls”, he said with a wink, “or when I need to jack-off to some porn and shoot a load” he added with a smirk. “If you don’t have any plans tonight, why don’t you come over to my place and I’ll introduce you to some of the boys, but right now I got to take a piss.” Mike unzipped his trousers and pulled out his massive cock. A steady stream of hot piss followed, carefully aimed at Brad’s discarded crucifix. They both smiled as Mike’s golden nectar splashed all over christ’s worthless face. Mike zipped his trousers and picked the crucifix up off the ground. Still dripping with his piss, he leaned into the window and placed it on Brad’s waiting lips. “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, bro”, Mike whispered. Brad began sucking on it and jacking his cock with renewed vigour, their eyes never parting. “Fucking right, bro”, Brad replied, “Hail Satan!”

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