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Harold Delvack sat starting at the lovely girl with the coltish legs in his math class for the last thirty minutes. There was no way that he could even concentrate. Not that Mr. Keller would even know… most of his students never did concentrate, anyway.

Her name as Shelly… Shelly Woodrow, and by all accounts, Harold thought she was the loveliest girl in the entire 12th grade. Though Harold knew his chances with her were limited. After all, this was Cheerleader, Shelly Woodrow, and Harold, admittedly was a geek.

“All right class.” Mr. Keller clapped his hands and brought Harold out of his revelry, “we are going to have a project. This will last for the weekend and at the end of that time, you will be asked to make a full report on what you have learned.”

Most of the students, including Harold, groaned. Mr. Keller was by far, the most boring teacher there, and everyone there doubted the assignment would be fun.

“We will separate into groups of two. Once in these groups, you will be asked to pick a topic, anything at all. After you’ve picked this topic, you will then decide on a business plan based upon this topic. Once you have this business plan, start keeping track of what you would put out in expenditures and what would come in for profit.”

“Huh?” Freddy Green, the jock football player, spoke for everyone’s lack of understanding for this project. (Everyone except for Harold, that is.)

“That is to say; if you like comic books, you might want to start up your own comic book store. Come up with a business plan, and a cost of what it will take to start. Then estimate what you’ll sell, and what other costs there will be for the entire year. You are allowed to use as many pieces of paper as you like and there is no requirement of how it is to be handed in. You might hand it in as a folder with your idea, however you must do the mathematical equations for your business! This is what the whole project is about folks. Mathematical equations!”

He then reached under his desk and pulled out a fish bowl containing several slips of paper. “Here are the names, to be picked out in random order…”

Harold paid little attention until he heard his name being picked. “Harold Delvack and Shelly Woodrow!”

Harold’s heart leaped. He hoped that he’d heard right. “Sir?” He put his hand up into the air. “Who was my partner again?”

“That would be me.”

Harold looked to his left, and there, smiling like the angel she was, was Shelly! His Shelly! “Hi Shelly.”

She sat down and scooted next to him. “So, do you have any ideas as to what you’d like to do?” She smiled at him slightly and pushed aside her long blonde hair.

“I-I.” Harold cleared his throat, looking kind of embarrassed. He knew exactly what he wanted to say, but the words just never seemed to come out right. “I’ve always wanted to work at a comic book store.”

Shelly smiled, at him… at him! More than smiled, she brightened right up. “Really. I love comic books!”

Harold’s heart skipped a beat. “Really, what’s your favorite?”

“I’ve always been partial to X-MEN! I love Jean Grey and her red hair. I was always wondering why she and Cyclops never, well you know… got it on.”

Harold smiled and would have gone further into the subject matter had it not been for the fact that Mr. Keller had chosen to walk by at that very instant. “Well, how is your project coming along, people?”

Harold panicked. They had only just started to do the very rudimentary parts of it, but were unsure of anything etlik escort else. “Well sir…” He began before Shelly cut him off.

“…We are thinking about running a comic book store.”

“Ah, a comic book store, it sounds very interesting, any ideas on what it will take?”

“Well, sir this is still in the very early stages, but we figured that we’ll need somewhere to start it, to house the place.”

Harold just stared; he hadn’t figured that out at all! ‘Whew, Shelly was slick.’

Shelly continued. “Given the rental prices, there is little likelihood that we’d be able to find someplace to rent under $2000.” She wrote 2000 in her notebook.

“Added into that was power and utilities. Figure $500 or so for that.” Harold spoke firmly; amazed he was able to come up with the fact totally unrehearsed! “Now that’s just to get a place. This isn’t counting insurance – fire, flood, and etc materials – such as bags, backing boards, price stickers…

“Insurance would probably eat up another $600 or so, if we’re lucky.”

Mr. Keller brightened. “Boy, it seems to me like you two are doing quite a lot with this project already. You’ll probably be the winners, hands down.”

“Th-thank-you sir.” Harold wasn’t used to compliments of such high praise from his teachers.

“Yeah, thanks.” Shelly added. The two continued to work until the bell finally rang, and it was the weekend.

“So.” Asked Shelly as she picked up her books, slung them over her shoulder and started on her way out the door. “Where do you want to continue this discussion? My place or yours?”

Harold flushed bright crimson, he wasn’t used to anyone – let alone someone of the opposite sex being so straightforward with him. “Uh…dunno.”

“Oh.” Teased Shelly. “A man of words.” She gently placed an arm around his shoulder and Harold could fell as his cock start to respond and stiffen. “Tell you what, how about you come over to my place and we can work for a little bit and then go onto other things if you catch my drift.” She winked at him

“Uh… sure…what time?”

“Six alright with you?”

“Yeah, but don’t you want to get it done now?”

“I would, but I have some things that I need to finish up with.”

Oh.” Harold was disappointed.

Shelly leaned in. and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t worry. I’m not forgetting our date.”

‘Date?’ Harold’s heart raced, ‘did he hear that right? Date?’

“I live at 108 Feldon. You know where that is?”

“Yeah. Is there anything you need me to bring?”

“Just some soda, and maybe some notebooks for drawing ideas. I have a computer in my room, so we can type whatever kind of report we need to on that. I’ll also order something for us to eat, sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.” Harold was excited as he thought of this new prospect, and headed out to his car. Quietly, he gave Shelly a kiss upon the lips, and she didn’t fight him off! “See you soon!”

“I’m counting on it.”

The clock read 5:35 when Harold finished up with his shopping, and headed back towards Shelly’s, following the directions she gave him. He arrived right on time!

To say that the house was huge was an understatement; mammoth would be more like it. He walked to the house in a daze, and was surprised to see her opening the door before he even got to it.

“Harold! Welcome, Come right in!” Shelly was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. “I’m so thrilled that you were able to come.”

“I said I would be here, ankara eve gelen escort didn’t I?” He held a paper sack with notebook paper, pens, pencils, and the soda that he said he’d bring. “Here’s the stuff.”

Shelly invited him into the living room. “Would you care for something to drink?” She already had a can of coke in her hand.

“I’m ok.”

“All right then, should we get to work?”


She led him into her room; there were several papers upon her desk as well as several Comic pro boxes, and Mylar bags. “You’ll see that I’ve organized the materials. Backing boards are going to be roughly five dollars per hundred or five cents per.” She points to the boards; “and the same with the bags.”

Harold nods and starts to write all of that down, figuring that he needs to have a base of ten thousand dollars, he deducts five from it. Leaving him nine thousand and ninety five.

Shelly then makes a few calls to the local Business association, asking what it would be to rent a nearby storefront.

Harold makes himself busy looking through the Overstreet price guide, and marking down their “inventory” in a notebook that he’d brought with him. “Then figuring in the five percent state tax, he figures that into the comic book prices and lists that as the Total Sales Price.

“Thank-you.” Shelly nods and then hangs up the phone.

“What did you find out?” Harold asks. He flips a page and puts $10000. at the very top

“It would be roughly $1200 per month to rent a store front.”

Harold starts to write this down, but never too good at math to begin with, starts to get flustered.

“Ok 12 months times 1200 equals 14400 – which would already blow our 10000 budget out of the water. Damn!”

“Relax. This is supposed to be fun. Besides we don’t have to have the whole rent turned in at one time.”


“I think that it was only supposed to be the first two months as a down payment. So that would be 2400.

All right, $10000 – 2400 = 7600. Then we have lights and utilities at roughly $600 per month which would be… uh…” He tries to do it in his head, and starts to flounder.


Howard writes that down. “7600-1200=6400.”

“All right. Plus say 3000 for furnishings. Which would leave us 3400.

“And perhaps like 1500…” He consults his notes for the comic book bags, boxes and boards “…for supplies.”

“That would leave us $1900 left!” Shelly smiles and slaps him a high five. All that we need to do now is type this thing out in a more manageable form and we have the first part of our project done!”

“Yes!” Harold walks over to her computer. “May I?”

“Please do.”

Shelly can hear his fingers scrambling at the computer keys. It’s only 9:30. It’d taken them four hours to get everything done.

Harold pushed save on the computer. “There we go.” She smiled sheepishly, and turned towards her more.

Shelly had never noticed it before, but Harold looked really, really cute. “Harold?”

“Yes?” He pushed his glasses up further up on the bridge of his nose.

“Have you ever made it with a girl?”

Shelly could tell from the deep crimson blush what the answer was.

“Well, I think because of you. We’re going to get an A on this project, and I love getting A’s.” She kissed him deeply upon the mouth, and Harold Delvak, whom had never had a date before in his life, started to get a stirring in his groin.

He drew her in closer, unsure gaziosmanpaşa escort if she would fell the same way about him as she had moments before. But as he felt her hands upon his buttocks, gently pinching, he knew that it was true.

“I want you Howard, you know that nerds really turn me on?”

She had to be playing with him. He knew that she was, but he wouldn’t allow himself to hear the self-doubt growing inside.

He felt the teeth of his zipper start to lower, and felt her warm hands on his penis. It stiffened slightly. She pushed his jeans down over his thighs.

“Take me now!” She hissed, forcing him down upon the couch. He started to walk backwards, but slid on one of the mylar bags for one of the comic books, and he fell onto the floor, Shelly on top of him. She leaned back, and lifted off her Tee-shirt, revealing naked breasts.

Harold’s cock surged forth. She’d been bra-less the entire time and he hadn’t known it! She tossed it onto the floor, and stood up, She unbuckled her jeans and slid them onto the floor. Her pubic hairs were trimmed into a little lighting bolt, just like Storm of the X-MEN!

“Are you ready for this, Harold?”

Harold just nodded. Shelly kicked off her jeans, leaving her naked except for a pair of socks and Nike tennis shoes. She walked over to Harold, and gently slid down upon his member. It felt so good. She was just so wet. Harold screamed out “Oh God Jean!” He felt just like Cyclops in the wedding night issue.

If Shelly realized the mistake, she said nothing, and just continued to ride Harold’s penis. Sliding up and down, up and down.

“O-o-o-o-oh.” Harold was moaning unintelligibly. He wanted to come, no knew that he was going to come. “S-Shelly!” He gasped a moment before she pinched his nipples through his Tee-shirt.

“Come for me, huh Harold? Spurt your cum right in side me. I’d like that.”

That was all that it took, and Howard lost it, pumping copious amounts of cum into Shelly. She opened up her mouth and screamed, as he felt her gush some more. “Oh, God, so good!”

She continued on him, until he was spent, and his penis limp, and wilted. Shelly stood up, and walked over to the couch sitting down upon it, naked.

“T-Thanks again.” Harold looked up at her.

“I think that you need to go Howard.” Shelly stated matter-of-factly. “My father is going to be home in a few minutes and I doubt that he’d like to see you in the current state that you’re in.”

“Oh. Ok. Can I at least get the stuff for class on Monday?”

“Don’t worry Howie. I’ll take care of it for you. Everything will be fine.”

“It’s Harold.”

“Whatever. See you on Monday.” She got up, and gently escorted him to the door. Bolting it behind him.

Bewildered, Harold walked home. “Don’t worry, everything will be all right.”

The weekend passed, and Monday came around.

“All right class. Lets see those projects.” Mr. Keller stood at the front of the class and each student marched up and gave their project to them. All except Harold. “Well, Mr. Delvac, where is your half of the project that you and Miss Woodrow were supposed to work on? So far all that I see here is hers. Do you have anything for me?”

Numbly Harold shook his head. “Shelly has it all.”

“Well you were aware that there were supposed to be materials that were turned in for both of you on this project, were you not?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I supposed that you will have to stay later tonight and work on it in detention, and you will be docked a letter grade.”

Harold looked over from Mr. Keller to see Shelly spurting out of the door. “Thanks for everything Howie, it was great fun!”

He could hear her laughing thorough the hallway. “I’ll get even. Someday I’ll get even.” He muttered. Even in his anger, his cock throbbed.

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